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"I have finally got it..." The Blue Giant says with a psychotic face. He was in the secret safe/ chamber of the Bladed Angels castle. Cupped in his hand was a crystal hand. It was the last relic of the Ke'pron Dynasty.  The people of that blood line had tremendous power, and the hand held the remaining power. The only reason the dynasty fell was because of the union of gods that told Ruin Cross to form the team MOF was in. That actually was the real reason the Balance Keeper joined the squad. He was one of the few who knew the true story of the Ke'prona's because of his old age.

Now that he has retrieved what he was looking for there was no need to stay with the team. Carefully placing the hand in a padded pouch he turns off the lights and walks out of the chamber. He slides the heavy metal door until it shuts. Looking at the door he frowns. "They don’t deserve these artifacts." And with a raise of his hand he uses his matter manipulation to cause the safe to cave in as if there was an earthquake. The affects of that shook the whole castle and crushed anything in the sector. MOF grins and walks down the hall.  Figuring no one was home he decides to have some fun and causes even more damage on his way out.

Pointing at walls he uses his matter manipulating to cause them to crumble in an instant. He has made it down the stairs and is now in the lobby of the building. The ruckus has awoken the gigantic fire breathing lizards of myth. They circle around the Glowing Warrior and snarl at him. "Your breath truly is foul, beasts." He says not moving at not making eye contact with any of the dragons. That's when one of them swung a mighty claw and MOF simply leaned backwards a little bit and lets the nail barely pass his nose. Suddenly MOF lunges forward and punches the creature in its eye.

A horrible yell was let out by the dragon and MOF turns to the others. Animals are smart even if we don’t give them credit. The other dragons turned away and disappeared into their designated area. MOF faces the exit and begins walking. He pushes the gate open and his MOF-Cycle appears. "Now to go to the place where it all started." He whispers while he pats the pouch. Soon he is on his bike and in the air flying off to the area currently named .

Over a small wooded area MOF leaps off his motorcycle and lands on the ground. Hs feet sink into the thick snow as he walks and then he stops in a clearing. "It is time to start what I have been waiting centuries for..." Reaching into the pouch he pulls out the hand. He sticks it in a certain spot of the snow. He was about to start saying enchanted words, when he gets the eerie feeling that he is not alone...

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Mark had been in the shadows for sometime. Watching MOF , seeing what his friend or so he thought was doing. the things MoF was looking at made no sense to Mark. Mabe because he was young or mabe it was some freaky Blue Man alien type things. But what ever it was MOF had a big grin on his face when he finally said " I have finally got it......." which made Mark come back from his almost deep sleep that he had been slipping through for hours. Mark's mission was to watch MOF for Ruin Cross who was getting quite suspicious of what Man of Foever was doing and spending all his time at.  Seeing MOF get up Mark stood straight. The Blue man had grabbed a pouch and had turned of the lights turning around one last time. That was when Mark made his move and slipped passed MOf before the metal door was closed. Mark was in the shadows yet again since this part of the BA castle was completly dim shadowed by the occasional candles. Mark was light panting as he had almost been caught. Keeping the balance on a balance keeper wasn't easy Mark knew enough but as MOF caved in precious artifacts Mark knew there was a problem with his old old friend it seemed.

As Man of Forever crumbled more walls with his matter manipulation Mark made sure to stay close enough and far enough away so that he could still keep track of his opponent.   When the ancient fire dragons woke up Mark turned on his already heated helmet and made a small note to not ever wake them but since MOF simply destroyed them by punching them in there eyes. Mark knew that they wouldn't be a problem and the terrible yells of the beast made Mark himself want to scream . He didn't know why mOF wanted to make so much rucket and he also didn't know where anyone was but he needed to continue his mission

Follonwing MOF to the front door he sees his target go airborn as quick as the sun. Mark pondered on the idea of following or of telling RC his findings but nevertheless decides to follow MOF to where ever he was going. Flying up with a jolt he was at 100000 feet . Flying over MOF he dropped a small following beaker and pulled back his speed to let his opponent go. Stopping with a jerk he has his helmet run the location. The way MOF was goign was towards the state of Alaska. Looking back up he continued the chase which seemed more like a doomed mission .

Continueing the follow he had to keep at a great pace as MOF was soaring through the sky which made Mark look like a slomo in the sky. When the chase had finally finished he waited . When his opponent had achieved hitting the ground Mark slowly dropped into a tree. As it shroudered Mark held his breath. His opponent had heard it but didn't seem to care. Knowing this he took out two of his explosive cards and threw them inbetween MOF like lightning.  Dropping further behind the tree he started to feel the cold. The cold of a bitter winter but definantly cold.

Running a 70 degree incubation in his suit the coldness fell giving him the space he needed to plan. His plan was to duplicate something but decided to not to tell it out loud. Cloning himself 20 times he had his clones singlehandingly circle the opponent. Then he further cloned them into trees that way when MOF walked past them a sudden switch and the clones were on his back in a minute. Continueing his plan Mark  had his two explosive cards blow up with a click....... BOOM .... was all you could here as they syncronizingly blew up at the same time.

Letting this seep into his mind Mark duplicated a clone and had it run towards MOF while he himself hid behind the tree.  Turning the rest of his clones free 21 ran towards MOF with there guns . They all fired two shots at different times since Mark knew that MOF could manipulate time and the space continuem. Then with a loud authoritve voice he and his clones recited these words" Those who betray shall fall.... those who fall shall die.... those who die shall not come back....  shall not come back to what they called home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Just as he had thought, MOF wasn’t alone. Reaching over his back he pulls off a beeping tracking device. It was small but inside was enough tech to make Geek Squad drool. In his huge fist he crushes it and smiles as he realizes who it belonged to. Some subtle noises were made in the snow and MOF figured his young teammate was preparing something. Still hunched over, foot steps echo around, then he looks up. Seeing the mob of clones he stands up and towers over every single one. "Bravo, Mark. You discovered what I was doing and followed me." He says as he raises his arms in what seams to be in a surrender.

Then the silence was broken with an explosion of which sent chunks of the ground and snow flying every where. Was that supposed to make the Blue Giant disoriented or was it to distract him? Out of the chaos a figure ran at the Alien. MOF straitens out his long arm slides to the side and close lines the clone. The man's legs pop out from under him and his head swings backwards as his body hits the ground. In a single push the other clones run at him firing their weapons.

People think they can guess what the Man of Forever is going to do next. The truth is no one does... not even himself. He relies mainly of quick thinking. Never making plans but letting every thing be in constant motion. As the bullets near him,  his shields are projected from his gauntlets and he keeps his arms up. With a spin he blocks most of the bullets and reflects some back. Hopefully they will injure the clones. Some passed by his shields and hit his armor and skin. Which didn’t do too good because of their durability.

After the gun fire has died down he can hear the chant more clearly. "Those who betray shall fall.... those who fall shall die.... those who die shall not come back....  shall not come back to what they called home!!!" The Mark clones were yelling. It almost makes the Balance Keeper want to burst out in laughter. He has no home. "Stop acting like a ninja and come out and face me, Mark." MOF says knowing that the real Mark wasn’t amongst his clones. Slinging his arms he sends his shields flying and he uses his probability manipulation that he will cut down the tree his new opponent was in.

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Mark could  hear the gunfire , The pangs as bullets were reflected towards his clones. Mark only knew this because some of his clones had nescesarially been hit and two had already disinigrated into dust that mixed deeply with the snow  making a oily skin looking color into the snow. As a lone bullet hit the tree with a thud that Mark was hiding behind he knew that something would happen. Then he hard the words of his old old friend MOF."Stop acting like a ninja and come out and face me , Mark." Mark now knowing his opponent was authoritve and had really betrayed everything the BA stood and still stands for Mark broke into anger.  As some shields  flew towards the tree  from MOFs' very hands Mark knew he was supposed to be screwed.  Dropping left from the tree he knew that MOF had been using  Probability Manipulation.

As the tree broke in half Mark watched on his back as it slid sideways as it squashed 3 more of his clones. In all he had already lost 5 clones but was regaining strength. Getting up quickly his clones formed a primitave block infront of him in a second without the need to control them. His clones were getting smarter in and on every battle that Mark won or lost. Taking his two twin encrusted BA pistols he loaded them with his most durable bullets. He had known that following MOF would lead to some sort of battle and that his regular bullets wouldn't even graze his opponents skin and would just break do to there durabaility.

Getting up quickly he put his guns up towards his opponent even though the clones were still infront of him. Then without a flick of thought he had them run towards MOF, or at least most of them. Two others had formed a sneak attack behind MOF. So Mark fired his bullets and in return the shell casings dropped to the floor like machine guns. When the guns had finally run out of bullets Mark had fired 17 rounds in unison from each gun. Mark's guns were specially made tailored for his line of duty and Mark respected them like real people.

Knowing his clones were still running at MOF he had them quickly poof out of existence and had his sneak attack clones  take out there swords and attempt to stabb MOF in the back hoped MOF was paying attention to mark and not the clones. Knowing that this new found enemy wanted to face Mark one on one against  Mark he had the all of his clones dissapear after they had finished there assault. Then Running at his opponent straight forward for the last move of this assault he used his super strength to do a "K" kick on MOF's left knee cap that Mark had learned from Ruin Cross. 

Knowing the kick was low Mark hit the  snowy floor and slid underneath MOF. It was a risky move but Mark after slipping under MOF slid and turned. Then getting up he stood straight in a defensive stance. Bellowing  a couple of more words he said.

" You wanted me out of my hiding spot lets get cracka lackin or is this to SALTY for you."

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The shield was only thrown to get the real Mark out of hiding. And that is what it did. The youngest member of the Bladed Angels landed on the ground and went straight into battle. Soon the clones rush at the Balance Keeper while Mark fires more then a dozen bullets from his pistols. Not wanting to deal with the current obstacles, MOF uses his limited gravity manipulation (controlling his weight) and leaps high in the sky with ease. The clones that were facing MOF burst into smoke while the duo behind him most likely gets shot by Mark’s bullets.

His cloak spreads wide almost blocking out the sun over his opponent. His bird-like shadow covers the area until he increases his weight to that of an adult elephant. He comes down quick and hard over Mark with boot out aimed at his face. If he lands on the boy he will continue to crash into the ground trying to crush him under his weight. That would probably shatter Marks’ head. Once on the ground (Mark under him or not), the Blue Giant rolls over then is back on his feet and waiting for the BA prodigy.

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Mark didn't know where MOF was. He looked around for awhile before not seeing anything. His clones where dead and the clones what were supposed to sneak attack MOF took all of the bullets Mark had aimed . As the sun darkened Mark looked up .  MOF was flying there blocking the sun from Mark making a shadow. Knowing his opponent was about to make a move Mark made no attempt to dodge. MOF then came down on Mark aiming at his face.Mark couldnt see anything else as the foot shadowed over his face finnally hitting Mark squared. Mark couldn't stand as the jarring impact started a mound of pain.

Dropping down to the floor Mark laid there as MOF missed Mark's head and instead got the shoulder of Mark. MOF's weight heavied and Mark's arm flattened . Then MOF rolled of Mark and onto his feet waiting for Mark.

Mark faced the ground for awhile as if he was giving up. Then in speed he jumped up with the pain in his arm intensly holding him back. Taking deep breaths Marks arm healed fast and became it's regular shape. Starting his move Mark ran towards MOF . Jumping in the air Mark hailed down with his arm held back.  Then he pushed his arm fowards towards MOF's face before attempting to side kick him in the leg.

Dropping onto the floor Mark attempted to elbow MOF in the leg before rolling forwards away from MOF. Then he got up and waited for MOF to move

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As Mark stands up, MOF sees that the kick was affective, but he knew it wouldn't last long. His flattened arm regained its form like someone inflatting up a balloon. In a flash the young warrior was over MOF and performed a precise punch. MOF's face jerks to the opposite side and a bullet of spit is launched from his mouth. And a blink later Mark's foot was swung at the Giant's leg. The armored boot took most of the initial force and pain but due to Mark's super strength it made MOF's knees buckle. But as his new enemy drops and thrusts his elbow, the Balance Keeper jumps up and lets the arm move under him.

After he lands the two fighters face each other once again. Through the fog of his eyes, MOF glares at the Earthling he had deceived for so long. He never was truly a friend to the boy but whenever he was around him he had to put up a front to earn his trust. Him along with the rest of the Bladed Angels that is. "You are wasting my time, child. If you continue to stand in the way of my main goal I will destroy you." The Alien says with his tremendous voice. He then slightly lowers his head and begins walking towards Mark.  What is he planning to do?

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Mark's attacks had all but one hit the opponent MOF . Mark was abit surprised though. He kept thinking of how MOF could change gravity, change time, and also change things Mark had never dwelled in. Being a alien is to Mark the weirdest thing ever , there's so much work into putting your people in the front of every other civilization.  Mark's first attack had hit MOF straight in the face causing spit to come out. Mark's second attack hit the giants's foot. It hit perfectly but stil Mark knew that the aliens armour would be hard to penetrate.Mark's last attack had sadly failed as MOF had dodged it by jumping up , which led to Mark's hand just flowing past into thin air where his opponent had been awhile ago.

After MOF landed Mark stared at hm. He had no thoughts at all for the betrayer. He used to trust the magnificant blue man with his always kind words, but litte to no avail had Mark really known the blue man . When the Blue man spoke Mark went on the defensive and waited to hear. "You are wasting my time, child. If you continue to stand in my way of my goal I will dstroy you." MOF had recited with a booming voice.

Mark stood and ran the last two words in his mind. Destroy you. Mark kept that in his mind while he spoke hard and mad. " I'm not going to waste time when you are done. I'm no child either i'm old enough to get what I want the way I want it, and if i'm seriously standing in your way your goal won't be to destroy me it will be to try and live through this fight. So if you get the picture you already know i'm not caving into what ever Sh!t you planning , or what ever your goal is , I could really care less."

As MOf walked up to Mark , Mark grabbed a small dagger from his pocket and threw it as he jumped back. Grabbing another dagger he took two more back jumps before stopping. Noticing the head lowered Mark knew his opponent might not be able to see him. Setting a quick plan he cloned himself two times. He had made sure they were flawless down to every single skin, they even had a cut on their lower ear's where Mark had had surgery do to having to much skin on that ear.

Then Mark had his clones run at MOF before one of them jumped and the other slid trying to knock MOF down onto his face. Mark held his dagger tighter than before and let out on word as his clones stood close to MOF. " Don't take another step..... not even your time manipulation would be able to defeat me ."

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The snow gives way with each step of the Laidback Warrior. On his small conquest over to Mark, he was careful to keep his eyes on his opponent even though his head was lowered. Mark begins to respond to MOF's statement but all the Blue Giant hears is a song of the same note. "Blah." Then in one movement the boy hops backwards and sends a blade whizzing at the armored chest plate of the Alien. A thin dent was left after the dagger reflected off the metal from Hell. Mark furthered himself even more from the Man of Forever, and then a couple of duplicates were made from the Bladed Angel.

The clones race at the Glowing Man and MOF knows that they are merely pawns. One seamed to take flight while the other made a dive like he was making third base. Just as fast as the two were attacking him, MOF had spun off the ground and his body was almost completely horizontal. He rotates in mid-air letting the Marks speed by. His cloak followed his motion and made something of a cocoon around the Indigo Character. He lands on a knee and one foot then takes a second and re-gathers himself. His long strands of white hair and his red garment flop then sway back to their normal state of rest.

"Don't take another step..... Not even your time manipulation would be able to defeat me." Mark announced as his clones closed in on MOF. Still on one knee staring at the real Mark, MOF revels a cocky smile. "It truly is a wonderful ability to mend time to my satisfaction, but that is not what makes me powerful." Snapping the fingers of his right hand he uses his matter manipulation to constrict Mark's clones with their own clothes. The pressure will continue and grow until they pass out. Trusting his attack on the copies is working he stands straight up. Noticing Mark's powerful grip on his weapon, MOF begins to wonder if Mark fears him, then brushes aside the thought.

Then the stalker-like walking continues.

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MOF dodged all of Mark's moves with ease. There was no way Mark had thought that anyone could have dodged that at all. There was no way , but then he reminded himself, MOF has time manipulation and all of those things meaning that the fight was only at it's bottom point. Looking up Mark could see his opponent constricing the cloths of Mark's duplicates. They all disperesed into energy and flew towards Mark.Mark absorbed the fallen energy and continued.

Then MOF continued to walk towards Mark. MOF had before had a thoughtful face before he had walked , but Mark couldn't figure it out anyways. Gripping his dagger Mark would of thought that MOF was acting more like a stalker than a fighter. Which meant that Mark could go warrior style. Running towards MOF Mark jumped. He took out another dagger and put it into his other hand as he was in midair.

Dropping Mark attempted to throw the daggers at MOF's ears. Then he grabbed them and threw them again. Mark then attempted to grab MOF's head before attempting to bash his knee into that of MOF's head.Jumping back Mark couldn't figure out what to do.Time was of the essence Mark knew and he needed to destroy MOF quickly.Bending down Mark untied his shoes . Taking them off he could feel the winter floor. Now he felt almost connected to the place and Mark hoped this would work if at all yet.

Then he threw his shoes left before getting back off quickly. Then he waited for MOF to make a move .

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In a sudden forward motion Mark was in the air and arming himself with another dagger. Now he was falling over the Man of Forever. Then the twin blades fly at the head of MOF. They zoom past and sink into the ground behind the Giant as if he wanted them to miss. While MOF was still wondering about the weapons, Mark had grabbed the base of his head and thrusted down. MOF was strong but not super strong like Mark and his neck couldn’t help but follow Mark's direction. But as the forehead went down Mark's knee went up. The thud was loud and the assault was quick.

Their powers neutralized each other out but just the force made MOF’s brain buckle. After Mark left go and backed up some, MOF backed up as well but in a more staggered motion. With his large hands he rubs his blue face. While he was gathering himself he didn’t notice that Mark had taken off his shoes and was ready to continue the battle.

“I need to stop fooling around if I want to achieve my goal.” was thought by the Alien. “I could charge at him then strike but that is too much of his style. It would be too easy for him to counter it. He’s has been hinting that he is prepared for my time manipulation through out the whole fight. He must have some way to deflect that as well.” Not making any decision MOF just pushes his hand forward with palm facing Mark and a boulder of the ground leaps out at Mark. Feeling as if that would hold Mark for a while, MOF stops time and turns around.

In the blaring silence the Overgrown Smurf walks over to the crystal hand. When he is in front of it time is restored to its natural flow. Kneeling down, he at it once again he starts to say the enchanted words like before. “[Insert magic words here].”  The Blue Man stated. As his words stirs up the ancient spell of the Ke'prona's, the spell stirs up nature. The clouds close in and darken as they hide the sun. Winds rush in through the forest and MOF continues with the chant.