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Zaniel, Angel of Luck - He was in the Heavens minding his own business, practicing his moves and generally enjoying the tranquility in his new Armour, He had recently annoyed the Chinese Gods, he had not known that they had sent somebody after him to kill him.

He would not know how lucky he was he was in full battle gear, it may just save his life.

He was in the mountains, the Mount Olympus as he carefully trod though the land, tracking a wild Boar, he was not going to use his powers in killing this thing. He trod carefully not to alert the animal. He slowly took out his spear and got into a throwing position, he threw the spear as the animal started to drink, it tore through the air into the animals head. Zaniel walked over, and began to skin the animal...Unaware what was to come.


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When heaven and hell were first created a law was put in place. The law prevented demons from intruding on heaven, the law prevented angels from storming hell. This law ensured no actions would take place that truely might endanger the balance. For all the scuffles in haven hell and on earth no side was to intrude on the other directly. Then however the great devil of devil's the being like no other, fell. The rulership of the entire world of the absyss bounced from one ruler to the next and in time....It fell into the hands of Death's child. Alezra Blair Roxom more commonly known as Azrael was crowned the Queen of Hell.

But something changed, someone had upsetted a god on an extreme level. That god no longer believed in playing fair in abiding by the rules. For whatever reason he hated a angel so much he could only ask for the devil herself to take him. So it was that the law was broken, the chains of order undone. A demon was allowed access into heaven. This one moment of magic that conflicted with order would lead to the most brutal moment in all of time.

Her hair was red and danced like serpents as the wind blew through the blood hued locks. Her armor mostly onyx and gold glittered under the radiant soothing light of heaven. The weapons at rest on her body were both familiar and alien. They were not Keresh Symarian or devine but a fusion of them all. She progressed to her target calmly, and with each step came embers. A path of flame begining to burn along her path. Untill finally she found him Zaniel the angel of luck.

A snap of her fingers and the forest burst into flames. A once lush forest becoming ingulfed in an inferno. The licking flames trying desperatly to reach even the clouds. Rushing outwards wanting to scorch everything. The clouds began to darken, crackling of fire and lightning. Laws had been broken hell was begining to rip its way into the heavens. "Millions of years the war between are sides was held in secret and off the holy and unholy grounds. For thousands of centuries the law was finite, no chance to bend it. But then a little bird did something bad. Tell me how lucky is the angel, that instigated the invasion of heaven? How fortunate is he who let the devil be allowed in? Does being favored by fate, surpass being favored by death?"

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Zaniel took out his dagger and started to skin this Boar, this was always the boring bit...ever since his brother had shown him, maybe his brother was such a boring teacher it just stuck. Suddenly Zaniel felt a presence..a dark presence. It crawled down his spine as his breath suddenly went short, the very sky started to darken, he could hear fire and lighting..this was not Angelic nor Godly lighting..Ares was not playing with fire, he could sense Evil, Death...

He got to his feet, and looked around. To his shock and horror...the heavenly Forrest was burning, the spectacular trees were being engulfed by fiery inferno of death. He clenched his spear in anger, What was doing this...who? He could sense something nearing him..but what. Suddenly he turned around to be faced with...No. The Queen of Hell.

"Millions of years the war between are sides was held in secret and off the holy and unholy grounds. For thousands of centuries the law was finite, no chance to bend it. But then a little bird did something bad. Tell me how lucky is the angel, that instigated the invasion of heaven? How fortunate is he who let the devil be allowed in? Does being favored by fate, surpass being favored by death?"

He listened to her, She spoke the truth. He spoke in return "Fate and Death are one of the same, Queen of Hell, Eventually...they come together in unity - And let me tell you, Your fate is death" He went down, picked up some sand and rubbed it into his hands then stood up looking at her.

He grasped his spear, At a moments notice, at speeds that would rival even the great Pegasus at full flight he threw his spear, lighting emitting from its tip, tip strong enough to penetrate the strongest mountains. Enchanted to injure any demonic soul, It flew though the air, aiming at the Queens chest.

Before it had even finished, he withdrew his sword and got into a defensive phalanx stance, shield in-front of him, he heated the shield up, to temperatures that would melt normal steel, then overlapped his sword on-top locking it in. Waiting for the outcome.

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In hind site one might label it as somewhat foolish to enter in such a flashy manor. If she didn't open with a grand speech and lighting the heavens a flame maybe she would of just killed the man and gone on to burn down all of the godly plains. She had a passion for flare and the warrior spirit however. And thus a conflict began, one that silently held the fates of Heaven and Hell in the balance. Without fortune on their side all of the birds of paradise would be outclassed. While if the demons lost their pardon from death they were just as fragile as ever.

A spear was thrown at her with an ear spliting whistle, a perfect throw. She thought she could sense a trace of Spartan training. Still it was but metal and wood, just elements. The demon queen's hands jumped up knowing exactly when was the right time. The spear pierced both her hands, the sweet tang of blood hinted in the air forboding what was to come. "My fate is death, it always has been. Death defines what I am. Death and I are one and the same. Luck has never played on my side only skill." Her tongue dripping with a taunting atmosphere. Smoke poored from the demons hands from the spear but all she did was smile. Pain having evolved into pleasure decades ago. Her left hand pulled itself free repairing swiftly, the blade still balanced in her right hand. "Here catch."

The spear tore from the demons hand rocketing forwards. The twenty ton force she wielded being used to generate a blindingly fast throw of the javelin. To further amplify it however the angel reached for the elements to project them even faster. The spear jumped to hypersonic velocities racing towards the angels heart. The sizling palm starting to heal itself. "Wondering where the lightning went beautiful?" The energy had gone through the demon if she was someone else it would of liquified her insides. But she was an elemental. It didn't faze her and with the pointing of a finger a arch of lightning shot forward like the wrath of Zeus. And in the moment of the blinding flash Alezra teleported.

Two tonfa blades thrusted forward and then tore up, speed strength and the weapons themselves had allowed them to so far cleave through almost anything not equivalent to the rarest metals. Each blade properly named Ruin and Dispair wanted to lacerate a lung and then carry upwards spliting the angels torso into three. More tricks came to the nefarious mind. But she had deducted it was funner to play then just incenerate everything. Perhaps however her confidence could be her own downfall.

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Zaniel watched as she pulled his spear out of her hand, he steadfast in his singe-man phalanx position as he watched on, intently.

His own Spear, Spear of the Titans tore through the air at Zaniel, He ducked behind his shield and pressed his feet into the ground bracing for impact. The spear made a loud thud as it stuck it'self into his shield, it had penetrated, The spear-tip hand stopped JUST at Zaniels eye through the shield, a milometer further and it would have blinded him. He went cross-eyed as he looked at it a little shocked. Zaniel headbutted the spear out of the shield as he was wearing his stronger helmet, he heard a loud noise, he looked up over the shield as she had vanished in an instant.

She suddenly appeared to his front as he had just lowered his guard ready to look for her, the daggers she was using connected with his Armour-plating, it tore through and created a torturous rip into his pectorals, The actual Spartan Armour, enchanted by Ares himself had stopped the blade carrying upwards as it embedded itself into it with the thrust. It was not a major wound but it hurt, it hurt bad. He jumped backwards swinging his shield at her carelessly but with enough damage still to dent the side of a Tank, but it was not aimed so would probably miss.

He backed away and locked eyes with her before speaking, he coughed a little as his chest stung - red blood put graffiti all over the Heavenly floor "You may be more superior, But.." He coughed "I will fight, and die with honor" His wings suddenly burst out from behind him as he broke the sound barrier in an instant , charging forward in a warriors rage attempting to put his sword through this Evil womens forehead. He would carry on forward through her head even if it connected.

He caught a backrush of air as he forcefully stopped himself flying after he had attack, the winds fought against him as he spun around with speed, Looking to see the results, doubtfulness in his heart.

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Spear ripping through the air the massive weapon burried itself into the shield. The bladed tip piercing the metal and coming just centimeters from the eye socket. And with a metalic clang the weapon was headbutted clear from the deffensive item. And in a blinding flash from lightning the demon appeared attempting to flank the hero. Her blades sank into armor managing to taste some blood, a sort of purr eminating from the weapons as they tasted crimson.

The spartan trained angel leapt backwards with a defensive swipe of his shield. Child of Death backing up some to try and evade being harmed. She had almost escaped the attack untill the edge conected with her elbow. The joint snapped under the pressure a manic giggle escaping the demon in respondance to such.

Her demented laugher only continuing as the man made his remark. White wings in all their shimmering beauty burst free from the mans back. Elements beneath the earth started to stur Alezra knowning her physical state couldn't handle such a powerful attack on her own durability. A metal wall erecting itself in defensive of the high speed attack. Metal ripped apart under the sharpend and heated blade, the tip diging into the demons brow. If it wasnt for the metalic barrier Azrael's head would of been split in two.

"A good warrior doesn't place doubts on the field itself." She almost sounded like a teacher rather then a rival. Turning and feeling the strugling winds from the speed of the assault the elemental tried to turn that against him. Winds turning into a swirling vortex of razor sharp air. Simultaneously the crimson haired deviant exploded forwards with rocket propulsion. Roaring flames sending the demon forward at just under twenty five thousand mph. Her two blades coming up in an x formation hoping to reduce the man to just angel sented mulch. Finishing the attack the rocket like flames that propelled her would attempt to close in on the two and explode with frightening force. For even within the heat of the sun Hell's Queen didn't dread fire. So why not reduce this entire corner of the forest to a crater of molten glass?

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Zaniel heard a little giggle escape her lips as his shield connected with her elbow, He could not held but smirk a little, she was not slave to pain it seemed as he continued his thrusting attack.

He flew through the air, He smashed through a metal shield she had created, ripping apart the shield as he connected superficially on her brow, he landed behind her. His enchanted shield and blade holding tight in his hands as he turned around and heard her speak. He covered his face as the window picked up around him, causing rocks and leaves to blow about, the wind ripped at his bare forearm but he stood still, not wavering. He could take more than that.

Digging himself into the ground once more bracing himself for impact as the woman rocketed towards him at tremendous speeds, He could not deflect this type of attack merely absorb the impact and hope to live. He ducked his head behind his shield as the women smashed into his shield with her blades as an explosion erupted between the two adversaries. Lighting up the arena like a nuclear bomb had just exploded between the two, A shock-wave smashed the surrounding area , grass , leaves, rocks, animals all around in a 10 mile radius felt the blast as Zaniels Enchanted Shield was destroyed beyond all future use, The metal broke into hundreds of pieces of smaller metal as he was propelled backwards by the blast, The explosive power had smashed him into one of the mountains in the far side of the battlefield.

His Armour now broken and cracked, He stood up, coughed blood before getting to his feet and surveyed the damage, the whole area was on fire, destroyed. He took a 5 second break to pray to the gods, hoping life would come once again as he summed his spear, it shot to his hand as the energy trapped within the Spear gave him a much needed boost.

He looked down to his thigh, Five pieces of smoldering metal were dug inside his leg, he grit his teeth and pulled them out as he let out a scream out pain that echoed throughout the Heavens mountain Range.

He lifted his spear into the air, Spinning it in a circle motion as a white light started to trail it, Getting faster and faster he was charging his attack , he could not see his opponent but as soon as they became visible, He would blast them with everything he had, it may destroy the whole mountain range...But it would be worth the attack, he would be able to do this attack as a block also. If she attempted to attack him and he was able to block with his spear he could impart the stored energy into her blade causing an explosion that would probably cause mutually assured destruction....