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If spider man could form his friends. couldn't he create the avengers, the fantastic 4, daredevil and maybe even ultimate miles morales, peter parker, Miguel o'hara or spider man noir. They all could have beaten dr octopus and his villains

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PIS, i dont understand why you people keep complaining, by the time the next spider-man movie comes out pete will be back.

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I'm not complaining I am just stating the facts.

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I had simlar thoughts on this matter as well

How the mind battle between peter and ock would be written by not Dan Slott

Doc Ock: I don't need friends

Spider-man: Seeing how I was your mind as well, I thought of awesome way for you to sort out your daddy issues

Doc Ock: What?!

Daddy Ock: Son I'm disappoint (Whips out the belt)

Doc Ock: No daddy no :(


Doc Ock: I don't need friends

Brings the sinister six

Spider-man: Oh holy cow burgers, not the sinister six (sarcasm)

Doc Ock: You dare mock my superior intellect, arachnid ?!

Spider-man: I wouldn't be if, I didn't have friends that could fight for themselves.

Brings the avengers, Future Founation, with black cat & Kaine

Doc Ock: F***