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What gave you that idea that turned out to be the best you had?

What led to making one of your favorite characters?

Ideas come from crazy places out of character, post here where you got the ideas for what you believe is the best you've had RPG wise and what inspires you to go through with them/it.

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Kratesis's muse was one of Dane's battles threads. The idea was that you, real life you, was transported to another universe to fight Deathstroke.

You could have the powers of three street levelers, an adamantium sword or adamantium breastplate, some mundane gear, and six months of training from Taskmaster. When that six months was up you had to fight Deathstroke; but here's the catch, Deathstroke is completely convinced that if he fails to kill you his entire universe and everything in it will be destroyed. He's bloodlusted and morals off to the extreme.

So my first pic was Taskmaster, because there's no way I could get anywhere near DS in six lifetimes, much less six months. I needed photographic reflexes to train myself up to a level I could survive.

Second pic was Spiderman. He has the best overall stats of nearly any street leveler, he has precognition, and webslinging. He provided the majority of my stats.

Last was Daken. He had regeneration, which would make it almost impossible for Deathstroke to kill me.

Based on that one post I created Kratesis. From Kratesis came the mutant angle, from the mutant angle came Amaranth, the Strigidae, the Arcani, and virtually everything else I've done since.

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My muse is pretty much anything that has my attention.

The four kids were inspired by Homestuck, Warhammer 40k, Metroid, and Universe at War to make for a potent cocktail blend.

The beetle came from watching too much of The Batman cartoon and rereading the ant's bio.

Tombstone and the Ant are inspired by (but quite different characters) the Freedom force characters of the same name.

The Black hand is a hodgepoge of the Brotherhood of Nod, Miraak, various rumored occult organizations.

Vrakmul is...very complicated. First I started with Kane from C&C and mashed him with Vecna, then I stripped Kane of many of his humanizing traits. Then I mixed in some homestuck bits, and added the worst of Doctor Doom and Darkseid into the fray. He's not my most powerful villain, but he's ultimately the one who drives the plot. Virtually all of my characters have had dealings with the Black hand or it's puppets or are in fact members of it.

Xaraghoul is Horus with a bit of my own twists.

The Primordials are largely based on the elder scroll's Aedra and Daedra (and even their names are mix-matches of the Aedra and Daedra)

Tombstone's present characterization comes largely from Arkham series Batman with the added bit of angst that due to him being an eternal harbinger of the will of the Grave, he is effectively immortal, but he has watched most of his friends pass. The current international Tombstone and attempt at building a Tombstone family comes from Batman inc. Essentially, it's what if Bruce Wayne was the Ghost Rider and Dead man.

Duke Kargoth is essentially the tragic villain made personified. There's little more to say on that.

Klaudius is essentially a mish mash of German tropes with Lord Recluse's look and Darkseid's powers.

Yuri Omega is mother brain, Yuri from C&C, and the gravemind in one.

Vorzhilok is a mix and match of Ridley and Clockwerk with the personality of Braniac and Ultron.

Exemplaria is an homage to Paragon and Millenium City with a very silver agey super idealized feel to it.

My upcoming project of Universalis will essentially be Cyperpunk personified in Scandinavia.

The Mediterannean Syndicate, who are an upcoming faction, are going to be based on the Red Alert Paradox faction of the same name and are essentially highly dysotopian 80s cyberpunk. Capitalism gone wrong.

A new character I have planned, Aleksi Anderson, will be both my tribute to Daggerklutz and DCAU's Lex Luthor.

The Peacekeepers are a mix of the Allied Forces and the UNSC.

The Hierarchy are essentially every evil alien coalition combined.

Chaos is lifted wholesale from Warhammer.

Etc, etc.

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@pyrogram has been helpful as of late, in all honesty working with him as sprouted a lot of ideas. As for other stuff prior or separate from him I'll elaborate on that later >.>

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@closure: Likewise :D You've helped me with Xenon loads.

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Roland was basically 'What if Batman was a mutant and his parents were killed by human extremists? And what if he had Mister X's and Silver Samurai's powers?'

And Roland was born.

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My crazy ass life

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It can be anything. My previous work. I reuse stuff to try to improve it. Plus, I use bits and pieces of other franchises.

Like one quick example "Cold" was pretty much an improved character I made before. His mask was inspired by a video game. And his costume was inspired by an idea I been wanting to use.

It can be anything, it can come and go at anytime. Like for everyone, I believe. [×]√