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Best Film villain so far? (68 votes)

Green Goblin 28%
Doc Oc 69%
Venom 1%
Sandman 6%
Lizard 6%

So, who is your favourite Movie Spiderman Villain? For me Willem Defoe as the GG is still easily the best. However, the Lizard moves into number two.

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Easily Green Goblin. He was portrayed perfectly by Defoe.

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Green Goblin. Doc Ock is a close second, followed by the Lizard, then Venom, and lastly Sandman.

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Doc Ock (Alfred Molina's performance was priceless) > Lizard > Goblin > Sandman > Venom

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Voted doc ock

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Favorite?? Sandman:: He did everything that he did for his daughter while everyone else either wanted revenge on Peter Parker/Spiderman or wanted to control everything. And even in the end he backed out and apologized.

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Doc Ock has my vote!

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Doc Ock > Goblin > Sandman (not enough attention though) > Lizard > Venom

in my opinion at least.

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Doc Oc

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well i happen to hate doc ock and they prtrayed the others so poor in the films lizard wasnt tht bad but doc ock takes the cake

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Sandman obviously. Making a random C-grade common crook in the comics into Uncle Ben's killer was a great inclusion!

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Voted Doc Ock, but Willem Dafoe is a excelent Norman Osborn.

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I think Doc Ock was fantastic!

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Sandman obviously. Making a random C-grade common crook in the comics into Uncle Ben's killer was a great inclusion!

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As much as I hate to say it - Doc Ock.

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I have to say Doc Ock, but Willem Dafoe Green Goblin is a close second. I'm actually not a big fan of the Doc Ock from the comics because he was the typical "crazy genius" type, but Spider-Man 2 fleshed him out a little more. I also like him in Superior Spider-Man (there, I said it). Green Goblin is my favorite Spider-Man villain, but the costume brings Gobby down in the first Spider-Man villain. I also don't like how they shafted Gwen Stacy's death, but I can understand why they did.

I liked the special effects of Sandman, but I didn't like what they did to his character by having him be the one who killed Uncle Ben. Also, the "sympathetic" approach they tried to take with him just didn't work. And we'll just skip Venom and Harry Osborn altogether.

As for the Lizard... I really don't like how he was portrayed. I like how his look paid homage to Steve Ditko's Lizard design, but I don't like how they left out his family and gave him a laughably bad plan. I know there is a deleted scene where Dr. Connors talks to his son, but if it ain't in the movie, it ain't in the movie!

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Dr. Octopus easily. Movie Ock was better then comic Ock, can't say that about any of the other villains.

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Doc ock > Green goblin > Sandman > Venom > Lizard.

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Dock Ock. I really loved his motivations and his obsession for the fusion project which drew him to not even caring about anything else. Really loved the way he died at the end. One of my favorite movie villains. :)

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Ock. Green Goblin would have taken it if he didn't look like a Power Rangers' villain.

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Green Goblin and Doc Ock. Both were portrayed quite well, and Ock actually exceeded his comic book counterpart. Green Goblin was definitely the more threatening of the two. I liked both, but if I was the director I likely wouldnt have wasted a whole movie with Ock as the main villain.

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Mary Jane is the best film villain so far.

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Got to go with Gobby myself.

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doc ock by far. defoe wasn't terrible either. And Sandman was passable but wow Venom and Lizard were a waste. Venom was obviously terrible but Rhys Ifans was wasted with that storyline and dialog.

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I think that in TASM, Lizard was the hero and Peter was the villain. He was just trying to put new york out of the misery of seeing Andrew garfield as spiderman and watching a great comic hero burn. Nice one Garfield. You killed new york's hope of ever seeing a good a list movie with no stupidity.

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Physically I say Ock was the best battler on screen for me. Goblin was good overall but that costume was winceworthy

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Spiderman 2 was great (with Toby McGuire) so I go with doc ock

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Lol only 1 person voted for venom. But i don't blame them. Raimi really screwed him up but you gotta think raimi even said he doesnt like the character venom so I never really saw him pulling it off in the first place.