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Spider-Man may have a bad dose of "Parker luck" from time to time, but he clearly has none of that over here at Comic Vine. The webhead was voted as our very first Character of the Month (yes, that means he toppled Batman to earn the honor!) and just one of the many ways we're celebrating his victory is by making the Question of the Week all about him. We've already asked you about your favorite writer, villain, movie, and animated show, but this time, we want to know what your favorite Spidey costume is! We've placed 16 suits to the poll and, in the event your top look isn't on there, an "other" option has been added, too. If you do vote for other, please be sure to specify in the comments.


Sorry, but "Web Underwear Spider-Man" isn't on the poll.

Not 100% sure which suit will earn your vote? That's okay because you have a bit of time to make up your mind. Voting is open until Thursday morning (ET). Give this question some proper thought before selecting a favorite -- it's what Uncle Ben would want, after all. After you've decided on your #1 costume, tell us why you think it's the best one. Make the post awesome enough and there's a chance we'll highlight it in the results article. And if you want to go the extra mile, post an image of the costume you picked.

Feel free to make future Question of the Week suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter! Want to continue celebrating Spidey? Two of the hero's villains -- Doctor Octopus and Kraven -- are currently fighting in the Spider-Man Battle of the Week (go vote!) and we previously posted his Best Battles and Best Covers.

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2099 and the Scarlet Spider hoodie suit for me...


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2099 and the Scarlet Spider hoodie suit for me...


Cool. Be sure to vote in the poll, too!

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both scarlet spiders have impeccable taste

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Scarlet spider hoodie

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Scarlet spider hoodie

That was a dope suit.........................there are so many really food ones, but Bag man reigns supreme

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Classic.No doubt.

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Hoodie 4-life!

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I am torn between the original with underarm webs and the ben reilly hoodie. I also like the white future foundation suit if that's what it's called.

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hardest question yet I'm gonna have to think on this one

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Torn between the Black Suit (non-symbiote) & Spider-Man 2099.

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Definitely the black suit, (Non-Symbiote) I always thought it was the coolest since I was a kid.

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Wth is the difference between the black suit and the symbiote suit?

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Ben Reilly's Spider-Man Costume for always looked like a nice update to the classic red and blue suit..shame Peter didn't wear it..:(

I just love the big spider and the silver webshooters..impact webbing!!!

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It's hard to choose between Superior and Miles Morales. I honestly think Miles had the better suit but because Superiors suit is really awesome and i like Superior more i'll go with Superior.

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I like the one Caine wears is in The New New Warriors comic.

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You probably shouldnt have split up the black suit and symbiote choice. It'll split the votes for people who like essentially the same costume.

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Toss up between the Iron Spider suit and the Superior suit for me i also like the ben reilly hoodie suit

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where did the picture for the home page link for? Not the top one but the one on the home page.

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Torn between the symbiote and the Scarlet Spider with the hoodie. I'm voting symbiote. He was such a beast with that thing.

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I like The Superior Spider-man suit the best by far, but the original Scarlet Spider suit is my second favorite for sure

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Def Ben Reillys hoodie look orrrrr Silver and Black armored suit..if not only cuz that was the first spiderman action figure I got as a kid lol

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I'm torn between tHe Black Suit and tHe Symbiote Suit.


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@uggiboogie I have to agree with you! Sensational Spidey Ben Reilly has ALWAYS beeen my favorite spidey suit by far. Even over SpOcks, Miles, Iron Spider, Black Spidey, everyones. Definitely a cool 90's feel to the classic red and blues. And who doesn't love the 90's bleach blonde locks! I was sad to see that suit go to.

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Absolutely NOIR.

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I've always just loved the House of M spidey.

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the civil war suit

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@uggiboogie said:

Ben Reilly's Spider-Man Costume for always looked like a nice update to the classic red and blue suit..shame Peter didn't wear it..:(

I just love the big spider and the silver webshooters..impact webbing!!!

was gonna pick this too

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Hoodie Scarlet Spider , and black -Symbiot- suit (but only if its drawn by Todd Mcfarlane) I donno why , but i just LOVE hes version of spider (venom) emblem

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Bring all the Iron you want, you simply can´t beat the Black Costume!

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  • Black-Suit for maximum power of Spider-Man and look Amazing!

  • Unlimited Spider-Man for Awesome Look and extra power, like invisible and sound vibrations for vulnerable any symbiotes like Venom and Carnage.

  • And Scarlet Spider for simplistic look and more....:)

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I got into the comics during the Scarlett Spider era, so it means more to me than the black suit does. All red, with the blue sweatshirt, & the exposed web-shooters. Awesome.

I was kinda hoping that at the end of ASM2 when the kid & that godawful Rhino at the end, that Spidey would show up wearing the black suit.

However, since a costume will get torn during fights, instead of having multiple sets of the same suit, why not have the hero wear a different suit from storyline to story line? Plus, someone like Batman or even Spidey, should have different suits for different villians. Bats needs a thermo suit for MrFreeze, Spidy needs an insulated suit for Elektro & shocker, but a different one for Hydro-man.