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Hello Viners. Thought I'd try something different about with this post.

I know some people aren't enjoying Superior, but I'm I'm on board at the moment. So, for those of you enjoying the series or at least reading it, what works, doesn't work about the book for you?

I'm not angling for a "Peter is the only REAL Spidey" thread. Feel free to speak your peace, but straight-up bashing is probably best reserved for other threads. Based solely on the merit of Superior Spider-man (or lack thereof), what's your take on the series given where we're at now?

Do you like it? Hate it? Dig the new costume? Oh, and Dr. Spiderpus is dating a midget.

All opinions welcome.

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I prefer the early SSM outfit than the newer one:

and the polite term is "little people" :P

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The limited issues I've been able to read, I've enjoyed. I want to buy the trades but I can't. Plus, I'm debating whether I would buy them or not if I could.

I kind of promised to boycott the series until Peter comes back.

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@m3th: Dont promise something if you cant keep it! Enjoy yourself! Indulge to your hearts content! Buy a copy!

Besides if you enjoyed it, keep doing it!


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I like the first suit too, but I love the upgrades to the new one.

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@jasonhawke: "But those are the best ones" diaaatz (AmazingSM) Buttah, money is tight for me, right now, so I can't buy it even if I wanted to.

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@m3th: Stop paying the bills for 1 month then pay em later! :D

Comics are the future!

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the new costume looks like a spider girl or woman costume from before. but i like the series a lot. my main issues are they start plots that dont finish or dont get touched upon for like 8 issues like his love interest or carlie and where they going with the peter roaming in ocks past story? i mean it seemed like they were planning something but then got rid of peter so it feels like a loose end.

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@bigtewell: Agreed. The Goblin King arc I kinda get taking as long as they have. At least when he pops back up with his new criminal-clout, it won't be laughably abrupt. But yeah, the pacing seems frantic, life they're trying to tell as much story as possible before Pete gets back.

Also, Slott and Yost both seem to be spamming the hell out of the word "Superior." We get it,Ock thinks he's better than Peter.

All in all though, I'm really digging this "villain wins" story. Excited to see the fallout from Dr Spiderpus

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The new suit is kicka$$

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@jasonhawke: You crazy man XD. I'm good yo. I got more than enough old comics to keep ne entertained.

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@m3th: Dont promise something if you cant keep it!

"But those are the best kind"

-the amazing spiderman

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People getting mad is all part of the experience. Even Slott said it's supposed to hurt.

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Well slott is a fat jerk

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I hate it, and I hate the new costume. The idea is completely stupid.

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At first I didn't care for it because Slott and Wacker and others were coming out and saying Peter would never be back and yada, yada, yada. But it has become obvious through the story and through some of Slott's comments on comicvine forums that we aren't supposed to like Spock and we are supposed to miss Peter. This is just an extended arc and therefore it's not too bad. I like the newest costume but that's about all I like about his new adjustments. I think it's all working up to Peter coming back and Slott and Yost keep having Spock talk about his being Superior because when everything comes crashing down around him he's going to have to confess that Peter is his superior. I too was wondering why they didn't share more about Peter looking into Ock's past but I think they will deal with that later when Pete comes back. I still think Peter learned something from Ock's memories and has placed himself inside the Living Brain.

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@m3th: Old comics that keep you entertained!? Tsk tsk tsk, New comics that make you rage is what's "in" nowadays!

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the book has been good so far. I was kinda annoyed by the peters ghost thing but issue 9 was an awesome conclusion to the story arc. I love issue 13. by far my favorite in the series. I didn't like 14. I'm not sure how much otto having minons I like. but its not like amazing didn't have bad story arcs (like that alpha crap). heres my guess on what ends up happening. peter was done with being spidey. so during spider island kaine wasn't the only clone. instead peter let another one be spider-man and he moved to Europe or even was stuck in some kind of hyper sleep. he decides he doesn't like what happened to spider-man, or he wakes up, and finds out what otto did. peter kicks his ass and takes his life back.

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@hawkblade9: No! You're a fat jerk!

@nick31898: No! You're stupid!

How dare you have a differing opinion with no constructive criticism for me to make a comeback from! I mean really! >:I

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Do you seriously not see the irony in saying "Slott is a fat jerk."? Just wow.

Anyway I really enjoy the book. Old costume was a better look for sure but this one has some cool upgrades

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Old costume was better but slott just likes ock beacuse he looks like him

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Terrible series.

Also, there's already a thread for it. Superior Spider-Man Spoilers or some such thing.

Can't believe anyone reads the rot.

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@fadetoblackbolt: The other thread was filled with hate that any new discussion on it has slowed to a crawl.

What's so bad about it?

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@jasonhawke: Ahk, sorry. I avoid that one because I thought it was the designated "positive reactions" thread. Guess not.

This is a truncated version of what I wrote to Slott;

There are people out there, the people who aren't writing sycophantic reviews, who are writers who take issue with what you've done.That's why we're so damn mad. We know how lazy Superior is. You don't think anyone else has ever thought "hey, what if Spider-Man and Norman Osborn/Eddie Brock/Doc Ock switched brains?" Of course they have. They didn't write it because it's pointless. What are you trying to show? That Peter Parker is a better person? You have a weird way of showing that considering his last appearance. Maybe that it's fun to see an anti-hero in the lead role? There are countless anti-heroes in comics. You're not doing anything new.

But I don't really have a problem with that. Retreads are a natural part of the industry, it happens from time to time. What's worse is that you didn't just swap their brains, you didn't just kill Pete, you stole everything that made Peter who he was and gave it to a vile human being. You've said that Peter Parker isn't special, that anyone who experienced what he had would turn out roughly the same. That being a terrible person for long enough will invariably result in you winning, and being rewarded. What the Hell kind of story is that? This isn't subversive, it's just bad story-telling.

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@fadetoblackbolt: So is it really you having a problem with SSM or the writer Slott himself?

Villains winning time to time is fine but PP as a last ditch effort made Ock experience what PP experienced in order for Ock to become a good guy (more or less). Ock is still his arrogant self but PP's influence is definitely there.

Did Slott say PP isnt special or did Ock say PP isnt special? (It makes a difference if you think about it~)

This may or may not be accurate but bad people who work hard enough at being the villain eventually winning (which comes with rewards) does not necessarily mean that it is a bad story; a bad story is how it is presented and achieved. The idea of a villain finally winning is simply a idea not story.

Is there anything specific in the 14 issues so far that you have a problem with? Hating Slott is fine (dude clearly needs more PR training).

Im not sure what to say about anti-heroes since everything has been done (what's one more to the mix).

I agree that Ock stole everything about Peter (except his origin story so to say) but that -was- the idea! :P

Your turn!

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@fadetoblackbolt: I can definitely sympathize with a lot of this. I don't know if it's the laziest storytelling I've ever seen (check out What If ? AvX if you want a comparison for lowering the bar), but I can see where you're coming from. Especially when you consider the fact that we have stellar Venom and Scarlet Spider books that capitalize on the "darker" versions of Spidey. They're both anti-heroes and Kaine has proven he has no problems killing, AND he's more Peter than Dr. Spiderpus. So, from the angle of doing the same old thing, I can't really defend that.

That said, I'm kind of a sucker for redemption stories. Though, I have a feeling that this opportunity will be squandered given the track record of taking Spidey rogues and making them good guys, relatively speaking (Sandman, Venom, etc).

Honestly, what really got me going was seeing how a legit super-villain would tackle the hero-ing gig. Kind of like dot coms hiring hackers to run their security. And I love how Ock out-thought Smythe at every turn, even when he had to improvise. I'm really hoping the slippery-slope that Dr. Spiderpus is on will yield a rewarding, introspective story before Pete comes back. But my main concern with the story on its own objective merits, is the constant reminders of how he's "superior" or his perpetual arrogance. I understand that it's there to draw a contrast for later--whether that's Pete's return or Ock learning his version of the "great power, great responsibility" lesson--but for a book that's bi-monthly AND with the echoes found in SSM Team-Up/Avenging, I feel like we're getting hammered with the looming irony as opposed to letting us discover it organically.

Still dig the book, though.

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I was screaming bloody murder when ASM700 was released. This should have never been approved...HOWEVER

I was curious to see how they would resolve this STORYLINE, and yes it is just another chapter in Spider-man's career, so unclenth folks

I have to admit this is one of my favorite books to read, because I am still hooked and curious to see how Octo-Spidey will try to become the Superior Spider-man he wants to, so in essense he is Superior in the sense of what he accomplished thus far, but he failed in being the Superior Peter Parker, and that is what makes Spider-man the hero he was, THE MAN not The Spider.

I do enjoy the way he Doc speaks to his adversaries and "allies" the same. Everyone is a insufferable fools that he can barely stand to speak too let alone deal with. The tech is awesome ideas and make perfect sense, even how he deals with criminals fits the character. But the real gem of these stories is how he fails so miserably at being Peter. No matter how he plans and schedules and make the effort to balance Peter's life with his "heroics" he just can't seem to not only understand how Peter was so successful at it but he is frustrated that he can't measure up to him.

SO overall I really do enjoy the "what will happen next" feel of this book, and while I dearly miss Peter, I am fully onboard to see how this will play out

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I think I have a love/hate relationship with it... But I keep reading it... dunno why maybe cause it's still spider-man, in some way even if it's not Pete. But the fact that they keep coining the term "Superior" bugs me a lot, also the fact that that almost every arc begins with three pages on how Spider-Man is now Otto.... "Hello I think we know already"....

EDIT: Another problem I have is why, after wiping Peter's mind, Otto still go with that "Great responsibility" thing? Wasn't it the fact that he lived Peter's memory has part of himself that made him need to be a hero? Or maybe I don't get it lol...

And has to how Peter will comeback I'm pretty sure Otto will do do something that is not so heroic and realize all the wrong he has done. So he will finally accept death and bring back Pete in is own body, cause he's a calculating maniac and it's sure he kept a copy of him somewhere, maybe in the living brain as someone else said. So the legacy of Otto will end with the only thing truly heroic he ever did and that will be bringing Peter back, so Peter will kind of owe him is life and know that Otto DID win in the end. Only the death of Otto can be his redemption...

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@hitmanspike: The memory thing really needs to be explained. How much does he know from his brief access to it? He knows Carrion but could that be because of the clone incident with the X-Men in Avenging Spider-Man? Clone -> Jackal ->Carrion & Ben Reilly & Kaine & Gwen Clone? I don't recall any interactions with symbiotes or Thompson so when meeting, Ock's only knowledge should be from any news reports, right? There's the problem of MJ not realizing differences but meeting friends should really cause problems.

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I want an explanation on the costume change lol or did a miss an issue

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I HAVE a question hope all of you can help. does miguel/spiderman 2099 know ock is spiderman inside peters body? and what will happen? if you could write back i would appreciate the input.

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I'm actually pretty open to the idea of Ock being Spiderman and find the people bringing out the inner sadists in them about how they want to see Slott and Ock suffer to be both creepy and amusing. That being said right now my controlling interest is in Warhammer 40k and due to so many codexes released in such a short time a lot of my fun money's been sucked into buying more models.

And I still need to paint some of my Wraithknights.

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I like the art on ssp (after all I’m a big fan of my “paisano” Humberto), the writhing not so much, if it was not a “Freaky Friday ” think and it was about any other hero or better yet a NEW hero it would be great.

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I have to say that I like the new costume.