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@Risky: True ;)

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Why is it that Sha is the greatest person ever!

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I kiss your ass too much, no comment ^_^
Why is that Mercury refuses to kill the men that wish to kill him when he can easily explode their brains?

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Because he actually has a heart =O 
Why is it that people assume Closure is a newby? o.O

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Because people are cruel and underestimate others >.> 
Why is it that people think Mikepool is an idiot?

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@RavekTheConquerer: because he is 
why is the hellfire club so fancy
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@RavekTheConquerer: Hahaha ohhhh Well probably because... I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. They think he is a mirror image of Deadpool and thats why. 
@shadowknight666: Honestly thats a weird question. What else would  it be? 

Why is it that I'm kidding kinda bored with this?