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(This is the meeting of Impero and Victor Frenzy, happened in rp forums. But I would like to show off how they met, and then a Present story)

Victor lays his head back in his chair, looking up to the ceiling he sighs rubbing his temple. Suddenly the shadows call to him, someone was hiding inside the darkness of the room. His recently built Paradise had garnered alot of attention as of late, many simply wanted to check out the new place. And more importantly check out Sicarius aka Victor Frenzy. He was a upstart to those within the villainous cabal, but he soon showed upon entering the fray that he was able to do just about anything. Having the charm and guile to garnish hordes of followers. Some even worship him, calling him the Coming Savior. But he knew very little of this religion and cared for it even less. Now in the silent midnight skies people have come to him, many wanting to join but others want to end him before his charm and guile make him too powerful. This was one of those men, but he came not seeking a fight but more importantly to gauge Victor.

Victor groaned loudly stepping off his chair and standing up straight. He began to lower the temperature within the room so that whoever was hiding would give themselves away. Even Victor breathed deep showing the hot air coming from his lungs in the cold room, he had hoped that his new intruder would do the same. He walked over behind his desk and tapped a button on the underside of the table. Suddenly the windows shattered as a large steel door came crashing down in its place, along with every window in the room. The doors two were covered in a steel door, making for a difficult escape for either if fighting erupted. Victor looked around in the room staring into the darkness, but he could see nothing. This one was strong able to make the shadows even hide him, Victor grinned slightly before he spoke "Who has the bravado to sneak into my home, into my room and taunt me by not allowing me to fully see who they are?" He stand behind his desk waiting for the person to reveal themselves.


Victor sits across the table from Impero a wide grin on each of their faces, Victor's fingers trail the design on his Ebony Blade as it hangs next to him. He looks up at Impero "You ready to finish what should of been ended months ago?" Without waiting for Impero's reply Victor grabs the Ebony Blade and swings hard towards Impero slicing the table in half as the blade swings towards Impero's chest. As he swung he knew neither wanted death, but this would prove most entertaining for both of them.

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@Sicarius_: (Grrrr, you leave master alone or I'll eat you!)

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@omegablast452 said:

@Sicarius_: (Grrrr, you leave master alone or I'll eat you!)

He is waaay over your league dude

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@Rumble Man: (Don't care, I'll die a martyr if necessary)

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@omegablast452: (you just got the respect of a battle cyborg for saying that)

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@Rumble Man: (Two things Andrew is good at is Courage and Loyalty :])

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So bad he named himself twice xD

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Cool beans

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