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Alright I am bored out of my mind and besides yours truly account, which of my many accounts have you guys enjoyed seeing the most? Hell you might even put one on the list I dont have

1. Darkchild

2. Crazy Eights

3. Jake Malcom

4. Upheaval

5. Taiqod

6. Ginju

7. Fa Shu Kai

8. Delon

9. Alexander arkady

10. Figaro

11. Halago

12. Hojin

13. Yashida

14. Dallas Corbin Malcom

15. Pandorax

16. Rokuakai

17. Bushimi Natsumo

18. Beatrice Kematian (fanfic account)

19. Collin Mckormic(Fanfic account)

20. Colossus

21. C0llossus

22. Jacobi Piotr Nikolai Esis

23. Koeil

24. Mordicah

25. Mikael Ghazarian(Fanfic account)

26. Papa Midnite

27. Pervinites

28. Slow Burn

29. Spike The Bloody

30. William The Bloody

31. Suzaku

32. Vade Narth

33. Ian/Whisper (Fanfic account)

34. Genesis(Gene)

35. Gene

36. Callan

37. Bragon

38. Mauvis

39. Hokijin(Parasites)

40. Genetico

41.D Mann

42.N0rman 0sborn



45.New Age Outlawz


47.Gemini Vaughn

48.Alcar Vanwaar

49.Solomon Grundy

50.Akiba Kirasawa

51.Glory Esis

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Glory Esis

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I swear to god you've made this thread before...

And I'm taking full credit for Glory.

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@The Dark Huntress: i came up with the idea didnt I? lol

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Figaro. I still remember making him the "nexus" or whatever. 

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@Kaligar Roxom: yep still iz

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Yeah, you tried killing all of your alternate selves or something. Never figured out what happened to Little Figaro. 
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@Darkchild And I made her everything she was ;)
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Darkchild. Can't beat the boss.

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3, 10, 22, 27, 32

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None of them....AT ALL.

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@Kiara_Sullivan: danka

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Personally would like to reboot Flux in which Fitz would become my favorite. Let go of the other sight to active here to be over there as well. One thing I miss though is Flux seamed like it was going to build to something cool. Of the listed alts though it would be Ort, hes just diffrent aside from you nobody seams to want to make a ecentric teen with a five foot long toungue. The other being Figaro he's just seams more emotionally driven and the twist you and K have going has peaked my enterest.
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@614azrael: Flux is staying over at the other site, and when i have time to continue Misery I will be doing more Flux as well. Its not done, quite frankly its far from done.

But when it comes to writing my fanfics I need to be in a different frame of mind. Ill give u the reason in a pm in a few moments

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@614azrael: I might actually bring Flux over here an reboot him since LW is gone