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Back home on the planet of Thunderos, fifty years have passed since Dynamis’ return home. He was sitting amongst his fellow friends before suddenly teleported to the Chambers of the Council, the ancient society of Thunderos. They had summoned him to go back to earth.

“Why, I conquered all that was evil on that planet why return?” said our mighty warrior, before the head of the council replied back.

“There seems to be one more remaining and because of your stupidity he has destroyed almost all of the civilization on that primitive planet, go now and destroy him.”

 With that said Dynamis was instantly teleported back to earth but to a quite different environment.
The sky was blacked by suet and debris from the rising fires from the mammoth buildings that once towered above the ground. Some lay flat and mangled on the streets while some still stood but totally in ruins. Glass lined the concrete streets which were now stained with blood of thousands of victims.  Cars and bodies lined the streets, the rotting corpses of humans were scattered everywhere. Fire and flame scorched the city while monuments like the Statue of Liberty still burned. The water was petrified with blood and oil as the waters burned from the contamination. New York was doomed, everything was dead even the trees were dying from the lack of sunlight withering away and falling apart were all. Rubble was everywhere in the metropolis large pieces of the empire state building created a bridge over hundreds of abandoned homes.
When the wind blew dust followed with it with the scent of death and disease.

“What kind of creature could do such damage?”
he said out loud and for some reason the devastation reminded him of his home planet after the thirty year war.
He kneeled down and touched a dead body of a small boy no older than six, his body severely burned on his right side of his face. He placed his hand atop the boy’s eyes and used the clairperception ability to see what had happened. He saw the cyborg through the young boy and watched him massacre the child’s mother before killing him in cold blood, this genocide only happened a few hours ago.

“Rest well child for I shall avenge you.”

As he said before standing upright, his long black hair danced in the eastward wind, his silver cape hung from his shoulders while his eyes glowed a dull white energy as it bursted radically from them. He then used his pre-cognation to see where his new found enemy was and traveled at the speed of sound to the destination, he stood atop a street and his opponent was thirty feet away straight ahead of him but underground in some type of catacomb like place.
He then increased his weight to several tons before he broke through the concrete and slammed down into the subway station, staring directly at his mechanical adversary. He raised his right hand and pointed at the cyborg and spoke in a thunderous voice

“you shall be judged.”
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Wars was busying himself with counting a wad of cash he took from a dead man's wallet after he had snapped his neck. Ironically, he was a retired subway conductor - and he died in a subway station.

The cyborg's heavy footsteps echoed throughout the station, though no one was left to run and hide. The people of New York either ran or were slaughtered on the spot. Police didn't really matter and even the heavily-armed teams of elite cops proved of little effeciency.

Wars promised the "Heart of New York" to an anonymous employer in the South Quadrant of the Milky Way - someone who was apparently spying on good ol' Mother Earth for some time. The boss revealed it to be a jewel carted into the Museum of Natural History a few decades ago and something that wasn't fished out since. The utter devastation of the city was just a side-job that the guy suggested - something that Wars couldn't pass up either.

"Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine..."

As the bounty hunter's finger grazed the edge of the thirtieth bill, a sudden gust of wind carried the green-dyed paper away into the halls of the underworld. A loud crash and a stout man in blue armor stood before the cyborg. Black hair danced from his head and chin and everything seemed....otherworldly about him. Wars looked at him with a blank gaze, the visor on his helmet growing into protrusions of his eyes which darted in synch, scanning the guy.

"You aren't human. But your blood is boiling...you want to kill me, don't you big guy?"

Standing at his full height, his arms at his sides, Wars smirked before a cannon sprouted from his shoulder, emitting a foul green blast at the stranger that would've evaporated the strongest metals in the universe if it was anymore potent.

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As the machine scanned Dynamis, He converted his body to make it seem over ten tons, matter manipulation is a beautiful thing because now in appearance he seemed normal but in reality he multiple times heavier and denser than ever before. His feet molded into the walkway bellow.

"You aren't human. But your blood is boiling...you want to kill me, don't you big guy?" said the machine.

"Kill you....yes, but first i want to make you suffer for what you've done." his voice rumbled like thunder. "I'm going to savior this."

but before he could get the first move Warsman shot off a green plasma like blast towards him, Dynamis darted quickly to the side his cape still dancing from the G-forces before he planted and tensed his legs as the blast bombarded a stone wall behind him sending debris and smoke bellowing outwards, pebbles from the explosion flew out and richocheted off of our hero's back before he smirked and tightened his fist.He darted forward at top speed, breaking the sound barrier, his feet dug deep into the concrete before take off but no sound was heard until Dynamis appeared only a meter from his opponent. His hand was cocked back and shook as he tightened it like he was strangling something. He did not slow down though even his behemoth like wieght wasn't a factor because of his gravitokinesis making him wiegh as much as his standard face so he could travel at that speed with out penalty from physical laws. He would aim a heavy blow straight to the cyborg's piercing eyes but just in case sent out a strong radical energy blast, from his body. The radius of the blast was twenty feet in all directions.

"Humans are delicate you of all people should know that but know you will witness first hand who delicate a Thunderion is." His voice echoed through the catacombs.

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A diseased piece of ruble lay before the cyborg in place of a mound of rotting flesh, emrald steam wafting from it in tufts. The guy had disappeared, though Wars knew he didn't leave. Something in the air tasted like bloodlust, so he eyed his surroundings carefully.

However, a bright blast of light came from the target - who was to the right of Wars, the creature's back to the rails. The resulting distraction was powerful enough to cause Wars to stagger backwards, shielding his eyes with both arms. Then, came the punch.

Large and strong, it broke through his faceplate, shattering the bone making up the upper regions of his face. Blood spewed out of the wound as the bounty hunter stood still, the shock and pain of the attack causing him valuable time for a counterattack. However, his ealing systems were not as impressed as they reformed the tendons in his face, making them tenfold as strong, reshaping and rebuilding the bone and again making that which was broken ever more powerful against offensive force.

Even the shattered pieces of his helmet came into place, the strange metal that had withstood a planet's implosion growing out of the base of the cyborg's neck to make a second helm in place of the first after it was completely discarded by the cyborg, the newer one having the same properties as the regained tissues.

Smirking, Wars slowly arched his neck first to the left and then to the right, sickening popping sounds coming out of the vertabrae.

"You're the first one to do that. Making me regenerate within the first few minutes of a fight."

A smiled wider as he teleported, reappearing above the creature with his fists clenched together and raised high with most of his fearsome strength behind the mighty hammer.

"I can tell we're going to have a good time with this!"

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Dynamis looked in dismay as the cyborg reformed his face after the severe impact of the blow. Dynamis began to smile at the thought of this battle because he had purposely left Warsman alive on this planet for such an occasion, see Dynamis can not speak out loud about his true intentions because the leders are watching so this is why he is making things so dramiticly heroic but in reality he is enjoying the chaos just as much as his foe is.

"You're the first one to do that. Making me regenerate within the first few minutes of a fight." said the cyborg.

He disappeared behind Dynamis before smashing his fists into the Thunderions's back. He buckled but smiled at his foes comment.

"I can tell we're going to have a good time with this!" Dynamis shook his head in agreement as he turned around as fast as he possibly could and launched a strong optic blast towards his foe but knowing now his foe could teleport he used precognation to make sure his foe didn't get a sneak attack and telekinetically dropped the ceiling overhead of his new found enemy.

"This is the only the beginning, hell forged abomination!" he smirked as he said the overly dramitic statement and sent several kineitic waves in his opponents direction.

The subway system already began to shatter and crumble this titanic battle was to be the Genesis of Armegeddon, the destruction of man-kind.

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"Dah, crap."

Wars said, feeling the heat from the optic blast instants before it collided with his faceplate, the rays jutting out into streams from a river of energy before it finally disappeared, the cyborg stumbling backwards, hearing something about Doomsday as he tried to wipe away some of the worn pieces of armor, thus making room for newer ones that sprouted from the centerpiece of the suit on the cyborg's neck.

Wars soon was back to whatever "normal" he dared to call as such, his neck popping as he twisted it violently from side to side, a smirk adorning his face.

"You really are getting more interesting by the minute."

The cyborg's arms suddenly became lined with blades shining with a bluish aura. They were freshly cleaned from a nasty encounter with a weapon's marketer whose guards and henchmen were, shall we saw, "unfortunately" butchered. Each centimeter of the blades were deadly, enough to carve through a heavily-armed legion and still be sharp enough to slice the throat of a refugee. The smell of blood radiated from these things.

Wars smiled wider as he cracked his bones into a position of battle as if he were a crustacean, his legs bent and his upper body twisted and low. He teleported around and around the big man, performing a dance that had carved many before it into smouldering cinders, the light of the blades being much more useful than for show.

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Dynamis was surpised that his foe could take such a blast but was even more surpised to see what happened next. Blades popped up from his arm illuminated with a blueish aura and he teleported. He suddenly appeared behind him a sent a slash across the Thunderion's back sending a bloody river from his spine. Dynamis yelped in pain as Warsman teleported once more a snet another slice along his shoulder, its razor like edge dug deep, down to the bone. It began to bleed heavily as Warsman teleported again this time Dynamis dodged the blade and used his precognation to dance around and avoided the multiple strikes coming at him but they just kept coming he couldn't endure this forever so he increased the gravity in his area one thousand times over to attempt to stop the cyborg in his tracks.

If the cyborg kept moving still he would launch a powerful radical blast in all directions to try to knock his opponent out of the area. Dynamis then flew skyward to the surface to bring a new scenery to the fight. The Thunderion began to speak

"You who has destroyed thousands...no, millions shall die this day."

Dynamis telekineticly lifted over a hundred tons of rumble and ruined earth to heave it at his powerful mechanical enemy. He than lifted his right hand a began to fire several powerful blasts at his foe using his precognation to try to better judge his opponent's position.

"You should of died with the others, Warsman....How could i be so blind to let you live all those years!?"

He said this with an evil grin, he was thinking inside about how he could not do any more destruction and if the elders where not watching he would join forces with Warsman but since this is not the case...one of them has to die.

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His knees buckled and bent as the air became suddenly heavier. His spine threatened to snap, so he just went with things and slammed to the floor, pinned by an invisible weight called gravity - only magnified hundreds of times over.

Saying something noble, the guy burst out of the subway station to find more chunks of ammunition, which he hurled at the cyborg with vicious intent. However, seeing how he couldn't move using physical power, he just decided to teleport to another location and be pinned there instead of in the pathway of a flying cloud of rubble.

Inching a hand to a button on a pad near his left wrist, Wars pressed it and stood without effort, as if he was floating.

"Antigravity generators. Whatever the hell you did wasn't fun."

Wars teleported and reappeared in front of his foe, throwing a twin set of punch at both his chin and stomach, coming up with a knee afterwards.