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"Computer, give me a read on what just happened...was the Earth hit by some sort of destructive beam?"

The computer beeped and booped for a few seconds before it responded to Loveless's request. "Madame, it appears the blast from outer space...had a less destructive affect than intended. However it is odd..."

"What's odd? Any type of radiation spread of the beam."

"No damage, but a significant decrease in activity. The heroes, villains, average citizens all the men are gone. No male human or humanoid life forms can be found on Earth."

"Computer...what do you--"

The computer cutt off Lady Loveless halfway through the statement, "the beam from space was a teleportation beam. And that's not all....computers are picking up unidentified spacecraft entering the space's atmosphere." The wide computer screen she had been using to stay on top of the situation buzzed with white static. A blob of a green man appeared in front of her.

"Greetings! You Lady Loveless have been selected for my latest show!"

"Show?" Lady Loveless inspected the image on the screen as she wondered if this was a coincidence him showing up, or if he was connected. "Excuse me, but how did you get my channel feed? And whom may I be addressing." The young woman kept her composure as she noticed on a separate monitor the fleet of ships inching closer and closer, soon they would be reaching

The green blob waived her questions away and went back to his rant. "Now, miss Lorna Hudson, your non-hero identity I believe..back to business! You and the other mighty heroines and villain vixens of your planet on the starlets of my new show. I Mojo,have provided bloody entertainment to galaxies a plenty, now time for my top ranking show!!!! A battle royale where the women of the world are left to defend their pitiful planet." Mojo touched several buttons the arm from his massive velvet throne. Screens lined the outside of the video message. Major cities across the globe were being met by the spacecrafts, each one dispensing their own nightmare. NYC, zombies, Tokyo, harpies, Greece, a hydra, England, dinosaurs, Berlin, agents wielding biological and technological weaponry, Sydney, ravenous man-eating plants, and other locations facing other perils.

"Now then...Loveless will you gather them? Will the women of this galaxy beat the odds and destroy their foes and save the men from their eternal jail?!" Mojo cackled as he slammed his palms on the arms on the chair. "Gather your Valkyries! Gather the mighty heroines and let the show begin!!!!!!"

The screen flickered before the image of Mojo vanished just as quickly as it appeared. "Well...guess I don't want to disappoint the man, err I mean whatever he is. Man right?" As she pondered the species, gender, and overall mental health of Mojo she narrowed down all the female meta humans in this galaxy. She had a pact with a select group to combine their powers together if such a threat reared it's ugly head. She clicked a single button and televised an image of herself across the globe. "ATTENTION...WE ARE UNDER ATTACK. I REPEAT UNDER ATTACK. PLEASE IF YOU CANNOT DEFEND YOURSELF FIND A SAFE HAVEN, IF YOU ARE ABLE OR WILLING TO FIGHT TO JOIN MYSELF AND THE VALKYRIES IN THIS FIGHT OF THE WORLD." Loveless clicked the button again, the message was out. The Valkyries of the Vine and women of the world had to hold their own in this epic battle. Lovless leaned back in her chair and activated a fitting song for the situation as she pondered her next means of action. Beyone's Who Run the World song blared as the women started to assemble.

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Soft, serene voices flooded through the halls of the Constantinus estate. A calm silence hung in the air. There was no business to be made, no lovers to be bedded. Just tranquil quietness. In one of the many bathrooms was a tub, filled with water. Steam rose up from it, clouding the air the slightest bit. Half-submerged in the water was an Italian beauty. Her head rested on the edge of the tub behind her. Exhaling, she smiled. It was rare that the Constantinus heiress was able to relax.

After several more minutes of enjoying the warm water, she finally arose. When she did so, it was with a grace that one had to of been born with. Such elegance of movement could not be earned, or practiced. Stepping out into the expansive bathroom, she opened her large chocolate-colored eyes. "Adriano... mi mano mio asciugamano, se tu vuoi." The Italian siren's voice, much like the way she carried herself, was fair and cultivated in tone. Even when she began to grow irritated at the continued absence of her butler, it was still elegant in sound. "Adriano, vi chiederà una volta di più. Vuoi per favore Portami il mio asciugamano?" Normally, she would get her own towel, but this was one of the few days she was able to relax. And that meant Adriano worked overtime. Now annoyed, the woman strolled over to the closet where the towels were kept, and retrieved one. With a quickness unbecoming of her previously displayed grace, she dried her body off. Using the towel to cover up her body, she made for the door.

"Adriano! Dove in nome di God sei?" Still no answer. Walking out to the main hall, she immediately noticed a red flag. Callisto, her head guard, was not standing guard next to the front guard. The burly Italian never moved from his post unless his employer, the heiress, was in danger. Swiveling her head left, she noticed that Luciano, her brother, was not sprawled out on the couch across the room from the front door. Narrowing her brown eyes, she focused her inhuman mental capabilities. A telepathic sensor reached out through the entire estate. The results of the scan worried her. There was not a single male soul on the grounds. Alternatively, all the female staff still remained on the grounds, and were all confused.

Making haste, she walked into one of many living rooms. It was massive, and featured all kinds of things. First edition books, replica weapons, statues, electronics of varying shapes and sizes.. the entire room was a perfect snapshot of the life this young woman lived. There was a large flat-screen television mounted on the wall across from an expansive couch, made out of jade-colored fabric. Making her way to the couch, the power button on the remote seemed to press itself down, then release not even a second later. As she sat down, the television turned on. It switched itself to the news channel, where an unfamiliar female reporter had replaced the anchorman. Seeds of an idea began to plant themselves in the back of the woman's mind, and she almost feared her being right. Almost.

The program was interrupted, and a semi-familiar woman came on screen. She warned of an attack. Valkryies. That was the one word it took, and the television turned itself off. Strolling across the building, she stopped on the other side of the manor. In front of her was a steel door, held shut by a series of four key locks, a dead-bolt, and a retinal scanner. After disabling each one, the heiress stepped into a stark white room. It was lined wall-to-wall with weapons and tactical gear.

"Well ladies.. guess we're up."

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"The City of Townsville……Is under attack!!" It was a rerun of a Power Puff Girls Episode. Rayne had today off and planed to do nothing, just nothing. She had a, she didn't know what to call him really. Her last to relationships seamed shot down, Oz was who knew where which seriously ticked her off. And about a month or two ago she found out she had been with Spitfire a model and stunt driver. All the connections and memories Rayne had with Desiray however were seemingly forgotten. So now she was with some guy named Eric Smithson he was a nobody. Which was nice as he did nothing that had told her to worry. Which was at least what Scarlett thought she wanted. Something that didn't remind her of work was a nice change of pace. Having gotten heavily drunk last night Eric was a gentlemen and said he should sleep on the couch so as to avoid doing something stupid.

Scarlett had agreed with such more because she had yet to reveal anything about who she really was. Razor the mutant that was given some posts recently by a woman named Eve. She had naturally the ability to enter a cellular sharpened state and control marrow growth, which gave some healing abilities. In an effort to make her the perfect soldier she was given gene supplements that gave her kinetic energy slightly enhanced physique and boosting her healing factor. All done so that the trained assassin could receive a highly dangerous expensive procedure to make her marrow infused and capable of replenishing a virtually indestructible metal. It was far beyond bonding attimantium to ones bones. The process actually allowed nanotech and flesh to coexist to generate more of this metal to coat any bones she grew. There was nobody like her, the one downside was mutagens were not something one could simply command. They were apart of the body she had no complete control get excited and razor sharp skin simply happened. It's why she was closed off and a loner. If Eric tried something she could accidentally rip him to shreads. She was a night owl though and insisted he take the bed she was an insomniac after all, the auburn and violet haired killer didn't sleep until four am. She woke up three hours later and thats what brought her to the now.

Legs crossed bought ripped jeans showing quite a bit of her slightly tanned skin. A corset a light tank top made of a light weight wire mesh of steel and comforting silk. All of her clothing was customized for her skin incase of emergencies, all of her clothing was also a bit revealing, this was so her abilities could be used. You only slap a walls of nails once before you learn. Rayne liked knowing that that lesson would be tought to any idiots encountered. A stupid commercial for a romance movie kicked in when the vixen got tired of sitting around. Twirling the remote in her hand Rayne playfully kicked up the volume of her ipod to a point the windows were pulsating. Nothing, nobody woke up, impossible. She only had men for neighbors on this floor or directly below her at the moment. They were either party goers or old geysers somebody would of said or done something. Training instincts and common sense screamed at her that things weren't right.

Calm was the assassin as she walked to her room a slight spark to her fingernails as kinetic energy kicked in in preparation. Violet sparks lightly in her eyes as she neared the door. Calm was not the assassin as she kicked in the door. Someone had kidnapped her….whatever. Squeak went the door, made to do so by the assassin. The sound of a blade lacerating skin could be heard as a pair of blades appeared in the ninja trained woman's hands. The metal encased bones glistening with sparks of energy. "Who the f are you? Where's Eric? What the f*ck are you? Who sent you? Why the sh*t are you here? Was my cartoons really enterupted by someone so ugly?" A bombardment of questions passing her lips as she eyed the man before her. A mix of electronics and undead flesh, a cyber zombie. Behind him several non cybernetic zombies.

"Not important. Taken on board one of the many ships. A messenger of Mojo. Mojo. To give a message from Mojo. Yes." All the smart mouth questions answered by the cold coming off sarcastic mannerisms of the zombie. "Scarlett Rayne Oren you like many others have been selected to fight for your people. It is up to you and the women of the world to band together and stomp this game that threatens the opposite sex. Rayne signaled him to hush "right right, so you were sent by a Mojo, like the monkey?" The answer a predictable no. Which as it was not the adorable monkey of her disrupted cartoon she let out her anger. A spike of metal lodging in the mans skull before exploding. Soon enough the rest were dropped and Rayne had teleported to the base.

"L2" Rayne liking the sound more then LL "it would seam on my one day off in four weeks you found me work. Thanks for that beautiful one day to myself would of been nice." Her attitude dripped with sarcasm enough to make a pope want to slap her. The assassins smile though was a friendly welcoming one.

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Brynhild sat on the sandbar that she often shared with her half Asgard and half Jotunn lover, remembering fondly their last moments together. She didn't know why Fenrir hadn't come to see her after that encounter. It really wasn't unexpected that time would pass between their trysts, for, given both their responsibilities to their warring peoples, they more often than not sat alone on the sandbar. Yet something nagged at the woman this day, some deep feeling that things were amiss, that something was wrong. She rose and walked to the eastern end of the sandbar, the point nearest to Ghost-Runner Isle, and peered into the mist as if expecting some revelation or maybe to see Fenrir gliding toward her in his small boat. All she saw was mist. All she heard were tiny waves lapping the sand and stones of the bar. Her gut told her something was wrong. She had nothing else.

Odin's Ravens Hugin and Munin, come visit the daughter of their lord and whisper hidden truths into her ears. Hugin equals Thought and he sits perched on her right shoulder, and Munin equals Memory and he sits perched on her left shoulder. Their beaks pick at her ears causing them to bleed with truth, before they take off in flight to return to their masters own shoulders. "Mojo... Who the heck is Mojo?" she mutters to herself, as she walks towards hers and Fenrir's den. A cave tucked away into the side of a grand mountain, the perfect den for a pack of wolves and their queen. Once inside she starts to dress herself for the war to come, it would seem she has to meet with the women of Midgard and form a strategy in order to deal with their common enemy this creature of a man Mojo. It would seem Mojo has decided to be a very naughty man indeed and has trapped all of the men using some kind of beam of energy.

She swam with a purpose, legs and arms pumping furiously. Brynhyld had shed her heavy sheepskin robe as soon as she hit the ice cold water and wore only the deerskin huntress armor, typical for her honor to demand. Whether she dove under or kept her head up in the splashing water, her horned helm however moved not at all from its secure perch. Troll-Breaker knew that she had put fifty long strides between herself and the sandbar she had left behind. She tried to do logical estimates of the remaining distance to the small island she had spotted. Still a ways off, do to her superhuman senses, her eye sight being an Asgardain was much greater than that of a human man, or woman. In fact her eye sight is far better than that of the eagle as well, and you could even say that an eagle would be as if a blind creature compared to her. She swims ever onward heading towards the small island which is halfway across the sea of the north. Once she reaches it she will eat and rest before making the second stretch of her grand swim.

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The first time, in a long time, and in wrestling “father time has rockets strapped to his back”. Mal gets to play hero for the crowd. How the story goes, The Akihabara (Electric town) Delights, faction, or in business, a stable, from another all-female promotion where they were ‘banned’ and invaded Major League Diva’s turf. In actually it was just talent acquisition. A simple but entreating plot, the outsiders, coming in, disrespectful to the fans and the girls in the back, and it’s up to the champion, who just happens to be Mallory, to set the record straight. Leaning against the “not quite beige” lockers that belonged to local recreational center, in the heart of west Okinawa, The place MLD “hung their boots at” ever Thursday night. Mal was conversing with the leader herself, the enigmatic Lady in White. In actually her name was Kaori Rokumeikan. Further irony, Kaori was one Mallory’s first amigas since she got to Japan, sharing some of their first wrestling classes, she helped Mallory with her Japanese. The conversation started off with the how gauntlet.

How are you?

How’s the Family?

How’s the love life?

How are the cats?

“I hurt my foot a few days ago, so can we go a little light on the running? “Kaori asked, leaning over, rubbing her aforementioned aching appendage, her normally regal face, with high cheek bones. Mallory gave a reassuring smile; it was going to be the first of many matches they were going to have here, no need to go all out.

Just then, interrupting Mal as she was about to speak, the instrumental version of the Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue theme started to play.

Her cell, Haruko sent a text.

Emergency. It had been three weeks since Mallory came out of the hero closet.


She was suited up and on the streets.