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This rpg is for Wildcardz members only.This for the betterment of their RPG skills and I hope I'll have some help(Looks at Ella,and Sling Shot)

The Wildcardz headquarters was hidden amongst the trees in the deep bamboo forest of Japan,inside it was host to the best technology,on piece of equipment was room filled with traps and obstacles that tested the intestinal fortitude and courage of many heroes and warriors,it was simply called the Danger Room.

Akira Overdrive stood under the dim light of the Danger Room and holstered his guns.A battle was sure to ensue in this room,for it was used for training.

Hopefully his newest members would join him in battle.The Ghost awaited Risky and any other that wished to take their skills to the next level.

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Drake walked inot hs favorite section of the Danger room. Target Practice he drawed bost pistols and shot furiously at the bullseyes. Every since he ahd gotten in with Wild Cardz he ahd to step his game up a lot!.

I like what you done with the place

he yelled to Akira on the little bracelet transmitter like a cellular phone.

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A thick, red smoke traveled through the danger room, in a distinct pattern, as if it had a mission. The smoke then reached it's final point at the side of Akira Overdrive, as the smoke began to clear the silhouette of a young, thin girl appeared. She stepped closer to the deadly assassin and spoke.

"So many people to train, so little time..."

She winked at him, then rested her hand on his arm.

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It had taken her some time to get to the Wildcardz HQ. A few days back she found a strange mail on her laptop from a man that was called Akira. Risky knew the man that had contacted her and for a second she had not been able to breathe. This man was a legend among mercenaries and assassins and he offered her membership in his new team: The Wildcardz. Refusing this offer was more than stupid. It would be like turning a licence to produce her own money. But what was more importenat was that it offered a lot of dangerous jobs. This would perhaps help to satisfy her greatest addiction: Adrenaline!

Several days had passed since then. It had been no problem to get to Japan. It had been more of a problem to get through this bamboo forest. But if she didn't make this she wasn't worthy to be on this team anyway. now the great building lay infront her. The travel through the forest itself had been disappointingly undangerous. Just one Tiger had attacked her. She knew that tigers were an endangered species but that didn't help when one actually attacked you. To make it a bit more thrilling she only used a knife but the battle was over very fast. On the one side she hoped she would see some action now. On the other hand she hoped this was not a trap. The adrenaline started to flow through her body as she entered the facility.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

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Drake use his telpeportation skills to telport himself to the entrance. There he met Risky. Risky had just joined the group but she was certaintly not going to be the weakest. Drake gently kissed Riskys hand and bowed.

This way madam

He lead Risky to the room where Akira was.

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The man known as Akira stood in the middle of the room until his wrist went off with a message from Drake.He pressed down the button and let it come through.

"I like what you done with the place."

Akira smiled at the comment then motioned his watch to respond,after seeing that they had a guest,it was the mercenary woman who had created an reputation that was dangerous and thats why he called her to his palace,he wanted to see what she was capable off,and now he would.

"Drake,let our friend in,show her where we are."

Red mist slipped into where AK-47 stood and he smirked,when the mist formed into a curvaceous woman,then it slipped into his arm.It was her,Ella,his queen.


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Out of the nowhere a big man appeared infront of her. Years of training had turned pulling her gun almost into a reflex. Without even hesitating for a moment she pulled out her gun and aimed for the head of the man that stood before her. Woundrously the man didn't seem to show any concern about that. Instead he smiled. That was the point when her reason took over again. She knew the man infront of her. This was Drake, a man that she had met before. Now she comprehended why he was smiling. From all that she knew this bullet, even when aimed to the head, would not do much more than annoy him. It was her turn to smile.

"Hey Drake, didn't know you were also on that team!"

Instead of answering he just bowed down, took her hand and kissed it. Risky was not very impressed from his galantery as long as she didn't know what was going on here. But to show her trust she put ther gun back into her holster. Finally he spoke.

"This way madam."

Then he turned and started to show her the way. She followed him deeper in the complex as she thought

Okay, old reptile. I'll follow you but someone better explains me what's going on here fast or I'll have find a way out of here. And that way might not be pretty. I've taken preparations. I may like risks but I got no deathswish!

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Drake and Risky stepped through the sliding doors of the huge room,that held traps and lasers in every corner.Above in the control room was Juno,his tech assistant and the team manager.Akira looked up to the man after letting go of Ella and shielding her behind him,then pointed to the image reflectors that were hoisted above in every corner,ripples began to appear in the room and soon the cold metal floor turned grassy,and seeded with roots.The temperature rose and it became humid and wet.The Danger Room was now the amazon rain forest,water could be heard falling and birds and frogs chirped,sun came through the trees that gave the area a dark look.

Akira just drew his two Hanzo swords and stuck them deep into the ground,they rattled a little.There would be no hesitation for battle.The Ghost spoke to his warriors with a demanding yet smooth tone.

"Your job,is to take these swords.Once you do,this session will be over."

A smile ran across his face,and he gripped his Desert Eagles and crossed his arms,clicking down the hammer.A pause went by,then soon bullets flew out of the chamber,heading straight for Risky and Drake.

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Drake use his telekentetics to reflect the bullets to where they came from. It had only been weeks ago had he joined the "Wildcardz". But what made matters worse is that his experience level had not been up to his fellow team mates. Every since he had joined the team he had to step his fight skills up bit. Drake had always been a cocky bit or D-Man as he liked to be called. He left his favorite gun Milago in his holster because it would just ruin the fun. Milago had been a gun blessed byt the powers of Odin, zeus, and Satan(The devil). So instead of drawing Milago Drake only drew his two golden magnums.

Drake turned around around and ran up the metal wall. As he launched his body off the top of the wall he began to fire at Akira. D-Man then pulled out five throwing gernades into he chamber. There were several bullets that Drake did not manage to reflect. He quickly morphed his body into titanium. As the bullets deflected off of Drakes body he. Dam! there were still bullets zooming towards him. The Ace of Divintiy morphed his body inot pure lava. As the bulles desinergrated into him from the intenseheat of the lava. Drake then did several hand moves which resulted in balls of lava zooming from his palms into he chamber.

He could not give way one little bit seeing that he was dealing with some of the best. Drake used his blast power to blow a chemical from his mouth that would change anything to glass. He put the direction of his blow to the many pieces of grass. He then used his teleketics to pull the now glass grass from the ground and launch it at Akira. The many sharp pieces of glass we followed by many fired bullets from his two golden 44 magnums.

Welcome to my hell

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A mean curse flew from her mouth as she entered the room. Where seconds before a simple metal chamber had lain now a tropical rainforest stretched out before her. Out of the shadows came a figure she knew very well. As she said she had not come here unprepared. that was the ghost Akira himself. Without any warning he pulled the two swors strapped to his back and stuck them into the ground

"Your job,is to take these swords.Once you do,this session will be over."

Risky looked at the swords for a moment as they glistened in the dim light of the rainforest. Thoe were not normal swords. She couldn't remember where she had seen some like this and was trying hard to remember when a familiar "CLICK" brought her back into reality. That was the sound of a high caliber handgun, probably caliber .45, being armed. No good sign! The ghost had just drawn his pistols and was aiming at them. She wanted to say something but this also turned into another curse as she went into dodging the assassins bullets. The first shot came good aimed and would have hit her if she had not taken cover behind an ancient giant of a tree. She heard three other bullets hit the trunk before Akira seemed to concentrate on Drake.

Move girl, move! That's goona be your only chance!

She knew drawing her guns would not be worth the effort since the cyborg would be able to dodge anything she could throw at him and even if she would hit he wouldn't care. The familiar rush of adrenaline caressed her body as she jumped out of the cover the tree provided and jumped around aiming for the next tree while bullets rained down around her and threw chunks of dirt into the air.

The world around her seemed to slow down as always when she had one of her loved adrenaline rushes. Even the bullets were nothing more as another hindrancw on her way to cover. One even managed to hit her but it didn't do more than leave a bloody streak on her shoulder. The adrenaline seemed to make it all bearable. For a moment she could not do different than wondering if Akira was playing with them. She had lost sight contact to Drake but concerning all the fire an sounds of deflected bullets coming from his direction she considered him to be fine. She had reached the tree by now and took a second to analyze the situation. Akira had been firing for some time now and considering the caliber of his weapons he would have to reload soon. She could wait till he had to reload or do one of the most stupid things she had ever done. However. She was there to make an impression. So she decided to do the stupid thing.

She started to run towards the next tree. Akira had fired seven shots so far. There couldn't be more than ten rounds in the magazine. Three remained. One hit the ground behind her. Another one she dodged with a salto.The third one was decisive. She knew he would aim carefully with that one. That was ehat she would do. She jumped towards the tree. But different from what one might exspect it she bought her legs between her and the trunks and pushed herself towards the tree she just had hid before. She hoped she had enough strength to catapult her back towards her goal but luckily she made it and propelled her towards the swords. She flew in the height of about 3 meters now and hoped her maneuver would work. Hoped he would not look through it and use his last bullet accordingly. Else she would be dead...
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With a small fire lit in his heart, The motorcycle clad warrior stepped inside the danger room. A six shooter firm in it's holster and the spurs rattlinng on his snake-skin white boots. Carefully he pulled off the motorcycle chain that was coiled around his spiked black leather jacket, As he ripped it off, He set ablaze with hellfire as he gripped in his left hand.

He slowly scoped out the area, There in this humid rainforest enviroment was Risky, Drake and Akira, His new-found team-mates training hard, He made his way onto the scene with darkness fiery in his eyes.

He spun the chain round his head as took a fighting stance

"Risky, Akira, Drake, Are we ready to dance?"

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The Supreme Mercenary.Thats what he was,the best at what he did,but now he was to be a leader,and as a leader you must train the people that you lead,give them your all,and teach them everything you know.So far Risky the Ace of Luck and Drake the Ace of Divinity showed promise,and he was glad he didn't have to teach them the art of courage and war,for the almost infinite hail of bullets were adverted gracefully.Akira smirked and tilted his guns so that he could reload,bullets flew from his flat-space gauntlets into the clip of his desert eagles,but then he holstered them away.


Akira spun around after Drake had transformed his body into admantium,then pure lava,turning the bullets into molten metal.Then something the Wildcardz leader has never seen came flying towards him.Glass that was formed from the rainforest grass came flying straight for him,Akira grabbed his Hanzo swords and broke down the glass,as it was cut it fell and turned back to its original form,then Akira stabbed his swords back in their place.


Risky,the Femme Fatale dodged his bullets and seemed to move at adrenaline fueled speeds,ducking and diving behind trees until it was her chance to strike.Risky catapulted herself forward,towards Akira.He was dissapointed that she would make such a move against a veteran like him.

The katanas came from the ground once more and he spun around,before leaping into the air.The Ghost was airborne and now he was going to punish such a foolish move,his body begin to spin with unbelievable speed,he held his position until Risky was directly under him then came crashing down towards Risky with a corkscrew thunder crash,he called out the name of his attack.

"Crushing Thunder Stomp of 1,000 Turns."

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The action did not work out as planned. She was in real trouble! Instead of using his last bullet on her and having to reload after this Akira grabbed his swords and jumped towards her while spinning. He surprised her even more when he suddenly appeared over her.

D@mn, I thought 3 meters would be enough. Who could know this monster would even make 5 meters?

Her surprise turned into cold fear as her opponent stopped in mid air above her and started descending down on her. When before seconds had stretched out to minutes they became hours now as this legend intended crushing her beneath his feet. She had to come over with another plan that... But wait! Why use another plan when she just had to modify the existing. She had seen the loathing expression on Akiras face as she had done the amateurish move of jumping towards him. She had hung there in the air like a big female target at the shooting range. And that was exactly what she wanted him to believe. Her hand slid down to the holster on her right thigh where she kept a good old friend, a double barreled sawed off shotgun her father had used as a sideweapon when he was seargent in Vietnam. This fine piece of a weapon had accompanied her for many years and saved her life multiple times. And now it would save her another time. She took out the shotgun and did what her father had always warned her of. She could even hear his voice to the present day.

"Don't fire both barrels at once! The recoil will send you flying or it will break your hand if you manage to keep standing!"

This was perhaps the only time she had listened to the old colonel's advice but now it was time to break this rule, too. She aimed it at her target. Even the recoil of a M60 didn't compare to what this old weapon could dish out. She hoped it would be enough. Akira started to yell something above her.

"Crashing Thunder..."

The rest of his call was absorbed by the incredible loud sound of firing the shot gun. Everyone else would have shot at Akira but Risky knew with this mass and velocity she could also have spit paperballs at him. The effect would be the same. She had aimed towards the tree she had just propelled herself off. As she exspected the plus in energy managed to get her out of Akiras incredible maneuver. She felt the power of Akira as the ghost tore through the space she had occupied mere moments before as he made his way further down to earth.

Akira vanished in a big cloud of dust when he hit the earth and left a big crater. Risky was really thankful that she hadn't been hit by this. Probably there would not have been left enough of her to bury her in a shoebox. Her next problem appeared soon to her. Through the extra movement impulse her landing wouldn't be as nice as a normal one but luckily she had also foreseen that

Come on girl, remember your parachute training

Not as gracefully as intended but at least secure she landed by rolling the fall off and started to run towards the cloud of smoke that Akira was in

Don't give him time to think. If he gets to analyze the situation better he will copy your fighting style and you're dead. Taskmaster taught you how to cope with something like that. Now use that knowledege!

Her first attack towards him was an axe kick intended to be blocked. This foil would allow her to come up with an uppercut to his genitals after which she would spin around aiming with the ellbow for his solar plexus and grab for the swords. She knew he could pack a punch but she didn't want to hurt him too much. He was supposed to be her new team leader after all.

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Akira could only speak after he had hit the ground,dust was kicked up and the craters he had created were massive.The dirt clouded Akira's vision and he couldn't see but he knew that his target had eluded him,somehow,someway.She did it.The

Burning One was overwhelmed with joy for his warrior,but then again he didn't want it to be over so he masked his happiness and analyzed the surroundings,or as much as he could.Akira was crouched over and trying to peer through the cloud of debris,but had no help at that point.

He stood silent and focused for as long he could,remembering his training as a Samurai.He shifted through the many sounds of the rain forest,passed the parrots chirping,an moved on to his opponent.


The sound of heavy footsteps from Risky was enough to set up a defense,no matter how sloppy it was.His precognition sparked,and warned him about the oncoming axe kick,yet nothing further.Akira scuffed at his power of vision and how it fluctuated,but nevertheless he prepared himself and felt the kick crush bones in his forearm.

Risky was not intending to stop and uppercutted Akira in the jewels.He stumbled a little but made sure he had his swords in hand before another attack came.Then it came,swifter then most a hard elbow to the solar plexus cracked his bones and broke about three,he staggered backwards and rolled away from Risky.

"I still got em...cough...no?"

Akira Overdrive stood up and held his swords tighter then ever,but soon launched them high into air,pass the top of the trees and into the clear blue sky.It would be at least 7 minutes before they fell back down,Akira had plenty of time.He ripped his ninja garb off and revealed the metal like vest he wore under it and began to speak to the Ace of Luck,unlatching the straps of his vest.

"Now,I wont hold back.I have complete faith in you and your skills,so don't fret.If you want to win,I suggest you get those Katanas in the air,but remember I'm right behind you."

The Death Dealer smiled and pulled off the seemingly weightless vest,then threw it to the right of him,the vest stomped into the ground and created a huge crater almost the size of the one he just made,if he was fast with that vest on how fast would he be with it off.

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The kick was blocked with nasty sound as she had expected. Not time to breathe. The uppercut had to come now. As she was coming back up she raised her fist and with the whole power of the previous kick she hit his family planning center. Then the plan went wrong again. Her ellbow thrust towards his solar plexus was a bulleye but he used the energy of her own thrust to get away from her with swords in hand.

"I still got em...cough...no?"

Then he did the unthinkable. Seemingly using all his strength he threw the baldes in the air and they soon vanished in the thick green carpet above them.

Things weren't getting better after this. Within a second he had ripped his ninja garb from his body and unlatched a heavy metal vest and threw it somewhere. She was too clever as to follow it with her eyes. Such a oponent was not to be ignored even for a second. Nevertheless she heard a loud sound of something heavy crashing to earth.

Jesus! If he was that fast before... how fast will he be now?

The ghost directed a few other words towards her

"Now,I wont hold back.I have complete faith in you and your skills,so don't fret.If you want to win,I suggest you get those Katanas in the air,but remember I'm right behind you."

This was the moment when the twist in the whole situation appeared to her. She smiled her impious little merc smile as she said

"I'm not here to fight you, ghost! I'm here to get this swords!"

A series of fast flicflacs brought her back to the trees where she grabbed a branch and with a simple acrobatic exercise she vanished in the same green carpet that Akira had just thrown his blades into a few seconds before leaving Akira on the ground. But she was not stupid enough to think he would stay there.

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"Thrust of the Crane,Flight of the Hawk!"

The Super Ninja planted his feet deep into the soil,and looked up into the air,locking his eye onto Risky's every move,adding them to his arsenal as if it was natural as breathing.He waited until she had passed the canopy then launched himself into the air following her with speed that rivaled supersonic jets.Trees lost there leaves and the hologram animals ducked for cover,even the computer screen in the control screen cracked and began to malfunction,thats how fast he was going.

The rain forest began to dissipate and soon the ground and trees below became an ocean of water.The battlefield had changed.Akira managed to slow down as he met Risky in the sky,but his timing seemed to be off the swords began to fall,down into the deep blue sea,Akira looked over Risky and tried to turn his momentum around,but noticed she was falling faster then he was.He pulled back into the air and tried to catch up to the swords and the Femme Fatale.


The Hidden Lotus was like a speeding bullet falling from the sky,and he watched as the swords crashed into the water,he drew back and feel lightly into the sapphire ocean.Soon he was surrounded by sharks and could tell that Risky would win,he closed his eyes and waited for the Great Whites to rush then flipped out of the water.The session was over,Akira had lost and was proud of his newest member Risky.

The ocean was gone and the Danger Room reverted back to is normal venue,gray steel and the control room that sat high above the ground floor,the windows were cracked.

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just throws his Kusari-Gama at the targets and tears them apart....j/k

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Bumping this for pure epicness. My first and only training battle. :D

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