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IDW's ongoing TMNT series is just great. Shredder is shaping into a great villain. I think it's time he has a respect thread.

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I need to get some scans, but @k4tzm4n should fill this up first!

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Beating down Splinter

Shredder takes on all Four turtles

Shredder showing Karai and a group of her Foot soldiers why he's in charge

Shredder's strength allows him to hold people off the ground with one hand with ease. (he likes to choke people)

Embarrassing Leo

If everything else wasn't impressive enough, how about killing legions of samurai warriors by himself?

This happened before he was reincarnated as Oroko Saki

Oroku Saki kills four foot soldier ninjas sent to ambush him. He kills two with one swing.

Even when Shredder is down, he's still not out.

Shredder takes out 2 enemies at once on 2 separate occasions while attacking the Savate

Bullet timing

Finally have a scan of Shredder bullet timing before he cuts off the hand of the Savate leader.

Prep / Strategist / Leader

I don't have all of my scans with me, but soon I will add them as proof of the claims I'm going to add here.

  • Shredder has risen to the top of the Foot Clan 3 times in 3 different life times
  • Shredder took Karai's position of leadership and has forced her to work for him. Not only does this give him more control, but it prevents a more dangerous power struggle from forming between the two.
  • Shredder manipulated an Utrom (thought to be a demon) into giving him eternal life, while backstabbing him in the end
  • Shredder was able to manipulate Patrick Miller into discovering the location of the witch Kitsune, who is a very powerful ally
    • Shredder used Casey Jones as a very powerful piece of bait to bolster his army
      1. Shredder was able to lure Leonardo out by stabbing a helpless Casey Jones where he knew the turtles would see it
      2. He captured Leonardo and has had the witch Kitsune turn him into Dark Leo
      3. Dark Leo is now a powerful second in command for Shredder and his army, and also he has crippled his enemy in the turtles by taking the most dangerous brother away from them
      4. Shredder has used the injury of Casey to manipulate Casey's father into receiving a power boost from the ooze, and once again become the Hun.
      5. The Hun is now a very strong combatant leading the Purple Dragons who also work for Shredder.
      6. Shredder's manipulations through Hun has changed the Purple Dragons from a gang that was trying to be helpful to the community, to a dangerous gang that works for him.
      7. Shredder is an evil genius!

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@thefirstlantern: I'm going to do a Splinter page too if you feel like contributing to one or both of them.

I'm starting a tournament in the battle section, and I picked Splinter and Shredder as my team, any help on this page would be very welcomed!

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Nice stuff! IDW TMNT are underrated.

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Another awesome respect thread=)

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Staff Online
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Awesome stuff. I'm willing to use these in Battle threads.

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@tparks: Hey, do you got any Foot Clan feats?

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@spinnercomix: What do you mean by foot clan, like generic foot soldiers, or are you talking like Karai, Bebop, Rocksteady, Hun, Bludgeon, Koya, and Kitsune?

Either way, the answer is yes. :)

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@tparks: generic Foot (I plan on using them as fodder in a tourney, lol)

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@tparks: Thanks man! I really appreciate it :)

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Here you go.

  • Generic Foot Soldier blocking a barrage of bullets with a sword
  • Foot soldiers showing travel speed, almost as fast as the turtles, parkour, and taking down a very agile opponent.
  • They have no problem facing soldiers / futuristic guns, and even a few superhuman rock soldiers. In the bottom panel, you can see another Foot soldier deflecting 4 different laser blasts with one swing of his weapon. It's in the top left of the bottom panel.

Here are what are probably the most dangerous foot soldiers - the Assassins.

  • For context here, the turtles and splinter were all suffering from broken bones and other injuries, but these assassins are still clearly superior to the generic foot soldiers, both in physicals and skill.
  • This is just a small part of the fight, as the turtles rally and stomp them, but it's still worth noting that they did better then any other foot soldier ever has against the turtles.
  • They make some pretty good use of smoke pellets, stealth, and your basic ninja awesomeness.

That's all I have on hand, but if I come across anything else, or think of anything else, I'll let you know.

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