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Many moons ago, the wizened and eccentric shamans of the Orc kingdom of Kazhor Kazaag foretold that the hundreds of years of isolation that their stronghold endured would be broken suddenly and swiftly. No longer would the Orcs be safe from the prying eyes of humanity again. They would be hunted down, hated, and threatened with extinction once more. The shamans also foretold that a great battle would be waged between King Skurz and the perpetrator of this cruel invasion of Orcish privacy. They feared that Kazhor Kazaag would be irreparably damaged by the battle and that humans would infest the halls much like they did the old ruins of the Orc strongholds they defiled and tore down. The weak and weary Orc race would be in jeopardy.

King Skurz would not allow that to happen.

He ordered the shamans to read the portents closer, inspect them, and tell him any changes that happened to occur. There was only one alteration to the fate of Kazhor Kazaag - if King Skurz were to defeat the man who came to the mountain, then the Orcs would flourish like never before. Going back to his throne, the mighty Skurz contemplated his next move as the goblin scouts continued to give him reports of the outside world. He trained his bravest warriors for the day that the intruder would come. Fearing for the worst, he even instructed his son Skraza on how to properly govern the leaderless Orcs if he were to fall in battle. These were all precautions that the Orcs were accustomed to, but they were never able to fully comprehend the void that Skurz would leave behind. He had protected them ever since the Darkest Day. Losing him would be like losing a father figure as well as a powerful king and respectable warrior.

In the waning hours of the prophesied day, Skurz suited up for battle in his blackest and hardest armor and took his deadliest mace and sharpest sword to hand and scabbard. The goblin scouts reported a human near the southernmost hidden door. Folding the beaked visor over his eyes, Skurz marched down to the foyer of that very hidden passageway as it cracked open...

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 "We will claim the earth and send that structure into the air "

  There is yet another eccentricy in this world left undiscovered, something, which provides him opportunity to continue on in ways before, unimaginable. He stood atop a perch as he witnessed his mass of goonies. Marching gently with an odd assortment of shearing implements, odd machinations designed to inflict pain and smiles that are permanently bolted atop their skulls.  Milton gave them all a random set of 'gifts' which are a puzzle of things at best, some very good while others extremely mundane. They are then separated into groups, some with certain abilities are specialized with certain others so that they can utilize their enhanced faculties well. Rolf and Ratger ordered several to get into formations before they prepare the siege, so far a bunch of one hundred units are sent across the plains. The crazed madman is not interested in the castle itself, yet the things under it such as possible passageways and such. Not because of the race of the things that live inside, but merely for the strategic value that the place holds.    

Back at europe they have settled tunnels underneath that started in Prague, so far his men and women have terrorized established criminal organizations. Not defeating them in any way but creating as many enemies as he can accomplish.  To send an open declaration that he is not messing around, in his tent the mad man is rambling inconsistencies and working his mind in ways that he can comprehend. By drawing out sheets of paper with crayon and chalk, his two generals Rolf and Ratger puzzle at his actions as usual "Luckily Faulkner is not here" said the large wolf man. The vampire sighed and laughed as they were all together for a mission once and it ended with Milton getting shot repeatedly at the gut, it was all good fun. Then somebody got shot, they they all laughed. It was funny. "Yeah, you wouldn't want our boss to get surgery again.." now Ratger remembered a fond memory when he got to eat his boss' leg. It was not the best leg he had but the context that it was served made it all the better .
It reminds him when he emptied an entire town for one house just because there is a show on the television, sadly a whole family had to die but it is their fault for staying at the wrong place at the right time. Rolf and Ratger meditated as information is relayed through a network of empties, milton uses this neuro-net as a method of nigh-instaneous communication that operates exactly at the speed of thought. Reconnecting so that he can command efficiently, placement and logistics in terms of supernatural aids. 
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Battle was joined almost instantaneously after the full rays of sunlight from the outside world struck the inner sanctum of Kazhor Kazaag. King Skurz would not allow any of the intruders more than a few feet inside the kingdom he and his people considered sacred. With mace and sword, the mighty Orc warlord struck down his foes one after another, but quickly found out that these were no ordinary foes. They were cursed by some form of bizarre magic. Some vanished altogether under the weight of his black mace, but a few melted away into vapor or liquid and reformed after his weapon left what would otherwise be a fatal wound. These few intruders surrounded the Orc king and stabbed him through with many weapons and razor-sharp implements. Grunting and holding back the tides of blood welling up in his throat from his innards, Skurz continued to fight and caught the super-powered interlopers off-guard when they were not using their melting abilities to slink away from the power of his strikes. Lobbing off heads, crushing bodies, and stripping his foes of what life kept them standing, Skurz roared his defiance and his anger echoed through the halls of Kazhor Kazaag.

Thirty-six was the tale of Skurz before the tides parted and revealed two more opponents, opponents that the Orc king knew were above and beyond what he had faced up until now. They exuded a friendliness between each other, a hidden chemistry that would work with no other form of life except the man taking long strides into the Orc stronghold next to him. Tightening his grip on his mace caked with gore and his sword dripping with ichor, Skurz challenged both of them simultaneously by beating his fists against the broad breastplate of his armor. They were human in shape and Skurz instantly hated them like he hated the humanoid intruders that piled against him in greater numbers than these two. He shouted in Orcish: "Mirdautas vras*!" and charged at his quarry with mace and sword.

(*Translated loosely: "It is a good day to kill!")

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The dismembered bodies reattach and rose back with with their myriad of sharp edges, realistically there won't do lasting damage yet they are useful putting the man down to size. Get him to expense his stamina on a bunch of immortal fodder, a shark pushing against the sea.  He moves fast but they are always there. Those with 'sapping' properties are sent after that hole, following up through the 'testing' dummies. The orc leader is undoubtably a try fierce opponent so in that regard it is his priority to disable him first. Some of the instruments are still stuck on the emperor,  while three dozen is a good price to pay. It is amazing how much that body could take, there are several blade handles sticking out of its form, asking to be sheathed and re-sheathed multiple times. Where the brute has theft the other goonies rushed into, filling the gap that was left behind. Introducing themselves to whatever resides within the pits, hoping that they would be prepared. Milton is still at the back yet he can see the interactions between them, sending orders to mobilize them into groups. Sending masks into the opening where the orc leader makes his arrival. Sitting at his own tent as two of his good men face against the one with the most initiative. The black mace against whatever it is that Rolf and Ratger has in store. Things are about to get fun because the duo are already bored, yet something as tenacious and feral as the orc leader will serve as  a good source of amusement. 
Rolf and Ratger looked at each other and quickly roshamboed to see who gets to fight first, Rolf was in a hissy fit because dogface had won.  He picked up the nearest weapon one hand armed with a flanged mace and the other hand armed with a pointed war hammer. The dog moves steadily ahead, aiming for joints now, kneecaps being his primary focus. Both weapons brandished in savage hands, blurring himself in the field of vision. Moving at a pace that will leave others gasping for air.  " aaah-oooooooooooooooooooowooooowhoo" as he moved ever closer, circulating at odd angles and constantly using the dummies as cover. Stealthily closing in plain sight as he exploits the minions to use as regenerating cover. Adding his shadow to the bloody battlefield, and then leaping up into the air to bring down his two bludgeons to shatter the shoulders of the orc leader. 
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Raising the black mace high in order to bring it back down and smash the two important-looking individuals, King Skurz was met with astounding disappointment when a wall of flesh met him in the form of those ghouls he had just moments ago slain. The dark energies holding them together forced them to stand again and they blocked the strength of the Orc warlord's weapon with their bodies as they crumpled once more into mounds of pulped entrails and crunched bones. Grunting with a sense of lost pride, King Skurz ripped a few of the blades left sticking out of his body from their entry wounds as he anticipated what came next. With strands of blood following his movements, the gore-splattered weapons in his hands lacing beautiful red arcs through where he swung them, Skurz parried what would have been a debilitating strike to his knees. The wolf-man then caught a ghoul next to him by the shoulder and forced him at Skurz with a rough shove. Skurz growled and sent his mace flying, regardless of whatever trick the ghoul had in store.

The ghoul's head exploded like a pumpkin and in the gooey center clashed two mighty weapons in the midst of the mangled memory of what was once a human being. The resulting contest of strength prevented the wolf-man from blasting apart Skurz's shoulder joint as the Orc king met the intruder's mace with his own. After a moment, the metal on the wolf-man's mace began to creak and bend - a testament to the strength of both of the competitors as well as to the superior craftsmanship of true Orcish weaponry. Soon, the man was left with his mace deformed at a complete ninety-degree angle.

Being more honorable than most, Skurz parted their deadly embrace and kicked another weapon toward his foe: a jagged scimitar. Nodding his tusked jaw in a way to imply "pick it up," Skurz waited for the wolf-man's reply while keeping an eye on his undead-looking partner in crime. The two entered together. It would only seem natural that they had a plan to defeat anyone who stood in their way together.

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Diversions, diversions, and even more diversions are used because opponents like that won't go down without some attrition. Sending a flood of animate corpses to see his enemy 'swim' through the mob, and it was magnificent. In terms of strength this thing is impressive, because usually eight would be enough to stop a bulletproof class metahuman yet it pushes on. Now from the visuals Milton is seriously thinking about having beings such as this one to join him, almost like how slavers viewed other races based on their physical qualities. Weapons fall down from its body as flakes of dandruff from a scalp, and like dandruff new ones replace the old although in different places. The beast is coated in blood of its enemies and blood from its own wounds, yet letting them mix is not a good idea as ill fortunes will occur yet he wished that he had spend time working on poisoned or acidic blood after seeing it in action. Sadly the swipes to the knee did not connect, yet there are plenty of weapons in the battlefield to choose from. Saving several hedge trimmers and machetes for last, although keeping a chainsaw for later just because of novelty value. Yet using several dummies to suppress his blows, since the axe will look prettier with more gore coated around it. The mace was sent away yet there are more fun things to do, Ratger has not even used any of his surprises yet.

The head flew into a thousand particulates, sending the mask to latch upon another corpse and reanimate. Both weapons made contact to the soft smash of the mulched corpse. The crooked mace is damaged, yet it still maintains its functions. However this to be expected as the quality of the mace is something that would be known from an object salvaged from an exhibition. The awkward angle makes it funner to use for shorter ranges. So the makeshift curve with the bludgeon at the edge is about to be slammed against the Orc's face, aiming a pointed edge to the eye socket. No point in discarding a weapon that can be used again. Because of its brittleness the mace when hit again will fragment, and it is moved in a way that the shards will perforate the eye.

He caught it with his teeth, and he stared the leader dead in the eye to convey a message "Your enemy is me!" and reassuring that his friend would not collaborate until the wolf man had his fill. As he sinks in the bludgeoning implement.

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King Skurz did not predict that the wolf-man would actually use the bent mace. Now it seemed like a boomerang he had adapted into melee capacity. Though this was ingenious, it was fundamentally flawed as a tactic due to the poor forward capability of the dilapidated weapon. The wolf-man had to use the momentum of a backwards swing if he wanted any hope of hurting anyone. Luckily, that was the opposite of what he tried to do at first and this allowed Skurz to catch it by the razor-sharp head. His hand bled like a stuck pig as the metal cut into bone, but the Orc king roared his defiance and crushed the weapon's deadly head into a useless shriveled metal raisin of what it used to be. He balled his bleeding hand into a fist, agitating the blood flow, and smearing his own ichor across his face and armor in the war paint of an angry berserker. Again, the tides of ghouls raced against him in a wall of random powers in a desperate attempt to buy their masters time. Skurz channeled a battle cry of his ancestors and ripped a ghoul's head from its stalk using nothing more than his mighty jaw and teeth. He threw the decapitated cranium on the ground and spat on it as the mask slithered away.

Raising the black mace and sword in a defensive stance, Skurz sent two more of these ghouls into an irreparable slumber - even as one of them morphed its body into a series of mercury blades and stuck him through his upper body with the poisonous liquid metal. The Orc king managed enough control over his padded muscles to squeeze out most of the mercury invading his bloodstream, but he still retched the remainder of the toxin out on the floor. His legs quivered, but he stood and hardened his established footing on the ground he kept.

"Lul Gijak-Ishiz*!" he bellowed.

(*roughly translated as "Flowers in your blood!", an Orcish insult usually pointed at Elves meaning "weakling" or "coward".)

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It was sad that the metal did not sleep within the eye socket of the opponent, nor was there a mixture of blood and vitreous fluid. However there is a satisfaction earned from the marriage between thrusting spikes through carpals, metal edges sliding through finger joints. The reactions were somewhat expected as anyone that fails to catch it would not deserve the rank of leader. Squeezing it into a metal into a more distorted shape, yet the spikes and bladed edges still remain, the formation of the shape also permits a more focused edge for penetrative damage. In that context he is thankful for the assistance, pulling back and striking it in a backwards swing to whip the said improvised weapon to penetrate the eye socket again. Doing it again with accelerated speed, following through with the war hammer as the pick side follows through. Mimicking the speed of the mace, racing to reach the imaginary finish line notched across the face. A red X to bury the imaginary shovel in place of the pick edge of the war hammer. He can catch the 'raisin' yet if he reacts slow the hammer will drive that mace into the skull, it is however doubtful that an imploded skull would do anything to the orc leader. Ratger will try.

More holes began to appear on the vigilant leader, it is very hard to put down yet it does not feel like a last stand - more and more dummies are concentrated upon his body, sending more chances of a 'sweep' compared to the previous tactics. Seeing as he is the most dangerous of them so far Milton felt no reason to prolong this fight, he is a great enemy yet he will be needed alive. However as he is harder to kill the definitions of non-lethal can be easily manipulated and more importantly it can be stretched to cover near-death. Given the conditions it is the reasonable option.

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The wolf-man continued to insist on using the blunted and distorted mace as well as the war hammer he had neglected to use until now. A ghoul managed to sneak up on the Orc king during his analysis of the situation and with a pair of vice-like arms squeezed down on the raw muscle of the mighty Orc's arm as well as impaled his feet into the floor to secure Skurz in place and prevent him from defending against at least half of the incoming attacks. In theory this would have resulted in Skurz losing the battle and falling into a bloody mangled heap. In practice, however, Orcs are capable of many surprises.

Firstly, Skurz began to tense his muscles in preparation for what he was about to do. A steady increase in draw strength would only alert the ghoul to his intentions. When all was in place, he only had a second to initiate the counterattack. He tore the ghoul not only from his roots but also from his legs. In a bloody arc accented with the creature's intestines following the motion of the defensive swing, Skurz placed him as a meat shield against the incoming stabbing attacks. The clay mask did not detach during this time, so the mace and pick on the hammer stuck perfectly in the semi-alive flesh. Only after the weapons would impale through to the other side would the mask fall away and Skurz throw the disheveled corpse aside, thereby disarming the wolf-man if the defensive maneuver proved successful.

Skurz would continue to fight defensively no longer after such an event and he would attempt to crush his foe's head into the floor with his black mace in one bone-crunching strike.


All of this one scenario played out in the Orc king's mind like the smoke-readings of his most trusted shamans. Yet he prepared for error where he needed to, such as if he was too slow in stopping the mace and war-pick from piercing his hide then he would make sure it was his chest and not his head. Then, using the ghoul holding him in place as a crude bludgeoning weapon, he would use it to distract the wolf-man from the black mace heading to sweep him under its mighty razor-sharp edges. He was ready to take the pain where he needed it, because even the most horrendous of injuries provided him a way to disorient his foe by appearing to come back from the dead. Skurz had not been king of the brutal Orc race for so long for no reason.

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The temporary shield did nothing as the twisted metal passed through the bundle, a piece of tofu would have done a better job at this distance actually. The mace was swung at the hammer's handle to clash, it is expected to break yet the hammer which is still fresh and relatively undamaged is aimed towards the orc's hand as seeing how the mace managed to mangle the other one. The adversary wields a very powerful weapon, superior. However its body is different, and seeing as how doing this will provide a good path of action the Werewolf followed through. Sacrifice the mace, so that he can smash the hand holding he black mace.

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Skurz's excited grunts turned into a cruel smile on his face. Even as his home was being threatened, his Orcish blood boiled in this kind of combat. It had been a while since he visited the gladiatorial pits and fighting such an extensive battle with this mysterious new enemy provided him with a means to exercise himself like he had not done since the Darkest Day. He lobbed the corpse aside as the weapon that could have been called a mace in a former life pierced through to the other side. The bundle crashed hopelessly against a nearby wall and slumped to the floor.

Bringing his mace to bear, Skurz did the unthinkable. Summoning enough muscle control in his mangled hand to do so, he lobbed his weapon into the bloodied mess and managed to catch it. He would attempt to divert the hammer from its preordained path by grabbing at its handle. By doing so, he would open the wolf-man to a merciless beating from the black mace.

If he failed to do so, Skurz had a different idea altogether...

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With his curved raising edged mace holding the handle of the black mace and his hammer which is somewhat 'trapped' as it is not fully looped yet, Ratger plans to hook the mace with this improvised tool to pry it away as the mace is in motion. Yet the opponent decides to grab the hammer with the stump which is odd considering that his hammer is at the same length as his mace was before it was mangled, the effort pulled by the adversary also gives it an advantage. Pulling back with adequate strength of his hand which is still in fine condition, to rip away the fingers and the digits from the mangled hand.

Removing yet another weapon from the orc's arsenal, even with both weapons destroyed Ratger still has plenty more...