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I'm currently trying to hunt down a copy of the first comic book I ever read (it was Spider-Man, hence my being here), but I have no idea which series it came from, don't know what the cover looked like and I only have a vague idea of when it came out (somewhere between 1996 and the shitty relaunch). I couldn't read at the time and all I really remember was Spider-Man swinging through New York with dinosaurs and pre-historic areas phasing into areas. Does anyone know which book I could potentially be after? Also, is this in the wrong section of the forum? I posted here because I thought that someone particularly well versed in Spider-Man history could figure it out from my vague statements.

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@baron_bj: It'll be hard to find with that very vague description. I wish you luck and i will attempt to help you!

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@mucklefluga: Those aren't it unfortunately. Although dinosaurs were there, I don't think they were real in the story, it might have been one of the lamer stories where there was "Virtual Reality in the Real World" or Mysterio just screwing with his head. I appreciate the effort though.

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I think I know which one you're on about. However I can't look it up because I don't have access to my Spider-man comics at the moment. This girl was using a device to create illusions everywhere. At one point it was dinosaurs and she was using the distractions to rob banks etc..... Spider-man found out they were illusions by looking at the photo's he took and seeing people running away from nothing. As soon as I can get to my comics i'll look it up.

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If Strider 92 is right about that being the one you're looking for, it is Amazing Spider-man 438.