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Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York City

 The bright colors, the great music, the delectable food, it's all so much, almost enough to make everyone forget...forget what happened here just four months ago, when the Atlantic ocean swallowed New York City whole.  That day, many people lost their lives, in fact, most of the people lost their lives.  The small group gathered here today was the only thing left from the immense mass that used to call New York City its home, mere vestiges of a once great empire.  
But enough of that.  Today was not a day to mourn, today was a day for those few survivors of what the media had now christened "The Cataclysm" to stand up, dust themselves off, and look out into their futures...and what a bright future that was.  The banners and balloons read "NYC Repopulation Fair 2011."  Now that New York had been brought back up to the surface, it was time to fill it back up, God knows there were enough people waiting for an opportunity like this.  The government would be giving all who volunteered to be the first new New Yorkers a great package of discounts and stipends.  For the next ten years they would pay no taxes, they would get cheap housing, and they would be able to mold their world in whatever way they wanted.  At the end of the day that's all that anyone wants, really, the chance to make an impact on the world, to leave a footprint even after they're long gone.   
Amidst all the pageantry and celebration a small, pudgy man dressed in a white tuxedo and sporting a matching top hat took the stage. He seemed out of place next to all the good-looking and stylish celebrities on stage, but his smile was just as bright.  Since The Cataclysm, this man, who just months before had been elected as mayor, had accumulated quite a bit of fame with his inspiring speeches and never-give-up attitude.  He had fought hard against a national government who thought it best to quarantine the whole area for fear of any residual radiation.  He had stood toe-to-toe with the then-President and proclaimed his city safe for all to once again live in.  And he was right.  New York City was now safer than ever, because, what supervillian would want to attack an already broken city?  But just as the mayor was getting ready to open his mouth and deliver yet another impassioned speech that would surely go down in the annals of American history, he was interrupted by a high pitched whistling sound.   
The sun itself was blocked out causing all in attendance to look up and inquire about just where their light had gone.  What they saw made them shocked everyone there.  A legion of iron giants falling towards them, with a lifeless, menacing look in their robotic eyes.  The crowds ran in fear.  It was happening again, this city was cursed.  Even when it has nothing left to give, it's a target.  Children cried, grown men crapped themselves, and at the other side of the country a team of superheroes took notice.        

WAL HQ- Los Angeles, California  


Obi looked towards The Professor who was looking back at him with a puzzled look.  "Remember that mission I went to off the coast of China?  Well..Mags was there.  Me, Acedawg and the girl from the Champions had to fight his sentinels, sentinels that looked a lot like those."  Obi pointed at the giant television screen that showed the image of a group of giant robots rampaging through New York. "Has the team been alerted?" 
"Yes, they're on their way.  All except for Miss Hotaru and Miss Liafador who you sent on patrol a couple hours ago.  Would you like me to send Light, or maybe Sideslash to go get them?"   
"No.  It's fine." 
The young hero turned around and saw the whole team already there waiting for him.  They were efficient and fast, possibly the best team he had ever worked with.  "Good morning, team.  As you already know, New York City, which is in the midst of its first annual Repopulation Fair is under siege by an army of sentinels.  There's no way to know exactly what their origins are but I am almost certain that these are, in fact, the same sentinels which Magneto has been known to use."  He paused to let the words sink in. Altough the name no longer carried as much weight as it used to, Magneto was still a big deal; arguably the most dangerous supervillain to ever walk the Earth.  "I don't know what Mags' beef is with NYC, but it really doesn't matter.  The fact is, it's happening, it's going down now, and the more we stand here, the more lives are potentially lost, so let's get going. 
Professor, is the new DOVE Gate in Hoboken ready?"

"It..appears ready but...it hasn't been tested yet."

"Well then I guess we'll have to take the chance.  If anyone needs any weapons, consult with Gearo, if not, get ready for transport and head over to the DOVE Gate immediately."   

A few minutes later.. 

Arriving in Hoboken atop Zeraz Industries Tower, the team looked out across the bay towards the plumes of smoke now emanating from all across New York City.   
"Alrighty guys.  According to early reports, the sentinel attack is not focused on one location but spread out across four of the five boroughs so we will be splitting up into four teams of three.  X and Dupe, you're with me, we're heading towards The Bronx.  X, we're gonna need a lift.  Kurrent, you lead Team Brooklyn which is yourself, Sideslash, and Angeni, Zarek can carry you there..  Closure, Gearo, Old Lace you guys are heading to Queens.  you guys can take the Pelican, Gearo made a couple modifications to it and now, it's faster than it ever was."  Obi looks at Closure and Gearo''s faces as the two equally headstrong and outspoken men seem to be eagerly awaiting word on who's to lead the team.  Thinking it over quickly, the Jedi smiles and continues.   "Old Lace, congrats, you're team leader, don't fail me.  Lastly, Cly, you're taking Light and Muse to Ground Zero itself, Manhattan.  Manhattan has the biggest concentration of both sentinels and bystanders so you're right in the thick of things.  I have full faith in you but if it gets too overwhelming, don't hesitate to make the call and the rest of us will form up on you.      
"One more thing," he said, suddenly feeling like the old guy from Jackie Chan Adventures.  "This is our first mission together.  There's no room for failure, no room for fear.  These sentinels are bad news.  Give them enough time, and they'll adapt to your attacks and form a resistance to them.  Hit them fast and hit them often.  Vary your attacks, and let's not mess this is up.  WAL, let's go kick some robot ass.... 
......no offense Gearo."
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“Ive fought hard amongst these years,trying to understand who I am. Im nothing but a lost vessel without a true meaning of a soul.   Who am i? why do I continue to contribute to the benefits of peace. My motives are pure, but the origin is clouded. Am I alone in this fabrication of reality? Is this something I truly want? To be a hero? Or is this an image I want to project to satisfy someones request of me? My life is a labyrinth with no true destination, I only wish of a clue to help me grasp the concept of my inner being. If I died today,will I be satisfied of what ive become?or what I regret?..”

The Lost   Seraphim walked alone in the lachrymose post meridian sky,   drenched by   the heavens   tears of pain anxiety.   Sephirim understood the pain of mother nature,   as he fought back the tears triggered by hallow void within his heart. The scent of moist concrete consumed the oxygen along with the toxicity of automobiles and industrial work. Thousands of citizens scattered across the Big Apple in pursuit of there errands, ochestrating a discordant symphony of voices, congruous tone with the technological advances within the City. The greyish buildings stature high, piercing the clouds astoundingly , striking amazement within the hearts of many tourist visiting.

Though The Legendary Hero’s soul   wandered absent of a meaning, Seph’s bodily reasons for being in New York were present. He’d been trailing after an illustrious enemy by the name of Raven Shun Kai aka Last Catalyst. The Honorable Combat artist was rumored to be the lust entity of the Tenebrasque’s Obsidian Legion. Capturing him with provide good Intel for taking down the infamous   faction of Darkness. Raven was temporarily based in the Grand Concourse area of the Bronx   for recruiting purposes, Seph hoped to take him down swift and as peaceful as possible.

“ Jesus Christ I forgot how crowded this place can be” Seph mumbled to himself. His black Louie Vuitton glasses reflected the scenery of the city, his heavily scarred Caucasian white arms attracted the attention of many as he focused on his destination.   The rain cleared as he made his way towards the times square station” God dammit I have to take the 2 train to 149 Street and Grand Concourse…ugh I hate trains..” He said as he brushed through a group of people to enter the station.

1 Hour 30 mins later: Bronx,East 149St

“This is 135st ,the next stop is 149st Grand concourse. Stand clear of the closing doors please * Ding   Dong*”   Sephirim sat on the aluminum colored train for about an hour. His eyes wandered   throughout the train negating any eye contact with his fellow passengers. “ sigh* fml” Seph mumbled to himself as he massaged his face in anxiety, he hated being on trains more then   anything, he would've rather walked but time is of the essence at the moment.

As he marinated in his misery awaiting his final stop, a Tall African American   hoodlum took a set adjacent from Sephirim. “oh god what the hell does he want” Sephirim said as he noticed the suspicious looking   male” What the lick read nigg@?” The hoodlum   yelled at the agitated hero.” Huh?..lick what?...bro honestly I don’t under…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the train began shifting intensely, throwing standing passengers off balance.   Screams of dismay and anxiety   as the train lost control of its tracking. “ what the hell is going on!!” the confused angel yelled as he fought to keep his seat.   The train finally lost complete control and crashed off course. Bodies twirled in the direction of the trains momentum, glass shards dispersed from the collision of the floor surface and window severing the flesh of many. Sephirim closed his eyes as his head slammed against a pole gashing his skull, fading his sight into black.

The Hero woke up, laying on the curved ceiling of the Wakefield bound 2 train. His optics were blurry, but he could definitely see the gruesome sight before him.   Bodies rested all over the cart, most injured, some dead, some unconscious. Innocent people , only wishing to go home to there families, Work to feed there families or other daily errands.”urgh….no, what the hell happened? Why now?..ugh” Sephirim slowly got back onto his feet, blood dripping from the gash on his forehead. He walked   through the labyrinth of bodies” help me…please” “don’t leave me here to die” “Yo please man, im f*cked up, help me” “Its my daughters birthday..please don’t let me die here” So many different cries fo help struck Seph’s heart as he went to vacate the train to look for help”

His large black combat boots crackled in the thick glass as he climbed out the train car, into the dark tunnel.”Destroy!”   A cybernetic voice startled Seph from behind almost immediately. “ who’s there??....oh sh!t” As Seph locked sight with the origin of the voice, he was petrified by   3 sets of glowing red eyes. As they drew closer in the negritude to the Legendary angel, there congruous machinate footsteps began to vibrate the ground. “Target confirmed…initiating sentinel beam” The trio of robots screamed as one voice” Wait!, if its me that you want take me!! There are innocent people on this train”” don’t hurt them in the process of getting me!!” Seph yelled   the   Sentinels”…….vVVVVVVRRRRRRRPBOOOOOOM” Three large beams united   synced as a unison expelled from the sentinels epically” NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” The Hero screamed in remorse as   a pillar of energy tore through the train cars quickly and destructively, Causing a cataclysmic explosion. A Cylinder of fire traveled throughout each car, slaying any living soul in sight’ DAMMMIT”   Seph   quickly pressed a watch frame button on his wrist that curled him in an armadillo like vibranium ball to protect him from the scorching inferno. The raging flames eradicated everything, causing a chain of explosions as the hell bringing flame trailed down the tunnel.

As the flames died down, Sephirim withdrew from his defensive state. The embers and flames left emitted light throughout the darkness of the newly formed cavern.” You…monsters” Sephirim stuttered as he examined the scene. Death, nothing but death in destruction surrounded the hero, his heart palpitated his he counted the amount of charred corpses that he could see within the ruins of the train cars. The pungency of burning flesh created toxicity in the air , making seph reluctant to inhale another breath. He couldn’t believe what he had witnessed, a mass genocide that he couldn’t stop. His heart couldn’t bare the burden of letting this crime pass without retaliation…he lust vengeance upon the deadliest form.

Rage filled the heart of the hero deeply, you can feel the anxiety pulsing within his heart. He glared at the merciless machines as his eyes burned with the fury of hatred and vehemence. “ You…You…YOU MONSTERS!!!YOU KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!....how could you…they didn’t deserve this…..THEY DIDN’T F%CKING DESERVE THIS!!!!...aAAAAAAAARGH!!!!” The blood lust hero screamed the pain of failure ,the pain of a son losing his father, the cries of a mother losing there daughter. Sephirim began to tear at the thought of a son not knowing his parent, he knew the pain, the lost feeling within his heart.

As the Weapon Of Liberty concentrated his  agony on the group of sentinel which had increased to 8.” This…death….the…t..t.the scent…..YOU!! CAUSED IT…..why??WHY!!!” Within an instant,The   Insane Seraphim charged at the group of Sentinel l 50 feet ahead with homicidal intentions.”Destroy…Destroy..destroy” the sentinels said in a melange of voices as they launched various types of solid projectiles and lasers at the Enrage liberator. Sephirim weaved elusively like the legendary Rayne Kazatoshi, through the missiles homed at his life,moving swiftly as if his body was an illusion. The missiles exploded behind the hero  dispersing thunderous flames, that created a   hellish background that represented Seph’s fury. As He reached the first sentinel in front of him, he conjured an orb of cerulean energy within his right hand, cocked it back, and lunged it brutally into the machines waist. As the energy penetrated the Sentinel a large explosion ruptured   the stability of one of the steel pillars beside Seph, causing it to collapse.”AAAAARRRRGH” Seph yelled as the steel beam dropped on to his back forcing him too the floor.

“ NO!!! I REFUSE TO DIE!!! NOT NOW…NOT NOW!!!” He screamed as he struggled under the massive pillar. The remaining 7 sentinel walked over towards Seph, prepared to extinguish the torch of liberty that he possessed.”Destroy…Destroy” The sentinel surrounded   The hopeless hero, chargin for one last sentinel beam.” ARRRRRggghh…im sorry, I allowed this to happen..I failed..damn” As Seph sulked in his failure, the sentinel showed no emotion for anything, they only followed there orders which was to…destroy.

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He wasn’t there when it happened, but every day thereafter he always resented the fact that he had left on a business trip two days before. He regretted leaving—a strong feeling that he could have possibly changed the end result of New York City’s fate. James had escaped the murky destruction of New York City. Many said it was the inevitable downfall of a heavily populated area in the struggle between good and evil and that the survivors were blessed. Yet, he did not feel blessed to still be alive. 

James’ life had been saved coincidentally with his reluctant business departure, while others had perished in chaos in their individual sanctuaries, their homes. It made James intensely irate just to ponder the idea of men and women die as the city sunk into the depths of the ocean. None of James’ actions could have possibly stopped or started the massive fixture of destruction. Yet, somewhere deep in his heart, he felt the aura of responsibility enveloping his body. Like the tendrils of roots, James felt entrapped. There was no way to free himself from the unnecessary accountability. 

Like the day of September Eleventh, James vividly remembered where he was and what he was doing when the News began to report that the city had submerged. He was in Los Angeles, on the opposite end of the United States, standing in front of a television screen waiting for his plane to retrieve him and transport him back to New York. His butler was beside him, holding James’ elaborate suitcase. They had just come from a meeting downtown. James stood motionless, his head inclined to view the screen, as the reporter began to convey what had happened. 

“Yes, Mike, I hope this weather gets a bit cooler! It’s been mighty hot,” the reporter joked. “Maybe tomo-“ The reporter held a hand up to an earpiece lodged into his ear. His jubilant smile faded, and the bright light in his eyes dulled. He looked genuinely flabbergasted; unable to tell his watcher’s what had just happened. Then, as if someone behind the scenes was ushering him too, he began to speak.

“This…just…in,” he muttered, unable to believe what he was hearing, but straining to hear every word.

“Dear God!” he spluttered. “New York City has just sunk, literally. Our team on sight is informing me that the City has submerged into the ocean!”

“We’re going on a temporary break, the regular television episode will air in fifteen minutes.” The reporter said nothing thereafter, unable to keep his composure on screen, about to shed tears. Everybody who was anybody in Los Angeles knew the man originated from Manhattan, where most of his immediate family—and hisgoddaughter—remained.

The screen soon went into commercials leaving everyone in the airport to their own devices. Some began to cry while others’ jaws clenched tight, it was an array of mixed emotions. James remained utterly silent as he shared a glance with Charles, his butler, and whispered inaudibly: “My God.”

It took weeks for James to recuperate from the initial shock from the loss of an entire city. He also felt a deep sadness knowing his condominium in Manhattan had been submerged, and his invaluable laboratory was lost with it. Luckily, his super-suit, visor, and rocket-propelled boots had accompanied him to Los Angeles. The sense of loss was overwhelming however, and James found himself confronted with “what if…” dreams, which consecrated themselves into his mind’s subconscious every night. The dreams soon became nightmares, and a reoccurring nightmare, time and time again, had him in New York as it sunk, incapable of escape. He was always trapped and drowning, dragged into the bottomless depths of the Atlantic Ocean. James often awoke in a cold sweat after these similar nightmares, unable to slumber once more for the rest of the night.

It was around this time that a sense of foreboding responsibility nestled its way into the back of his mind. For an irrational reason, he felt that his busy lifestyle had interceded his duty as a hero, someone who was supposed to help others. Instead, he had been trying to further his own agenda, and had harmed innocents. For hours at a time, he lay motionless in his bed; going over the memories he had begun to accumulate in the City that had been his home.

Charles became worried when his master became reclusive, hiding in his room in a temporary Los Angelesapartment. However, innovative developments regarding the catastrophe began to improve the situation. A well-respected scientist, known as Dr. Damn, developed a “C Bomb” that brought New York City back to the surface. An aftereffect, unfortunately, caused more than a few citizens to transform into mutants via radiation. James reclusive ways slowly deteriorated, but by the time Dr. Damn’s invention had obtained nationwide acclaim, he had lost most of his much-needed body weight. He was sickly, his skin graying and his energy drained. His unhealthy ways had taken their effect. James had to go to a local Los Angeles doctor, who said he was unfit to travel too far and needed to eat as much as possible before attempting it.

So, while New York had been brought up and the idea of “repopulating” was garnering support, James was consuming as much food as many times as he could. He was finally able to be cleared by his doctor, and took the first flight into New York. He found his home relatively in shambles, soaked to the core. It had been gutted, and many of his blueprints and sentimental possessions were destroyed. James and Charles were forced to walk the streets, carrying his suitcase with necessary Perception equipment and gear, waiting for a chance to help the pedestrians of the city. They had left the borough of Manhattan for Brooklyn, and walked the streets and alleys, offering assistance to anyone who would accept.

The debilitating work kept James predominantly worn-out, and Charles acquired a room from a hotel outside of the city, and purchased a small, compact vehicle to travel to and fro between Brooklyn and a small town thirty miles south. James never complained—the feeling of responsibility still lingering. Yet, he felt he was making progress. The incessant dreams and nightmares were no longer bothering him when he slumbered, and for the first time in many weeks James was sleeping unscathed.     

James had missed the Repopulation Fair for New York. It was a far cry from Brooklyn, to him anyways. The Telepath decided to remain in Brooklyn, helping out a senior woman go through her home. It had been devastated by the oceanic waters. Charles was in a rented pick-up truck. James had found that the vehicle helped move as much belongings as possible, fast enough, so that he could help as many people, in one day, as physically possible. He followed closely behind the elderly lady, gathering up the few articles of her ownership that hadn't been erased or damaged by the ocean. He quickly sweep through the one-bedroom apartment, and muscled a large box through the door.  
"I'm sorry the Government hasn't decided to rebuild this part of Brooklyn. I'm sure they'll get to it soon," he tried to reassure the old lady. He remembered her crying, kneeling next to a broken picture of her husband. A telepathic probing had produced the invaluable information that the elderly woman's husband had died ten years earlier, and that picture had been one of her fondest memories of him. 
"Thank you," she said."For helping me go through what was left of my belongings."  
"It was my pleasure," James said sincerely. He lowered the box into the backseat of the woman's Honda Civic.  
He took a step back as the old woman started her car and drove down the street. James looked around, seeing the poorest buildings in Brooklyn, underdeveloped in their first incarnation and still unfixed during the city's second coming. The four blocks ran rampant with those few people who had come to see the remains of their homes. They didn't plan on moving back to the city, many had fled to other places in New York that were far safer from the Big Apple. Some even fled to parts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, even Rhode Island, in hopes of escaping a  similar cataclysmic destruction which had occurred in New York.   
James hit the window of the pick-up truck. His butler jumped, surprised at the loud noise. He was about to open the door when a terrifying scream reverberated throughout the block. James turned around, to see a lone man standing in the middle of the street. His clothes were torn and burnt, as if he had been in an explosion. He had several wounds, all of which oozed the crimson liquid of human life. James immediately used his telepathy. He invaded the person's mind, and discovered the shocking news. 
"Sentinels." The word came off of his lip with hatred. The disgusting robots had been used in several mutant-hate schemes, and had severely injured many mutants. Now they were terrorizing innocent people? People with no powers to defend themselves? Anger flared within James abdomen, causing him to beat on the door of the pick-up truck even harder. Charles finally unlocked the pick-up truck door and within milliseconds James had opened it.  
"Where's my gear?" he asked, his eyes focused on the injured man, who was limping down the street spreading the disastrous news. Sentinels had converged on the Repopulation Fair.  
 Charles quickly responded. "Your suitcase is underneath the seat, sir."  
James thrust his hand under the seat. He fished quickly for the suitcase and yanked it out. "Get out of here," he warned. Then he slammed the door shut and ran into the nearest building. As he was undressing he heard more screams, and felt a terrible shaking beneath his feet. It was rhythmic, as if something was walking. And the screams were getting louder, and nearer. The noises made James feel uncomfortable. He wrestled quickly to get his super-suit and rocket-propelled boots on. His visor was easier to get on, and he placed the notch at nine, a more destructive level. By the time James had exited the dilapidated building that had been his safe haven, he saw the reason for all the activity. Four iron giants, Sentinels, were advancing down the street, towards him. They were destroying everything in their paths, throwing vehicles, punching holes into buildings, and swiping at the people running away from them in terror. It was chaos.
"Oh my god," he whispered silently. He was glued to the spot he stood for a moment. In that flicker of a moment though, he felt a mixture of emotions. Fear, hatred, and anger flooded in first. Then amazement, bewilderment,hesitation and finally courage. James' immediately jumped into the air. His body was flung forwards, embracing the powerful rocket-propulsion system emanating from his boots. James stopped about a hundred feet from the colossal giants. They, even though he was in the air, loomed down at him. How am I going to take them down? he pondered, trying to create a plan. 
The first Sentinel to notice him immediately raised a gigantic hand. Then a large, bright light shot out from it. James didn't even know what hit him. He was tossed backwards, like a rag doll, by the powerful blow. He lost control of his balance, and his rocket-propelled boots propelled him into a nearby building. He hit the brick walls and broke straight through them. His momentum carried him even farther, through two rooms and a hallway, before he was stopped by the wall of a third room. He slid down, covered by dust and heavier debris of bricks and wood. His vision went in and out of focus, and then eventually ceased.
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The three angels walked cautiously forward, the simulated forest surrounding them too dense to see too far into. A whisper of movement and the angel taking point, armed with a hammer was dashed to the floor. The second fired off an arrow at the blurring humanoid who had attacked. A graceful pirrouette sent the arrow flying to one side. A dagger zipped from the attacker and struck the female angel in the chest. The female fell to the ground as she was hit. The last angel gripped his sword tightly, and charged the now stationary angel, one could see it was Archeron Zarek, also known as Sideslash. Weren't there three? A sidestep and Archeron's body seemed to become fluid as he bent over backwards, contorting into a shape that would cause severe pain to a human. A jab upwards with his sword into the angel's gut, and he hit the ground, stopping after skidding a short distance. Archeron sheathed his sword, and walked over to his dagger he had thrown, shoving that back into a sheath too. "DAWN, end simulation." Slowly the forest disappeared, replaced by a large blank room. The three angels stood up, retrieving the non-holy weaponry they had been using for the simulation. "That was good. I'll tell you later what you did wrong." 
"Can't you tell us now?" The angel of archery asked as the four holy beings exited the training room into the main cavern. He lifted his WAL communicator in answer, and their faces were downcast.
"Duty calls. Go home, and I'll catch up with you later." They spread their wings and flew upwards through a pathway originally intended for a small jet he had never gotten round to installing. Stanford came around the corner with a broom, brushing up feathers that the angels had shed.
"I don't know which I dislike the most, the number of injured people you used to bring here, or the feathers you shed, Master Archeron." Archeron grinned and spread his wings wide. "No no no!" Stanford exclaimed as Archeron flapped powerfully, scattering feathers everywhere as he too ascended into the sky, flapping powerfully towards the We Are Legend headquarters.
He took his place in front of Obi as the Jedi began to brief the team, a cloak hiding his wings settled over his shoulders. "Good morning, team.  As you already know, New York City, which is in the midst of its first annual Repopulation Fair is under siege by an army of sentinels.  There's no way to know exactly what their origins are but I am almost certain that these are, in fact, the same sentinels which Magneto has been known to use." Magneto. A villain with mastery over metal and magnetism. He rubbed his chin. His swords and other weapons were made from heavenly steel. They shouldn't be affected by the villain's powers, but there was a chance. "I don't know what Mags' beef is with NYC, but it really doesn't matter.  The fact is, it's happening, it's going down now, and the more we stand here, the more lives are potentially lost, so let's get going." Archeron could see this mission going well. Obi was still a strong leader. Some of these people he had never worked with, but there were those he had. He would be interested in seeing how the new incarnation of WAL worked together. The team had a new DOVE gate set up in the newly risen NYC. Now it would be put to use.
In the Big Apple, atop a large tower, Archeron looked around. He could hear the souls of the people screaming out for help. Tears rushed to his eyes. What kind of a person could cause this? He asked himself, before rubbing his eyes and turning to Obi. Dammit, Zarek. Don't lose it. Stay on the ball. Let's do the job. Obi was dealing out the teams. He'd be working with...Kurrent, a true legend, Archeron had heard of the lightning based hero, but had never worked with him. As far as he knew, Kurrent was majorly powerful. And Angeni. She was the daughter of Athena, as far as he could recall from the basic information he could find out as a member. Before he set off, he knelt down, and clasped his hands together. My Father, I, your humble servant must ask for courage to do what is commanded of me. Allow me to defend the people of this city. He stood up and looked at Kurrent and Angeni with a smile, removing his cloak to reveal his wings and bare chest. "All aboard for Zarek Air." He said, ready for take off. "Next stop, Brooklyn." A fluttering of wings and he took off, flying purposefully towards the borough that he and the other two had to protect. His face was still as stone, his eyes narrow as he thought about the destruction. He could hear the souls of the dead as they screamed. Some died so quick they didn't even know it.


The angel stopped in the street, landing vertically. His eyes were focused on the scenes of destruction before him. A powerful rage flared through his body and he clenched his fists. Pushing the anger to the back of his mind, he turned to Kurrent. His rage was so pure and untainted that if he gave in to it, as every fibre of his being screamed at him to do, he would go on a blind rampage, cutting down every Sentinel he found. However, he found himself able to contain it, able to resist this urge of anger and the need to punish those that had caused so much suffering and death. "So," He said, his voice with a slight edge as he was desperate to stop the death and suffering. "What's the plan, Sparky?" He said, his playful attitude returning as he grinned at Kurrent.
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Gearo rolled out from under the Pelican and started to pick himself up. Grabbing a nearby rag, the teen started rubbing off the oil that was on his hands. “G3, run a complete systems check for the Pelican. I want to see if it will still run smoothly with the new additions.” “You’ve got it,” said the AI as it linked with the Pelican and began running a diagnostics check. Gearo put the rag back on the tool table and started making his way inside the aircraft. The teen had spent the past week going through the new base and upgrading every weapon, vehicle, computer, and security system to his standards. Once he’d started, Gearo missed team meetings, his scheduled patrols, and even the team’s pool party. His only focus was on the upgrades, and now they were nearly done.

The teen sat in the pilot seat of the Pelican and began looking over the instruments. “Everything functioning perfectly on this end,” said G3 as Gearo started up the aircraft. “Now all that’s left is the test drive,” thought the teen as he grabbed the steering wheel and started to pull back. The Pelican didn’t even make it off the ground when the WAL mission alarm went off in his head. “Test run’s gonna have to wait, a mission’s just come up.” With that, Gearo shut the vehicle down and ran out the doorway. The teen through the room up to one of the many pillars in the wall and opened the secret transport tube system. Once he was inside, the high tech hero shot through the tubes until he reached the mission center. From the stone wall of the room, a circular doorway popped open near the ceiling and the teen shot out and flipped through the air before landing perfectly on his feet next to his chair. Just as he sat down, Obi gave out the mission specs.

Good morning, team, ” began Obi before directing everyone’s attention to the viewing screen. As you already know, New York City, which is in the midst of its first annual Repopulation Fair is under siege by an army of sentinels.  There's no way to know exactly what their origins are but I am almost certain that these are, in fact, the same sentinels which Magneto has been known to use.” “Well, that settles it. I’m going to sit this one out.” Gears started to pick himself out of his chair when G3 stopped him. “You may not be able to face Magneto, but you can still take on the sentinels.” “True,” responded the teen as he sat back down. “ If anyone needs any weapons, consult with Gearo, if not, get ready for transport and head over to the DOVE Gate immediately.” Immediately, Gearo stood up and ran up to another tube and jumped inside. Within moments, he was inside the armory and going through the room’s blueprints to see what could be useful. Once that was done, he loaded them up into a crate and made his way to the DOVE Gateway.

Standing out in Hoboken, the teen pulled out the crate and called for the team’s attention. “Okay, I have a few weapons that are actually immune to Mags’ powers, but I don’t have enough for everyone. Since the reports say that the heaviest concentration of sentinels is in Manhattan, that team is going to get these.” Gearo opened the crate and started to pull out some stone swords, wooden swords, and stone armor. “I know you were expecting something super high tech, but there’s nothing I could make that wouldn’t involve some form of metal. These were the only things we had that are immune to his magnetic powers, so everyone on the Manhattan team needs to put any metal items they have into the crate. This includes your lightsaber Obi, and the communicators and then take a sword and some armor.

He then left the Manhattan team as they were and joined his team in the Pelican. “Hold on dudes, cause this baby’s got a lot more horsepower and half of its systems are still untested.” The teen strapped himself into the pilot seat, started the aircraft up, and sent it rocketing towards Queens.

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Yesterday - LA

Imagine being the weight that tips the scales between life and death. Picture a room filled with hardened criminals about to waste scared hostages off after not getting what they desire. Hear the single cry for help calling out after getting their mouth free, only to be shut up by brutish hands a moment later. Feel the barrel of a forty four magnum revolver dig into the temple of the hostage who cried out for help. Scream as the trigger is pulled sending the hammer to the cartridge and igniting the primer, causing the gunpowder mixture to explode, sending the hollow point bullet out of the short barrel and... Gasp as the hostage is unharmed, and look at the guardian who took the shot to the head, leaving a gaping wound behind.

Alive, the guardian grabbed hold of the revolver and emptied the remaining cartridges onto the ground. Fighting through the near unbearable pain, the Dragon Rider known by the name of Cly looked face to face at the gunman. "Every life has more value than you can possibly imagine." By this time all the other criminals had pointed their weapons at the Knight and were ready to fire. "Game over." Chaos erupted as the mighty green scaled teenage Dragon Esmeralda broke through the walls with her tail while simultaneously the gunmen began to fired at Cly and the hostages. In the end, the room of the building they were in was destroyed, and no hostages were even badly wounded. The Samurai however was torn up, deflecting the bullets as best he could and using his body as a meat shield for the others. The inside of Esmeralda's mouth was cut up a little, nothing too serious. A battle where no one was killed, a victory!

Today - NYC

Slicing open the top of a Flaming Hot Cheetos chip bag with the sharpest sword in existence, Cly grabbed one of the flavored chips and crunched down on it. Around him, was his team, the team, We Are Legend. Sheathing his sword in a fancy motion that wasted too much movement for practicality, the Knight listened to Obi brief the team on their mission. Zoning out part of the time, he listened more intently when the Jedi said his name. "Lastly, Cly, you're taking Light and Muse to Ground Zero itself, Manhattan.  Manhattan has the biggest concentration of both sentinels and bystanders so you're right in the thick of things.  I have full faith in you but if it gets too overwhelming, don't hesitate to make the call and the rest of us will form up on you." Giving Obi the thumbs up Cly said, "You can count on me!" Getting a look from Esmeralda he added, "And Esmeralda!" Feeling guilty about not mentioning Light or Muse he shrugged his shoulders. "What I really mean to say is you can count on all four of us!"

Following the meeting Cly and Esmeralda grouped up with Light and Muse. "Sup homies?" Putting out his two fists for a fist bump to the two, he brought his hands back and started to make motions as he began to talk. "Here's the plan. Esmeralda will act as a distraction against the sentinels and try to take them out in the process. Meanwhile the three of us will get any bystanders out of harms way. Once the area is clear, we let them have it, WAL style." Finishing off his bag of spicy hot Cheetos, he brushed his orange coated fingertips on his shirt. "Who needs napkins right?" Laughing and getting his mind back on focus, he said, "Remember, this is our fight. The moment we lose hope is the moment we've lost the fight, keep your spirits high!" Walking over to his Dragon, he started to sing to himself, "Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it's off to Manhattan we go..." Until he noticed that it was loud enough for Light and Muse to hear. "Uh...yeah. You guys need a lift there you can ride on Esmeralda's back, otherwise, follow her tail."
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New York, through all it had gone though, now once again stood. Its greatness a beacon to all and now the humans return. The NYC repopulation fair had begun on schedule. The news crews and politicians began their preparations. The celebrations had also started and the people filled the streets.

Cheering, clapping, laughing all could be heard throughout the streets. Children chasing one another as parents walked behind them talking to each other. They planned to start a new life for themselves here, a new hope. This was a great chance for many families who had given up on chance.

However there was one man who saw a different chance here. A chance to correct wrongs long thought forgotten. This man now stood inside what once was a beacon for those coming to this place from over the ocean. He watched as the pathetic excuse for beings know as humans ran about their pointless lives. He saw them as little more than bugs waiting to be squashed.

He came here for a reason, this would be the first sign and warning that he was back. For too long he had been gone. But after returning and finding his old comrades up to the same old games, he knew something needed to change. This was the start of it, the heroes would once again fear his name.

Mighty Magneto

From view screens, Mags watched as the mayor was about to start his speech. This was the time to start. Mags touch a button on his wrist. Deep beneath the waters sentinels began to stir. Splashing out of the water they began their advance. At the same time thousands dropped from the sky. The sounds of the Sentinels advance muted out all other noises. Then Mags spoke to one of his prime sentinels beside him.

"Open fire"

At once the large war machines opened fire, spreading death and destruction everywhere. People ran for their lives, screaming in terror. But they were surrounded as men women and children lay dying in the streets. Then the large sentinels began capturing humans and placing them into cells that had been designed into the machines. Only the best specimens where captured for future use.

So far only the larger sentinels where engaged in the battle. The prime sentinels where busy working on the next surprise. From the current vantage point, Mags could see much of the city. However, it was the live feeds from the sentinels that gave him the best views.

Already reports where coming in that the hero team WAL had started to engage in the battle. Magneto had already had a chance to study the leader Obi. When he made his return known, many came to see if it was true. The Sentinels had already adapted to many of Obi's attacks.

One group of Sentinels spotted a group of goodies with Obi, which launched a volley of rockets at their foe. From there the sentinels quickly advanced for melee combat. One of the Sentinels huge metal foot came down on a man fleeing for his life causing blood to squirt up its metal leg. While the main group attacked, a second group moved around in a flanking pattern. The reached their desired location and began pushing a building down upon their foes.

Large pieces of concrete came crashing down as metal supports cracked and fell to the earth sticking into the ground like spears. One such spear impaled a large police officer who had been attempting to restore some kind of order.

Fire trucks rushed into the city which was quickly going up in flames. How quickly things had gone to hell, how easy it was to stir up the humans, he thought. Mags watched as humans ran in terror. The Sentinels very creation had been originally designed to kill mutants, now hunted humans down like the animals they are.

Magneto watched on a view screen as he stood in the once symbol of freedom, now his command center. All the upgrades had been made by his prime sentinels and it was fully operational. The 152 foot structure stood upon a 150 foot base. It was now ready but would be used when the time was right. What horror the people would have when this iconic symbol marched down their streets killing them all.

However Magneto had other concerns at the moment. Many known heroes had advanced on the city in their attempts to save it. Only Magneto knew how unlikely that was to happen. For the only true way to save this place was though the process of erasing the humans from NYC presence. Magneto watched on view screens as a hero identified as Sephirim he had engaged the Sentinels. The man had caused much damage to one which was beginning to repair its self already. Now several Sentinels began closing on his position.

“ NO!!! I REFUSE TO DIE!!! NOT NOW…NOT NOW!!!” the words escaped the man’s lips. Magneto had formed a worm hole using his powers and now appeared behind the man. ”ARRRRRggghh…I’m sorry, I allowed this to happen..I failed..damn” Magneto listened as the man cry out. These new heroes showed a lot of promise he thought to himself. Suddenly the Sentinels stopped moving.   The weapons targeted the man on all sides as he laid trapped underneath a pillar. Magneto walked towards the man, energy blast ready in his hand. “Such wasted efforts on those not worthy of it.” Magneto’s voice was filled with so much hate, the words seemed to burn as he spoke.

Magneto stood above the man known as Sephirim, looking down at him. “Join me or Die.” If the man’s answer was no, the blast in Magneto’s hand would be targeted at his head and the Sentinels would open fire. However, the real threat would come from beneath.   As Magneto talked, he pulled metal pipes and shards through the earth which would launch up underneath the man in an instance. As the man saw death coming at him he would be killed by it from behind.

Magneto took in the scene around him taking pleasure in the screams of pain and horror. This was what he had been missing; this is what he needed to feel complete again.

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“X and Dupe, you're with me, we're heading towards The Bronx.” Riiiight.. the Bronx.. where the hell is the Bronx? Aussie guy over here dude! He had never even seen New York let alone know where every district was. “Is it the part with the big plumes of smoke, the part that’s on fire… or the ones where that big group of sentinels just landed. Or that part where the skyscraper just collapsed?” Dupe looked at Obi while scratching the back of his head. “What?! Geography was never my best subject!”.

"One more thing," Obi said.  "This is our first mission together.  There's no room for failure, no room for fear.  These sentinels are bad news.  Give them enough time, and they'll adapt to your attacks and form a resistance to them.  Hit them fast and hit them often.  Vary your attacks, and let's not mess this is up.  WAL, let's go kick some robot ass....” Riiight, no pressure then. Well at least he wasn’t alone in the battle to come, he had read up quite a bit on his fellow team members and knew about what skills and powers all of them possessed. And he had to admit, it was quite the impressive team the jedi had managed to pull together. After the three of them made their way to the Bronx the chaos and madness of it all was clearly visible. People running in chaos not knowing what to do or where to go, bodies littering the cold concrete streets and people trying desperately to patch up their wounds. The sentinels were relentless and kept blasting away via the beams emanating from their robotic hands. The just renovated buildings surrounding them were already on the brink of collapsing as fire broke out on several floors. “First things first..” Dupe was almost speechless and lifeless before his hero mentality took over that was instilled in him by his time with the legendary ICE Dragons. His first priority was to get the people to safety, X and Obi were more suited to take out the big sentinels. Instantly duplicating by clapping his hands together every single one of his duplicates began following his lead and duplicating even more. Mixing and matching with the panicking crowd he took over the streets with his presence drawing the fire from the sentinels away from the innocent people and onto himself. “Brilliant idea dude!” He heard one of his dupes shout while several duplicates were flung into the air by the powerful blasts “Shut up and run!!” Another Dupe shouted back.

Several Dupes were already guiding people to safety through the subways which were currently the safest places to be. Inside the tunnels several duplicates were acting as doctors patching people up and tending to their wounds while above them raged a battle that send powerful shocks through the earth forming cracks in the walls. However, something else caught the eyes of the dupes fighting to get the people to safety above ground. Sentinels weren’t just trying to kill the people but took them captive inside their massive chests. “OBI! X! BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU BRING THEM DOWN! THERE ARE PEOPLE INSIDE!!” He yelled out hoping his teammates would hear him. They’d need to handle this carefully to avoid any casualties.

“You! Keep him busy and keep him at this spot!” Dupe shouted at a couple of his clones.
“Keep him busy?! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?!” The other Dupe yelled back.
“I don’t know! Dance or something!”
“……. Brilliant idea…….” he said as he looked up at the building sized sentinel.

As his Dupes leaped up at the sentinels legs Nate ran up the stairs of the building next to the sentinel duplicating as he went along to the 7th floor now looking down at the sentinel. Throwing chairs through the window a dozen dupes stood ready.
 “Alright… now toss me!”
“Wait.. that’s your plan? Toss you?!”
“I never said it was a good one.. See that broken powerline? Throw me there!”

Being grabbed by three of his dupes he was thrown out the window followed by several dupes that were being thrown on top of the sentinels head and shoulders with some of them missing their target falling down to the street. While Nate flew through the sky grabbing the powerline and swung towards the sentinels head as his dupes on the sentinels shoulders grabbed the powerline and shoved it into his neck where the delicate cybernetics of the robots were. As the electricity made contact sparks and black smoke flew out of the robot out of every nook and crevice as it collapsed to its knees until ultimately falling backwards onto the concrete road. Nathan wasted no time climbing to his chest and pressing the release mechanism which allowed the panicking people to climb from the prison inside the sentinels chest. After rescuing the prisoners Nate quickly looked around him at the amount of sentinels still destroying things..

“We need guns…” One of his dupes smirked at him showing that he had a better idea as he pointed at a nearby building site. A large crane with a wrecking ball stood ready to be used. With a smirk Nate looked back at his Dupe “You were always my favourite”.
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As soon as Sideslash released his grasp of him, Kurrent hit the ground on a knee and began to survey the area. In his head he quickly made a blueprint of the city's structure in front of him and was almost in a trance like state taking it all in as quickly as he could. People were running towards them, away from their attackers in a state of panic. He noticed two Sentinels in front of him heading their way and another about a block and a half behind them. They were moving slow, but they covered a lot of ground. By his calculation they would be in attack range in about 30 seconds. That bought him enough time to formulate some sort of impromptu battle strategy, for Kurrent did two things very well, overcome adversity and lead. 
He team behind his was powerful, they were amongst the strongest on the Legends roster, but they also had other gifts that Kurrent knew would make this fight easier to end quickly. Before he could say anything Sideslashed asked, "What's the plan, Sparky?".
His eyes were glowing a bright blue that had electric currents pulsing through them and he said after his plan was in tact. "On 3 gather up as much speed as you can in your armor mode, fly straight and hard through the Sentinel's chest on the right. I will juice you with electricity with my EK, you won't feel it but trust me you'll have the power of a lightning bolt coursing through that armor, whatever happens, if you bust through him or not leave him to me and start on the one coming up behind them........1"
Then he looked at Angeni, her presence was almost soothing because he knew that her heart was always in the right place, "the Sentinel on the left cannot scan Sideslash if it does we are in deep sh%t, his opticals and plams need to be taken out or distracted.....2" 
"These people need us, no one else is dying in Brooklyn today, now lets show them why we are their protectors, why we are legend.....3"
It was no doubt that all hell was about to break loose. Some how, some way the three individuals charged with protecting Brooklyn where going to have to control the chaos and save many lives in the process. It going to be a hard task, but the team was up for it. Even though the circumstances were terrible and his focus was in protecting the city, Kurrent couldn't help but think, it's good to be back!

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"Athens was founded by Cecrops, the city's first king. Cecrops was half man and half snake. He taught the inhabitants how to read and write, to get married and to bury the dead. Athens was born under his reign when the gods of Olympus decided that the city should be named after the deity that would give the most useful gift to the mortals. The deity would become the patron deity of the city. Poseidon God of the sea and Athena Goddess of wisdom contended for the lordship of the city. The lordship of the city was won by Athena by offering an olive tree which is the symbol of peace and prosperity while Poseidon struck a rock and a horse sprang forth symbolizing the strength." Princess Helena said with a beautiful bright smile to the Athenian children who were all amazed with the story. As the goddess continued to tell further of the story suddenly her We Are Legend communicator went off bringing sadness to the children faces. " Miss Troy come in please...Miss Troy.....do you read me?". Helena beautiful face soon turned into sadness as she watched her people.....the children face filled with sadness. " Must you go again princess?". One of the royal guards said with a curious look. "I'm afraid so...... but do not worry I shall return with another great adventure story to tell."  She smiled and watched as her people went back to their daily duties not caring anymore. " Miss Troy..are you there?". The communicator went off again. Helena sighed and pressed the small button now speaking into the communicator. " Sorry for the delay professor...what seems to be the problem?". She asked curiously. "The team is holding a urgent meeting and we request you be there before things get any worse."  The professor said with a serious tune. "I shall be there in a couple of minutes, Angeni out."  
The goddess got up from the rocky floor and took off into the sky flying towards her beautiful palace to grab her equipment but while flying she began to hear voices in her head. "You seem to care more for the mortals then for you're people my daughter."  The goddess of wisdom said with a displeased voice."Mother.... do not say such thing, I care for both the mortals and my people but the mortals are in danger and I must help them." Helena said now knowing she was about to argue with her mother. "I made you a princess to protect Athens and help our people..I didn't make you a mortal champion, my child." Athena said now growing angry. "Why do you hate the mortals so much mother? what have they done for you to judge them especially the man I have fallen in love with?". The princess asked curiously. "They have turned their backs on the gods and stopped worshiping us along time ago.. we gifted them and this is how they repay us!". The goddess of wisdom said shouting even more. Helena could only shake her head very displeased with her mothers actions which was not so wise. "You are acting foolish mother and I am leaving as of right now to protect my friends, we shall discuss this matter once I return." Helena said now ignoring her mother and landing on the stairs leading to the palace. 
After having a argument with her mother, Helena entered her beautiful palace which took only two days to be made since Hephaestus her father had made it for her when she was just ten years old. "I thank you father...if only you can speak to me." The young goddess whispered knowing her father couldn't speak, see, or give gifts to her anymore because Zeus had told him he couldn't have any contact or communication with his daughter. As the goddess entered her bedroom she began to equip her stuff that she needed just in case, taking her Lasso of Truth a powerful weapon forged by Hephaestus to force people to tell the truth but that's not what all it did. The Lasso of Truth is able to restore people's lost memories, get rid of illusions, cause illusions to those it holds, heal the holder's body, cure insanity and protect people who are in close proximity to it from magical attacks. The Bracelets of Victory always worn on Helena's wrist these pair of steel cuffs which are indestructible because they were used from the remains of Zeus's Aegis shield and were modeled after the cuffs. The Bracelet of Victory was given to Angeni by her father as a child. Angeni can use her super reflexes to deflect projectiles, blades, punches, or any form of offensive attack used against her. She can also use them to deflect an object back into her enemies. The Boomerang Tiara always worn on her forehead which she can use as an offensive weapon. It is razor sharp and, when thrown, can cause extreme damage after which it will effectively return straight into her hands. Angeni can use the tiara to cut through almost any materials, she also wears this as the red star represents freedom and patriotism and was given to Angeni by her mother Athena.
After grabbing her equipment the goddess flew out from her bedroom window and took off into the sky heading towards New York since she had missed the first meeting in Los Angeles with the team. While flying over the Mediterranean Sea another voice spoke in her head. "Greetings Princess, it's Hermes. I just wanted to inform you since I noticed you were running late on you're meeting with the mortals so I decided to give you some info on what's going on in New York. Basically, a group of robots called the Sentinels are attacking the mortals and are being led by a powerful villain known as Magneto. Also, you better head over to New York quickly before you're friends start leaving you behind." He chuckled and the voice vanished from her head. "Thank you Hermes...". She whispered and continued to head over to New York.


Angeni hovered above her teammates now wearing her breastplate with a red star in the center and lying just in front of an eagle crest and her blue shorts patched of white stars. As, finally Obi Wan entered he began to split the team into groups to deal with different parts of New York. "Kurrent, you lead Team Brooklyn which is yourself, Sideslash, and Angeni, Zarek can carry you there." Angeni nodded and turned to the squad. " Let's move!". The squad all nodded and took off to the battle scene in Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn, NY

Angeni daughter of Athena and Hephaestus stood by her teammates as she watched the Sentinels destroy everything in sight and bring fear into the people who were all running trying to survive. Brooklyn had turned into a battle zone and Angeni was not going to stand here and watch people be killed by stupid machines. "On 3 gather up as much speed as you can in your armor mode, fly straight and hard through the Sentinel's chest on the right. I will juice you with electricity with my EK, you won't feel it but trust me you'll have the power of a lightning bolt coursing through that armor, whatever happens, if you bust through him or not leave him to me and start on the one coming up behind them........1". Helena turned to Kurrent who thought of a plan already, the man had great leadership and great power but the question was could he control that power since it was given to him by Zeus. "The Sentinel on the left cannot scan Sideslash if it does we are in deep sh%t, his opticals and plams need to be taken out or distracted.....2"Angeni smirked and eyed the Sentinel on the left while cracking her knuckles. " I shall try and distract it with all my power and strength." 
"These people need us, no one else is dying in Brooklyn today, now lets show them why we are their protectors, why we are legend.....3"
Angeni nodded and hovered up in the air looking down at her teammates. " FOR WAL!!!!". She shouted with a big beautiful smile. 
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Looking around i looked at the many members of We Are Legend. Some i have never seen before, while there were others that i have. Looking at Closure a guy i had heard of but something about him made him stand out. It was the lady who he had been talking to. Who was she? Where was she from? What is her name? All this questions came flying through out my mind. I could just read either of their thoughts but then that would be invading their personal space. 
As i stared at her longer i felt a shiver spiral down my spine. "Blair." Luckily i whispered it so quietly that no one could hear me. It was her.. but.. not her.. Last time i checked her hair was pink. This girl has green hair instead. I saw her on t.v. for something a few days ago.. but.. she's here.. She looks a lot older too. What the hell is going on? 
Hearing these next few words brought my attention back. Closure, Gearo, Old Lace you guys are heading to Queens.  you guys can take the Pelican, Gearo made a couple modifications to it and now, it's faster than it ever was. Old Lace, congrats, you're team leader, don't fail me.  
Me? The leader of the squad. Wow.. I never thought i would be made leader material. Also since Closure will be in the squad maybe i'll finally have a chance to talk to this mystery woman. I've been waiting years to finally see Blair. If it's really her..  
Minutes later and the team was on the Pelican and we were off for New York. I heard Obi saying to talk to Gearo before we left about weapons and such but there would no point of me using a weapon if i could just pick up anything i see with my mind.  
After we landed in Queens, New York i threw off my seat belt and then walked out of the plane leading the team out into action. When looking outside i could see it looked like hell. Good thing we came to stop this from becoming.. more hellish.  
"Okay team so there should be Sentinels around here so wat-" I hope that is not what i think it is standing behind us. A bright spotlight appeared shining on us like a sun breaking through the clouds. Cutting me off from what i was saying. Searching for thoughts i only felt the teams. Making me feel a bit more uncomfortable that they found us first. Turning around i saw one large sentinel staring at us.
Coming from the shadows besides it two more came from each side of it. As they stepped beside it they shined their lights at us. "Guys.. Let's take care of them!" A see through violet light wrapped itself around my body, as my eyes turned into a violet color. I began levitating a few inches off the ground. Never fighting one of these before i knew it was going to be hard. 

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Joel smiled and clumsily climbed on Esmerelda's back. "Whoa.." Joel chuckled as Esmerelda hovered in the air. The experience was surreal.He wasn't used to flying on a dragon nor did he feel he could ever get used to it. He looked back at he roof where the team met. The members were going their separate ways to protect the different boroughs of New York.     
He couldn't wrap his mind around the role he filled. He was apart of We Are Legend, the legendary team of Los Angeles superheroes.
Soon enough, the destruction snapped Joel back to reality as they touched ground in Manhattan. Thunderous sentinel stomps shook the ground and screams of the city victims attacked Joel's ear. Each scream echoing in his head, putting images of their deaths in his mind.  He shuddered at the thought.  
"Can anybody clear this dust cloud? " Joel asked as he peered down the street, walking up a large chunk of debris from a toppled building. The dust cloud didn't give him much distance to see ahead. He hopped off the building as a group of pedestrians faded into view from the thick dust cloud suffocating the city.

In the direction the pedestrians ran from, Joel saw two red lights flashing through the haze. Behind the first two lights  6 more pairs of light flashed behind it. Ground shaking stomps rose in volume as the lights drew closer. Until finally, they revealed themselves in close range as Sentinels.
"Jesus christ..." Joel whispered, slightly revealing his Jamaican accent.  He back pedaled between Cly, Esmerelda and Light and glanced back. The fleeing pedestrians didn't get far .  
 "Get back here!" He yelled. A pitch rising drone sound, echoing through the street, broke the petrifying silence. The fleeing people slowed down, unsure who Joel was speaking to. "Hurry!" A sentinel's robotic arm rose with a orange light glowing in it's palm. The sentinel would disintegrate the victims before they had a chance to come back.  Joel sprung to action. 
He pushed both his hands forward and a flashing blast of blue energy screamed from his hands.  Joel's blast exploded on the sentinel's shoulder and its stumbled backwards. It's droning hushed, the orange light faded and the sentinel lowered it's arm.  Joel shot another blast with one hand. His blast collided with the sentinel's neck. The blast set off small explosions around the sentinel's neck and rose to it's head. It was destroyed.  
The crowd of people rushed behind Joel as the remaining sentinels prepared to fire. Joel pushed his hands forward and a mirror like energy shield formed ahead of them. It rose over eight feet and curved back four feet. Not only did it protect them from frontal attacks, but aerial shots were also blocked.  
Joel kept his eyes forward and his hands upward as he spoke to Light and Cly.  "I'll shield these people while you three get rid of the sentinels."
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"Ugh," James groaned. He raised his head for a moment, but the pain was too much to overcome. It shot down his neck like a lightning bolt, and spread to his forehead. The intense throbbing of his veins irritated him all the more.  It was the worst migraine--or headache--he had ever had. He lowered his head back onto the debris, which covered every square inch of himself. The pain lessened, but only slightly. The Telepath instinctively tried to rise out of the rubble only to find more pain to meet him. James' body felt even worse than his head. He immediately regretted the movement. It felt like he had been stabbed in the back twenty times, and shot in the legs at least ten times. The accumulated dust had already settled, that much was for sure. It covered everything; even James' visor was no match for it.  James coughed up the dust, his body heaving as he did so. The incessant heaving of his chest flung the dust back into the air unfortunately, and James followed it with his eyes, the only things that didn't hurt in the particular moment. He began to breathe even harder, having sucked in even more dust. His attention span was short, for the blistering pain in his head bothered him a lot. Dust just wasn't interesting. Instead his eyes had focused more on the holes that led to the outside, and to where the Sentinels were. 


James rested, realizing he'd cause more damage to himself if he tried to wrestle with the debris resting heavily on top of him. He couldn't think straight, with all the pain, so he decided to use his telepathy. He used his suggestive abilities on himself. A trick of the mind, he thought with immense pain. He was able to shut down his pain receptors mentally, just by focusing on walking down a warm beach in Florida. He felt euphoric, the type of euphoria that you would feel when you're drunk or under the influence of various drugs. His head wasn't filled with the obvious pain from being flung through several brick walls. Now he, with his trick of the mind, felt more light-headed and relaxed. His muscles, previously tensed, now rested in a normal state. The pain in his back and legs had been replaced by a quiet calm. James smiled to himself, the dizziness settling over his body. He was free to take in his surroundings. 


With his mind free from pain, James was able to take in his surroundings more. The building he had crashed into was abandoned, and seemed to have been unloved even before the submergence of New York City. The wallpaper on the wall had peeled totally off, lying on the floor. The thick, blood red bricks behind were visible. James looked down at his covered body, a feeling of queasiness settling over him--like he was going to throw up. It passed quickly thereafter, and James was left to discover that four pipes lay firmly across his legs. No wonder I couldn't move, he thought stupidly. James also felt a pipe across his belly, and several destroyed bricks and wood beams on his arms and the rest of his body, as well. James, seeing how much damage had been caused, immediately began to wrestle his arms from under the pieces of bricks. His left arm came out first, which he used to wipe his visor. Then he put the notch at four, and released a blast onto himself. His body heated up a bit from the beam, but most of the bricks had been blown off of his body. The wood beams disintegrated into ashes. James sneezed, then got over it. He looked over his body once more. The only debris that remained were a few heavy bricks and the pipes.  


His other arm was freed after this, but James was still paralyzed from the lower abdomen down by the bricks and pipes. He used his two hands to lift the pipe on his chest and threw it to the side. It landed on a wall, which cracked as it collided. The pipe fell through to a different room. "Wea-weak walls," James muttered, gasping for as much air as he could. It felt great to not have such a weight on his chest, and the easy flow of oxygen help relieved some of his dizziness. James sat up, and began the work on the pipes placed over his legs. He quickly got them off, rolling them down, and then off, his legs. It took about five minutes to do everything, and by then James was physically exhausted. Even with the telepathic euphoria placed on his senses, his body still ached. James stood up, and began to dust himself off. It was at this time that he actually began to focus on hearing things outside. He was so far into the building that noises didn't reach him until he strained to hear them.  


James studied the sounds, and heard screams, but less of them. He could feel the slight rumble of metallic, Sentinel feet--farther away. James now knew he had been out for a while. He was probably behind the Sentinel's advancement now. Death and destruction probably lingered behind, and the injured as well. James, worried for other's safety and well being, burst forward. He got four steps in before he tumbled down. He fell face first, his body giving up on him. "Come on," he tried to encourage himself. "You're better than this! Damn it, James. Those people need you. You're here to protect them, now do some freakin' protecting." James' body got the message, and he got back up. However, he used a wall for stability. He decided to pace himself, make a slower advancement. Plus, he realized he was staggering aimlessly without the support of something to guide him. He stepped over the threshold of walls, and made it to the ledge of the second floor of the destroyed building. 


From his vantage point, James could see that almost all the cars on the street had been destroyed in some way, either by being crushed, thrown against something, or stepped on. There was splashes and specks of blood on the concrete and on walls, and a few bodies lay crumbled on the ground. However, James had expected more casualties. It was as if a lot of the people had disappeared, vanished into thin air. They were nowhere to be found. James searched up and down the street, over plumes of smoke and fire, only to find the street barren. He could see, however, that the Sentinels had moved over into the next street, leaving behind their destruction. They were going away from him, firing beams at buildings and causing explosions by using the cars. James limped over to the ledge of the edge of the wall he had broken through, and jumped off. He expected both his boots to immediately turn on, but instead, only one did, and his body turned down and he collided with the sidewalk. "What the heck," he said through gritted teeth. The collision hadn't hurt too bad, the euphoria was still protecting him from pain. But, he did feel it. 


James winced down at his boots and discovered that one was mangled beyond repair. He looked at the bottom of his heel only to find that his propulsion system was cracked and torn apart. He smacked his hand against his leg in anger. Well, so much for flying, he thought angrily. He pulled off his boots, leaving himself barefoot. He threw them into the street. Then James began to search. He looked around for anything to help him get to the Sentinels quickly. Sure, the cars had been destroyed. He couldn't get to the Sentinels at seventy miles per hour, but he could get there on a different form of transportation. James searched for the little things, roller skates, bicycles, or even a skateboard. He staggered along the sidewalk, searching for anything. His eyes were trained on bike racks and the staircases to doors. He eventually found a bike, a block down, underneath a heap of debris from a destroyed building. He pulled it out and got on, ignoring the fact that the bike was pink and had the word "Princess" on it. "Wow, I'm the "Superhero Bicyclist" now." James said to himself, ashamed. Then he began to push the pedals, propelling himself forward, towards the Sentinels, at a much slower speed. "I'm going to be a laughing stock," he said, his head hung down. "Who'll want me to save them now?"  


The Next Street  

James stopped about fifty feet from the Sentinels. He could see them destroying buildings and snatching up people. Snatching up people? James connected the dots. They're taking them! James saw as a claw protruded from one Sentinel and grabbed a fleeing person, then retracted back into the iron giant's chest. James felt a rush of fear overcome him as he watched each Sentinel perform similar acts. No wonder it was almost a ghost town, James thought. He dismounted from the bike and let it fall to the ground on the blackened pavement. He valiantly ran barefoot towards the Sentinels, turning the notch on his visor to 10. It would burn through some of the Sentinel metal, but probably wouldn't cause too much damage. It would be just enough to distract one of the giants for a little bit, and possibly allow some people to escape. It was time to be the heroic Perception, and not a sissy. 


Perception pressed a button releasing the valuable ambient light and heat energies onto the back of one of the Sentinel's head. It melted some of the metal, revealing another thick sheet of protection. He evaluated the situation. It would take multiple blasts before he was capable of penetrating the Sentinel's systems, and another to destroy its wiring and control panel. "I have the time," he admitted. Perception fired another blast, melting more metal. The Sentinel now turned its body, and focused on him. It looked down at him as if he was puny. A small obstacle. He did feel feeble, but he knew he was capable of a lot of things. Nevertheless, the blood drained from his face as he saw an iron hand raised towards him. "Not this time," Perception yelled. He jumped forward instinctively, towards the Sentinel, and rolled outside of the blast radius. It narrowly grazed his back, giving him a numbing feeling. He got up, and then fired another heat blast from his visor. This time it was aimed for the Sentinel's left kneecap. Afterwards, Perception rolled sideways to evade the Sentinel's big foot, which had tried to stomp on him. Perception fired again, and again, in quick succession. He had cut halfway through the metal kneecap, but found the progress excruciating. It took too much work.    


The barefoot Perception dodged more stomps, and various swipes, before he tripped over a small rock. A rock! He looked down at it ruefully, and then up at the Sentinel's kneecap. Two more blasts, he thought. The idea of completing a goal urged him to continue. He fired one more, and then rolled underneath a slightly damaged car. He didn't stay underneath the car for long, and rolled out on the other side. With the car as a meager protection, Perception fired the final blast. It passed cleanly through the sheet of metal, and the Sentinel went down. It collapsed to one side, unable to stand on one leg. It crushed its left arm as it fell. Perception threw his fist in the air in triumph, but his grin faded as he heard the scream as the iron giant hit the solid concrete. They yelled, hoping someone would hear them: "Help us!" "What's happening?" "Where are we!" "Is anyone out there?" "Please, I'm pregnant!" "Take me, leave my mother alone!"   


Perception limped towards the machine. It felt like there was needle in his foot, but it hadn't hurt while the adrenaline was pumping in his body. Now, his body more relaxed, the hero could feel it. He looked down at his left foot and found a gash in the side. "Rocks," he muttered under his breath. The blood poured out of it with every step he took, but Perception continued towards the Sentinel. Its right leg was bent in a position that left it immobile. The robot fell on its back, unstable, and trapped its right arm as well. The Telepath climbed up the broken hand, using protrusions in the metal to help his footing. He made it to the chest of the Sentinel and began to look for a button to eject the prisoners. The other Sentinels had already moved on, too busy with their individual duties to help assist. Perception felt unsafe however, the Sentinel's eyes were firmly placed on him. Watching his every movement. Accessing his skills, observing his abilities.  


As Perception scoured the remnants of its body, the robot made a noise. The Telepath instinctively looked in the direction of the Sentinel's head. He looked into the Sentinel's golden-colored sockets, as it spoke. A mechanical, menacing voice emanated. Emotionless, toneless, androgynous. It was robotic. Perception became still. His eyes, hidden by the visor, opened wide with fear. Sweat began to form on his palms. 





"No!" Perception screamed. The Sentinel wasn't listening though. It was beginning to inform its systems of the immediate self-implosion it would undergo. The Empathic Hero felt the fear rise in the people held within the machine. They had heard the four simple words, and were now in a state of disarray. Their feelings overpowered Perception for a moment, and then he heard their thoughts. It broke his heart. He frantically looked for a button. "~~~4~~~" He stomped on the chest of the Sentinel in thought. The claw! Perception focused his attention for the area where the claw protruded from and grabbed the citizens. He started a brisk walk towards the center of the Sentinel's chest. "~~~3~~~"  He stopped in the center, looking for a button. He got onto his knees, and began to search on all fours. "~~~2~~~" There it is! He thought, pressing a button he had discovered. The detainment area slowly began to open, but stopped. It had only opened a foot. Perception could see inside He clicked it again, but to no avail. It was jammed. "~~~1~~~"    


"Stop!" Perception yelled. Something surged through him. It wasn't anything he had ever encountered. It was different. Absolute power. It spread from his brain down his torso to his legs. Then it came back up, and spread down his arms to his fingertips. He raised his hand towards the menacing Sentinel face, and it surged out. It was so different from his telepathic abilities. It was more destructive, less passive. Perception watched as the Sentinel had was ripped off the body and thrown into a building. It crashed into the brick walls, and rested in its makeshift seat. At the same time, Perception was lifted into the air, the top part of the Sentinel's metal chest tearing away from the main body. The hero stood awestruck as the metal cages that housed the detained flew out of the humanoid prison. It was everything he wanted to do. Rip off the head of the Sentinel and open the detainment area. Everything he had wanted to occur had occurred.


"Did I do all this?" he whispered. Perception looked down at the cages and put a hand towards them. He wanted them to open. An unidentified force did just that, and the cage bars separated. He hadn't noticed that he was still floating in the air atop the metal chest until people began to scream in fear. Someone said: "Mighty Magneto! He's here to kill us all!" The Telepath immediately relayed a mental image to everyone around him. I am Perception, a hero. These are my...powers. I just saved you. Perception began to lower from the air, the metal body dropping soundlessly onto the pavement. "Is everyone all right?" he asked. People began to step out of their cages, and none of them had suffered any serious injuries. They were hesitant to respond to him, however. Then, a young boy stepped forth. "I'm o-o-okay, but my mom is still in the cage. She br-br-broke her leg." Perception stepped off the metal Sentinel chest and smiled down at the boy. "Where is she?"  


The boy pointed to the cage, and James saw the woman. He raised a hand towards the cage, and it raised into the air, and began to float towards him. As his hand came closer to his body, so did the cage. He lowered it until it rested in front of himself and the boy. James stepped around the child and picked up his mother, and then stepped out of the cage's threshold. A few civilians stepped forward and took the lady from him. James nodded in gratitude. "Everyone, take refugee in the buildings. Stay there until this mess is sorted out. We can't have anyone roaming the streets, the Sentinels are taking you and that is very dangerous." Everyone nodded in agreement, and made their exodus to the closest buildings. There were at least thirty people inside this one Sentinel. James felt relief, he had saved them all. Even when he thought all of them, including him, would die a miracle had happened. I've developed another psionic ability, James thought, looking down at his hand. He recalled all the psionic abilities that he had read about. It was at this point that he knew what power he had gained, magnokinesis. Power over the magnetic field. It was the only power, besides telekinesis, that could control metal at will.   


"Am I a monster? Like that of Mighty Magneto?" James pondered. He knew the legends of infamy that had spread around the world of Mighty Mags. He feared the Master of Magnetism, and now he feared himself. James shook his arms, wanting to lose his new gift. He had just attained the power of one of the most evil, vile villains in the world. "No, I am not like him!" James declared. A feeling of reassurance washed over his thoughts, and he felt a little better about himself. I need to embrace this power, it is the only way I can save all these people. James looked up, and witnessed a path of destruction leading to three other Sentinel's. Two had gone on to another street, while one had continued along the same one. James took a step forward, and then he felt his illusion failing. The migraine and intense body pain did not return. "How?" James thought. "Without my 'mind trick'... This shouldn't be possible. Unless..." James recalled research he had done about the abilities of manipulating magnetic fields. He was pumping magnetic energy into himself, subconsciously. He was heightening his strength and stamina, as well as his reflexes and durability. "My body is becoming more durable because of the magnetic energy pumping into it." 


Standing, without pain, James looked towards the Sentinel still on the same street. He raised his two hands towards it, and pulled towards his body. Immediately, the robot flung off its feet toward him. It flew at least four hundred feet before crashing into the concrete on its stomach, right in front of him. Pieces of concrete pelted his body, but James didn't feel it. James’ extra durable body was not bothered by the feeble materials, he was now above the average level of tolerance. James used his right hand to raise the Sentinel head up to look at him. "I know, you're just following orders--but this is enough." He used his left hand, aimed at the Sentinel's head, and then through his hand behind his head. The head tore from the body. James heard the wires stretch until they ripped. After that, the Sentinel had vaulted over him and onto the street, rolling down it until being stopped by a decimated car. 


James flipped the robot over, and then ripped the body open. With his right hand he guided the cages towards a gentle landing, and with his left threw the Sentinel body away. It landed on a few empty buildings and laid there, one of its arms hanging over the side--with its metallic wrist on the ground. James opened the cages in the same way he had done before. As the saved civilians began to hide in buildings, James compressed three cages together. He constructed a fine, rounded disc. It floated a foot in the air, and James stepped on it. It lowered a bit with his weight, but then James guided it upwards. From prior knowledge, James figured he was creating two opposite magnets, which were repelling each other. As he rose above the building, James flew towards the remaining two Sentinels. Then he saw three more, and realized there was a lot of work ahead of him.

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Kurrent seemed to really be onto a killer plan. "On 3 gather up as much speed as you can in your armor mode, fly straight and hard through the Sentinel's chest on the right. I will juice you with electricity with my EK, you won't feel it but trust me you'll have the power of a lightning bolt coursing through that armor, whatever happens, if you bust through him or not leave him to me and start on the one coming up behind them........1" He turned to his target. With a grin, he closed his eyes. White flames enveloped his body and wings. Only his head was free from the holy inferno. After a few moments, his body was encased in holy steel, a helmet in one hand. He placed the helmet on his head as Kurrent finished giving Angeni her orders. As he understood it, she'd be covering him by distracting the Sentinel over to the left. As Kurrent said 2, he stared at the Sentinel through the small slit in the helmet. He judged the distance, and prepared to sprint, his metal clad wings already flapping. The armour didn't creak, being in near perfect condition. "These people need us, no one else is dying in Brooklyn today, now lets show them why we are their protectors, why we are legend.....3" Archeron grinned widely behind his helmet as he shot off in a straight line.
"Well spoken." A loud BANG! indicated him breaking the sound barrier. He hadn't gone anywhere near how fast he could go at top speed. He felt a tingling sensation crawl over his skin. Most people would have dismissed it, but he assumed it was Kurrent having zapped him. His wings flapped wildly, increasing in speed until he had gone easily past four times the speed of sound. Six times. The Sentinel loomed before him as he curled both hands into fists. He aimed at the centre of the robot's chest, his lips setting into a cold grimace, a deep growl slipping from his lips as he struck the thing's metal body. It was like a hot knife through butter, like shooting paper with an anti-aircraft gun. He tore through the robot cleanly, tucking into a roll as he exited the Sentinel's back and flew at the remaining one. Kurrent had told him to leave the first one and work on the one bringing up the rear. Having rolled in midair, Archeron was on a collision course. Residual lightning still buzzed over his armour, but he figured he'd need more power to bust this one. Holy fire swarmed over him, turning him into something reminiscent of a comet. He shot at the second one with a yell, both fists making contact powerful enough to knock the Sentinel back. It nearly fell, before staring at Archeron, the flame dying away.
"Kill." It said, starting to lift its arm. "Kill. Exterminate. Destroy." It was becoming clear the Sentinels had a limited vocabulary. "Kill."
"If you insist." Archeron grinned. The Sentinel reached. Archeron darted back, missing the mighty metal hand by inches. A large ball of white flame formed in either hand. Slapping his hands together, the holy fire grew in size and power. The flames let out wave after wave of nigh unbearable heat.
"Kill." Archeron's eyes were wild for a moment, as he shot the ball of flame upwards at the Sentinel's face. The comet of white flame began to melt away the face of his target. Whilst it was confused with the ball of holy fire, he shot at the thing's chest, his fist striking metal, and again, and again. The thing started to step back as the angel of earth continued to strike it repeatedly. A long sword appeared in his hand, and he feinted back and to the left.
"Let me show you why I'm called Sideslash." He said quietly, dashing forward, the blade sinking into the metal skin of the Sentinel's flank. Spinning in the air, Archeron shot upwards, dragging his sword up the Sentinel's back from just above the left hip to the right shoulder. A violent slash to the face, and Archeron became a blur of motion, shooting around the Sentinel's body, back, forth, up and down, large deep cuts from his holy steel sword appearing all over the metal giant's body. It stumbled back and forth, the small irritating pest too fast to be swatted.

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Reality folded around her like paper, bent and violated like a cheap toy by the will of an omnipotent child. Around her history, physical laws and the foundation of the very being were in a constant flux in the green, blue and violet vortex around her. Events that were, were not, had been in a different reality and such that would never be surrounded her in a mad swirling. Historical facts and personalities changed randomly around her while she fell through the fabrics of the multiverse. The genesis in the first days of the world, worlds were dragons and other mythical monsters were real, the 300 lost the battle at the Thermopylae against alien space troopers, the Holy Roman Empire never came to be, the Ottomans were stopped before Vienna, electricity never replaced steam, the Germans invented the a-bomb at the same time as the Russians and the Americans and thus the whole world was eliminated, A.R. Jennings invented gene-splicing in the 21 century and improved the whole population of the Neo-Gothic Paganean Empire, the sun turned red in the 22 century and killed all Kryptonian refugees on earth, the Neanderthals were finally eradicated in the 25 century, the homo sapiens followed them in the second half of that, the homo erectus under their leader Abe Lincoln were finally the dominant species on what they called Maagdar, how the last mutant left earth for the second exodus to join the rest of his brethren on the world ship only seconds before the planet ceased to be and how he completed the genocide on the last remaining human before that.

This and more she saw, all possibilities were revealed to her in that mad plunge into what was everything and nothing at the same time. Some were more promising than others and whenever her heart broke due to the beauty she witnessed when the golden cit of Asgard appeared or realities wherein she perceived herself and her parents as a happy family she reached out her powerful warrior hand to stop, to grasp that wonderful moment and keep it close to her heart. But the only thing that happened was a vanishing of that scene as rings like on the surface of a pond covered the image and that she felt like ripping the fantastic fabric of the norns fate carpet.

Thus she trundled through that endless corridor screaming looking for footing and finding none. Time was relative, space was relative, facts were irrelevant, people were interchangeable, up, down, left and right were nonexistent, constance had became a joke. Reality had become but a mere word.

A few words had changed everything, had restructured everything and torn what she had called her world to pitiful fragments. The words of the child of her mother’s murderer unthinkingly spoken unaware of the godlike power that could recreate the world in her image. Or destroy it and every single one of its inhabitants. She remembered the words very well. They were burned into her mind. And as heat and cold washed over her at the same time, as she experienced every emotion feelable from pain to lust to happiness to deepest despair to rage, as she heard every sound ever produced, as she tasted colour, smelled music, thought in fragrances, saw by touch and the ultimate truth of all universes was revealed to her and at the same time ripped from her mind they resounded over and over in her memory.

“It's time to start over.”

Suddenly she came to a halt. Unexpectedly, surprisingly and unforeseeable she broke through the thin veil that separated this fragile universe from the chaotic miasma that she had travelled in no-time before. Glowing like a meteor surrounded by a fiery halo of friction heat she tore the smoke clouded sky on her descent down to earth. Above her the artificial black clouds rolled in constant motion from the smoke columns feeding them from below and beneath her the terrible massacre on the innocent New New Yorkers took place. Donara on the other hand tried to protect her head from the fire while cowering in fetal position and noticed nothing of that.

When she finally arrived so she did so like it was worthy of a thunder goddess. With a thundering boom. In a breathtaking display the fiery ball that she was hit a Sentinel and blasted it to pieces. Parts of it rained down on the whole area while the highly advanced artificial intelligences made the other Sentinels react on the new arriver.

Donara herself came to her senses nearly mad. Confused and disoriented by her recent travel through the multi-continuity she awoke amid destroyed and scorched metallic remnants. Fire and other lights sparkled on the surface as she rose to her feet to reorient herself. Where was she? What happened here? What kind of world was this?

It was the image of the gigantic Sentinels in the ruins of the city, some of them having still screaming people in their titanic hands, that was the first thing presented to her. Oh, how well she knew the image of those giants pillaging peaceful villages and dragging people to slavery, death, dinner or even worse. How they arrogantly strode through the streets laughing and showing off their shiny armours, thinking themselves to be superior to everything and thus justified to do with others as they pleased. Frost Giants. Did they have to plague her in every dimension?

Of course the Sentinels as a wonderwork of modern technology were far from being mythological beasts like the Frost Giants but to the clouded mind of Donara as the warrior rage welled up in her again there was no discernible difference. Valiantly she gripped her sword and charged the robots with a deafening battle cry on her lips. The cutting edge produced little sparks scratching on the concrete as she held it low to deal a devastating upwards strike while her scream reverberated from the destroyed houses.

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The teen eased the Pelican down as well as he could in the middle of a street. The sound of screeching metal filled the aircraft as it squeezed between the buildings. When it finally landed, the back door opened and he, Old Lace, and Closure walked out. “Okay team so there should be Sentinels around here so wat-” began OL as the ground began to shake. Behind him, three sentinels came walking up, their eyes directed at the group. It wasn’t long before they started to fire lasers at the team. Gearo dodged the blasts with incredible speed and agility while closing the gap between the two robots. When he was close enough, the teen fired his right extendo-arm towards one of the sentinel’s neck. The arm hooked around the sentinel’s neck and continued on to the other two’s necks until it grabbed the extended arm. Pulling back, Gearo tightened his makeshift noose so that all three robots slammed into each other. His noose continued to tighten until all three sentinels’ heads were severed from their necks and all three robots were in a heap in the street.

Now that is how you take down sentinels.” Gearo turned around to look at his other teammates just in time to see the Pelican get stomped on by another sentinel. “Oh COME ON! ALL I HAD LEFT TO DO ON IT WAS THE PAINTJOB! YOU WILL PAY!” Before he could go after the sentinel, a giant sentinel hand came from out of nowhere and smacked him into one of the buildings. Gearo pulled himself out of the debris from the wall and furniture in the room he was in and walked up to the hole. As he peered outside, he saw the three sentinels he had just destroyed stand back up and place their heads back onto their bodies. “What does it take to destroy these things?” said the teen as he linked up to the WAL supercomputer. “G3, get me any information the WAL has got on these things. I need to know how to get them to stay broken.” The AI acknowledged as Gearo leapt out of the hole at one of the sentinels.

Nothing in the WAL database about sentinels having self-repair,” said G3 as the high-tech hero tackled the nearest sentinel. “Guess that means I have to take the batteries out of these giant action figures,” said Gearo as he smashed his hands into the giant robot’s chest and started ripping off the sentinel’s metal skin. Inside all the metal wires and gadgets, the teen saw a metal cage holding three people inside, a woman and two children. Sudden fear caused the teen to freeze, allowing the sentinel to blast him with its laser vision. The blast sent the master of machinery plowing a trail through a street. Smoke drifted from his body as he pulled himself out of the ground and he watched as more sentinels came towards them. Activating his X-ray vision, Gearo focused it on each sentinel and saw similar cages in them, each holding numerous people. The teen activated his communicator and said in an urgent tone. “Guys! There are caged civilians inside those things!

The teen rushed the sentinel he had just damaged, skillfully dodging numerous laser blasts. With a quick burst from his rocket boots, Gearo shot himself up towards the hole he had created not moments ago. The teen ripped away more metal from the robot’s chest so that he had direct access to the cage. The woman and children coward in fear as the watched him tear away a few of the metal bars that was their prison. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of there!” yelled the high-tech hero as he extended his hand towards them. The sentinel reached for the teen and attempted to pull him away from its chest. Gearo noticed this and brought his free arm to face the hand. Metal segments started to shift as his hand turned into a rocket launcher that immediately fired at the hand. The sentinel hand recoiled, giving the teen the chance to turn his hand back to normal and start pulling out the hostages. The children were the first ones out of the cage each one grabbing onto his waist. The woman grabbed onto his arm, holding onto one of the children while Gearo held her and the other child. He then leapt from the robot and used his rocket boots to gently land on a street corner.

Head for the subway, it’s the safest place right now. Go!” The woman nodded as she grabbed the children by the hand and pulled them towards the subway entrance as quick as she could. One of the other sentinels noticed this and started to make its way towards them. In two steps, the giant robot was directly behind them, preparing to step on them with its next step. “No!” yelled the teen as he ran towards the woman and children. Gearo pushed the woman and children to safety as the sentinel’s foot came down on top of him.

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As Kurrent gave his orders to the team, Angeni quickly flew towards the Sentinel on the left to protect Sideslash who was taking care of the other Sentinel. Angeni didn't know much about Sideslash but from where she was seeing it he seemed to be like a strong man who had lot's of great power. As the goddess finally was now faced to face with the sentinel she tried to speak to the machine to see if it would stop this madness. "I shall not allow you to cause anymore destruction to the homes of these people. So may you please stop this chaos before I have to take action and I swear you won't last long if I do." Angeni said landing down on the ground in front of the Sentinel who was continuing to walk towards her. "I demand you to stop!". She shouted trying to convince the machine to end its mayhem. As the Sentinel got closer it had finally stopped now detecting the goddess. "Target Acquired." It said sending out a large beam of energy at the goddess from its own hand. Helena smirked and quickly used her Bracelets of Victory to deflect the beam right back at the machine causing it to lose it's own head. "The Sentinel on you're left is down, Sideslash." She said speaking into her communicator but as she was about to leave the Sentinel who stood still with no head had reactivated and shot another beam from its hand at her this time she wasn't quick enough to deflect the blast sending her crashing into a big building which collapsed on top of her.  
"Target eliminated." The sentinel said now destroying buildings, killing innocent people, and about to eliminate her own team as it reached the corner. Now trapped inside the rubble unconscious for a moment, Helena could hear voices in her head yet again. "You are not meant to die, Helena Troy wake up from you're slumber and heal." The god of the sun Apollo said while healing her. As the sentinel locked onto Sideslash who had no idea the sentinel was about to shoot a beam at him, Angeni quickly smashed through the rubble and flew at the sentinel with rage and speed. "I SHALL NOT LET YOU KILL THEM!!!". Angeni roared punching her hands through the sentinels back which led to the chest and ripped out whatever she felt. "Target.... T-a-rg.....". The sentinel vocabulary seemed to be going hot wired as the goddess kept punching it's inside and ripping out whatever was inside of the machine. After ripping out what seemed to be the heart the sentinel collapsed on the ground finally defeating the machine, Angeni stood on top of it with a big beautiful smile. "I've had faced bigger things then these worthless machines." She said sounding like Ares for a moment. 
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The yacht, along with the ocean current, began to settle under the illustrious moonlight.  Unlike most yachts which were flushed with luxury, “The Majestech” was a ship built entirely by D’Anthony Michaels. That had been the alias he had lived under for the past eight years. No one, no one knew his true identity. He was a man of covert character.   About eight years ago, he retired from the supernatural business. He is often characterized as a vigilante or an outlaw- some see him as a hero- others, a villain. All that is known, is that he was man of honor and courageousness. However, his time had come to put an end to his bounty hunter days. Every since the day the gods stripped him of his powers, he had become a contract killer…and he was damn good at it. His reason for exiling himself from his true identity is unknown to many. However, he has become quite accustomed to his new life.

He worked as an entrepreneur under contracts with NASA, Microsoft, Sony, HP,   etc. He was a well skilled computer scientist and engineer.   He could write a million lines of code in under one day. He was a gold mine to all software development companies. NASA, though recognizing his ability to write programs extremely well, were interested in his architectural skill for building new and improved technology. He started off small, with rover robots that searched the surfaces of other planets. He soon was building advanced space shuttles and helping scientist unlock the secret of transporting at warp speed. He was a gold mind to science and technology of the world. Much of his work he did at home or on his self-built yacht. Everything he had was built from machinery and was well-known as futuristic technology.

The majority of the time he was covered in normal clothing with strips of technology around his arms, legs, torso and head. Some of these medium sized pieces of technology had his force fields, others his lasers and guns, and many other nifty surprises- like its ability to transform into a full battle suit similar to that of Stark’s. A man whom he met in another reality. He also built giant mechs, which were huge battle suits that stood about fifty-five feet tall. The mechs were created when he was called in by the government to aid the U.S. in war with Russia. With the use of one mech he took out the entire Russian army, without a scratch on his big metal baby. That had been the life had lived for the past few years. To his misfortune, all of that was about to change. Again.

His fingers were tapping keys at about four hundred words a minute, as he sat at his workspace in the bottom of the yacht. He had to design his own laptop just so he wouldn’t burn it out with his remarkable finger speed. He was working on some code for Microsoft on a new gaming project that was attempting to push forward into the economy. It consisted of making the character feel as if he was inside the game. He knew that he could easily make it happen, but if he showed off too much they would possibly know that he was not whom he claimed to be. The continuous tapping of the keys on the laptop came to an end when he rose to get a snack that would satisfy his hunger and quell his thirst.   As he propped open the refrigerator, which was practically a huge plasma flat screen he heard footsteps at the top of the deck. In one end he grabbed his bowie knife and in the other he grabbed his light saber. He tapped a button on his machine shoulder-pads and in an instant he was invisible.

The stranger walked calmly upon the deck of yacht, as if he knew who it belonged to- however had no fear of the person. The man stood still almost as if he knew that someone else had been present. Within seconds D’Anthony was standing behind the man, deactivating his invisibility. He charged towards the man with his activated light saber in an attempt to decapitate the stranger. To D’Anthony’s surprise the laser had no effect on the seven foot tall man.   He then launched the bowie knife as if was a throwing dagger. The blade was aimed directly for the middle of man’s forehead. However, it only phased through him as if he was a hologram…no a- ghost. “Ruin Cross, I presume? Or shall I say Mr. Equilibrium?” Those were two names that he hadn’t heard in nearly a decade. The two weapons feel from his hands as he contemplated how this man could know who he was.   “You can not kill me, for I am a messenger    of the gods whom has entered the earth in spirit form.” Relieved that there was no earthly being whom had uncovered his identity, Ruin relaxed his tension. “Figures.” He says as he looks at the man as if he knew what he wanted. “Hmph, what planet do they want me to save next? Plethara? Descazia? Revim? I don’t really care, I’m out of that business. You think that you guys can just strip me of my powers and simply be my allies the next day. Not by a longshot.” The man smiled as he opened his closed fist and revealed four rings. A red one, brown one, blue one, white one. “Whats that?” Ruin asked curiously. “Its five percent of your original powers that we removed from you, it’s a simple courtesy from the gods to help you survive the task that is to come.

These rings will grant you the power of fire, earth, water, and air. However, do not expect to have control of these elements as much as you used to…these rings will only grant you basic control. After all, we cant grant a disobedient god his total powers again- we cant even trust him.” Taunted by the unsettling remark, Ruin snatched the rings from the hands of the spirit. He began to slide them onto the fingers of his left hand as they dissolved into his skin as if they were never there. “So what planet? Come on tell me, so I can go help the poor little creatures.” The man giggled as he began to float towards the sky, he then released a whisper that traveled about twenty miles through the air back to Ruin’s ears…the name echoed several times in his mind as he fell onto his bottom with a stupid look on his face. When the gods thought the planet was in danger, they knew what they were talking about. The only problem was…that planet was earth. The next day the city new york sunk and Cross couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

Four Months Later- Manhattan

New York had been risen once again from the ashes. The government was making a strong and determined attempt to repopulate the metropolis.   Cross knew that that was not the end of the terror, there had to be more to come. Much more. He used his D’Anthony identity to get access to large NSA laboratories. He began to build his weaponry and his allies. In addition to the alterations he made to his battle suit and his mech, he engineered about ten robot drones to aid him in battle in case things got too tough. The drones were only about five feet tall but they packed a hell of a punch.

He was now enhancing the laser penetration power on his lightsaber. His drones had been ordered to do security at the New york City repopulation fair. All ten drones could be controlled from the very room next to him, he could also see everything that they saw. They were very much artificially intelligent and would contact him if necessary. He tested his lightsaber on an adamantium pole, it cut through with little too no effort.   Before the top half of the pole could hit the ground an alarm in the laboratory went off.  His main system “Jessica” had told him of the situation at hand. “Drone one and drone seven have been permanently terminated.” The system repeated the word three times until he confirmed his hearing. “How?” Ruin asked. The reply was the one he was not hoping for “Lethal Force, sir.”

He deactivated the lightsaber and clipped it to his utility belt. He sheathed his dual titanium katanas on his back. He tapped several pieces of equipment on his body, to check if he had forgotten anything, he grabbed a large suitcase and exited the building. With the use of his remarkable agility he found himself at the top of a building about a city block away from the fair. Sentinels had begun terrorizing the citizens to the point of murder. His drones were fighting back, but he knew that wouldn’t last long- he didn’t prepare them for such combat. He removed a small cube from his pocket and dropped in on the roof of the building as it morphed into a table. He slammed the suitcase on top and opened it. Inside were high tech looking pieces of equipment. He quickly assembled the pieces forming a futuristic sniper that the human world probably wont have the intelligence to create until the year 3,000. It was large sniper, about twice the size of a .50 caliber sniper rifle. He activated several switches on the side of the weapon before going into the scope. The key to the lethalness of the gun was its ammunition. It shoots large bullets that are known as the “triple threat.” The ammunition gained its name for its ability to accomplish three things. After penetrating its target, the bullet released hundreds of nanobots that work as tracking devices in case it survives the next two steps. After about ten seconds the bullet releases an acid base that disintegrates everything except adamantium.   Last a signal is transmitted from the microchip in the bullet to the satellites in space that causes a bolt of lightning to shoot down from the sky towards the location of the bullet. He had never used this weapon on earth because its lethalness. He used it on other planets when taking down immense targets.

He aimed straight for the head of the sentinels who were distracted by his drones. He pulled the trigger as the bullet slammed through a layer of metal on the large bot. He activated his stop watch and waited for the fifteen second mark. The target had now been assessed on his GPS so he knew that the nanobots were successful. The acid on the other hand only melted a small piece of metal from the head.   He could hear thunder beginning to rumble as he kept his scope aimed at the sentinel. A large strike of lighting surged through its body. The lightning   not only brought the sentinel to its knees, it also killed Ruin’s drones…an unpleasant side effect. “One down many to go.” As he prepared to take down another target, he saw that the sentinel he had recently put down was once again standing as if it had quickly recovered from the strike of lightning. He then realized just how dangerous the situation had become. A missile was fired from the palm of the sentinel and it was headed straight toward the top of the building that he was standing upon. He dropped the rifle ha activated the jetpack on his back that launched him in the air as the explosion cause the collapse of the building.

He lowered himself onto the ground surrounded by cars that were abandoned when the sentinels unleashed their wrath. Luckily the cars were abandoned because the weight of the material that these things were made of instantly crushed vehicles beneath their feet.   He dashed around street corners in an attempt to confuse the sentinel. His plan was unfortunately foiled when the large machine simply began to walk through the buildings, decimating anything in its way. He had to take it down before it did anymore destruction. He came to a halt and so did the sentinel behind him. The tension in the atmosphere was similar to that in western gun drawl duel. Cross grabbed his lightsaber’s hilt and activate the blue beam of light that had the power to disintegrate just about anything. In his other hand he grabbed drew his classic golden Desert Eagle. Of course he added a twist to the old school beast of a gun- he inserted heat seeking chips into the ammunition making missing pretty much impossible. He held a tight grip on both of his weapons. He could feel the sentinel preparing an attack, he was just waiting for the perfect moment to counter it. With his back still to the large robot, a large missile was on its way to put Ruin to rest. He didn’t budge though, until it was about 10 inches from impact. Activating his astonishing swiftness he flipped backward into the air, landing on top of the missile that was still airborne. He fired the gun, though it had little effect on the sentinel.

He continued to fire, all it seemed to do though was dent the sentinel’s armor. He had a plan though, he always did. He didn’t want it to anticipate his next move so he kept it busy. He quickly holstered the gun and when the timing and distance were right he shot a ball of fire from his hand aimed straight for the Sentinel. It didn’t look fierce at all, it wasn’t even moving fast. It was all part of the plan. The heat seeking rocket turned itself around and began to follow the ball of heat. Straight for the big machine bastard who fired it. He holstered the gun and held his light saber with both hands, preparing to execute his next strike. The moment before the missile hit its target he leaped up into the air in a curled ball form headed straight for the head of the sentinel, only feet away he came out of the curled airborne position and slashed the light saber at the neck of the sentinel. He found himself feet planted into the ground in a battle stance with a sentinel’s head sitting next to him. Seconds later the rest of its body was destroyed by the missile. The speed of it all was nearly unseeable.

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It feels like there is absolute horror around me as i see the sentinels appearing. Why was i made a leader of a squad if i'm frozen in place? Worst of all... Where is everyone? 
Looking around i find myself now staring at Closure as he quietly sends his adamantium dagger into the leg of one sentinel. Having it deep inside he manages to move it around and through the leg making it lose its balance almost. As it try figures it could just fight in the air and is about to lift off a bright green light spirals from the distance wrapping around chest of the robot. Damn. Where the hell did that come from?.. Another spiraling bolt comes from the darkness again but this time making a hole in the right side of the head of the sentinel. As the sentinel began to fall the chest part was ripped away by the green light, and pulled safely away from where the robot landed. "This is my second of one of them Joan."
Searching for where the lights and voice could have came from i saw her.. It was her... The lady who looked like Blair.. Could it.. Really.. be?..  
Both Closure and Blair walked up the chest and opened it to reveal that there had been citizens inside of it.  I flew myself over there to help out with them.. If it really is her.. maybe she will now recognize me. "Hey.. Do you two need help?"  
"Well it would have been nice about two minutes ago when we weren't busting our butts trying to take this damn thing down, but please if you're not to busy staring feel free." Blair said as she stood facing me with her arms crossing each other. Closure glanced over, but was easily distracted by the few extremely attractive men and women that were rescued. "Sorry.. about that.. So.. I didn't really catch your name." As she grabbed the hand of a man that tripped to pull him up she said. "Blair. Blair Bloomington." It is her.. i think..  
Being a telepath sucks sometimes. Especially when others have very loud thoughts. Turning around i saw a woman with children standing not to far from a sentinel near a subway entrance. I could hear them shouting "oh no!' and other stuff like that in their minds. While staring at the sentinel it was about to stomp on Gearo.  
With a flick of my right wrist i aimed it towards the giant, and with left hand not to far from my head i managed to stop the Sentinel's foot from reaching him. From the looks of it i could the metallic foot was about an inch or two away from him. While gently lifting the tips of my fingers i struggled to drag him away from the giant's foot. It was hard as hell to do while holding something that large weight. Once i managed to get him away from it i called out to the other two. "Blair! Closure!"  
Getting their attention it didn't take long for Blair to send another one of her green spiraling bolt to knock it off it's balance. Something did manage to catch me off guard though. 
FOR ASGAAAAAAAAAARRRD!!! ” What was that? Figuring that those two would help Gearo i turned the other way to see a lady wielding a large sword as she ran towards a group of a sentinels. "Hey!"

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What Happens Tomorrow....

"Hi, my name is Eva Eve Zeraz and I have seen the future." She stops for a moment and adjusts the camera recorder.  Turning around the little girl pushes back her hair.  Smiling.  The interviewer is not at all surprised.
"Wait you're not at all surprised?" She frowns.  She should have known that this man would have known that wording; after all he's has been known to fight alongside her father.
"My family sucks with their continuous patterns of recycling my catch phrases."  Tapping her fingertips on the glass table; she patiently awaits her questioning, but then again she doesn't have too.  She has the power to read minds and well Eva Eve Zeraz is a girl that often rushes conversations. 
"Mister, its been two weeks since the day our world went to war.  And one month and fourteen days since Mighty Magento made a hostile takeover over specified parts of New York City.  That my friend was an epic event.  We Are Legend succeeded without any doubtful thoughts, although injuries were common within the group.  Oh...yeah, yeah I'm going off topic but your team needs to learn how to work in a synonymous way."   
"And fighting a guy who goes by the name Mighty Magento is pretty hilarious; that jar head sure read to many issues of Uncanny X-Men.  Anyway back to the matter at hand.  Its been two weeks since the great sacrifice and you're wondering why I am not grieving."  She pauses for purposeful dramatic effect.
"You want Closure but I cannot give that piece of information up."  
Standing up the little blond child dusts of an unsettling piece of debris from the ceiling.  Walking over to her holographic computer screen, she takes a basic utensil and writes a phrase.  Like a ballerina she spins back to her guest of honor and recites the phrase with confidence. 
"Too every great book comes the sequel." 
The man was stunned.  His observations and theories were correct.  His friend had not died after all.  Baffled by this revelation he jumped out of his seat, slightly frightened. 
"The prophecy was true then.  The death of Thunderbolt was the catalyst.  A weird twist of events lead to the birth of Clara Mass, The Decoy, and Closure.  The prophecy was not meant for the world's destruction but to save it from that.  The woman who wrote it was a genius.  She tricked an entire convent into sealing their own demise.  The Zeraz family will ascend into legends but why all the confusion?  Why all the mystery?"   
He was the first to solve the puzzle.  He was the first of few to come to this realization.
"Mister, the woman who wrote this was ancient but tricky.  She wanted her offspring to be known for eternity.  The first book was about the gist of heroism and how her children would finally be known.  The Zeraz bloodline was cemented into the minds of many when the world went to war.  We were finally known to all who breathe." She answered with such swagger.  She was definitely her father's daughter.
"If she's gotten what she always desired, why put her children through so much turmoil?  Why create a sequel?"  He was more persistent than usual. 
"For someone who was meant to be my uncle in another timeline, you sure are dumb.  The sequel is simple.  In the beginning we are to save this world but what comes next is universal.  New stories must be told.  A world must die.  A new society will be forged.  What comes next will cement us into the history books.  Although new players shall enter the game and send the main characters off track, the destiny will be reached even with the addition of free will."
All the inklings were coming to him.  The signs of yesterday.  He was learning the secrets of Zeraz.  "All I wanted was to know if your father was alive.  Why tell me all these secrets?" 
She laughed.  Clicking on the screen beside her the intellectual child said something quite alluding.  "Because Uncle Alvarez, if you have a part to play."  
Waking up from his short nap, Evan Emmett Zeraz had just one thing to say.  "Why hasn't this idiot asked us how we aged so quickly?" 

Was Caused by Yesterday

Blair Bloomfield crosses her arms.  Her voluminous green locks flow with the gentle breeze.  Her eyes deadlocked on the young Old Lace.  Why he was leading this group was unknown to her; it was obvious that Closure had exceeded this boy's experience tenfold.  On this world the young man known as Old Lace had clearly not reach is potential.  Instead he focused his attention on other people instead of himself. 
He knows about my strong resemblance to his Blair a.k.a Cell Phone Girl.  He looks like a dog with the way he stares but thankfully he has gone to save the teammate known as Gearo.  Above the appearance of Donara gives shock to the boy and maybe even to Gearo.  This makes me wonder does no one here know about the World of Alteration?  Hmmm....guess not.
No matter the appearances the fight must prevail.  Jumping back into action is the ever so quiet Son of Thunder and his trusty partner; Vortex!  Taking to the skies she calls upon her alien goddess and utilizes the green cosmic energy with grace.  Dismantling the humongous hostile that had fallen from the weak minded might of Old Lace.   
"Can't believe I'm listening to this dolt."  She said beneath her breath.  "I wonder if he gets distracted by tiny objects as well."
Meanwhile, Closure after his stint of ogling nicely structured men and voluptuous women had made his way to a large mound of bricks.  Sliding down he made his way to the now rescued Gearo.  Rubbing his neck the trouble hero tried his best to speak. 
"W-what d-do we do next?"  Noah smiled.  His brown eyes glowing with a tint of golden ember.  With a feeling nostalgia he kept his senses afoot.  Prepared for the worse.....becoming a legend would be harder than he thought. 

Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position
~ Mohandas K. Gandhi 
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Sephirim’s heart palpitated deeply, shortening his inhalation of oxygen. The colossal pillar rested all of its weight on his back, limiting all of his movements. His was in the deadliest predicament, at the mercy of the relentless murderous machines that displayed no attrition for backing down on their purpose. The path of death, Sephirim projected, there was no other option. He tried once more to remove himself from under the forest green pillar, but his attempts were futile.

“I never was the one to say this…..but I tried, Ive done the best that I could, i wish I could’ve saved you all. This happened for a reason…I will not rest in peace, but I know this hell will not go unpunished.” Lachrymal liquids trailed down the fallen angels pale white face as he looked upon the tyrant death machines. They observed prepared to eliminate with their surge of deleterious energy manifested from the origins of their mechanism” Destroy…Destroy Destroy” they contemplated and understood nothing more. They were the apparatus of affliction, their actions defined the definition.

As the sentinels readied to unleash their scorching laser, a small azure vortex swirled into existence, before Sephirim. A abstruse looking man hovered from within the portal slowly, Sephirim could sense the deep taint in his soul automatically. As he landed in the debris of the declined station, his crimson helmet glistened in the luminosity of the sentinel’s energy. He approached the hero, emotionlessly, as he conjures his own dynamism of chakra, congruous with the destructive monsters beside him.

“Such wasted efforts wasted on those not worthy of it” The mysterious man asserted with animosity. As the words of the villainous man channeled through The Liberation Angels ears, disgust for the man began to generate within the depths of his heart” who the hell are you to decide who’s worthy of any efforts?!.....ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS *COUGH*….TELL ME NOW!!!” Sephirim screamed with the last of his breath.

The Mutant discarded Sephirims ‘s “ join me or Die” He enforced with the genuine intent to kill if denied, the sound of coiled metal began to surface from behind as Sephirim gritted his teeth using all of his remaining energy to attempt to shuffle from under the pillar.

“You…ARE responsible for this…YOU!! Summoned these monsters to KILL ALL OF THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!” The Vehement angel trembled in anger as he stumbled upon his words” HOW DARE YOU OFFER ME YOUR OPPORTUNITES….HOW DARE YOU!!! I WILL END  YOU YOU SON OF B!TCH!!! I WILL…F^CKING END YOOOUUUUU!!!”

Sephirim strained to remove himself from under the pillar as his eyes glowed a bright royal color. The audio of his grunts became a mélange of demon and human. His body began to pulse with a surge of energy that beget an wave of chakra throughout the perimeter. “YOUR…REALITY…IS…..AN ILLUSION, BUT REMEMBER…..DEATH IS REAL!!!!!”  The Lost Seraphim, grunted with a vast amount of energy dispersing it throughout the zone. This unlocked potential allowed him to lift himself from under the pillar quickly.

The Vicious Liberator levitated to his feet slowly, as an effulgent veil of energy coated his body.” Id made a promise not to kill, no one deserves to die…but…YOU….YOU!!! MONSTER…..CANNOT ALLOW TO LIVE” Sephirim aimed his Magnum at his adversary with the intent to kill,” I already understand the might of your power, I know you are able to kill me now if you please, but I am capable of the same. Can I ask you…WHY….WHY are you doing this?! WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE!!? Do you feel joy out of harming others?” Sephirim aimed the barrel of his guns at the victims of the mans onslaught. “ DO YOU REALIZE THAT THERE WERE CHILDREN ON THIS TRAIN??!!! INNOCENT MOTHERS?? FATHERS??!!  WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU!! WHAT HAVE I DONE TOO YOU!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT??? IS IT MONEY!!? POWER??....

Sephirim took a glance far beside him too see a charred stroller, with a blackened infant corpse within it. His heart dropped to the pit of his stomach at the site.” Dear god…listen. I don’t want to cause any more death, I don’t want this violence to continue any longer, is there anything that could be done to help you??!! Just stop im begging you..” Sephirim powerful state began to fade back to normal, as the misery began to override him once more. “ ill put my gun down,…calm you machines, reduce your energy,…just stop..” The heroes eyes watered a he released the burden on his heart, all of the death that he had saw.” Please..just make amends for all of the pain you have caused…take a better path….wait, you look extremely familiar..” Sephirim analyzed the man intensely before he could make   a valid conclusion on who he was, and when he did his stomach curled in a tight knot.” Mighty…Magneto?.....your still alive after all of these years? I thought you were dead? The Vine Villains had fallen?....”

Sephirim was once a recruit of Mighty Magneto’s Vine Villains, along with The Legendary Darkcild, Boken, and Aztek The Lost. Memories of his tyrant days began to flow through his head. Sephirim want close to magneto, but he spent many years with the faction, and developed deep respect for some of its members.” All of these years Magneto…..and it means nothing now, im asking you as a  Hero, an old comrade, just stop this. Its not worth it anymore..” Sephirim extended his hand for a shake” I know who you are, you also do, just end this…its senseless…” 

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Sideslash growled at the robot. It didn't move for a moment, and he thought it done. It slowly raised an arm. "Target locked. Terminate with prejudice." The angel grinned. "Let me think about that one...Uh, no." The angel of Earth moved forward and slashed with one blade. The holy steel tore through the robot's eyes. "Heaven channels my power! No weapon of man can command my indomitable will!" It could not see, and the small airborne thing stung it again and again. "Come on!" His sword disappeared and he gripped the Sentinel's head. Pushing with his feet on it's neck, a screech signified its imminent demise. "I've sh!t bigger things than you! Come on!" It's head tore off, and the angel threw it away, riding the corpse down to the ground. "This is the Winged Wonder. We got one metal man down. Looking for more targets."  Now he was angry. The next Sentinel to move in front of him would get a hearty beating straight from the Hand of God. He flew up into the air higher, looking over building tops for more Sentinels.

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Gearo’s eyes cautiously opened as he noticed the lack of pain from a sentinel crushing him. He watched as he floated away from the Sentinel’s foot’s shadow. Gearo turned around to look for who or what was doing this to him and let out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was Old Lace who was making him float. Before he could thank his teammate, a thundering voice boomed throughout the city. “FOR ASGAAAAAAAAAARD!” screamed the mysterious woman that was racing through the sky towards the frozen sentinel. Gearo quickly looked at the robot, his X-Ray vision revealing the four civilians caged inside. Without thinking, the teen activated his rocket boots and took off to intercept the mysterious warrior. As he shot up into the air, his upper body began to become bulkier. When his transformation was complete, his body looked like an armored gorilla. What he had forgotten however, was that his rocket boots would shut down.

Gearo watched in horror as he began to drop out of the sky and the mysterious warrior shot above him and tear through the sentinel. The sentinel stood for a moment before exploding in a massive fireball. The teen collided with the ground and laid there for a few moments in disbelief. From the wreckage, four miniature sentinels came out and started walking about. The teen watched for a few seconds, completely dumbfounded, before he leapt back onto his feet and leapt towards them. With the enhanced strength that came from his Armor Mode, Gearo easily tore through the miniature sentinels. After all four were destroyed, the adolescent automaton suddenly remembered the woman and two children he’d set free from one of those things earlier.

Gearo punched the street he was standing on and fell down to the subway system below. As he landed, the teen watched as the woman and two children killed the people who were taking refuge in the underground tunnels. At that moment, something in the adolescent automaton snapped.   The woman and children were about to kill the last few civilians when a large ball and chain slammed into the woman. The two little kids looked in the direction the ball and chain came from before getting smashed between the concrete wall and Gearo’s fist. The two surviving humans looked at the teen in fear and flinched as he turned to look at them. He stood there for a moment, staring at the two with a blank look on his face before turning his attention back to the remains of the mini-sentinels. “Must protect humanity,” said the adolescent automaton, his voice cold and without emotion. His gorilla-like arms and chest shrank back to their original size as numerous wires began sprouting from his wrists and ankles.

The wires moved like snakes as they slithered all over the remains of his victims. When they were inside the metal remains, the wires began to pull the robots apart, ripping microchips, metal plates, and anything salvageable from their frames. The pieces were then placed on the teen and either hooked up to or welded on the teen by numerous gadgets that sprouted from his body. When it was over, Gearo was standing in a large armored battle suit. Gearo looked up at the ceiling above and blasted a hole to the street and carnage above with his laser vision. Fire erupted from his rocket boots as the teen shot up from out of the hole. As soon as he reached the surface, the teen started shooting multiple lasers from his hands and eyes at the incoming sentinels.

While he attacked the giant robots, the wires within his body began to sprout from his body again and rip apart the destroyed sentinels. Each piece that was salvaged was made part of the battle armor, making it more powerful and giving him new weapons. Soon his armor was the twice as big as the sentinels with him behind the glass plate in the chest. His arms and legs were locked in place by metal restraints that kept him in place so he could continue to focus. “Must protect humanity,” said the teen in a cold, corrupt, robotic tone along with the numerous sentinel voice boxes in the armor.

Gearo made the sentinel armor move along the streets towards the largest cluster of sentinels, grabbing any metal object it could with the numerous wires firing from his body and attaching them to his new armor. Numerous lasers fired from all over his body, striking each sentinel and destroying them before absorbing them into his armor. The sentinels fired upon the teen, striking the giant sentinel all over. The giant sentinel armor continued on unfazed as it continued making its way to Manhattan, growing bigger with every metal object absorbed.