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Temporarily relocating himself to an uncharted geographical region in the Congolian forests of Africa, Ishin's self-imposed isolation to the expansive floral encompassment stems from his objective of furthering his pedigreed spiritual refinement through undisturbed meditation, coveting a necessary separation from the metropolitan annoyances of the infra-structurally dominated globe. With only his necessities, and adorned in a dark blue flushed men's kimono bedecked by a black lining on the sleeves, the outer edge of his traditionalist attire tied together by a festooning dark blue sash while his beige geta embellish his feet, Ishin mutely immerses himself deeper into the dense floral environs, his sheathed uchigatana securely dangling from the left side of his waist, a perpetually accessible weapon in anticipation of potential confrontations, unaware that another wanders the tropical African rainforests, a beauteous temptress, an enchantress of celestial enthrallment seeking solace in the floral abundant terrain.

The lurid lights and drunken revelry fell away behind the Enochian. She had discarded her usual garb, and walked through the night naked except for a loin-cloth. She moved with the supple ease of a wolf, her lean muscles rippling under her crimson skin.

She had entered the part of the region reserved for the temples. On all sides of her they glittered gold in the starlight-ivory marble pillars with golden domes and painted arches, shrines of Nyame. She did not trouble her head about them; she knew that Nyame’s religion, like all things of a primitive, long-settled doctrine, was intricate and complex, and had lost most of the pristine essence in a maze of formulas and rituals. She had squatted for hours in the courtyard of the philosophers, listening to the arguments of Theologians and teachers, and come away in a haze of bewilderment, sure of only one thing, and that, that they were all completely out of their minds.

Her ways were simple and understandable. She was the Goddess, and she lived in a grand temple, with a promise of passion and fulfillment. It was useless to call on her, because she was an inattentive, lustful goddess, and she hated being alone. But she gave a man vigor at birth, and the will and might to lay his conquests, which, in the Naamahnites mind, was all any goddess should be expected to do.

Crimson bare feet made no sound on the gleaming pave. No watchmen passed, for even the thieves of the Maul shunned the temples, where strange dooms had been known to fall on violators. Ahead of her she saw, looming against the sky, the Tower of Anasi. She mused, wondering why it was so named. No one seemed to know. She had never seen a Spider in this region, but she vaguely understood that it was a monstrous goddess, that was a trickster.

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Footslogging across the laborious terrain of the botanically congested Congolian rainforests, Ishin governs himself with quiescent and undeterred focus. His spiritual and mental faculties have suffered significant waning, malignantly affected by his transitory focus on furthering the development of his physical prowess, no longer capable of harnessing the ethereal phenomena and elephantine quantities of energy once so heavily relied on for cinematic displays of thunderous raw power. The metaphysical link between his and Shiho's mental chakras had dissipated, he had lost his adoptive daughter in Gothic City, inciting his immediate desire to re-cultivate and replenish his mental and spiritual chakras, only then will the reestablishment of his ethereal connection to the Strigidae Apogee commence.

"I hope Shiho-chan is fine", the tenderhearted thought crosses the Esoteric Elitist's mind, uniquely flushed golden-blue eyes surveying the encompassing wilderness with perceptive clarity, his wooden, beige-colored geta snapping grounded, brittle branches under his footsteps, the midnight blue fabric of his noble adornments brushing against irriguous, viridian leaves as he furthers his quest for temporary geographical solitude from the modern world. Venturing deeper, the superlative ocular clarity awarded by his esoterically aggrandized eyesight catches sight of a pictorially obscured architectural mass. With his curiosity actively piqued, Ishin subtly accelerates his pace, the thought of tersely relocating to an uncharted, possibly ancient architectonic feature bringing forth the realization that he may have found an appropriate setting to reside in.

"Hmm, what is this?", footsteps pausing as the Messianic Martial Arts Master stands before an expansive chain of architectural structures. "Temples?", Ishin quietly murmurs, his contralto voice elevating slightly above a whisper. And then it occurred, feverishly, his ethereal senses' activity skyrocketed, frenetically alerting him of the presence of a settlement, a civilization, unknown to him, there resided a goddess. "T'ch", dismissing the relevancy of the discovered temples to his self-imposed isolation, Ishin turns away, intent on selecting a direction that would lead him away from any disturbances. Again it occurred, his senses had grown frantic, emphasizing yet another discoverer ethereal life-force, a metaphysical signature, but it was not of man, it was divine, celestial in nature. "What is that?", he wondered, his curiosity piqued once again, warranting his immediate investigative attention. What would a divine entity be doing in a rainforest of all places?

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Naamah leaned on her strangely carved staff and gazed in grinning perplexity at the mystery which spread silently before her. Many a deserted village Naamah had seen in the months that had passed since she turned her face east from the Slave Coast and lost herself in the mazes of rainforest and river, but never one like this.

It was not famine that had driven away the inhabitants, for yonder the wild rice still grew rank and unkempt in the untilled fields. There were no Congolese slave-raiders in this nameless land--it must have been a tribal war that devastated the village, Naamah decided, as she gazed somberly at the scattered bones and grinning skulls that littered the space among the rank weeds and grasses. These bones were shattered and splintered, and her golden eyes saw snakes and a Panther furtively slinking among the ruined huts. But why had the slayers left the spoils? There lay war spears, their shafts crumbling before the attacks of the white ants. There lay shields, moldering in the rains and sun. There lay the cooking pots, and about the neck-bones of a shattered skeleton, glistened a necklace of gaudily painted pebbles and shells-surely rare loot for any a savage raider.

She gazed at the huts, wondering why the thatch roofs of so many were torn and rent, as if by clawed things seeking entrance. Then something made her golden cold eyes narrow in startled unbelief. Just outside the smoldering mound that was once the village wall towered a gigantic baobab tree, branch-less for sixty feet, its mighty bole too large to be gripped and scaled. Yet in the topmost branches dangled a skeleton, apparently impaled on a broken limb.

The cold hand of mystery touched the shoulder of Naamah. How came those pitiful remains in that tree? Had some monstrous troll type creatures inhuman hand fling them there?

Naamah shrugged her crimson shoulders and her hand unconsciously touched the pearl handle of her Colt Us Army .45 Revolver, the hilt of her long rapier, and the dirk hidden at her side. Naamah felt no fear as an ordinary mortal would feel, confronted with the Unknown and Nameless. Years of wandering in strange lands and warring with strange creatures had melted away such rot from her brain, soul, and body all that was not steel and whalebone. She was tall and well built, almost Amazonian, built with the savage economy of the lioness. Broad-shouldered, long-armed, with nerves of ice and thews of steel, she was no less the killer born than the gifted swordsman. No it was not the sight that had her on edge it was what her ears were picking up. She could hear the gentle footfalls of a stranger that she had the feeling was stalking her. She could smell him and hear his still beating heart, as he lurked from behind her current position. Only a tree line and the smoldering remains of the once proud village lay between them.

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Venturing further, deeper into the encompassing botany, Ishin earnestly maneuvered past the congested greenery, guided by his metaphysical sensory faculties, intent on discovering the source of this pinpointed divine essence. "Heh, how counter productive", his quiescently voiced murmur joshing in regards to his presently endeavored course of action, contradictory to his objective of isolation for the necessary cultivation of his otherworldly capabilities. The detected essence's vibrancy escalated, teasing, taunting him to approach, and he wondered. What would a god or goddess be doing in these uncharted terrains? "There's always something", the former Impero lamented, remarking the incessant manifestations of distractions from his selected goals.

Footslogging past the final portion of verdant foliage, the Esoteric Elitist's uncannily hued oculus caught sight of the disheveled, architectonic remnants of a historically undocumented village. Corpses rotted, an aromatic pungency infesting his immediate ambiance, imparting within the Martial Arts Messiah disgust, one expressed via a discontent sneer. "What could have done this?", the thought inquired, inciting his altruistic, philanthropic intention of seeking vengeance for the slain villagers. There was no residual ethereal energy-signature emanating from the graphically mauled corpses, their homicide had occurred days before, to pinpoint the culprit by desperately searching for any perceptible semblance of their chi was an exercise in fruitlessness. This was an investigation warranting a more contrived approach.

"Hm?", ambient awareness alerted him, shooting a reactionary glance to his right, Ishin's austerely expressive eyes widened, capturing the sight of an enthralling individual several feet from him. Adopting an instinctual, defensively motivated stance, his left hand tentatively reaching for his sheathed uchigatana, Nanda's hilt, his fingers subtly brushing against it, the acquired realization that this entity, she was no enemy, she flaunted not the warnings of a predator. Her rubicund-flushed skin, complimented by a picturesque physique of celestial beauteousness and mesmeric appeal. Gradually composing himself, his left hand darting away from his uchigatana's hilt, Ishin mutely stared, facially temperate, his golden-denim blue eyes genteelly meeting hers.

"Do you know who did this?", he curiously inquired, appropriately casting a succinct glance towards the structurally eradicated remains of the approximated village prior to returning the ocular focus of his eyes to her. Subtly squinting both eyes, the left corner of his mouth faintly curling upwards in an obscured, impish smirk, "What is a goddess doing here of all places?", his ethereal senses informing him, she was the carnal source of the previously detected divinity.

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The thorn bushes of the rain-forest had dealt hardly with Naamah; her loincloth hung in tatters. The sun had baked her chest and limbs to a deep crimson, but her ascetically lean face was impervious to its rays. Her complexion was still of that strange, blood red which gave her an almost demon-like appearance, belied only by her gold, burning eyes.

And now Naamah, sweeping the village once more with her searching gaze, pulled her belt into a more comfortable position, shifted to her left hand the ram-headed stave T’Challa had given her, and took up her way again.

To the west lay a strip of thin forest, sloping downward to a broad belt of Congo, a waving sea of tall trees stretched out all around her. Beyond that raised another narrow strip of woodlands, deepening rapidly into a Savanna. Out of that grass land Naamah had fled like a hunted fox with pointed-toothed men hot on her trail. Even now a vagrant breeze brought faintly the throb of a savage drum which whispered its obscene tale of hate and blood-hunger and belly-lust across miles of rainforest, jungle and grassland.

The memory of her flight and narrow escape was vivid in Naamah’s mind, for only the day before had she realized too late that she was in cannibal country, and all that afternoon in the reeking stench of the thick jungle, she had crept and run and hidden and doubled and twisted on her track with the fierce hunters ever close behind her, until night fell and she gained and crossed the grasslands under cover of darkness.

Now in the late mornings he had seen nothing, heard nothing of her pursuers, yet she had no reason to believe that they had abandoned the chase. They had been close on her heels when she took to the Congo.

So Naamah surveyed the land in front of her. To the east, curving from north to south ran a straggling range of hills, for the most part dry and barren, rising in the south to a jagged black skyline that reminded Naamah of the black hills of Negari. Between her and these hills stretched a broad expanse of gently rolling country, thickly treed, but nowhere approaching the density of a jungle. Naamah got the impression of a vast upland plateau, bounded by the curving hills to the east and by the savannas to the west.

And so Naamah had planned to set out for the hills with her long, swinging, tireless stride. Surely somewhere behind her the savage demons were stealing after her, and she had no desire to be driven to bay. A shot might send them flying in sudden terror, but on the other hand, so low they were in the scale of humanity, it might transmit no supernatural fear to their dull brains. And not even Naamah, whom Lucifer Morningstar had called The Queen of Blades, could win in a pintched battle with an entire tribe. Well not without using her powers and destroying them all, which she had absolutely no intention of doing. This expedition was meant to heighten her skills, and how can she even dream of doing that if she always cheats with magic?

This is when Ishin made his presence known to her as he finally approached the location of the destroyed village. He smirked at her and arrogantly questioned her part in this act, as if she had anything to do with it. “How did it happen? Why was she there?” These were the questions he wished her to answer. Normally she would not feel obligated to answer questions of such a nature, but she looked at the man and knew that he meant no harm, and she knew that he knew nor did she.

“I was too late to arrive to know for certain. This area is plagued by headhunters however, cannibals.” She says as she points to the skeleton impaled in the tree. “Not sure how he managed to get himself all the way up there however, and look at the remains of these dilapidated huts… The roofs look like they were torn apart by clawed hands.” She shrugs again. “These people… Were worshipers of me… They were my spiritual children, and something has slaughtered them all… I felt the effects of the genocide… But not before I could stop it.” She says plainly as she drops her gaze and sees the skull of a small child, and picks it up adoringly. “Her name was Aniki… She had her Mothers eyes and lips, and her Fathers spirit.” Naamah drops the skull to the ground and looks deep into Ishin’s eyes. “Will you help me avenge them?”

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The facially expressed sorrow of the rubicund-skinned goddess inarticulately conveyed the genuineness of her voiced melancholy, and following her confession to being the patron deity of the freshly slaughtered villagers, Ishin acquired sympathy, comprehension of her plight. "Hmm", temperately considering her request, the Esoteric Elitist began, "I was the leader of a clan once", opting against verbally unveiling his self-imposed sabbatical from the geographically isolated Keijijo Clan. "I have spent the majority of my life geared towards protecting them. Threats of genocide, metaphysical storms, invading warriors with the arrogant need to prove themselves against us, I have faced them all. I understand your sadness, the sadness of seeing those you watch over, perish".

Benevolently meeting her tenderhearted gaze, the former Impero issued a subtle nod in response to her pleading inquiry, "I will help you", he affirmed. To protect a collective of individuals that seek the guidance of a leader, this he understood with irrefutable intimacy. And revenge? This he perhaps understood with even greater comprehension. Averting the focus of his uniquely flushed, inherently mesmeric eyes from the Vermilion Goddess, Ishin cast a secondary, surveying glance across the disheveled remains of the village, laboriously struggling to discern any ethereal remnants of the culprits' ethereal signatures on the graphically mauled corpses. Feverishly pulsating a vibrant denim blue hue, his eyes strenuously searched, yet found nothing. Whether his waned metaphysical prowess had reduced the perceptive capacities of his spiritual sensory faculties or accumulative time had passed since the village's eradication remained an unanswered query.

Reflexively bracing his palm against his right temple, instinctively reacting to the mildly straining migraine experienced from over-expending his otherworldly sensory perception, Ishin taciturnly winced, inconspicuously expressed agony succinctly overcoming his comely features' facial expression. "Gnnh..", a quiescent pant escaping, his hand retreating from the side of his head, "I attempted to search for any of the residual chi leftover by the culprits but, I could not. I feel that my metaphysical perception, it must have weakened", he voiced prior to abruptly dismissing his statement. "But that is of no importance. Can you tell me, goddess, what kind of creatures inhabit this place? This looks too savage, too barbarous to be the work of a human", pausing, the realization dictating his following actions, "What is your name?", he inquired, civilly extending his right hand towards her with engaging genteelness, "I am called Ishin".

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Naamah stares at Ishin sternly for a moment... She assumes he must have some type of extra ordinary optical sensory, however she is taken back by it for a moment. Had there been some sort of residual energy, or metaphysical signature she surely would have found it already with her own divine senses. She did ask for his aid however and she remembers that it had been some time since she last required help, or had to ask for it. "Lady Naamah, goddess of sexual desire and self indulgence." She smiles as she considers her next words and makes them carefully. "Ishin. I thank you for your aid. I admit that I am not used to needing aid. I am currently only an Avatar of my true self, this adventure was to be a learning experience for myself. I have intentionally restricted myself to only ten percent of my full power, in order to heighten my natural skills more effectively."

Then Naamah shifts into her human form, she loses both height and weight. Descending from 6'2" to 5'5", and from 145lbs to 110lbs. Her crimson skin changes to a bronzing tan, appearing Egyptian only with unnaturally angelic blue eyes, that glowed with a celestial energy. And in fact if one was to stand close enough to her they would see that in the blue of her eyes was the vastness of tiny universes all to themselves. These eyes shift back to the discarded skull of the child. "Where are the rest of the children?" Naamah looks around the remains of the village as she confirms that all of the other children's remains were absent. She then starts to reach out into the cosmos in order to see if she could pick up a trace of the missing ones energy signatures that could lead herself and Ishin to their whereabouts.

She is so focused inside of her search that she did not realize that when she shifted from her crimson form to her human form, the loosely hung tattered loin-cloth removed itself from her by way of gravity alone. She was not allowing Ishin this visual on purpose but she was not timid either, and had more important concerns on her mind. She is now in a meditative state of mind and it is easy to tell that she is completely focused on finding something. So long as you are someone whom is aware of what one looks like when they are using their mind to reach out to the powers that be.

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Buoyantly deflecting her sincerely expressed gratitude with cordial modesty, Ishin humbly attributes minimalism to his role in agreeing to assist her, "I appreciate your gratitude Naamah-san, but do not think too much of it", flashing a pictorially obscure smile of disarming politeness, he continues, "I am only doing what is right. This vengeance is a righteous one", he affirms, facially unsurprised by Naamah's confession to presently isolating herself from the nexus of her power's full brunt. "I am not surprised. I mean no disrespect, but the energy I am sensing from you, though much greater than a human's, it is not something to be expected from a deity".

Following their concise yet informative conversational exchange, the Esoteric Elitist's perceptive, predatory eyes observe his acquired acquaintance's physical shift, reverting from a manifestation of physical divinity to a human, her vermilion tan giving way to the emergence of a visually enthralling, bronze flush on her unblemished skin, followed by the birth of a beauteous blue coloration on her eyes, advertising a celestial dynamism to them, warranting Ishin's apparent silence in civil respect to the vibrant beauty of a goddess. Facially temperate, his left hand remains rested over his uchigatana's artistically stylized hilt, his spiritually attuned sensory perception however, detects a vibrant surge of metaphysical phenomena, Naamah's.

Unknown to him, she was exercising her own powers of extraordinary perception in an attempt to pinpoint the location of the village's only survivors, a collection of children. "We're searching for children? Hm, this will make things less complicated", readying his ethereal senses to search for the youthful vibrance of children's spiritual essences, Ishin's sharp eyes widened with reactionary shock, the sight of Naamah's loin cloth descending from her voluptuous frame tersely disarming him. "You're... uh... loin-cloth", a trickling line of transparent sweat on his left temple indicative of his prominent surprise. Averting his gaze from her and retaining necessary composure via a calming exhale, Ishin resumed his own attempts at locating the children, unaware of the antagonistic approach of the homicide's culprits.

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The Hive

Deep inside a light-less chasm they lay wait, with razor sharp mandibles dripping with venom. Large demon-like insects with scaled hides of ebony plated armor much stronger then steel, eight eyes like that of a spider, and six legs made perfect for crawling and digging. These creatures have made for themselves a 'Nest' or 'Hive' they have stolen the innocent children of a village of worshipers different from the forgotten war god who created them. Their Queen is colossal and it is in her 'nesting' area where she lays her eggs that the stolen children have been imprisoned inside of a cage built of the bones of their own fathers and mothers. The Queen wishes to feed the young of her enemies to her own hatch-lings. She has many soldiers protecting her 'Hive' and has kept two of her finest nearby to help her guard her prisoners as well as their Queen herself, from any possible threats.

The little ones are traumatized to the point of two of the six survivors if you want to call them that have lost their ability to speak. Not out of damage to their physical bodies, but due to the emotional damage they have endured. Their voices have been scared from them, and only years of psychological therapy or the healing embrace of a goddess perhaps has any chance of reviving them to their prior selves.

Meanwhile back on the surface...

Naamah comes out of her trance, she heard the whispers of the trees, the air, the earth. The spirits of the land around them have spoken to her, and have given clues. The wild spirits of Africa speak in riddles, rarely do they ever speak plainly. She ponders their words, as she paces back in forth in frustration. She can tell Ishin is uncomfortable however, so she does use a small amount of her divine power in order to dress herself in proper garb. Clothing suitable for an African adventure, she looks like she had 'Rick O'Connell, in mind from The Mummy' she looks much better in it than Brendan Fraser did however.

"They are here... Well nearby... Only not here exactly... They are bellow us... Underground... We need to look for a cave or some sort of hole... I am not sure what has taken the children but whatever it was it makes its home beneath the surface. Other then that I don't have the details." Naamah is frustrated and it is easy to tell, she hates that these whimsical spirits wont just tell her what she needs to know, why must they be so cryptic.

"The spirits of the winds speak of kidnap. The spirits of the trees speak of murder. The spirits of the earth speak of nothing... They are hiding something would be my guess. They are whispering but not to me, they are whispering to someone or something else. I believe whatever took the children is bellow ground, and whatever they are they will be expecting us."

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Though consciously submerged in the phrenic entrapment of her abstraction, the enthralling goddess had acquired a functional awareness of Ishin's visibly articulated discomfort with her boldness and following the termination of her spiritual reverie, the previously transfixed Naamah adorned herself in a more modest attire. With his composure retained, the former Impero responded to his divine concomitant's offered explanation with necessary situational temperance. "Bellow? This is not normal", he began, an inconspicuously pensive expression festooning his faintly rugged, comely features, "I am certain Naamah-san, that this is not the work of humans".

Elaborating on his hypothesized assumption, the Esoteric Elitist resumes conversational interaction, "Underground, that is not usually where humans live. There is little light, and by nature, humans, we are not nocturnal, we are not good at perceiving things without our eyesight unless we have extrasensory perception". Involuntarily rubbing his chin, the Martial Arts Messiah postulates, "I am going to assume that we are dealing with creatures that are not natural. From the village's state, it seems that everyone was caught off guard, look", resting his left palm atop Naamah's shoulder while his right index finger sought to direct her ambrosial blue oculus towards the disheveled remains of the settlement, pointing towards it. "There are no signs of active struggle. There was no time for the villagers to react. The creatures that did this, they are ambush predators".

Offering additional explanatory information with the desire to astutely discern the nature of that which they will inevitably confront, the Messianic Grandmaster continues, retreating his left hand to his uchigatana's picturesque hilt. "Given that these things are underground where there is little luminosity, they must be as I said, nocturnal. Which means that for the villagers to have been caught off guard, the attack must have taken place during the night when the creatures are most active and most optimal. And the night is when everyone is usually asleep so the villagers were caught by surprise", Ishin paused, "They never stood a chance". Ocularly examining the placement of the distributed skulls and skeletal remains, the Esoteric Elitist's suspicions were reaffirmed.

"See that? The majority of the skulls and bones, they are near huts and tents. This implies that during the attack, the villagers must have tried to flee from inside their homes after being woken". Halting to heed Naamah's implicit warning of the creatures' potential anticipation of their quest for vengeance, Ishin issues a comprehensive nod, "They may be expecting us, but they will not win", he affirms. Reaching for one of the decoratively bedecked Keijijo Geijutsu kunai dangling from his waist, he quickly impales into the weathered bark of an approximated tree, setting it there. "If things become to difficult and we need to retreat, I can teleport us to this blade's location", subtly gesturing towards the kunai, it's handle protruding from the tree.

"There", pointing towards a pictorially obscured cave entrance several meters from the village, "That is most likely where they came from. Let's go". Commencing, Ishin darts towards the cave entrance, certain of Naamah's position inches behind him as he sets foot inside, his grip tightening around his uchigatana's grip.

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Naamah shifted her musket from her shoulder and let the stock fall to the earth. Silence lay about her like a fog. The goddesses beautiful face and adventurous garments showed the effects of her divinity. She looked about the entrance of the cave that Ishin made mention of, and she followed him at his heels only not without caution as she raised her musket back to her shoulder.

Some distance behind the pair loomed the green, rank jungle, thinning out to low shrubs, stunted trees and tall grass. Some distance in front of them and the cave, rose the first of a chain of bare, sombre hills, littered with boulders, shimmering in the merciless heat of the sun. Between the cave, the hills and the jungle lay a broad expanse of rough, uneven grasslands, dotted here and there by clumps of thorn trees.

An utter silence hung over the territory. The only sign of life was a few vultures flapping heavily across the distant hills. For the last few hours Naamah had noticed the increasing number of these unsavoury birds. The sun was rocking westward but its heat was in no way abated. As they step inside of the cave they are both surprised by the structure of the interior. The walls and floors are both smooth and level, much like what would be seen in Egypt inside of a Pyramid's inner sanctums. The corridor leads down into a main chamber down bellow by way of opening above, the main chamber is circular, and leads into eight more corridors. The drop down to the main chamber is about fifteen ft at one time there must had been a ladder, there is none presently. "Do you have rope for climbing, or do we jump?"

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Seconds following their entrance into the underground domain of their presently unacquainted opposition, the unlikely dyad of Naamah and Ishin was eerily enshrouded by the encompassing calignosity of the geographically isolated cave, having escaped the searing heat and unbearable scintillation of the sun's radiant incandescence. Venturing deeper into their nocturnal enemy's territory, the former Impero exercised necessary caution, his dominant, left hand securely gripping his sheathed uchigatana's picturesque hilt, his footsteps lethargic and temperate, his positioning appropriately approximate to the Rubicund Goddess, and the entirety of his sensory faculties, geared towards the maintenance of his ambiance.

"Hmm", predatory, perceptive eyes discerningly surveyed their surroundings, a faintly conveying expression of pensiveness bedecking his somewhat rugged facial features. "These walls, the floors, everything about this seems almost... infrastructural", Ishin pointed out, voicing his materialized hypothesis on the apparent intelligence of the cave's homicidal inhabitants. "This could not have been created by any kind of geographical process.. no that is not possible", subtly shaking his head, maintaining the taciturn audibility of his voice, every word hushed as he indulged in light conversation. "I am certain, Naamah-san, these creatures are intelligent. They built this place", he postulated with unwavering self-assurance.

Halting his steps several feet from the elevated entrance to the architecturally incipient corridor, the Esoteric Elitist casts both eyes towards the corridor's entrance, it was several feet from them, it was imperative that they formulate a manner of entering the corridor and venture deeper into the main chamber and the subsequently positioned corridors. Thirty tons of muscular strength coiled through his body's physical composition, the combined weight of both he and Naamah was of no numerical proximity to even a solitary ton.

Exercising his legs' ebullient muscular power would vault them both towards the corridor's entrance while his impeccable agility and equilibrium would render possible the occurrence of a controlled, nimble landing. "We jump", he affirmed, turning towards her with a faint smile of imparting assurance, extending his right hand towards her, intent on pulling her towards him, to wrap his right arm around her voluptuous frame and transpose themselves to the corridor's entrance.

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They descend down into the center of the inner sanctum, on esteem of Ishin's controlled physical acumen. He holds her for a moment in the silent dark of the inner sanctum, there is a light source but it is obscure, there is no clear evidence of where the illumination radiates, no sign of the origin of the strange glowing of the environment. "You may put me down now, Ishin." The goddess says softly.

The pair of executioners where not yet aware that they were not alone, as they stood on solid ground once more. At the teeth of the corridors crawled on six legs the insect-like fiends by pairs of two at all of the eight corridors surrounding Naamah and Ishin. The odd pairs of creatures were in such a way where there was one Elder scout and, one youthful hunter in each pairing. The scouts have orders to simply watch the exchange and then report to their superiors. They stay in place watching with great interest, as the younger less reserved hunter/gather class rush in impulsively. They are screeching wildly a war cry of some sorts perhaps, as they brashly charge into the heat of battle. They are young and impetuous with a burning need to prove themselves to their Queen.

This is when Naamah and Ishin get their first good glance at these creatures, they crawl on six legs, they appear to be separate parts spider and earwig type insect-like beings. Naamah starts to recall stories she had heard long ago about beings like these in Egypt long ago, the rumor was that the Egyptians learned their practices from a secret race of god-like beings that fell to the earth from the sky. Naamah had always assumed that it must have been another fallen one like her, but as she stares at these creatures she quickly realizes the chance that her assumptions might have been unfounded. Perhaps these creatures were a species of highly advanced insect-like Alien beings, that had crash landed on Earth long ago and were secretly living out their stranded existence in this hidden place, long since forgotten.

So long in isolation would surely take its toll on their mentalities, these beings were probably once upon a time much different in demeanor then they were at the present time. She finds the possible tragic mystery to be worth investigating and feels sorry for such beings. She will not excuse them from their great Sin against her and her followers in the slightest however, these creatures would not be shown an ounce of leniency.

Naamah takes aim with her musket as she draws her iron sights on the ebony hide of one of these beasts, and she squeezes the trigger as a thunderclap sounds off with a puff of equal parts smoke and fire. The bullet is deflected by the armor-like exoskeleton of the creature, the sound of the musket does cause the creatures some apparent discomfort. It is as if the blast causes them to loose control over their finely attuned motor skills. Some of them even tumble over on to the there sides and writhe in pain for a few moments as if having a seizure before regaining control. "Well that's interesting." she notices.

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Tenderheartedly flashing an appropriately complacent smile, Ishin taciturnly nods, relinquishing his hold over the Rubicund Goddess' sumptuous frame, genteelly dropping her onto her feet, his left hand instinctively returning to take hold of his uchigatana's hilt with intuitive anticipation of impending physical conflict. With feverish reminder, his metaphysically attuned sensory perception alerted him of his immediate ambiance, inarticulately informing him of the overzealous approach of an antagonistic collection of bio-organically armored creatures. Defensively shooting a sharp glance towards his charging opposition, the sight tersely disgusted him.

Gargantuan arachnids? No, these creatures' locomotion was reliant on the function of six legs, not eight. Yet their remaining physiological structure is reminiscent of spiders, though their heavily fortified exoskeletons boasted the scintillation of a beetle's armor, and their length not unlike that of a centipede's. And their size, an impossibility for exoskeleton-enveloped creatures to not succumb to the principle of scaling at this degree of physical enormity, their weight should render them immobile, yet they conduct themselves with transitionally fluid coordination and agility. "Hmph", wordlessly dismissing any semblance of hesitation, the Esoteric Elitist quickly begins.

Stylistically unsheathing his habitually favored nihonto, Nanda while simultaneously seeking to dexterously cut his charging opposition down in one smooth, lightning-fast action, Ishin employs a technique extracted from the influences of iado, battojutsu, and iaijutsu. Being drawn from below renders the unsheathing of the sword, the act of striking as well. Ten tons of muscular strength aggrandize the power behind the blade's sharpened edge, yet the cut manages only a superficial laceration on his enemy's onyx armor. "Huh?", the Messianic Grandmaster's voiced surprise adjacent to his facially expressed disbelief and succinct pause render him vulnerable for his opposition's counter as together, they swarm him.

The bio-metals composing the majority of their fangs' tips coupled with their virtually supernatural armored fortification succeed in the graphic laceration and piercing of Ishin's skin. Flesh violently tearing off as rufescent liquid spills from his wounds, the ambush tactics of the enemy inciting both his agony, and ire. His present kenjutsu system would accomplish nothing against such an offensively overzealous collective. With a raw, powerful swing of his sword, thirty tons of a laboriously tested, battle-born grandmaster's strength augmenting the blade, forcing his attackers several meters back. Quickly improvising, Ishin commenced the fostering of mental temperance, relying on practical, simplistic swordplay.

Ensuing his secondary form of bladework, the Martial Arts Prophet's bladed style flowed with endorsed fluidity, perfectly mimicking the advertised smoothness of a waterfall while ceaselessly implementing perpetual stepping advances, wide, rapid sweeping swings targeting the exposed body zones of his enemy, his eyes briefly noticing, a deep laceration, sustained by one of the creatures' underbelly, their vulnerable zones. Continuously battling, his bladework was flawless, executed at horizontal and vertical angles, his attacks perpendicular to one another as he shifted towards diagonally threatening strikes, facilely augmenting his blade's rapidity while reducing body movement while retaining necessary stamina. He however, was gradually outmatched, his reflexes were mitigated by the creatures' agility and comparable speed.

"Naamah-san, we have to leave and return later", he grunted, lethargically retreating towards her while effectively fending off their attackers. "We have to formulate a plan. I observed something about them that we can exploit. Come, let's go", he urged, seeking to grab her by the hand and teleport to the cave's exterior, the location of his Keijijo Geijutsu Kunai.

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They retreat. In order to converse their shared attained knowledge its a logical course of action, it hopes of cohesively attributing their combined efforts to the most optimal efficiency. The old 'We ran and then planned' it was not something she was accustomed to, then again none of this whole adventure was what she was accustomed to. She did find the recent events exciting, and she did enjoy watching Ishin take the battle to the invading monstrosities of possible extra terrestrial origin.

However there was something that must be said plainly and it must be said immediately. "I agree that we should formulate a plan of action dear Ishin. But I must announce that I am in no way a damsel in distress, in need of a knight in shinning armor to come whisking in playing the dominate role and protecting me from this challenge. If we are to continue this adventure together, we must do so as equal partners. I don't need a guardian I assure you. If the tides turn against us and we are outnumbered and out of luck, you need to run. I am only an avatar of my true self, if I am devoured by these creatures it will be as if nothing had ever happened, but you are you. The one and only you, and I cannot worry about a Sir Lancelot throwing himself needlessly in harms way in order to protect the fair Maiden whom does not need protecting."

Naamah's face is flush with color, she did not like witnessing Ishin being outnumbered and having being injured as a result of which, while she was perfectly capable of fighting alongside of him. She would not watch that happen again from behind like some helpless child. She would fight alongside of him armed to the teeth as she was, and together they would bring hell down upon their foes. And now that her mind had been spoken about the matter that afflicted it, she switches the subject to that of the reason for the retreat.

"Sound... Harmonics... Whatever it was located inside of the thunderous blasts of my Musket, those creatures were effected by it. It caused them a noticeable amount of discomfort, and they were even rendered immobile to the point of having some type of seizure, as if their bodies were highly attuned with the harmonics. Sound travels fast inside closed walls... Perhaps their exoskeletons resonate harmonics and that high frequency harmonics causes their systems to be overwhelmed. Maybe they even use harmonics in order to communicate with one another?" She is voicing her opinion as well as thinking out loud, questions were posed, and it is unclear if she was asking Ishin, or herself.

Naamah also noticed how the creatures hides were incredibly durable, and how their underbellies were not. How Ishin was able to cause damage to that area with his swordplay, however the creatures crawling with their bellies dragging upon the floor in the manor that they move, makes it very hard for a clear shot. She already believes she may know the plan in which Ishin was going to give voice to, but she decides that she had already spoken enough and it was time to listen. She wanted to hear what Ishin had to say, how he felt about what she had just said only moments ago.

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Culminating their concisely endeavored battle against their uncannily fortuitous opposition with a tactically required retreat, both the Esoteric Elitist and Rubicund Goddess temporarily situate themselves in the cave's exterior, having manifested several inches from the weathered tree harboring Ishin's Keijijo Geijutsu Kunai. Lethargically panting, a pictorially obscured smirk dynamically bedecking his features as he softly braced his palm against the waning tree bark, his smirk an inarticulate indication of his contentment, his enjoyment of the apparent challenge. Gradually giving way to the former Impero's facially characteristic austerity and expressed composure, the smirk dissipated.

Paying civil attention to Naamah's issued complaint, Ishin began, eye contact refusing to waver, his collected disposition a perpetual component of his showcased being. "I never implied that you were as you said, a fair Maiden who needs protection", he paused, abruptly plucking his kunai from the looming tree, fitting it into a miniscule sheathe dangling from his waist's left edge. "I will be simple. I am a cordial individual, Naamah-san. I found difficulty in engaging those creatures on my own, and considering you my equal, I assumed that you were finding the task laborious as well. Man, woman, whatever my partner is, my actions would have been no different. One of us would have realized that our efforts were accomplishing nothing, I simply voiced it first and offered a retreat. It's as simple as that. I would not have died. This, this is not my full power. Much like you. But for the misunderstanding, my apologies", terminating the discursive matter, transitioning to the prioritized topic of tactics, he began.

"... Maybe..", pensively rubbing his subtly bearded features, his sustained, deep lacerations and punctures doing little to impair his ability to converse save for the occasional, inconspicuous wince. "I had not noticed that about them. That could be useful if we had some manner with which to consistently produce that frequency of sound. You can do that with your weapons, yes?", he optimistically inquired. "Because if so, we can do this in conjunction with something else about them that I observed". Seating himself atop an approximated log, the Messianic Grandmaster rests his forearms atop his knees, his uchigatana unceremoniously dropping from his grip, resting an inch before his feet. "Their armor was very strong, yes. But they do have vulnerable body zones".

"Their underbellies. They were the only body zones that I was able to cut comfortably. Their armor was very strong. But that vulnerable point, we can target", Ishin continued, "If you can find a way to consistently disorient them with your sound, I can capitalize on that movement and appropriately cut through their underbellies". Civilly meeting her eyes with an upwards glance, he resumes, "Then we defeat them, as a team. Avenging the death of your worshipers", Ishin affirmed. "But I will need several hours, a day perhaps, to heal from these wounds", gesturing towards the multitude of wounds festooning his frame. "And my uchigatana will no longer do".

De-materializing, his uchigatana, Nanda gives way to the emergence of a more powerful weapon, Hansha, a large sword with an enormous, pulsating blue broad and flat blade. "This is a much better choice. With it, I can cut them even deeper".

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The color of her complexion returns to normal. "I may have misjudged the situation." She is very aware that her temper can and does get the best of her at times. "I can help with the wounds my friend. If you will permit me to lay my hands on you." She asks before, attempting to use her healing hands technique. In her current state her abilities are much lower than her full potential, she cannot heal him outright. But it should help ease his pain, and help the healing process run smoothly without complications. It may even help him heal a touch quicker than he would have if not for her healing arts.

"I noticed a few more details down there. The ones that attacked us, were not alone. They had counterparts with them, older, wiser, larger. They only watched the confrontation from the shadows. My guess is that they acted as they were instructed, this shows a healthy amount of intelligence. If we give them enough time they may be prepared for anything we have planned. They could for counter measures, if they suspect that we know what we know."

After she finishes her statement, she has also finished her attempt at healing him to an extent if he permits her efforts, she then kisses Ishin affectionately on the cheek, before giving him his space. "I only got angry because I was worried about you. I'm not used to feeling this... This... Mortal."

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Her philanthropically motivated offer to aggrandize his healing process struck him as subtly endearing and a suggestion of absolute practicality regarding their present situation. In order to function at their optimum capabilities as a team, Ishin's sustained wounds would require healing, therefore the acceleration of tissue regeneration would be an action of practicality. Flashing Naamah a genteel smile of genuine appreciation, he issues a quiescent nod prior to verbally permitting her to proceed with her offer. "You may do so, Naamah-san", his eyes tersely focusing on a graphic laceration across his upper left thigh. "And thank you, you have my sincere gratitude".

The Rubicund Goddess' following revelation of a tertiary bit of knowledge regarding their opposition radically shifted Ishin's perception of the creatures' intelligence. "Hmm", pensively concentrated, attempting to mentally account for the tactical implications of a potential counter-measure to any formulated plan against their enemy. "This changes quite a bit of what I thought of their intelligence. I think Naamah-san, that we may have been played. Had we remained too long in the cave, they might have discerned the better parts of our chosen fighting tactics and whatnot", he paused, "We must account for their hypothetical counter-measures. They observed how you shoot, and two of my sword-fighting styles".

Following the termination of her allowed healing efforts, the former Impero feels himself physiologically replenished, the physically impairing pain having all but vanished from his person. "That was fast. Your healing talents are-", his words halting, giving way to his authentic surprise at her affectionate kiss on his cheek. Softly smiling with an instinctual reaction in response to her disarming action, he taciturnly meets her eyes, his unwavering eye contact wordlessly cultivating a gradually atmospheric intimacy. Remaining seated, he began, "There is no need for an implicit apology", coolly rising to both feet, Hansha held by the hilt with his left hand as a solitary step establishes subtle proximity between them with beguiling mesmerism.

"Feeling mortal brings with it a myriad of things. Anger one of them. And", pausing, tenderly reaching for her hand with his right, he affably smiles, "Affection another". However, opting against further distracting them both with the present occurrence, Ishin transitions to the discussion of tactics, "But your people, they still need to be avenged. Those creatures they know how I usually engage with the sword, and how I chose to do so against multiple opponents. They also know a bit of how you shoot. I suggest we shift our styles to confuse them. As you said, we should not give them too much time to prepare. When do you want to reengage them?".

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She takes her rapier in hand as she gives it a few swings, that wisp through the air and cause a high pitched whistling. "I wonder if I could match the same harmonics with my Toledo espada ropera?" She inquests of herself, before she puts her sword-arm to the test. She even makes a show of it as she contributes dance with her weapon form. It is both her intentions to find that same harmonic scale, and put a show on for her injured companion. "After the show. Until then, please sit back, relax and enjoy."

Naamah's rapier was modeled after 'Luis Pacheco de Narvaez's' design, 'Libro de las Grandezas de la Espada' fabricated in 1599. The weapons madam has had much time to perfect its beautiful yet deadliness, in a duel or open combat. It is a very well crafted masterwork of Spanish ingenuity. The dance that the madam incorporates into her swordplay is one of Spain as well, the dance known as flamenco. The woman whom now performs it was there in Spain during the dances inception, she was among the Gypsy women whom devoted their bodies to the development of the art.

The whistling of her steel creates the ambiance of music that corresponds with the very sounds of the environment around them, each shift in the wind, each droplet of rain hitting small pebbles bedding the earthen floor of the nearby rain forest, every call of the wilderness beyond. If only she had the crackling of a campfire roaring on exciting her passion, oh how she loved the gold of flickering flames. Her form is brilliant, awe-inspiring, dread-inspiring, it is only limited by her current physical condition. This form is restricting her abilities, only she doesn't care, she is able to lose herself in her performance.

It would take a meta-human to notice the restriction however, a normal human would be left completely breathless by the degree of her form. Her enemy if a normal human would rather face an entire SWAT team then try their luck with her blade, and it would be a very wise decision indeed. For there is no substitute for experience and Naamah has nothing but an abundance of experience due to the longevity of her epically iconic history.

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Though physically replenished and entirely cleansed of his wounds, the necessary cultivation of a temperate state of mind and the revitalization of his biophysical energy was required, and so he did as the Crimson Celestial suggested, he sat, relaxed himself and enjoyed Naamah's convivially commenced showcase of fencing adroitness. The emphasized incorporation of thrusts in her bladework vividly differing from Ishin's habitual application of drawing and cutting motions. The expressive aestheticism of the Rubicund Goddess' flamboyantly displayed swordplay flaunts the cultured move-set of a classic flamenco baile.

With enthralling grace, she exhibits the iconic components of the Seguidilla, another folk-dance native to Spain. Her position maximized her elegant swan-like torso, upright, almost in a proud and haughty posture, her body tightly maintained by the dance as her long arms emphasize her long reach with the impeccably crafted rapier, her footwork non-linear, off-line and oriented towards the amassment of precision, transitional fluidity, and grace. Ishin watches, intently studying, the irreversibly ingrained martial arts grandmaster within stripping her lethally deceptive swordplay down to it's fundamentals, it's elementary principles and components, while the audience within enjoys, smiling contently, bewitched by the dynamism of the goddess' dance.

If not for his ambiently attuned sensory perception, the integrated visual discernment of that which stands before and around him, the Esoteric Elitist would have encountered impossibility in subtly identifying the obscured, veiled restrictions of Naamah's self-imposed mortal state. "Naamah-san", the Messianic Grandmaster engrossingly smiles, "That was quite good. I have lived for many many years and never have I seen someone incorporate this dance into their bladework", he commends, appropriately rising to both feet, having reacquired his optimum physicality.

"And that whistling sound it produces, it can do us good against those creatures". With an affirming nod, he proclaims, "I am healed enough to return to the cave. And I know you are", he paused, "And after we win, perhaps, we can even celebrate", he cheekily winks.

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She follows him towards the 'Hive' her eyes filled with complete focus. Her face is stern, her body is ready for battle. She holds her Toledo steel in her sword-arm, and discarding the Musket, she opted for her Colts, one in hand and the other in holster. She carries ample rounds for battle, the shinny golden casings are stuffed into ammunition holders all about her garb. She looks like the iconic desperado and the royal musketeer all at once.

Her raven hair is pulled neatly back in place by a gold jewel encrusted clasp, to keep it from her eyes in the heat of the impending confrontation. She has other cards up her sleeves as well, that she had yet to play. Her arcane abilities may be reserved in this state, but they are not completely lost. The woman had committed entire library's worth of arcane knowledge to memory. She was prepared to discover what exactly she was capable of and what she was not.

She smirks back at Ishin from his comment of celebrating their victory. "It's a date." She says with some color returning back to her cheeks. 'Click' 'Click' she preps her sidearms, as she at Ishins heels waltzes back into the 'Hive' this time she makes the decent herself. She leaps down twirling in acrobatic maneuvers, her landing is in the form of a forward roll that dampens the impact. She comes back up to her feet with her Colt extended her eye focused to the possibility of foes that are currently elsewhere. The chamber is empty this time, the creatures have retreated to elsewhere within their lair.

The children are still alive Naamah can still sense their life essence clearly, but she can also feel their great fear. The poor dears were completely traumatized by the crawling fiends that lay in wait just beyond the darkness of the corridors that outreach from the main chamber in eight different directions... "Which way should we go... Or should we split up?"

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Temperately reaching Hansha's beige-flushed hilt, the Esoteric Elitist's predatory, uniquely hued oculus succinctly examine the supernatural materialization of ceremonial Geijutsu bandages firmly enveloping the sword's gargantuan, incandescent broad and flat blade, functioning as an appropriate replacement for a traditional sheathe. It's undecorated visage expressive of Ishin's preference for practicality over ostentatiousness. Taciturnly smirking, his comely features conveying his contentment at having to employ his irrefutably favored weapon in imminent battle, the former Impero quiescently rose to both feet, Hansha tied to his muscularly carved back as they commenced their return to the calignosity of the cave.

Setting foot inside the geographic formation alongside the Rubicund Goddess, the Martial Arts Prophet meets her smirk's reciprocating dalliance and flirtatious remark with a cheekily responsive wink, "A date with a goddess, I feel special now", his lips winsomely curl with terse enticement. As they venture deeper into the cave, the uncanny dyad return to their previous location, their simultaneously executed display of cinematic acrobatics and aerial athleticism culminating in a dexterous landing at the bottom of the chamber. Retaining an active awareness of his immediate encompassment, Ishin exerted a conscious effort in directing the fixation of his metaphysical sensory perception towards pinpointing any ethereal life-forces within his vicinity.

Optimistic of locating either their enemies or the captured children, his senses remain transfixed on a particular collection of congested energy-signatures, their youthful vibrance indicative of a solitary fact, these were the children's spiritual essences. Pensively considering her tactical inquiry, Ishin momentarily pauses, indulging himself in necessary muteness prior to breaking the aromatically settled silence, having yet to come to a formidable solution. Should they both take individual routes, they could exercise the element of surprise, the creatures undoubtedly anticipating a secondary team-up.

Yet together with their recent tactical insight, they would be significantly more formidable, combining Naamah's sound frequency projection to disorient their opposition while Hansha's monstrous cutting power targets their opposition's vulnerable underbellies. Opting against coming to a decision on his own, regarding her earlier insistence that he treat her as an equal, he instead asks her, "Do you want to split up?", he pauses, ocularly examining their available routes prior to returning his eyes to hers, "What do you think, Naamah-san?".

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Looking about the interior of this vast dwelling, her celestial blue eyes breech the vale of reality. Seeing into the inner workings of the powers of cosmic order, they are limited in her current state to being only able to read energy signatures, temporal anomalies, and thermal scales. See looks about the room and notices that the interior of this structure has an energy signature similar to that of its inhabitants.

"Actually... No. I do not wish to split up." She didn't want to be alone in this place, not until she had a better understanding of its inner workings. She did feel like there was more options however, and she saw this as a perfect opportunity to throw a touch of her magic into the mix. Her healing arts she used on Ishin prior to their reentry allowed her to understand his energy signature. Having intimate knowledge of both of their collective energy signatures Naamah creates spiritual duplicates of themselves. These duplicates are not of flesh and blood they are but dancing shadow puppets. These puppets can however help the pair investigate the 'Hive' collecting information about the different corridors and then returning to their source. After collecting their other selves, they would receive the knowledge collected.

She drops to her knees and begins to chant in ancient long forgotten words, once the chant is completed it is as if the very shadows that their living bodies give off from the mysterious light source, are blessed with a touch of life. They break away from their bounds and are now able to move about freely, as if Peter Pan, or Bram Stokers Dracula. These shadow puppets report to their ladies commands. "Seek the innocence of children." She orders as the puppets carryout their ladies orders, seeking innocence in a place that harbors little.

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She harbored no desire for separation, her response incited the Martial Masterpiece's contentment. He was glad. He did not wish to take separate routes. The tactical fruits of functioning as one cohesive unit were not to be ignored. That as well as his gradually developing affinity and gravitation towards her. "Good. I do not wish so as well", an obscure, subtly expressive upwards curl of his lips conveying his pleased disposition. Following their concise confrontation with the cave's grotesque's inhabitants, Ishin's immaterial sensory faculties had familiarized themselves with the creatures' energy-signatures, enabling a more facile pinpointing of their location.

Quiescently lowering himself to the ground, pressing his right palm against the geographically weathered topography, the Keijijo Prophet's chi unassumingly reverberating throughout the cave, rebounding towards him upon lightly buoyantly reflecting from contact with their opposition's energy-signatures. "I know where the creatures are, for the most part at least", Ishin reveals, rising to both feet, standing to his full height. "Now we can-", his words paused, his surprise genuine regarding Naamah's spontaneously conjured duplicates of themselves. The Esoteric Elitist had once possessed possessed a similar ability, the creation of unstable clones composed of his own chi. "They certainly look like us", Ishin remarked, succinctly examining the duplicates' appearance.

The Rubicund Goddess soon commences a ritualistic chant, one uttered in an undocumented, archaic tongue. Resting on her knees, Naamah imparts consciousness into the conjured shadow puppets, instructing them to seek the innocence of the captured children. Complying with obedient immediacy, the shadow puppets depart in search of the youthful innocence of the captured. "Naamah-chan", he began, addressing the deity not with the formal '-san', but with the endearing '-chan', "I suggest we wait for the duplicates' return. It would be tactically apt. As they search for the children's innocence, if they are encountered by those creatures, they will be confused for us. The enemy will expend unnecessary energy in attempting to engage that which is not us. They will weaken themselves, while we do not even exert ourselves".

"Once the duplicates have discovered the children's location, and relay the information to us, we go find the children and defeat the creatures". Pausing, Ishin inquires, "Do you agree with this?".

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She smiles and nods to Ishin confirming that she indeed agrees with his proposal of waiting for the puppets to report back, seeing as how they are made of animated shadow and are intangible they are under no threat currently and pose no threat currently, but ultimately would report back with their hosts transferring all the gathered intelligence.

Inside of the main chamber Naamah's celestial blue eyes are caught by something she had not noticed prior to this exact moment. There is an inscription written in an Alien language about the main chambers walls. The language is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian, and it takes Naamah very little effort to transcribe the alphabet. Once she has cracked this codex, her eyes glance about this room as epic stories of the vast history of these creatures is displayed. These were in fact the same Alien creatures that set the example of living with the very first Egyptians, they were once a proud an noble race of interstellar lifeforms that crash landed here on Earth during the cradle of civilization.

The inscriptions speak of all types of knowledge about these creatures and even about this vessel that transported them across the vast void of space, they were standing in the remains of a dead creature that swam through space like fish swim through the sea, and these creatures made their homes inside of it for countless eons, until finally like all things its life had come to an end. It came to Earth seeking a planet with a suitable atmosphere for its inhabitants as a grave.

Each wall tells a series of different stories about these creatures pasts. Naamah now knows more about these creatures than they know themselves. Being isolated here for so long has enfeebled their minds, too much seclusion. It becomes obvious as Naamah reads on, some of the less ancient inscriptions are of a different mindset all together, they no longer worship the fallen god that had carried them inside of itself for so long, now they follow a Queen of their own kind as a goddess, she has changed everything, refitted her kinds ways in order to serve herself. A self serving tyrannical Goddess-Queen, that has very little love for her kind, or their traditions.

She is speaking out-loud when she reads these inscriptions, as to give Ishin privy to the creatures history as well if he so decided to listen to her ramblings. She speaks loud enough for her voice to carry over to Ishin but not travel past the boundaries of this area. Just as Naamah was finishing the tales, leading to current date, they puppets return and report. The puppets enter their hosts bodies, Naamah's with Naamah, and Ishin's with Ishin. The knowledge of all that these puppets had gathered comes flooding into their hosts mind. They now know exactly where the children are, and they know exactly what to expect on their ways to the location of the Queen's chamber.

By way of Naamah utilizing her swordplay in order to create the proper harmonics rendering the creatures feeble long enough for Ishin to capitalize with severe sword slashes to their delicate underbellies, spilling out their insides and leaving all that opposed the fierce team up dissected in their barbaric wake. "Queenie... You've been bad!" Naamah says in a mocking tone, as her and Ishin near the entrance to the Queens chamber.

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Following the duplicates' inevitable departure, commencing their awarded quest of locating the children's location, Ishin quiescently leaned against an approximated wall, sharp, peculiarly flushed eyes ceaselessly surveying the ambient geographical makeup of the cave. "I wonder if the children are alright", benevolent, altruistic thoughts of concern emerging. Crossing both arms before his muscularly carved chest, the Esoteric Elitist temperately exhales, expressing subtle impatience regarding their present circumstance. Gallantly motivated, the former Impero's obscured facial irritation express his harbored desire to locate and save the children as soon as logically possible.

His surfacing impatience however, faced lexical deterrence, Naamah's voice phonically relaying fruitful information regarding the creatures' past, fables and passages engraved on the surrounding walls. These were organisms, extraterrestrial in nature, but perverted by their prolonged isolation from the surface, from necessary contact with others. They were adherent worshippers of an archaic deity, one responsible for their very existence, yet they had forsaken their fallen god, shifting their religious fixation towards one of their own, their queen, christening her their goddess. "Those creatures", he mutely murmurs, casting a succinct glance towards the ground, as if in terse guilt for his animosity towards them.

Fortunately governed by the ideals of vengeance, the Martial Arts Messiah refused his sympathy's attempted impairment of his avenging mindset, there would be no savior for these creatures, only an executioner. Nimble, faintly audible footsteps heralded the shadow puppets' return. As did Naamah, Ishin becomes one with his immaterial duplicates, their amassed knowledge his to make use of. Viciously slaying every constituent of their opposition with the tactically astute combination of Naamah's sensory-disrupting harmonics and the blitzing ferocity of his hyper-offensive bladework, lacerating their opponents' vulnerable underbellies, the uncanny dyad's peregrination comes to a halt. The entrance to the Queen's chamber before them. Setting foot inside with Naamah by his side, the Keijijo Prophet readies himself, his resolve unshaken.

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The Queen is immense compared to her male servants, it is easy to understand how she may be mistaken for a goddess. Naamah approaches the Queen with confident strides, as she attempts to speak telepathically with her majesty. Naamah knows the language of these creatures which is so similar to ancient Egyptian a language that she had spoken for ages and knew fluently. "Can you understand me your majesty, if you can know that I will crush every last one of your hatch-lings if any of my children are harmed?"

The Queen understands perfectly and at first shows signs of yielding not wanting her young destroyed, she calls to her Imperial body guards whom stand adjacent to her on either side, these two well built males are the most deadly of all her servants and have commanded her army for many centuries. They stand like statues at their Queens command to not advance on the intruders. Naamah makes her way over to the cage built from the bones of her servants bodies and releases her children, whom at the sight of their goddess begin to cry. Naamah takes them out of the cage one by one placing a divine kiss upon each of the children's foreheads causing them to enter into a trance and calming their spirits. She then softly commands them to join Ishin's side.

The Queen watches with a burning fear in her eyes as she sees Naamah for what she is a real goddess, and this revelation chills the creature to the bone and madness takes over her mind. She is compelled by fear to act out against unbeatable odds, as she begins to make threats of her own. "I am Queen Tzchatcheik goddess of the Zobetiek Na Batu, I will not allow your children to survive if it means that mine will starve. If my hatch-lings do not eat soon they will all die, you will have committed genocide for we are the last of our kind."

Naamah considers the Queens words carefully before telepathically responding. "Then I shall take my children's place in this matter. I will sacrifice my own body to feed your young, if you permit mine to leave with the gentleman standing behind me?"

The Queen is motivated by a lust for power as she agrees with a nod of her head. "They go... You stay... Its a deal." She believes the body of this goddess would be a better meal for her children anyways and would make sure her offspring were hatched stronger than ever before... All except the Princess. The Queen had set aside all of the royal eggs for her own greedy hunger, she devoured her daughters before they could hatch so that they would never overthrow her and become the new Queen. She had eaten all of the Princesses but one. She saved this Princess for later due to her being newly laid and not yet developed enough to be considered a threat.

All of this Naamah now knew as well, for when the Queen allowed her into her mind she allowed Naamah to read it as if a storybook. Naamah could see the Queen for what she was, a tyrannical monster. And it disgusted her immensely. "Ishin... Take the children and lead them to safety. My job is not yet finished here and only I can do what must be done." She glances back at him and winks. "Please... Trust me."

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Exercising obligatory politeness, Ishin remained silent, governed only by his poised austerity for the duration of Naamah's rather personal confrontation with the creatures' queen. The Esoteric Elitist, lacking any telepathically communicative ability, was incapable of discerning the nature of their lexical exchange. However, his immaterially ingrained talent for detecting the emanating ethereal energy from her mental chakras indicated only one thing, their confrontation was a psionic one. Ishin, a father, a leader of his clansmen, understood the gravity of the children's predicament, and so, spurred by an instinctual faculty, he was immediate in protectively barricading the children behind him.

His grip on Hansha's hilt, tight and unwavering, ready to engage should the Queen ebulliently erupt into a flurry of violence. "Stay behind me children", he instructed, his voice appropriately endearing yet audibly stern, simultaneously commanding respect while conveying sympathy, engaging empathy. Anticipating combat, the former Impero's forthcoming shock was birthed of sincerity, Naamah instructed him to depart while she opted to remain. He did not understand her selected course of action. Why remain? Together with their combined prowess and might, the Queen would be toppled and the children saved. The pragmatic solution however, had given way to another, one that was imperative to Naamah's mission as a deity.

Ishin would not understand, he knew not of the enigmatic incentive that motivated her to remain. Succinctly struggling with his decision, facially expressed hesitation accompanying the tense muteness of the Martial Arts Prophet. Though having only acquainted himself with the Rubicund Goddess for a concise period of time, he had grown fond of her, and his inherent, humane concern for another, it rendered him hesitant to depart without her. Her glance however, her wink and following words, they reassured him of her decision. "..... Very well", reluctantly agreeing, the Keijijo Messiah turns round, meeting the children's eyes, "Children hold hands".

Complying with the Grandmaster's issued instruction, the children taciturnly held hands. With physical contact spiritually linking them all as one, Ishin softly rests his right hand atop one of the youth's shoulders. One final, quiescent glance in Naamah's direction and he dissipated, teleporting the children and himself to the location of his Keijijo Geijutsu Kunai, the immediate outskirts of the disheveled village's remains. Tenderheartedly addressing the children, sympathizing with their plight, he calmly lowered himself to a knee, respectably meeting their ocular level.

"Children, I am sorry for what you have been put through. To have one's home destroyed and their family taken, there is no worse punishment", he paused, an optimistically assuring smile bedecking his features, "But there is hope. You are no longer alone. If Naamah-chan does not return, I will watch over you and be guardian", he philanthropically affirmed.

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Now that the children were taken from this chamber and were in the safe custody of Ishin Naamah puts the final actions of her plan into motion. She does not want this once noble race exterminated from the pages of, 'The Infinium Manuscript.' And she also did not wish the children to view anything further that may cause them discomfort. The sight of their goddess being devoured by hatch-lings may be too graphic for their wee little eyes.

Naamah enters the sacrificial cage of bones that is placed above the eggs of the hatch-lings, as she focuses her spiritual energy on the egg of the last remaining Princess. Once a strong enough connection has been procured by means of Psionic signature mapping, she spirit jumps from the human shell she is currently manifesting into the underdeveloped body of The Princess. Naamah's body goes limp as she seemingly falls into a slumber, The Queen is surprised by this occurrence, so she sends her body guards to investigate the Goddesses remains. The Queen can still feel the Goddesses Psionic energy inside the chamber, only it has moved else where?

With the added divine spiritual energy that of Naamah, the Princess develops at hyper-speeds. The royal egg hatches and the fully developed Princess filled with both Naamah's spirit and the young Princess whom had watched her horrible mother devour all of her sisters spring into action. The Princesses body leaps onto her tyrannical mothers head as it breaks open the crust of her crown and tunnels a hole through her skull leading to her brain which is quickly devoured by the hungry yet vengeful Princess. The Queens last thoughts were of regret for not devouring the last remaining Princess when she had the chance. After the Queens brain is devoured her body goes limp and all of her servants can feel that she has passed on, their Queen is dead.

They stop everything, losing all focus and feeling completely lost. They know not what to do anymore unable to think for themselves. The Princess attaches herself to the Queens nervous system and in essence becomes a new brain, and the body of The Queen springs back to life. There is a sign of excitement among the subjects before they realize its a new Queen, then they calm down and wait for their new orders. The Princess and Naamah have a personal conversation with one another, all of the other minds are blocked out of it. Once this exchange has taken place, the new Queen issues her first commands. "All of my current subjects have been found guilty through no fault of their own and must pay blood price for their dark acts in the service of the old Queen." All of the remaining soldiers take their own lives, only the hatch-lings are spared. "A new generation will be born, with new ideologies. We will return to our old ways, every trace of my mother will be destroyed and order shall be returned to the house of Batu." Devouring her mothers brain had given the Princess access to her knowledge, The Queen was insane, she was not ignorant.

The hatch-lings would indeed devour the discarded human body of Naamah upon their births, its confines were no longer necessary for the Goddess. The new Queen feels a warmth take over her senses as she quivers and gives birth for the first time. It is not one of her eggs that is released from her egg-sack it is the fully developed body of Naamah in her human form. The Queen looks upon the Goddess with great fondness and even feels sorrow for the loss of her spiritual energy that had added her in overthrowing Queen Tzchatcheik. "I cannot repay you for what you have done for me and my people... Will we ever see you again Lady Naamah?"

Naamah smiles at the Queen and winks. "Count on it." she then makes her way back to Ishin and the children, this time remembering to garb herself properly beforehand. She was looking forward to greeting her children, a date night with a certain handsome adventurer was sounding like a very good idea.

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With the children seemingly in his custody, the former Impero coolly rises to both feet following his empathetically engaging affirmation to willingly embrace the role as their guardian. Mutely turning to face the eradicated remains of the village, he laments how minds of such youthful innocence were forced by the neutral hands of fate to witness the destruction of all that they knew and brush tauntingly close to death. His gaze then shifts, transfixed on the cave's entrance, momentarily wondering, what had occurred in the aftermath of his departure with the children, what had become of Naamah when he complied with her request of trust.

"Children", turning round, meeting their expressed sorrow, reminded of the fragility of the human soul and body, but more-so, the fragility of a child. They had been the extraterrestrial creatures' captives for an extended duration. They were subjected to horrors best left unknown to the mind of a child. The psychological and emotional ramifications of their time spent in the depths of Queen Tzchatcheik's somber domain was to be addressed, it was imperative that the Keijijo Prophet return to Reisho with them and search their consciousness' for trauma. "This will never happen again. I will teach you all how to defend yourselves, to wield the energies that the world has given you".

"But hopefully, you will never encounter monsters such as those again. Come, let us go". Removing his Keijijo Geijutsu kunai's blade from the peeling bark of the tree positioned on his left, Ishin, on the verge of departing with the children is halted. His spiritually attuned senses detecting the familiarized energy-signature of the Rubicund Goddess. Smiling softly, he turns round to meet her approach, she seemed fine, unharmed. He knew not of what had transpired in the cave, but he cared not. He had grown quite fond of her, and was concerned only that she was unscathed and had returned. "Naamah-chan", he smiled.

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Naamah saunters on over to Ishin all lips, and hips. "Well today has been eventful hasn't it?" She says in a annoyed voice. It was not her intention to have to die today, but for the children it was necessary. "And how are the little ones?" She says as she kneels down to their level and wraps her arms around them. "You were all very brave and I am very proud of you."

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Ishin met Naamah's return with an affable smile of welcoming warmness, answering her rhetorical inquiry in jocose spirits. "Perhaps a little bit too eventful", he remarked prior to addressing her subsequent question. "They are fine. Only saddened", and rightfully so, their home has been reduced to nothing. "But they are strong. Their mental fortitude is admirable. Most adults would have crumbled in their place", Ishin sincerely points out prior to humbly silencing himself, allowing Naamah her reunion with the children as he watches on with a tenderhearted gaze.

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Naamah comforts the children tenderly like a mother should, afterwards she conjurs some guardians to watch over and if need be protect the little ones. Back to her full power the goddess is able to create life. "These guardians will be able to protect you until we return." She says to the children. "No monsters will get you with these body guards around she assures them." Each of the six guards was blessed with the might of The culmination of the Olypian Panthion, she has absolutely no intention of putting them in harms way again. "Protect them and keep them safe and well provided for." She issues her orders to her avatars.

After the conjuration she approaches Ishin and takes him by the arm. "I do believe you said something about a celebration."

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The Esoteric Elitist is indirectly awarded a glimpse of the Rubicund Goddess' celestial potency, her facile conjuration of warriors, guardians boasting the combined power of the mythologically iconic Greek Pantheon. Authentically taken aback, Ishin's uniquely flushed, sharp eyes widen in expressed surprise, "......", a reticent step forward, his eyes examining the energies dwelling within their beings, he remarks, "They are very powerful Naamah-chan. The children are in good hands", he smiles. Following her effortless display of archangelic magic, she takes him by the arm.

"I did", he flirtatiously smiles, "But I am a gentleman", genteelly repositioning her, arms affectionately wrapped around her lithe waist, subtly pulling her towards him as an amorous gaze meets her, wordlessly cultivating atmospherically entrapping intimacy. "So I will ask the lady instead. Is there anything in particular you had in mind, Naamah-chan?".

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Naamah was very fond of learning about others and seeing how their minds worked. She was easy to please in terms of activities for she found it far more important of not what you do, but whom you do it with.

She was presently very pleased with her company as for what she wanted to do, if she had any preferences she could not decide upon anyone specific thing.

"Suprise me." She says with a giggle, she is very knowledgable but she is not a know it all, well unless she really wants to be. But she does not, it makes Immortality incredibly boring when you already know what is going to happen. And even with her cosmic awareness if she were inclined to use it, she would still only see possibilities in order of likeliness, people do have the ability to Suprise even the gods at times.

She kept her damper on in the reading into things department, seems to make her happier to be ignorant of the future. "I would like to get a good look at something you enjoy doing, if that helps you think of something for us to do." She leans into him, resting her head on his shoulder.

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"What I enjoy doing?", Ishin taciturnly inquired, his left arm wrapped around her voluptuous frame as they walked, venturing into the vibrant greenery of the expansive rainforest. "I am a simple man, Naamah-chan", he began, "I do not spend a lot of time with luxuries. My life is train, eat, sleep, and my people. But in my spare time, I like to take walks and to enjoy what nature has to offer", a dynamic smile festooning his august, quasi-rugged features, "Here is your surprise then", he remarked with mysteriously bewitching charisma.

De-materializing with the Rubicund Goddess, they emerged, teleported atop the highest point of the rainforest, an area of solitude providing a geographically aesthetic view of the rainforest, silently advertising it's enthralling beauty. A Keijijo Geijutsu kunai rested an inch away from Ishin's right foot as incandescently flushed eyes admired nature's architecture. "I came here when I first arrived in the rainforest. I thought that the place was nice, it has a beautiful view of everything. So I left my kunai here so I could teleport to it later to spend time here", he pauses, "Now I can share this view with you, Naamah-chan". The atmospherically cultivated romanticism of the gesture and their location further expressing the former Impero's affection for her.