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Hello, fellow vinersaurs or even future Vinersaurs and welcome to The Vinersaurs Official Team Page. We are a unique set of people that have been each given abilities from something we call "Dino-Serum". This serum infects the blood in our bodu and gives us various superhuman abilities.

Our goal is too protect the vine (located in San Francisco)

These vines are what brings life to all human beings on earth. If it is destroyed every human on earth will cease to exist.

We must protect it from the Trolls

They want all he humans gone so they can control the world. They contain Superman(New 52)level everything and are a serious threat. They come every day or so. Beware!

We have many different bases and locations around the world

Hong Kong Base

America Base

Italy Base

Blueprint Of All Bases


YourNeighborhoodComicGeek : "The Boss" /The Big Boss : Italy Base- Power Mimicry

UnderDogs_OverBoard : "Henchmen" /Honorary Guard: American Base- Super Scream

CozyDaPrynce: "Da Ladies Man" /Rookie: China Base- Hypnotizing

YoungJustice : "Mr.Deal With It" /Rookie: Italy Base- Radiation Manipulation

TheCannon : "Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" /Rookie- China Base-Shapeshifting

joewell : "The Royal Knight" /Rookie: American Base-Steel Skin Generation

PrinceZiara : "The Assassin" /Noob: Italy Base- Invisibility

ChaosBlazer : "Top Agent" /Rookie: China Base- Superhuman Stamina, durability, speed, and strength.

8bitGangsta : "That New Guy You Probably Don't Know" /Noob: China Base-Time Travel

Static Shock : /Noob: American Base- Magneic Manipulation

wildvine : "High Priestess" /Cool Person: China Base- Plant Manipulation

Rumble Man : "Court Wizard" /Noob: American Base- Sound Manipulation

Soul_Rebel : "The Digger" /Noob: Italy Base- Heat Vision, super sonic flight.

ragman1138 : "Mercenary" /Noob: China Base-Intangibility

BlueLantern1995 : "The Messenger of Hope" /Noob: American Base- Hard Light Construct

Libertyprime : "Doc" /Noob: China Base- Healing (including others)

Icarusflies : "Big Brother" /Noob -American Base- Size Manipulation

dccomicsrule2011 : "The King of Games"/Noob: Italy Base- Precognition

ratman19 : "Jesus" /Noob: China Base-Minor Reality Warping

deadpoolrules : "Awesome Merc" /Rookie- America Base- Fear Manipulation

DarkKnightDetective: "The Goddamn Batman" /Noob- Italy Base-Heightened Senses

darktiger : /Noob: China Base-Shadow Manipulation

PunkMastaFlex : "RoyalDivinity" /Noob-American Base-Sound Manpulation

MyonKuro : /Noob; Italy Base- Tornado Geneation

Delphic : "The Chronicler" /Noob: China Base-Telepathy

terry2012 : "Nicename" /Noob: China Base-Light Manipulation

rawr : "Batwoman-in-training" /Noob American Base -Peak Human Stats, uses 90% of her brain.

The Poet : "The Handsome Harlequin Hero" /Noob American Base-Enhanced Intelligence

Mr_Ingenuity : "Emperor of Tomorrow" /Noob: Italy Base-Super Speed

jack16ichigo : "Shy Guy" /Noob: China Base-Death Touch

papad1992 : "The X-Men Fanatic" /Noob: America Base- Healing Factor, Master samurai

LadyLigeia : "Goddess of War" /Noob: China Base-Teleportation

SpidermanWins, : "Spiderpool McAwesomepants" /Noob; Italy Base-Organic Web Generation

jobiwankenobi : "Jobi" /Noob: China Base- Telekinesis

andrewtheking: "The Lost One" /Noob: American Base-Invisibility

RazzaTazz : /Noob: Italy Base-Resurrection

VyseCarma : /Noob: China Base-Poison Emission

CapFanboy : "Cap" /Noob American Base- Super Stretching

GrandSymbiote94 : "DaBeast" /Noob Italy Base- Fire Manipulation

Stronger : "The Game" /Noob China Base-Super Strength

comicdude23 : "Jon" /Noob American Base-Ice Generation

The_Thunderer : /Noob Italy Base-Lightning Manipulation

onilordasmodeus : /Noob America Base- Electric Manipulation

Eternal19 : /Noob China Base- Immortality

SavageDragon : /Noob Italy Base-"Earth Manipulation

Vouile : /Noob China Base-Matter Manipulation

jhazzroucher : "Super Fan of Ororo Munroe aka Storm"/Noob: Italy Base-Weather Maipulation

_Punk_ : /Noob America Base- Force Field Generation

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Can I join?

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Wait if you're protecting San Francisco why do you have bases around the world?

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O_o good luck

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I didn't even know the RPG world was this big.

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O_o good luck

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@Tellumo said:

Wait if you're protecting San Francisco why do you have bases around the world?

Will be explained soon. I am sort of tired.

@Morgaine_de_Bourbon said:

O_o good luck

@Angeni said:

O_o good luck

Even though you both are being sarcastic thanks. -__-

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@YoungJustice: O_O Are you able to read my mind? I'm not being sarcastic, I am just shocked to see how many people there is on this team.

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Good luck, maybe can you break up into squads for locations?

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@Angeni said:

@YoungJustice: O_O Are you able to read my mind? I'm not being sarcastic, I am just shocked to see how many people there is on this team.

LOL. Ok.

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Everytime I see something about the Vinersaurs it makes me think of the Funkdactyls and the Funk A'Saurus

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@YoungJustice: Why did you just make up random powers?