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So, I was thinking about how issue nine could possibly end leaving everyone more furious than at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #700. What if they go the route Invincible did when Bulletproof became a second Invincible? In this scenario both Peter and Otto would be running around as two separate but identically named Spider-Men (Then they could do Spider-Men 2 with Miles, Peter, and Otto). I started thinking this up when I read an article about Superior Spider-Man Team-up and them describing it as Superior fighting various heroes. It made me feel like they were trying to turn Spider-Man into a villain. Now why would they do that unless they had another Spider-Man to fall back on? Enter Peter Parker, leave Superior as an ongoing but bring back Amazing for Peter to star in as the hero Spider-Man. This would also help support the fact that Otto gets a new outfit in Superior #14. What does everyone think?

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@doctorgraybles: Welcome to the site. Very interesting idea but I doubt Marvel would do something like that. Slott is in charge of Spider-man and it seams he doesn't want Peter back at all. But still your not the only one thinking that. I thought about it too for a little but it didn't seem right.

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@ninjablade09 Thank you for the warm welcome, I've been viewing topics here for a couple weeks, never had a reason for signing up until now. I just hope that they are not making Spider-Man a villain like it seems to be pointing towards. I like Superior in a different but equal way to how much I liked Amazing but if he becomes a villain I will be really sad.

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@doctorgraybles: No problem. I was treated kindly when I joined, so it's my turn to be kind. Any way I understand what you mean. It's not that I don't mind the whole switch thing, it's just I wish it was handled better, I can't go read Peter that's not a ghost, and as you said I don't wasn't Spidey to become a villain. He's my childhood hero. I didn't mind the Massacre thing in issue 5. I love dark and gritty stuff like that, but for him to be a full fledged villain=SADDNESS. That's my opinion on that. I hope you enjoy and like the idea of joining the site. There are some nice people.

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I also remember back to Avengers: X-Sanction from before Avengers vs. X-Men, in it Cable talks about how Spider-Man comes to be known as "The Greatest Hero of All" I hope that has nothing to do with Otto trying to become the "Superior" Spider-Man.

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This had cross my mind once. At one point I did think they were going to turn Spider-man into a villain however given the last issue and the fact Marvel would not want to loose their biggest money earner I don't think it will happen. Good idea though.

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Man, I just don't kow a this point. Issue 9 is supposedly going to anger fans (again) more than Amazing #700 and is supposed to mark a huge turning point in the series. I have surfed the web, and tried to dig up what intel I could.

Per Yost in an interview: "It's a pretty legitimate turn. I remember reading the plot for "Amazing" #700 and going, "You really did that?" And then when I read the plot for the upcoming "Superior" issue we're talking about, I was in even further disbelief. You think it's going one way, and then it's goes the other way. It's a global change for a series that's built on global change, and it's absolutely going to be reflected in "Superior Team-Up." In fact, "Superior Team-Up" is coming at the perfect time based on the events in "Superior." It'll be quite a change, and people are going to freak out."

Future solicits for Superior still talk about SpOck. I just don't see Otto beating Peter again and retaining control of Peter's body as being anymore shocking than the end of Amazing #700 where we all thought Peter died and Otto beats Peter and retained control of Peter's body. It would be retreading the exact same ground we have all already been through. Ugh...we'll see soon enough I guess...

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I think Otto is going to kill or take away the Peter spirit.

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I don't know what to think anymore, I didn't catch up on the news until now.

I thought Otto was gonna just be Superior Spider-Man for a while (EX. Ben Reilly) but we're already on issue number 9 telling us we're gonna find out the final answer. Now knowing that Dan wants to do what Dan wants to do we're not going to get the issue WE want.

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Superior isn't something that will stick with Peter being dead

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I guess we just say Spider-Man is dead....... Long live Spider-Man.

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What if Otto or Peter becomes the new superior carnage, taking the body of the lobotomized cletus.

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@venomousdragon:This is a pretty good idea but by the end of issue 9 of Superior they will have already fought twice in less than six months. I honestly don't think they'll have them fight again so soon, people would probably get bored with it.

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My thought is that Otto is going to rid himself of Peter's ghost/influence because Slott really wants to make Ock the hero of the book and thinks the Spider-man mantle is interchangeable. But if he does this, then all the heroic writing he's been doing for Ock lately is null and void because heroes don't steal bodies and murder innocents. The whole thing is a jumbled mess and will only get better once Slott is removed and someone else takes over.