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Ok...........this will be an rpg mostly for new people, but any experience people are welcome. I would appreciate it if everyone kept their post short. I know tat there are some awesome rpgers out there but quite frankly most new people aren’t into reading long post. This isn’t jsut a battle RPG , its also just to you know do whatever. You can jsut jump in as soon as the rpg is up. I think this will really be good for some of the teams out there to see potential viners who would make good potential RPGers. If there are any questions feel free to ask. And remember folks. Short and simple post. Your post dont have to tie in to anything. Just post any situation you like. By the way battles are allowed. If there are any other questions please visit the Out of character thread:
Annnnnnnnnnn Annnnnnnnnnnn


The noise blared through his ears as he heard the other workers scramble from the area. He had worked in this factory for years but never had an alarm that was so loud. It was soon only a few people still in the factory, rushing to grab any personal belongings. He worked on one of the largest machines in the factory, it was what turned cotton to thread. It took a lot of work, as his job required him to run back and forth from one switch to another. He could only hope that this was a surprise drill. He grabbed his leather jacket, he then felt around his waste for his 44-magnum. It was there like always. He dashed up two flights of stairs. He could hear flames crackling in the distance. This was not a drill! He finally made his self to the exit door. As he kicked the door the momentum sent him flying back. Dam! He forgot the fact the door was not only boarded on the other side but it was locked with a large chain. He needed to get higher. He rushed back to the stairs except this time he went up even faster. As he made it to the roof, he pushed the hatch up as hard as possible. Soon he was standing on top of the large building. He was too high to jump straight down but he couldn’t stay here. Without a second thought he leapt into the air off the edge of the building. Still in mid-air he could hear the building explode…………..

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MOF now filled with self pity that Tenth Magnitude, the first and only team that took him in, has ended tragically. Looking at the ruble of the building which housed his brothers, he frowns. B.E.T.H. had malfunctioned and annihilated the facility. Now where will the Balance Keeper go? Back out in space or stay on this planet? He turns around and walks out onto the side walk. His red cloak flows in the wind while civilians stare at him. Then BOOM! An explosion rang off in the distance. His spectacular motorcycle appears and he hops on. Zooming to the mushroom cloud he sees a man in freefall obviously escaping the flames with his life. MOF leaps off his bike and reaches out to grab the man and hopefully save him from hitting the ground. This would be his first real act of selfless heroism...

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I been whit the Police for some time now, made many friends even the chief knows me in the police department, or so he thinks.

As I put on my specialized uniform I received a call from my real job, it was the boss giving me a assignment. It seems a man have cross my boss’s path not much is known of this man, but I never ask for much since I just do my job, is not like I’m going on a date, my line of work is simple, aim and pull the trigger, or if I feel like celebrating just push the detonator and see the beautiful guts of my target fly in the air like fireworks. And I so do feel like celebrating today.

I get on my bike and ride to where is believed my target will be, riding whit the wind on my mask I swear I could already smell the sweet pay check after my victory.

I arrived at the location looking at my marked GPS and turning it off. I teleport to the factory and look at a worker and shape shift into a exact copy after beating him to the ground, I looked around making sure no one saw my move even if I think it would have been great to be caught on camera so I can rewind and see it over and over again…. I grabbed my bag of explosives and place them in a trolley covering the bag under the cotton, I got in the factory and began placing my charges all around, I like to be really messy, so I placed as many bombs as I could, undetected.

After finishing placing bombs all over in diferent areas I left my calling card a golden lollypop whit a timer and a note that read “BOOM” I walked out the factory and got in my bike and ride to a location where I would see the show.

At that time one of the workers spotted one of my bombs and grabbed my calling card. But it was too late. BOOM! The factory exploded making a hell of a show while I eat my popcorn and sip my soda yelling "WOOOOOO!!!", I saw something strange on the air but didn’t pay no mind. all I thought was that there was no way in hell the target could have survived the explosion, or so I thought.

I jumped back on my motorcycle and headed back to my place calling my boss reporting a mission accomplished. Even if a had a strange feeling on my gut that I should have double checked but it was too late a could heard the fire brigade rushing to the factory so I just ride away to my hide out to watch cartoons.

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He glided along the rooftops watching all the citizens, he felt as if he was some kind of protector of the city. He spied on all the ppl.looking for any inconsistencies, such as muggers, robbers, you know, criminals. He dropped down grabbed on to a flagpole, used the momentum to propel himself upward, grabbed onto a ledge and shimmied  over to the side of the buiilding and jumped onto the parallel ledge.Then using his upper body strength he front flipped himself onto the rooftop. He started a brisk run and jumped onto the next rooftop increasing his speed with each landing. He then hit a roadblock, two tall parallel building, he jumped onto the ledge of one of the buildings and made his way in between the two buildings. He then jumped into the wall of the building and as soon as his feet made contact with it he propelled himself into the wall of the opposite building, he continued doing this, gaining more height with each jump. He eventually reached the top of the building on the right side. He smirked, walked to the edge of the building and dived off. He saw a man with a gun and as he approached the ground he unsheathed his blade inches before he hit the ground he turned his body upright and sliced the man's head off with a complicated twirl of his blade and landing on his feet.

"Hey Ryuk since you have to kill me, would that make me impervious to death until you wrote my name... Uhh I guess so but you can still feel pain so i suggest you dont do anything too foolish... Oh i won't and once I've claimed this world as my godly domain, there will be no pain," Light said as he spoke to his Shinigami, Ryuk. Normally he wouldn't do this in public but considering how packed and busy the crowd was no one would notice. He was making his way the task force mansion, he had defeated near and mello, and he was pretty much putting the final touches on his kingdom. "THere's no one in my way now, it should be smooth sailing from here," he thought, he had carried out his killings as normal and had even gained time to spend with Misa and grow fond of her... "You empty ya pockets or ya be catchin one right in ya dome you hear me.... *chuckles* There are still fools like you out here, dont you know that.... smirks and speaks in a darker tone... Kira will punish you."  At that moment a man with silver, silky hair comes out of the sky and lops the man's head off and then an explosion is heard in the distance.  

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He was now falling through mid air. All he could think about was dieing. Flashbacks of his life began blinking through his eyes. Well as he actually thought about I he had nothing lose. He had no wife, no kids, and no parents, just a boss. Three of them., as he neared the ground he faced his stomach towards the sky while wrapping his arms across his chest and closing his eyes. This was a world that he would never see again. There it was! Plop. He fell straight down into a pair of blue hands. Who had the power to catch someone falling at that speed? With his supreme reflexes he flipped out of the blue man’s arms. He didn't know why but for some reason he couldn’t control himself, it was as if he was being possessed. As he rolled on the ground he drew his gun faster than ever before. It was his golden revolver, as he directed the gun in front of him he shot the tire of a motorcycle, not even knowing the person on it. It was like instinct. Almost as if he was being told to do it. Quickly he stood as he turned making it look like he had nothing to do with the shooting. He turned to the blue man while re-hosting his gun. He gave the blue man a quick grin as he got on one knee, as if this man was his god.


I owe my life to you. Your desires are my duties now.


He stood for a moment he did not wait for the man to reply. Instead he lifted his foot over the bike and positioned himself correctly. He than looked back reaching out his hand and giving a signal. This was a simple signal meaning to follow. With that he drove off, still in his mind was curiosity about why he shot the man’s bike. Whoever the guy was. He did not look back for MOF he just kept driving through the maze of streets. Soon he made a swift turn and instantly stopped in front of Nine Lives Coffee shop. The engine in his bike was so quiet he could basely hear it. As he removed the key from the ignition he stood waiting for the blue man’s arrival.
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AHello.@ she said in a low tone, regretting it the instant it had escaped her mouth. He stood looking on, making no motion to speak. In the fleeting instant that followed, she thought >Oh no! What did I do? Wait! Maybe he didn=t hear me. Okay, I=ll try something else.= After a second, AHello.@ The sound strangled her heart and caused her to wince, inwardly. He continued to stare and still made no reply. >Maybe he=s deaf.= she thought.

AHello?@ she asked, apprehensively. When he had not responded for the third time, she concluded that she=d made a fool of herself. Her heart felt as though it vanished from within her, and the void which remained provoked her every nerve and sinew to ache and pain. Her throat grew tight and hard to the point where she could no longer breathe nor swallow. Her mind told her to turn and walk away quickly and quietly; but in the instant between thought and action. . .

AHello.@ he replied.

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MOF had the man secure in his arms then in a second he lost him. But not on accident the one he saved was gifted as well. No words were exchanged right away but only gun shots. Bullets fly at G'bandit's tires. The man stands then kneels in front of the Blue Giant.

"I owe my life to you. Your desires are my duties now." said Durang. But MOF doesn’t want to give another orders for a long while, or at least until he fully recuperates from losing TM. MOF says nothing as he watches the made stand, hop on his own bike and gives a signal to follow.

MOF climbs onto the MOF-cycle and as soon as the Factory Worker takes off, MOF and his bike enter the sky. With the aerial view it was easier for the Balance Keeper to follow the man. When Durang stops in front of the little shop, MOF recognizes it instantly.

He smiles and lowers to the ground. He steps off his bike and walks over to the Factory Worker. "The Nine Lives Coffee Shop? I remember when it opened. So do you have a name or are we going to motion each other whenever we want to talk?" He says looking down from his great height.

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After a week of been on earth running from the authorities searching for he’s fellow Agent Alith who was in a ferocious battle in the Nexus bridge, she fell through a portal into earth wounded and unconscious of who she is fallen to a world where demons and evil dwells behind it‘s own shadows, the Mystic Rider in another occasion could easily track her, but this world have made it impossible since she was also turned to a mortal.

The Mystic Rider unlike the other occasions is not sent to just vanquish an army or a powerful warlord, this time he is doing the work of a Agent, job in witch he is not quite familiar with.

This week have been fruitless to the Mystic Rider filling he’s mind whit frustration not only he would fail the Emperor but himself and the woman he once loved, he climbed to the highest skyscraper looking for a sign something to fallow he closes he’s eyes and heard a annoying laughter around him, the Mystic Rider seems to have recognized the maniacal laughter.

He yelled at the daemon threatening the evil spirit that surround him that if Alith was to be harm he would avenge her even if he has to go to the end of the universe and duel in the dark abyss and fight the dark lord himself to find him he will.

The Mystic Rider raising he’s sword and uses a revelation spell making the evil fiend to appear.

It was humongous! a giant dragon surrounding the skyscraper looking eye to eye whit the Rider.

The Rider takes off he’s helmet and stabs he’s sword on the floor showing no fear of the creature Addressing the dragon by the name “Konar” as if they would have history in the past…..

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President Kail Dart sat in his large office plotting on who he would have to protect the secret. He tapped his desk impatiently. It was too important to let fall into the wrong hands, he hands of evil. He needed to make sure the secret…. well secrets were in the best protection as possible. He could not go to the city of Comicvine for he had nothing but loathe for their president. Gambler and Lebeau family were nothing but pure evil. In with the secrets in Gambler’s hands all hell would break loose. He was only the president of the United States of America but he had no control over Vine City for it was its own boss. It was time to go see the secrets for him once more. He looked on his desk, as he glared at the red button. He had been the first of the president to ever pres it. H needed to check on his secrets.


He reached for the plastic cover as he lifted it. He glared at the button as if it was a weapon. He had been born as a mutant in Comicvine. He had the ability of complex reflexes, strength, stamina, speed, and all the normal. As the president it was his responsibility to protect and serve the citizens of the world. However, he couldn’t do it alone. And for this reason he planted cameras all over the world looking for trust worthy and powerful allies. As he pressed down on the red button the light in his room went off, as he and his chair feel straight down through the floor. As he finally landed on the ground, the chair was totally crushed. He found his feet planted firmly on the ground. He looked up at the sign above the mile thick metal door. The sign read: “Area 51”.


He touched a machine as the door opened. He made his way through as quickly as possible. He was not confronted but there were millions of people running around working on different things. UFO s and other alien technology was being analyzed. He stopped at a glass case and looked at the secrets. He glared at the six rings. He could sense nothing from them but evil vibes. Odin had asked him to protect the rings, for there would be someone who wanted them. Bad. President Kail turned as he saw someone approaching him.


Guy: Sir we have located several potential protectors.


Durang, MOF, G’bandit, Mystic Rider, Kadaj, Pheonix, and at the moment I am looking for others.

Send those few invitations to come to this exact location. Better yet make them come.


He wasn't good on forcing people anywhere but at the moment that was what was need. And it was what would be done.

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He sat in the chair at NineLives Coffee shop. The smell of eggs, pancakes, and bacon. He glanced at the menu thinking of what his stomach would prefer. What he saw next almost gave him a heart attack someone teleported between him and MOF. Durang leaped in the air but made sure not to draw his gun in such a place. The guy gestured for him to sit down, he did as he was told. He wanted to look at MOF but he wasn't about to take his eyes off this guy. The guy reached his hand out to both MOF and Durang before speaking.


If you take my hand you will finally be worth something in this world. You will not live your everyday boring life. However, I must warn you there are potential risks.


He gave this thought before answering no. He was really tired of living his boring life. He needed adventure, and it seemed as if this guy could give it to him. It was the risk part that made him a bit worried. Worried that there was a chance that death could be in it for him. It was time to make his move. In a swift motion he reached out and grabbed the man’s hand as everything went black. He found himself teleported into some lab. He was quickly being zipped up in a large white suit.  The same man was still here moving forward. He followed the man. The man finally came to a stop, and stood in front of six rings. All were colors of the rainbow. The man began to speak.


You are in Area 51. This is what you will be protecting.

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.... standing Face to face Mystic ask the demon he’s knowledge of a Nexus agent fallen from the Nexus bridge a week on earth time. The Dragon chuckling seem to know about Alith he goes around the building to the back of Mystic and ask Mystic what if he would says that he saw the love of he’s life falling from the sky struggling to survive the fall from the sky and at the very last minute of the fall before she touched the a very single grain of the earth’s land he ate the powerless fallen Elf. The dragon looks in Mystic’s eyes and ask him what would he do.

Mystic looks at Konar’s eyes and replies smiling that he would called him a liar and a cheap charlatan. Mystic states that at the very moment that the Dragon Konar lay a single drop of Alith’s blood in he’s mouth he would be exterminated instantly since Alith fell through the portal of earth realm as a mortal, her very last whisper of power was what Konar saw, probably used it to avoid the impact into earth’s ground.

The Mystic Rider gets to the edge saying he just cleared that Alith is alive.

Konar after Mystic figure it out saw that there was no more amusement so he couldn't torture Mystic’s mind he opened a Astral portal and told Mystic the Agent Was taken by A human family after they found her in the park where the Earth realm portal drops the ones who fall through. Konar admits that as soon as he saw her falling through he tried to eat her but felt the mortal soul in her body and saw that she was mortally wounded, Konar also adds that he gave her a present that she will never forget the Amulet of the End of Days. Konar laughing as he never had before slides in to the Astral portal, enraged after hearing Konar’s words Mystic’s soul glows out of he’s body making the building shake he’s soul grabs he Nexus sword and whit a incredible glow slices Konar’s tail before it passes through the portal, Mystic retrieves he’s Astral Soul and drops to the ground holding to he’s sword thinking that if Alith is alive she has not much time…



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MOF and Durang have taken their seats and Durang was about to order. MOF wasn’t going to because he has no need for food. Out of nowhere a man ported between the Balance Keeper and the Factory Worker. MOF turns and faces the mysterious person as Durang performs a leaping stunt. MOF never stood up and he watches Durang as he takes his seat again. The teleporter gave his hands to the two men and says "If you take my hand you will finally be worth something in this world. You will not live your everyday boring life. However, I must warn you there are potential risk."

MOF laughs on the inside and thinks "This person truly doesn’t no who I am or where I've been. I’ve seen most of the Universe and experience more than a lot of beings in my long life. But he has a point. I have been on this planet for some time and nothing has been too elaborate. And now that I Iost my adoptive brothers I have nothing holding me to this world. I shall see what he has to offer."  His glowing blue hand grabs the man's and they begin to teleport. Once they reached their destination MOF looks around. Men run up and try to put a white suit on him like they did his new companion, but he puts his hand out as if saying 'stop'. They men stop, turn around and walk away.

They follow the man as if they where taking a tour of the under ground facility. Then the three of them stop in front of a case holding half a dozen rings. Each of a different color and no doubt a different power. "You are in Area 51. This is what you will be protecting." MOF looks at the man then the case again. "We are guards now... of jewels?" he says out loud with out thinking.

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Azalea watched as the sun reached its peak in the sky.   She knew she had a calling; somewhere out there she was needed.  The unsettling feeling of not being where you should was something Azalea knew all to much about.  Sitting on top of the abandoned building, She closed her eyes and felt each ray hit her skin.  As the warmth spread and penetrated her skin memories began to flood through her mind.  Before she could ward them off, Azalea was at the train station. 

It was a dark day,  The sounds of gunfire and bombs could be heard from far and wide.  The people towered over her as the hand Azalea held onto guided her through the pack of people.  The hand was familiar it was warm and protective.  It was undoubtedly her mothers.  Bong, Bong, the sound of the last call for the train rung out far and wide.  Azalea's mother bent down and gave her a tight hug.  "Its not safe for you here, its not safe for people like us.  Dont worry honey, I'll come back for you and we can go somewhere where we as ourselves are accepted.  I love you"  In an instant, Azalea found herself being shoved into a jammed train car full of people.  She looked out the window but didnt see her mother. 

As if being shoved through a hard portal, Azalea found herself back ontop of the building, her warm skin glowing.  Azalea hated going back to that day.  The words of her mother, still rung through her head. " somewhere where we as ourselves are accepted"  those words stuck to her.  Azalea was born way diffrent from normal people.  She could controle elements, transform into diffrent body forms, teleport, and heal at an alarming rate.  Through small research and limited resources Azalea was able to find out that  the day of the train station was her escaping the killing of people,or mutants, in her country.  She was lonely.  Azalea wanted someone to love and to protect she wanted to protect more than just herself.  More than anything, Azalea wanted to belong somewhere.  "I'm a prisoner of my own memories" Azalea mumbled to herself.  Finally the sun had seeped through her whole body.  She began to shimmer, and slowly a small sentence apeared around her ankle.  " Our love will last like the flowers," spoke Azalea softly as she ran her hand over the words that appeared on her ankle.

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G’B after he’s mission Arrives to he’s temporary hideout in Vine city he parks he’s motorcycle and heads straight into he’s refrigerator grabbing snacks if three bags of Doritos whit hot cheese dip and onion rings can be called a snack he placed it al in the center table get everything ready sits in the couch ad turns on the TV they giving sponge bob he sits eating everything he sees at sight.

During the commercials while G’B crunch on he’s Doritos he feels something strange like if he was been watch at that same moment the commercials end and you can hear sponge bob’s funny laugh “Bahahahaha!” and Patrick’s intellectual voice but there was something else and G’B gets up from the couch and at that exact moments a black out occurs G’B shouts yelling gibberish at the TV “no! sponge bob was about to get hurt! AAAH!! Damn you who ever the electric company boss is!”

G’B looks behind him aiming he’s gun quickly and there is a man standing right behind the couch who quickly orders G’B to lower he’s weapon saying he has a proposition to make him. G’B who is not exactly a fan of been sneak at lowers he’s weapon and ask him “how you get in here?” but the man just signals him to be silent and stretching he’s hand forward he said: If you take my hand you will finally be worth something in this world. You will not live your everyday boring life. However, I must warn you there are potential risks.

G’B looks at him thinking “this guy must be Neil Diamond fan” G’B looks at the man saying: “I was having fun.. And I don’t take no one’s hand unless they pay me dinner and a movie and something else, (crack fingers) if I find out that you are behind this black out! Ooh! You in trouble mister!”

The man yells out: “Enough of this nonsense!” And many agents dressed alike appeared out of nowhere as the lights come back on. We know you and your capability come whit us don’t waist your time trying to escape. But G’B tilts he’s head to the side at the same time whit out G’B doing the action the man order the agents: “bring him back” Then G’B teleports away.

The agents seem not to be impressed by G’B’s skills and chase him around the city whit electro stick even if they bolt him several times he kept trying to escape but the Agents didn’t give up and G’B simply stopped.. Thinks “hope the ride is to Disney” as four agents appeared around him shocking him to the ground.

The main man arrives and looks at GB in the ground: “he’ll be out for while take him” they take him away.

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Seventeen pills.

He had to take three or four at a time; Carter was a big guy, and he was sure his new abilities didn't help either. If the painkillers were to have any effect, he knew he had to take a lot of them. He'd ask the doctor for a stronger dosage next time he could scrape together the money to go to the hospital.

Carter strode across the street to the Liquor Store, his large dirty cowboy boots making hollow sounds across the pavement. He was new to the city; he left Seattle after his run-in with some crazy, armed metahuman. It wasn't that big a deal, really; Carter's hometown had very little left to him save bad memories.

Browsing the aisles full of alcohol, Carter snags a rather large bottle of Golden Grain and a carton of Marlboro 100's. Waiting until the clerk is busy with another customer, Carter tucks the items into his hooded sweatshirt and, cradling them with his one arm, he flies quickly out of the open window near the back of the store.

Landing heavily in the alley behind the store, Carter cracks open the bottle and takes a long gulp off of it, sighing a little. Catching a glimpse of himself in a filthy rain puddle, Carter regarded the grotesque scars running roughshod across his face, tracking them to the borders of his clothing, knowin they went down further, leaving little of his chest and torso unmarked and-

Carter hissed and sighed, taking out a handful of his medicine and throwing them at the back of his throat, washing them down with the strong alcohol. The alcohol would help, would make him feel better faster. He pulled his hood up over his face and made his way back through the city.

Twelve pills left.

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After the chase G’B Was shocked by four specialized Electro sticks taking hi unconscious to a safe facility.

G’B wakes up strapped to a tech chair specially design for him unmasked on a white suit weaponless and whit blurry vision. One of the agents inform the an who came picking up G’B and he walks and stops right in front of him checking he’s pupils, telling him that he has a condition, he’s body is been reacting to the Toxin injected by the R.A.T project it is been reacting against he’s mutation turning him into technically what would be a vampire but not for blood but for energy the man ask G’B if he ever found himself to eats in excess

G’B said: “I eat a little not much…” the man tells him that the toxin was killing him, he’s mutation was healing him at the same time getting he’s body exhausted and begging for energy, five days whit out eating wouldn’t kill a human being, but G’B only three days whit no food would be drained by he’s own body

G’B ask if what he is saying is truth and he is dying even if G’B don’t really admit that he has this problem, but he ask if there is a way to cure it. The man releases G’B and ask him to walk whit him G’B scratching he’s butt while walking the white suit seems to be tight up he’s crack, he raises he’s hand asking the man for a request, they walk through a hallway G’B now wearing he’s original green and black suit they walk in a room where there are others  G’B seems to recognize Durang and looks surprised thinking: “how in Santa’s shorts did he survive!?”
G’B just looks to another way as the man brings whit him a case filled whit some rings, G’B look at the case and ask: “what? You want me to take the rings to tiffany’s?” the other in the room found it amusing, but the man says that if G’B gives him he’s word of honor and protect the rings in the case whit he’s life he will give him the reanimation toxin that will correct he’s sickness.

G’B says: “I have no word of honor I will give you the only word I have kept since I was reborn into what I am today, after I finish your little tiffany’s protection you will pay me by curing this illness, that is the word of a merc”

The man whit no remorse said “ Is a Done deal”

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Azalea stayed up top the building for a long time running her fingertips slowly over the words on her ankle.  The sun, that before had shine so warmly on her skin, was now beginning to set.   A lump formed in the middle of her throat and her breath became unsteady.  She hated this time of day.  Her powers reached there full potential at sunset, but so did her mind.  Horrid memories of a foggy past began to seep through her body penetrating her fragile soul.  It was at this time, sunset, that Azalea felt the blunt blow of loneliness, of not knowing where you come from or where you’re going.  The memories always left before she could unlock a crucial point into her past.  “ I wonder if I was made for someone.  If a family or a lover was set away for me,” She whispered into the wind.    The sky looked different as if something had changed.  A plethora of colors spread across the sky in a beautiful array. 

2 months later

Laying on the cold chase was one of the scariest things Azalea.  The night on the building still shone through her mind.   That night something in her changed.  Though blessed with powers beyond reason Azalea had many weaknesses.   Looking up into the sky that night, Azalea realized that she was in charge of herself.  If she wanted to know her past, she must seek it out and not run from it.  She knew that if she was to ever find her calling she would need to be ready.  Azalea called a therapist.   Not any therapist though, Dr. Sestor specialized in helping people reach information in their subconscious.  Dr. Sestor or John as Azalea knows better is one of the few friends she has.  Azalea works for MTL or mutant testing Labs. It’s a secret organization that deals with mutants.   Azalea dealt with mutant mind rehabilitation.  Many mutants have gone through a lot its Azalea’s job to talk to them and provide a safe haven for them.  She’s like a mother to them.  She finds them safe living places, jobs and most of the time she is simply an open arm and shoulder to cry on.  For years her friend and coworker had been asking her to let him help her.  She continuously refused saying she knew how to handle herself.  That night watching the sunset, epiphany hit her.  Yes she was in control of her life, and that meant getting up and doing something about it.

She watched as John, Dr. Sestor, briefly looked up at her and begun to scribble things down on his legal pad.  It bothered her lot to be doing this.  What scared her the most was the unsettling factor of unveiling a problematic past.  John looked down from his glasses and reached in his pocket.  He took out a small needle filled with a small obviously controlled subject.   “Azalea, I’ve been working on this ever since you told me what has been bothering you. This is a psychoactive drug.  As it takes effect in your blood stream, you will end up going on a journey through your whole past.  Its also contains sodium pentothal, the active drug in a truth serum.  That way your subconscious won’t lie to you as you go on this journey.  The drug is very unstable and unpredictable, but ill be right here watching your vitals.  At the slightest chance of a disturbance I shall flush out your system with a deactivator Do I have your permission to go through with this.  I know it’s scary but you’ll gain a revelation and you shall finally be able to move on and let the past stay and be the past.”

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This was one of the few times he had to himself - without anyone trying to kill him or people he wanted to hunt down.

He looked into the eyes of the clouds, making them shift into shapes he envisioned in his mind. Laying on a grassy knoll that overlooked an abandoned country road, Warsman was at whatever peace he knew the definition to be.

However, he felt empty inside - without a thirst for battle he was perhaps too much at peace. The feeling sickened him. Standing, he took his cleaver from its sheath, the blade itself almost five feet in length with an edge that suited butchery more than swordsmanship. Weaving it through the air a few times, he took to the road, plucking a stone from the edge of the path, and began to travel along it, humming an old folk song while sharpening the edge of his sword with the rock.

He didn't exactly care what his destination was, though he did know the backroads enough to have knowledge of a town called Yast. This town was a popular checkpoint for travellers due to its abundance of inns. Warsman had ordered some of his warbands to surround the town in the encircling woods until he got there - then move in and take it by force under his leadership.

This was merely one of the many that would burn.

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“Fine time to tell me that john, grumbled Azalea haughtily,’ But I’m ready” John took out a alcohol swab and pulled a pair or gloves over his hands.  It took him merely seconds to cross the room and get to me but it felt like years. It was as if everything was in slow-motion.  As if she couldn’t breathe.  “Azalea I need you to relax or else when the medicine goes inside of you it will have to fight you and It will win,” John informed.  She tried and fought to relax but it was as if anxiety was hitting her with hard punches to the gut.  Before Azalea could make move to leave the session, She felt a small prick and the feeling of hot and yet cold liquid coursing through her veins.  It hit her as a surprise; she wasn’t expecting to get injected so soon.  Her body tensed up and begun to convulse widely.  The medicine was fighting in her body and she was unknowingly fighting back.  She began to tear at her body jerking to and fro.   “Arrghhhhhh stop!” screamed Azalea. When it seemed as if she couldn’t take it anymore she was fast asleep.

Dr,Sestor then came towards her and stuck small pads connected to thin wires to certain spots on her.  In a most soothing voice Dr.Sestor explained everything he was doing as if she were awake.  “Azalea this machine will take note of your brain patterns; allowing me to go over everything you think and monitor your process. You need to relax and accept the visions that are about to be revealed to you.  You are not alone.  I know you can understand for me for the drug keeps your mind awake mostly but it keeps it dormant enough as to wear you won’t be moving for a while.  Now let’s begin” ended Dr. Sestor.

It was like watching a movie.  Azalea suddenly found herself watching her life roll past

The Beginning- Germany

“Azalea stop moving silly girl do you want to be late,” chastised the young woman.  The young woman had jet black hair coiffed into a bun, light brown almond shaped eyes, and almost glowing copper skin.  It was as if looking at her could be compared to looking at a painting.  A painting of Azalea!  The little girl with the woman was small, with the same black hair and skin only her eyes were blue.  “Is that my mother,” thought Azalea as she watched the scene in her life.  “Oh my it must be.   Mom,” yelled Azalea,” Mom!” “Why can’t she hear me, Azalea reasoned to her self.  And then it hit her she was watching events of her past.  Azalea wasn’t stupid she was smart enough to know that if she kept on yelling at her vision in her head she would miss what she needed to see.   The mother then took young Azalea’s hand and guided her out of the room.  Looking around the room, Azalea noticed that it was small, dank, old, and cold. It had a pallet on the ground, a small chest, an ice box, a radio and stove.  Undoubtedly her childhood was spent living in poor quarters.  “Mutter, vhere are we going,” said the girl with a light German accent.  My Liebes Kind (my dear child) we are going to go see the doctor.  “But mutter (German for mother) I am fine See?” said young Azalea.  As she begun to run around the fountain they just approached.  “Azalea do as I say, come here, we are going to the doctor and that’s final,” chastised the mother. 

They walked along the street for another 20 minutes.  As they walked the streets became dirtier the sky bleaker and the people looked even more poor.  Azaleas mother guided young Azalea down the alley.


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A flaming arrow made its way into the roof of one of the nearby inns, setting it ablaze within minutes. The cyborg's warband cracked open one of the gates leading into the town, raising swords and bayonets to its inhabitants. Some of the militants in the place held their own in a second inn, but a fire arrow forced them out to their demise.

Soon most of Yast was in flames, Warsman teleporting into the heart of the fighting in order to recieve a satisfaction to this invasion. Taking his cleaver and making a sweep across the chest of three riflemen, he scattered the rest in panic, taking out his bow and arrow to exterminate those that ran.

It wasn't a drawn-out fight, the townspeople mostly crushed under the warband's feet and the buildings set ablaze, but some battles were less-than-expected of a sudden sweep occured in the larger parts of Yast, militia coming out of inns to fight off their invaders. However strong the opposition however, the warband stood victorious, Warsman at the lead, moving to the southeast for more targets to destroy.

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He was Ka’londo was lord of evil, god of the corrupt, king of all wicked, and now it was time to take out another planet of helpless little creatures. His soul was pure evil not even the small bit of love and care in his body. He only wanted to watch people die. And that what he was going to get. He had been plotting no destroying this world for many decades. There was one problem there were other beings that were powerful and they would have been too strong for him to take down. Now that he had the source of unlimited power that would not be a problem at all.  Just a decade ago he had found the orb of Zense. An orb so powerful that it could destroy a planet with one strike. Now it was just a matter of time before he engages combat on all of the powerful beings on the planet. For now he stayed in his castle on a remote island. He now sat in on his throne, like the evil lord he was. He tapped his metallic nails, impatiently as he waited for his messenger to arrive. His messenger was Wart, a being who could teleport quicker than any other being other than Ka’londo himself. In an instant Wart was in mid air levitating as he spoke.


Wart: My lord! The beings of this planet are getting stronger by the moment. When are we to attack?


There is only a matter of time before the crystal orb releases its power to me. Now you are dismissed I will call you back when I have decided on what we are to do.


With a quick nod, Wart vanished from the area. Ka’londo stood up as he made his way to the entrance of his castle. As his foot touched the ground outside the castle thunder roared in the distance as lightning struck the surface around him. With in a second he teleported over his castle. As he hovered silently over his fortress looking at the entire world, he raised one hand in the air as he revealed the Zense orb. It was not large at all; it was the size of a marble. However before he could use its power he would have to collect the 6 rings of Trion. The rings are the only tings that can release the power of the Zense orbs. And he was determined to get them. He knew the government was hiding them. He knew where the government got them from too. Odin and Zeus. It was now time to get those rings.


Muhahahahaha! Send Ex so that the power of Zense shall be mine!
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In a Alley not to far from Mystic’s location, where nothing but the stench of trash and the chirps of rats it is found along whit the howling of the cold wind a rat is sneaking for food looking around, it walks all the way up to a trash can and digs for food when out the sudden a clawed hand snatch the rat and the chirping of the rat simply just stop, the body of a Goth figure is seen up to he’s lips whit blood gushing out of he’s mouth and the body of the rodent hanging from its lips slowly been drag inside and swallowed as three more figures appear behind him, one of them seem to be some tense looking on he’s surroundings asking if the others could feel the strange sensation of what they called “him” Agy the leader as he wipes the blood from he’s lips yell at the paranoid Ganer to be silent and to listen, All of them. The figure waves he’s hand into air saying that there is something coming, something big is bothering this world and what ever it is like always they must take advantage. Agy looks at he’s brothers saying that the Mystic Rider Will fall and they will be there to help the cause, fear they will not, the dark elves will give the killing strike and earn their respect in the realms, and according whit Agy the Rider is their ticket.

Agy opens a portal while adding that he had a surprise for the Rider, and throws a charm to the ground, after enchanting the charm they quickly run through the portal closing it and as the last one steps through the charm emits some kind of pulse wave and Mystic suddenly opens he’s glowing eyes stands up, runs and jump high in the sky and smashing the ground as he lands he looks around but sees no one he notice the glowing charm on the floor he grabs it and suddenly he’s armor suddenly looses it’s glow looking pale and cloudy quickly Mystic drops the charm and realizes there was a Elf in the alley not long ago he then looks to search for any leads and notice blood and the head of the rat in the floor and realize the Elves where fallen, traitors of their own kind technically undead capable of harming humans since death escape their path only a agent, knights or Wiseman of the Nexus can undo their spell witch would bring death to them automatically.

Mystic turn he’s back and was walking away but had a feeling he might have overlooked something he goes to the charm grabs it on he’s hand and turns it around and see the charm has a familiar symbol it was Agy’s mark he drops the charm and before it hit the ground he’s eye glowed destroying the charm.

Mystic Walked away from the alley but then he stops and taking a breather he sighs turns back and quickly running he jumps into a portal landing in another world crushing the ground, suddenly he’s armor faints and disappears from he’s body in a glowing light he have fallen in a forbidden world for he’s kind, so forbidden he’s Armor was not allowed in.

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MOF has been underground in a facility many call Area 51. He has been listening to the boring monotone voice of the man he followed. Then he heard “How in Santa’s shorts did he survive!?” He turns to view the location of the voice and sees a man covered head to toe in a green and black costume. Knowing that he wasn’t talking to him he turns to and asks Durang "You know this person?" But as soon as the words exit his lips he is shocked that the Factory Worker is not there. MOF spins around scanning the area for any signs of the man. He grabs the guide by the color “Where is the man that accompanied me?!” The teleporter franticly replies “I don’t know. I’m as flabbergasted as you are…” MOF lets him go and relies that there is no point to worry. He could handle himself. The Blue Giant walks over to G’Bandit. “So they asked you to come too?”

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Armored now in an iron crown and suit, Warsman leads his forces south under the false name of Dromnagoth from his stronghold in Caras Dol. He makes creatures called "Gaja", faceless humanoid creatures that possess all five senses through a strange form of telepathy. He arms them with rifle and blade from his forges, only fueling their lust for violence.

Raising Dodorim, "Tower of Black Flame", Dromnagoth prepares for an assault he has long-planned for the destruction of the weakened human race, which he considers himself no longer a part of.

His armies flood from Caras Dol, marching south, intent on the war and their own victory. Their armored vehicles are advanced yet more crudely built, much to their liking of things that look as deadly as they truely are.

The hammer is ready to fall, merely a matter of time now.

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He'd said yes. If asked, he couldn't tell you why, but he said yes.

Carter stood in front of a door he was told to stand in front of, tugging at the white suit he was told to wear. It made him uncomfortable. Really, honestly, he didn't have a single good reason to say no to the man, who appeared out of a hole to nowhere and babbled about working and a place in the universe or something. Carter wasn't really paying all that much attention. He couldn't, really, with nearly three thousand milligrams of Pharmaceutical America's Finest running through his skin.

It didn't really matter. What could possibly happen? He was just told to guard the rings, and that's what he did.

There were others, but Carter didn't recognize them, and doubted they'd want to be social, which suited him just fine. Standing with his back against the far wall of the room. He wasn't trying to be anti-social, but he was pretty sure if any of the workers here at Area 51 saw him smoking, they'd tell him to stop.

Taking a long drag off his cigarette, Carter took a few looks around. Is this what superheroes did? No saving orphans from fires or climactic last minute battles with enemies, they just got marching orders from odd men standing in doorways made of light? Figures. Carter had been alive long enough to know that bureaucracy would be the death of everything, and superhumans seemed to be no exception. Oh well. It's not like he was expecting anything better from the world.

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Garbage, decomposing animal bodies, and other various substances and debris littered the ground.  Azalea’s mother stopped at a small cracked door.  Mold and rotten wood filled the air.  A small dim light hovered over the threshold of the door.  Azalea’s mother knocked twice on the door.  “Mutter, I’m scared,” whispered young Azalea.  “Honey listen, If there was ever a time for you to be quiet and do as I say now is it.  Now do listen and do keep quiet.” Fiercely whispered her mother

A large burley man opened the door.  He pulled back his dark lips in an obvious attempt at a smile.  His apron was dark and looked as if it never new the color white.  He himself looked as if he skipped out on all the baths of his childhood.  “Ahhh, Arillyium, I see you decided to finally grace me with your presence.  Come on in lets begin my gal, “said the man in a most dirty tone.  “Arillyium! That must be my mother’s name.  Said Azalea as she watched what was taking place.  “Yes its time, I need you to check on my daughter, Mason, I think she’s worse than me,” Arrilyuim said softly.  “hmm worse than you oh I shall like to see that.  Alrighty then, step up on the table little girl,” Said mason gruffly. Young Azalea quickly stepped behind her mother holding on to her skirts 

Arrilyuim quickly picked up Azalea and moved her onto the dirty table.  “Azalea,Im here but I need you to do as I say and as he says,” said Arrilyuim.  The man pulled out a knife.  The cleanest thing there in the house or whatever they were in.  “Look at your mother and don’t turn around.” Said Mason gruffly.  Young Azalea turned towards her mother and looked her in the eye.  Tears began to well in the little girls eyes.  She felt like danger was creeping all over her.  The man took the knife in one hand and young Azalea’s arm in the other.  He brought the knife across her arm cutting a deep wound from the elbow to the main vain in her wrist.  Young Azalea didn’t even flinch.  Arillyium watched with Mason as the skin cells began to stretch over the wound.  In less time than it took to cut Young Azalea the wound was healed not even leaving a scar.   The man then took out a needle aiming it a main vein in azaleas wrist.  He began to draw blood from her.  Once the syringe was full they watched as the blood began to burn through the plastic casing.  Splashing to the ground.  “Oh my, We got ourselves a pureblood mutant,” reasoned the man.

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They sat there, in front of him, bartering for peace. Under a second false name, Ortaeus Black, Warsman had adressed their conference in his iron crown and armor, covered with a dark-colored robe and hooded cloak, the hood draped over his crown as if it were a blanket over a skeleton. His hands were gloved and his feet booted; rings adorned his fingers.

He was brought before them as a terrorist, a murderer, though they knew him to be far more dangerous than just that. Council was held in a secret room, locked off from the rest of the world deep underground. It was dimly lit and no guards of either side were present. Ortaeus stared down with some of the highest-ranking leaders of the world, who all tried to intimidate him like a child in front of the principal. This was a large mistake on their part, but Ortaeus said nothing until near the end of the conversation, when one of them offered nuclear counterattack to his actions.

"We offer you peace, Ortaeus, otherwise your installation will be destroyed along with whatever's inside of it."

This came from the Isuldorian, pride and arrogance clouding whatever judgement was inside of his mind.

"Nuclear and radioactive attacks will not work against my lands, general, for Caras Dol was built to withstand such things a thousand-fold. There is nothing you can do to stop either me or my imminent rule of this place. Besides,"

He revealed a small metal box, opening it with a motion of his hand.

"I have more pressing matters at hand. Please, take time to recognize my genius."

Taking a pair of fingers, he scooped out a chunk of white paste, closing the box afterwards and putting it back in his pocket, before throwing the mass on the floor, standing and walking over to the only exit door (which weighed six tons and needed a special passcode to open), which he forced open with one hand. Turning, he saw the horror on each leader's faces as the paste molded into a mass of throbbing tissues, sprouting a misshapen face and claws within seconds.

"It is a Yamak, a creature that becomes very hungry once exposed to oxygen. Made it myself." He said with a smile, turning his back to the leaders before forcing the doors shut and breaking the access pad on the outside, thus rendering escape impossible for them.

He smiled wider, hearing their dying screams.

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After the deal was made whit G’B giving the only word he have never broken he’s word of a mercenary G’B stand waiting for further instructions thinking about this mission what exactly are the rings and from what is it that he is protecting them, looking around the facility he notice it is not a ordinary one it seems they actually use a lot of budget to build the area 51 facility G’B as it is written in he’s code is looking around setting a perimeter in he’s mind a escape route since even if it seems like a friendly location is better to be safe than sorry.

G’B notice the personnel in the base a woman was walking by with a notebook and G’B winks at her but the woman just walks away as G’B feels the foots steps of someone approaching him he look behind him and it was a big blue man who ask G’B…

“did they ask you to come too?”

G’B takes two steps back looking amazed at the blue giant it was obvious he was not human and G’B knowing the legends of the area 51 and seen the technology the UFO been analyzed he figured the blue man was a higher being probably well respected around the base G’B decides to try to impress him whit he’s skills and lies..

“oh! Sure! You have no idea! This people begged me to come almost at their knees! You should have seen them they where almost worshipping me to come and help whit the jewel thingies.. I wasn’t going to come but you know, seen them there almost on their knees and you know as the higher being that I am.. I decided to bring them the honor of having me, I just thought after they begged me, let me say that again begged me! To come I just thought it was the right thing to do as the great ultimate being that I am….yea…”

G’B stands tall in a superhero pose waiting on the blue giant’s reply asking himself in he’s mind..

“did he buy that?” O_o


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MOF tilts his head as G'Bandit gives his long and extravagent explanation. He cant help but laugh a little for the way he said the story was funny. "Well this is the first time I've ever been here. So do you know what these are?" Points at the rings.

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 “Well Arillyim, If I’m correct which I am she is undoubtedly more powerful than you. I’ve performed that test many times and not once has a patient not flinched and or recovered in such a time limit.  She’s amazingly powerful,” spoke mason as he wiped his hands on his apron.  “Oh this is horrible.  I never wanted this to happen I never did.  Her father, well I knew he was………. Gifted but pureblood.  This is oh wow I need to sit down,” responded Arillyium.  “Come girl, come Arillyium let us talk in the parlor,” said mason gruffly.  Young Azalea jumped off the table running to her mother.  “Mutter am I ok, did the doctor say good stuff. Please stop crying what is the matter?’ Young Azalea said as she hugged her mother.  “Your more than fine dear, don’t worry mutter is fine ok.

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i was hunting for food in a forest in japan, it was a beautiful day,the suns beamed on my face sometimes concealed by the tall pine tree that i walked by, the clouds parted over my head looking like think cotton ball in the sky. the wind blew gentle across my face tickling my nostrils with the sent of pine and wood chips. you could here the bird chirps along with the shuffling of squirrels and they played innocent in the Tranquil forest. it looked as if it was going to rain soon so i had to hurry up and hunt a deer down and return to my beloved home.

I walked through the forest cautiously and  around directionessly for any animal besides a deer, as i walked through the forest i still created  noise because of me stepping on twigs and other objects. u i terminated behind a tree and saw a deer grazing peaceful with its young. i held my breath and quietly withdrew my bow and arrow from my strap. i was nervous because i didn't know if the deer heard me struggling to take my bow out.

I took aim at the older deer, if i killed the younger deer i would feel a little sadden beacsue it did not have a chance to live a good life ,i pulled back my arrow with the rubbery string and concentrated  deeply on my pray making sure accuracy was perfect. i was ready to relase the bow aiming at the dears torso.

A bright luminous light appeared before me frightening the dear away striking anger into my heart, it looked like some type of mystical vortex shaped like an oval tears and whole from another direction. i wasnt scared beacsue ive experienced enough abnormal things to become used to a sight like this. i was forced to cover my eyes beacsue of the bright lights. suddenly a voice came from the fully developed portal.

If you take my hand you will finally be worth something in this world. You will not live your everyday boring life. However, I must warn you there are potential risks.

I  man came throught the portal, it was a celestial sight, something that resembled a greek god myth image. i didnt know what the man ment by his statement, i didnt really think i lived a boring life, i dont know how he thought i lived a boring life, but the way he sound made it seemed that i was going to live a divine life something different from the average  person like me.the man extended his hand towards me expecting me to grab on. i thought about it for a second ,what could be out there that i mere old man could grant me?hmmmmm

i decided to grab the mans hand, as i touched his hand i began tofeel dizzy, cold sweat developed on my forehead, i began to feel nausea everything around me became dilatory and wavy as if i was using my time manipulation. i then blacked out

when i woke up i was in a white outfit lying in  a bed in this military  styled looking place. my head hurt , i had no idea where i was at, i the room i was in was a bit clammy and cold , i hated it, it bored me i didnt even care about where i was it was so boring.  A lady with a amazing figure walked into the room and called my over. i went staring at her in lust, hoping this women was here to change more boring dull life.we walked dwon a long hall. the hall was industrial looking , full of technology, i didnt like it i didnt know what i was looking at , i was primitive living in cabins and stuff like that.

we entered a room with two men, i looked in shock, i saw my old team leader mof, with some other people, i couldnt beileve that he was still alive i thought people wouldve ben after him after the fall of our dark father,this was truly i shock to me i couldnt beileve it. the lady brought me to mof. he opened a case and there were these rings. i asked,

Mof?is that you? Oh Sh!t i cant beileve this? whats with the rings man? is this a new team base?

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G’B standing in superhero pose notice the big blue man tilting he’s head and laughing, G’B wonder why is he laughing thinking he might have blew it, but then the blue man points at the case filled whit rings and says..

“Well this is the first time I've ever been here. So do you know what these are?"

G’B looks at the rings of witch he have no idea what they are or where they came from all it was told to him was they needed to be protected. G’B trying to look like if he would know still trying to make a good impression in the eyes of the Blue man while looking at the rings he thinks to himself

“oh crap, oh.. Uhh I must come up whit something…. ok colored rings in a case that need protecting.. Uhh I doubt they are push pops candy, well they look quite expensive.. Uhh how am I going to pull this one off, ok time for evasive talk maneuver..”

G’B looks at the Rings and laughs saying..

“oh! Those! Sure I do! Who wouldn’t know such valuable rings, wow! Only a ignorant person wouldn’t know…that… I know what they are…..yea…

G’B been a smart sneaky man tries to get the information out of the blue man, he talks like if he knew what the rings where thinking the blue man would probably really know and whit the same confidence in a chuckling tone he ask the blue giant…

Hehehe, sure I know what they are, why you ask? What they tell you they where rock candy? Hehehe…

G’B thinks to himself..

Now he will crack and give me the information and I’ll just agree on it making me look like if I knew what we are talking about..”

He complements himself in he’s mind..

“genius G‘B you are the man”

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MOF tilts his head to the others side as he relies none of his questions where answered. "Why is evading the question? Is he trying to confuse me?" The Balance Keeper thinks. "He looks like a modern superhero... maybe villain." MOF looks at the young man's soul through his foggy eyes. "His soul has no alignment other then to the highest bidder. He has taken lives... Maybe he does know what the rings are and even where we are."  

The Blue Giant says with his astounding voice "All they told me was they needed to be --" MOF stops when he he's a very familiar voice.
He turns to see his young brother who he calls Seph for short. "Seph! Yeah it’s me. The one and only!" He walks up to shake his brother's hand then says "What are they odds we would both end up here?" He thinks to himself he says "Wherever here may be." Answering Sephirim. "This is a base but I don’t think for a team. But luckily this guy here knows all about the rings."

MOF walks back over to G'Bandit and reiterates "...All about the rings...." He squints his yellow eyes almost trying to squeeze the answers out of him with his mind.

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After G’B’s questions For a brief moment the blue giant man keeps just staring at G’B making him feel a little awkward Is not easy been look at by a giant blue alien man, G’B was about to say something but then the man began speaking..

“all they told me was they needed to be..”

But then foot steps are heard and the blue man is interrupted by someone who he seem to be familiarized whit..

“”Mof? is that you? Oh Sh!t I cant believe this? What’s with the rings man? is this a new team base?””

Said the man at the blue Giant who turned he’s attention to the coming , a opportunity G’B takes as the giant is distracted and he slips away while they where talking and ask the woman that brought this new recruit about the rings while G’B was looking the giant and the man in case they turn around while the woman explained the rings where given to the President by Odin for him to protect them from some believed evil that would try to retrieve them, G’B saw the giant turning he thank the lady and quickly teleported faking a Yawn he hears the giant saying...

"This is a base but I don’t think for a team. But luckily this guy here knows all about the rings."

The giant walks to G’B repeating “All about the rings” squinting he’s yellow eyes G’B thinks..

“if he is trying to scare me.. He doing good at it..”

G’B chuckles saying..

“ok I guess you want to know (repeats in same tone as MOF) “all about the rings”

G’B tells them the information the exact same way the woman said it..

“the rings where given to the President by Odin for him to protect them from some believed evil that would try to retrieve them”

After that, quickly G’B evades again the conversation getting away from the rings subject saying..

“but anyway who cares about that we haven’t been introduce properly (bows) hello I’m the great Bandit but my friends call me G’B..or they would if i had any... and who are you guys?

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Arillyium led her daughter to the parlor, where mason was waiting.

It was actually clean, and had respectable furniture.  Mason seemed to be waiting on them as he sat down in the darkest spot of the room.  Arillyium sat down on the couch, placing Young Azalea on her lap.  “ So tell me the updates,” said Arillyuim in a grave tone.  “Well my lady, it seems as if its getting worse.  Raids on mutant communites have become frequent; I’m talking twice sometimes 3 times a week.  Even the children are being slaughtered.  It seems as if there’s some type of method you can do to kill a mutant.  Now your gal is very strong, and what she’s capable of I don’t know.  But I do know that she is not safe and I suggest you leave.  Word around town is that all mutants found are to be dead.  I’ve been getting threats and stuff from people to give names but I haven’t given any.  I’m packing up and headed somewhere safe.  With a child like that I suggest you do the same.  And fast because their shutting down the borders soon. “ Thank you mason, I appreciate everything,” responded Arillyuim as she got up from her seat and took young Azalea’s hand.  “No problem, may God be with you.”

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Carter watched Bandit and MOF go through their schtick. If these were the people who were also supposed to be on guard duty, then he was so screwed. He really shouldn't have accepted the offer, but at the time he couldn't think of a good reason not too. He still couldn't come to think of it. His time wasn't what could be called 'precious'. taking another drag off his cigarette, carter tugs at the suit he was given to wear; it itched like a bastard and didn't really fit comfortably. Reaching into his pockets under the suit, Carter retrieves another pil and swallows it, twisting a cracking his neck around a little to get comfortable.