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  LAS is matriarchal, so when Esther's mother died (she was leader of LAS) her brother Joseph took over until Esther was old enough to lead. Esther's mother and her brother, Esther's Uncle Joseph Cotillard had a brother. He knew he would never fulfill his dream of taking over Les Assassins Silencieux if he did not go back into time and kill off Esthers great great great grandfather who decided the next of kin should be  woman, during the French Revolution. A portal has been opened by HIM and he has gone back in time in an attempt to rewrite history.
His primary goals are to stop the LAS from splitting with the french King/Queen (Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette) which would change the whole way we see the world. (America wouldnt be a democracy it would be Kings and Queens)

Theres a war going on, French Revolution! Lots of beheading and NPC's to kill, and theres a role for everyone, but yes stop Esther's Uncle. If he manages to rewrite time, then the entire existence of LAS may be different and your character may not even exist!

Regular RPG rules apply.

This is an LAS only RPG. If you are interested in joining and feel your character would fit in with this particular storyline, then please PM the LAS account.

Good luck everyone, and remember to have fun! =]

The Vault.

She could remember as a child she would run through the mansion corridors and come to the heavily padlocked door, stopping in her tracks. Her pigtails swinging to and fro as the patter of small feet hit the marble hallway floors. Her eyes scanning to see if there was a butler or perhaps an Assassin guard hiding behind the corner and spying her dicretely...That was long ago.

She wheeled the mobile chair to the bookshelf. Reaching up she lifted her weight up with one hand and gently grabbed at the book hiding amidst the stacks with the other. She struggled slightly, and pulling out the object from betwixt the dusty stacks, she reached into the now gaping hole. The tips of her soft fingers felt around against either side of the books until at last she felt the cold steel graze her fingertips. A shiver traversed down her spine gently as she slowly pulled the lever forward towards her. The creaking metal echoed, the sound bouncing against the library's walls. She looked behind her. No one knew about this place. She looked down at the young girl; her big eyes shining with curiosity as her gaze moved from her mother to the large painting of her great great grandfather  across the room. The mural shifted and the wall moved. Angelique's jaw dropped slowly, Esther smiled.
"Your turn mon amour..."
Holding her hand, mother and daughter made their way toward the entryway of the dark passage.  Once inside, Esther used the padlock to secure the room and close the entrance behind her. Esther pulled the lighter from her pocket and bent down, lifting the dusty oil lamp from the ground. Cobwebs littered the ceiling above and the cold stone floor below. Rats and mice scampered across the way a short distance ahead. Angelique hugged her mother's arm close to her nervously.
"Don't be afraid little one, I won't let anything harm you.."
Water fell from the ceiling above them forming small pools of dirty water in the uneven stone floor. Angelique stared down, her shiny white shoes hitting the cold wet ground as she dodged from side to side, avoiding puddles. Her gaze suddenly was drawn ahead of her at the enormous cathedralesque brass doors. Esther stared above her for what seemed like a hundred feet. She moved the chair closer to the doors and entered the code into the padlock. The doors opened.

"This is your history, mon amour...this is your destiny. It is who you are...who we are."
The two walked into the room. The walls were lined with gold and ancient artifacts that dated back thousands of years. Treasure stolen from privateer's ships four hundred years before. At the center of the room was a glass encasement. Making her way toward it she lifted the case, and set it down on the ground beside her. Angelique gripped the stand with her tiny fingers and stared in awe. The book was lined with gold. It's pages glittered in the light of the oil lamp that she held above her. She turned the pages and began to read the enscriptions out loud...

".....et la lignée ira de la femme à la femme...." (The lineage moves from woman to woman..")

"Jusqu'ici" (Not for long)

Esther could feel her stomach drop to the floor. Her heart raced. She gripped Angelique tightly, hugging her close to the wheelchair, moving forward, blocking the young girl from danger. No one knew of this place. Only Cotillards born into the lineage would know how to get down here. And the voice...the voice seemed so familiar. She squinted her eyes and gazed at the figure lurking in the shadows. Esther raised the oil lamp higher and gazed in the direction of the speaker. Slowly, he moved out of the shadows, wearing a red cloak, with the Le Rois Noir crest emblazened on his robe.

"Did you miss me? Esther, my child...?" The voice cackled  as the mysterious figure laughed evilly.

"Mon Oncle..."
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“Excuse me sir?” The door from Precise’s office opened slowly. “Come in” Precise said with a firm tone in his voice. The assassins wooden desk was filled with various documents, information about their weapon trades, potential targets, the list went on. Two young men dressed completely in black with bloodstains on their jackets stepped into his office. It were two assassins still in training, they showed great promise but were severely lacking in experience. “What is it?” Precise asked the two men in front of him, he didn’t pay much attention to them as his thoughts were still wandering. “Sir, the two men you assigned to us for interrogation, they won’t spill their information.. we’ve tried everything from cutting their fingers to torturing just one man, letting the other one watch..” Precise couldn’t help but smile a little, he remembered his younger years and having the exact same problem “well then, let this old-timer show you how it’s done, give me their file”.

Precise stood up from behind his desk and guided the two men towards the interrogation room through the dark moist corridors while at the same time sifting through their dossier. “See here, one of them has family while the other has not, he is useless if he won’t talk, use this information to your advantage.. remember, always study your victim! Now.. go to the next room and watch me on the monitor” Precise instructed the inexperienced assassins. He waited outside of the interrogation room, leaning against the steel door with red stains covering it, still studying the file, the two men had killed one of the assassins from the LAS. It was yet unknown who gave them their order.. but not for long..

He slammed the bloodstained door from the interrogation room open, the room had no light in it whatsoever, the only light came from the hallway behind Precise. Two men sat bound to two chairs opposite of each other. Blood covered the grey concrete floor, their faces were bruised and their clothes were ripped from their body. For the men sitting in the chairs Precise would’ve looked like a mere shadow in the door opening. Precise slammed the door behind him shut shrouding the room in darkness again, not muttering a single word as he walked through the darkness behind one of the men. Suddenly a bright light appeared behind one of the men, revealing Precise’s face for the captive sitting opposite of him, as he generated a claw in his left hand made from light. From behind he stabbed the man in his back, little bright tips from Precise’s claw made it through his chest, as the man screamed out in pain. Furiously Precise kept hacking into his back, thick red blood was streaming from his body onto the floor, from his back, from his mouth even from his nose. Suddenly Precise stopped as he slammed his hand into the back of his victim and grabbed his heart, in one foul swoop he yanked it from his victims body. His hand tightened the grip on the organ, the blood from the still beating heart poured onto the cold concrete floor.. as he walked towards the other side of the room he flicked the light switch. Light filled the room. A grin appeared on Precise’s face as he looked the other man straight into his eyes. The man looked in horror at Precise as he tried to speak.. “How could..” Precise smiled. “look! His heart is still beating for you..” He smeared the heart across the mans face, the blood coloured his entire face a deep red. Precise dropped the heart in his lap.

“Now, let’s talk.. The name’s jack right? you’re gonna die, but it’s up to you how and when. I can make your death slow and painful or quick and painless depending on what you’re gonna say next.” Precise said in a sarcastic tone. “Before you answer, I know you have a family.. I know where they live.. I know where your darling daughter goes to school.. you wouldn’t want this to happen to her do you? Cause I can get her here in a day you know..”

The man responded “please.. no.. we were meant to kill Esther.. we thought we did, but it was just a look-a-like in your organisation.. I don’t know his name honest.. we only had contact via the phone..”

Precise looked at him and turned his back on him. The man looked at him with surprise “aren’t you going to kill me?”. Still with his back turned to him Precise responded “someone else might want to ask some questions..” And continued to walk outside, slamming the heavy steel door shut behind him, the sound echoed throughout the hallways. He was covered in blood as the young assassins looked in awe at Precise. “lock him up, and I hope you paid attention”. Precise responded. He made his way to his room to clean himself up as he heard footsteps and a small girl giggling. “Angelique” he thought to himself, he didn’t want her to see him like this, covered in blood. He quickly hid himself in the shadows behind a large book closet. It was Esther and her daughter, making their way to the library. But for what? The blood drenched assassin decided to follow them, leaving a small trail of blood behind him on the floor. A surprised look made place for the grim look he had on his face earlier as he watched Esther open a hidden door. He never knew of this.. why would she hide this from him. He decided to wait, and confront her with it later as he made his way to his room, washing the thick red liquid from his body.

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Vincent's black laced gloves stride along the  elegant halls of the Les Assassins Silencieux' mansion, roaming free and getting familiar with his new found home. Thoughts stream through his mind like bulletins in the world wide news center, his rejection at the lab institute, the journey across the world, his brief view of the beauty on top of the balcony, and his small interception with shrouded welcoming committee.

"Hmm... yes, quiet a journey it has been, let's see what still awaits me, let me find the beautiful mistress..."

The Scientist kept on walking up and down the endless seeming hallways and climbing the stairs up and down, until he was distracted by a hallway framed with remarkable portraits. He faced one and observed an elderly man, maybe someone of the first to have ever set their foot into this mansion. He was interrupted by another hooded character dressed in a paladin white mantle, with a crescent symbol on his chest and a protective pentagram on his hand, his face left in in the dark, only his oceanic blue eyes to be seen.

"Well I guess "guy with lab coat meets hooded entities" must be in fashion right now in France... well then, what is your business oh hooded one? Let me introduce myself first so you know who exactly your dealing with. I'm Vincent, and my profession is Science, and everything around it. I was kicked out of my former laboratory because they declared me for mad, now I'm here, and would like to know how i could be of any assistance."

The Mad Scientist took a respectful bow and looked back up into eye-height, and waiting for the person to answer.
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Sebastian awoke in a cold sweat and glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand next to his bed: 3:00 AM it was a cold night in Gotham City at Sebastian lifted himself up from the bed and turned on the lights revealing his large mansion room furnished from head to toe with lavish delicacies from carpeting to weapons hanging on the wall. Sebastian trudged down into the first floor of his mansion and entered a code into a hidden room causing a larger room to be revealed filled with trophy cases and a large supercomputer and many rows of equipment. Sebastian walked over to the computer and hit a few buttons causing a large screen to come up with many different targets with everything from low life gangsters who saw something that they shouldnt have to the current president. Sebastian picked his target a mob leader Billy the bass who was located in north Gotham Harbor but first Sebastian would have to prepare by hitting up an old contact who would spill the beans easily.

Sebastian arrived at the contacts house to find it in flames sparks flying everywhere the fire had been going for hours yet no one had attempted to put it out. Sebastian tuned infa red and caught no life signs except of the contact who was fried to a crisp in the large bonfire. And with that another series of explosions rocked through the mans large house leaving nothing at all. Sebastian began to walk away only to feel a kick hit the back of his neck sending Sebastian falling forwards and saving himself from a snapped neck by rolling with it and then wiping the blood that had exited during the fight from his mouth. Sebastian saw his assilants clad in black ninja suits and no doubt bearing amazing resemblance to LaS assassins. This was no betryal though as these men used weapons that could never be supplied by LaS it was a hostile takeover and all members were in dangers. Their were two men one was armed with a knife and french revolver while the other used dual nunchucks.

Sebastian lunged at the man before he could strike again tackling him to the ground then raising his arm to block an oncoming kick only to be hit by two shruinken which hit his ribs and caused crimson liquid to flow onto the streets. Tearing them out Sebastian ducked to avoid an oncoming attack realitating by sticking one shruinken in one mans eye while the other sent a bullet to Sebastian which with no time to react entered his shoulder. Sebastian felt an uneasy feeling: Poison it was quick working at Sebastian was feeling the first sign of its effectivness. Quickly moving to avoid the knife which had been swung at his neck Sebastian broke the mans arm then stuffed the mans knife into his own face. Sebastian saw the headlight of a large truck getting closer. "OH SH!T" Sebastian said jumping backwards and hurling a grenade through the truck window causing a massive explosion and the truck to fall on the ground spinning forwards with organge flames dancing on it and peices of wreckage hurling all over. Straining his shoulder to its limits Sebastian used the flate side of the truck to do a one hand cartwheel to push himself into saftey.

Sebastian's right arm was aching badly with the great pains brough by the stunt and bullet before seeing many more assassins emerge from the flaming wreckage of the truck and many more sides. Before finally entering combt with Sebastian. Grabbing his katanas and pushing each one into a diffrent assilants face causing blood to splatter all over Sebastian jumped into the fray sending slashes here and their until finally a large broadsword made its way through Sebastian back completly impaling him the leaving him a bloody near dead  mess on the floor as soon as it was pulled out. Bleeding insanly while the henchmen dragged Sebastian away to a diffrent means of transport. Sebastian manage to utter the words into his comlink.

" Team they got me cough I los......"

Before being thrown into the back of a jet and slumping to the ground asleep in a floor puddled with his own blood and only the most meager means of medical assistance made to keep him just barley alive. Sebastian knew what would happen next. They were going to take him back to France then torture him in ways any man would find cruel and unusual and he would endure pain beyond most peoples comprehension of the word. 

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"Did you miss me? Esther, my child...?" The voice cackled  as the mysterious figure laughed evilly.

"Mon Oncle..."

Her voice broke into him. This had been the women he had hated for so long and now she sat before him a cripple. How long had he waited for this moment. Stepping from the shadows into the light of the lamp his deep green eyes looked over her with disgust.

“Look at you”

He spat towards the floor

“your weakness sickens me”

His speed was amazing as he closed the gap between him and her chair. She threw her hands up and prepared to block the forth coming attack. But it was not her own body she went to protect but that of her Childs. Jacques hand tightened round Esther’s throat as he tore her from the chair and lunched her to the floor.  Jacques smiled as she let out a little cough , trying to pull herself up on her arms , she still had some strength in her .

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“No!!!!” Tenjin screamed as he rose from the midnight colored sheets of his bed, his legs still ensnared in their warmth. His pale skin layered with beads of sweat flowed down his body, his eyes dilated and hands trembling. He gasped for air inhaling and exhaling with deep breathes causing his silver hair to dance as his head slung forward staring at the sheets below.  His face was ghostly and his heart thundered in his chest working his fiery blood through his veins. He continued to pant like a dog until he settled down. He was having nightmares again. These dreams plagued him every night for the last week, visions of his past haunted him his life on the streets and the victims of his “career”. He swung his long legs over the side of the bed and took to his feet and slide on some black leather pants hung over a reading chair. Snapping the skull belt buckle to hold his pants up he made his way over the hardwood floor and towards the balcony. The room dark only the moonlight shown through the sliding glass windows that lead towards the balcony leaving a silhouette of a shining door on the floor. He gripped the handle of the glass door and his still sweat ridden skin shimmered gloriously in the dull light as he pulled the door open and let in a deep breath of forest air into his lungs before continuing towards the stone railing. He felt the cold stone chill his bare feet and rested his hand on the railing embracing its cold rough texture in his grip. Gazing off into the night, trees and other plant life embraced in darkness, the thick forest tree line stretched across the horizon and the bone colored full moon hovered above like a mother watching over her children. A bone chilling gust of wind blew from the west and sent shivers down Tenjin’s spine like the skeletal hands of the reaper running down his back. A sinister smile breached his emotionless face and a raspy deep laugh bellowed from his vocals. His laughter was like that of a yelping of a jackal and it shattered the dead silence of the forest and echoed through the trees. He didn’t know what he was laughing about; this must be a reaction to the fear that gripped him and contorted his mind into some kind of monster. Lately he has been thinking about suicide to rid himself of these nightmares but something even darker spoke in the back of his mind. It told him to murder, slaughter people like livestock but Tenjin still holds his sanity and blocks it. His hand was strangling the stone railing as he gathered himself back into reality and let out a horrid unnatural roar, like that of a lion. His eyes for a split second were enveloped in bright red masking his humanity. They decreased back into his pupils and seemed like his canines stretched to vampiric size until reseeding back into his norm. Slouching his head down and taking in vast amounts of air he was startled by something rubbing up against his shin. Tenjin quickly looked over and saw that it was his cat, Kenji, a white Himalayan with light blue eyes. Another smile emerged as he picked up the furry cat and held it like a newborn, Kenji purred as Tenjin ran his fingers through the soft fur while he walked back inside. He sat down in his reading chair after closing the door while Kenji slept on his lap. “Sleep is said to be the cousin of death but yet….I wish I could have a single night to experience it without these damned nightmares Kenji.” Tenjin rested there in the chair for around an hour before lifting himself up and Kenji scurried away and curled up on the bed.

Tenjin made his way to the hallway, furnished with beautiful architecture, golden statues and crimson colored carpeting. Mirrors lined the walls and as Tenjin walked past them there was no reflection until he caught a glimpse of the feat and was again startled but instantly his reflection shown. He blamed it on his lack of sleep but he already had begun to turn, his augmentation unearthed his ancestral call to vampirehood. He wouldn’t find out until it was too late. He reached his destination, the recreation room, a built in bar revealing countless bottles of wine and liquor and his favorite thing in the mansion, the pool table. He poured himself a glass of whiskey and without missing a drop he swallowed it in one mouth full. His eyes squinted and his throat burned but a sigh of satisfaction was the only reaction. He poured himself another glass but rested it on the edging of the pool table, the wood was black as well the cloth that covered the mid-section, the pool balls were translucent but inside were skulls with red numbers painted on the forehead. Tenjin broke and began to play until he heard a conversation from outside the room so he stopped and made his way to the door to find out exactly what was going on.  

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 The rummage and debris of what once was big ben laid smoking as a single assassin was tossed into the pile of rocks. Bullet entering his head....his once pearl white assassins gear was now splattered with the crimson fluids of blood and gore and sweat mixed together.......and he was dead,
A few months later

His suicide obviously a failure as he laid in his bed, Dark magic had rengerated his every last broken blood vessel, every last fracture that was left inside his head.  He was alive once more......much to his own dismay. Now he laid, stretched across his bed, his blue eyes ever so fixated on the pale white walls, walls that stared to him, mocking him, watching his every move. Grabbing his hooded cape, he walked onto the balcony with every last step reminding him of the embarassment he was to himself.......and to those around him. The night winds blowing his paladin white cloak, a large cresent moon draped across his chest and a small Pentagram embroidered onto his right glove. "You...........I smelled you" Whispered the Drifter as he turned around, his long pearl white cape slapping his chest as he looked at the short man who now stood beside him

"Well I guess "guy with lab coat meets hooded entities" must be in fashion right now in France... well then, what is your business oh hooded one? Let me introduce myself first so you know who exactly your dealing with. I'm Vincent, and my profession is Science, and everything around it. I was kicked out of my former laboratory because they declared me for mad, now I'm here, and would like to know how i could be of any assistance."

"Here's how you can assist me, Ever killed before? ever watched the enemy squirm like vermin as you unload a clip into there body? No? Well, Our next mission is coing soon, that much I can sense." Cracking his knuckles, he began to continue, "On our next mission, YOU and our new member Tenjiin will go and kill everyone. Every last woman, man and child, with a different score for each. The more people you kill, the more points you get. A little game they taught us in the War between Heaven and Hell" He smiled once more as he pointed to Tenjiin, who was now walking out of the re-creation room.

"Tenjiin, You and Scientist will be fun to tutour, One with the most points buys the beer and hookers for the night"

Manical laughter could soon be heard as he walked away from the new men, waving his finger behind his back as a way of saying good bye.

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"There's nothing better then this" thought Nightwolf as he scampered across the rooftops in Paris. Night was doing as he did almost  every night, looking for something to fight, Lately he was feeling distant from his team, something needed to be done to bring them closer together. Nightwolf enjoyed his nightly patrols, they relaxed him greatly. Suddenly every thing went crazy.

As Nightwolf ran across buildings, Things were exploding, everything was absolute chaos, Nightwolf smiled, now these were the thrills he enjoyed. He then realized what was happening, the LaS chatuex was firing upon Paris, using explosive shells. Nightwolf immediately knew something was wrong, this wasn't how LaS operated, they were an orginization of the shadows, assassins, not terrorists. Furthermore, Babs would never assault Paris, she loved the city, and the French people in general. Suddenly Nightwolf recieved a message in his masks radio.

'All LaS members, meet at the top of the Eiffel Tower, the Chatuex has been compimised. This is an emegancy, and not a drill, please hurry"

Nightwolf knew that it was Esther's voice, and something must be terribly wrong, he quickly got himself to the tower, hoping to get more info. When he arrived Esther was there, visably shaken. Nightwolf was worried, he had never seen Esther like this before. "Whats wrong, is everything ok?" Babs shook her head, "Everything is wrong, the LaS might just have been defeated, I'll explain more when everyone gets here"

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 Alexandra was busy carrying off a mission for the LaS group. Since the time she was captured and tortured and forced to speak against the team by the hands of Zero Squad, she had felt like she had to redeem herself. In doing so, she would go off to every mission the team would give. If any new assignments came up, Alexandra was right there, offering her services. She had just finished off her mission in assassinating the CEO of a major health insurance company and was now making her way back to the LaS HQ.

She dragged her feet upon the ground as she made her way to the door, exhausted. This had been her sixth mission this week, and it was only Tuesday. She sighed as she pushed the heavy wooden door open, only to be greeted by several guard ninja's.

"Is only me... calm down..." She said as she walked in, leaving a trail of mud behind her as she dragged herself into the hallway. She was slowly making her way to Esther’s office to tell her that the mission was a success.

As she made her way to the front of Esther’s office she could hear the voices of Esther and Angelique going down the hallways of LaS, making their way to the library. Alex sighed as she then began to make her way towards the two, until something caught her eye... a trail of blood on the floor. Her brown eyes followed the trail and it was leading in the direction were Esther’s voice was coming from. Arching her eyebrow she followed the trail closely keeping herself out of sight as she slowly turned the corner of the hall way, only to see her teammate Precise right behind the two. Any time any of them would turn to see who was behind them, Homicide would phase through a wall and hide behind it, until the cost was clear once more, tagging along behind Precise.

She then watched as Esther reached into the bookcase of the library and a hidden door was opened. Homicide's eyes widen, she had gone through this building millions of times, searching for hidden passages but... why had she never found out about this one? She watched as the mother and daughter slowly made their way into the passage, the large door closing behind them as they did. Alex then shift her eyes at Precise once more, only to see him walk back into the hallway and making his way back to his room. Homicide stood there for a moment. Should she wait for Esther to come back out? or just go to her room and report to her later? Even though Alexandra was worn out to the extreme, she sat down upon one of the dark red leather seats and pulled out a book from the shelf.

She gently wiped her hand over the book, getting the dust off as she looked at the title. "In Cold Blood..." She read out loud as she looked at the back of the cover trying to figure out what it was about. With just a shrug of her shoulders she opened the book and began to read the book, waiting for Esther to come back out


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Paris, France...

Madame Viper came to Paris to enjoy the view.  Meet the people and get her flirt on.  Except her lunch was interrupted by blast.  She saw a man named Nightwolf running on rooftops.  She then had an idea.  If this man is running to the source of the attacks.  "I will follow him !" a little girl holding an ice cream cone is looking at and her and says "Why are you yelling?".  Viper replies "Honey it's not nice to speak to strangers."  The little girl kicks Viper in the knee.  Viper gets angry and takes the little girls cone and begins to eat it.  She then walks out the door and says "I told you not to speak to strangers."  The girl begins to cry and runs to her mom.  "You have such a great kid lady."

The source of these attacks must be coming from the perimeter of the Eifel Tower Viper thought to herself.  As she got closer and closer the image of an assassin came into her mind.  As a villian you learn a lot Viper thought.  "Doesn't the Las have an HQ there?"  She heard little foot steps behind her.  When Viper stopped the foot steps stopped.  Viper did a back flip in order to figure out who the stalker was.  It was the little girl with a pocket knife.  "Little girl what did I say?"  Viper picks up the girl and throws her on the street.  "Don't worry it's just traffic."  Viper felt messed up but she did warn the girl.

The Eifel Tower....

Viper was now in the elevator.  The elevator opened and Viper walked in only to see Homicide sneaking into a room.  She followed this Homicide into the room and notice a book that said "In Cold Blood..."  Viper doesn't know what to say but figures something out.  "You LaS members ruined my lunch."  She wants an answer and she wants it now.  No delays, no more annoying little girls, Madame Viper wants answers.
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The world shakes as the vision gets blurred for just a second before regaining its previous state.   There is a war going on, a war that will never be forgotten threw out the know world.  Men and women die by the thousands as blade and magic work side by side to end life.  Rune finds himself a witness to his world the land of shadows being invaded by the dwellers of light as they refer to themselves, from the opposite side of the planet.  A place where both magic and technology live in an uneasy alliance a world so full of hate that it needs to find a target for its anger just to keep off each others necks.  The world they choose is one that was closed to them millennia ago when the world was divided by the great black curtain that completely separated the world.  The light siders still believe that to this day it was them that erected the wall to keep the dark out.  The truth is that it was the shadow families that erected the wall to keep out the mistrusting and destructive humans.  But some how that wall has fallen and now his world, the world of the shadows was burning.  They could not stand up to the sheer numbers of the light there was to many for even there gifted seers to count.  The world shakes again as the images blurs to find Rune standing on a lifeless battlefield scanning the dead that he once called friends. Shake again and again distorting the vision.  With a start Rune awakes to his rented room on the 14 floor of a cheap apartment complex.  The view is just the same as he left it everything perfectly in place.

 “What boring scene” Rune thinks as he can not helped but be unimpressed by the lack of attempts on his life.  The thought that no one is at his door to take him out, no silent assassin in the night to keep his guard up.  These where things that use to keep his keen senses alert but now his senses where slipping and slips Rune can not afford.  It is for that reason that he has cast his allegiance to a new power.  A power that does not fear consequences only delivers them to others.  In short a group that Rune could understand.  As he stepped out of the bed he had one thing in sight the whole time.  A key, by the look alone one would never guess the significance of such a key.  It was old but did not look no where near how powerful it truly was.  The key was a doorway to the world of the LAS.  And Rune finally intended to use it.

Rune swept around the apartment as if a gale force moved him.  He was in and out of every corner of his room gathering all that he would take with him to his historic first entrance into the LAS HQ.

Spurred forth by his vision Rune used his chaos energy to open a shadow portal that would take him in into his realm where he could travel much faster then in this world.  And with that he was gone form his room as if there was no trace, faster then a flick of the light.

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Sebastian went in and out of sleep or death he couldnt tell anymore as the flight from America to France took approximately 7 hours if he had counted right it had been 5 with none stop torture only taking 2 second intervals for the torturers to make sure their equipment wasn't clean Sebastian felt a knife jam into his shoulder waking him up then rip upwards causing a large gash in his shoulder causing him to scream in pain. It also did not help much that Sebastian was almost completely naked other then some boxers and a few rags that used to be his shirt. They had used everything from electracution to injecting poison directly into vital organs. The pain was near unimaginable and Sebastian had said nothing to reveal the locations of other LaS members Sebastian heard the man speak. (The following is translated completly in French) "Are you ready to talk agent of LaS"

"Yeah sure but first come closer i must whisper" The man leaned closer putting his ear to Sebastians mouth "F^ck you a$$hole"

"How many times have we hurt you on this fine ride to France? Just talk and it will all end quickly" "How about go jump off a cliff you good for nothing----"

 Sebastian couldnt even finish his sentance as a fist smashed into his already broken cheek bone causing pain to surge throught his bones. The knife came flying at Sebastian's face which using all his strength Sebastian caught with his teeth causing the man to edge backwards away from slicing distance and fire three bullets from his revolver at Sebastians head. Moving in just the right loop Sebastian caused two of the bullets to bounce off the knife freeing his hands and the third one flying through the torturers neck. Causing him to scream in pain. Near every bone in Sebastian's body was broken and it was defnitly noticable as some protruded out of his skin. Finally freeing himself Sebastian stood up and opened the door revealing a lavish corridor no doubt made completly for the assassins enjoyment. Grabbing one of the silk pillows that lie on a small couch near him as two assassins rushed him Sebastian used it to suffocate one by pushing the pillow onto his face for a large period of time and then forcing a smoke pellet down the other assilants throat which was previously stolen from the dead assassin.

Sebastian made his way to the pilots seat of the plane after dispatching many more Sebastian's bones nearly snapped completly in half after years of training and fighting these 5 or 6 hours he had lost track in the great pain that was inflicted on him had been one of the most deadliest encounters of his life yet it was far from over. Sebastian watched the smoke capsule explode inside the man causing him to slowly suffocate with smoke coming out of all open places on his body from wounds to his mouth. Making his way to the piolets seating Sebastian watched him quickly destroy the flight controls and bite on a cyonide tooth as the plane slowly became closer and closer to crashing. It seemed to happen in slow motion as the flames consumed Sebastian burning him nearly everywhere and the resulting large explosion left Sebastian flying through the enviroment around him and a large peice of wreckage crushed his legs like silly puddy.

He thought he had escaped but to no avil as the piolets last act before he crashed was sending the plane flying into a forest where the rouge LaS group resided and as they slowly dragged him away Sebastian uttered one word he had no way of knowing if it would work. "suit seek" suddenly the suit he had left in LaS mansion propelled itself forward to Sebastian  and automaticlly equipped itself unto him Sebastian would have screamed it joy has his wounds not been so grave he had only the strength to slaughter his assilant's and send one last transmission through his com link before feeling an electric shock jolt through him and collapsing through the ground where now he would probably be killed.

That last message went something like this. "Team they are hunting all of us none of you are safe stick together or soon LaS will be no mor----

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"You...........I smelled you" whispered the crescent knight

He looked down upon the Scientist and stood directly beside him

"Here's how you can assist me, Ever killed before? ever watched the enemy squirm like vermin as you unload a clip into there body? No? Well, Our next mission is coming soon, that much I can sense."

 after cracking his knuckles he continued

"On our next mission, YOU and our new member Tenjin will go and kill everyone. Every last woman, man and child, with a different score for each. The more people you kill, the more points you get. A little game they taught us in the War between Heaven and Hell"

soon thereafter someone entered the hallway

"Tenjiin, You and Scientist will be fun to tutor, One with the most points buys the beer and hookers for the night"

he said before pointing at the pale faced dark figure named Tenjin and leaving the room, waving good-bye

"Well comrade, you heard what the pally said, let's go on a killing spree shall we. Before i leave though, I'll have to find a place where i can set up my new laboratory and do some final adjustments to my equipment."

Vincent and Tenjin departed in opposite directions, the self proclaimed scientist made his way through the glamorous halls of the luxurious Mansion. It wasn't long until he crossed something of interest, a library. Something wasn't right though, a few books were out of place and gaps were left in the bookshelf in front of him. A small headache started to compose as his nose started to bleed, uncontrolled voices were streaming through his mind. He tried to sort out the different calls, but swiftly, a pattern is spotted, a cry for help. Unanswered. Vincent approached the distorted bookshelf and studied it, looking for a switch, a certain mechanism to trigger a hidden door. After a few seconds he found a cold metal button behind a few books. A Door creaked open, he entered, and moved on, through the wet puddles and into a complex system of tunnels. Three ways, the one in the middle blocked by a numeric code pad, the door to the left locked and the one to the right left open. He entered it, finding a place stoked with all sorts of material that would come in handy for a new laboratoric environment. He grabbed some metal scraps here, and some magnetic alloys there, and built a EMP compulsory device, moving back towards the path he took. He used it on the Key pad and the door slowly opened with a electric forced spark. With the main door finally opened he found the source of the unnamed calling, a woman. She looked severely beaten so he did the necessary medical treatment to get her through, she asked him if it was possible to undo the state she was in, to never let it happen again. Vincent took a deep breath and pushed his glasses up, and concurred. Though it would take a few days of recovery until she would finally fully benefit from the effects of it, a spinal surgery lacing it in adamantium could do it. He took the mistress with her to the room he found his assortments from.  Clearing a cold metal table he gently placed her on it and laid her on her belly, stretching her spine capacity out to the maximum and fixing her to the edges.. The devices that were needed for this operation were all at hand: Adamantium, a few syringes, patterns of geometric nets  and the patient itself. Vincent caused a chain reaction inside the stiff adamantium bar to mold it into a  temporal liquid state. filling the few syringes he had with it, and swiftly injecting it into the anesthetized spine. A few spaces such as the intervertebral discs were left open to maintain the flexibility of her torso and pelvic area. In only four hours the self proclaimed scientist succeeded in  lacing her spinal cord in adamantium and curing the perpetual state she was in, soon... she would wake up... ten minutes... half an hour... maybe two....he waited...
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Sitting in the Main Computer Room; where expensive, and high-tech computers worked away. The computers created sounds like, "bleeps" and "bloops" throughout the room. The room was cold and white; the flourescent lights in the ceiling were quite bright. She sat at the black leather chair in front of the main computer of the room. Her slender fingers racing over the keys of the keyboard. Her large chocolate colored eyes scanned the monitor before her; a sigh escaped her lips. A silver com-link wrapped around her left pointed ear, where a set of emerald earrings decorated her earlobes. She stirred slightly at the coldness of the room, hugging her leather jacket closer to her body. The fringe of her hood was lined with white fur. Suddenly a beeping sounded in her ear from her comlink; instantly she pressed a finger to the blue button on the device.

"Shadow Huntre-"
"Team they are hunting all of us none of you are safe stick together or soon LaS will be no mor----"

Shadow Huntress's eyes widened at the sudden warning; her eye color shifting from a dark chocolate to a tawny yellow. She wheeled the chair to the left. Quickly racing her fingers over another keyboard once again, her brow furrowed. A black chart appeared on the monitor she faced. A red dot blinking furiously in the center of the chart. Myobi had traced the wherabouts of her teammate. The corner of the monitor read, 'Platnium Warrior: Lorraine forest: France'. She gritted her pearly fangs, and rose from where she sat. Making her way out of the computer room and down the hall. Eventually Myobi lead herself outside of the great mansion walls of the Les Assassin Silencieux's headquarters. Leading herself into the center of an enormous pasture. The sky was a bright blue; the sun shining brilliantly in the sky.

Her pale flesh sparkled against the sun as she faced it. With a clenched fist, almost appearing as a sharp claw; she pulled her elbow behind her. And with her other hand she extended a sharp set of claws. Myobi plunged her clawed hand into the cool autumn air. In seconds the air tore like a sheet of paper, revealing; in between the two halves of the torn "air": a large grey building that rested in a dense forest. Shadow Huntress stepped through the halves - now appearing before this suspicious building. The torn air quickly sewed itself up once she rested both feet against the earth.

With wolf-ish like eyes the color of emeralds now, Myobi scanned the building for an entrance."This'll take forever...", she thought to herself with a frown. Shadow Huntress snaked across the dirt on all fours like a cat. Her body's appearance gradually changing -  appearing translucent once she edged closer to the wall. She crawled through the walls, and was finally inside the building. Her pointed ears perked up to a shriek that was heard down the hall from where she stood.
Making sure there were no guards in the hall - she dashed down towards one of the doors that was sealed shut on the other side. Myobi listened closely to the horrific yells that sounded on the other side of the doors. The cries must have come from Platnium Warrior. Shadow Huntress clenched her fists, and once again passed through the sealed doors with no problem. 

Myobi's eyes widened at the gruesome sight before her. Platnium Warrior lay on the steel floors, bloodied and bruised. Some of his bones in his arms and legs were obviously shattered. Muscles torn. Sweat caked on his forehead as he struggled to survive the beating that was being performed on his spine with a metal club. Another man sharpened a large blade. Shadow Huntress whispered to herself,
"Suzumebachi". At the sound of her words, a black and gold weapon in the shape of a stinger decorated the middle finger of her right hand. The end of the weapon was a black cuff that wrapped around her wrist. In a flash Myobi sped up to the man who wielded the knife, she wrapped her fingers around his throat and snapped his neck. He immediately collapsed to the ground. The other man who held the metal club spun around and faced Shadow Huntress. His face distorted with rage, with a fierce cry he stampeded towards Myobi. She smirked and plunged the stinger into his abdomen. Blood sprayed from the opening of his wound, caking her hand. Shadow Huntress caught the man as he fell; stabbing him once again in his abdomen - he fell over dead.

Without wasting any time Myobi knelt down at Platnium Warrior's side. His heart beat was faint, and his flesh was pale. Myobi examined the veins that bulged at his throat. "Poison", she hissed between clenched teeth. Shadow Huntress bent down close to his throat, and curled her lips over fangs. She punctured Sebastian's infected veins; slowly drinking the poison out of his system. Crimson liquid ran down her chin - droplets of blood staining her torn jeans. One hand supporting his head, whilst the other hand held his limp body towards chest. Once the posion was clean out of his system; Myobi released her fangs from his throat, taking a deep breath - Sebastian's blood smeared on her lips.

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An electrified glow danced over the centre of the family home. It was not the grand building it once was. Statues lay broken on the floor truing to dust. The world around this house had seemed to move on and grow but here it stood with its stone walls defiant to decay of time. The sound of a generator broke the stale air.

Jacques:” professor how goes our little toy “

A small man turned two bright brown eyes sparkled under his round the glasses. A large white lab coat seemed to dangle from his bones.

Professor: “It is all going well, we shall have our first test this very afternoon “.

The professor turned back to his desk and screamed at another four men in lab coats. In the centre of the old ball room stood a machine tearing at the marble floor. Six giant arms looked as if they had dug their way from under the ground and stood over ten feet high encircling the centre of the room. of electricity seemed to jump from each arm of the great machine. It was in the centre that stood the mastery of this machine. A giant smooth orb from a distance it look like solid black marble, but on closer inspection you would find a ripple constantly moving over the surface. The six arms powered the ball.

Jacques: “No professor we will not be testing it.”

Professor: “But we must test it before we show the world”

Jacques smiled at the naive Professor before turning on him

Jacque: "Show the world…. I don’t think so”

The professor looked down to find a sword sticking out of his belly , It had happened with such speed the professor never even knew he had been cut. It was the wetness of the blood that now splattered over his overalls that drew his attention to his death. Pulling out his sword Jacques cleaned it and placed it back in its sheath.

Jacque: “no Professor I have my own plan”

Taking the book he had removed from Esther’s wheelchair as he walked back down the halls, Jacque also placed Esther’s daughter somewhere safe as insurance. He had many enemies and many would want to stop him from what he had planned if any of them could even figure it out. All of a sudden the professor began to speak as he fell to the ground clutching his stomach.

Professor:”With out me you can not finish the machine it will be unstable. We where meant to help the world.”

Jacque: with a large smile on his face bent down “I cut you just deep enough so you would see me enter you machine I do not need it to be stable I just need it for one trip and rest assured the we are helping a world my world”.

With that Jacque stepped away and began his walk towards his destiny

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She lay on the bed in the dark room. The flourescent lights flickered above her as she rested motionless. She was sore. It felt as though all the muscles in her body had been torn and her limbs ripped out from their sockets and placed back again. She opened her eyes slowly and looked around. There was the Scientist, across the way standing over a bed opposite Esther's. She lifted her upper body slowly and propped herself up on her hands. She could feel a rise of vomit up her esophagus as she glanced down at the IV attached to the primary peripheral vein in her arm. She cringed and turned her head. Closing her eyes tightly she pulled the needle out of her vein quickly. The scientist turned around, and Esther caught a glimpse of a motionless soldier lying in the hospital bed. Platinum Warrior. Her eyes widened and she looked from him and back to the scientist.

"Esther no! You cannot...you are still not well..." The scientist cried in anguish. He raced to her side and took the IV need in his hand.

"I hate those things...you know better than to inject anything into me...ever since..." she shook her head. "Nevermind that, what's happened to Platinum Warrior?"

Lurking in the shadows, the smoke began to rise from the pipe, and the sweet aroma of vanilla and frankincense rose up in the air. Her tall slender figure stepped into the light, head bowed low and her long white hair shining. She released the sweet smelling smoke through her red lips and gripped the pipe with her long slender fingernails. Esther gazed at her second in command.


Miyobi remained silent for a moment, then withdrew the wooden pipe from her lips. "I saved Platinum Warrior...he had engaged in battle with your Uncle's soldiers and now he has returned home...I brought him here to the scientist, hoping he could help him in one way or another...and then I found you."

Esther frowned and moved slowly off the bed..she looked down at her legs, and glanced over to the scientist. He was deep in concentration operating on his new patient.

"My legs....they"

"Are still fragile. You must be careful...your muscle tissue  must heal and conform completely to the adamantium that I have placed in your body. I worked for weeks to perfect this project finally...with some success. The outline of your new body is stronger than ever, more agile and flexible than ever before...You were not only saved, Esther,...you have been healed...but the process is slow. Any physical exertion may do you more harm and prevent you from ever having fully healed from your paralysis...but you-"

"I am an assassin born. She looked across the room. Gone. "Where is my book...Angelique-"

The scientist removed his glasses and gazing at his work he furrowed his brow. He looked at Miyobi. She opened her lips to speak and Esther cut her off suddenly.

"He has them both doesn't he? I know what he's planning to do..." Esther cringed her face. She could feel the anger rise up in her torso. She swung her hips in the bed and moved her legs to the floor, leaping off the bed. The scientist held a hand up to stop her, and Miyobi put her hand up to block him. The Shadow Huntress smiled.

"She is a warrior born...this is her daughter...and her entire existence is at stake, including the existence of this organization..."

Esther walked slowly toward the place where the book would have been stored. The glass encasement broken, and shards of glass littered the floor. She looked over to the opposite side at the wall, noting the crimson liquid that had stained the wall where her body had been thrown and slowly slumped down to the ground only hours before. Gripping the pedestal, her hands began to bleed as the tiny bits of glass cut into her skin. She turned her head.

"Rally the troops. Myobi, I know what he is doing. He's taken the book because he plans on rewriting the history oof the LAS. He used to dream of it. Years ago, I can remember he had worked with scientists in order to find a way to open a portal to another dimension....like a time machine. He has probably succeeded. When I was young, he had tried to steal me away from mon Oncle Joseph Cotillard...and succeeded. I wandered into his study once,...and I saw the plans for the machine...I read his journals. I know the way he thinks. He is a bitter twisted and sick man, and believe it or not, power of the world in his hands is far worse than in my own. He must be stopped. If he changes history, I might disappear, and he would rule over the LAS. He's probably gone back in time...we must stop him and save my great great grandfather, I fear my Uncle may try to kill him and rewrite the past...changing our very existence as we know it. I need you to open a portal, " Esther said as she looked to the scientist. "Miyobi, call my troops, send word out to all the members of LAS. We must go back in time and prevent him from changing the present...and Angelique, I know he's taken her with him..."

Miyobi glared at Esther, the smoke blowing softly from between her lips. "As you wish Mistress,..." she said softly as she bowed in consent.
Esther closed her eyes and called out to members of the LAS, sending out the order to return to the LAS mansion and ready for their trip to go back in time.

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The silent assassin sat behind his wooden victorian style desk in his dark office, only slightly illuminated by the small light on top of some papers. With his desk filled with various documents he sat there trying to read them, but his mind kept wandering. He was ashamed.. in a way dishonoured.. it seemed like just everyone could stroll in the mansion he was supposed to protect. He knew what happened to Esther, and he knew that he had failed once more. He didn’t dare face her broken body, never mind looking in her bruised face. He could have prevented it from happening if he’d confronted Esther on the spot with that secret passage way. But he didn’t want to do that in front of other assassins or in the presence of her daughter.. he had gone soft.. but no more.

He looked at the aged yellow paper in his hand, on it was a drawing, hundreds of years old. A picture of one of the symbols from the LAS. A furious looking eye imbedded in a pyramid, it represented the way the LAS looked at the world, as an all seeing eye. They had agents in every corner of the world, ready to strike at a moments notice, such is the power of Les Rose Noir. He grasped it firmly in his hands, some believed in god, some believed in another higher power.. as for Precise he believed with all his heart in Les Assassins Silencieux.

He heard a voice in his head.. at first soft but slowly getting clearer and harder. It was the soft voice from a woman yet in a serious tone of voice, one of which he respected like no other. Esther.. otherwise known as BatgirlBabs.

Assassins, it is time for us to save the future of our team. My uncle has betrayed us, if we wish to stop him we must travel back in time. Meet me at the library where Miyobi will open a portal to send us through the very stream of time itself.

So the time had finally come to take his revenge. Precise grasped the yellow piece of paper firmly in his hand and shoved it in his pocket of his black pants as he made his way downstairs. He stayed in the shadows as he made his way down the beautifully rounded stairway decorated with red velvet carpet. In front him he saw Miyobe surrounded by assassins chanting words unfamiliar to his ears. Her snow white hair was dancing around her face. A portal opened right in front of her, it was truly an amazing sight, it was the brightest black he had ever seen, there were no words to describe it. The mere sight of this portal gave him chills running down his spine.  He remained in the shadows unbeknownst by the assassins, except for Esther.. she looked straight in his eyes through the dark shadows casted on the assassin. One look was enough, but the slight smile that followed was enough to comfort him.. he waited until the assassins made their way inside the dark portal until he followed them as the last one to enter.

As he stepped into the portal he felt as though he was being ripped apart but felt no pain. Even with his cybernetic lenses that allowed him to see in the dark he could not see inside the portal, it lasted only for a couple of seconds as light shone back into his eyes. At first everything was but a blur, a mix of colours.. green, black, red.. but none of them made sense. Until they came together to form one image. Precise stood on a table surrounded by women in black and white robes, around him were dishes, steel cups made from the finest metal.. food was all around his feet. He could only mutter the words ‘What the hell..’. There were no familiar faces in the crowd, no assassins around. They were nuns.. penguins as he lovingly referred to them.

French voices surrounded him.  C’est le diable! (it’s the devil)    Nous allons mourir!! (We’re going to die)

Precise was quick to respond he didn’t want to draw attention to himself, certainly not any guards that may happen to stand outside the door. “Non, non, Je ne suis pas un ange, je viens ici en paix” (No, no, i’m an angel, i’m here in peace). “Regarder!!” (look!) he said with a strong loud voice. He generated his shield of light on his right arm. “Je suis tenue le soleil dans mes mains” (I’m holding the sun in my hands). He heard gasps all around him, they were looking at him with big eyes, never had they witnessed anything like this. Precise took advantage of this occasion to quickly make his way out the window but he was stopped by an elder nun.

pas si vous n'avez pas un signe pour nous? celui que nous avons de pratiquer le culte? (don't you have a sign for us? one we can worship?) she said while she fell to her knees in front of him.

Precise looked surprised and felt around his pockets for anything he could use, he took out the wrinkled yellow paper from his pocket and gave it her, the nun looked surprised at the piece of paper. “C'est le signe de la méchants!” (this is the sign from the villains). Precise looked at her with a serious face “un ange serait mentir à vous?” (would an angel lie to you?).

The woman bended over in the deepest bow her weak back allowed her. “Non, non, je suis désolé” (no no I’m sorry).

“C'est le signe d'un ange, il culte” (that’s the sign of an angel, worship it!) Precise shouted out and made his way to the window grabbing a brown robe hanging from a metal hook in the grey stone wall. He gave the nuns one last wave and jumped out of the window, making his way in the crowded French streets in search of his teammates.

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A soft breeze came through the window moving the pages of the thick book infront of her lightly. The moon fell through the open door to the balcony with the look over the city of lovers spending just enough light to read the neat lines in the book. Considering her look one would have thought it was an ancient manuscript dealing with forbidden occult arts or some long forgotten kind of oriental fighting style. But the truth was more simple. Much more simple. It was a college level book to learn French. Frost might know two dozen languages but most of them, in fact all of them with the exception of English, were Asian dialects. She knew most of the Chinese dialents from Hun over Mandarine to Kantonese, several Korean dialects and Japanese among many others but French was not a language taught by the legendary Lin Kuei. Unfortunately it was the language of her new allies and the country she recently resided in. At first she thought it would have been enough to speak English but it turned out the French people didn't like speaking English and the majority of them either refused speaking it or didn't speak it at all. Being the perfectionist that she was Frost recognized there was no other way to be a real part of this team than actually learning French. Without accent. For several weeks she poured over textbooks, dictionaries and grammar books to learn that language that seemed so exotic to her. Being born as a native Chinese speaker she found the rules of syllable stressing the most difficult. English which she already spoke without a traitorous accent didn't help there much. But now, after five weeks in which her team comrades had not seen much of her she had nearly mastered a language others needed a lifetime of study for. Now her accent was without any stain. The only problem that she still had was the correct use of the past perfect because the idea of it differed so much from what the Chinese saw in it. But this was a minor flaw that could be mastered soon too. If she only...

A minor change to the surroundings alerted her sharpened assassin's senses. A normal human wouldn't have noticed the short flickering of light as the trespasser entered. For a short precious moment his shilouette was visible on the white pages of the textbook. Another day it could have been a simple cloud that covered the moon for a second but since was up to date with the current weather service for various reasons she knew tonight was to be a clear night. A cold smile crossed her beautiful face. Okay, she would play along till she knew what was going on here.  Slowly she concentrated till she could hear the beating of his heart. He was good. Very good. His feet didn't produce the slightest sound as he approached her. The only thing that told of his presence was his heart, even his breathing was silenced to a degree she could barely hear it. He had a life long training that taught him how to close in silently to get the kill. But they didn't teach him the most important lesson for an assassin: Shut out your feelings. Let them not get control over your body. He enjoyed the thrill. That was why his heart beat so loud. The near success in killing caused his body to spill out endorphine which again caused a faster and more intense beating of his heart. A mistake that Frost would never have made. A mistake that would be his downfall. Her heightened senses told her of the sound of a silk garb as he lifted his arm with the dagger in hand. This was the moment to strike. Grabbing her textbook she used it to counter his poisened dagger and catch it between the sheets. His brown eyes widened in surprise. Another assassin would have enjoyed the sight of a successless competitor trembling in horror but not Frost. She was The Cold incarnated. Instead of revelling in that moment she slammed her forehead into his face and broke his nose, continuing with a jumpkick to his solar plexus that drove him to the wall where she pinned him with four ice daggers, two through his arms and two through his legs. Confronting him with her passionless ice-blue gaze she asked him in nearly perfect French:

"Who sent an amatuer like you to kill a real assassin? If you really were a professional you would have used a sniper rifle instead of a knife to be sure. Or did he order you to deliever a message with this dagger?" She rammed the dagger next to his head into the wall. Only now she realized it bore the symbol of Las itself.

His voice tried to express the spite he felt for her but she could feel the pain and the fear that he was feeling.
"You will get nothing from me you stupid traitor! Some of us are true to the original cause."

"The original cause? Interesting... Tell me more!"

He shook his head in denial. She would not get any information from him. Or at least that was what he thought. She knew better. With a single gesture she manged to freeze his ear completely and ripped it off. He bit his lip to bleeding in an attempt not to scream. She repeated her question. Still he shook his head. She sighed and frozze his other hear. The procedure went on with his fingers and his toes till she got to his left eye. When she threatened to rip out the other one he finally cried out:

"Stop it, stop it you sadistic monster! I'll tell you everything. Just stop! JUST STOP!!!"

He knew nothing about her. That was evident know. if he had prepared himself for the job he would have known she had no emotions at all. They were ripped from her in a long an cruel process, a long lasting desensibilizing training where she had to do and to endure unspeakable atrocities as a child to form her into the living weapon that she was now. She didn't enjoy this. She didn't abhorr it. She just did it because it was the fastest way to get where she wanted to be. But then, right in the moment when he opened his mouth to confess she heard the voice of Esther Cotillard LeBeau, her daimyo, in her head.

Assassins, it is time for us to save the future of our team. My uncle has betrayed us, if we wish to stop him we must travel back in time. Meet me at the library where Miyobi will open a portal to send us through the very stream of time itself.

Softly, almost comforting, she laid her cold fingertip on his mouth to silence him. "I don't need your confession now. I know what is goiing on and I need to end this. I don't need your confession. i don't need you..." As he realized what she attempted to do he tried to scream but he wasn't fast enough. Before a single screech could come out of his throat his mouth was already covered with ice and his flesh denaturalized from temperatures far beyond every minus degree that nature or man could ever hope to create. It only needed mere seconds for the once proud and overly self confident to become brittle and break into many fast melting pieces. Not a single trace revealed that the water puddle on the floor had once been a man of 19 years. Even before he had disappeared completely Frost had made her way out of the door.

Sliding at top speed on a thin layer of ice she glided through the old and honourable mansion. Many other members of Las came out of their rooms alarmed by the attacks on them and the psionic call that Esther had sent out. Her target location was clear. Her duty was clear. With a kick she opened the door and rushed in witnessing a huge black rift hanging in the midst of the library. Its moving created hypnotic patterns that spoke of the things that were and that will be and even of some things that could be or never would be. An existing vacuum of time that defied the laws of nature. Frost had never seen something like this and she hoped she would never see something like this again. This was unnatural and nothing good can grow from the unnatural. Natue itslef abhorrs a vacuum and intends to fill it. And that happened when Frost stormed into the library. For some strange reason the portal interacted with her innate abilities and she felt a sudden surge. Without a chanve to react she was sucked into the portal and the next thing she rememembered was total blackness engulfing her and whirling her around till even her trained sense of balance couldn't take it anymore and she thought she would throw up in a few seconds. But before that happened she was spat out on a filthy and stinking alley. Her sense of direction still messed up she had no way of determining where up and down was and bumped her head on the ground. Before she lost conscience she could only see a shadowy figure that bent over her and said in an archaic French dialect:

"Look, look. What do we have there?"

Then everyting went  black...
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The floor boards creaked as large, burly man charged down the stair of his 6 story apartment complex. “Help me please! Anyone! For god sake, please!” The muscular man bellowed, as he leaped over the railing and landed in the middle of the next flight of steps. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he took a quick glance behind him. The man shrieked and began to bang on the nearest door. “Open the door! Please, I beg you!” He howled as a shadowy figure drew nearer and nearer to his position. The pace it was moving at was daunting. A look of desperation was embedded in the male's face as he picked up a vase and chucked it at the figure.

The moment the vase left his hands it shattered. The man leaned up against the wall, the desperation in his face turned to fear. The figure revealed himself as he stepped out of the shadows. His armor was tinted black, and had a dark feel to it. His shoulder length hair fluttered as the wind ran through it. The wind approached from the right so his long red cape swiveled through the air, dangling off to the left. The man made one more attempt to speak but was stop immediately as his teeth came down hard on his unsuspecting tongue, severing it in two. He tried to scream but force, that was applied to his neck prevented it.

“I've made you cut through your own tongue, blown your vocal cords and I'm slowing snapping your neck yet you insist on speaking still. Why? Do you believe someone will save you?” Light taunted the man. Small insignificant cracks could be heard. His eyes fell from the man's bloodied face to the cross latched to his chest. The Object wretched away from his neck and hovered in front of his eyes. “So, do you still have faith in god, my friend?” A loud crunching sound was heard followed by a muffled thump. The man lay on his stomach while his head faced the ceiling. Light phased through the wall and floated high in the sky. He had two more targets to eliminate and he would be in the mile high club, a thousand deaths under his belt. Then a voice echoed through his twisted mind, bearing a message.

Assassins, it is time for us to save the future of our team. My uncle has betrayed us, if we wish to stop him we must travel back in time. Meet me at the library where Miyobi will open a portal to send us through the very stream of time itself.

“Ah, it seems entrance shalln't be granted to me this day.” Light sighed and flew off towards the Chateau, his body cutting through a window like a razor sharp crescent shaped blade. He was approaching sonic speeds when a group of men appeared in front of him. “We need you to come with us Light. You don't have a choice.” Light stared at the men, trying to invade their minds and break them. They simply smiled. “We are well prepped for your mental abilities and-----” Light, making use of his unparalleled speed, ripped the heads of the men clean off. “Hmph, i was never one for words. Should've prepped for that @$$holes.” Light bursted off once again. Wasting no time and moving at full speed, Light arrived at HQ within the millisecond. He phased through the wall of the building and stepped directly into the Scientist's, there newest member, laboratory. He had been doing some work on Light's leader and friend, Batgirlbabs. Obviously it was to restore the mobility in her legs.

Light spotted his lovely, beautiful partner Shadow Huntress over yonder and made his way over to her, placing a soft kiss on her lips. Then he glanced at the portal and back at her. “I shall take my leave with you and the Mistress to ensure yours and hers safety.” His face held a soft yet serious look. He couldn't help the emotions he felt around her. They made him feel weak and strong at the same time. He couldn't place his finger on it but there was something... about her.

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In the depths of the LAS chateaux, shattering the eerie silence was ear deafening music exploding from an enormous speaker system. The music was Heavy Metal and it was coming from a large chamber like room. Even with the door shut the modernized symphony could be heard. Inside the door was a large pure white room with several machines scattered throughout. Tread mills, multiple weight lifting systems, and free weights ranging from five lbs to a hundred lbs laid on steel racks that covered the western quarter of the room.  The sound system circled the room, its wires hidden and they hung on swivels. Large mirrors lined the northern side of the room totally covering the wall and dead center in the lair was a titan of a man lifting one thousand pounds worth of weight plates on a metallic bar. His body was covered in beads of sweat and with every repetition he curled his arms raising the bar to his chest before letting it ease down to his hips before raising it up again. A mechanical woman’s voice counted every set; it was part of the ORACLE system that secured the mansion. Her voice was muffled by the constant banging of drums and riffs of an electric guitar sent forth by the sound system. His body seemed to be carved from stone, perfect, his muscle mass overly proportioned for even his six foot, seven inch height. He was indeed made of flesh but yet something more refined then that, his layers of muscle covered in bronzed skin and with every curl of his right arm veins jutted out to reveal themselves. However his left was not at all human, instead of flesh, it was cybernetic and resembled shining steel. It was humanoid in appearance but was made of several layers of experimental metals and held tremendous power. This man standing in the middle of training center was Tenjin, a once vampiric creature now transformed into something more human, per say. He had injected himself with the famous super soldier serum he had developed based on the information he had stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D, now stood a living weapon of war. Constantly training shattering the bonds of human physiology, driving himself towards utter destruction only to rise even more powerful than before. After ninety reps he dropped the mammoth weight system letting it let off a loud thud before Tenjin spoke to the ORACLE “Shut off the music” suddenly the music ceased and a voice answered back “would you like a towel, Tenjin?” a expressionless face gazed at the mirrors behind him to see himself layered in sweat “Yes” he said in a deep strong command.

A machine like arm with a pincher system released a large towel into Tenjin hands and he began to wipe off his body then walked over to the eastern wall to grab his black t shirt and a large bottle of water. He made his way out the door still shirtless only denim jeans held up by a black belt with a large pewter colored skull as a buckle. Loud clanking sound echoed through the elaborate halls from his biker boots adorned with chains and buckles. His metallic arm glistened in the dull lights of the hallway and his pupiless eyes gave off a feeling of inhumanness, although his right eye was a synthetic one. His mind was rushing with ideas more or less concerning combat scenarios and weapon upgrades. As he made is way down the hall he felt a number of powers gathering in Scientist’s laboratory he felt the presence of Light, Esther and Shadow Huntress indefinitely. Then a message sent to him telepathically

    Assassins, it is time for us to save the future of our team. My uncle has betrayed us, if we wish to stop him we must travel back in time. Meet me at the library where Miyobi will open a portal to send us through the very stream of time itself.

Tenjin stopped in his tracks and in a low rumble of a laugh he spoke “Well looks like I can’t go on that date tonight, Sarah and Debbie are both going to be so disappointed. Well but since we are going back in time, we will be back around this time hopefully and I am not trying to miss out on they’re surprise.” Suddenly Tenjin wheeled around with his hands in his pockets and made his way to Library, he was only a couple doors down so he was the first one there.

He settled himself in a large red velvet chair and positioned it to allow him to gaze out the window; the night seemed endless and haunting. It was gloomy and shadows reached across the ground, fearing the bright moon hovering above the tree line. The bloodcurdling howls of wolves echoed throughout the surrounding forest and a spine chilling silence suddenly occurred. Tenjin was postured slouching and cuffed his hands against his stomach and he began to ponder about a victimized comrade known as Platinum Warrior, he known him as Sebastian. Tenjin was bed rested because the serum had overloaded his body quite a few times so he couldn’t answer his partner’s ply for help. He felt weak and useless but suddenly he dwelled on rage and hatred and in that very spot overlooking the dreadful scenery he promised himself to kill as many opponent’s as he could not only for revenge but to return the favor tenfold. Lifting himself up using his mighty arms he glanced out the window one more time as his fellow teammates arrived and greeted them. Leaning up against a desk and crossing his arms soon after only to reach for a large numerous paged book written in French as Tenjin glancing through it he looked up to see Esther walking and smiled softly. Dropping the book onto the table he walked over to Scientist and asked “How is Sebastian doing? Is he able to come with us?”

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The world span, as if it was never going to stop and then he was thrown free of the devices hold and splashed onto the streets of . He stood to quickly and his body answered in kind. By emptying his stomach onto the cobbled streets of gay Parie. The smell of urine and horse seemed to sit in the air  as if a natural defense to any intruder. Smells that people of the twentieth century seem to have forgotten overwhelmed him, It would take time to regain his bearings. But it had worked the machine had brought him back in time to the French Revolution and the book that had slipped out of Esther’s fingers told him where to find his target. 1798 was a period of political and social upheaval in the history of , during which the French governmental structure, previously an absolute monarchy with feudal privileges for the aristocracy and catholic clergy, underwent radical change to forms based on enlightenment principles of nationalism, citizenship and inalienable rights. These changes would be brought forth with violence and not only shape the way of for the future but of Rose Noir a change that Jacques had come to stop.

*French Man 1: ” Monsieur le Président, vous êtes perdu. vous semble avoir parcouru beaucoup de vous et agents château Mai je vous la maison”

The man was a peasant who had no love for the aristocracy of his country and it seemed as if alcohol had gave him a courage to speak his mind. But he did not stand alone now as four more men exited the bar that Jacques had found himself standing in front of. His clothes of course were made of fine cloth and silk a large blue velvet coat hung over his body and a samurai sword hung from his waist. In this time it was dangerous to look like he belonged to the higher classes epically when he was trying to stay unnoticed. Turning with a small bow to the man and his friends Jacques spoke with a the same thick accent as they had.He had studied this time for the last nine years and it was no time to let the excitement get the better of him now.

*Jacque: Laissez les paysans ou ce soir vous pourrez déguster la puissance de ma lame et la force de ma colère.”

His words inspired the correct response as the four men set upon him one screaming at him as he reached for his sword. They all seemed content on spilling blood this night. One had smashed a bottle and the others drew weapons. Jacque moved his hand just above the hilt of his own blade and smiled for them to come forth.

*French Man 2: digust-moi vous vous riche de porc, Vas te faire encule

Each man charged a rabble of unorganized men who had no idea of what fighting means. Four flashes of silver filled the cobbled street and each man fell to their deaths as Jacque began to undress one of them and place his clothes on the fallen man. If anyone would stumble across the scene they would think it was another battle between the higher class and lower classes that had not ended well . he kept his sword and hid it under a long brown jacket that was now stained with blood. His clothes smelled as if he had not washed in a few weeks but many people of this time had not. Filling his pockets with the money of the dead men he set of with his book and his target in mind.

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As Rune traveled threw the shadow world he felt a telepathic ripple heading his way.  Rune opened up his powers and let the ripple slowly makes its way towards him.  As he viewed the wave of thought he was able to disconcert that it was only a worded message and no underlining threat to him, it was at that time that he let the thought into his own head.

   Assassins, it is time for us to save the future of our team. My uncle has betrayed us, if we wish to stop him we must travel back in time. Meet me at the library where Miyobi will open a portal to send us through the very stream of time itself.

As Rune let the message roll around in his head a smiled touched his lips. “I guess the best way to meet new friends is in the fires of battle” Rune thought to himself.  As Rune approached the HQ he exited into a near by apartment complex in room 1414.  Rune did not want to be rude and intrude right into his new teams HQ but the unsuspecting tenements of room 1414 well that was another matter entirely.  Rune headed straight for the master bedroom where he found a passed out couple deep into there sleep.  Rune took that opportunity to lift as much high grade jewelry as he could. “I don’t know what currency they used back then but I can tell you for a hand full a jewels aint nobody going to ask twice”.

Rune took the lift to the lobby entrance where he casually left threw the front door throwing a smile at the confused guard that stood there.  “Half blood elves must not be a regular appearance in this building” Rune thought with a smile.

Rune made his way to the HQ taking in the atmosphere as he went.  Nothing was as relaxing as a walk to clear ones head.  Rune wanted no distraction on this vital mission he had to succeed in this or his plans would suffer and that he could not tolerate.  Rune was aloud in with out a second glace the guard here where top notch.  Once inside Rune headed straight for the meeting place he could feel the power of those that already arrived.  As Rune walked into the room he first set his eyes on a mountain of a man in conversation with another.  Rune did not want to overstep his bounds so he headed straight for the corner and placed his back against it, where he waited for the mission to be unfolded.

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"Jean..." she thought out, hoping he would hear her. Her daughter's life was once again in peril and her mind had grown restless. Angelique had witnessed her mother's crippled body tossed to the side, battered and beaten. The look in her eye was unbearable...She wondered if he would hear her call.
She looked down at her hands. White gloves covered her slender fingers and and buttoned together with a series of white pearls. Her head felt heavy. She looked up at the brim of her hat; no wonder. Huge feather's wafted in the morning breeze and curved downward, wrapped between the silk ribbon. The white silk covered it's interior and shaded her face from the morning sun. Her biological clock was way off...last she could remember it was after midnight by the time all LAS members had finally made their way to the mansion and traveled through the portal. She stepped forward and could barely breathe. Gripping her own waist she felt it's circumference; it was far smaller than she last remembered. She felt her way around it, running her fingers down the corset wire's that held up her bosom.
"Small, short breaths...otherwise...I won't last in this damned thing...." She wondered how women could carry on in such a garment and shook off the temporary feeling of discomfort, but not for long...Esther could feel the eyes of the people around her staring at her, their gazes burning through her like a hot coal on a stove. She looked to her left and caught sight of three small peasant children. They seemed older than they looked, probably malnutritioned. Her long silk gown trailed behind her as she lifted her skirts and made her way down the cobblestone streets before realizing she had absolutely no idea where she was going. There were no street signs, and wherever she turned she could feel the eyes of the masses gaze at her with animosity and stare at her silk robes, envy smeared across their faces plainly as the sun in the sky above her. She could hear and feel the whispers. A seeimingly aristocratic woman, walking down a cobblestone alleyway alone in late 18th century Paris was more than unsafe. She almost half expected the next move..
Her face was covered by a rough and caloused hand and her slender figure was forced pressed against the man behind her. His hand made it's way round her neck and he pulled at the set of white pearles that lay at her throat. With one quick jabbing motion, Esther pummeled her elbow into the man's abdomen. Sliding her hand behind her, she saw the sunlight shine quickly. She noticed the knife in his jacket. Catching his breath and heeving, she slid her hand through and withdrew the blade from it's holster, stabbing him in the thigh. He let out a cry of anguish as she dragged the blade across his face. With her right leg she kicked him down, and planted her foot on his chest. Bleeding, he gazed up at her in anguish, gripping his leg close to his chest.
She looked around.
"Des preneurs?" (Any takers?) She said as she flipped her head to the side. The people around her looked down and at one another and bustled away. She sighed, and pulled a hankerchief out from her lace sleeve.
"Nettoyez-vous" (Clean yourself up) She said as she dropped the cloth onto his chest. Taking the blade in her hand she lifted her skirt and inserted it between her thigh and garter, and wiped her brow.
As she walked down the street she noticed a sign on a door of a small bistro. Tables were outside of the area and laden with lace cloths. She sat down in a chair, allowing her parisol to rest at her side. She closed her eyes. She didn't quite know if her telepathic powers were functioning, but she tried anyway. She called out to LAS members once again in hope that they would find their way around the city.
"Make sure your garments are discrete,...I have already encountered some difficulty having been mistaken for the aristocracy.. Guard yourselves...these people are on the eve of their revolution. Meet me as soon as possible at the 'Vine Gauche Bistro." I will be waiting for you all." She rose from her seat and entered into the cafe. Pulling aside the man behind the counter she whispered something into his ear and drew out a few gold coins from her purse, slipping them into his hand. She lifted her sleeve revealing her slender wrist, flipping it to its underside, revealing an all seeing eye emblazened into her skin. The man's eyes widened in fear. Esther liffted her head slightly and covered her wrist again, shielding it from the customers. He looked to either side of him and motioned for her to follow. He led her to a basement area. Gunpowder barrels lined the perimeter of the musty room. It smelled of sewer water. Rats scampered across the opposite side of the room, and Esther held the oil lamp above her head, illuminating the area. The two of them began to move tables into the center of the room. A maid slowly walked down the steps bringing coffee and cake, setting it down onto one of the barrels and she too began to move tables and chairs to the center of the room.
Esther slowly began to unlace the dress she wore, pulling it away from her torso and unlacing the lattice of her corset. She could breathe, finally...
"Bring me a pair of pants, to start...and a blouse of sorts. I can't wear this ridiculous clothing....I will also need a map." She wrote down a series of names on a slip of paper.
"I need you to find the addresses of these individuals and bring them to me. I am expecting the rest of my troops in a matter of hours," she hoped, "they will bear the same symbol I have shown you. Bring them here, and ask no questions. You will be rewarded for your services." The man and the maid both withdrew, leaving Esther in the basement alone. All there was to do now, was wait...

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Time traveling was never an easy task to perform for Myobi. It took some time, and one needed to initiate the actions perfectly; all at the correct times. Myobi had only time traveled twice in her entire existance - this being her third. Shadow Huntress had already set up the prepartions for the time travel to commence. Before she had made her way down to the library; she dressed herself in dark monk's robes whereas a white sash wrapped around her waist. Her long white hair tied back into a bun, held up by silk ribbons. A roseary made of carved wood hung from her left wrist. A large hood hung low above her golden eyes. The hood's shadows painted her face. Myobi had to conceal her face - hoping that no French citizen will grow suspicious of her Asian features. She dressed herself as one from the old Catholic Church.

A thick book lay in the center of the library's wooden floors - the rest of the LaS members standing behind Myobi as she stepped foward. The book consisted of various spells written in hieroglyphics and Latin; it came from the realm of the Death Gods. She closed her eyes, and had began to whisper the words from the great book. She paused for a moment, and unsheathed her katanna which hid beneath her robes. Myobi dragged the blade down her left right palm; thick blue blood oozed to the surface - droplets of blood stained the surface of the worn pages. Shadow Huntress gritted her fangs; exhaling sharply as she swung the blade away from her. The leftover blood leaving the blade of the katanna; splattering against the floor. Forming into a perfect half circle. She hissed a fury of foreign words under her breath. The half-circle made of blood glowed darkly - the blue blood glistened as Myobi chanted. Acting on its own the turqouise liquid came alive; it had slithered together, allowing the rest of the ring to meet. Finally forming a full circle.

The center of the aqua colored wheel, had rippled into a pool of ink. Thus Shadow Huntress sheathed her katanna and opened her eyes once again. Revealing a set of ivory pupiless eyes; sweat trickled down the back of her neck. Her knees shook as she attempted to regain her balance. She panted heavily, as her gaze locked onto the rippling surface of the black pool. With a hint of a shudder in her voice - Myobi muttered, "the gate is open everyone".  Shadow Huntress looked to Esther, whose stare was locked onto the gate. Her eyes were grim and dark; her teeth clenched. Myobi felt another stare against her back; she turned to meet the eyes. Her partner Light gave her a half-smile, she returned it with a weak grin.

Myobi met Esther, and wrapped her fingers through Esther's. The two approached the gate, with the rest of the team behind them. Shadow Huntress took the first step into the black gate, still holding Esther's hand. The rest followed as each member of the LaS jumped into the inky pool. The journey to the past was quick, but painful. The gate's black ink sent burning-feelings up the arms and legs up everyone. But, finally they all reached the old French city. Only they were all separated. The gate had placed everyone on opposite sides of the city from one another.  

Shadow Huntress had appeared behind an old bakery. She gasped at the scent of the putrid air; her stomach turned. The city really was old, and it had held smells of rotten foods and filthy people. Peasants sat on the sidewalks of the city's streets. They sat there in their filth, arguing with one another or begging those who passed for money. In alleyways groups of peasants would beat one another up for whatever they held.
Myobi dashed out from behind the bakery, adjusting her hood as she stepped into the clearing. She walked down a sidewalk - observing the small shops out of the corner of her eye as she went. Her hands clasped together with her chin tilted towards her chest. Various French citizens would stop to pray as they saw the "monk" pass. They whispered prayers in French under their breath. Under her hood, Myobi's pointed ears perked up to their whispers. Each person she passed, had wished to God for more money or for more food.

Suddenly a woman's voice had entered Myobi's thoughts with a message. It was Esther; she had spoke, "Make sure your garments are discrete,...I have already encountered some difficulty having been mistaken for the aristocracy.. Guard yourselves...these people are on the eve of their revolution. Meet me as soon as possible at the 'Vine Gauche Bistro." I will be waiting for you all."
Myobi clicked her tongue at the message. She dropped her hands to her waist, and lifted her head. Peasants still stared at her - expecting something from this "monk". She ignored them and approached one of the peasants. As she made her way to the woman, she twisted her vocal cords in her throat to make her voice deeper. Her throat grew thicker; and in French she asked, "Pardonnez-moi. Mais savez-vous où le 'Vine Gauche Bistro' est?" (English: Pardon me. But do you know where the 'Vine Gauche Bistro is?). The old woman looked up from her basket, and up at Myobi. Who she thought was a French male monk. She nodded as she pointed down the street, and spoke, "Faites alors une droite. Ce sera deux magasins vers le bas." (English: Then make a right. It will be two shops down).

Myobi thanked the woman, and made her way down the street. Untangling her vocal cords as she went. She finally entered the cafe that Esther spoke of. Shadow Huntress advanced towards a man who was spending his time cleaning a few glasses. Myobi cleared her throat to catch his attention, and lifted her hood up from her eyes. She revealed a set of pale pupiless eyes to the man. Startled, the glass almost slipped from his hands. The man knew who she was, he knew she wasn't a human. And knew that she was a member of the Les Assassins Silencieux; Shadow Huntress. The bartender led her downstairs into a dusty basement. Where Myobi spotted Esther, who sat waiting for the rest of the team members. Shadow Huntress pulled the hood off from her head, and sat down upon a barrel filled with gun powder.

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Tenjin stared at Victor for a moment but did not receive an answer whether or not Sebastian is o.k. A dark aura seemed to surround Gabriel, it was not visible but it could be felt, his lower lip trembled and his face wrinkled with rage. His brow dipped and a quick surge of canary yellow psionic energy was released from his left eye, his only organic one. His right eye was incapable of performing this; it was synthetic but gave him various abilities that the organic one could not, which will be unearthed later. He stood tall over his comrades, his broad shoulders piled with muscle, simply moved between the Scientist and another teammate brushing past them as he exited the room for a moment while Miyobi began to perform her dark magic. He sprinted down the hallway; his massive body shook the surrounding decorations, rattled small end tables and knocked down pictures as he ran. Tenjin headed for his chambers and upon reaching unlike a civilized man he lifted his colossal foot and kicked the wooden down into the room, barreling end over end before stopped by his bed. Gabriel made his way to his wardrobe closet and swung the door clean off the hinges, his anger clouded his mind. Several uniforms lined the single horizontal pole that suspended the outfits from hangers, his metallic fingers searched through them to finally find the one he was looking for. A black body suit was pulled from the rack and Tenjin undressed himself from his civilian clothes and pulled the one piece spandex over his already armored body. Each muscle shown through the suit, barrel like chest fit snug in the suit’s grip, it was sleeveless and let his arms remain open and naked. The suit even gripped the back of his head entirely but left his face bare except of a portion of the left top corner of his face leaving his eye visible by a cut out. Browsing through the bottom of the closet Tenjin pulled out a suitcase, it was diamond plated and shimmered in the lacking light. Tearing the suitcase open and sending the hinges sky bound he began to pull out the garments it collected. A large metal collar snapped together and sat at mid chest level, it was hulking and painted yellow like the rest of the accessories. A steel belt surrounded his waist and shin high boots covered his calves. This was not all he would bring to battle; Gabriel opened a small case and attached the foot long device to his forearm, it was his Force Field Generator.

Making his way back to the library, half of the team already made their way through the portal, Tenjin now battle ready stood in line. Upon his turn he leaped into the pool without second thought, his promise to seek revenge drove this powerhouse like an engine. Suddenly his body felt like it was being sliced by a thousand small razors at once, but not even a pain induced flinch emerged from the titan’s face.

“I should of brung my English to French dictionary with me.” Said Gabriel as he gazed at a bright light under him before becoming engulfed in it. Tenjin was slammed into a wall upon his completed travel, his shoulder buried within the brick. Pulling himself from the wall and gazing about, he noticed he was in a dark alley way, several drunk men looked at him with both fright and fascination. “Etes-vous un sauveur? Avoir est venu vous débarrasser le monde du méchant !”(

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France had changed over the years. Jacque made his way down the windy narrow streets of seventeenth century France. Loud voices and burning torches broke the darkness of the endless streets. If you looked up you could see the starts dancing across the dark canvas the sky had given them in all their glory no false lights took a sparkle away from them. Jacque stayed to the shadows were he could and tried not to draw to much attention to himself. Even in his disguise he did not fit in well he was clean shaven and his aftershave still broke the stench of the clothing on his back.

Révolution de La de Viva France Viva

   (Revolution  Viva France Viva)

Every bar he past seemed to cry the same words. Tonight maybe the night of the final pushes the French would be moving in to take the throne and it would be the perfect cover for Jacque to strike at his great great grandfather without notice. Out of the side of his eye he caught a glance of two men in the shadows they had been following him. Turning quickly down a side street he span round knowing they had nowhere to run they would have to show their faces and as they did he smiled.

Shadow man 1: Vous êtes dans les étrangers de rues ces rue et les personnes dans elle sont protégées par Le Rose Noir.
                              (You are in the dangerous streets stranger.these street and the people in it are protected by the Rose Noir)

The two men were in black head to two. Each carried a small sword and an array of throwing weapons. Le Rose Noir he was close to his target. Even now during all this madness Le Rose Noir still protected it’s people no matter who they would be. Jacque made a slow movement as he did the two men in sync lifted their hands towards the hilt of their blades.

Jacque Aucuns mes frères je ne marche seul jamais
 (my brothers I never walk alone)

Placing two fingers on the edge of his jumpers sleeve he began to pull it up showing a black rose tattoo with running up his forearm. The two men moved their hands to their chest and bowed and then did the same showing their marks to Jacque. A simple sign in past times of how the Rose Noir network knew who to trust and who not to. A simple tattoo and hand signs gave you a certain level of clearance.

Shadow Man 2: Pardonnez-nous le frère qu'il est un de fin de nuit et les temps dangereux d'être seuls sur la rue comment pouvons nous vous aident”

                              (Forgive us the brother it has been a long night and a dangerous one. How can we help you”

Jacque needed their help he could not get in his grandfathers grounds without the tattoo and a guide.  He would need to get close to his target. Fore to be a leader of Le Rose Noir you had to be one of the best in the world. Looking at them carefully he decided to chance his luck.

Jacque:Les frères I apportent un message pour le seigneur. Un que je dois la livraison personnellement. Pouvez vous m'aider en cela?”

                   (Brothers I bring a message for the lord. One which I must delivery personally. Can you help in that?)

He asked with a devious  tongue knowing they could not refuse a guest of Noir Rose request. But it did not mean they had to trust him. But he had given them no reason as of yet not to.

Shadow man 1: Un message pour le séjour de seigneur naturellement près des ombres et suivent derrière nous. Nous devons prendre les égouts dans les raisons et vous naturellement serez aveugle plié. Aucun frère prévu par offense

This one was obviously the one in charge he did not trust Jacque and Jacque had no way of taking offence to this request but his gamble had worked he was now on his way to meet his target face to face. All the research he had done on Le Rose Noir for this time line was paying off.

Jacque: “Aucun pris mon ami me ne l'aurais pas aucune autre manière. Menez svp dessus.”

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Precise pulled his brown cloak up to hide his head from the mass of people around him. His clean fresh cut hair would give him away instantly. His new black shoes would give him away as well, he quickly made his way to a place where pigs were sunbathing in the filth of a stinking mud pool. He bended over, reaching with his hands in the pool, which was merged with urine from the pigs, and smeared it across his shoes and robe. In an attempt to drown out the scent of his after shave and to make sure his shoes were unrecognizable.

“they owe me a new pair of shoes after this” he thought to himself as he felt the mud make its way inside his shoes, the slimy stinking substance quickly smeared his socks. He had to find the rest of his team but in this crowd of people it would be no easy task.. Until a voice in his head drowned out the other sounds in the crowded marketplace he was standing in, it was the voice of Esther.

"Make sure your garments are discrete,...I have already encountered some difficulty having been mistaken for the aristocracy.. Guard yourselves...these people are on the eve of their revolution. Meet me as soon as possible at the 'Vine Gauche Bistro." I will be waiting for you all."

“Damned woman” he thought to himself “You could have at least given me directions which way to move..”. He quickly abandoned this line of thinking remembering she was a telepath and if she so wished she could read his thoughts. He made his way across the market place sliding past nobility, this was a place where aristocrats came, so guards would not be uncommon. He hid his face in the shadow of his cloak as he walked past some of the guards, they would be no real threat to him if they decided to confront him but he didn’t want to draw attention himself.. not just yet anyway. He slid past the guards making his way into a dark alley, he saw a sign hanging out from a weapons smith and decided to make his way inside. He looked around him to see weapons hanging on every wall in the wooden room, a selection of maces, daggers, swords and the like. One man with an eye patch was standing behind a table filled with steel knives of various lengths.

Precise began to speak “Excusez-moi, savez-vous où le Vine Gauche Bistro est?” (excuse me, do you know where the Vine Gauche Bistro is?)

The man looked at him with a sense of disgust in his eyesavant de quitter je vous couper comme un cochon! Je ne suis pas en mesure de répondre à dériveurs” (leave before I cut you like a pig! I don’t answer to drifters..).

Precise took of his cloak and revealed his face to the man, before he could react the assassin grabbed his hand and slammed it on the table, with his other hand he picked up a knife and slammed it into the mans open hand. Nailing it to the table. The man screamed out in pain as Precise slowly turned the dagger, splinters from the table entered the open wound in his hand. “Où!” (where!) Precise said in a firm tone of voice once more. The man began to give him directions with his other hand, pointing it in the direction he needed to go.. it was only a 5 minute walk from here. Without speaking a word Precise put his cloak back on shrouding his face in darkness once more as he turned around and walked out the door.

The dark alley was almost deserted, he had to look hard to find any sort of life besides the rats scurrying around. The sounds from the market place could still be heard until his attention was drawn to another sound. The sound of a woman’s scream just around the corner. Quietly he made his way to the corner while he slowly looked around it, a man in a bloodstained robe held a knife with blood caked on to it. A naked young woman laid trembling before him, she had cuts all over her body, red liquid was staining her body.. Before the man even noticed Precise’s presence he kicked him in the face instantly knocking him out. The woman looked straight into Precise’s eyes and softly muttered the words “s'il vous plaît aidez-moi” (please help me). Precise made his way to the woman and said in a firm voice “Fermez les yeux..” (close your eyes). The woman listened to him and closed her eyes, Precise softly took a hold of her head and with one swoop turned it around, killing her instantly. Without so much as looking at her he made his way to the man.. he laid on his chest in a puddle of water, his sleeve had crawled up his arm showing a burn mark. The all-seeing eye was burned into his wrist, normally this was tattooed.. “this could be important” he thought to himself. He took the black cloth laying in the corner of the alley and wrapped the man in it. With one swoop he placed him on his shoulder and continued on his way towards the bistro.

Upon reaching his destination he showed his tattoo the bartender, quickly he was guided down to the basement where his fellow teammates were waiting. He threw the man still wrapped in cloth onto the wooden table and said

“This could be interesting, look at his left wrist”.