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What effect would Spidey's web have on the following? Would they be contained? Could they break out? Etc...

A) Darth Vader

B) Data

C) Iron Man

D) Spider-Man clone

E) T-X

F) Lou Ferrigno Hulk

G) Hellboy

H) Wolverine (bone claw)

I) Yoda

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Are they actively trying to dodge the webbing, or just breaking out once webbed up?

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No, they are all webbed, without question. I'm just curious as to whether they can break out once webbed (using any means whatsoever).

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This is what happened the last time Spider-Man went all out with his organic webs on Iron Man.

He needed to like reboot with extra power in the uni-beam or something to break free which took a while. Currently with Spider-man's web shooters and different kinds of webbing I'd assume his Magnetic Webbing would really mess with Iron Man's systems.

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In Marvel Team Up (I think), Spidey webbed up Wolverine with his claws pointed to his head or face, and left him like that.