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Poll: Miles Morales or Kaine? (45 votes)

Miles 33%
Kaine 67%

This is a really tough choice for me but id have to go with Miles.

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..Scarlet spider edges it for me, but I like both of them.

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Hafta go with Miles.

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Kaine easy said and done

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@bezza said:

..Scarlet spider edges it for me, but I like both of them.


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Kaine. Not a hard choice at all.

I don't see what the big deal is about MIles. I tried the series, it was stupid.

It probably has something to do with the fact that I hate kids. There are very few exceptions with Ultimate Peter being one of the few. Miles, was not.

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Miles. Kaine is pretty great, but Miles is ultimately more enjoyable to read.

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Kaine for oh so many reasons but its his attitude that just cracks me up:

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Miles, probably because I've only read the first couple issues of Scarlet Spider (I gotta pick up on it again).

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Kaine for me. Just prefer the overall character.

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the only thing I read with miles in it was the Spider-men crossover with him and peter and I got to say I really like him more personality wise, but kaine's interactions with other people are funny.

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Really I only know a little bit about Miles so Kaine kinda wins this by default for me. Nothing against Miles I just know Kaine better.

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Kaine. I've just started to read Miles series, and so far Kaine is still miles ahead.

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miles morales.

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I don't like any of them.

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Miles Morales by far.

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Scarlet Spider is better than Black Spider (no racism, just colour of suits, he-he)

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Kaine in every way more powerful more exciting comic books cooler costume not to mention the scarlet spider has a better ring to it than ultimate spiderman. Kaines like wolverine in spideys body and provides readers with an alternative who dont like petes goody two shoes persona and miles is just another boy scout with the cliche problems that most teen heroes have he still has pretty good comics kaines are just way better.

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Kaine!!! I loved reading him,and I still am currently. He's so different I don't think I'll ever read Miles Morales it just seems...meh.

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Miles is not bad,but i always think if him,as the kid that replaced my favorite ,ever,character,the Ultimate Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

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I see what most of you guys mean, miles came as a replacement to fans unfortunately who were huge fans of ultimate peter. Kaine is easier to get used to because; You dont have to, Peter in his universe is still alive.

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This one is easy. Kaine! Definitly.

Just the suit itself stands out and is way more cool than Miles suit.

Kaine has be through so much and has evolved so much has a character, that during that all Superior Spider-Man, I focused only on Scarlet Spider. Even now I would prefer reading more stories about Kaine than Peter.