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Place: City owned by Hedatary.

Time. As the sun goes down.

*The city was a vast place. Many walked, many talked. However it wasn't the best of places to live. This one atleast. The particular area was owned by a gang lord high in power. Not just in money, and brains but natural power. He seemed like a god in these parts nobody would dare even think of trying to over throw him. However he kind of kept it at a balance and let only what ever he wanted to happen actually happen. His name known to all was Hedatary. Even the police know this man and they wouldn't dare try and take him away. So many rumors heard on him and it wasn't know whether they were true or not. Of course there was one way to find out but then you wouldn't come back and end up in one of those rumors.*

*Zee crusher as they called it was powerful as well. At least he liked to think of it that way. He decided to travel to America testing his abilites on others. So far he hadn't lost yet, and so far he hasn't taken a prize yet either. Unlike Hedatary he wasn't that well known here. He was gettting his name spread but most hoped he wouldn't bother coming to these parts to test his power if he were even real. However that time had come. Zee had come to this destination. Zee had made a list an checked it twice. He found out who he wanted dead tonight. Or atleast see if he was capable of doing suck a thing.*

*Zee arrived to the vicinity with no type of weapon besides that on his armor. The most that could be seen on him besides his blood red skin was his glowing first pair of eyes. He simply walked in the city with not a care in the world listening to things all around waiting for who he wanted out. He didn't wanna waste to much time the sun was setting. For a dragon he seemed to like the light alot. Didn't wanna waste it as well. He'd simply stop as he folded his top pair of arms and opening his bottom pair as he yelled out so that all may hear*

Come to your maker!!!

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The sunlight was setting and the life of the night is starting to begin, humans as well as other creatures began invading the night. A night life, ever so beautiful has a side that no mortals should ever cross, especially under his city. His smoke felt good in his mouth as he inhaled. He stood atop the roof top, his very expensive suite was loose and not so constraint as it usually is during the day. The building he stood atop was large, dwarfing all the others. Taking a moment for himself, Hedatary felt the magic in the air stirring. Something is coming. He knew and it wasn't his power of Precognition either. Something in the air felt trouble. The magic in his blood is warning him of immediate danger he could not sense and he knew, sooner or later, something big is going to happen tonight.

The resonating sounds of the casual boots echoed across concrete, purposeful and very human like as Hedatary walked away from the edge of the roof. An easy smile appeared on his well toned face as he opened the back rooftop door. However just before he touched the handle, he heard a voice from afar. No...it was something else. The voice he heard spoke volumes just from hearing it. First of all, nothing in this world could yell like that without some kind of super human ability and for some reason or another, the voice seemed to call him.

Hedatary easily spoke pinpointed the owner of the voice couple of miles away using a bit of magic, especially since he wasn't trying to hide. That left some deductions. The owner of the voice could control sound. It was the only explanation. To what extent, he doesn't know. However that will come later.

"hmn...This is too troublesome. Maybe i should just leave and let my boys handle it." Hedatary spoke halfheartedly however he knew his boys couldn't handle this...whatever it was. Letting his hands drop to his side, he faded into the darkness.

When he appeared again, thirty feet into the air, he eyed the being with contemplation. It was crimson red with four arms with cords of muscles that screamed powerful. It was an unusual being wearing garbs of unknown quality. He knew his boys as well as the police department already gathering there attention here.

"You called?," His voice felt like a tone of honey, yet holding a hint of sharpness and power, however there was a question hanging behind those words. His smirk still in place, not a seed of doubt within his confidence.

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*Zee would be standing as only moments passed. These moments had been short but they felt forever as he contenplated on how his new enemy could be. He heard much about him due to that good hearing but with so much mix up and rumors even he had trouble deducing who this mystery man could be. However when he came Zee sensed his power even before he heard him arrive. He didn't stand on the ground which gave him an advantage he didn't even know about. However it didn't worry Zee he had many more plans up his sleeve. Some of the curious would start to emerge. He could hear them but didn't worry about them. He knew who was in charge and knew they'd wait before striking*

Zo Zou are Ze one called Hedatary.

*He said with the weirdest of accents. Some would simply say he's japanese.*

Zour time has come lets make Zhis memorable Zlease.

*He'd say as he smiled and revealed all those vicious teeth of his. As cannabalistic as he was they were pretty damn clean. He would then raise all four hands as he started to absorbs energy in the area. What was happening looked like invisible energy going towards him but it was gravity. He was absorbing gravitational energy as his stomach grew and grew. Suddenly his two bottom  arms would then smack down on his stomach as he shot out a huge amount of energy. Not as gravity but as sound. He had convereted it and only used it as a test shot. With his two bigger arms he could aim them at his foe as he fired hand light concussice blast at him. From and angle Zee would look like some minature cannon*