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My brother and I have 3-D printed a 'movie-accurate' Amazing Spiderman 2 pumpkin bomb. We looked on the internet and, to our surprise, nobody is making and/or selling these things yet. We did it because we just wanted one, but if we get 20 or so people that want one, we are willing to mass produce and sell them to anyone who wants it.

They are solid, not hollow, very durable and have a perfect weight to them. They come out solid white and we will be selling them for $50 a piece. If you want one painted like in the movie we can do that, but we will sell those for $80.

Just an idea, like I said, if we have enough people that show interest, we will start selling them.

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@parker_brothers: That looks pretty good for real. I'm not personally interested in buying them, but maybe you could check out like cosplay sites for people that wanted to cosplay as one of the Goblins. I'd bet you could find some interested people on those sites.