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LOL, they could have tried at least to make that 4 into an a.

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They didn't even spell Adrian Toomes right.

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"He spider and The cat smile at each other after they defeat the crooks andkiss each other passionately. They then make love in Petersapartment.Peter awakens to find out that The Cat is showering. Heapproaches the shower to see her butt naked body. Peter joins"

WHAT THE F*CK?!.....SERIOUSLY?!.....he/she/IT expected us to believe it's a SPIDER-MAN MOVIE?!......people are ridiculous.

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And the scene after the credits show peter with a long beard waking up in a hospital bed and we discover that peter had been in a coma for years and everything had been a dream since the spider bite.

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God that script was hilariously awful. Thank goodness it was a fraud and not a reality.

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Lol no!

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what is this lol its horrible

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I may just have to give this script the MST3k treatment.

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Adriano Tombs? Is that a Hispanic Vulture? The part with Peter finding Black Cat's "butt naked" body in the shower is hilarious. And "Adriano Tombs" is Mary Jane's father? Wow. This is comic gold.