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Samantha Weston called together the Trinity Members, to discuss the Mission known as X-Factor, the team’s first mission. She stood before them in the team meeting room, she was straight forward and to the point. “...luckily Doctor Stahl was able to save Kari with the help of the other Trinity Members. For our first mission, it went fairly well...so good job.”

The words pierced Alexander’s head like a bullet, ‘lucky’? That’s all it was, luck. Alex was made to be a global weapon for missions and anything short of perfect angered him, especially with the potential this team had. The problems he noticed, could not go unnoticed, but he listened on to Samantha hoping she would bring it up.

The Financial Benefactor of Trinity continued to speak to the team members about their first mission. She handed out ‘good jobs’ as if they were on sale at a local grocery store and Alexander began to grumble under his breath. She ended with, “So, that’s it Trinity, once again good job and I’ll figure out what’s our next mission.”

“Good Job? GOOD JOB?!?!” Alexander thought as members began to ready themselves to leave. “Good Job?!” Until a couple of months ago, he was an experiment. He was isolated from contact, verbal confrontation, and teaming with anyone. If he was going to stay on this team, this issue would need to be faced, and the time to face it was now.

Just as everyone was about to leave the room, he spoke. It was obvious in his voice, he was a bit angry, and what he had to say was important, but he was no political speaker. His words did not come out with ease.

“No..no..no. This was not a good job, far from it. I’m ashamed, I as a professional was even a part of this mess," he continued,rising from his seat. “We are professionals and what we did out there, was far from a good job.”

The issue was serious, but Alexander wasn’t a bit red. He was angry, but he showed restraint. His anger would cause no good, only harm.

“We’re supposed to be peacekeepers, professional peacekeepers, but where was the professionalism in what we did today? Where was the plan? Where was the leadership?” he looked right at Samantha, “Where was the cooperation between team members?” Alex’s eyes continued to shift between his peers.

“This was a secret covert mission, but there was nothing covert about that mission. Each one of you! Each one of you, did their own thing with weapons and blasts, busting into Queenstown like it was a damn old western bar fight.” That’s when his voiced stopped, he looked right at one of the more ‘powerful’ members.

He walked around the table, his destination was set, and he arrived swiftly. He was face to face with the Mutant Maestro known as Xenon. He was not scared of this man, he was displeased with him, and that was probably why his ‘power’ did not scare Alex. “And you? This was a team mission and I like help as much as the next member, but how about letting us know next time, you invite your friend! How do I or do any of us know that, he was not a threat? Or what if he betrayed any of us?” He got a centimeter closer to Xenon, “What would you have done if he did? Where does your loyalty stand Xenon?! With Trinity? Or Elsewhere?”

That was one of Alexander’s main problems with the mission, he acknowledged Xenon’s accomplishments throughout the mission, but the question of loyalty was one that needed to be answered, and the time for the answer was now.

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Looking towards the man, Xenon could only help but feel a little sad he had to fall to intimidation to get a message across, knowing full well he was the superior of the two regardless of the actions the man was showing, Xenon felt no threat or anger towards the man rather pity at his naivety, as such he simply leaved back in his chair allowing the verbal attack to be done, instead of retorting back undoubtedly creating more tension in the air he employed a diplomatic approach to the situation as was his fortitude, he was a politician, the leader of a country, head of state, he knew when it was time to speak and now....was not the time to engage in a verbal argument without proper justification or reason, so simply the Mutant Maestro employed his dilatory tactics meaning to deescalate the situation.

A simple, yet powerful flick of the wrist dismissed the man as Xenon turned his head towards the other members of the room regarding other matters in question, "Now is not the time for a team breakdown, if we start to belittle and attack one another over past events which hold no bearing on the future, we shall most certainty fail and peace shall not be attained" Xenon turned back around towards Alex, his eyes portraying a vindictive spite "You see my friend - I could ask where your loyalties lie?" He folded his arms tiredly "Inciting a team break-down before we have even achieved a slither of peace" He looked down towards his shoe "You would be wise to remember I have shoes which mean more to me than you do at this point" Xenon stood up, empowering himself over the man with superior height boasting an over apparent air of undeniable dominance due to not him only being the head of a state, but the intellectual superior "Now let us talk about the mission and less about me..." Already standing Xenon walked towards the back of the room not entertaining the mans humorous presence within the team, simply he leaned back awaiting to hear what the others had to say.

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“Make a fist” the doctor instructed trying to test how strong Z was. “I honestly do not know what happened in South Africa; my body just shut down” Z responded rotating her arm to try and gauge the pain. “It feels fine maybe I am ready to go on the factory mission”, Z could hear shouting from the pit end of the catacombs. Rising from her chair, she slowly crept towards the commotion; she didn’t understand what was going on; Samantha informed her that they did secure the girl, so what was the problem.

She leaned on the wall hidden by a thick shadow; but she listened to Alex’s worries followed by Xenon response and finally thought to step in.

“If you believe yourself of more importance than any one member of this team Xenon; there’s the door. I don’t need you. You’re title as a head of state means nothing to me; nor will hanging it over your teammates head grant you anymore power.” She said, walking in a circle with her hands folded. Ziccarra’s lack of trust for Xenon was known, it seemingly reflected in her other teammates. The addition to Andres didn’t too much bother her, considering Andres was the only one other than Ellie that assisted her after Quintus fell to Impero.

“Had I not succumb to this virus, I assure you Mr. Head of State snatching Venezuela from ME would not have been so easy” she hissed. Z knew of how bloody the battle for Venezuela was after she retracted; the loss of life was catastrophic, but she wasn’t buying his superiority complex.

“Alex, I understand why you are angry, but yelling an antagonizing is not the way to go about anything” She said, turning to him still leaning on the computer. Her skills as a teacher amongst the Cardinals were coming to fruition.

“Listen guys, this was our first mission; we’ve barley had anytime to access each other OR even get to know each other.” She said, pushing her hair beyond her hair.

“Xenon is right, the next mission has already come to us, but I fear it might be too late” Z said, looking up at Alex with an almost assuring look. "It is time we move on Kalli" her eyes darted back to Xenon, before pulling the small nation up on the screen.

"Samantha intercepted a message from Kalli to splinter cells in this region around Cerebrum Island. We believe it tis a future attack point; we will need to plan accordingly."

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Leaning his face on his fist while sitting down on the chair Dark Vengeance sat on the chair observing the situation and analyzing his teammates. While Kid-Vendetta floated next to him with both of his legs crossed with a glass bottle of coke, since it was warm he cooled it with his freeze breath and drank it.

Now ready to speak his opinion about the situation and to once and for all end the argument he said with a calm voice "It was everyone's fault. This mission could have gone a lot easier if we had premeditated it. But it didn't and we have to move on and improve our tactics. As for the Knightfall's appearance in our mission I can vouch for him, and whatever problem you two had over the leadership of Venezuela is between you two." He looked at both Z and Xenon "This team's purpose is to unite both human and mutant kind . Show some professionalism or we're leaving, the fact that I have an assassin for hire as a teammate is enough of a reason already, but that's an issue for another day. "

"Now you talked about having two squads". He said as he looked directly at Z. "I volunteer as squad leader". Expecting that the mutant maestro would oppose that decision and nominate himself, it is obvious to him that he has a superiority complex and while he is a skilled tactician, but he is not better than the detective. Especially when everything goes wrong and you have the ability to find a way to turn things your way again. But they didn't know about his secret power and he preferred it that.

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Jacob was absolutely silent. He observed his hot-headed team-mates, throwing verbal jabs at each other as if they were locked within a perpetual cage-fight, each individual ego brandished proudly. A few months ago, the young Stark might have indulged in the tension, even provoked it, and them. Now, he sat, arms folded broodingly over his armoured chest, refusing to allow even the smallest reaction whilst the Trinity's more disgruntled members made their concerns known.


Assault knew next to nothing about the guy other than the fact that he was on the team. Clearly, he possessed a method of restraining his temper and almost seemed polite in his steadily voiced complaints, calling one of them out specifically.


Even the inexperienced Jacob Stark didn't harbour much trust for the mutant supremacist. His entire being was wrapped in black, revealing very little besides his eyes, which seemed to shine with a consistent, ugly pride. His posture emanated a superiority complex and Assault felt his tastes for the man deteriorate with every second that passed. Perhaps because he saw himself in Xenon, a younger him, treating people as if they were no more than dirt beneath the soles of his handsomely arched feet. Perhaps, he just didn't entertain the thought of having a colossal dick on the team.

His train of thought was derailed by the interjection of Zicarra's words, the likes of which were soaked in authority. This was her team, she called the shots. She was one of the few folk on the alliance that Jake actually respected, even liked. Others were Selina Stone, Atticus, and as far as he could tell, Alex. The Liafador didn't mesh syllables, handling the matter with an experienced tongue and laying business down before all of them.

Dark Vengeance.

Assault broke his disposition to stare at the man, his featureless helmet betraying not a single emotion. His luminescent 'eyes' regarded the meta-man with nary a reaction, just a cold disinterest. He was quite a pompous fellow too, and his side-kick had a really lame name. Kid-Vendetta? It sounded like one of those movies that went straight to DVD. 'Dark Vengeance' appeared to share this trait, although didn't fail to look the part. The guy looked like he knew what he was doing. But he wasn't about to be lead by a dude who carried a kid with laser-beam firing eyes around beating up baddies in Gothic City.

"I volunteer for squad leader too."