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"What is there outside our universe? Other universes? But what about the fabric in the middle of this gap? Those are the puppet strings that control the universes on each side. There's a couple of names for it Limbo, Subspace, the Void, I like to call it the middle because that's what it is. Y'see it looks like Earth, it only has a few slight differences, one thing is that what you do in the middle will happen here but not vice versa. There are things that exist in the void that don't have a corporeal form here as they do where they come from but are a little different on lets say Earth 2, which is ours, like that burger you just ate.

Most of the time it's just a burger, but y'know how some things turn up out of nowhere or disappear only to come back in a place you looked before? That's a 'fade in' as those things inbetween the other side swap places with that object so that it can affect this side easier or more powerfully. So that burger you scoffed could be one of these spider things roughly the same size that lay eggs on the other side that feed off of your energy on Earth 2 from being eaten with a real form. Worst case I've ever seen is a man dropping dead of a 'Heart Attack' when really those little spiders gobbled up all of him on the other side just where he ate when he really didn't need to.

Here's the really f***ed up part. Y'know how I said that what you do there affects here? Well some people can do stuff there they can't do here, that means tearing up buildings there to cause so called 'Earthquakes', but you're thinking Earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates & other crap. The f***ed up thing I was talking about was that y'know religions & myths like Zeus, God in his many a form or the Flying Spaghetti Monster? They shape limbo how they see fit, they exist & they own the middle with near complete power. But you're thinking if this is true God exists bla bla bla. None of them exist as you know it. You've been spoon-fed these ideas of Heroes, Myths & God stuff because all this time they've been slowly brain washing the world so that they middle can use the middle here & when that time happens the brainwashing & the stories will all let the universe get f***ed by them & still ask for more. But alas these c**ts are vulnerable to 'Voidwalkers', people who go into the gap, so they've brainwashed you all into thinking that 'Voidwalkers' destroying churches or orphanages when in the middle they're taking down monster spawning points & meeting places for the generals of their armies. So no I don't have a watch because in my situation knowing the time isn't that relative."

Tears roll down the side of this business man's cheek as he thrusts his hand in his mouth desperately trying to eject the possible arachnid from his body. This man has had his perception of reality changed, earlier he thought that asking the young man for the time but now he questions what lies within his own house. A red bus pulls up on the rainy street following it's stoppage is the sound of decompression as the doors fold inwards allowing Alphonse to step in. The bus driver barks loudly as the ignorant teen carries on forward.

"Oi d'you have an oyster?!"

Smirking as he looked back and replied.

"What is there outside our universe..?"


The mine caves in, boulders build around seperate members of the Brody family as they all scream each others name while slowly being enveloped in their own personal darkness.

"What do we do with the boy?"

A pantheon of deities gather around the unconscious Alphonse in a vast landscape akin to a business room in a cold, heartless factory, he looked a mess as blood trickled from his head and the dust that coated him seeped into his lungs causing him to violently weeze.

"He holds no use we can send him back."

One of the ancient Egyptian Gods reasoned.

"How about we give some of the public a treat? Maybe a vessel for a lucky few to visit his home realm?"

Like a cue for an action film the walls burst apart as a team of seemingly normal humans, though dressed in what looked like sorcerer clothing for the 21st century, strode in. In their hands were, possibly, guns, that varied in size & shape with each member, which fired off streams, beams & balls of pure colour which again changed amongst the crew with textures within that constantly shifted. The deities reacted in quick succession as each disappeared in a sprout of black fog which then fell inwards on itself with a thwipping sound. One member, the leader would be a decent guess, removed his hood & bandana mask to get a clearer look of the boy. With a wave of his hand light projected forth onto the dormant child who's status changed in a split second to bursting forward shouting.

"What the f***ing s**t Christ?!"

The leader chuckles & simply retorts.

"You're alive in limbo. That makes you a Voidwalker. One of the team."

Looking slightly displeased Alphonse simply sighs.

"This is going to be a long day isn't it..?"

(I'll be posting a thread in a couple of days about the void & the god things that will just be used to summarise & let other people use gods as non-benevolent dictators. And yes I got the inspiration from DMC. :3)