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Liberty Island, NYC

Federal workers had long since cleared the rubble away. Yellow tape blocked off the entrances. Faded white chalk circled evidence long since photographed, videotaped, collected and removed. The air smelled of the sea and the glittering lights of the city illuminated the night.

Liberty stood alone. Twin revolvers hung at her hips. Worn brown leather gloves covered hands which rested upon a utility belt that had been repaired with duct tape in several places. Steel toed boots so scuffed the metal gleamed through the leather.

She waited.

The bomber would come.

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A mysterious figure disrupted the beautiful sight as the sun rose behind him, steadily walking towards Lady_Liberty Pyro had been called through a spiritual summoning by his master shinigami_ without any chance of contesting, for all intense and purposes this was most certainty mind control...in-fact, he had been under the control of the devils favorite demon for sometime now, nothing other than a pawn in the devious demons hand. And now, the demon had grown tired of the infamous bomber...deciding to let him fight his final battle.

Arriving at the ruins of the statue Pyro looked around, waiting for any instant attack but was surprised to see a lone woman simply standing around waiting...for him? He raised his gun almost instinctively without a thought, no words came from his mouth rather his bullet would do the speaking - Aiming for her heart he fired....a single yet deadly round traveled through the air directly for Liberties heart.

The sun had now risen, as if to symbolize that the battle had just begun.

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The shot rang out. It echoed across the sea and filled the sky. Seagulls squawked; taking flight in a frantic fluttering of wings.

Liberty twisted as she fell. Landing face down, right arm under her and left sprawled out to the side. Dust, a fine white powder left over from the destruction, puffed out around her.

She lay still for a long moment. Then she exploded to her feet, twisting around and unleashing the mushroomed projectile captured in her right hand- it tore through the air toward his hyoid bone with obliterating speed and power.

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The bullet tore through the woman as she landed face first almost comically, Keeping his gun drawn forwards waiting for her to inevitably get up his eyes locked with her seemingly dead body mesmerically waiting...studying...observing....

she slowly rose back from the dead followed by a swift movement, throwing an object faster than Pyro would have conventionally been able to react to...however due to his demonic like enhancements he simply shot the projectile from mid-air showing an immense display of accuracy, the likes of which only reserved for the naturally gifted gunslinger.

His voice, which sounded eerily like his masters beckoned the woman "Come forward, death awaits those who oppose the embodiment of fear..." Pyro's eyes glowed red for a mere second before he emptied his revolver of ammo, firing another 4 shots towards the woman's chest....Holstering it almost instantly after, he withdrew his knife gifted to him by shinigami.

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Four more rounds tore through the air toward her. Her hands became brown blurs, flickering through the air and clapping in front of her. The sound was thunderous; dust billowed out in a circle, the ground scoured clean by the thunderous sonic clap.

Liberty opened her hands. Four bullets clattered to the ground. Her semi-paralyzed face twisted into what could have been a smirk, or perhaps a scowl. She neither advanced nor retreated, merely stood and watched the murderous cowboy.

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A sure but subtle smile appeared on the Crow Bombers face, slowly circling the woman with both hands now brandishing twin daggers he planned his next stage of attack. Breaking into a light jog as he continued to encircle the woman slightly followed by a faint mist of blackness wherever he ran, he viciously darted towards her with both blades, attempting to slash towards her chest with the right, bend downwards slightly and slash at her left thigh with his left, both performed simultaneously at average speeds, nothing majorly impressive.

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Liberty sunk into an MMA styled guard; bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet as she pivoted to keep the man in her field of vision.

She swatted the first knife strike aside with her hand, the blade slicing through her leather glove and leaving a deep cut in her hyperdense mutant tissues. A snarl appeared in her one working eye, the other, a glass orb, stared blankly at nothingness.

The second blade she made no attempt to avoid, simply letting it tear through the fabric of her pants and carve a deep groove into the dense muscles of her thigh. Blood begin soaking her blue jeans, a dark blue/black stain in the darkness.

Blood trickles from her glove as she hops back, retreating, her eyes calculating and observing his every move. Memorizing patterns of breathing, seeking tells, his heart rate in the pounding of his jugular, the wideness of his eyes. It was not yet time to strike.

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Spinning both of his blades now inverting them he gnarled at the woman "Why do you not FIGHT?" He seemingly ran forwards as if to strike, his entire body was in this position of attack before unexpectedly performing a jumping forward roll in mid-air, landing behind her with both blades he attempted to slash at her back ( or front depending on if she turned ) viciously, not stopping unless she moved out of the way, or stopped him with her own defenses.

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The agile knife fighter flipped over her head, and she felt his blades dig into her shoulders. Grunting she rolled forward and to the left. A blur of brown as she snatches her pistol from its holster. The entire island is lit by the flare of the plasma detonation- a mach five projectile ripping through the air, mach cone in its wake as it flies toward the cowboy's heart.

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Without as much as a thought or reaction the bullet tore through the Bombers heart along with his entire chest leaving a gaping whole....the only thing keeping together his body was the demonic energy present..His body started to glow red. His lips started to burn, his face suddenly burst alive with veins......He simply looked at Liberty, no words emitting from his mouth - The sadness in his eyes welled up as red tears slid down his cracking cheeks as the demonic energy left him....

Falling towards the ground into the next world...he was with his wife once more....

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Liberty watches him die.

It seemed to her she was watching hell take him from his body.

Worn leather gloves pull the spent cartridge from her revolver, dropping it to the ground. Another round, drawn from her scuffed ammo belt, replaces it. Drops the pistol back in its holster.

She watches him for a long time. Wipes some dust from her chipped glass eye. Her dry lips crack open and she speaks in her strained voice.

"Rest in peace."