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It does look surprisingly generic. Both Spider-Man and Electro's looks were kinda meh for me. And one scene reeked of the Spider-Man 2 train scene though they could have shot it to look that way. Still, Electro seems like a real threat to Spider-Man so there's that.

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I'm excited that Webb can do his own thing and cut loose now that we've got the origin movie out of the way. The footage looked great and very fun.

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I can't watch it as my laptop blew up and I can only use my tablet now

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Looks great.

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It looks better than the first, which i didn't really enjoy.

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Looks awesome. Webb Don't Screw this up!

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Yeah,it's quite awesome!

CGI already better than the 1st one.

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loving the new suit, and thought the footage looked great. interesting that they're going the spectacular route with electro i.e. electric eels experiment

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Awesome sauce.

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That looks good! But when will we get our first look at Rhino in the suit?!

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Damn. Electro actually looks badass!

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Heres hoping for the Spider Mobile