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(See what I did there?)

Vinyl empire.

A record shop located in the thick of Boston, is owned by the mystery man Ivan Que. Even though it is a dingy record store on a street corner, it actually gets some decent business. The shop runs at random hours, mostly everyday till Ivan gets bored or he is off on some crazy adventure. Records can be brought in and sold and also brought in to get fixed and cleaned.  

The "good" part.

 The vinyl shop is merely a front (An operating front mind you). To the everyday man, it really is just a record store. But to someone of the supernatural world, it is perhaps the best place a few states wide that sells magic related items. Ingredients for a spell? A potion? A book on a certain incantation or ritual or even a demon that you need more information on? Then you made the right choice by stepping into Vinyl empire. 


  • The basic forum rules of course apply here.
  • Don't go trying to break into the store during closing hours.
  • No fighting unless you ask first.
  • You MUST sell to myself, or anybody else given authority in the store, if they want you out, you will get the hell out!
  • Again, no stealing of the records.
  • No destruction of the building, unless you asked first.
  • Don't be a dick! Seriously if your guy is going to walk in here and just d0uche up the place for no reason, don't even bother. 
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[[ Hehe, nice! I saw the name and was like ....

Also welcome back! ]]

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@Lady_Liberty: Thanks~)
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I must admit my heart skipped a beat when I read the title :p

This is awesome :)

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@ Starkin: Thanks dude :)
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There's a meme for what happened when I Read the title XD

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@The_Puzzler: Ha! Nice title :P

Well done :)

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@The_Puzzler: Mei stepped into the record shop humming a bouncy tune that was stuck in her head, wrapped between her arms and chest was a scratched record of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Willy and The Poor Boys" album. At the back of the shop was a man standing behind a cash register, she sauntered over to where he was and leaned on to the counter with her elbows, "Hey you guys do record repair and restorations, right?"

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@Mei: Ivan lit up a cigarette as he rolled up the sleeves. After a puff he looked over at the lady leaning on the counter. "That is what it says on the sign".
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@The_Puzzler: "Great!" Mei replied with a smile. She laid the record on the counter then continued, "I found this old classic in one of the trash bins on campus a few weeks ago. I've cleaned it up but it still has some scratches on it. If you can fix it that'd be awesome."

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@Mei: "Well it will be awesome, cause I can fix it" Ivan said with a snarky tone as he picket up the record. "Looks like it's in rough shape, I can have this done in a day maximum. I would say this if fifty bucks worth of repair".
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@The_Puzzler: "Okay," Mei said as she reached into the pockets of her school uniform for some cash. "Here you go," she added, smiling again with a 50 dollar bill in hand.

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haha your title was false advertising =P

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@Clara Mass: XP
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Ivan and Amelia exploded into existence below the record store, in a rather impressively large cellar filled with supernatural artifacts and items. "Home sweet home.." He muttered as he once again dusted the ashes off his trench coat.

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@The_Puzzler: Amelia didn't bother to brush the ashes off of herself. She didn't particularly care about her own appearance. "Alright.. let's get this over with."

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@Amelia_: "I need you to sit down on that patch of concrete over there, I will get the ingredients for the ritual.." Ivan pointed over to the only spot of stone on the brown dirt floor of the cellar, it was reasonably big. The mystery man started collecting ingredients from various spots all over the cellar. "I have heard about you, not by name but just a few rumors, and I just wanted to say it's nice to meet someone that is used to all of this stuff almost as much as me..".

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@The_Puzzler: "Yeah, well, the life was kind of forced on me." She walked over to the spot and sat down, drawing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them.

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@Amelia_: "Heh your telling me, the Que family line...Cursed, to protect a world that is blind to this sh!t.." Ivan grabbed the last of the ingredients and set them down beside the rock patch. After hanging up his trench coat, rolling up his sleeves and loosening his tie a bit, he started to draw a circle. Gently scribbling tiny symbols and sigils every inch that was the bold line of the circle.

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@The_Puzzler: "My mom pissed off a vampire. Look where that got her." She tucked her head in between her knees.

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@Amelia_: "You lost your parents too? How young? I lost mine when I was fourteen..A uh..Mmm..*clears throat* sorcerer killed both of them a few months apart..He is what you called a family rival of sorts.." Ivan paused for a moment as he looked back on the memory, sorrow of that night in his eyes. He quickly snapped out of it and continued.

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@The_Puzzler: "Parent. My dad's still alive. I just don't see him all that often. Time travelers don't often get time off to see their kids."

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@Amelia_: "Heh I bet, sounds like a hassle.." Ivan grabbed twelve black candles and set them up at the points on the edge of the circle. "Ok, I am going to need a bit of blood, this is blood magic after all.." Ivan pulled out a pin and held it in front of Amelia.

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@The_Puzzler: Amelia grabbed the pin and pricked her finger, coating the needle in her blood. She promptly handed it back. "He's a crazy old bastard."

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@Amelia_: Ivan chuckled as he grabbed the pin and set it gently on the edge of the rock patch so it wouldn't get lost. "Ok, we need to be serious now..The atmosphere needs to be perfect or this will go really bad.." Ivan explained while removing his black boots along with his tie and shirt. After lighting the black candles and shutting off the cellar ceiling light, he sat himself down right in front of Amelia. "Ok..I know this sounds a bit weird, but I am going to need you to remove your shoes and..Well your top and bra..The upper body needs to by nothing but natural for this to work right.." Ivan shrugged as he scratched the back of his head.

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@The_Puzzler: Amelia, shrugged, ripping off her shoes. Her shirt came off a moment later, revealing that she had no bra to take off. "Go ahead."

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@Amelia_: "Well that was alot less of a fuss then I expected..I am warning you right here Amelia. My soul will be inside your being as we are doing this, we will by spiritually connected and it can be really crazy. So if your emotions become all over the place and you start to feel like your losing your mind..It's normal.." Ivan took in a deep breath, the multiple scars on his body glistened in the candle light. He held out both of his hands. "Take my hands, Amelia.".

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@The_Puzzler: The girl calmly took his hands. "I've had enough fussing for one life-time."

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@Amelia_: "Alright, the ritual begins..." Ivan went silent as he gently clasped her hands and took in a deep breath. Ivan starts to speak in a demonic language that sounded like utter gibberish. ">Spirits of the dark soul, I know you hear my beckoning for you...Please, for it is my will, make a connection to this circle..<". The candle's flames went from a normal color of fire, to an intense teal color.

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@The_Puzzler: Amelia did her best to remain completely calm. Of course, she failed miserably, but it didn't show.

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@Amelia_: ">I see you have made your connection, lords of the dark soul..I beseech thee to free the old soul of the counterpart that sits in this circle with me..As you can see, I need you, to connect us. You feel my will, you see I am powerful enough to demand for such. DO MY WILLAAAAAAAAAUGH!<"Ivan's voice went demonic as he snapped his gaze straight up to the ceiling, letting out a gasp for air at the same time as a monstrous roar. The candles started to spew flames like a flame thrower, flying through the air like spectral serpents. Soon, Amelia would be forced to do the same, and the flame would enter each of their mouths and bare down into their souls.

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@The_Puzzler: Amelia hated the sensation as her mouth was forced open. Flames rushed down her throat, and it was all she could do to not let go of his hands.

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@Amelia_: Among the intense flames emitted an orb from each of their mouths, coursing through the flame. As soon as it was high enough, the two souls combined as flames stabbed through the combined soul like spears. After a few antagonizing moments, the souls split apart once again. As soon as their souls returned to their bodies, the flames flew back into the candles and blew themselves out. Ivan gasped and fell to the ground, he went into shock from merging souls with a vampire even for a short time. Amelia's soul was now purged, it was her own once more, her humanity, but that still could not change what she had become. Ivan started gasping for air as he clawed at the cement, his heart rate was dropping fast.

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@The_Puzzler: Amelia panicked, taking note of his condition before she did hers. "What do I do?" She said, concerned, bending over him.

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@Amelia_: Ivan panicked as well, signaling for her to pound on his chest where his heart was located to kick start it.

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@The_Puzzler: She got the signal, and quickly cracked her fist down onto his chest, being careful not to obliterate his organs.

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@Amelia_: Ivan gasped as he sat up quickly, drawing a few quick and deep breathes. "...You..You can put your top back on.." He mumbled while standing up, starting to put on his dirty dress shirt and tie.

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@The_Puzzler: Amelia threw her shirt back on, then got up. "Well, that was fun."

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@Amelia_: "Tons, I liked the part where my own soul, you know...Almost killed me.." Ivan smirked while finally putting his boots back on. "Hey, so I was thinking that you should spend the night, in case anything goes wrong with the spell and all..And yes there is only one bed but I already know about your...Well...*ahem*..Preference...So I don't think it will be a big deal". Ivan flicked the lights back on, revealing a fresh massive burn wound on Ivan's chest that he quickly buttoned over, hoping she wouldn't see it.

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@The_Puzzler: "It won't be. I'm a massive blanket-hog, though." A smile crept across her face.

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@Amelia_: Ivan smiled and shrugged. "Eh, I can just use my handy dandy trench coat". He smiled as well while walking over and putting and arm over her shoulder, raising a brow. "How are you feeling now Amelia? Just a bit more back to the way things were?".

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@The_Puzzler: "Yeah.. better." It was a complete lie. She was even more aware of what she was now.. and it still didn't feel good.

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@Amelia_: Ivan frowned, seeing a bit through her gaze. He held onto her a bit tighter and they started to walk upstairs. "Look Amelia, I have had plenty of people I care about get turned..My own family even, and with a darkened soul they became things just as bad as Tanner..It may seem not like much now, bit you will see how much of a change it has made.."

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@The_Puzzler: "I'm fine, really." She muttered, looking off to the side.

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@Amelia_: The two arrived up in the store, Ivan flicked the lights on to brighten up the midnight lit records. With a grin on his face he hopped over the counter and rushed to put a "the strokes" album on the record player. The store's P.A system started to play the song "Is this it?". Ivan walked back over to the gloomy Amelia and gently grabbed her chin with an optimistic smile. "On the roof, a T.V and decent couch. Hows about we watch something and try and get your mind off things hey?".

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@The_Puzzler: "Wasn't working before. But hey.. why not. Better than standing around and pondering where your stakes are."

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@Amelia_: Ivan smiled as he opened one of the compartments under the counter, filled to the brim with tons of different T.V series.

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@The_Puzzler: "You can pick.. as long as it isn't friggin' 'vampire diaries'. Or anime." She leaned up against one wall, folding her arms in front of her.

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@Amelia_: "Hmm, hows about some series one doctor who?" Ivan shuffled through the collection and pulled it out from under the counter, shaking it at Amelia.

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@The_Puzzler: "Works for me." She bit back a comment about wanting Melissa here.. about how she would love nothing more than to curl up in the blonde's lap and watch it with her.