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There's a gun in the night. He sees it often, in color-rich dreams. It's dark, dark here, high above the city. The light of the streets filters up in ghostly miasma, but it does little but heighten the shadows. The gun changes that. First, there are the sounds on the stair. Or sometimes, he can hear the elevator beeping its way up through empty hallways. He sits up, groggy, his ears straining against the darkness.

The man steps into the room, smelling of mercury. Quicksilver. An elusive poison. He raises the gun, the muzzle flashes and...

Orpheus Ziev is dead.

He dreams it over, and over, and over. It's growing nearer now. He anticipates the event will occur within the month unless

Orpheus Ziev will strike first. Preemptively he will destroy the future. It is a matter of 'watching' the assassin past the point of his own death. Until he unmasks himself, or inadvertently gives away his own identity. Ah, but Orpheus knows this man. They worked together, long ago. And now Mattersuit is out to kill him? That's a laugh.

He spends the next week in preparation. Research, failsafes, purification. He needs his mind as clear as it can be.

The streets are dark, but he sees nothing. The road smells of tired asphalt, still hot from the day. He taps his cane absentmindedly on the road as he sorts through the possible timelines for something he wants.


He breathes deeply and the future cements itself. The sky shakes, the night-walkers scream and run home, hoping it's all a bad dream.

A plane, emergency lights flashing hopelessly, plows into the building where Premonition has seen Mattersuit residing this night.

"Come out, come out...I know you're in there" he says softly, his voice masked by the roaring flames.

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"Ziev? You want me to kill President of the United States Orpheus Ziev?" Adam asked, then burst out laughing, throwing his head back. His silver hair swings through the air as he bellowed with laughter. Then, as abruptly as the laughter had began, it ceased. Adam's palms slapped the desk, sounding like a gunshot in the dark. "I want seven million for Ziev's head, or three mil for either hand. Six mil if I get both. Ten mil for his heart, plus any expenses I might incur." Adam grinned. "I want half now, and half when the job is done." The three men before him shared a glance, and each of them shared a knowing nod.

"Wonderful doing business with you, Mr Mercer." One of them said, as the trio stood, and held out a hand for the silver haired, red-eyed mercenary to shake. Adam waved a hand, dismissing the men. He was already drawing up a list of weapons he wanted. Most of it was his standard equipment, with a few other pieces of gear that he could easily get his hands on.


Adam stretched, and moved towards the window, pulling open the curtains. Tonight he would begin to hunt. He had slept all day to ensure he had the energy necessary to track and kill Ziev. Light stabbed into his eyes, dulled a little by the sunglasses, and Adam picked out the shape heading directly towards him. "Oh sh-" He said as he locked eyes with the terrified pilot and co-pilot. The plane plowed directly through the window that Adam stood behind. For a long moment, there was no sound at all, then a small figure leaped from the massive hole in the wall, falling a number of floors before landing on his feet, assault rifle cradled under one arm. He smirked, looking around, most of his clothing shredded from the attack, silvery blood coating him almost entirely. "Ziev? Is that you?" He called in a loud voice. "A plane? Just for me? You shouldn't have. Now I have to get you a present too." He laughed at his own joke.

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The air is suddenly full of dust and death, charnel ash and ozone-glazed plaster. The hot air reaches out tendrils hungrily, spreading the burning. Premonition coughs, and pulls his blindfold further over his nose to filter out the debris. It wouldn't really be that easy, would it? One plane falling from the sky...was that all it would take to finish off the renowned mercenary? That could have been pure chance! Well a 1 in 30,000 chance, but still! Chance! Premonition smirked, shaking his head sadly.

The police around here were quite incompetent, weren't they? Not even trying to pull a blind man away from the scene of a horrible accident. He clicked his tongue, and prepared to walk off.

But not really. He knew Mattersuit survived. He had seen every conceivable way this encounter could have gone. Right about now, he would be jumping out of the demolished building, slick as a silverfish.

"Ziev? Is that you?" Premonition turned, an expression of mock concern on his face. ""A plane? Just for me? You shouldn't have. Now I have to get you a present too." He frowned. "Oh, was it not what you wanted? I'm sorry." Bullets flew around him, deflected by invisible hands of psionic power. Simply applying pressure to the sides of a bullet was enough to make it stray wildly from its target. Simple physics really. "Though I expected more from you...a several thousand-dollar plane, and you give me a few dozen dollars of bullets?" He began to 'push' at Mattersuit, just attempting to toss him around a little, telekinetically, shake him up a bit.

Cat and mouse.

Because Premonition wanted to see what Mattersuit could do before he laid his cards (a royal flush) on the table. "So, how are you with myths, Mattersuit? Are you familiar with King Midas?"

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He hadn't expected the bullets to hit, and grinned. The verbal battle between himself and the precog were mostly better than any physical confrontation. "Not so much as it wasn't what I wanted, dear Orpheus. Moreso that I don't ever know what to get you." He and the precog would attempt to psych each other out, as a confrontation should be done, not attacking, and screaming, and repeat, as some barbarians fought today. There had to be some cerebral rough housing too. Right now, Ziev was announcing disappointment at Adam's reply. "Sorry. And that was more like a few hundred dollars. Bio-tech bullets that shut off powers. Our kit is never cheap, is it, Ziev, eh?" The push hit into his chest with impressive force. and knocked him backwards, but only for a few feet.

He quickly jumped up and moved into a practiced stance. "Midas? Was he the guy who could turn anything he touched into gold? That could make going for a p!ss a bit tricky, eh?" He asked and began to laugh, before charging at Ziev, slinging one sword before him, before jumping and arcing the other at Ziev's neck. "I've learned a few myths. Had to, with my current crew."