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Statue of Liberty

Underneath the Statue of Liberty was headquarters to a new Hero team. A team that stood for truth and justice. They were lead by the former Mobb Deep leader Kurrent and this team went by the name Veritas Inc. Like most headquarters the Statue had a conference room that like in old Kurrent fashion the team members would meet to discuss missions. The Veritas members that were present at the time were sitting on their personalized chairs at the large round table that had a rotating holographic image of the world around it. On a large panoramic screen that dropped down from the ceiling was a live feed from the Secretary General of NATO. He began to speak of the mission that was dubbed {Whatever it takes} so that all of Veritas could hear quickly with a dramatic sound of importance in his voice......

15 minutes ago black holes began opening up around the world. One in England, one in Russia and the other in Gotham City. About 5 minutes ago I received word that members of the long deceased Justice League were coming out of them. As you all know they and their families were killed by the Silent Assassins but now they are back.

Interrupting the General Kurrent spoke...." We can be at any given location within 20 minutes but Sir, do you know how the League returned. They have been dead for years"

Pencil pushers never give facts only theories but as of now our scientist believe that they could be from a different reality the only problem is, we don't know if in their reality they were friendly or if they were villains. It could possibly be that they are our originals and have found a way to come back to life, either way they cannot be trusted until we have properly briefed them. Your mission is to apprehend the Justice League and escort them to the NATO HQ in Brussels.

The screen shut off and quickly raised back into the ceiling and The Veritas Leader pointed to a small black box that was in from of each chair and said....."The guys not here already got theirs and have been listening in,  but with these we will be able to communicate with each other from anywhere" In the boxes was a watch. It was designed to fit each members personality but it was lo jacked with all the other watches and not only having voice capability but it had message capability in case they had to maintain radio silence. After the member put on their watched Kurrent looked over at them as he stood from his seat and said again....

"We will have to spread out, I will be going to England its up to you where you go but remember we cannot trust the League. If you run into any other obstacles handle it as they come and if you get overwhelmed call for back up. This is a world wide event other teams or individuals might be their too but we have our orders we had to apprehend the League.....lets just hope they come quietly"

Heading over to the jet he thought to himself......."I probably have the biggest bulls eye painted on my back for what happened with Babs. The Assassins will probably be gunning for me, I'm sure they know about the League's presence. If those crafty bastards get them on their side we are going to have one hell of a day"
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He stood there gazing at the mirror for what was only the briefest of moments, but what seemed like hours.  He had still not gotten over the new addition to his usual stealthy wardrobe, a skin tight green and black suit. He turned his eyes to fix apone the reason behind his contemplation. *A watch..*.  The man once know as Dormath played threw his mind how he had come to this point.  He got his start as a down and dirty assassin with the LOS and yet some how he still could not explain he now found himself on what was his third hero team.  A smile spread across his face as he placed his exact reason for accepting his new position.

Damn you Kurrent you always did have a way with words…should have been a politicians he should Dormath thought as the briefing started.  He was never one for briefing to much drama in it for him to stomach, but he stood at attention as the facts where rolled out.  in trouble again you say Dormath usual sense of humor perked up again as he thought of all that was before him and all that he was leaving behind.  His face did not change as the images and memories that where imprinted to them came up of the past years.  

Dormath spent his later years rouge no longer trusting his own sense around the people that he once called friends, to much betrayal for him to stomach.  His friends turned to enemies and vice versa there was no trust no truth in the world that he had know.  He left it all behind to lead a civilian life a day to day office manager with a car payments and all the rest of the fun of a so called normal life.  Although he would not admit it that life was such a boring lie that he could not even look at him self in the mirror at that time.   In fact if it was not for Kurrents call and invitation back into the big show, then Dormath had no idea where he would be.  All he knew was with out that call he would not have been happy again and for that reason he owed it to Kurrent yet again.  So he waited and listened as intently as ever.

As the briefing ended and his memories faded back to just that he was himself again fully aware of his entire surroundings. He used his affinity with the air to follow the traveling currents in the air.  He watch as they changed and altered with an intake of breath here and there taking in so much with such a small taste. A star in his eye showed as his doubt was destroyed by the fact that he had not lost his air sensitivity.  For yes even a god does some times fear that he has gone to far astray and betrayed himself in the process.

Dormath clicked the watch on and strode for the window. 

“God I missed this”

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He opens the door from his apartment he took his jacket and took one step out of his apartment and locke the door, while he was walking down the stairs he put his keys in his pocket. He walked out from the building and walked along the street, he stopped at pedestrian crossing, some of the cars stopped so he ran over the street. He walked into a Coffee Shop and he took a seat at a window with a view of the streets. "When is the waiter gonna come." He stood up and walked to the counter to get a newspaper.

A waiter came few minutes after he took the newspaper "Do you wanna order something?" said a young girl with an attitude. Alex ignored her and said "Yes, i would wanna have a cup of coffee and a disk of pancakes."

He put his eyes in one of the article in the newspaper Black Hole, 10 sept at 12:00.He took his eyes of the article and watched out threw the window, when Alex looked back at the article the waiter was coming with his breakfast, he took a sip of the coffee and started to read more of the article.

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When Mobb Deep disbanded, Alpha Guard never expected Kurrent to found another team so soon. Of course, he knew that Kurrent would make one sooner or later, but it was still a very short time. And it was also a short time before the Veritas team was thrown into their first battle, and not just the regular conquer the would nut.

Alpha was sitting below the Statue of Liberty, bored to death. Some general was giving a message to the Veritas through a paranamic screen. Alpha Guard may have worked with the law before, but getting debriefed on missions by the government wasn't really his style. When the general had mentioned black holes and the long gone Justice League's return, the Guardian of Good had readyed himself to go, but relaxed when the general continued. Alpha absentmindedly played with a yo-yo he had created while the message continued, paying attention but imaptient to get going. Finally, the screen turned off, and Kurrent produced a box with communication watches. OK, now we go. And not really expecting a response, Alpha Guard flew out one of the windows and headed towards Russia, the location of one of the black holes.

During his flight, Alpha Guard quickly reviewed the members of the Justice League, mainly their powers. He had heard most often of the one called Green Lantern, perhaps because he was often compared to him. Alpha Guard knew that if he did come into conflict with Green Lantern he might have a slight advantage because the Emerald Gladiator relied on his power ring, while the Guardian of Good's was natural. Alpha Guard had also heared that the power ring was inneffective against yellow; he didn't know if that was true but he intended to find out.

As Russia came into sight, Alpha Guard slowed down to start searching for the black hole and to think up a way to stop it. He also readyed himself for an attack, because if anyone could create these black holes the Justice League could.

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The harmonic sympathy of Requiem for a Dream echoed throughout the Les Assassins Silencieux’s courtyard. As one of its most dangerous members feverishly worked on perfecting his craft. His metal katanna’s sparkled as the crescent moon reflected off their deadly edges. His body moved with flawless execution and precision while each muscle individually worked towards achieving the perfect balance of speed and power. Revenge was the only thing on the focused mind of the assassin. Only a short time had passed since a violent and savage attack  left his wife paralyzed from the waist down. Gambler had spent much of that time isolated away from his family and teammates while preparing to hunt down the man responsible, Kurrent.

Rumors had circulated that the Living Conduit took up leadership of a newly formed group calling themselves Veritas. And that they had the financial and moral support of several if not all NATO countries. As the music began climbing towards its climatic finish the King of Kings pace quickened to a blinding speed. Twirling, spinning, and thrusting the blades into the air before letting out a thunderous roar as he plunged them into concrete flooring, leaving them behind as he grabbed his towel and walked away.

Inside the luxurious Châteaux was alive with activity. Oracle was monitoring several unexplained anomalies springing up all over the world. Esther Cotillard LeBeau sat in her state of the art communications office while working alongside Oracle trying to determine the cause of the anomalies. News coverage was coming in from all over but was sketchy at best. The latest reports seemed to indicate that the once deceased  members of the JLA had come back through several open portals, or “black holes”, as they where being revered to as. There was no answers yet as to if they where indeed the original members who had lost their lives at the hands of the LaS. Or if they where in fact alternate versions of the League.

A Cheshire Cat smile stretched across the Cajuns face. He knew Kurrent being the hero that he was would address the situation head on. Gambler peered in on his wife as she and several top ranking LaS members threw ideas and information back and forth. Her slender figures danced across the air as she moved and positioned several holographic images. His eyes then slowly shifted down to the wheelchair she had been condemned to and his blood began to boil. Without saying goodbye he slipped unnoticed from the Châteaux.

“No more games mon chere. From Hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I’ll spit my last breath, at thee.”

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Kadaj, his life had been a mystery to most inhabitants of the earth. He, the son of the mighty, deceased, Supertrooper117, had seemed to vanish since he was revealed to the world accompanied by his brother Light. As his brother started to become the star attraction around town, Kadaj faded away into the darkness. And in this darkness Kadaj found a certain distraught happiness. The alone time had befriended him in ways unknown to any outside of his mind. He used this time better himself, to become faster, stronger, smarter and more creative. This led to a craving for self improvement. Kadaj searched through every source of information he could gain access too and some that he couldn't until he discovered a secret band of Assassins and where there training facility was located. From then on Kadaj had become the most powerful member of this super powered family. He had complete control over his powers to the point where he could lower there levels to fit his training needs. After this training Kadaj resurfaced and after a few events became the man he is now. The protector of justice and the American way...

Week Ago

Kadaj, got up from his bed restless. He was to anctious but the reasons were unknown to him. As he walked around the home paid for by the government, he started to feel a draft. He turned on the light and realized all he was wearing was pajama bottoms. He snuck in Kurrent's room and stole one of his Lightning Lad t-shirts and continued wandering. He stumbled upon a locked door. He was tempted to enter but didn't.  He made his way to the lobby and sat down on the couch and lay there thinking. Suddenly the former leader of Ice stepped through the door, Kadaj, stirred by the confusion of the sudden visit. Kadaj immediately recognized who it was and began to wonder what his reason for visiting was. This was a the same man that refused to grant him a vote that would surely have earned him a spot on the famous Hero team Ice Dragons. This man had not shone any interest outside of his team and the fight against evil in the yet he stood at the doorstep of the Veritas Mansion with eyes that held great looks of endearment.

Andferne made a motion to step towards Kadaj and though his mind urged for him to drpback into a defensive stance he stood his ground ever so militant. His eyes fell upon a round circular object, two stripes the outermost stripe red and the inner layers blue. And at the heart of the object lay a white star. Andferne placed the item in Kadaj's hands and made his declamation. "This shield was made for a hero, someone that would bring the fight to evil and uphold justice. With this shield you are more than just another hero, this shield makes you a symbol of hope. May this shield protect you and serve you as well as it has me over the years Kadaj. I present this shield to you as a sign of respect, and confidence in you that you will continue to fight the good fight. A thing I reluctantly can not do anymore. With this shield I am passing the torch down to you, to the next generation. A hero among heroes." He was speechless. To be blessed with such gift was only the highest honor a hero could receive in his eyes.  His eyes welled with tears of joy as he realized that he was too be the one to carry on the future of heroes and Become what his once most coveted mentor stated a Hero among Heroes. “Andferne, this is a great honor. I will do my best to uphold what you stood for. I will do my best to reach what you are. I once I am there I will surpass you become a greater hero and erase the evil that resides with this world. And this shield will be my guide.” And with that Andferne made his leave and Kadaj embarked on a new mission. He studied videos the media had of this hero in action. His every move was molded into to Kadaj's architecture. Sculpted and perfected to a point no one could have reached. Kadaj had become the hero behind this shield and now it was time to look like him. He used a sowing machines and those same videos to create a similar costume to that of the mighty hero and once this persona was created he made the final move. He reduced his abilities to a much weaker state as well as created a knew ability in there stead. He had made the first step on the road justice and many more lie ahead.


Kadaj made his way to the Veritas Inc. conference room. The debriefing for the new mission was happening and being the second in command meant his attendance was mandatory. He sat in a satin leather seat, right next to Kurrent. He listened as the general spoke of dark holes and Justice Leagues emerging from them. He thought the idea of a Dark hole itself was preposterous but then he thought, if it was only open for a short amount of time it would be okay. So he escaped his mind and began to really focus on what the general was saying just in case someone else decided not to listen at all. Pencil pushers never give facts only theories but as of now our scientist believe that they could be from a different reality the only problem is, we don't know if in their reality they were friendly or if they were villains. It could possibly be that they are our originals and have found a way to come back to life, either way they cannot be trusted until we have properly briefed them. Your mission is to apprehend the Justice League and escort them to the NATO HQ in Brussels. "We will have to spread out, I will be going to England its up to you where you go but remember we cannot trust the League. If you run into any other obstacles handle it as they come and if you get overwhelmed call for back up. This is a world wide event other teams or individuals might be their too but we have our orders we had to apprehend the League.....lets just hope they come quietly"  Kadaj rose up immediately and made his way over to Kurrent's side. As he followed him into the jet he marveled at how fearless Kurrent was. He had just struck down the leader of a terribly powerful organization and he had to know that revenge was embedded in each and everyone of those assassins souls. Kadaj knew Kurrent would need all the assistance he could get in the trials ahead and whether he was willing to ask for it or not, Kadaj would provide.

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Slinger sat and payed careful attention as Kurrent and the Secretary General ran down the mission parameters. The Justice League is back? He thought to himself. I can't stand this rising from the grave and alternate universe stuff, it's unnerving. He shifted in his chair uncomfortably as he wondered about the "black holes." Could these have anything to do with negative energy? How will my body react? Slinger hadn't yet revealed to the world what had happened on his trip into space months before while fighting off an alien invasion. No one new about the metamorphasis that he had gone through, that he was going through still. Slinger himself wasn't sure what the end result would be as the positive energy stores in his body began to take hold, but what he did know was that he was changing, and as for now it was best to keep his new abilities hidden while he could.

The briefing was winding down and the grand scope of the upcoming operation was becoming clear. The Justice League would be great allies for Veritas, or great enemies. Either way they needed to be intercepted and Slinger decided to go somewhere where one particular member of the League seemed to frequent quite often. "I'm heading to Gotham. You can bet that the Bat will show up there sooner or later, plus it's proximity to one of these 'black holes' will give a good opportunity to observe one and see if we can't uncover some of the mystery surrounding them. Maybe I'll be able to kill two birds with one stone."

Slinger picked up the black box infront of him, inside was what would seem a very simple digital watch as per his instructions. He took it out and fastened it to his wrist. "I'll keep you all informed if anything goes down." Slinger made his way to the large garage in the underground facility, and found his bike their waiting for him, he flipped on the on board computer and once it booted up he ran its GPS. Slinger slipped on his helmet and spoke to his CPU through a microphone hidden inside the face guard, "Plot a course towards the anomoly, and try to avoid traffic, will ya?" He cranked the engine and gave one more command, "Open the doors to bay three." The giant mechanical doors slowly grinded open revealing a huge glass (or so it looked) tunnel that would put him in the heart of the city in minutes, he had his course plotted and hurried off to investigate what was going on.

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Another assignment for the self proclaimed "Soldier of the Army."Akira Overdrive had just got back within the ranks of the LaS and already he was on another mission to assassinate the leading weapons manufacturer in Russia.It had been a cold three weeks but that's what Akira was use to,cold.He had killed so many,and was not looking for friends for he knew the world was cold,colder then the black ice that lay in the deep mountains of Mother Russia.A small log cabin lay empty in the middle of a frozen lake,a temporary hub of operations for the Komplex Killer as he monitered the actions of his target from his high-tech computers and communications stystems,but right now the assassin lay motionless in a trance reciting japanese incantations focusing on his chi and the flow of his energy in order to keep things of his mind as well as the stiffiling cold.

The candles burned with a peaceful zen and a slight breeze blew threw every now and then suddenly the trance was broken;something was uneasy with Akira's chi as he nonchalantly stood up and looked around hoping to see what the disturbance was,he pushed open the door from his makeshift meditating area and quietly  creeped through the cabin with bare feet and chest searching for answers as if he was the greatest detective in the world.Though within five minutes of searching one of Akira's machines gave the answer to his question as a high pitched beep ran through the cabin alerting the Phantom Phenom of a sudden energy flux in the area,a wierd anomaly of some sort.Akira ran to his gear and quickly threw on his assassin kevlar armor,clad in all black and equipping his weapons,along with the legendary red-hiltted hanzo sword.

"What is that?"

Akira dashed back over to his computer staring at the scene with awe and dismay as the readings began to fluxuate off the charts irradically,and soon the machine began to give off sparks and it didn't take long for Akira to realize what was happening.His fast thinking mind allowed him to piece together the numbers and formulas that popped on the screen,he began to turn around as the cabin began to shake and rock back and forth with extreme treble,he quickly spun around and latched onto his two pistols automatically holstering them and making a run for the door.Once he reached it he burst form the cabin,sliding across the thick ice and covering his face with his arms,as he came to a stop he realized that whatever the prescence was,he didn't like it.


Ice was thrown everywhere along with the remains and ruins of the cabin,and in its wake was a black hole.He paused for a second then quickly stood up as he realized what was coming through the uncanny portal.The assassins eyes widen,then he came back down to earth,clutiching onto the hilt of his katana and the butt of his desert eagle he gave a stern look under his black mask fixed with red lenses,he was ready for whatever it was coming from the black hole.

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The LaS Chateux, The dining hall.......

The head of the table was where he sat, polished silver laid in front of him, the fine silk tailored table cloth spread across the illustrious cherry oak table, He did'nt come here to dine, no....He came here to meditate. His head sunk deep into his palm, his elbow rested upon this legendary table. The table were the best assassins in the word feasted and came up with some of there most famous battle plans.   His mind wandering like the eyes of a cat with a string of yard infront of it, slowly coming up with strategies as to how to take down The Master of Levis Tractus. Time had passed and the sand had nigh reached the end of the hour glass. There was'nt time to weep or mope, It was time to kill, to murder.....an all too familar past-time of the man they called the Drifter.

You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper.
- Robert Alton Harris

Slowly, he took his hand away from his face and planted it directly upon the chairs arm, raising up, he wandered off into the deep bowels of his room. Slowly, the door was slung back and inside was hundreds of monitors flickering on and off, lights of all colours bouncing across the dark walls, with a single spell book in the middle of this area.  The perfect combination of science and magic hard at work and yey, did these monitors speak.......News reports of black holes opening up across the globe and the Justice League rising from the grave headlined every last newspaper and hit the media like a ton of bricks.

"Sonnovab!tch......" He muttered as he stepped out of his room, the flickering monitors shut off and the book closed before his eyes as he slammed the door behind him.

Now two problems were presented....

Yes he wanted to kill The Excellence of Electrocution, He wanted vengeance for what he did to the woman who taught him nearly all he knew of being an assassin....... but he could only pursue that goal for so long when these Justice Lords roamed the earth.

"Lets get this party started"  The Enigmatic Darkling smirked

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Their world was dieing, order was lost and justice was slipping through the cracks of their very fingers. Things had not been for them as it once was. A chain of events that effected each of the members of the Justice League would come to play. One by one as the world crumbled around them and for a short while they did nothing. That was until one day that three of the most revered of their kind came together. They began to see things in a new light until it finally consumed them and turned them into something different. Their meeting was short and to the point, restore order whatever it takes was what came out of it. Their peers would all follow suit and that was when the Justice League became the Justice Lords.

In this world Lex Luthor had quickly took his presidency and used it to it's full advantage. While The League out of commission he uses his influence to take over the world. It was as if he had had it planned. In no time at all the world was his and that made him a target, a target to The Superman. The rest of the Lords had their own motives and they began to take the world back instilling their own brand of Justice.  The tipping of the iceberg came when all The Lords confronted Luthor,  The Superman hell bent on his new way of life and lost without his love Lois went in front of the world and grabbed Lex Luthor by the neck with one hand and raised him up high saying to the world.....WE WILL HAVE ORDER...and squeezed his hand tightly instantly snapping his neck. The crafty Luthor knowing that his life might someday be at risk planted nuclear reactors in the core of the earth. He had the capability to do it and his plan was genius. If his life was ever in danger, threaten the world's annihilation and the League would let him live to save the world. That would have worked when they were the League but they were now the Lords and they were so far gone that hesitation was not an option.

Some how Luthor managed to set off the nuclear reactor before his death and all volcanoes around their world began to erupt in unison. Tsunami grew 300ft in the air and crashed down on the cities. Luthor's death had started the end of their world. The Lords scrambled to see if they could stop it but it seemed that it was too late. Looking over at the magician Zatana, the Superman asked is thier anything you can do. She looked at him while nodding and said this world is done but......ecalper su htiw eht nellaf.... Suddenly black vortex's appeared and in front of them and as the world that they once turned from because of what they lost was about to perish they each stepped into one of the three vortex's to find a new life in another world.

The Superman stepped out from the vortex into a cold place. He never felt cold but the snowflakes falling always reminded him of his childhood. As the light began to return to his eyes he saw a man in front of him holding his weapons about ot make a stand. He did not know which Lords had followed him and did not know exactly where he was but as he started the man down his eyes began to glow a bright scarlet shine. Aloud he said with irritation in his voice...WE WILL HAVE ORDER and shot hot buring beams from his eyes toward the man in his front.....

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The wondering spider, been the newest addition to Veritas Inc. Adam had only one thing on his mind, to prove himself to be worthy of been under the leadership of Kurrent. It was not necessary but Adam been a former soldier knew it was good to show his passion to what he is devoted to. Even if  he never thought that the scenario would be so catastrophic. The wondering spider have been in the team for less than a week, and now he was told that there  is a chance that he could be suck into a black hole.. Beautiful. Swinging on his webs building to building Adam was headed to The loners nightclub. The loners nightclub was one of the Veritas’ safe houses in the City. Samantha aka: Sammy, his assistance called him to pick up a important package that Kurrent had given her. Making a curb swing through a building Adam lets go off the web in mid air landing on Sammy’s SUV.

Sammy: “Oh! That is so coming out your paycheck!” Said Sammy after seen her SUV roof bending in.

Adam: “What you got for me?”

Sammy: “Wow! *Mumbling* Not even a hi Sammy, how you doing?Or nothing, Here you go Hero!  

Sammy gave Adam a box containing a watch specially design to communicate whit his teammates. Sammy then filled Adam into the full situation.

   Sammy: Around thirty eight minutes ago black holes began opening up around the world. One in England, one in Russia and the other in Gotham City. Before you arrived I was listening to Kurrent since you are so busy playing hero. He said he received word that members of the long deceased Justice League were coming out of the black holes. Which is ether good news or bad. Kurrent wants his teammates to apprehend the league.

Adam puts on the watch on his right arm then pull up the sleeves of his left arm looking at his GPS watch it looks old compare to the one Kurrent gave them.

 Adam: "Well now, seem like we better update our technology, our communicators don’t reach so far but they actually have global communication, I see the beauty of the government budget." Adam then jumps off the SUV landing squat on the pavement asking where is the closes black hole.

Sammy: "I believe is Gotham."

Adam runs a couple of steps to gain impulse but then he hears the SUV been switch on and he stops.
“Don’t you even think about it Sammy” Sammy Cross her arms rolling her eyes mumbling “Oh, boy
Adam orders her to stay back, he can’t do his job and be worry about her at the same time.

 Sammy: “Fine, I wont go”

Adam knows Sammy quite well already, “Report the team, that I’m on my way to Gotham” Says Adam then He shoots web to one of her tires and jumps off swinging away. The web begins to consume the tire. Sammy gets out the SUV waving her fist in the air yelling  

“Damn you Adam!, you!,*Mumbles* @sshole.."

Adam Swings on his web heading to the nearest black hole, He got some ground to cover but whit his speed he will be there in no time.   

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Black Holes where made to be scientific anomalies that scientist found puzzling and for years tried to explain and create the disastrous portal,but in a flash of words and innate magical ability as all that the Justice Lords needed to come into this world with war and incredible power.Once before they fought in this universe but sent packing by the LaS who killed them with a fight,they retreated back to there home only for it to be destroyed and now they were more ruthless then ever coming back with a vengeance stronger then before.

Akira Overdrive stood holding his weapons silently and waiting patiently for the being that would come through the intense portal,the anticipation made Akira's trigger finger twitched and his eyes keep steady on the hole as if he was glued to it like something on the television.Soon a gust of wind between the portal and AO blew by with particles of snow and ice,it distracted the highly trained killer just for a second,and as he looked up a man stepped from the portal.Blue and Red.Flowing cape,S on his chest,Akira knew exactly who this was and his heart nearly dropped,but not from fear,but from excitment that he such the honor of fighting a legend.

Its been awhile since The Phantom Phenom trained for this day.He constantly watched film of the Boy Scout from his last visits and could hardly find kinks in the Man of Steel's arsenal or defense.He knew only few things could bring down this alien and he kept waht he needed in the inter-dimension storage system that he used the Flat-Space tech with...sadly...he no longer used Flat-Space and he was sure that he was in for the fight of his life,kind of like when he went up against Sha.He had to approach such an oppenent with no fear and confidence in all of his skill.He slowly pulled out his anti-metal short swords and they gleamed under the sun,and clinged onto the cold.The Superman looked confused for a second then began to speak in a low irritated tone


The Man of Steel's eyes began to glow with a crimson bright light ready to blast at Akira.Thats when it started.Taking no second though Akira Overdrive dodged the blast and slightly looked back as the laser beams broke a hole into the frozen tundra earth.He rushed with uncanny speed straight for the Superman and at the last moment flipped up into the air letting his anti-metal knives slide down his forearm and into the clucthes of his palms.As he came down behind the Boy Scout he let his daggers go in attempt to bring them into the shoulders of Superman,almost sure that his anti-metal could pierce the Invincible's skin.The Phenomenal AK Styles pushed backwards off the ice as he hit the ground and let his gauntlets pop open and grabbed the smoke bombs that lay in there.He quickly held them between his fingers and threw them straight for The Superman.The Ghost smiled under his helmet as he continued to run with guerilla tactics in mind.

"Ante up ® "

Akira spoke loud enough for his opponent to hear....
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In the dark cold reaches of space it slowly rotated around the Earth. At one time it had served as their base of operations, but that was along time ago. Inside was a wealth of alien technology, Kryptonian, Thanagarian, and a few others from galaxies far away. Now, for the first time in almost 5 years there was activity within. A shadowy figure navigated his way around the dark corridors and dimly lit halls. Two metallic orbs circled around the figures head reflecting the moon as it shown through the reinforced windows.

He had been hard at work for hours now feverishly repairing the once mighty base of the Justice League. Sweat trickled down his face and the black T shaped mask he used to rely information to the orbs. A prodigy and intellectual juggernaut, Mr. Terrific was only seconds away from reigniting the powercells that would energize, and once again bring to life the infamous Watchtower of the JLA.

“Testing, testing. This transmission is going out to all Justice Lords members. Switch communicators to a secured channel, over.”

A steady stream of information was being fed directly into Mr. Terrific’s mind. He was fully aware of the situation. The black holes as well as the sudden emergence of the Justice Lords. Although they didn’t consider themselves to be villains, they where a far cry from the fair play heroes of old. The Earth had had its chance to clean up the world, now the Justice Lords would do it for them. Creating a crime free utopia through extreme measures.

“To all Justice Lords receiving this transmission, this is Mr. Terrific Justice Lords clearance number 421 Alpha. The Watchtower is now fully operational. Fellow Leaguers are arriving through tears in reality all over the Earth. We are being treated as possible hostel invaders so approach each situation as confrontational. Today we clean up the Earth, whether they want it or not. Mr. Terrific out.”

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The black hole couldn't have opened in a worse place or at a worse time. It was match day. madness.....West Ham vs Chelsea.

The fans were already intense and when the  black hole opened up right in the middle of Boleyn Ground the natives became restless.  It seemed that they were not leavingthough, perhaps out of sheer amazement of the sight of such a scientific anomaly but probably it was that most of them had been waiting for this match to happen and like the truest of fans wanted to stick it out to the end.

The hole was just there with no activity for about 30 minutes now. As soon as Kurrent and the Veritas members  touched down on the ground he gave an order to the NATO troops that were already on ground..."Get these fans out of the stadium now..........and get the press out of here" Quickly the NATO troops began to evacuate the stadium. They had to do crowd control on the restless fans that were not to happy for having to leave. A bad feeling was starting to come over the Electric Ace by this time. If anything bad were to come out of that black hole the people would be in danger and to make things worse all of the cameras panned directly too him when he was giving the order to evacuate. This troubled him because he knew that their would be consequences after what he had done to the LAS Queen .This was the worst time for LAS to try and get their vengeance but for the perfect assassins it would be the best time, one that they would surely take advantage of.

With the crowd fleeing and the black hole still without movement Kurrent decided that something needed to be done. He looked over at his teammates and said to them "anything that comes out of this hole we will consider a threat, take down but do not use lethal force". He pulled out his retractable Kali sticks and watched the hole waiting on something to happen with the black hole, keeping a weary mind and thinking in the back of his mind that LAS would probably be on the way.

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15-year old Izaac Masterson, formerly known to media as Twilight Man, currently known as The Wanderer, had a few days ago been asked by Kurrent to join his newest team, Veritas Inc. Izaac was reluctant at first, since after all, Veritas Inc had strong connections to NATO, and Izaac didn't want to get involved with military or political organizations, secondly, he was already a full member of two other teams, WAL and KAS. But after some time thinking about it and discussing it with his daemon Zoria, he decided that he would join - granted it would provide him another edge to help the World.

Today, Izaac and Zoria took a fast sight-seeing flight trip around the world like they had done every morning since about four days back - today they had visited Great Wall of China, Stockholm, and Tokyo. This was his new way of waking up, and he liked it so far. After seeing Tokyo, he went back to New York City and the Statue of Liberty, where the Veritas Inc headquarters was located. A meeting was about to start. He sat down in his chair as he telepathically commanded Zoria to reassume her falcon form and stay on the outside. He watched the Earth hologram over the table, and while was impressed at the effect, it was still far below the holographic effects he had seen on planet Zerox among other worlds. Soon a large screen dropped down from the ceiling, and on the screen, the Secretary General of NATO could be seen, as he began to speak about their new mission. "15 minutes ago black holes began opening up around the world. One in England, one in Russia and the other in Gotham City. About 5 minutes ago I received word that members of the long deceased Justice League were coming out of them."Izaac listened, slightly amused. Black holes eh? First they name compact black stars this ridiculuos name even though they are anything but "holes"...now they give that name to something that actually makes more sense? Am I the only one seeing the great irony in this? He continued listening. "As you all know they and their families were killed by the Silent Assassins but now they are back." Kurrent started speaking now. "We can be at any given location within 20 minutes but Sir, do you know how the League returned. They have been dead for years"

"Pencil pushers never give facts, only theories, but as of now our scientist believe that they could be from a different reality the only problem is, we don't know if in their reality they were friendly or if they were villains. It could possibly be that they are our originals and have found a way to come back to life, either way they cannot be trusted until we have properly briefed them. Your mission is to apprehend the Justice League and escort them to the NATO HQ in Brussels." Oooh a Justice League from a parallell world? Cool... Izaac though slightly excited. Alternate timelines and universes was a great interest of his, and his multiverse/time-travelling powers could support such an interest. As the screen shut down and raised back in the ceiling Kurrent's (as well as Izaac's) attention was turned to the small black boxes in front of each present member. They were told it was a communicator watch and that those not present already got them. Picking up the watch, Izaac thought How the hell did they imagine I could wear this on my wrist? I already got large metal bracelets on both...oh well, some telekinetic manipulation might fix it... He changed the shape of the watch slightly, so it would fit better. Kurrent started speaking again. "We will have to spread out, I will be going to England its up to you where you go but remember we cannot trust the League. If you run into any other obstacles handle it as they come and if you get overwhelmed call for back up. This is a world wide event other teams or individuals might be their too but we have our orders we had to apprehend the League.....let's just hope they come quietly." Izaac could sense that Kurrent was worried for something, and it wasn't just a misplaced hunch, it was his own telepathy he had accidentially used again. Nevertheless, he rose up from his chair and walked out of the HQ and called for Zoria. Zoria...we're going to England.

Izaac visualized the magic symbol of Air that would grant him any type of transportational power he wanted, so he created a portal looking like a vortex of blue light and sparks before him. Stepping through with Zoria, they appeared on the other side of the portal, in England, at the top of Boleyn Ground in London. As he closed the portal, he suddenly got an ill feeling for two different reasons - first off, he saw what had been called a "black hole" which was really more like a multiversal portal, secondly, he had a phobia for sport fans. Although the second was not too much to worry about since he saw Kurrent ordering NATO troops to evacuate the stadium. Thank God...both for them and for me. Kurrent spoke again. "Anything that comes out of this hole we will consider a threat, take down but do not use lethal force."  No lethal force? Fine by me, I was never considering it anyways. But he felt really worried, what if some powerhouse like Superman, Martian Manhunter or possibly Firestorm would show up? How could he even think of fighting them? As far as Izaac was concerned, those weren't as reluctant to use their full extent of their powers as he was... Nevertheless, he tried to make himself as ready as possible, summoning his magic spear, as well as concentrating first on the symbol of Water/Ice, then of Earth and finally for the symbol of Eternity, having prepared himself with many of his otherwise latent powers. During this process, his skin turned ice blue (as it always did when he used more than two powers at once), but remained its warmth. "Okay...lets bring it."

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Alpha Guard was a little annoyed that he was the only Veritas member to have gone to stop the black hole in Russia, mostly because he didn't have a clue as to how to close it. Thankfully the black hole didn't seem to be causing a tremendous amount of damage, in fact, the more Alpha thought about it they seemed like portals. Gateways. He had seen the hole some time ago, but the closer he got the more it seemed like something was supposed to come out of it. When he was about half a mile away, the Guardian of Good sent a probe out to investigate the area beneath the vortex. He didn't know what he was dealing with and had no wish to learn the hard way.

After a few anxious minutes, the probe returned. As it landed in Alpha Guard's hand, a holographic projector activated and gave a 3-D picture of the black hole and the area around it. The Guardian of Good dissipated the probe, and flew closer to the black hole Now that he was satisfied that it was safe, he needed to figure out a way to close it, and stop anything that might have already come out.

The vortex was above a small clearing; before Alpha Guard could reach it, a bright red flash blazed in the clearing. The next second it was gone. Alpha Guard halted in midair, it was now painfully obvious he wasn't alone. The Guardian of Good dived down to the shelter of a few bushes in time to see a hole blasted into the ground by a laser. Alpha Guard immediately recognized Akira Overdrive, as well as his opponent. Well well well. The mighty Superman. I've just gotta see this. Though the fact that he's arrived here at the same time these black holes appeared, even at the same place as one of them, can't be a coincidence. If the Justice League did create these black holes, and are using them to come here, who's to say there won't be more? Better check in with the others, see if they've gotten anything.

Quickly creating a shield around himself that would make him inaudible, Alpha Guard activated the communication feature on the watch Kurrent had given him. Guys, it's Alpha Guard. I've reached the black hole in Russia, and I'm pretty sure that the Justice League is using the black holes to come here. Superman and Akria Overdrive are fighting as I speak, there aren't any other Justice League members here right now so chances are they'll be coming out of the other black holes. I'll keep an eye on the hole here, but let me know if you need backup.
Alpha Guard ended the transmission, and turned his attention back to Akria and  Superman. For now he was content to let them fight, but if Superman won it would be up to him to take the Man of Steel out. And hopefully there wouldn't be many more Leaguers joining him.

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The panic in the streets was apparent as Slinger zipped through the streets weaving his way through the traffic heading toward the point of the "black hole" that had recently appeared. He issued commands to his on board computer, "Patch me into the feed from the other members of Veritas, and enable tracking." The HUD on the inside of his visor blipped as it showed a world map with red dots near Russia, England, and the Northeastern United States,  "Zoom on Gotham City." It blipped again and showed two red dots converging on the Gotham public library, "identify." This time there was no blip, but a woman's voice, it was cool, calm, and obviously synthesized, "Targets Identified as Veritas members Slinger and Wondering Spider." The Spider. Slinger thought. That's good, maybe I'll get to see what the boy can do.

Slinger was always impressed by the library in Gotham. Way back when it was first built it was a huge cathedral, it made Slinger comfortable, like he belonged there. The city and state police had already set up a perimeter around the massive gothic structure, keeping the gawking civilians at bay. Slinger looked up and could see what he was looking for among the towering spires, a swirling black and purple mass, it looked like a tunnel to oblivion.

Slinger parked and locked his bike, then pushed through the crowd of onlookers, ignoring the pleas for autographs and walked up to the officer in charge of the situation, a captain,"Good work captain, anything in or out?"

The captain responded with relief that his backup had finaly arrived, "No traffic yet Slinger. My men have done a sweep of the building and it's clear of civies. We've been watching it carefully from a distance, but haven't approached it yet."

Slinger had one last question before moving in, "Access to the roof?"

The captain looked puzzled, "The closest spot is from the belltower it looks like it should get you within a few feet of the hole, are you going up there?"

Slinger answered nonchalantly while already walking away, "That's the plan. If you see the Wondering Spider tell him to meet me on the tower, I'm gonna go take a closer look."

The halls of the libray were strangely silent, it was visible that the place had been evacuated in a hurry, there were open books at every table. Slinger made his way to the back of the building to where the tower door was and opened it to find a tall winding staircase made of wood. The steps creaked loudly as he walked up them spiraling up around the ropes used for toling the massive brass bell. Slinger made it up through the timber floor of the room with the huge bell and that's when he finally got a real good look at the anomoly. It seemed to absorb the light all around it giving everything  a pale gray look. For the moment Slinger was content to wait and observe, but then he had another thought. I wonder if these things are two way streets.

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The trip to Gotham by ground would easily take hours but Adam made it there in less than thirty minutes via webbing airlines. The wondering spider was swinging through the Gotham buildings at great speed he then shoots a web to a not so high building swinging he makes the turn and jumps off the web sticking to the surface of the building. Adam takes a breather, it was a long trip, He looks around him asking himself, “Now if I as a black hole where would I be.?” Adam then sighs and looks around for a taller building he could see at the distance Wayne tower was a nice shot, Adam crawls up to the top of the building getting to the rooftop then runs in direction to Wayne tower and jumps off the edge of the building swinging on his web. He knew he had to get good impulse, whit each swing he got higher and higher until reaching the heart of Gotham, Wayne tower. Adam climb right to the top of the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne’s tower. The view was perfect all Gotham could be seen from it. The location of the black hole was no longer in question, either it was fourth of July or the G.C.P.D were surrounding the perimeter at the cathedral meaning that is the location. Adam lift up his sleeves and reports to the team.

“I just arrive in Gotham city I can see the light show from my location I will be there in exactly a minute  give or take, over.”

Adam jump off Wayne tower and makes the mother of the long swings snapping off the web he falls and grabs a flag pole performing two pirouettes holding on to it then let go rising on the air shouting “Yahoooo!”
He keeps swinging all the way to the area he could see the G.C.P.D doing their job keeping the people distant. Adam swings into the picture performing a back flip landing squat on the floor next to a officer. “Talk to me!” The  guard looks puzzled at WS asking in a confuse tone, “Spider-man?” Adam sighs rolling his eyes dying to call the guard a moron but he just calms down and ask the guard to fill him in the situation. “Well we got the crowd under control we have secure the perimeter, Also one of your teammates have already arrive, he ask for you to meet him on the tower." Adam then looks up to the cathedral and he notice it was actually a library. “Carry on captain!” said Adam while he leaps into the air and swung on his web going to the Library. Adam looks to the tower and it didn’t seem to be anyone around it. He swung and landed on the tower roof and crawled carefully to the edge and stick his head into the room he was able to see his allied staring at the anomaly. Carefully he crawl on to the room ceiling avoiding the huge bell he get into position right on to of Slinger Adam used his webbing and slowly lowered upside down sneaking up on his partner and joins him staring at the black hole. SO!” Shouts Adam. "That thing.. Is a black hole.. Nice, am I the onlyone getting goosebumps here?" Ask the wonder crawler to Slinger while he keeps staring at the black hole absorbing the lighting of the room.

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He walks home after getting his breakfast, he takes his keys out of his pocket and puts the key into the keyhole he turns the key and walks slowly in and takes the keys out of the keyhole. He walks slowly into the kitchen to make launch for work this afternoon, he turns on the TV to watch the evening news, he turn up the volume..."It´s seems that theirs something going on in the soccer field were there was game later this morning, what can you tell me about it Dr. Steven"..."Well theirs seems to be opening black holes everywhere on Earth, Russia, here in England and all over the world."... Alex takes a seat while watching the news.

Half time later

He turns off the TV and watches threw the window where people started panicking. He then quickly turns around and runs to his bed to back his bags and run away. But then he wondered..."Why run away now, This is black holes and i can´t run away, this would be a great news for the news paper, if i just can take a pictures with my camera of the black hole!"...
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Zatanna Zatara had been silent during the entire briefing of the Justice Lords. The sorceress hadn’t been the same since the events that had changed her from a mere hero to a true bringer of justice, from a Justice Leaguer to a Justice Lord. As the leading trio talked and explained the new philosophy of their team, Zatanna only half-listened. She couldn’t have been more in approval of the new “Bring justice, no matter what” attitude the Lords had adopted, especially since the murder of the coven of young witches she had been watching over. That had been the last straw. No more half-measures, no more pity, no more second chances. They would bring justice to their world, no matter the price. Mercy and good will had proven to be insufficient. They would use force and they would succeed.

Unfortunately these plans had very quickly been disrupted by the death of Lex Luthor and the apocalypse it had unleashed. The Lords were taken by surprise by the multiple nuclear explosions and didn’t have time enough to react. Superman, the greatest hero of their universe, perhaps, turned to Zatanna.

“Is there anything you can do?” he asked, sounding unusually worried. Zee bit her lower lip, her mind racing. Surely she couldn’t cast a spell that would turn back time for the entire planet? What would be the better course of action, damage control? Suddenly, the idea came to her and she replied confidently.

“This world is done for... but others aren’t. Ecalper su htiw eht nellaf.”

They may have failed in this universe, but there were other realities to save, other worlds to bring justice to. As shadowy portals formed in front of the Lords, Zatanna braced herself. This time they would not fail. This new world, this new chance to succeed in their mission would not be wasted. Looking around, the witch saw her fellow Lords preparing themselves to travel into this new world, preparing themselves to do everything for their mission. They would waste no time.

Superman stepped into one of the portals first. Following his noble example, Zatanna entered the result of her very own magic and felt the mystical forces at work as she was transported to another reality. Opening her eyes, it took her a few moments to recognize her location but when she did, she was shocked to see how identical it was to that of her own world. She had to be in the tower adjacent to the Gotham City library, without a doubt. Slightly blinded by the light now that she had come out of the black hole where it had been completely dark, Zatanna didn’t even see the two men who had been waiting for her, waiting for their enemy to appear out of the black hole. Well, they’d just been served and the first move was theirs.

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After The Fall Of Mobb Deep, Ga Was forced to roam the Streets of Manhattan, suppressing the evil That Lurked The Gloomy Streets Of The City In paranoia. The Crime rate In manhattan As Increased Dramatically over the pass Few years Since The Legendary Green arrow, there were no hero's that were powerful enough to go against  the villians of manhattan, so they fled the city apathetic to the safety of the citizens. Ga was one of the few hero's that remained in Ny, because it was his home town, and h could not let it fall into ruin. He fought against many Infamous Villains of the City Like Avalanche and Blackwing. Soon Most  of the solo villains began to Form Small criminal organization, Announcing bounties against Ga, soon the whole city was against The noble archer, he was not safe in his own home anymore. Archer was forced to decrease his heroic activities Until he could find the ultimate solution to Ending the evil that hindered His City. Soon His Ultimate Resolustion Fell into His hands, as he walked drove home from work Home from work, he noticed one of the most renown villain Of manhattan Hayden Miles In pursuit of a young women, archer hoped out of his honda civic and attacked her with a razor disk saving the young women. The women's name Was Michelle and She was investiagting the disappearance Of Shayla Lopez, another hero.  Ga and michelle Started to Assciate with each other after that day, ga tought Michelle everything he Knew about Martil arts, she wasnt fond to the use of a bow, so he taught her a few fighting styles he learned from Emerald archer, who was trained by the Great Green Arrow himself.

After Years Of training with Michelle, Ga  Decided to use her as His partner to fight against crime, but there attempts proved worthless amongst the rising age of the villians , they were nearly Killed In many attempts. This Depressed Ga Deeply, he did not know what to do for his poor city, he thought of just dying Nobly in attempt of Justice restoration, but fate would not allow that to happen. then Michelle Suggested that He create a Justice organization,  containing people from all over the world, and then the birth of Nwa Occured. After that day they were able to subdue the evil that reigned Upon  manhattan, but were they able to supress evil On a galatic scale?


Ga slouched in His Black Recliner chair Contemplating about The global Criminal events that have  Occured In The 5 year radius, "Since The  Forming of The New world allaince, Criminal Activities has Decreased by 30% Since the year 2003" An Operative spoke Confidently " If we keep this up, most Criminal Organization will either disband, or perish Due toour Power that Iour Lord had granted Us, its to bad that michelle isnt here to witness this Speech"The operative said once more. Ga stood up from his chair with releasing a large Sigh, brought from anxiety"Michelle......well she is of another subject, We have supressed A great amount of illegal events and that is what our Thoughts should concentrate on, soon we will live in a world  of peace and properity, we could walk the streets with looking behind our backs, we could.."Ga was Interrupted by a large siren like sound that echoed the room at high volumes vibrating the pit of his stomach in awe and Nervousness. Ga looked at The large plasma Televison screen that pathed vertically n front of Ga close to a long oak brown confrence table. A bright flash emitted the dull lighted room followed by a Unchanneled Digtal sound That irrated most staff in the room. then a middle aged man with thining golden brown hair , and a Emotionless pale serious face Projetced on the screen,it was the President of russia"Dmitry Medvedev
".President Mdvedev, it is a pleasure to so you at good health again" Ga welcomed The live visualization of the Russian President"yes it is good to see you as well Moses, But i must terminate the welcoming descussion for another time, there is an unidentirifed portal, in one of our cities,In pevek to be specific, The Portal, is of an unkown entity, we donnot know what it is capable of doing, we want to Send our scientist to the site to investigate, but we donnot know The capabilities of the Vortex, thats why i ask for your Assitance in helping us figure out what this vortex is , and where it came from"The President said with his Heavy deep voiced acent. Ga's face squinted in Curiosity" Alrite, ill Observe this personally, ill be there Tomorow morning, i will head straight to the site, i wont be staopping to make any vistits to you after i set This situation straight"the televison turned off without any of the two saying their goodbyes, Ga walked towards  One of his operatives"i need you to egt my a private jet to pevek russia so i could check out whats going on there ok?" Ga said rushingly"but sir why dont you send one of  the General to do this? why put yourslef in harms way?"  The Operative said in concern"ceratin sacrifices must be made, besides , i doubt that i would be imperil too a vrotex? ahaha" ga walked out of the confrence room and headed towards his dorm in his hQ apartment section to depart in a deep Slumber , a long day awaits this hero and a good rest his deserved

The Next day

Archer had Just awaken From His Deep beautiful Slumber that made him Reluctant To climb out of Bed to start His Day. Archer sat up  for a moment to gain Full consciousness, his head throbbed a sharp pain, his mouth was dry and had the pungency Of feces. he rubbed his face lazily, he wiped the eye crust that were at the end of his eye corners, he gave out a big yawn as he rose from his bed. He began to Fix his bed neatly making sure that the sheets were tucked in tighly before he headed into the bathroom. He examined his Large room Cockily, The room was filled with all types of Decorations and antiques, archer had  a picture of  hi and his ex wife Daniela  hanging over his bed post warmingly,The room was a Light shade of green, matching the color of The Eucalyptus Plant that rested on his wood oak  Cylinder table that was beside His bed. Archer had A large dresser horizontally away from his bed, he then had a telescope that aimed upwards out the window Into the sky.

 Archer Opened his room door and headed down a narrow Corridor that was painted a Comfortable shade of brown, the walls of the corridor displayed many pictures of Archer, It showed all of the place he had visited in his past life. he then terminated in the middle of  The corridor to open a white wood door that lead into his Medium size bathroom. The bathroom was white tiled, filled with The aroma of fresh cut autumn flowers. He head towards the sink and stared at the horrific image of himself, his hair was Standing up as if he was shocked by and electrical device, his face was pale stained with dry saliva at the side of his lip. archer Began to tend to his general Hygienic deeds witch consisted of washing is face, brushing teeth, and showering. After tending to his daily Duties he wnet back into His room and Dressed himself In His emerald green Costume wich resembled green archers attire, and headedout back to the confrence room to see if his plane is ready.

He entered the Confrence room to see his righthand operative there pointing at a staircase that lead to a platform with a circular device was luminous with green. "
Step on that teleportation, it will take you to the planne station" The operative said Morbidly"Dont worry  Reymond , i'll be  ok man, dont take this like im fighting magneto or something, its just an observation, you know  if  felt i wasnt safe i wouldnt go, ill text you on my phone if anything" Ga said  Positively as operative reymond sighed. Ga walked towards the platform and stepped on the device, a green aura outlined Ga, and everything became wavy and dilatory in his view" whoah!" he said in stupefaction,then he disssapered with a light indescribable sound to his destination wich is the private plane.

The Departure

It was a cold Malevolent day, the Grey clouds were lachrymose  drizzling its cold liquids Upon Ga green leather attire, the Aroma Of damp Concrete Filled the city scape Overpowering the pungency of jet feul, The wind guts Sent chills down Ga's spine causing him to shiver for warmth letting out a deep Teeth gritting growl, The sonority of rain echoed Throughout the runway as Ga walked Towards the plain steps  . His Flat surfaced Green Combat Boots slapped against the floor loudly as he walked on the tar floor . After 3 minutes of delicate rain it came to a hault, the Phosphorous sun Illuminated the setting with a brilliant Light that provided warmth against the geledity of the windy moisture, it was well needed for Ga who wore a This Green attire . He finally reached the Plane steps, he glanced around his surroundings  for the last time, he did not get to view his setting clealy, he noticed that he was on an island with many planes, and that was the only thing he ould view before the Plane ignited its motors and startled him into runing in the plane.

Ga wondered what lies in his path in russia, will this end in a good or bad note, who knows, lets see waht the future lies ahead of this hero

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Slinger was attentively studying the swirling black mass when he was interrupted by the sudden arrival of his teammate, the Wondering Spider. "So! That thing.. is a black hole.. nice, am I the only one getting goosebumps here?" The Spider, as usual was trying to lighten the tense situation with humor, a trait that Slinger appreciated, as it helped to relax the knight.

"Well, it's obviously not a 'black hole' otherwise we would have been crushed to a singularity by now." Slinger answered, "I've been waiting for a little while now, it looks like it's more of a tunnel. I was contemplating an attempt to breech it from this end." Slinger had a very pensive look about him. "Hey! I've got an idea. Why don't you-"

Interrupting Slinger's proposal, out of nowhere, the air seemed to crackle with energy. Fuchsia lightning popped in the air around the black tunnel humming as if it was suddenly charged with electricity. Then, a lone figure appeared from the dark portal, a woman. She was oddly dressed, as if she had just got off stage at a Vegas magic show, Slinger couldn't help but to smirk slightly at her appearance, and though as odd as she looked, she was also somehow extremely charming.  The woman seemed dazzled slightly by the bright light of the tower and Slinger quickly made an assessment of the situation. If I knew she was an enemy, this would be an opportune time to strike, Slinger thought, but I don't know anything about her, or her intentions. It'll be best to try and reason with her. Finally he spoke up, bowing conspicuously, "Pardon me miss, but my name is Slinger, and this," he motioned wit a hand toward his teammate,  "is my associate the Wondering Spider. We have orders from NATO and Veritas Inc. to escort you to Brussels where you'll be reunited with your friends and be expected to give a report to the heads of the organization." He paused for just a moment as the woman seemed to be regaining her composure, then continued again. "We're not here for a fight, we simply would like to know exactly what is going on with these 'holes'. Please cooperate." Slinger put his hands up as if to  say "I'm not armed" , then he patiently waited to see how the startled woman might react.

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"Well, it's obviously not a 'black hole' otherwise we would have been crushed to a singularity by now." Slinger answered, "I've been waiting for a little while now, it looks like it's more of a tunnel. I was contemplating an attempt to breech it from this end." Slinger had a very pensive look about him. "Hey! I've got an idea. Why don't you-"

Interrupting Slinger's proposal, out of nowhere, the air seemed to crackle with energy. Fuchsia lightning popped in the air around the black tunnel humming as if it was suddenly charged with electricity. Then, a lone figure appeared from the dark portal, a woman. She was oddly dressed, as if she had just got off stage at a Vegas magic show.

“Hotty!” Exclaim Adam at the presence of the emerging woman, “You know Slinger, I’m starting to like black holes already.” Said Adam while he flips off his web landing squat in a ready position. Slinger fallow up doing the right thing as a officer trying to see if is possible to communicate with the Justice League member.

"Pardon me miss, but my name is Slinger, and this," He then motioned wit a hand toward his teammate,  "is my associate the Wondering Spider. We have orders from NATO and Veritas Inc. to escort you to Brussels where you'll be reunited with your friends and be expected to give a report to the heads of the organization." He paused for just a moment as the woman seemed to be regaining her composure, then continued again. "We're not here for a fight, we simply would like to know exactly what is going on with these 'holes'. Please cooperate." Slinger put his hands up as if to  say "I'm not armed" , then he patiently waited to see how the startled woman might react.

Adam out the  sudden Gasp but for no reason, he gets up on his feet from the squatting position and seem confuse looking all around him “Slinger!” Said Adam while he approach him he whisper to him “ I don't want to alarm you or anything, but I’m having the worse case of goosebumps right now, is driving me nuts and is coming from her direction” (Spider sense) Adam waves to the magician while he backs away from Slinger not taking his eyes from the Houdini girl.   

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Alex took his camera and rushed out, he took the keys from the pocket and put it into the keyhole to lock the door, he ran down the stairs and ran to the soccer field, he was running and people was running to but not the same way so it was harder for Alex. "Coming threw, please make some room!" he said but the people didn´t move so Alex, just ran.
When he was at the Soccer field, he didn´t want to go in because he was to tired to stand. So he sat at a bench to breath. He stood up and walked silently into the soccer field. He was at a good spot to take pictures he took few, but when he was done the 'hole' was starting to move it was now little bit bigger. He took his camera and started taking pictures "I´m gonna be ritch and famous for not to long, why am i doing this?" thought Alex. He took pictures but the film was done, so he went to his pocket and got a film but he droped it when he took his head down to go looking for it, something came out of the hole....

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Nothing would stop him from bringing order to this new world. From Zatanna's spell, the Man of Steel knew in his mind that this is not were they belonged. This was an alternate universe from their own but that did not matter. They had made their mistakes in the last world and in this one they will all be corrected and not a minute after he had entered this new universe that he would now call home he had to act. Upon spotting a man in front of him The Superman could not resist and shot out heat beams from his eyes towards the man with powerful force.

To The Superman's surprise the man in front of him that was in the wrong place at the wrong time was fast and very skilled. He was even able to dodge The Supermans heat beams. "Impressive, not many people have been able to do that" thought Superman as he witness the effects of the beam that made a large hole in the ground that steamed up vigorously. Before he knew it he felt two pricks on his shoulder that knocked him off balance but did not puncture his skin. It felt more like a karate chop on the steel like exterior of the Superman but indeed showed him that this man was in the mood to fight. Superman turned quickly and said as he looked him in the eye and said "I know you" right before Akira Overdrive threw canisters of smoke at him. Then began to move as if he was tactically planning on continuing this battle.

The thick smoke quickly began to fill the area and it blocked Supermans sight on the quick minded opponent. Using his x-ray vision Superman began to scan the field as he spoke aloud to throw off Akira " I know who you are, you are Akira Overdirve, In my world you are an action move star that is always questioned on if he is "real" or not. I must admit I saw Ante up but it could have been better" Jjust then The Last Son of Krypton spotted him through the smoke. In a split second he took a flight in a bee line towards him with both hands interlocked. His speed was incredibly fast and his hands were positioned over his right shoulder. When he made it Akira's location he swung downward in a chopping motion toward the upper part of his body . He knew swinging side ways and with the force the Superman packed it would send him flying over the nearby cliff but at that time his intention was not to kill him but to hurt him. First he needed answers on this new world and after he got them if Akira was still a threat to bringing order to this world, then he would kill him.

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Black holes open up all over the world England, Russia, and Gotham City. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to tell where the Batman would end up. Gotham City, Crime Alley...the very place the Batman was born.


"Hmph, so this is where I begin...again."

The Batman presses the middle of his utility belt, sending a signal but to the Bat Cave triggering the remote starter on the Bat-mobile. Alfred standing over next to the Bat computer turns with eyes wide open, and watches the Bat-mobile take off at full speed. He logs onto the Bat computer to trace the signal back to its point of origin.

"Bat-wave do your thing….(4 seconds later) There we go, downtown Gotham. T-T-This can't be Crime Alley!"


The Bat-mobile comes out of a hidden exit behind Crime Alley, stopping mere inches from the Batman's feet.


"Just as I thought, this world's Batman uses the same frequency on Bat-wave that I do."

Batman hops into the Bat-mobile and heads to Wayne Manor. The Bat-mobile enters the cave coming to a complete stop at the edge of the platform. Alfred stand with a broom in head ready for combat, as the top of the car slides open.

"Whoever you are, I don’t know how you've cracked Bat-Wave but I’ve already notified Oracle. And I’ve had training by the Batman himself, so I'd think twice about trying something if I were..........My word, it cannot be."


The Batman stands up jumping out of the Bat-mobile. Looking at Alfred, he removes his mask and Bruce Wayne stands before him.

"Alfred it’s good to see you old friend, as I'm sure you've heard by now deceased Justice Leagues have been coming out of these black holes all over the planet. I am Bruce Wayne, I am The Batman. Just with slight attitude adjustment, but my mission hasn't changed I will protect Gotham."

The Batman walks right past Alfred who is standing with a blank look on his face, still in shock. The Bat computer defense systems activate, weapons pop out of the roof, from behind the monitors, and from beneath the floor. "IDENTIFY...Password Required"

Alfred stares at the Batman, for clone, nor android would know this password. Only five people on Earth knew this password  and three of them are dead.


"Joe Chill..." the Batman says." Password Accepted...voice and retina scan complete, SUBJECT confirmed Bruce Wayne. Welcome Sir, input command at any time.

" Computer use satellite Beta-7 to give me the locations of any Meta-human activity in Gotham.” Roger, data on screen.


Slinger, Wondering are located at The Gotham City Public Library...Justice Leaguer Zatanna has just arrival on location as well.


"Master Bruce, Zatanna was also one of the heroes that fell years ago." Alfred says

"Meaning this Zatanna is from my world....Gotta go, Alfred monitor Gotham for anymore meta-humans and keep me updated via Bat-wave. I think it’s time the Batman finally hit the street...or maybe the skies." The Batman looks over at the Bat-Wing the hanging upside down from the ceiling.


"Yes sir, and may I add that it’s good to have you back Master Wayne. And it's very good to have The Batman back as well."


The Batman smiles only on one side of his face. He grabs the handle of the pole that leads to the second level of the Bat Cave. Its shots up, pulling him to where access ramp to the Bat-Wing is located.


"Pre-flight checks complete, hangar doors are open, hanging cables detached...Engine online..."


The Bat-Wing takes off out of the cave, climbing in altitude and banking left headed into Gotham City. The old Justice League communicator in the Bat-Wing turns on....


“To all Justice Lords receiving this transmission, this is Mr. Terrific Justice Lords clearance number 421 Alpha. The Watchtower is now fully operational. Fellow Leaguers are arriving through tears in reality all over the Earth. We are being treated as possible hostel invaders so approach each situation as confrontational. Today we clean up the Earth, whether they want it or not. Mr. Terrific out.”


"Master Bruce, what did Mr. Terrific mean, whether we want it or not?" Alfred asks over the Bat-wave communicator.

"Remember when I said I a slight attitude adjustment? Well this Batman isn't afraid to cross the line to get the job done Alfred. I'm not a murder, I only take a life when it's kill or be killed.....Or when I'm after good old-fashion payback!"

"Oh my, that really is an adjustment sir." Alfred tells the Batman.

" I'm over the library, Batman out..."

The Batman switches the Bat-wing into auto-pilot mode and exits the plane thru the emergency exit door under the seat. Dropping out in mid-air, he spreads his cape and catching the air current the cape begins to harden and take shape. The moonlight above him make the shadow on the ground below him look as if a giant bat was swooping down. This was it...The Batman had returned.






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 Flash back: 1 year ago

 A 19 year old man threw back the doors of his church, those blue oceanic eyes of his never wandering, his hair black and greased back, slowly he tipped two of his fingers into a large golden bowl and crossed himself before he took his seat. Locking onto that ebony cross, he sat and began to pray quietly with a bible in his hand. "I come before you both humbled and humiliated but I ask for one thing of you, Please let my mother live atleast one more day, I asked that one of you, I'd do anything for that one thing". Six hours, he cried and poured his soul into this prayer before he grabbed his bible and began to walk away, ever hoping that his prayers would be answered. As he clutched hold of the door and slung it back, a voice rang out.......and thus, within little more than ten minutes......the young man had sold his soul away.....
The Present day

Those gleaming red eyes of his peering out from beneath a veil of shadows, the back alleys of England setting the backdrop as a man slowly made his way out of the shadows, His long cloak flowing behind him, the brisk cold winds ever wavering as a small knife was pulled from his back pocket. The cresent moon shining brightly across the leather bound dagger, shining across that blade of his.....Haunted by a past life and all those who's doubted him, who condescended to him, who f^ed with him all those times, He'd had enough and now was his time to prove his loyalty to the Assassins.  His shoulders rolled back and that cloak of his fell off into the city streets, drenched in a mixture of blood and sweat. He pulled that dagger up to his chest and began to cut.......A downward motion and a quick horizontal motion made the L on the left side of his chest and so he went onto the middle of his chest, carving the A and onto the right side of his chest, where he cut an S into his right pec. "LaS" He whispered as he watched the blood dribble off the side of his knife and down his chest, silently running down his legs. Reaching for his cloak once more, he threw back on himself. No hope, no emotion, just fire, The fires of hell dwelling in his eyes...And with The Drifter's clutched onto that blade once more and walked back into the Darkness of the alleys with pain throbbing through him.

1 hour later.....

Big Ben, the lazy ticking of that infamous clock synchronized with the beating of the assassins heart. His eyes locked onto the city below as that cape of his flowed with the night, the wounds still not healed but he did'nt care.

What can you do when Pain is the only friend you've got?

"Veritas, Justice Lords, Hear my cry, Come to me and face Hell" He shouted a cry.....a cry that was sure to be heard, with every fiber of his being he shouted that call out once more, his neck and throat swelling with pain but he accepted it, and sighed relief knowing they'd come to him. Like prey falls into a Wolves trap, they'd come.

Kurrent, Kadaj and those from Veritas, Blue Beetle and Star Girl, Those from Justice Lords....

They would come to him and they would die

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“Perhaps if you had taken a harder stance against the criminal element you’d still be alive today.” Said the condescending voice of Nightwing.

He was surrounded by mausoleums and marble headstones as the cold Gotham Air made his breath visible. His focus was locked on the grave in front of him as if it where the only thing he could see.

“We do things just a little differently now. The lines have become blurred making it real easy to cross them when need be. To catch, and more  importantly kill a wolf, you must become a wolf. You must think as he does, move as he does. Be willing to do whatever is necessary to put him down. And most importantly, you can never hesitate. A lesson you should have learned.”

Off in the distance a low rumble announced the arriving storm. Causing Nightwing to snap back from the deeper reaches of his subconscious. A single bolt of lightning flicked in the background lighting up the name on the headstone.

Here lies Dick Grayson

A true hero and protector of Gotham

You will be missed but never forgotten

Nightwing started to walk away while pulling down the black mask on his altered costume. And as the rain started to fall the young hero sped off on his motorcycle headed towards the one person he knew he could trust. Traveling through however wasn’t easy. Police and National Security checkpoints had been constructed all around the city causing massive traffic jams and long delays.

Removing his communicator from his hip Nightwing tried getting in contact with his friend and mentor,

“Bruce, Bruce come in this is Dick. I’m in but the city is on complete lockdown. I’m taking to the rooftops, it’ll be quicker. What’s your position?”

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Zatanna Zatara was surprised when she heard a man's voice speaking to her, advising her to cooperate. She blinked a few times, letting her eyes get used to the level of brightness outside of the black hole. As the second hero spoke, Zee studied them both. When she saw them, she was reminded of herself a few years ago. The spiderish man especially, he seemed younger. Nevertheless, when she looked in their eyes, she saw that flicker of hope, that good will... that naïveté. These two heroes probably wanted to make the world a better place, with their noblety and their honor and their good intentions... a dream she had been rudely awakened from shortly before she had become a Justice Lord. They couldn't understand. Remembering Mr. Terrific's message and warning that they were considered as potential threats, Zatanna acted on instinct.

"Seoreh tonnac evom!" she said, her voice filled with confidence.

Before she could even see whether her spell had worked or not, the sorceress used her most sensuous voice and spoke up.

"Heroes, do not see this as an attack, far from it. It is actually a warning. My friends the Justice Lords and I have come to this world to make it better. We are not your enemies unless you begin to treat us as such. I would advise you not to cross us, however. We are heroes and we are only bringing justice to this world, so you should not fear us. Let us work freely and no hero shall be harmed. We are doing this for your own good."

"Also," she added, realizing that her paralysis spell was starting to wear off, "do not follow me."

She winked at the heroes and, snapping her fingers, she disappeared in a swirl of purple smoke, only to reappear one hundred meters away, in the street adjacent to the library and tower. Now, the sorceress needed to get in contact with her teammates again...

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Pushing a baby carriage and dressed like and elderly woman, the assassin known as Gambler made his way down Green Street towards Dr. Martens Stand. His face was wrapped with a red shawl while the gray hooded wool coat not only covered his head but gave him an unassuming domineer. Already crowds of people where huddled in the famous street outside the stadium. Some in disbelief while others where outraged by the cancellation of the match. The Veritas organization had already arrived on scene quickly taking control of the situation. News crews frantically tried to gain access in hopes of video tapping the anomaly. So far according to reports no one, or thing, had emerged from the black hole.

None of this concerned the Cajun who seemed relatively unphased by the arrival of the once dead members of the JLA. He began to whistle as he ran his finger along the outer fence causing it to shimmer with a purple tint. He paused for a moment as he reached inside the stroller and removed a small yet cuddly teddy bear. Immediately a little girl slipped her hand free from her mother’s grasp while she was caught up in the hysteria, and ran towards the stranger baring gifts.

“Well hey there chere. You like my friend?”

The little girl shyly smiled and fidgeted before nodding her head yes. Gambler extended the bear towards the girl before playful jerking it back,

“I think he likes you too. Tell you what, I’ll let you have him if you do me one favor. Can you do dat?”

Once again the girl grinned and nodded yes.

“Dats a good girl. Okay, what I want you to do is, wait just a little bit and then take your new friend over to dat fence over dhere. You see which one I’m pointing to? Dats it, very good. I want you to then pick up a stone, doesn’t matter how big it tis, close your eyes, and throw it against the fence. Can u do dat? Aww, I knew you could”

The child grabbed the teddy bear hugging it close before running off towards the fence. As she reached down and grabbed a hand full of pebbles she looked back to see if the stranger was still there but there was no sight of him. As told she closed her eyes before flinging the hand full of stones into the fence. She never felt a thing as the entire west stand of the Broly Grounds erupted in a mass explosion engulfing  her instantaneously. Dust covered everything as smoke rolled into the air. Bodies lay strung out along the street either dead or dying among the debris. Their cries of pain and agony going unanswered for the time being.

By now Gambler had positioned himself inside one of the executive boxes. Slowly he laid down the wool coat while piecing together a black M107 or “Light Fifty” as it was more commonly known as. The .50 caliber weapon was lowered down allowing its tripod to rest securely on the floor. Taking aim through the high powered telescopic sight the former LaS assassin zeroed in on his target. Gambler was no marksmen by any means and his target would be on the move any minute. It wouldn’t take long at all for the Veritas leader to react to the explosion outside. Slowing his breath down to an unbelievable pace, Gambler placed his finger on the trigger and waited for the perfect shot.

“Un projectile, une mise à mort”{one shot, one kill}

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"Seoreh tonnac evom!" Before the spell could even take effect Slinger knew what he was up against. Aww, crap. Magic. Well that explains the cheap getup, gotta admit though, she rocks it pretty well. He wasn't really paying much attention to what she was saying after the magic words, but instead he was formulating his next course of action, after all, orders were orders, and Slinger's job was to bring the woman in. I wonder if she has to be able to speak to cast her little spells, and I wonder just how powerful she is.

The numbness that had taken hold of Slinger's body was starting to fade, but unfortunately, so did the spell-caster. Well, she didn't fade so much as she poofed, either way Slinger could move now and that was all that mattered to him. "Spider! You still with me buddy?" James shouted as he looked around and saw that his teammate was in fact still alive and well, "Quick, track that lady down, and try to stay out of sight. If you get a clear shot, web up her mouth, then her hands. You do not want her trying a more powerful spell against you. I'll have to take the stairs down, but I'll catch up as quickly as possible."

Just then the sun was temporarily blotted out by a bat shaped shadow, "Um, scratch that, go after her and I'll deal with the new problem that's just come up. Now move!" The young knight had figured on the Bat showing up sooner or later, and while the match-up would've been much better with the Wondering Spider to back Slinger up, he knew that the Spider had a much better chance to take down the escaped enchantress then he did. Some guys get all the luck.

Moving quickly the knight errant pulled out two pistols from hip holsters and, taking a defensive posture, began firing hard rubber bullets furiously at the incoming Batman. He knew that he was unlikely to to actually shoot down the airborne attacker, but he just might throw him off balance enough to force a bad angle for landing and cause a crash, or at least cover the Spider's exit. Slinger shouted as he fired, "Open Veritas coms systems!"

The reply came coolly from his wrist watch, the volume automatically adjusting to the noise of the pitched battle that was commencing, "Communications systems online."

Slinger shouted a quick situational report to his teammates around the world, "All channels, we have contact at Gotham public library roof! Confirmed Batman and unknown woman magician. Members Slinger  and Wondering Spider engaging. Requesting backup immediately!"
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She stood above looking out, gazing at the moonlight as it shone down on the beach below. She lowered herself down, taking in the muddy clay in her hands as she looked up to catch the gaze of the older woman. She stood in silence, holding both hands behind her back, her eyes narrowed, her gaze resting on the crashing waves below.

"Diana. I know you feel it is your duty..But you don't have to do this...These humans...let them kill themselves. Let them succumb to their own failures, rivalries and personal demons...there is no reason to go fight for these people. For these men...They have done nothing to aid us in all of the years of your existence,...of my existence. We are safe here. Shielded by the power of Athena and Aphrodite-" 
She was the most amazing woman Diana had ever known. Hyppoyta rested her hand on Diana's shoulder and beathed in a deep sigh of anguish. Diana's mind was clear however. There was nothing that could stop her daughter now.
Diana clapped both her hands against the other, wiping away the remnants of the clay that had been left on her fingertips, gazing out into the distance. She smiled a half smile at the woman who made her into what she was, and embraced her tightly. She was nothing without Hyppoyta, and Diana knew that at this very moment, she had been called to duty to protect her people, and had made a promise to herself. Diana never broke her promises. Pushing back against her mother's shoulders, she watched a tear fall down her cheek. Without another word, the woman made her way toward the portal above, lifting herself off the ground, Diana entered the dark smoke and disappeared.


She moved along the beach, riding up the moutainside checking all areas and border crossings of the island. It was something Diana had done with her mother for years, and it was now a duty and responsibility she had taken upon herself to do alone. In her own way, Princess Diana of the Amazons was watching over her own people. Sometimes when the wind blew through her hair as she walked along the narrow terrain she would think continentally. She would often wonder what the world was like outside of Themyscera, and catch herself before she became too curious. She looked out across the beach as the sun set along the horizon. Rays of pink red and yellow extending throughout the sky, reaching every corner of the island.
"Apollo paints such a glorious picture..." she whispered to herself.
"Yes,...he certainly does,...but even a God like him needs a muse, Diana."
She had thought she was alone. Diana's breath suddenly caught in her throat. She spun around. There, in all her glory, the woman bathed in silk white robes stood hovering over the sandy white beach. Diana stared in awe, and fell to her knee.
"I am not worthy to gaze upon you...Great Hera..."
The Goddess wandered to the girl and stood before her, arms folded across her chest, gazing down at the curly locks of hair that fell against her rosy cheek.
"Rise Diana, Princess of the Amazons. You're mind is not here, my darling, is it?" Hera said smiling an all knowing smile. Diana squinted as she attempted to gaze upon the Goddesses radiant light.
"I am...not worthy-"
"Shhhh....quiet child." The woman lowered her hand to her chin and lifted it, gazing directly into the young woman's deep blue eyes. "You have more than proven your worth Diana, but sometimes when I watch you from Olympus, I sink deep into your thoughts and catch you wondering...asking yourself questions...about what lies beyond the only sunset you have ever known..."
Hera pointed out across the distance, as she watched Diana's cheeks flush.
"I am sorry my Queen," Diana said meekly, lowering her head down toward the ground.
"Nonsense," she whispered. You should be proud, you are a brave, talented, agile and intellectual young woman. And you are perfect for the job..."
Hyppolyta waved her hand before Diana and suddenly brought forth a set of silver bracelets and a shining golden lasso.

"Take these. Use them. Tonight, at midnight, a portal will appear-" Hyppolyta turned and pointed toward Themyscera's highest cliff, "Take these, put them on and go forth. With this power you will fight earth's demons, avenge Themyscera and protect our land...you will prove to us and to them that you are The Wonder Woman"

Diana lowered her head once more as Hera places a hand against her hair. Disappearing suddenly into the wind.

She looked down at her hands, her clothes had changed. The long golden rope glowed in the sunlight from the harness around her waist. She stared down at her red boots and put a hand to her golden crown. Diana lifted her head and looked out toward the horizon, hands on her hips, chin lifted high. She gulped down her confusion and looked toward the sky.
"Great Hera...I won't let you down..."

The black smoke cleared and her body was thrown out into the city streets. She looked around her at the cars whizzing past her, Diana tried to take in all her surroundings. Red booths to her right and red double decker buses zoomed past her. People stared as the walked behind her, whispering to one another in confusion. She walked up to a woman dressed in a grey hood.
"Excuse me citizen..can you tell me, what is this location?"
"Why you in London, England dearie.." the woman said beneath the cloak in a cockney accent.
"London..." she whispered...

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"Seoreh tonnac evom!" Adam after the woman pronounce the words could feel his spider sense rising like if something was to happen but Adam didn’t know what to do and when he decides to try and react, “What in the world?!” Adam fought trying to move but his body felt weaken out the sudden he tried to move but the body was not answering. The Verita spider then hears the woman speak .

 "Heroes, do not see this as an attack, far from it. It is actually a warning. My friends the Justice Lords and I have come to this world to make it better. We are not your enemies unless you begin to treat us as such. I would advise you not to cross us, however. We are heroes and we are only bringing justice to this world, so you should not fear us. Let us work freely and no hero shall be harmed. We are doing this for your own good."

Adam keeps trying to move it was a spooky feeling to be bind not able to move, he tries to brakes free while the woman Adds to her previous statement “Do not fallow me” The “Heroine” then winks and snap her finger making Chris Angels look like a rookie by swirling into a purplish mist the woman disappears into thin air. The effect of the magic bounding spell began to fade away and the feeling was slowly coming back to his body. "Spider! You still with me buddy?" Adam heard the Slinger questioning  “It was kind of hard to run away” replies Adam while he exercise his arms thinking it would make the numbness go away. His partner then comes up whit a game plan, “Track that lady down,and try to stay out of sight.If you get a clear shot, web up her mouth, then her hands.You do not want her trying a more powerful spell against you. I'll have to take the stairs down, but I'll catch up as quickly as possible."

“On it!” Replies Adam as he was about to jump off the roof but his "Goosebumps" suddenly alerts him of a possible incoming threat. Adam leap back and there it was the Gotham knight had arrive into the picture.  "Um, scratch that, go after her and I'll deal with the new problem that's just come up. Now move!" Adam looks at the Bat then he turns around “I’m on it!” swinging off the roof Adam fallows his resent orders but he does not forget what the lady Hudini’s words they are not their enemies. But as a soldier that he is Adam would accomplish his mission.

Using his spider sense and his enhance senses he was able to spot the magic girl she did not went too far away from her arriving location. Adam had two things in mind his original mission and the words of the magician by this time to his eyes she had done nothing wrong. Swinging silently been extremely careful Adam leaps clinging on the corner building. The building was about twenty yards away from the magic woman. “She doesn’t look so dangerous” said the Wonder spider-man to himself adding “Well orders are orders”
Crawling on the building sticking to the shadows using the advantage given to him by his dark suit. The wonder Spider got as close as he could, he was not stupid the girl only spoke and was able to enchant him he didn’t want that to happen again., but then something unexpected happen "All channels, we have contact at Gotham public library roof! Confirmed Batman and unknown woman magician. Members Slinger  and Wondering Spider engaging. Requesting backup immediately!"Talk about bad timing. The report might have given Adam’s location away. It was not sure that the woman heard it, but the Wondering spider was not taking any chances, he jumps from his hiding location and shoots his power webs (strong as Venom's webs) to the magician first shot aimed to cover her mouth then in a second shot he made a middle net intended to wrap her arms pinning them together. The wondering spider then lands on a handstand and impulse himself back landing on his feet. He then  faces the magician and shoots a big web net at her intended to cover her full body.

"They are just my orders milady, I must accomplish my mission” said the Captain spider-man to the magical lady. 
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The Dark Knight observed the heroes Slinger and Wondering Spider try to head after Zatanna. While the Spider follow her, the Batman watched as Slinger readied himself for an attack. Slinger pulled out two pistols and began firing on him. The Batman rolls his wrist, which triggers the cape's memory shape function to deactivate, increasing the Dark Knights speed. He grabs two batarangs from his utility belt, and throws them at Slinger...Trying to distract him long enough for the Batman to land and take up a fighting position.

"Catch..." Batman says as releases the batarangs

The first batarang strikes the cement in front of Slinger, logging itself into the ground. The second flies straight at Slinger's head, that would force him to move and therefore change his line of sight and thus changing the angle of his gunfire. Buy the Batman the time he would need.

 He wraps the cape around himself by crossing his arms, trying to decrease the damage from the bullets. The landing was harder then he had planned, his left ankle rolled a bit. The Batman is use to working thou pain, the bullets were flying everywhere... the Batman kneels down and spins around counter clockwise on his right leg. Coming around full circle once  facing Slinger, the Batman holds out his hand...showing Slinger the detonator in his hand as he looked at the ground where the first batarang land.

The tip of the batarang was blinking red. The light stopped blinking as the Batman pushed the button on top of the detonator, unleashing a mini grenade explosion right in front of Slinger. Sending a cloud of dust and smoke up into the air...

A voice come thru the communicator in the Batman's cowl...

"Bruce, Bruce come in this is Dick. I’m in but the city is on complete lockdown. I’m taking to the rooftops, it’ll be quicker. What’s your position?”

"Library Dick, get here NOW..." the Batman yells
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Patiently waiting for something to happen Kurrent along with the other members of Veritas Inc. could hear the hysteria going on outside. No casualties were reported as of yet which made them being inside the stadium a little more acceptable. Through his communicator came a transmission from Alpha Guard who had gone to Russia to inspect the hole there. He told Kurrent that Superman had come out of the hole and he was locked in combat with Akira Overdrive. Suddenly before he could answer him, through the back ground of the commotion outside a faint noise could be heard, Kurrent, curious about what could be making such a noise stood up straight and focused his attention to try and make out what he was hearing......

"Veritas, Justice Lords, Hear my cry, Come to me and face Hell"

"Justice Lords" thought Kurrent, If they are calling themselves the Justice Lords we have a big problem. He looked to his teammates that stood by his side and said "He is baiting us, The Drifter is baiting us, He knows we are here which means that Assassins do also"

In the blink of an eye some activity began to happen from the hole. It started to spark around the sides and then it stopped. Quickly after it was followed by a gust of wind that almost knocked The Hero off of balance. The chain of events were becoming bewildering, they had no pattern and playing the waiting game for something unknown was nearly impossible to plan out a proper strategy.

For a second everything seemed to go quiet it was almost peaceful but it in fact was the clam before the storm so to speak. Unexpectedly a loud explosion occurred in the west end of the field. The panic of the crowd outside turned into insanity and to make matters worse debris was not only taking victims outside the stadium it had injured some inside as well. When the explosion happened it came as a shock to the Excellence of Electrocution like it must have to everyone else. He quickly turned towards the site of the blast on instinct and saw pieces of debris flying towards Kadaj who must not have noticed. Taking a long leap Kurrent dove in front of the large piece of debris that was heading Kadaj's way using his body as a shield. I was sharp on the ends and as luck would have it one of the ends stuck into The Veritas' leaders shoulder barley missing his own heart. Thinking quickly he pulled out the shard and blood began to flow quickly form his shoulder. He used his hand that was balled in a fist and sparked it with an electric arc as he laid on the ground. Immediately he  pressed it on his wound causing the electricity to burn it shut letting out a large "AAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHA" so that he could get back in the fight.

Breathing hard and spit coming out of his mouth he took a knee trying to muster up enough strength to fight off the pain. Not a few seconds after a call came from Slinger and right after one from Spider. They already had contact and needed back up in Gotham city. It would seem that the mission was falling aprat but Kurrent was not one to go down without a fight he looked up at his team now suffering from a bloody nose form the pain that he had inflicted on himself and said.... "We need to turn this in our favor, who ever these guys coming out of this thing are, we have to make them go where we want and we have to fight them how WE want to fight them" still on one knee he put his watch to his face and spoke with all channels opened, "Alpha Guard, do whatever it takes to close that black hole now that Superman is busy, once you have it closed head to Gotham City and help out Slinger and Spider"" then he spoke again to the NATO troops at his command outside. "I NEED A SITREP NOW" quickly he got a response........

"Sir we have so far counted 23 casualties from the explosion, we still have no idea of what happened, ohh and sir Wonder Woman is out here"

Kurrent looked up with his eyes wide open knowing what kinda of power that woman possessed and thought that must have been the gust of wind that we felt ealier. He stood slowly and examined his wound and made himself think that he was ok to fight. He then began to walk towards the exit signaling for Kadaj and Dormath to follow...."Wanderer use your magic and try to close the hole then come join us.....VERTIAS UNITE"

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As Greystone arose from his slumber, he was alarmed by the chill running through his body. Normally, he didn't feel cold or heat. This was not a good sign. Walking over to his mirror, Greystone wiped the cold from his eyes, as he came face to face with Dhesiri, the demon who had taken up residance in his body. Greystone had become used to seeing the Demon Lord, but something was wrong, and he wanted answers. Kurrent and the others would undoubtably know what was going on, but he had his own sources outside of NATO. Ones of a darker nature than most (even Kurrent)realized.

"What is this I feel, Dhesiri? I feels cold and unnatural."

As Dhesiri stared back at Greystone through the mirror, his image rippled with energy. Dhesiri had taken Greystone's appearance down to the small scar across the bridge of his nose. The only thing that was off about the image in the mirror were it's eyes. It's eyes were pools of dark power that could drown a person if they stared into them for too long. just then a smile that seemed too wide to be humanly possible crept on to Dhesiri's face.

"That is for you to find out, boy. You will most likely do it if i told you not to anyway. Your first thoughts were correct though. It is magic. Ancient, powerful magic. It may even be able to harm you."

Greystone knew that Dhesiri wasn't lying. If Dhesiri was lying he would have felt it. This worried him. In all his time with Dhesiri, he had seen the Demon Lord as many things, but this was the first time in which he kept information from him under the veil of Greystone's foolhardiness. This was not a good thing. Never had Dhesiri used to the word harm before also. What could be powerful enough to harm the host of one of the Demon Lords of the Abyss. 

Placing his hand on the mirror, Greystone began to draw Dhesiri's energy into himself. It was the only trump card he had over the demon. He just hoped that Dhesiri would give him the answers he desired. As the demonic energies began to flood his senses, Greystone began to see images of a group of men and women. They looked to be heroes. Some he felt he should know, and others he had never seen before. Then he heard a Dhesiri's voice call out to him.

"The Justice Lord are amongst you, Young Greystone. Be aware of them and their power."

"The Justice Lords", Greystone thought to himself. "Was this the source of the unease the awoke me this morning? I must know more."

Sucking more of Dhesiri's energies into himself, Greystone began to see visions of the the Justice Lords stepping out of what appeared to be black holes, but they were mystic in nature. He would have to investigate this more in depth. Removing his hands from the mirror, Greystone stared at Dhesiri as the Demon Lord smiled his wary smile. He knew at once that he had fallen into Dhesiri's trap. Never before had he siphoned energy from Dhesiri so easily. It was as if Dhesiri was allowing him to tap into his essence. This scared the crap out Greystone. Looking down at his hands, he could see the dark lines of power flow through him like blood. The Demon Lord had tricked him. He had tainted him with his dark essense, but he would dal with Dhesiri later. Right now he had more pressing matters to attend to. 

After a quick shower, Greystone walked into his closet and returned to his room with a large black box with the letter "V" on it. Inside were a black suit Greystone knew to be his new veritas uniform and a watch. Walking over to his bed, Greystone put on the watch Kurrent. The watch worked as a communication device between the various team members of Veritas Inc, and then his new uniform. walkin back over to the mirror, Greystone looked at his reflection. He hated to admit it, but Kurrent had a good sense for his style. It was a simple suit. Form fitting, but still allowed him full range of movement. He could only think of one thing that would make it look better. Heading back into his closet, Greystone returned with a full length black leather trenchcoat. now the suit looked perfect. 

Heading back toward the mirror, Greystone watched as Dhesiri looked back at him in his new Veritas togs. He wanted the Demon Lord to see him for what he was: a hero. One that wouldn't be taken advantage of or played for a fool.

"Tell your minions I want several of them to track the source of these mystical black holes. And I want them to report everything they find back to me. Oh, and I want the Shadow Soulsword. I may have use are it.

Snarling as the image of Greystone faded from the mirror, Dhesiri's true image stood before him. His dark, power form glowed with an errie green light that had blackened highlights running all through it. His huge rippled body seemed to have no end. Greystone simply smiled at the Demon Lord. He had done what he set out to do. Only in times of great anger and rage did Dhesiri show his true face, and Greystone was the source of his anger.

"You dare tell me what to do with my minions, boy. You overstep your boundaires, but I shall do this for you. Not because I care, but because I can not have a host body, if that body is a dead man's."

Greystone simply smiled at the image of Dhesiri, and reached out his hand.

"And the sword. What of that?" 

As a large sword appeared in the mirror, Greystone stepped forward to take it, but instead Dhesiri empaled Greystone's image with it, sending him to his knees both in the mirrow and in the real world. Lifting his hand to his chest, could feel where the blade entered his body, but there was no wound. Not even a small tear in his suit. Greystone could feel the Shadow soulsword's dark power within him. He just hoped it was enough to stop whatever threat the Justice Lords posed to the world. Sinking into the shadows, Greystone began heading toward the Veritas HQ underneath the Statue of Liberty. Of all the places he could think of. he was certain he could find info on the Justice Lords there.    

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As Superman and Akria Overdrive continued to fight, Alpha Guard continued to try and think of a way to close the black hole. He was confident that he had the potential, but his powers relied on imagination and this was one time his imagination was failing him. When he had about decided to take a risk and go into the black hole himself, the Guardian of Good received a transmission from Kurrent. Alpha Guard, do whatever it takes to close that black hole now that Superman is busy, once you have closed it head to Gotham City and help out Slinger and Spider.

Thanks Kurrent, you had to add the pressure,
Alpha thought to himself. Well, I guess I might as well do this. The Guardian of Good formed another probe, but this time sent it up the black hole to investigate for him. He also formed a probe to stay hidden on the ground and keep an eve on Akria Overdrive and Superman. He hoped that they would keep each other busy for a while, but didn't want any unexpected surprises. Alpha Guard also formed an invisible force field inside the black hole to keep anything else from coming out until he could close it. Then he raced off to Gotham.
When Alpha Guard arrived, the first thing he did was find Slinger and Wondering Spider. When he did, he found them engaging some sort of woman magician. Of course, Zatanna. Well, no sense in coming all this way and not giving a hand. A ball of energy formed in Alpha Guard's hands, which he them released at Zatanna. The ball of energy then formed into a charging, angry bull, which would hit with enough force to keep her unconscius for a long time.

The Guardian of Good acknowledged his teammates with a brief wave, but then prepared second attack if his first one, plus Spider's, failed. He formed an energy Preregrine Flacon high above Zatanna's head, which he could attack with in a split second. He also released some energy to form a force field around himself to protect against any attack from Zatanna, which would also extend to protect his teammates. The Guardian of Good then waited for Zatanna's next move.

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The fight had officially begun as the Batman launched two Batarangs at Slinger. One, which was aimed squarely at the White Knight's head, was narrowly avoided as Slinger spun away from the device, taking his eyes, and guns, off of Batman for a split second. The rogue weapon lodged itself deep into the stone wall behind Slinger, though the one directly in front of him was of more importance. The Batman flashed a device at Slinger that the weapons expert immediately recognized. Detonator. The knight didn't have much time to react to what happened next, but he managed to cover his face with his arms mere moments before the blinking red Batarang that was embedded in the cement floor exploded. The blast sent concrete debris and smoke flying, which though it wasn't powerful enough to pierce Slinger's defences,  was enough to veil the Bat, allowing him to regain his footing after the hard landing he made inside the belltower of the one time cathedral.

Slinger reeled from the impact of the small explosion, causing him to drop his pistols. Doesn't matter. He thought. I was gonna go for a more graceful weapon anyway. The smoke from the bomb worked two ways now though, and Slinger used it to obscure himself to gain the time to draw his most prized weapon. The faint "snap" could be heard of something unbuttoning followed by the tell tale "schwing" of steel being pulled from its scabbard. The sword had been drawn, a relic near one thousand years old, rivaled only by Excalibur itself. He always felt reverence when he pulled it from its sheath. The sword had been passed on for many generations of Templar knights, and now it was in the possession of the newest member of those holy crusaders, and he would use it with honor.

Slinger cut short his awe at the holy blade and quickly made an escape from the smoke that had encapsulated him. He moved to put the large bronze bell between the two combatants and  adopted a defensive stance, watching for the Dark Knight to make his next move.

Slinger had heard the Batman yell momentarily, it seemed that his reinforcement would arrive soon. Luck was on the templar's side though as Veritas member Alpha Guard arrived on the scene first. Slinger acnowledged the powerful teammate's pressence by pointing downward, where outside the tower the Wondering Spider had engaged the female magician. It seemed like Alpha Guard got the point as he began his assault on the woman.

Slinger gave a few last words of warning to the Batman before they were locked in combat, "This fight doesn't need to happen, but if you refuse to cooperate and come quietly I wont hesitate to use my blade."

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Kadaj exited the aircraft and looked around. They were in a large stadium filled with spectators. Some kind of sports event was going to take place. He looked at the stands filled with cheery men women and children. They seemed awestruck as they gazed upon the spectacle that was a black hole. It bothered Kadaj's brain that he was staring straight at a black hole. This was like the superman of gravitational pull yet he was just standing as if it wasn't there. As Kurrent gave orders to the NATO Troops Kadaj made his way over to the black hole for examination. He flipped onto the top of a high ledge that was right below and stared straight into the black spiraling vortex. It seemed more like a portal than a black hole to him, but this was a scientist's analysis and a scientist he was not. Kadaj leaped off the ledge and sprinted back towards where his group had stood and waited for orders. He watched the citizens be ushered out by there men, the lines were moving slowly but progress was being made and that was good. Kadaj looked at one place in particular... something was odd about the spot. He didn't know why but he was just getting a bad vibe...

A part of the stands exploded and chunks of debris expelled from the eruption. Pieces of it made contact with civilians and casualties were caused. A piece flew towards him and he caved his body in and placed his shield up front, prepared to prevent impact when suddenly Kurrent jumped right in harms way. The rubble went straight through the tendon. That meant that the mobility of that arm should be lessened or the healing process would take longer. That would mean Kurrent would have to stay out of action and Kadaj knew he just wouldn't stand for that. He watched him seal his wound closed his own way, by burning it. He got up and checked in with the soldier. Kadaj only got one thing out of that conversation... Wonder Woman was roaming the streets. This spelled trouble... Drifter was here calling out to us, Wonder woman arrived and her capture was necessary, something made him think that there was more to it. Like, all the oppositions made there where abouts easily known. There had to be something else going on. Something we couldn't see... It was just a hunch but looking at LaS lineup, it was a good hunch. This meant that Kurrent was possibly in more danger than anyone here. So Kadaj needed to make another decision, should he stay with Kurrent so that he can ensure his safety or should he go and attempt to apprehend Wonder Woman. Alex and The Wanderer could take care of Kurrent or Wonder Woman together but Kadaj couldn't force them to do both. And Kadaj would feel better knowing that Kurrent is well protected...

His leader made his way over to the exit and Kadaj ran up to him pushing the door open. “Kurrent, I'll take care of Wonder Woman. You three go after Drifter and be attentive. You don't know what else can be lurking in the shadows. With your injury, you need to be extra careful.”And with that Kadaj sped off in search of his target. He ran threw the streets and the people gave him the funniest looks. “I guess the American flag suit ain't the best choice of clothing over the seas.” He spotted a woman with blue star “shorts” walking around aimlessly. He needed to be smooth here and he might be able to avoid fighting. He made his way over to her and walked next to her.“Excused me miss, you seem lost, I could show you around if you like?”There was a chance that she would decline but in that case he had a few more ideas before he gave her the “Your under arrest” line....           

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Gambler lined up his shot while continuing to monitor the chaos below. Kurrent had courageously sealed his wound shut with a dose of his own electricity, field dressing it like the old school soldiers of WW1. Somewhere off in the distance the Las Captain, Drifter, was shouting to any and all Veritas members within ear shot. A foolish tactic for a lone assassin but the shadow manipulator was confident in his abilities. He showed an arrogance that reminded the Cajun of his younger days.

The Veritas members started to organize as Kurrent and Kadaj began implementing counter measures. They broke off in separate directions, Dormath seemingly headed towards the black hole, Kadaj leaving the stadium, while Kurrent and someone Gambler was unfamiliar with seemed to be gearing up to confront Drifter. Surprisingly the Living Legend removed his finger from the trigger. There was no better opportunity then now to take his revenge yet for some unknown reason the assassin hesitated. His photographic memory began replaying the past like an old movie. Scenes of the Electric Enigma crashing the White House and blasting the King of Kings across the lawn flowed through his mind. The hero had all but single handedly ended the Presidential reign of the assassin as well as turning the tide during the Civil War. The Cajun’s thoughts pressed on. A vision of his wife lying motionless face down in the street unable to move caused him to unknowingly grind his teeth. This was why he had paused, this was why he had hesitated. A bullet from 300 yards away wasn’t good enough. Gambler wanted to feel Kurrent’s life slipping away, wanted to be the last thing he ever saw.

He stood up subtly shifting his neck to the side causing it to crack. He rolled his shoulders forward causing the same result. Photographic Reflexes began mimicking Bruce Lee as Gambler balled up one fist cracking his knuckles and then the other. With one quick exhale the Cajun charged the executive box window crashing through it as tiny shards of glass floated all around his body. His arms where fully extended and his legs perfectly straight as he swan dived from hundred feet up. Contorting his body into a spin the acrobatic Cajun landed perfectly as the glass debris rained down around him.

Now directly on the field and only a few yards away from the black hole the vengeful assassin began walking towards Kurrent. Paying not attention to his fellow Veritas members he was a man on a mission. Each stride became longer and quicker until  Gambler was jogging, and then sprinting. His body started to weave from side to side mimicking the movements of the Living Weapon, Morte Rapida. Without breaking stride Gambler reached behind his back with both hands pulling out two ceremonial silver daggers. Showing off his amazing dexterity he twirled the magnificent blades between his fingers as he closed in on the Veritas leader.

“Time to pay your debt hero” said the enraged Las/Hfc member as he ran sideways up the exit wall, using the momentum to cartwheel flip over Kurrent attempting to slash the heroes face as he flew overhead. He landed with his back to Kurrent and in a crouched position waiting for the Electric One to make his move.

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With a gleam in his eye and a sense of determination that was nothing short of inspiring he walked to the exit of the stadium injured and sure that The Wanderer could close the hole that seemed to be causing so much problems for the heroes and the rest of the world. It was a change of orders that had to be made in the field. NATO would surely be mad that they closed the holes and would not be able to scientifically find out about them or even its origin but that didn't matter to the Veritas leader, lives were in jeopardy and Kurrent would not think twice to save a life.

As he neared the exit the Excellence of Electrocution was stopped by his teammate and close friend Kadaj who said to him.....“Kurrent, I'll take care of Wonder Woman. You three go after Drifter and be attentive. You don't know what else can be lurking in the shadows. With your injury, you need to be extra careful".

He took heed to Kadaj's warning. In the back of his mind he knew that his teammate was right, and like his father Kadaj always looked out for Kurrent. He had a fire in his eyes combined with a sense of hunger to right the wrongs in the world which forced Kurrent to listen. Drifter has been dealt with in the past, although powerful he had still been studied and that was an advantage whereas Wonder Woman was someone that they had never battled and Kurrent already being injured would not be able to react to certain things that she might do.  With Kadaj now gone he looked at his remaining teammates and said with a sigh due to the pain of his fresh wound..."We take Drifter then, but be aware, the mission will probably change in a moments nocited as the day goes by we have to be ready for anything"

Just then, like Kurrent had implied in his last statement the unexpected happened. His sinister presence was not felt and his movements were a combination of grace and vigor. Even his words carried on like in the back of Kurrent's mind like he was in the middle of a bad nightmare, one the you wake up from with a clod sweat. Soon the nightmare became reality when Kurrent's eyes became covered in his own blood from two perfect slashes across his face by daggers from Gamblers steady hands. Both were as deep as the other and the lines were so straight on the incisions that even a surgeon would have been impressed. It took a second for Kurrent to actually realize what had happened but when he vaguely saw Gambler in a perfect crouching pose with his back to him everything started to make sense.

Every second now became valuable and mistakes were not an option. Quickly the Electric Ace used his right hand to wipe off the blood from his eyes. A million things rushed through his mind but what stood out the most was that this had to be retaliation for the vengeful beating of Batgirlbats. What appeared to be a bolt of lightning surfaced from the top of Kurrent's head. It quickly began to circle his body in a rotating  around every limb until it reached his feet. When doing so Kurrent used the bolt to propel himself up in the air towards the Cajuns location. While in the air he pulled out his retractable Kali sticks in an ninja like fashion and deployed them. When he reached the highest altitude of his leap which was about 17 feet in the air. He shifted his body and extended his right leg straight out while tucking his left leg into his groin at the same time keep his sticks in hand in a defenseive position. At that point another lightning surge engulfed Kurrent which he used to give him a speed burst and kick straight down towards the back of  villain Gambler in hopes gaining the upper hand before the Cajun got in a groove.

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Swiveling around in his chair Mr. Terrific frantically monitored the numerous confrontations unfolding down on Earth. The Watchtower was now fully operational allowing the technopath to keep a sharp eye on the developing situations. On one monitor he watched as Zatanna delivered a fair but stern warning to the heroes in pursuit, while on another  Batman engaged the Veritas member Slinger. Wonder Woman had just arrived in only to be greeted by the shield carrying  Kadaj. Superman’s battle with the LaS assassin seemed to have stalled a bit, compelling Mr. Terrific to send him an open ended transmission.

“, this is Watchtower, Batman and Zatanna need reinforcments. Nightwing is on his way but you can get there faster. Watchtower out.”

Sending Superman to would shift the odds back in favor of the Justice Lords. Meanwhile Wonder Woman would be left to contend with the core group of Veritas until possible reinforcements arrived. As luck would have it two Las members where also on the scene and seemed more interesting in engaging the Veritas group as opposed to worrying about Wonder Woman and the Justice Lords. This would help in keeping Wonder Woman from being out numbered. The Trinity of JL had arrived on Earth and now the battles where picking up. But if they where to accomplish their true mission the rest of the Lords where going to be needed.

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As Greystone materialized inside the Veritas HQ, he was taken aback by the sheer size of it. Kurrent had out done himself on this one. It was as if he got NATO to build an exact replica of the Mobb Mansion underneath the Statue of Liberty. Nato had always been seen as peacekeepers to Greystone, but he knew that anything attached to the american government had to have it's hands in more than a few clandestine operations.
Running his hands along the glass table with wiring laced throughout it, Greystone knew he was in the Veritas Warroom. If the Justice Lords really were the threat he took them for Greystone knew that Kurrent was already knee deep in the action. Good, that was Kurrent's thing. He had a rep for being an excellent battlefield general. Greystone, on the other hand, liked to work behind the scenes. His idea of a battle was to catch his opponent with their pants down, and letting one of his demons have their way with them. This would be no different. All Greystone would need is to find out what their weaknesses were.
Leaving the warroom to find what infomation he could about the Justice Lords, Greystone was stunted as he came face to face with Dr. Kyle Reece, knocking a set of computer images on to the ground. Bending over to pick them up, Greystone's mind began to think of all the questions he's all ways want to ask him. Dr. Reece was know as one of the world's leading authorities on just about everything from Robotics to Psychic Phenomenon. It made sense for him to be there. The man had been published in just about every science review and journal in the world. Just looking at him, Greystone knew he was just dropped down a few notches in the security clearance.
"Dr. Reece, it's a pleasure. My name is

But before greystone could finish his sentence, Dr. Reece had been to speak, cutting him off with his thick eastern europian accent. His voice came through wary as if he had known what Greystone was just by looking at him. This was something he knew he have to address this with Kurrent.
Yes, yes. I know who you are, Mr. Greystone. I was not expecting you to be here. I thought you would be out with the others. I was coming to report activity I discovered over satelite relays. There appears to be a large stucture on the moon, but it wasn't there a few days ago

Hearing this, Greystone began to look through the images Dr. Reece was carrying, but nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. The stucture was massive, but incredibly sleek for somthing it's size. It was the most incredible stucture Greystone had ever seen. Just looking at it, Greystone knew it was the headquarters of the Justice Lords. It was there he would find the answers he was looking for. The only problem was there was no way to tell if he would be phase-shifting into a trap or not.
"How long ago were these images beamed to you, Dr. Reece? And spare me the walk-through, I can keep up. I need to know exactly what we're dealing with here and how to take care of this as quietly as possible."  

Looking over at Greystone with his cold, stoney eyes, Dr. Reece snatched the images from out of Greystone's hands, and led him to a large room filled with monitors of every size. dozens of people were working with in the room. Most on god knows what, but the one in the center of the room was the one Dr. Reece walked over to, followed by Greystone. It was the stucture in the images Dr. Reece was carrying. Viewing it in the small image Dr. Reece was carrying didn't do it justice. It was the perfect marrriage of metal, glass, and circuitry. Greystone could only imagine the wonders he would find in it. just looking at it he knew he had to get inside it. All it would take is a little in was a halfway decent plan and a lot of luck. Greystone just hoped that he could pull it off.                

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Zatanna was walking at a swift pace in the street, away from the library and the belltower. She knew Batman was close, but wasn't sure whether she should approach him or not, seriously suspecting that she may be followed. Her doubts were proven true when the sorceress heard the electronic voice of someone speaking over a comm-system. Turning around just in time to see the Wondering Spider jumping at her, Zatanna readied her magicks.

The hero's first attack, however, left her no time to cast a spell and she dodged it narrowly by ducking. The second shot of web, probably aimed at her midsection when she had been standing up, ended up hitting her on the head and forehead, covering most of her eyes and stealing part of the woman's vision. The impact made her fall, which, thankfully, made her evade most of the last of the spider-man's attacks, which covered only her legs instead of her entire body. Not quite afraid, but rather annoyed, Zatanna didn't hesitate.

"Etaropave!" The web shimmered and disappeared, letting the sorceress get up and regain her composure just in time to catch sight of the newcomer, Alpha Guard, who hurled some sort of bull-shaped construct at her. Panicked, Zatanna spoke the first words that came to her mind, without thinking:

"Llub semoceb ynit!" The animal-shaped construct began to shrink, surely enough, but not fast enough. The sorceress tried to escape but the smaller bull was still pretty quick. Eventually, it ran into Zee's back while she was running away, the impact lessened by its small stature but still enough to throw Zatanna to the ground. Furious, she looked around, thinking of dozens of spells. She was particularly inspired by a row of trees planted neatly by the street. Tapping into her magicks once more, Zatanna yelled:

"Seert kcatta eht seroeh!" The effect was instantaneous. Four trees became animated by mystical forces and began to move towards the Wondering Spider and Alpha Guard, waving their branches and roots menacingly. Needing some time to conjure more powerful and dangerous spells, Zatanna opted for stealth, desperate for some time to recover from her injuries. One more time, she opened her mouth and spoke up once more:

"Tsim sdnuorrus su!"

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"FIRE ON MY LOCATION" It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going to happen next, and Slinger had to move fast. He had heard the Dark Knight's warning of "heads up," but instead Slinger looked down, beneath the bell. Grabbing onto the bottom edge of the huge piece of bronze, Slinger pulled himself into a feet first slide underneath it, just in time too, as he began to hear the "ding-din-din-ding" of machine gun fire on the giant bell. He then quickly pulled himself through the small opening in the floor where the sturdy ropes used for sounding the bell dangled all the way to the ground level below, again in the nick of time, as the tiny quick "dings" turned into a sudden "bwong" and then a crash, as the bell came off of where it was suspended and fell to the floor.

The White Knight repelled down to the base of the tower using the ropes,  which were thankfully protected from the blast by the bell. He was in a rush to get down, and going a little too fast though, and when he finally reached the ground floor he hit harder than he would have liked to, tweaking his right knee when he landed. He had little time to act though, and quickly got to his feet scrambling deeper into the library among the sea of shelves and books.

He found a hidden place in the fiction section, nestled between Bradbury and Bukowski, where he could catch his breath. Did he see me go down? Slinger was wondering if the Batman had pursued him and slowly peeked around the corner of the shelves, back toward the tower entrance. Seeing it was momentarily clear, he padded his way over carefully and set up an ambush just outside the door. Silently waiting to see if he had been followed down. He was ready for the Batman to appear, and if he did, he would be assaulted by the blunt edge of the holy blade.
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The wondering spider’s webbing seem to have work but not exactly as it should, however the lady magician seems trapped on the pavement unable to move in a powerful web. Adam needed to be quick he runs toward the magician but then he heard some spooky words  "Etaropave!" Adam not knowing what the heck she had done jumps and swings over one of the buildings trying to escape what ever she had conjured. The wondering spider clinging on the building then notice how his second strongest web is been evaporated by Zatanna’s spell.

 “Oh’ sure! Give Sabrina to the spider while Slinger is plays tag with a powerless bat!” Adam complains then he start formulating a next move but nothing came to mind at the moment. but then a bull appears rushing toward the witch,  "Llub semoceb ynit!“ shouted the magician. The bull was going from bull to calf slowly shrinking but it seems her magic was not fast enough. The little bull stroke the witch whit throwing her on the ground. “Ole!” shouted Adam after seen the girl been gored, but then he saw the witch’s face, she was furious looking to her surroundings.

Adam then jumps from the wall to the middle of the street looking at Alpha guard, “well seems like complaining helps after all” said Adam referring to his last comment. The alpha guard then releases a falcon of energy into the air and seem to have also shield his partner. Zatanna then made her choice "Seert kcatta eht seroeh! Adam’s spider sense was activated instantly. Four walking trees were created by the witch and were on to attack Alpha and Adam, “I’ll get em!” Adam looks at Alpha,  “Surprise attacks seem to work, you get miss Houdini while I take care of the Ents wannabes.”

 Adam jumps while one of the walking tree swiped its branches at him. Adam lands on a second tree then leaps attacking the first landing a dropkick, using the impulse the amazing spider poser  jump on to another tree. The first tree fell to the pavement product of the dropkick, it seems Adam’s enhance strength had paid up. Adam then lands squat on a strong branch of the second tree and shoots loads of power webbing to the branches. Adam swings to  another area in the tree avoiding the swipping attacks by the tree and shoots even more web immobilizing the damned tree. “I don’t think it will hold for long.” Said Adam to himself, He then crosses his hands and claw his fingers he shouts out saying, “Get a load of this!” The venomous spider-man leaps into the air shooting a greenish webbing from his finger tips. The effects are clearly visible, the branches begin to fall off from the tree, it even consume Adam’s first webbing. The acid webs consumed one of the enchanted menace. meanwhile the tree is been consumed Adam then shoots more acid webbing to the first tree and it is also consumed by the powerful acid.

While Adam looks at the effects from his webbing his spider sense is activated once again, but too late he is smashed by one of the other trees. Feeling woozy from the previous attack Adam tries to get up, the roots from the tree then began to crawl all over his upper body. The other tree then sent its roots grabbing Adam's feet. The roots were strong and were braking through The wondering spider’s armored suit. The tree had the spider grappled tight, then he notices he was been elevated, the tree were taking distance from each other. a loud painful yell came from the Captain spider, the trees intended to rip him apart. Adam was in desperate need to get lose he looks up he could see the roots that was holding his arms. The root holding his right arm seems weaker than the one holding his left arm. “HAAAAAH!” Adam shouts out loudly while he pulled for dear life,  "C'mon! snap you Sonovab!tch!" (crack!) the root brakes and a sigh of accomplishment could be hear, his right hand then was free. Quickly Adam shoots acid webbing to the roots of the tree holding his legs. The roots are consume by the acid in mere seconds, Adam’s legs are now free. He then does the same and freed his other hand. WS  quickly tries to leap and swing away but he is swiped out sideways by the tree. Adam is launch seven yards away slamming to the building wall, he gets up and shakes his head  while the trees were on to a finish their job. The venomous spider-man then crosses his arm clawing his fingers filling his Acid web glands. He then lets go of a massive Acid web net into the air maybe the biggest he had created yet. The net falls on the trees and they are consumed by the Acid webbing, Adam drops to the ground sulking gasping for air. His suit was showing the metallic protection the trees had torn it up.   “Environmental protection my @ss.” says Adam while he tries Getting up holding his back and ribs. Adam then walks over to try and assist his teammate.

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The blood from Kurrent’s face dripped off the duel blades clutched in the assassin’s hands. Realizing the severity of the situation the Electric Enigma launched into a leaping thrust kick utilizing his electric manipulation to help boast the attack. Arrogantly the Cajun had remained with his back to his opponent waiting until the last possible second to move. Spinning up from his crouched position Gambler attempted to pirouette around behind the attacking hero. Only he had underestimated the speed in which Kurrent moved and it cost him. Avoiding the brunt of the blow the King of Kings was still struck along the side of his face leaving behind a trail of scorched flesh.

Without altering his movements he stylishly transitioned into a series of backhand springs. His body mirroring the exact movements of Sparda. The assassin had created some separation in hopes of gathering his composure before taking up the Burmese offensive stance of Banshay. An art form designed to disarm ones opponent without going for the kill. Gambler knew Kurrent was a formidable martial artists and deadly Kali stick practitioner.

Outside of the stadium emergency personal frantically tried to save the lives of those caught in the explosion. Before long the two blood enemies never ending conflict would attract the attention of not only the remaining Veritas members, but the local T.V. and Radio crews who had been set up ever since the anomaly first appeared. The Living Legend cracked a sly grin before breaking into a sprint and charging towards the Veritas leader. He dove through the air launching both daggers, before tucking into a summersault  and rolling  forward up to his feet  into a spinning back kick aimed for Kurrent’s mid section.

Quickly Gambler followed the strike with an uppercutting elbow  before thrusting his left hand forward in an attempt to telekinetically hurl the hero backwards against the exit wall. Pure hatred had overcome the former LaS commander causing his ruby red his to glow and possibly affecting his judgment. Instead of pacing himself and calmly dissecting the fight, he had let his emotions take control. Throwing caution to the wind he was attempting moves with great reward if they connected but they also left him exposed for brutal counter attacks should they fail.

“I’m going to destroy everything you hold most dear. Your team, dee innocent people of dis world, anyone you have ever called friend will suffer a fait worse dhen death. But it starts with you” mocked the vengeful Cajun.

First blood had been drawn but the revenge fueled battle was only beginning.