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Gabriel Masters was born into a normal life in New york city as the son of senator Nathan masters.He lived an average life up until the day his mother died in a fatal car accident.Soon his father became an alcoholic and began abusing him and his brother Kenneth.One day in a drunken stupor, Gabriel's brother was killed by his father after a serious beat down.From there on Gabriel was sent to live in a foster home in New jersey until he ran away at the age of 16.Finding his way back to New york, Gabriel rented an apartment in Brooklyn and worked diligently in 3 separate jobs struggling to pay bills.One day his income proved to be insufficient when he was thrown into the streets of New york but from that day his life would be changed forever after he was taken in by a team of galactic defenders know as the Genova Corps to become the man known as Zaeon The Enigma.

The night was young.Stars lit up the sky like an army of nightlights in the distance.Zaeon looked down onto the city lights from his elevated position as he hovered in the darkened atmosphere.The humans in the city pressed on with their daily matters as if they had no care in the world, but little did they know, how small their world really was.The earth had only been a small planetary rock in the depths of the universe, where there were millions and millions of other worlds in other galaxies and solar systems that existed with intelligent life on them, some even more advanced than the earth itself.The cool air brushed against Zaeon's armor and half covered face like a smooth touch from a goddess.The pods on his armor began to glow vibrantly with a light blue luminescence that left a stream like aura in its path.Suddenly,  Zaeon began to pick up a distant energy.At first the power felt feint, but as it neared the energy grew drastically.Closing his glowing blue eyes, Zaeon began to concentrate his focus on the source of the energy and its direction.Finally he had picked up its location which seemed to be a few miles west and without any further hesitation, Zaeon blasted off into the distance, breaking the sound barrier, leaving behind a gleaming path of blue electric energy that glazed the sky with its aurora like color.

As he soared through the darkened heavens, clouds parted voluntarily at the whim of his intense speed.The cold air rushed passed Zaeon's face like torrent of wind similar to a hurricane.Flashes began to run through his mind as he began to think about his reasons for pursuing the intense power.About a year or so ago, Zaeon had just been promoted to lieutenant general in the Genova Corps when his squadron had gone under attack from a cosmic entity know as The Abyss.His faction of inter-galactic defenders fought valiantly, but in the end they had been no match for the all powerful being, and had been obliterated in a demonstration of terrifying power the galactic threat possessed.Being the only one to survive, Zaeon somehow inherited the spirit force of his fallen comrades, making him a warrior of great caliber.From that day he swore revenge upon his departed allies, vowing to seek out The Abyss once more and claim his vengeance.

As he arrived at the location of the energy, Zaeon found himself in an abandoned city.Landing down in the center of an desolate avenue, he started to walk down the empty street with extreme caution.He could feel the presence of the high energy, but he could exactly pinpoint it's location.The wind blew strongly, sending scattered newspapers and garbage flying across the city's streets.Empty cars filled the barren city.There was no sign of human life whatsoever.As he treaded, the vacant boulevard, Zaeon's  golden gantlets glowed with his steaming electric energy.His eyes glowing and his face stricken with resolve.Maybe he could find some answers here.Who knew? But what Zaeon knew for a fact was that he was ready for anything.

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"Oh my god that man's gonna fall!"Trooper floated in space listening to the chatter of the people as well as watching the scene unravel. A man was hanging on to the ledge for dear life, his fingers steadily slipping. His grip slowly loosening, Trooper relaxed and waited for the man's hold on the ledge to give way. Trooper is no longer the novice that rushed to the scene of every disaster or terrible event. Nor is he the novice that deals with villains in the quickest, most destructive way plausible. He's gained a style now. A good view of what he can do and what people will see as acceptable. For instance, Instead of giving small time criminals, over-powered blows that will take there heads off Trooper learned that it looks much better when you battle it out with them. Sell the fight basically, let them land a few hits, put them on their ass a few times, then deliver a low powered blow to knock them out. Spend a minute or two exchanging with them the people will never lose interest, do the job in the blink of an eye people become bored. Trooper also learned that there is more to a superheroes job than just saving people. Its 50/50. 50% is saving people, while the other 50% is a popularity contest. The people have to constantly be interested in you, once they lose interest your career is over. You have to constantly come up with something original to keep their eyes glued to you. Whether you manifest a new power, combine old powers to create a new effect or even get a different, more flashy style of fighting. Whatever you have to do to please the people. Sometimes trooper felt like he was in a movie because it was incredible how cliched some of the things he did were at times. For example, he's flew into buildings and rescued all the people right before the building exploded. Yet no matter how many times people have seen that done before they still cheer.
"Ahhh! He's falling.... Lord jesus the man done fell... Like Oh my gosh he like totally let go!" Super had already surveyed the size of the building and the weight of the man. He calculated the gravitational implications to figure out the rate of his descent and how long it would be before he hit the ground."15... 14... 13... 12... 11... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5..."Super bursted off, 50x the speed of Light, he raced to the city and stopped for 2 second, "2... 1..."s, Trooper zoomed off again and caught the man, all you could hear was loud screaming and then a sudden large intake of air.He stopped as soon as he felt the man's body make contact with his arms. His caped fluttered through the air as levitated a few feet off of the ground. He lowered himself down slowly and once his feet made contact with the ground he began to let the man down. He looked around as all the people cheered for him and clapped. He smiled at them and then flew off slowly. Too much time around the citizens of the city wouldn't be good. Eventually they would call him an attention hog if he hammed it up when they cheered for him. At the same time if he didn't acknowledge them in the least bit they would call him rude and piggish. Super-heroism was like most other things in life, to succeed at it you need to find your touch. That balance point where you and the people around you are comfortable at and it seemed Troop had finally found his. As he glided through the clouds he felt a strange power emanating from nearby. He closed his eyes and allowed his senses to guide him to the destination.

He arrived in a what looked like a deserted war torn city. He felt the presence of nuclear energy but it was a faint signal. THis made him think that either this city had been a testing ground for new missiles or it was a battlefield. He walked through the ruined streets, his senses on high alert. Searching for any random energy signal. He looked on the ground and saw destroyed family photos. It hurt him to see a place that might have been full of life and happiness reduce to a barren wasteland. It bothered him even more to know that humans would do this to each other. He found it funny that he called them 'humans" when he was a mere human himself, just genetically enhanced to an amazing level. Maybe he had become a bit full of himself.  Or maybe he wasn't a human anymore... Suddenly he felt an immense power level approaching, he closed his eyes and used his hearing to search for an indication of what he felt. He heard footsteps 8 miles west. He flew over there and found the source of the power. It was a man. He landed in front him a stern look attached to his face and an indifferent stance captured his body. "Are you the cause of all this?"