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..In the ASM2 Spiderman is able to outreact lightning strikes from Electro by stopping people from handling an about to be electrified staircase railing....so I am wondering just fast are his reflexes? Not lightspeed, but supersonic speed + some?

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Great scans, I know the answer is "very fast", but wondered if he had beaten the ASM2 movie beating the speed of lightning trick before, in the comics.

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This isn't quite the same as what you're saying, but here he does manage to knock someone out of the way of an electrical blast, after the blast was fired. (Read right to left)

And he's been able to dodge lightning several times throughout his career:

In the second scan of this batch, he's even doing so without his spider sense.

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faster than a speeding bullet since he has reacted to speed bullets.

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He's able to dodge several lasers coming at him from different directions, but then gets tagged by fists somehow.

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@bezza: don't know if this helps.

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Yes It does, cheers. Does make you wonder how he gets tagged when he has that sort of speed and reference your scan with the Hulk, "and people say Hulk is slow and couldn't tag Superman..."

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@bezza: There's a canon scan where Peter says his reflexes are proportionately 40 times faster than an ordinary human's.

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Spiderman is awesome, Love Spidey

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@bezza: Let's just say,you it's not an easy job,to hit him.