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The Good

In the conclusion to this story, Gwendolyn is on a rampage and wants to help The Will, but she still has a bone to pick with her ex, Marko. Meanwhile, Izabel enlists the help of Prince Robot IV to help keep Klara alive.

This was a very satisfying conclusion to a story that’s been building up for months. The first 18 issues really feel like their own story, and while 18 issues is an incredibly long story, it really works extremely well as a whole. Brian K Vaughan has a lot to wrap up in issue 18, but does a fantastic job at keeping it pretty clean and right to the point, without feeling like the reader is missing out on something.

The final two pages of this issue really made me happy. If the series ended here, I’d be bummed, but it could work. This issue closes out the chapter very well, while gives the reader some insight into where it is going. Normally, jump forwards in time are a tad troublesome, mainly in the world of television, but it works extremely well here.

It wouldn’t be a review of SAGA without mentioning how amazing Fiona Staples’ work is on this book. There’s a few scenes, in particular, that truly blew me away. There’s this incredibly emotional scene where Gwendolyn is crying and yelling at Marko and the amount of raw emotion Staples packs into that face is breathtaking. It’s an “in the moment” panel which you can get lost in. It feels incredibly real and raw. From page one, you know you’re in for a treat as Lying Cat stands over Klara. Page after page, Staples hits a home run.

The Bad

The most confusing and “huh?” part of this issue happens when Alana says her wings don’t work, but in order to save her and Hazel, spoilers… Marko pushes them off the top of the lighthouse. Alana quickly comes back flying. So her wings didn’t work and now they work? There’s a lot of “how did this happen” floating through my head. Is it self-preservation, Marko’s magic, or just coincidence?

I felt myself burning through the issue really quickly, up until it cuts back to Upsher and Doff, where the books hits a slow crawl. The resolution should have had a tiny bit faster pace, or the rest of the issue should have been slowed down just a tiny bit. This is an issue that could have used a couple extra pages, for pacing’s sake.

The Verdict

SAGA closes this chapter in a very satisfying way. Vaughan and Staples deliver another great issue. I loved seeing everything come to a head here and Gwendolyn coming face to face with her ex, Marko. This is one of those moments where I really wish half stars existed here. It’s more than a four to me, but less than a five. However, I’m excited to see where this book goes next, and I highly recommend this issue.

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it's nice that they have breaks every 6 issues just to make sure that they don't have any delays but man am I going to miss this book

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Nice Review, Love this series ! I will say, I took that "suddenly able to fly" as like ... when a parents children are in danger they can lift cars ... you know that clique, but so to say they cant but the mother finds a way type of thing ... I could be wrong that's just how I took it.

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Totally agree with this. I expected more for a pre-hiatus issue. Still great, though!

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I'm gonna need an explanation on Alana's wings. I always thought they worked. Otherwise this was a fine issue and its nice to see Hazel walking... or at least standing.

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Still good overall. Timeskip?:o

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That last page was awesome and shows one of the advantages indie comics have over superhero comics: the passage of time. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Vaughn shows the natural progression of Hazel aging rather than a time jump or having to leave her as a infant.

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Didn't Marko make reference to her wings, and tell her to believe? He gave her the 'push' she needed and she discovered something new. Worked 100%, in my opinion.

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I thought it was fairly clear that Alana just hadn't tried before, or that she didn't believe she could.

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I'm in love with this series in nearly every way!

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For me this was an incredibly satisfying issue in so many heart was racing as I went through it. It went fast, but just because it was so crazy I sped through it. I've never wanted to re-read a comic again so soon after I read it the first time.

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That last page was awesome and shows one of the advantages indie comics have over superhero comics: the passage of time. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Vaughn shows the natural progression of Hazel aging rather than a time jump or having to leave her as a infant.

As soon as my 2 year old took his nap I jumped right into this issue. That last page came close to waking him up, there was a big "OH MY GOD! but thankfully it didn't.

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@kryptonsabbath: Haha I can imagine it hit much closer to home for you than it did for me, and even I was giddy when it happened. Vaughn seems like he's playing the long game on this one and considering the title it makes sense.

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wait is it done!? the entire series? or just this arc?

im confused, cause no one is really truly specifying either/or.

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I am so disappointed at this issue, love the series so far but this issue suggests to me that the creators are more bothered about making sure of there break after every 6 issues than the story line.

everything just seamed to be a mish mashed rushed to finish off the 6 issue arc,

i think its got to me because i loved the comic up to now, which makes it worse. disappointed disappointed disappointed disappointed.

time to stop the subscription i think.

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@fenderxx: Me too. :) I think that's what were supposed to think. but also I do think it would be pretty funny if it turned out to be Marko's spells