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I understand spiders can grow back limbs and other body parts, so am wondering why the Amazing Spiderman hasn't done this in any of his stories. If anyone should have a healing factor it should be him!

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They won't do that because a lot of people don't know that, and he'll be accused of ripping off Wolverine and Deadpool. If they gave Spider-Man a regenerative power, it could end up like Wolverine: getting completely out of control.

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It makes the character too OP to genuinely care about his safety. Dodging practically every lethal hit thrown at him and recovering from severed limbs/organs?

That being said though his "rapid healing" works for me, given people who break multiple bones and sustain heavy injuries regularly wouldn't go unnoticed by their family/friends.

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Maybe that's only certain breeds of spider, and not the kind he was bitten by.

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didn't he grow his eye back back in the other? i know kaine did something similar in his book , if he suffered heavy damage he would be cocooned and healed up . given he became a bloodthirsty monster for a bit but something close to that extent would be ok i guess. but nothing like deadpool or wolverine where he just waits a few minute and his limbs are grown back .

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@soa: Not exactly the same thing compared to the "Other". I don't think that every time Peter or Kaine could heal up like this. The gifts of the "Other" are offered once in a lifetime to a Spider-person (or at least that's what I think, after reading Stracz. and Yost's relative comic books).

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the movie is bad enough without limbs flying around.

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I don't know... growing back limbs? I think it depends on what species of spider, then again he is radioactive. Personally, I like that he can't. Makes him more human in a sense, no need to complicate things with him having an almost immortality factor.

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@sheenlantern: That's a good question, but the answer is probably no, cause the "Other" has chosen Kaine, who seems to be a better "host" for that "creature" (Scarlet Spider 13 - 15). Nevertheless, we're talking about comic book stories, anything can happen again and again and again.

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His costume already reminds me a little of Deadpool. Imagine what the healing factor would do...Though it does make sense.