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It’s been two months since “The Battle of Pennsylvania Avenue” and the world hasn’t been the same. The Registration Act has been implemented and heroes and villains alike have been forced to choose a side. Either be in accordance under the terms of the Act, or be incarcerated and tried as a traitor to the United States of America. Some would reluctantly comply and register while others went under radar keeping a low profile as hunted individuals.

For those two months the President (that had suffered great injuries in the previously mentioned battle) has been out of sight to the public. Only making contact to the public via telephonic conference call. Some believe that he has gone to the Savage land and sought the medicine of one Mr. Sinister to heal his wounds and regenerate the arm he had lost in a battle with the long time missing Renegade Lantern. Rumors have also come out of the wood work the he is plotting a massive preemptive strike on those responsible for the white house’s destruction but nothing is really too sure at this point. Even under the unsure circumstances Gamblers followers have stayed loyal and have upheld the newly passed law.

The heroes that choose to oppose the Act have been trying their hardest to keep out of the public eye. Some resistors have been captured, tortured and beaten for information on the whereabouts of those that lead the charge on the President. The registered individuals gained power by way of classification and all had a squad of cape killers under their command answering first to them but still more loyal to the President.

For the resistors leaving the country was not an option since all air space and border patrols have been on the highest of alert. The aptly named Initiative and cape killers swarmed the ones that have been able to evade the public have been holding meetings in different rural cities all across the United States. The Resistors made contact by old Morse code on communication devices on high frequency hopping channels that were nearly impossible to track. Also they never kept a pattern and continued on the move never staying in one location for more than 48 hours.

2 day’s ago

In a secret meeting held by Kurrent, (the man that has taken command of the Resisting individuals) that all resistors attended, news of Gambler making his first appearance after a two month absence has came to their attention by a registered individual who is acting as a sleeper for the resistance. It was said that Gambler will be appearing on Alcatraz Island off the San Francisco Bay, to give his first live State of the Union.

The Resistors grew tired of living the life that had been placed upon them due to the evil that had manipulated the entire nation. While the villains that resisted didn’t want their information put out and had other reasons for not registering. For the most part they all agreed that this appearance by Gambler would be their best chance to end his reign once and for all.

Today……San Francisco

The city was full of cape killers and registered individuals minutes before the State of the Union. All the Resistors were scattered in different parts of the city preparing themselves for the upcoming battle. On the other hand Alcatraz was highly secure. The air was filled with a SHIELD heli carrier, several UH-60 Blackhawks and Sentinels. They all were on the lookout for any unregistered person and had orders to detain by any means. The resistors all had orders to make their way to the bridge to not engage unless provoked. They each kept a com link that used the same freq hopping technology to communicate as they ventured through the city knowing that Gambler had to be insight before anyone was to attack him. His identity had to be confirmed.

Kurrent traveled alone and kept to the allies and high civilian populated areas to blend in as he made his way toward the Golden Gate Bridge. As he continued cautiously he thought to himself after we kill this bastard how are we going to get our vindication, this process is going to be painful but Gambler has to go! Then he looked on to the unsuspecting crown underneath his draped hood at the island where it was about to go down.

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Demosapien was the god of havoc, the lord of chaos, and ruler of the underworld. He spent his decades as ruler slaughtering countless dimension. There was a fury deep inside his soul. A fury that would never leave his side. There was some times where he wanted to escape the evil that he had in his soul. But what he found out was that there was no leaving it. He had no choice but to accept the power he was given. He needed to feed off souls or otherwise he would become weaker and someone would try to take his place. He was not going to let that happen. For he was and would always be Ruler of the underworld. He had always been a juggernaut. When ever he was on the move there was no stopping him. Technically. So basically when he was given his power it was if that was his place until he gave it up. But he couldn’t so he would be there for all of eternity feeding off countless souls. He did not know what made him so powerful. It was as if it had been in his blood since he had been born. Who was his mother, who was his father. He knew who they were but who were they really. Were they massive evil gods of another dimension? As they say. The world may never know.

It had been last mecha. Or year as they call it. That he had decided to come to earth. He had been sitting on his throne and images began to appear. Images of a large war. A war so large that it would devastate more than this one dimension. This had not been new for him but this had different circumstances. There was a man on that very planet that would cause the war. What that man didn’t know was that he had put himself in a hell of a lot of danger. This man was known as Gambler. He was the president on that planet. Not only of his country but his whole world. Demon had watched over Gambler as If he was his own child. The many lives Gambler took only gave easier souls for Demon to consume. Not only was it that he cared for gambler. He was somewhat scared of him. He was scared that Gambler would be not sentenced to hell but sentenced to the Underworld. And he would be so clever in his evil plans that he would find a way to overcome The lord of Chaos. There was only one way to stop that from happening. He would have to watch over Gambler. Even closer.

He began to gear himself up. Firs he put on his long black underworld jump suit. On his pants he put his belt on. His belt even had powers. There were chains linked to his belt that were used to grab things and also break his fall. He then put too large metal gun holsters on each side of his waist. Then he slipped a sword case onto his back under his trench coat in it was his sword. The swords name was Calvin cluster. It had been the sword of luck. It always had one special attack for each opponent, right in there weaknesses. He didn’t want anyone to know who he was. Then grabbed his guns. He flipped them around his hands. He always kept glove on though because his hands were the touch of a power from a mythical dimension. He had no idea what would happen if he combined his gun and hands. As he flipped the guns around like the gunslinger he was he felt a chill. Not because of the cold temperature of the guns. But from the souls they taken, the worlds they corrupted, the gods they had killed. These guns were name chaos and havoc. For those were their abilities. They had both stolen billions of souls. But also for every god’s soul consumed by the guns another star would appear on their side. There were now 25 on each. They had been his ultimate weapons. As he was geared up he spoke to his army of Sapiens. He left one of his men in charge. He then opened a portal to the city of comic vine.

It had now been a year later. No war had come but he could tell that it was not too far away. He had to stay close to Gambler. He ahd been known as Razor. So he had by then became the biggest mob boss in the world. Every one knew what he was capable of. Well not exactly. He only showed a small extent of his power. For he did not want it to be know who he was. It was now 12:30 am he was in the Alcatraz. It had been the biggest prison in the area. He did not know what had been going on. But there was word that G would be coming. He had to watch his back for he knew how many people would want to impale Gamblers face to their wall. He also knew something that the people didn’t know. If Gambler died the world would begin to die off. No matter how vicious he was in the end he always did what was best for the world.

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she stretched slowly and let out a cat-like purr as she rolled onto her side. she reached out for his side of the bed and her hand met cool sheet and bare pillow. she blinked a bit and sat up in bed. the warm spring sunshine was filtering in through the curtains and she shielded her eyes a moment, letting them adjust. she glanced at the alarm clock and she muttered a curse under her breath. jerking back the covers, she slid from bed and rushed out of the bedroom, taking a moment to grab her robe as she ran by. as she tugged it on going down the stairs, she glanced around the sprawling mansion's hallway and listened. there were sounds coming from the kitchen.. something frying. some humming. she grinned softly and pulled her red hair from the collar of her robe and walked down the hallway. as she came up on the kitchen, she paused at the doorway and then peered around it, finding him hard at work

"Good morning, Mr. Summers. Why did you let me sleep so long? Our flight leaves this afternoon you know. I still have loads to do!"he turned and just grinned at her"Well good morning, Mrs. Summers. You looked so peaceful, I hated to wake you. And stop worrying. We'll get everything handled."she shook her head and smiled as she walked into the kitchen. she curled onto a barstool and leaned her elbow on the bar, just enjoying watching him work"You know something? This is a nice change. I'm usually the one doing all this for everyone else."he laughed and walked over to steal a kiss. she let it linger a moment and finally let him go back to work"Looking forward to our honeymoon, Kitten? I know you told me it was a dream for you to go there."she bit her lip and smiled at him, letting out the softest of sighs"You know I am, Andy. I can't wait. Some time for us. Just us. We've been through so much in the months since we married. It will be nice just to relax for awhile. have some fun!"he lifted the bacon from the frying pan and set it on a waiting plate and she could tell he was grinning

he finished with the rest of breakfast, fixing both her and himself a plate. he brought them over to the bar where he took the seat next to her. she reached for the tv remote and she flipped it on. the channel had stayed on CNN. he must have been watching the news again, she mused. the upcoming initiation of the Registration Act had the world all a buzz. as she sat the remote down, she picked up her fork and took a bite of egg

"Andy, you know if you want to stay.. you know I'll understand."she heard him set his fork down as it clinked against the china. he took her fork from her hand and set it down against her own plate. as he turned her, the stool swiveling, to face him.. his eyes were deep set and his jaw was tight"Listen to me, Kitten. I made you a promise. You're going to have the honeymoon of your dreams. If you want to go to Greece, then that's what we're doing. You know I made my press conference. You know they all know where you and I stand. But I refuse to disappoint my wife just because the President has a mind to try to get us all killed."her blue eyes held his as she listened. she honestly had never felt so much love than she did at that exact moment. he was putting her first and that meant the world to her. she knew that no matter what happened, the two of them were not going to let it dampen their spirits"I know Andy, but.. I had to ask. I had to just put it out there. Yes I do want to go to Greece, but I know how important this is to you. I know you want to stand up for the Anti-Registration Movement. I was just saying.."he leaned in and kissed her, silencing her protests"Enough Kitten. Thank you for being generous and wanting to postpone our honeymoon, but I'm not going to let you. You've made so many sacrifices. Not anymore. Now finish breakfast so we can go finish packing."she giggled and resumed eating, every so often playfully nudging him in the ribs

A Few Hours Later..

their suitcases by the front door, she turned and looked back toward the kitchen. he'd been watching the goings on.. and a part of her truly did feel guilty for going away at this time, but if they didn't make time for themselves, when would they have the chance? she knew they had a responsibility to the public.. and to their family. their super hero family. but they also had a responsibility to themselves as well. she walked across the hall again, her bootfalls echoing off the walls. she peered around the kitchen door again"Baby? The cab will be here in about ten minutes. I've got to ask one more time? Are you sure?"he picked the remote up and flipped off the television. he strode across the kitchen and scooped her up and hoisted her over his shoulder. she let out a squeal and laughed"Andy! What are you doing?"he swatted her backside and just kept walking toward the front door"What am I doing? I'm trying to show my wife that she doesn't need to keep asking me if I'm sure I want to go on a romantic honeymoon with her rather than stay here and fight. Especially after I saw the bathing suit she packed!"she giggled and as he set her back onto her feet, she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him"You're one of a kind, you know that? How'd I get so lucky?"he was about to answer when a horn honked outside. the cab had arrived. he just grinned and picked her bags up, and walked them out the door. she brought up the rear, shutting the mansion door behind her. she gave a quick glance back at their home before she climbed into the cab first with him sliding in beside her"To JFK, please. My wife and I have a plane to catch!"

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Doug was not a man of this country. Heck, he wasn't even a person from this planet at all. He knew that if the authority found out that he was a Skrull they would lock him up and torture him for attempting an attack on Earth. Doug would never do something like that to this planet but the law wouldn't listen anyway.

Since the news of the Registration Act has been reached to Doug, he finds himself underground in an attempt to not be discovered. He began his search for anyone else who was oppose to this law, hoping that he was not alone in this desperate hour.

Doug saw a ladder, leading up to the surface. He reached out his hands onto the cold, slimy metal bars on the ladder and began to climb. Once he got to the very top, Doug turned his fists into orange-colored rock fists, similar to the Thing's; and pushed the manhole above him. Once it was lifted, Doug slowly placed the manhole down on the ground to make sure he didn't make a loud noise. He slowly poked his head out of the hole to see that he was in an alley with no one around. He could hear people in the streets, walking down the sidewalk just by the exit of the alley. Doug shapeshifted himself into his human form as he crawled out of the sewers. He dusted himself off and walked into the streets, to blend in with the people walking by.

Doug knew no one saw him shapeshift but if they did, they would never think of attacking or engaging him in a public area like the one he is in right now.

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The incident in Pennsylvania had stopped the world. It will go down as the biggest event of its time. The time that saw the begging of the end for what was a golden age for heroes.

Dormath was standing on the roof of a shabby apartment complex leaning against a air condition unit looking down at he ally before him. He felt the dust on the alley stir as two men entered the alley. Dormath did not stir in the slightest, for he knew who they where.

Late huh what a surprise He thought as he watched the men walk right into place below him.

Both men in trench coats with some of the best power stopping weapons the world knew. Cape hunters men who with the power of the government behind them had one mission…the destruction of any opposition to the civil war that was going down.

The men started to talk in whispers in an attempt to keep there secretive conversation between them and only them. A plan that would Shirley work if the man standing above them was just that a man, but Dormath was no regular man he was element the embodiment of the air itself. Dormath stepped up to the ledge as the vile cape hunters finished there discussion and where about to leave to carry out there vile plan. Dormath stepped off the ledge falling like a stone straight to the back of his victim. He had to take out one of the so that the other would know he meant business. As Dormath landed he grabbed the senior of the two by the collar and with a flick of the wrist he was sent to the wall with out a sound as his hands and legs spread out as if he was glued there. Dormath looked at the man to make sure that the shock had not taken him out of the conscious world. The cape hunter still standing decided to use what he thought was a mistake to attack his would be slayer. The drew his staff with the aim of extending its electric properties right into Dormath, but the attacker had other ideas. Dormath used his abilities of the air to relive the hunter of his staff and place it suspended in front of the face of the hunter on the wall. The hunter knew he was done for he was in way over his head and had only one option left, mercy.

U don’t know what ur doing they will be all over u if u kill us u don’t want that” said the hunter with a crack in his voice.

Not us” Dormath said as he raised his right hand to eye level and snapped his fingers. Giving a visual cue to the air that he had sent into the lungs of the hunter, causing the lungs to tear and the man’s heart to explode.

Dormath walked up to the senior hunter that was in shock but yet still in check of his emotions.

I have heard what I want to know answer my remaining question and I will make it painless for you

The man looked up and Dormath and started to talk, answering the question the best he could giving up everything he had. As the man looked on hoping that there would be a reprieve for his good behavior. He was mistaken as with a thought Dormath turned the mans head beyond the limits of his neck.

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The cell was spartan, just a bare room with a table and two chairs in the centre. Bright white halogen strips cast harsh illumination onto the bowed head of the man cuffed to one of the chairs. Slowly the door eased open and a civil servant entered, a stack of papers under one arm. Quickly he scurried across the room and sat don in the chair. Leafing through his documents.

"Mr... uh, I'm sorry, we don't have your name on file."

He got no further as the restrained man spoke, looking up for the first time in hours.

"Its Carmine, just Carmine

The man stuttered for a moment, taken aback by the cool voice. It was common for people to go mad while in HFC custody. Terrified of what was going to happen to them. But not Carmine. He seemed perfectly at ease.

"Yes well...as I was saying. We at the white house understand that there were mitigating circumstances behind your actions at the Italian embassy. Although the loss of so many lives is unfortunate we would hate to see a man with talents such as yours go to waste. Which is why we have a proposition for you."

Again, the seated hitman spoke.

"I accept."

He sighed at the look of confusion on the pen pushers face. The little man was used to being in control in situations such as these. Closing his eyes Carmine sat back in his chair, his restraints chinking.

"You are going to offer me a place within the initiative as a cape killer. Its simple enough to see. So lets cut the crap. I accept, now get these cuffs off me, hand me my guns and tell me who I need to kill."

A few moments later and the tightness around his wrists disappeared, allowing the deadly assassin to stand. Half an hour later he was standing in a cape killer uniform on Alcatraz island. A state of the art assault rifle in his hands. His briefing had been short and too the point. Any unregistered meta human that was sighted was to be put down with extreme force. He shifted uncomfortably in the heat, a bead of sweat running down his face and tracing the seal of his tactical goggles where they met his cheek. The goggles would instantly bring up the name and information of any meta human they targeted, unless they weren't registered. In which case he would need the rifle.

Carmine waved his arm in a sweeping motion and watched with satisfaction as the rest of his unit began a sweep of the crowd which was assembling for the president's address. Security on the island was especially tight, top brass was certain that the president's enemies would make an attempt on his life the moment he stepped back into the public eye and so were pulling out all the stops.

Checkpoint four, whats your status? Over.

Tapping the radio send button, Carmine spoke quietly.

*Checkpoint four, all clear. Everybody checks out so far. Out.

He just hoped things stayed this dull. It was too hot in the damn uniform to do any fighting and he seriously doubted that the rest of his mickey mouse unit could take on a meta human. Despite their high tech equipment.

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A blue vortex opened up just outside of San Francisco,and a man walks out

The man was very well built, standing around six foot six, dressed in black fatigues.his ice blue eyes were set on the view of the city.

"General Franklin i'm here." The man said into his comlink. "Good Magnum,you know the mission ?" General Franklin asked. "Affirmative sir,aid the pro in victory." he said in response. "Good,you know what's at stake here,the entire future as we know it rides on victory here today." General Frankiln said. "Affirmative" Magnum said.

"You'll have your normal gear" the genral said.the blue vortex opened again and a metal case was left

Magnum walk to the case and open it," Two hanguns,A rocket launcher with heat seeking missles, an adamantium machete,and of course croc killer" the general went on,magnum loaded up his gear.

"And remember,T.J. no mercy" The geneal said

"Of course sir" magnum repiled,the comlink went off,magnum look at the city again and started walking towards it.

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MI-13 had assigned Agent Kennedy to the Torchwood project in attempt to make bonds strong between the United States and the England,so far it had worked well and Longshot had surprising chemistry with the president himself.They all black helicopter began to land and Gambler seemed laconic or focused in some way,Longshot choose to stay silenced and continued to look at the ocean and the prison below.Camera crews and paparazzi alike flashed cameras and held their microphones out even before the huge bird landed onto the rock island.The people were being held back by government officials and the stand which Gambler would speak at remained surrounded by Suits and Cape Killers.

Alcatraz isn't so bad.

Longshot thought to himself as they landed on the helicopter pad that sat atop the roof of the old prison.Longshot got from his seat and opened the door for his escort and the man he protected.

"Right this way Mr.President."

The door hatch unlocked and Agent Kennedy stepped out observing the scene and setting his men up around the President before moving down to the podium.They were surged by cameras and news crews,they seemed so avid to know what was already told to them many of times.Longshot spoke for the President in his thick English accent.

"Yes,the registration law is in effect.No,it will not be lifted until the men and women of this country no every heroes identities."

Longshot smiled after he made his statement and pushed through the crowd,making room for Gambler.

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It was a long and confusing week for the Russian: traveling to the US to find a job, trying to stay sane in the midst of a rising Civil War, and finding peace as a bodyguard for the president, no less. Adjusting his suit in the mirror, Warsman, or rather Mr. Kosokov, took the needed precautions by checking where his phone and badge were. He rejected the thought of using firearms and began to polish his claws, extending them to their full length from each knuckle on one hand and using a wet cloth to clean the dried blood from them.

However, even though Demitri was oblivious to where his boss had gone, he was summoned to a press conference to discuss his whereabouts, something everyone was anxious to know. Preparing his notes, Demitri crumpled them into a ball and threw them into the empty fireplace to be burned later.

Exiting the mansion he was able to purchase through his mercenary career a few months earlier, Demitri stepped into the car parked on the circular driveway that led to his home, taking a seat behind a driver in a cap and tie.

Later, at the conference.

The room was small, but had several journalists inside and many more outside. A wall of windows lined the back of the podium and a large staircase led to the top, where the microphones stood waiting. Demitri took his place behind the podium, bending the microphones as high as they could be bent so that he wouldn't have to hunch over. Then, the questions began. The most obvious was "where is the president?" or, more wordy, "what are the president's whereabouts?".

Pointing to a young woman with an NBC button on her shirt, he stood patiently for her question.

"Do you happen to know what happened to President LeBeau after the Battle of Pennsylvania Avenue?"

Demitri smiled warmly.

"He has gone to a much safer place to recover from his injuries. Security is tight where he is and I assure you that he is safe."

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Several hours earlier

Man of Forever falls into the Tenth Magnitude lobby through the wormhole. Still sopping wet from going to the past and stopping Captain Grewsheve as a pirate. He stands up and starts walking upstairs. "After I change, I will install A.I. system to the house, Siphon. That was a good idea by the way." in his room he drops the stinky pirate rags to the floor, dries off with a towel, and pulls out his armor and cloak. He slides on the chest plate and then cloak. The gauntlet and pants come on next. Lastly he fastens on his boots. He walks downstairs and opens the manual. "Stupid Earth technology. It’s more impressive to put it together then what it can actually do." he begins putting it together.

Time passes

MOF screws in the last screw.

The A.I. is awaken and in a feminine voice” II am B.E.T.H. How may I be of service?"

MOF says "I don’t know... watch the house or something." He turns his back.

"Very well, Man of Forever."

Loud buzzing and booms could be heard from outside and MOF walks to the window.

B.E.T.H. says "There is strange activity in the vicinity of this building, Man of Forever."

Rolling his eyes MOF says "As if I didn’t notice... Wait those are S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarriers and superheroes." He walks into the lounge and says to Siphon "It looks like some enemies of yours are trying to find you. You know since you didn’t register and all that. The President said something a couple of days ago. Guess its actual happening now."

An even louder boom and much closer to the building were heard. And still by the window MOF can see destruction of the city. "They should've stayed out of San Francisco! This is TM's turf!" MOF grabs his bow.

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Gothmog the Balrog searched the lands for heroes who opposed the registration act. He was a blood thirsty beast, the leader of the Balrogs, the beast that was slain by gandalf, only for gandalf to die from exhaustion, being one. He stood taller and more voracious than those beasts. His flames burnt hotter, his ashes were thicker, his wings were larger. His disposition more foul. He Sat on alcatraz island, a Island that bore a even more sinister role, but Gothmog only visits that reality on a few occasions. The balrog's flames were currently small as he wished to avoid burning the place down.

He had already registered with the rest of Mordor, Isengard, and Angmar as well as the other Fell kingdoms of middle earth, he, sauron, and the witch king already took care of that. Gothmog the Balrog surveyed the area. The Witch king a few days ago had fought Aslan the lion to a absolute standstill as the witch king could not put lasting harm on aslan, and Aslan could not kill the witch king.

The fire beast stood 18 feet tall when fully reared up, though right now it was hunched to 12 feet tall. It weighed over 32 metric tons and was a mixture of buff and lithe, but not at all fat, the beast of Ash fire and shadow's eyes were glowing flame yellow. And he was in a mood to kill.
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To sign up for something She didnt belive in, was like having someone stealing her ID, Her self, No one could handle her the way she was, what makes them think they can just order her around..?!

Lya Smiled softly as she walked down the street, Her skirt whiped playfully around her ankles, Her sandles making hardly a sound as her hips moved just right to make them touch fainty onto the cold street. Her hair was down and free over her shoulders and bare back, and a few strans danced in the wind as they bounced along the way. Not a care nor a worry was in her eyes as she headed down one of the large hills of this large city. Normaly this wasnt her place. But she lived close enough that when War rang though her ears, she was able to get her fast.

"Vegas is brighter, and a lot flater.."

She Muttered under her breath as she stoped at the very bottom, not liking the sight of the next hill, but one more to go, and she would see the bay. Closign her eyes, she could feel the energy of the mutants and the powerful humans. The balance was shaking. she could feel it in the earth, the air, and the water.

With a soft shake of her head she started up the hill, it would be best not to draw attention to herself just yet. What a place to fight though, a large city, full of energies of the living humans, and the animals, like the whales, they had a water zoo not far from the bay area which she was heading.

"this is for the safty of the humans, that all the mutants sign now, as stated by the law, any being that holds power greater than a human, is to sign up, any that dont will be hunted down and arrested, in prisoned should they fight against us. or killed if it gets that far"

for the safty of the humans, but when they are out fighting their bothers and sisters, friends and familys..who's really watching out for the humans...?

"And i thought it was only the humans that where foolish.."

Stoping at the top of the hill, She stood, right in the middle of the street, looking down at the bay. The prison island, the Rock as it was called, is now the fort for the pros. There was no way she would be alowed in there..But you cant hold what you cant catch..

A strong gust of wind, her hair was blown back from her shoulders, neck and face. A light danced in her eyes but it was hard to see if it came from the sun, or from her inner power. Her face was emotionless, unreadable as her eyes where.

was she scared, worried. anoyed. angry...no..she wasnt, She had no emotion, just peace, understanding, and the knowing, that today, was going to be a long ass day.

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Gambler could hear his Press Secretary calmly speaking to the media as he prepared himself. For two months now he had run the country from behind the scenes while recovering from his injuries. The now famous “Battle of Pennsylvania Ave” had left the White House in ruins. Time Life’s latest issue sold more then a million copies within two hours of its release. On the cover was an unforgettable image of the White House in flames while a tattered American Flag lay on the front lawn. All this helped to pass Gambler’s Registration Act with little to now opposition within the Congress. The hearts and minds of the people where sided with the master manipulator.

Now San Francisco was thrust into the national spotlight as it served as the backdrop to the President’s triumphant return to the public eye. The city was on high alert as no doubt news of the Cajun’s return would spark anti-registration sentiment and protests. Sentinels flew over head while Cape Killers cruised the streets checking identifications and faces. Kurrent and his underground resistance had grown strong in Gambler’s absence, and with strong leadership poised a natural threat to the Presidents agenda.

But now wasn’t the time to worry about that. Now was the time to address the people, address the nation. Gambler reached down grabbing his newly crafted shield before slinging it over his shoulder to his back. Colored red, white, and blue, complete with a star in the center, it mirrored the shield of his arc enemy Andferene. And as he took the podium the “Uhhs, and Awwss” could be heard washing over the stunned crowd. He stood before them, camera’s rolling and flashing, dressed as a patriot. His costume matching that of his shield and the American Flag, he even had the tattered flag from the Time Life cover stitched into the shoulder of the costume.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, and the millions watching at home, I wont bore you with a long drawn out diatribe. In fact my message is simple. We are at War. Not with a foreign dictator, nor some evil empire. No we are at war with those who hid amongst us claiming to be our savors, our…..heroes. The Registration Act IS THE LAW! And it will be enforced as such. As we speak heroes from all over are Registering, clearly a sign that this Act can and will succeed. Now, as it pertains to the vile and savage attack on our nations capital. Quite simply put, it was an act of terrorism the likes of which we have never seen in this great country before. And those responsible will be brought to justice. Thank You, that is all”

Immediately the room irrupted as reporters shouted and scrambled to get a comment or quote.

Mr. President where have you been?

Sir is that a prosthetic limb?

Mr. President are you sending a message with this new look?

Without answering Gambler walked off the stage and headed for the roof and his awaiting helicopter.

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Midnight had rode his bike for days now, Riding the open streets with the full moon as his only freind...

Morning had arose, The sun glistening in on the motorcycle jacket clad warrior. His sunken head slowly lifted from the handlebars as He looked around to see the cars whizzing past, He was in Washington DC again, The smell was what gave it away. Midnight put down the kickstand and pulled a cigarette out of his breast pocket "I just need a smoke" He muttered under his breath as he pulled the lighter towards the front of the rolled tobacco, Taking a long draw off of it he flicked it away and jumped back on his bike, Nobody knew where he was going but he was going fast.

A half hour later

The self proclaimed King of Crime arrived exactly where he needed to be, Infront of a local news station HQ, ML parked his bike just outfront and stormed through the two leaved doors. This plan had formed in his head for days if not weeks since Gambler had announced the Initiave.

"Sir? You can't go through those doors! We're on air now!" The Secratary nervously said to the Lantern.

"Yeah, I know" He responded with a death stare in his eyes.

Midnight busted through the next set of doors and took the Newscasters mic, "Sir. You can't do that, We're in the middle of a newscast"

ML Did'nt respond as he simply put the mic to his face. The news anchors were'nt about to call security due to the fact his hands were glowing with fire.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Washington, My name is Midnight Lantern, Though many know me as Eddie Rix. Thats right, I have revealed my identity on live television because I support the Initiave. Now, As we all know, Many Heros say that this is a bad idea and that could endanger our family's lives. I say this....Does not a police man wear a badge telling his name? Does this endanger his family's lives? No. Does not a fireman or an ambulance worker do the same? I'm Eddie Rix and I approve the initiave. Thank you for your time"

ML left as the news people were left with their mouths agape...

"All according to plan" Midnight would say as he made his way to his bike.

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Choices we all have to make them its an essential part of life its the choices we make that determine what we become in the future even the smallest of choices like choosing which movie to watch can shape our destiny and mold us into the being we are and life is made up of many small choices everyday we have to make many of them some we do to benefit ourselves other choices we make we make them to benefit others we choose to lie not because we want to because we have to we do it to save others no matter how bad the lie is and its these small choices that are the most important part of life in the long run. Every now and then a large choice comes along one that can haunt or save us a choice that will either break or save a man and just recently that choice has come into play.

Recently a registration act has been put in place oredered by the president of the united states and hell fire club leader Gambler the act meaning all superpowered beings must register with this act giving away all the details to the public meaning there identity family and all essential details become public knowledge. Acer was highly against this even though many of his fellow heroes had signed up many because they were loyal to the goverment and to there country many for personal reasons but Acer couldnt stand for it he didnt judge a man on skin or group or there beliefs but by there heart there determination and the will to drive them on and he saw this act as a way of controlling people making them nothing more than puppets and it had to be stopped. Acer did not want to fight his fellow heroes as his main goal was taking down the evil that rots the world and the man behind this was Gambler and Acer had vowed to take him and any one of his team down.

After the battle at the whitehouse Acer had went underground keeping a low profile and staying away from trouble not wanting to draw attention to himselflearning from newspapers and news reports he was one of the members of the resistance that was being hunted down by cape killers so he did his best to stay away from them local law enforcements and goverment officials only appearing above ground every now and then to get the essentials to survive. He started off in washington moving around trying to learn all he could but being a hunted man made things difficult only keeping contact with the two men he trusted more than any others Kurrent and Morte Rapida each using special com links that were set on a frequency that could not be captured or hacked each man conversing what they found out and there plan of attack finding out there location was alcatraz in san fransisco.

Acer before setting off to were the war would take place he went back to florida going through a series of underground tunnels to get to the Mobb mansion a place surrounded by cape killers none getting in using the underground network system Acer got to the mansion were he gathered his weapons and equipment before heading to san fransisco. Acer in san fransico had spent his time underground training pushing his body to the limits perfecting his fighting skills on the way devoloping his own unique fighting style known as hebereke ninjutsu an art that incorparates a mixture of drunken boxing and ninjutsu it is an art that has the technique balance and stealth of a ninjutsu and the unpredictabillity and muscle relaxation of drunken boxing making the body relaxed but aware this helps on stealth missions as the body is much more aware to attacks from behind and the body is so relaxed it can deal with an attack of that calibur much more quickly it is a style that has helped Acer get out of many sticky situations.

Acer had recieved a message not to long ago from Kurrent to head to the golden gate bridge and before he went he spent 1 hour straight meditating more than he had ever done in his life this wasnt a fight or a battle but a war and blood will be spilt. Finishing his meditation Acer got up gathering his gear putting on a balck trench coat covering himself up the hood blocking his face he went to the outside keeping to crowded areas not wanting to draw suspicion then he headed to the bridge and it didnt take him long to arrive getting there he saw a familiur figure. He looked down on where the battle would take place

God and i was enjoying my strawberries and cream

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Transelvania in Castle Dracula

"...The current scene of events through the president now divides the superheroes and supervillains into two categories, pro- and anti-registration. Every supernatural being along the side of the United states is asked to join the so called "Initiative" or face the consequences. Those who oppose the government will be judged and put into jail..."Vlad turns off the T.V.

"Well, the world is turning to sh#t what else is new. They should of foreseen these things when gambler first became president!"He said in an angry tone of voice

"My spies in the U.S. are in danger of being discoverd, and if they are, they may be able to follow the trace here with the help of a telepath... and that is not for my well being. I must handle."

Vlad took his cape and enchanted his entire castle to be only seen by his kind and headed to his carriage where he would be transported in his intesdructable coffin imbeded in his birthplaces earth. His journy took a slight twist as he passed the town known as Madrid, the local police had a serial killer on the run and searched every possible vehicle on its way through. They stopped the carriage and found the Coffin, and because the driver was a mere slave to Dracula's will he couldn't give a reasonable answer as to why he had a coffin in his stride. The driver and Dracula both were taken to the police headquarters, the driver was put into jail, and Dracula was in the evidence room inside the coffin.

"... Things are not going as i planned, if i am to escape this fiasco i must react quickly."

Dracula opened the coffin from inside and opened the door that lead to the offices. A woman screamed as she saw Dracula's image infront of her and started to call for help. It was too late, the moment she saw him, she was already doomed. Dracula went towards her and twisted her head in a 180° degree. The others in the office remained silent, and slowely began to realize the situation. Suddenly the lights went blank, a few screamed, then there was silence. The lights turned back on, everyone was dead, the whole floor was covered in a mass of blood. Dracula freed his slave and took his Coffin to sleep in it once more.

"No more Mr. Nice guy, i took the humas for what they were far too long, now its time to pay MY due!"

The carriage arrived at the harbor at long last and took off to New york. Now clearly the intire united states was effected by the new rules of president gambler, because the whole ship was searched for possible "Anti's". It didnt take long for the policemen to find the odd coffin. But as "the driver" explained that his friend wanted to be burried in the U.S. they let him go. Dracula was now in Brooklyn and met up with one of his spys, he was told that the base of the operations were held in San Fransisco and that a underground anti-registration group called "The Resistance" was planning on stopping Gambler once and for all.

"This sounds good, i still have a word to speak with Gambler for our last encounter, President or not, he won't be after were done with him!"

"The Driver" bought a RV for rent and headed off towards San Fransisco together with the Dracula

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A girl with short black hair sat on the couch inside a family room inside a small two story house in a small town called Indio in southern California. Her legs were curled up to her chest while eating a bowl of cereal, her purple eyes fixed on the TV in front of her. For months now the world has been buzzing about the Registration Act for all heroes, villains and even neutrals. She saw even some of her good friends become Pro Registration while others were against it. She knew the day would come when she would have to choose a side, and it looked like today was the day. For months now Gambler, the President of the USA has been in hiding after a massive battle and today it was said that he was to be appearing here in California, at San Francisco.

“Its about damn time those CAPES get what they deserve! Creating chaos around the United States like that and hurting our good old President.” A man with dark brown hair walked into the room with a police uniform on. “Don’t you agree, Kat?”

Kat paused for a moment, as she looked up at the man, her father, a law enforcer.* “Y-yeah dad, get what they deserve…” She said as she sighed and turned the TV off. She quickly got up and set her bowl on a small coffee table next to her as she walked over to her room.

Unknown to her father Kat was a ‘Cape’ as well. To him she may be his little college girl but to some of the world she was known as Angelic Reaper, the balance keeper between the spiritual realm and physical realm. No one knew of her double life, except for two of her closest family members, her two cousins, Candi and Carol. Almost on cue her cell phone rang. Kat sighed as she pulled out her cell phone and closed her bedroom door behind her.

“Hello?” Kat answered as cheerfully as she could as she sat on her bed.

‘Kat did you see the news!?’a voice blurted on the other side of the phone. It was Candi, one of her cousins who lived about an hour away from were she was at.

“Yeah I did…” Kat said as she looked at the ground, her leg starting to move up and down from her nerves.

'And??'Her hyper cousin asked.

“and what?” Kat already knew what she meant, but she was trying to avoid the question.

'You know… is ‘Angelic Reaper’ going to take part of this?’Candi with a semi-worried sound to her voice.

Kat paused for a moment as she looked out her window. Thoughts ran through her head at almost lightning speed as she took a deep breath and slowly let it back out. She closed her eyes and started massaging her temples of her head. She knew what she had to do, and as much as she hated to admit it, she had no choice; it was time to stand up for what she believed in.

“Yeah… I think she has to.” Kat said as she heard a knock on her bedroom door. Her head jerked up as she turned to the door.

“Kat I’m leaving, don’t forget I’ll be gone for a entire week because of the Registration Act, I’ll be up in San Francisco and I’ll have my cell phone if you need me.” Her father said from the other side of her door. “If you want to invite Carol and Candi over its fine, just don’t cause any trouble understood?”

“Yes dad, understood.” She said as she covered the other end of the phone with her free hand. “Be careful and I’ll see you next week.” She said with a look of almost sorrow on her face. “Candi… I have to go now.” She said as she hug up the phone. She stood up and walked over to her window and looked out. She looked up at the clear blue sky, and the almost purple mountains that surrounded the desert valley she lived in. She knew what she had to do.

Kat backed away from her window and closed the blinds as she began to change. She put on a black t-shirt and slipped on her favorite dark blue jeans that hugged onto her just right. She then pulled out her black flip-flops and slipped them on as she grabbed a hold of a pair of dark sunglasses. She slipped them on and made a small smile.

“For the resistance.” She said as in a blink of an eye she was gone.

She then appeared the restroom of a hotel inside a stall with no one inside. Last time she tried this she had the unfortunate pleasure of having someone inside the stall already. She smiled to herself as she walked out of the stall and made her way outside. The streets were filled with people and law enforcers. Helicopters were flying all around the area and government boats flooded the San Francisco bay. She then began to walk around with the other people making her way to the Golden Gate bridge which was less than a mile away from were she was at. She then found a small group of tourist who were walking around with a guild, so she began to walk with them.

“Ok people, our next stop will be the Golden Gate Bridge!” The tour guild said with a smile on his face as he began to make his way with the group of people behind him, Kat right along with them. Keeping herself blended in with the others.

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Razor had followed Gambler like a hawk. He made sure all surroundings were safe. Razor’s whole mob surrounded the perimeter with high-tech weapons. What was there to do. The mobsters would absolutley have no chance against the organized resistance. The resistanced had been formed by the the vigilante known as Kurrent. Many thoguhts ran throguh his head. Did G know what he was doing. Did he know the danger he was putting self in. Will all of his questions would soon be answered as G began to speak. But he knew G was clever enoguh not to give out key info on the subjct. For it had only one name, one discription and one status. TOP SECRET! There was more to this than the act of law. There was much more that would soon be revealed later. Now it was time to listen.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, and the millions watching at home, I wont bore you with a long drawn out diatribe. In fact my message is simple. We are at War. Not with a foreign dictator, nor some evil empire. No we are at war with those who hid amongst us claiming to be our savors, our…..heroes. The Registration Act IS THE LAW! And it will be enforced as such. As we speak heroes from all over are Registering, clearly a sign that this Act can and will succeed. Now, as it pertains to the vile and savage attack on our nations capital. Quite simply put, it was an act of terrorism the likes of which we have never seen in this great country before. And those responsible will be brought to justice. Thank You, that is all”

Many camera men began to question Razor Glaws. For he had been almost as known as G. For he was the biggest mobster in the USA.

”Whats your say in this Mr. Glaws. The reporter asked.

I say you go ot hell

He then used a small amount of fire throwing it a the camera men.What did G mean when he said it wil be enforced. It was just the determination that came out as he spoke those words. As if no matter man, woman, or child refused they would be severely punished. As his thoguhts were shortly cut off he quickly looked up to see G was on the move. Where was he going. As he began to walk up on stage to follow the president a cape killer grabbed him. He grabbed the cape killers arm and launched him all the way to a far building. He must not have seenhis face and who he was. But Razor wasn’t mad for he wanted the cape killer to do all neccesssary for keeping G alive. As he followed G. g did not turn nor speak to him. G just didn’t seem in the mood.

Razor and G had been out to casino after casino. Both took large parts in polotics. But Razor was more of a person who took care of his economy. But he was not to be fooled with. For whoever had fooled with him before had not manage to fool with him again. For they would never be seen again. Careful not to shock the president Razor spoke slowly.

Come on Gambler. Do you know what your getting yourself into? What shall we do of the resistance. You know there are many who disagree with your plans.

He waited for the president to reply. He ahted to question gambler. But he needed answers now. Now he was sure he knew what the war was caused by. The Registration act. A war so large that it would never stop. It would start here and spread all over from universe to univers. It was as if it was impossible to top. He didn’t care how many people died. Actually that would mean more souls for him to consume. All he cared about was the safety of Gambler.

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Nighthunter stood alone thinking for the hundred time about registration and which side he would join. He could go to Kurrent and aid him oppose Gambler and his plans to attack the heroes that opposed him and on any other ocassion that may have been the case, however this time was diferent.

Nighthunter would have normally aided the heroes to oppose the Hellfire Club and anyone that wanted to take them down, however this time there was a reason to think the idea through; the registration act would be pushed through, no matter how much the heroes opposed it and as a matter of fact the idea was an understandable one.

For too long had people with special abilities beeing able to take the law on their own hands to confront the villains and at the same time putting people in danger by doing so. The government had always paid to people who protected citizens and kept the order under control, policemen just to name a few, so there was no reason why people that wanted to protect innocents wouldn't be treated with the same rights and rules that normal people had just because they had powers.

Nighthunter grabbed his things and went to the SHIELD base that was beeing used as a way to recruit people for the initiative, once arriving at the front gate Nighthunter took a deep breath, it had been a hard decision to make, but it hadn't been a choice about who was right or wrong, but about which could turn out to be the best idea....and which one would produce the less number of inocent blood.

Making a few tests of physical, mental and psychologic status and getting the highest grades possible, after a few hours Nighthunter went to where the person that had been given the task to evaluate Nighthunter was standing

"Congratulations, you are offially one of the first registered heroes" said the man to Nighthunter before giving him ID card.

Nighthunter took the card and went outside, after that he grabbed his cellphone and called the press to announce that he would held a prense conference in a few hours and that it was regarding the initiative.

As the press was ready to know what Nighthunter wanted to talk about he waited a few seconds and entered the place with his powersuit put on and ready to talk to the people gathered there, but before he could even start talking he was beeing asked a few things by the conference. Why were they gathered? Did he attempt to stop the initiative? Why wasn't he going underground like most of the heroes, as an attempt to finally speak Nighthunter put his hand up as a sign that he wanted to speak and that they would wait to ask any other thing.

"Hello members of the press and people from all around the country and probably the world that are watching this. Many of you want to know what I wanted to say and haven't hided it." after that some of the members of the press laughed, a few seconds after that Nighthunter resumed his speech

"I've thought about the initiative a hundred times over, if it is a good proposal or a bad one and the changes that it will bring, one of those is that people that are afraid of people with the power of gods taking the law on their hands will now be able to rest well knowing that they can trust their heroes...however that doesn't mean that I expect you to trust it right away, you need proves and that's what I'm going to give you.

That's why after thinking this through at least 1 hundred times by now and making my decision I didn't join the fugitives of the law, that's why I called this press conference, that's why 5 hours ago I oficially joined the initiative and became a registered hero, all of that because....."

After that Nighthunter grabbed his initiative card and put it where everyone could be able to see it well and after a short pause using a simple thought he ordered his powersuit to be removed showing the man behind the mask with his civilian clothes ".....I completely support the superhuman registration act"

Nighthunter had stopped talking, but the press hadn't stopped taking video and pictures of him, everything had been recorded from the begining to the most important part of the event just like Nighthunter wanted. The registration act wouldn't be worth it if it didn't show that some heroes actually wanted to do a diference for the people.

However before he could leave a question of a member of the press got his attention Months ago you took a CBS station as a hostage as an attempt to make people realize how wrong the ideals of the secret of defense, now president were. What changed?

Nighthunter got close again to the microphone and started talking to the member of the press. "I still believe that infringement is the worst thing that has happened to this country and oppose that the president brought it back, however he is the president and registration is the law and as the hero I am I will help the law to be enforced and protect the order and the lives of the people of this country, my personal opinion of the president doesn't count in the matter"

The next day every newspaper had the picture of Nighthunter unmasking himself in the press conference and with the words "Heroes take the initiative for a better world" on it.


Nighthunter stood in the prison hidden as part of a security team in case that Kurrent or his rebel team wanted to take this oportunity to take down the president, he wasn't alone as a considerable part of registered heroes were also hidden waiting for the right moment to move if things went wrong.

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The worlds turning into something we never dreamed. Something we could manipulate, something we could mold into something different.

"No I am where i belong it feels almost like the old days now. Back when I was a NAO....and i will not allow for anything jeoprodize that."

But look at the tv and news the registration is upon us and many of your friends and enemies have pledged their sides. Do you wish for nothing from it.

Darkchild looks into the mirror "No i want nothing from this not one single thing. I am having enough trouble keeping you a secret enough. And i will be damned if i allow for you to slip in control and kill what little hope i have for redemption."

The reflection in the mirror begins to speak "But you know that i am nothing like the ones before....i will take control someday. What will you do then?"

DC balls his hand into a fist "Pray that someone will stop me."

Darkchild slams his fist into the mirror shattering it, he turns away and walks back into his room.

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Magnum entered the city of San Francisco, admiring the buildings and people,this time was so different from his time, untouch by the rygilian hand of occupation,he remember the time before they attacked,the utopian state that the world was in,peace rained,but peace was not on the rygilians mind.

But the rygilians we not his target,it was the heroes of this time,those who chose not to register,they were vigilantes,he was going force into to register,so that they would make that first step to the utopia he remember.

Chaa chaa chaa chaa

Magnum heard a helicopter in the distancemhe looked around, he saw the presidential insignia, that means that he must made his speech about the registration act,Magnum was right time.

He loaded his rifle with it's adamantium ammo.

"Show time" Magnum said as he cranked his neck.

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Stephanie Ardor, who was known as Feral Nova to most, was sitting inside the WAL HQ in Los Angeles California. She was laying on her bed with her arms crossed behind her head and under her long brown hair as her green eyes looked up at the ceiling, today was the day, the day to fight for her rights. She sat up and looked over at her clock. “7:15am…” she said to herself as she sighed. She was up all night thinking about today, about the Registration Act and about how the Resistance was going to put up a fight. She then smiled to herself. She knew with the team they had, it was going to be one hell of a fight. A fight she was more than happy to take part of. Stephanie jumped out of bed and walked over to her closet. She opened it and pulled out some cloths as she then headed to the bathroom to change, in only a few short minutes she came back out wearing a black shirt, black tight pants with a long red leather fire proof jacket on that went down to her ankles but fit her almost hugging her upper part of her body, making its way around her curves. She then slipped on a pair of black shoes and reached under her bed. She pulled out a long blade, that was inside its case, her sword that Uchiha NeVann gave her a few months ago. This sword was made out of vibrainium, the only metal that was stronger than true admantium, the metal that was lined inside her body. She looked down at the blade with a smirk on her face as she then slipped it inside her coat in a hidden slot that was made for her sword, The Honoo Tachi.

Stephanie then walked over to her window and slid it open, she took a breath of the fresh air that came rushing in and smiled to herself. “Lets get this party started!” she yelled out as her body suddenly burst into flames, she jumped out the window and flew out heading north to San Francisco. As she flew at the speed of sound to the city her body grew with excitement, she was so ready to get this started and ready to get it finished at the same time. In only a few short minutes she saw the city not too far away, and aircrafts flying around left and right. Not wanting to make a scene just yet she put out her fire, still in mid-air. She then began to fall, making her way down to the Earth below her; she landed on the ground on top of some hills that weren’t too far away from the Golden Gate Bridge. The Earth shook below from the force of impact she made. She was crouched on the ground as she then slowly stood up, her brown hair covering her face that had a smile forming on it. She looked around the area, there were more law enforcers here than probably in Washington DC its self. Stephanie watched as one by one jets, helicopters, boats, police cars, government cars, anything and everything you could imagine was here. Her blood pumped through her body as she then took a deep breath.

“So its now or never!” She said as threw her arm in the air and began to make her way down the hill she was on. As she made her way down she was met with other groups of people walking around as well. She then slipped in with them, blending right in with the crowd around her. She then pulled out her ipod from her pocket as she slipped the earphones in and turned up her music. Her head started to move to the beat of the music as she continued to walk over to the bridge her smirk never leaving from her face as she began to hum to herself.

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In the empire of angmar the witch king sat on his throne, observing the movements of his massive army. He was watching television through a magical television. when it got to the registration part he deactivated his crystal ball and mounted his new, larger, and more voracious fell beast. The beast made a screech as it took off to america, after several days of following the jet streams and updrafts towards america and going through tremendous storms the witch king arrived at san fransisco and landed at alcatraz and dismounted.

His armored boot clanked on the ground as he observed the island, he noticed gothmog and gave the balrog a nod as he mounted his fell beast and took off towards the san fransisco itself. Before he was a symbol of terror, now he was a symbol of Authority striking down any reistors he encountered and he had already brought five dozen down to their knees. Thus gaining him the nick name, the cape reaper. The grizzly trophies of severed body parts of the heroes were strewn across his Fell beast. Thus adding to the fear factor. His favorite prey was a half celestial were lion, it put up a good fight but it was outmatched by the witch king and was slain after a ten minute long duel.

But what he truly searched for was Aslan, their fight was not finished and leveled a massive portion of the white house. A Picture of the fight was even on Times' magazine which criticized aslan and praised the Witch king. the Corrupter of nations was working his way into America, turning the press to his favor and against his enemies. He would do his master proud if sauron were not busy in Mordor.
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10 months earlier...

Warsman was in a maximum security penitentiary, guarded by hundreds of heavily-armed US soldiers and put in power-draining shackles. He was beaten daily and put on a surgical table for something those around him called "science". They wanted to replicate him for the US, as a line of supersoldiers. But, he was released by a man named LeBeau. He wouldn't tell Warsman his first name for some reason.

LeBeau ran for president, with Warsman in the shadows, for fear of public outcry. The Russian was more of a bodyguard than anything, used as a weapon to protect LeBeau in times of crisis. However, eventually he grew angry at LeBeau for using him merely as a tool for destruction, even though that was his only use and desire in life.

He left LeBeau's shadow and as a result, open for attack.


Warsman returned, hearing of LeBeau's disappearance. He hated himself more than ever then, almost to the point of suicide. However, he was informed that LeBeau was still alive and that he should stall the press by any means necessary.


Warsman remained on the roof, watching the helicopter take leave. He smiled, knowing what was coming.

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Akira Overdrive moved his way passed the guards and Cape Killers in the tunnels.He was the Ace Card for the Initiative,and controlled things behind the shadows when it came to stealth and counter-surveillance.Right now he was under the foundation of Alcatraz and kept eyes out for any other meta-humans in the vicinity.

"Nighthunter,check location.Sending your way now"

The Super Ninja zipped the coordinates for the foundation of the Golden Gate bridge,it would need to be cut off from hte main land so the Resistance didn't have any chance on crossing,or at least less of a chance.He moved on after downlaoding the information and setting the explosives on the steel pillars of the Rock.

"Phase 1 set."

After the plan was set in mention and Akira slipped back into the shadows and made his way to the speedboat that directed him to a nearby island.

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Slinger paced up and down the parade yard at the Initiative HQ in Virginia, not really paying that much attention to the bus full of new recruits that had just unloaded and lined up awaiting his inspection, he was too busy with his own thoughts. Head of training new recruits huh? Please, I know what this means. The president doesn't trust me enough to put me on an important assignment. He noticed a few of the new recruits for the first time, staring in awe at the now famous hero in front of them, the first registered hero. No one I recognize in this batch, they're all green as hell. It was time for Slinger to get to work, he barked out his first orders to the assembled superpowered group, "Recruits! Sound off! Powers and code names!"

As the recruits started calling out their names and abilities Slinger once again was lost in his thoughts. The turnout was worse than I thought. The buses are coming less and less often. He was more disappointed at who weren't signing up then the ones that were. From his old team We Are Legend, he only saw T. J. Magnum, but that was over a week ago and he didn't bring good news. The rest of the team was out for blood since the disappearance of Obi Wan Kenobi. Slinger still couldn't believe that they had found him after they had finally cleared all of the debris from the white house disaster site, but let him slip through their fingers. Now he had gone to ground and no one knew where he is. Where've you gone Obi Wan? This would have been a lot easier on me if you'd just played ball!

The new recruits had finished and he was still unable to shake the sinking feelings he was getting, so Slinger decided that he wasn't up to the task of chastising new heroes today, "Sargent!" He ordered to a cape killer standing to his left, "You know the drill by now, get these kids all processed, I'll be in my office if anything comes up.

Slinger wasn't in his office for more than twenty minutes, he was streaming live video of the presidents visit to Alcatraz on his computer, when suddenly there was a knock on his door and a man in cape killer armor walked in carrying a tan envelope. "Sir, important orders sir, eyes only!" He slid the envelope to Slinger and quickly left.

Now, what could this be? Slinger thought as he opened up the envelope, then came to a shocking discovery as he explored the contents, and a sly, knowing smile crossed his face.
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A while ago...

There she sat, Erika, a superhero, wanting to protect people, and fight injustice. But, not tonight. After waking up from a loud sound outside, she was restless, and couldn't go back to sleep. Erika flipped on the TV and went through the channels to see what was on. After going through program after program, something caught her eye. There was a news reporter that was talking about a registration act for superhero's to side and give their information to the government. How wrong, government was getting out of hand these days, trying to control everybody. she thought. She decided to not side with government, and was wondering if she was all by herself in this.


Erika took off her shoes as she entered her apartment. Even in this messed up world, one can still have a good day at work. Just then the phone rang:


Do you want to join against the government with superheros that have not fallen astray.

"Maybe... Wait, who is this?"

You will know all in good time, Erika, or should I say Mantoid.

They know who I am! Hey, how did you get my information?

Let's just say, we have our ways. Also, we call ourselves the Resistance. So hows about it?

"Okay, just tell me where to meet you guys so I can make a choice here."

This is were it is..."

"Okay, see you there."

Erika hung up the telephone. She picked out a shirt, slipped it on, got out some jeans, got them on also. She combed her messy hair, it took quite a while because her hair went down to her mid-back. After she had gotten all ready, she needed one more clothing article, her signature belt with an "M" on it. Well, here I go.


As Erika walked along the streets of (Location Classified) she saw some police officers. Oh, great, the cops, it looks like they won't let people past unless they interview them. Well, I could always go undercover. She walked to the side of the street, went into a dark alley, and stood there. Then, her body became clear as the blue hue spread through it. Then, a light shown around the corner and was almost to her. Then, hastily, Mantoid liquidized into a pool water. The police officer came and waved his light. Hmmm, he thought. Erika moved down and out of the alley and into the drain. It is a good thing a know my way around the drainage system.

After a long while Erika emerged right outside the destination. She stood up, and tan spread through her as the water became flesh. She adjusted her clothing because it had been somewhat messed up.

She walked up to the door, said her name in the receiver, and was let in. Interesting place. Then she saw a group of people sitting at a table. "Finally made it eh, well welcome." I think I am going to like it here. she thought. "Hello everyone!"

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The tention in the air was stifling. Lillyana glanced around as men and women moved out of the way of on coming soilders. She looked down at her skirt that fluttered freely around, as though nothing was happening, but the soft kiss of the wind. A smile crossed her eyes as she looked over the top of the city from the high point of the hill. She had to find a place that she can over look everything..The Golden Gate Bridge. Where else..

As she heard the armored cars screach up to her hill, A gust of wind picked up around her. Moving her atoms slightly, abit painful it was, but all easy to do, She felt the soft whisper of leaves flowing about her body, then she was gone from the street, the only thing left, was a bit of autunm leaves, rolling lazly down the hill, without a care in the world.

The young woman blinked a few times as she ran her fingers over the soft silk of her skirt, it was differnt this time, it was more like a wraping that a skirt, see though to a point, with a slit going up her thighs from her toes, which where bare, She was on the heels of her feet, with her toes diggin into the cold metal of the bridge, She was on one of the highest points, the sun was blocked from her face by the rest of the pillor. Her hair was tied back, in a black ribbon which she normaly had wraped around her fingers of her left hand. She kept the glow out of her eyes, less she be seen, but so far, she wasnt in view, that she new of.

her Shirt, huged tightly to her chest, leaving her back bare to the suns hot kiss. A few arm bands tied around her arms, holding oils, posions, and herbs. there was a strap around her left thigh, where she had a small dagger hidden on the inside of her thigh.

The mist of the water, that reached so high, warmed by the sun, flowed softly over her smooth skin that was seen, it was alot of skin, But she wasnt one to wear alot of clothes.

The war had started, the battle, as always, was for contorl, No one could contorl her. She was as free, as wild as the winds that rolled over the world, careless of what happens, but this..she did care for. someone was trying to make her be what she wasnt, there was more to this 'act' than what met the eyes of everyone else..BUt as normal, she thought and saw, differntly, with a passion as nartal as a raging storm that beats against the mountains.

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Washington, DC....Two months ago.

The once monumental and inspiring structure of the White House had been reduced to nothing. It had seemingly imploded. Outside the secured area, it was media frenzy. helicopters and news vans from every major station were there, trying to makes sense of what had happened hours ago. The media talked about this incident like if it was another 9/11, saying that the "so-called heroes" had attacked the White House just to assassinate the president in cold blood. All this added a new dimension to the battle between good and evil, and added yet another layer to the tension between humans and superhumans. The people of the United States were ready to embrace Gambler's Superhuman Registration Act with open arms.

But...under the rubble was yet another piece of the puzzle. A hero who had, hours before hijacked a helicopter and crashed it into the White House's lawn. A hero that would fight to the death against the prospect of being forced to register and being a pawn for the insidious President Jean Lebeau.

Search and rescue crews had been swarming into the area, searching the wreckage for any injured people who might have been at the White House when the attacked happened. The death toll of the attack had been projected to be around the hundreds due to the large amount of Cape Killers who had died fighting the superheroes.

Crew member #1:Got another body, here!

Crew member #2:Ok...that brings the number up to 56 dead, 11 injured.

Crew member #3Hey, you guys! you have to see this i tihnk he...I tihnk he's alive! The crew member points at a hand slowly moving, peeking out of the rubble.

Crew member 2Okay let's get him out team! four additional crew members run to the site and begin removing rocks and debris off the body of the individual until it is finally totally uncovered. Crew Member number 2 notices something familiar about the man. This, this is the guy..the one who hijacked and crashed that news chopper. That's him. He beckons toward Crew member 3. Go get the cop over there, I think he'd want to see this.

A police officer with broad shoulders and a moustache comes over to see what they the rescue crew had found. Suprised by the find he says, Yep, that's one of them attackers, alright. He goes by Obi Wan Kenobi and lives around Los Angeles. Frankly, we were surprised to see him involved with this attack at all, he's never been much trouble before. We gotta call SHIELD, they'll take care of him. Just don't touch him for now, he's a pretty powerful SOB.

As the police officer and crew members were having their conversation, Kenobi slowly awoke from his slumber. Opening his eyes a bit, he saw the crew members and police officer as he heard a voice inside him yell out to him. Be quiet, don't move. The young jedi didn't know what was happening but he knew he had to get out of there somehow. He would do it quickly and quietly. Unaware of the jedi's sudden regain of consciousness, the police officer turned around and reached for his cell phone. He dialed a number and after a few seconds said, SHIELD HQ? I need to speak with the director, I have an unconscious supe here, Obi Wan Kenobi, the one who wrecked that chopper. Everything went quiet as the police officer waited for a response. Now's my chance, thought Obi Wan Kenobi, careful to not to pick up his breathing. Obi Wan Kenobi became invisible and intangible and made his escape, taking to the sky. As he got higher he observed as the police officer turned around and cursed loudly. Where the f*ck did he go? Did someone move him? Where is he?

Already far away, a small grin appeared on Kenobi's bruised and bloodied face. Idiots. Kenobi stretched and then let out a huge breath as he readied himself for flight. I gotta go back home, don't wanna worry the parents too much.

As he made his way home to Los Angeles from Washington, DC, thoughts bombarded his mind. So this is really happening huh? Registration...and all that good stuff. Well, I hope they know, I won't be going down without a fight.

Los Angeles, CA....The present

Kenobi had been training hard for the past two months since the incident. He had talked about what had happened with his parents and had come clean about his powers and abilities. His parents were supportive of him and knew they had to keep it a secret too. The war was coming, and Kenobi knew he wanted to play a big role but he knew for now, he had to lay low. Every day the news was filled with reports of superhumans being captured and forced to join The Initiative. Obi Wan wanted to do something but did not know what. He thought that maybe the State of the Union in San Francisco would be a good time to try and take matters into his own hands. Kenobi readied himself, and for the first time ever, covered his face with a bandana. Got too much to lose showing my face around here now. Kenobi walked to his baclony looked over the city of Lennox, CA. I'm doing this for you. he said as he quickly took to the air and started making his way to Northern California.

Next stop, Frisco.
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LstPaladin was on his way to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. He had not discussed his decision with anyone as of yet. There were many who still wondered on what side he would fall. He had considered both sides of this issue. Paladin could agree with points on both sides, and this was a difficult thing indeed.

But after much thought Paladin knew what he must do. As a true hero the choice was obvious. Even though he was not of this world, he had sworn to protect it. To stand against those who would destroy it. The people here deserved to feel safe in their own homes, in their daily lives. They had become afraid of heroes. In looking back at recent events they had their reasons. Heroes and villains alike had caused much damage and death to innocent people. These things had to come to an end.

Paladin walked up to the gate of the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. The guards had fear in their eyes as they watched the 6’ 6” God of Thunder approach.

What is your business here they asked as they tried to look official.

Open the gates, I wish to speak to your commander

After a few seconds the guard in charge of the gate opened the gate to give Paladin entrance. Paladin walked forward slowly, and the guards kept holding their weapons up and ready in case Paladin made an aggressive move. Paladin just looked at them and shook his head.

Paladin walked into the commander’s office. Paladin said nothing at first, but the commander took the silence as his opening to begin speaking to the God standing before him.

So you finally came to your senses and are going to register, well it’s a good thing you did because if you had not we would have come after you as we are going to get all the rest of those heroes who refuse…..

Paladin raised his hand and glared back at the commander. The icy stare stopped the commander’s speech in mid sentence. Paladin scolded the commander saying,

I am LstPaladin, Son of Preen and Gaea. I am a God of Thunder and you dare threaten me. Do not give me reason to reconsider my position.

I am here of my own free will because I want to assure the people of this world that heroes are here to help and protect them. I will register as a sign to others that may yet be willing to submit to the laws of this land.

And with that the conversation stopped. Paladin went through the registration process, and received his card. He walked out of the headquarters and wondered what would happen next.

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2 hours Earlier

The sun was highest in the sky when Man of Forever and Siphon exited the portal from the past. He embraced the fresh air of the Tenth Magnitude building that stood tall on the horizon of San Francisco. Mof was already changing and then going to work on installing the new A.I system, B.E.T.H, in the tower. Siphon goes to his quarters and changes into his gear, knowing that a great battle lay ahead and there would be casualties. As he slid on his boots, he couldn't help but think that he would be fighting his friends or at least the people he thought were his friends.

After some time, the A.I unit is installed and a hologram of a small electronic woman appears on his desk. May I be of some assistance sir?, she buzzed

No thank you B.E.T.H. I'm fine for now.

Suddenly there is a loud sputtering and clinks outside his window. Siphon waltzes down to the lounge and B.E.T.H says Attention Siphon there is a S.H.E.I.L.D chopper in the premises

Their on to us already..Mof!!

He sees the blue giant walk down the stairs and saysIt looks like some enemies of yours are trying to find you. You know since you didn’t register and all that. The President said something a couple of days ago. Guess its actual happening now.

There is a loud explosion and Mof runs to get his bow.

I know you're a balance keeper and you're not on either side, but I'm with the Resistance. I'll see you on the battlefield. B.E.T.H open the south east exits.

Siphon exits the building into the open, not looking back. He had a duty as a hero. The duty lied with the anti-registration. Siphon knew he had to find the other members before Gambler and his people found him.

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room 67

sha had waken in a hospital somewhere in california she was hooked up to some machinary she had banages on the top of her head she very tiredly looked at the monitor that was monitoring her heart rate it was beeing twice a clear indication that she was not normal. she struggled to sit on in her bed she glanced around at the Nurses looking in horror she knew they knew she was not of this world soon three huge guys had guns they came in and chained sha down to the bed...

order's of gambler either you register or you go to jail sha got up and turned so that her legs hung off the bed her paitence dress was a bit short it rose up to her undergarments revealing her NEW MOBB Deep tattoo she's with the resistence take her in one guard said sha used her strength to break the cuff he round house kicked the guard into a wall. she backed up into a corner with four of the guards approaching her damn it she jumped and spread her legs like an eagle kicking to of them, she got hit in the face by the guard on the right's punch she fell back a few feet she jumped at him and kneed him in the balls. the last guard opened fire on her she jumped across the bed and quickly rolled under it it was at this point that the hospital had been notiifyed of the turmoil in room 67 she quickly rolled from under the bed towards the guard and leaped up on his face with his face in her panties she gave a quick turn resulting in his death. his body hit the floor with a loud plop! sha fired a sonic burst at the window and flew away.

While not flying incredibly high she could see people pointing at her and yelling Mutant sha was an alien, but she was new to this area and she was sure people had heared of her dang that bastard's plan must've gotten passed sha flew down in an local alley then she heared the shakey voice of a local dope fiend

ha i saw you flying lady....give me some and i'll be quiet she punched him in the gut but was quickly noticed by a police officer who opened fire on her hitting her in her shoulder. she ran down the street ducking bullets in her hospital paitnet garment.

She had been in ths hospital sense the fight at the white house...but how did she get to Califonia? she learned of a meeting that kurrent called she had missed it because she was in the hospital she found a local warehouse and laid there and began resting her head.

her communicator began speaking to her go to the Golden gate bridge

and with a quickly flash sha bursted through the roof of the warehouse and within seconds she was on top of the huge bridge.

She glanced down what am i looking for she turned her self into a shadow to avoid being seen by the public.

She noticed more and more people coming but could'nt make them out...friend or foe sha stood waitng for a shot to be fired

the prelude to war was over and soon a fight for the nation of liberty would once again commence.

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ronin had been on the fence about the registration for the past 2 months ever since it was passed. he didnt follow the resistance nor did he follow the orders of gambler. ronin would continue his heroic acts doing what he thought was right. when the law would come to arrest him ronin would simply vanish.

this game that was being played was a deadly one between gambler and kurrent. both of them were charismatic players and could easily convince players to join either side. ronin could only sit back and watch as these to factions would tear each others heads off one by one until nothing was left. what could one man do against two powerful alliances as the resistance and the initiative. ronin spent many a nights hid out sleeping when he could and riding when he wasnt.

ronin was riding through a large town one day. the sun was up and the weather was fair really it was a gorgeous day to ride. on one side of the town were the military recruiters office was once set up was the now initiative recruiting depot. as ronin rode by his face was covered by his helmet so he didnt worry about being recognized. ronin could see many people standing outside the office one by one signing up for the initiative. ronin couldnt help but wonder if they knew what they were signing up for. sure things seemed to be black and white but there was very much to the grey side of things.

to sign up for the registration seemed to be the way to go. it would give heroes a right to do what they do and pay them for it with out the worry of being arrested and charged for a crime because of vigilantism. but on the other hand this was america the land of the free. what right did the president have to propose this unconstitutional act. to force a american citizen to sign up for something they didnt want to seemed unlawful. sure this sounded alot like the draft that ronin had seen back in his day as a soldier. He could understand the need for the draft back then it was during a war time. even if gambler called this a war it wasnt no matter how it was put. this was merely a vendetta. he wasnt fighting for another country's freedom and he surely wasnt fighting for the freedoms of the American people hero or not.

as ronin rode by the depot he shook his head and slowly rode by as to not draw any attention. on the other side of the town ronin witnessed what seemed to be a ferocious attack.

get off of me a girl screamed as 2 cape killers pulled her out of a house. we know your on the resistance shouted out one of the cape killers while at the same time bashing her over the head with a stun club. quickly ronin laid off of his throttle the sound of his exhaust roaring as the engine break slowed him down. with a fist full of hand brake ronin came to a screeching halt. instantly ronin was off to the races. SNIKT the sound of ronin's claws sounded off as he charged at the unknowing soldiers. ronin quickly jumped in the air. both of his hands out in front of him and his claws aimed for the back of both men. "AAAAHHHHHH" the screams of the 2 men could be heard for blocks as their blood splattered all over the girl's face and body. ronin stood imbetween the two men his claws still sticking through their bodies. within in seconds both men dropped to the ground falling to their knee's and then sliding off of ronin's claws.

the girl sat down on her knee's crying. are you ok the voice of ronin sounded off to her ears. I I I I I'm fine the girl said weepingly as she tried to contain her tears. ronin reached down to her face placing a finger underneath her chin and raising her face up to catch his eye's. "your safe now" ronin said to the young lady. "ar ar are you part of the resistance" the girl asked ronin. ronin just smiled "no girly im not but i refuse to join a band of killers." the girl began to hold back her tears as she gazed upon ronin's rough exterior. "i need to get out of this country" the girl said to ronin. once again ronin smiled. "Are there any more of you around here that you know of that want to leave the country" ronin answered back to the girl. "yes there is but we cant escape the president has shut down all air traffic and all borders leaving no exit for us" the girl said to ronin. "so your not on the resistance then you refuse to fight against the the inniative yet you refuse to join them?" ronin asked the girl.

ronin couldnt help but smile for the first time since this whole fiasco. for the first time he realized his purpose in this pointless fight. ronin would be the escape route for all the shades of grey. he could help the helpless and at the same time not bring the war to his friends. ronin then spoke again firmly to the girl gather up all of the people you know that refuse to fight and meet me at this disclosed place and i will help you to escape. the girl quickly stood up are you serious but how the girl asked. ronin simply said "leave that to me" while patting her on the back. the girl nodded them ran off.

ronin had given her the place and time where they were to meet and he had the power to move them.

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man this is a boring day Miss Lopez began writing a paper on kids who had saved the day don’t we have something more interesting then kids saving turtles! she glanced at the TV and saw that a super human had attacked the local hospital

get me a camera crew Steve and Lou let’s go there car raced to the hospital Miss Lopez glanced around seeing the hole sha had put in the roof as a result of her escape.

no doubt this hole was made by a ninjan

(steve) what’s that???

it’s nothing she bent down to check the pulse of the guard who had been killed

get a stretcher I mean he’s dead AT a hospital so he should be tended to

She began asking the nurse questions they just kept telling how sha had woke up violently and began attacking the guards

(LOU) so just what exactly are you going to do Serena? It’s not like you can fight them yourself.

I want to see these freaks brought to justice under the law! There a menace to society

Miss Lopez walked away her heels clicking and body swaying

(steve) you think she has a man

(LOU) to be that up tight…hell no!

back at the office

Miss lopez played the tape from 2 months ago over and over again

““I’ll keep dis short. For to long dis country and others abroad have accepted Vigilantes. We can all appreciate the tremendous and courages job our heroes do day in and day out. But who’s held responsible for property damage? If your caught in the middle of a superhero trying to subdue a villain and your injured, who pays for your medical? Does a villain not have rights simply because he has powers? Well no longer will these questions plaque us. As of today, every single hero operating within the United States must report to the SHIELD HQ in Virginia. Once their you shall be tested, graded, and if you pass, you shall become part of the first ever Government sponsored superteam called The Initiative. Your identities will be made available to the public and you will be held to the same standards as our men and women in local law enforcement. Any heroes who do not register must give up the cape so to speak, or you will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Thank You, dat is all.””

That bastard it a charmer. But he’s right she voiced it over the PA system knew add for the papers 1,000,000 dollars for the capture of any non registered super being

(Steve) dude my neibor is a superhero!

steve runs

miss lopez shakes her head in amazement

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Their hearts where beating as one as they raced across the rooftops in San Francisco’s China Town. Gracefully they ran, jumped, and flipped from roof to roof utilizing there acrobatic abilities as they attempted to run down the Un-Registered hero, Paragon. They had been dubbed the Dynamic Duo but separately they where known as Christian Knight and Dinah Fairchild. They had scored off the charts during their Registration training. To the point that Gambler himself had passed them ontop of giving them clearance to operate as a team, while answering to the Shadow Imitative of Akira and Nighthunter.

Paragon was a legend in his own right, having battled along side such names as Cryo Wolf and Final Arrow. But today he was on the wrong side of the law. With the D&D hot on his trail he was pushing himself to the limits. Suddenly a thin Vibranuim cable wrapped around his ankles dropping him unforgivingly on the hard rooftop.

CK smiled as he watched Paragon fall. He had used one of many gadgets in securing the capture of the hero and as he radioed the Cape Killers for a pick-up he turned to the lovely Dinah and spoke,

“We should get back to the command center. The President will have made his speech by now and no doubt is on his way there.”

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Recovering from her wounds against, Kurrent Hayden had about 2 million dollars left still waiting to receive her last 5 million she had engaged current and was shocked by his high voltage electricity she stayed at a motel so no one would bother her even though she was a registered villain she just began to relax on her bed. After about a few hours she decided to take a shower. While the steam poured off her head her mind began to survey her imperfects of her last battle. While thinking she noticed that a shadow had appeared on one of her breast she looked at the shower curtain and there was a person with a sword she fired a sonic energy wave knocking him all the way back to the farthest wall she came out and he was begging for her not t kill him ….she did cutting him into bite size pieces and then flushing them down the toilet. She glanced back at the TV and was almost disgusted by what she saw three six mafia? I only see two people?

Hayden sat on her bed her lotioned herself up and then put on her panties I don’t see how humans do it! after putting on her underwear she put on her shirt she then slid her socks on she looked down noticing she didn’t put her bra on dang it! leaving it where she was she went out for a night fly soon as she hit the air she could smell sha.

Her eyes began to glow with hate as she flew towards the scent it lead her to the golden gate bridge first she couldn’t see sha then she looked at her dark energy aura and found her. She cocked her hands together using an attack that nevann used in his fight against Rayne. RAIKIRI HASSHIN a huge eletric surge flowed through the air at sha

Hayden in a pit rage hoped for a quick hit!

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Everything had changed over the last few months of her absence. Jean had become the President, there had been a battle, and now there was a Registration act in effect. She hadn't registered yet, and she probably never would. But that was because you couldnt exactly explain the existance of someone who was just about as old as the earth its self. If Jean asked her to sign up, she would. But for now she would bide her time.

She had hoped her absence had not impaired the battle on Pennsylvania Ave. She had heard much of the details from Kobayashi when he had brought her the news upon her returning to the new HFC Headquarters. Gambler had been injured pretty badly, and the old HFC had been destroyed. She had nearly cried at that moment had it not been for Koba telling her that their side had won and that there had been no need to worry. She had smiled at him then, the first sign of there being a heart behind her cold, hard eyes.

It had been two weeks since her return and things were being put into motion. The resistance would meet its match on this day. She could feel it in her bones. She sat stoicly in the helicopter as it moved towrds the buidling that Jean had been giving his Press conference from. She hadn't seen him in some time, and wondered if he would be just as surprised to see her as some of the others had been.

The helicopter landed ontop the buidling with a small jolt. Kiara pulled her hood over her head to hide her face. She didn't want Jean to see her face just yet. She had a feeling that he would know it was her but she still liked to pretend it would be a surprise. She lowered her head and looked out of the corner of her eyes, watching as The President of the United States and his entourage came closer to the Helicopter.
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It had been nearly two months since the epic battle ravaged the iconic symbol of the American way of life. The White House was left in ruins. So much history and pride had crumbled with the destroyed monument that it sparked a rage within the American people, it lit a fire that burned within the citizens of the United States which many labeled patriotism. Gambler being the ultimate opportunist used this anger to manipulate the masses into buying into his vision. The "President" issued what was called a Registration Act. Now the heroes were suppose to register with a man whose murder count was higher than anyone on the FBI most wanted list. This whole scenario was twisted, the ones who fought for the good of the people now had to trust their identity, their family, to the criminals they are suppose to be protecting the people against. Gambler definitely had the heroes swimming upstream, this was about two things and two things only....control and power, and "President" Jean Lebeau wanted as much of both as he could get. The Registration Act was trivial; it was a means to an end. The Cajun's plan was perfect; he gets all the power without any consequence. The citizens turned on the heroes, Gambler had no opposition. His intentions were beautifully masked with his incredibly successful presidency which was the vehicle to plot and paint "his" picture of the perfect world and feed it to them all. It was almost pathetic how easy the masses are manipulated and provoked. What was sad is that part of the blame lied with the heroes who assumed they were making the right decision, doing the right thing, and the rest of the pieces would fall into place. They made it easy for themselves to become a target.

After the Battle of Pennsylvania Avenue Morte decided a different strategy needed to be taken. The Silent Assassin is trained to control every aspect of a battle never leaving anything to chance. In this case, Gambler had the upper hand; he controlled the environment, to a certain extent. The Mobb Deep Affiliate was looking to change the approach which would shift the dynamics of the current situation in his favor. Making the hunted the hunter once again.

While the other heroes were hiding and staying out of the grid plotting on how to stop and even kill the current commander in chief, the Practitioner of Precision was already implementing his game plan. Morte put his plans in motion by infiltrating the secret service and gaining entrance into the Presidential Security Operations.

Phase 1

Six days after the Battle of Pennsylvania Avenue the Analytical Assassin began his surveillance on numerous secret servicemen attached to the private presidential security details. He studied all their habits and learned every detail of their lifestyle. He was looking for a way in, either through blackmail or the possibility of assuming an identity. Most of them were admirable men who lived for servicing their country, however not all of them were squeaky clean. Through relentless investigation Morte found his window of opportunity. One of the shift leaders known as Special Agent Valdez was extorting monthly deposits from a Russian liaison. This Russian was paying for US missile defense system specifications supplied to him by crooked congressmen. It seemed that since "President" Jean Lebeau took office, government officials feel that it’s now free game to betray for profit.

The surveillance tactic was a success. Morte caught Agent Valdez outside a country club after two weeks of documenting his routines. While Valdez was walking to his BMW the elusive ninja walked up beside him dressed as a parking attendant and utilized a Kuk Sool Won (Korean martial art known for precision pressure point striking) finger strike between the 4th and 5th vertebrostenal ribs on the left side of his body lightly piercing his thoracic cavity causing the man to wield over in agonizing pain leaving his body lifeless. The dark hero caught the special agent before he hit the ground and tossed him into the trunk. He then drove out to a parking lot behind an abandoned grocery mart. Morte opened the trunk.....

"You will know me as Special Agent Stewart; I am going to be on your security squad. You are giving me full access to the president." - Morte

"Why would I do that, are you going to kill me?" - Special Agent Valdez

"Now why would I do that, you are going to be my new boss. If you don't agree to this, then I will just let you get in this nice car of yours and drive away and you will never see me again." - Morte

"Really? Why would you go through all this trouble just to let me go?" - Special Agent Valdez

"If you don't agree, I won't kill you. However, I will let your Russian friends know that you have compromised their confidentiality! With me, you die quick; with them.....it might take a little longer. They like to make sure you tell them everything." - Morte

"How do you kn...." - Special Agent Valdez

Morte interrupts him

"Long story short...I know everything. If you try and f*ck me on this, the Russians will find out you let their secret out, and you're entire family including your cats and goldfish will die a painful death. You will not tell anyone about this, and you will not do anything out of the ordinary. If you follow those instructions you will stay a happy man and will remain above ground. Do you understand me? DO YOU?"

"YYYEEaah, okay...okay. I can't just let you in; you need transfer paperwork and a level 6 security clearance to get on the detail." - Special Agent Valdez

"Done" - Morte hands him a sealed envelope

"I'll see you at work Mr. Valdez, I want a desk by the window, fire somebody if you have to." - Morte

The Living Weapon knows that he cannot just kill Gambler and be done with it. That’s where the other heroes are wrong. The Villainous HFC leader is no longer just a criminal; he is a high profile target with half the free world on his side. He molded himself into not just a man, but a symbol, a glimmer of hope, the representation of the American people. It was a glorious deceit. If we kill him, we make him a martyr, and we will never be able to redeem ourselves as heroes. Deep down in that crazy but well calculated mind of his, he would consider his death a victory. You almost have to admire the position this man has built for himself, it's almost perfect.

Morte showed up at the Pentagon for his in process briefing with no problems. Special Agent Valdez was there to be his sponsor. Valdez ordered that Morte under the guise of Special Agent Stewart be assigned to Gambler's personal security detail immediately. The Ninjan Assassin spent the next several weeks in the president’s personal security detail helping prep him for the San Francisco speech. Morte had battled the Crafty Cajun on occasion; he had the advantage of Gambler never seeing his face. His presence as Agent Stewart went unnoticed. He blended right in.

The problem that lied ahead was not killing the living legend, but protecting him from the attacking heroes. Most were his friends; he now positioned himself in the middle of a war. This situation was now even more twisted, Morte was protecting his enemy: the man he wanted to kill, from his friends: the heroes trying to stop his deceptive reign.

The dark hero could not risk contacting his teammates Kurrent or Acer, it would give the smallest opportunity for Gambler to figure it all out.

As Morte and “President” Lebeau made their way to San Francisco for his first public appearance since the battle in D.C, Morte couldn’t help but laugh. There were helicopters, state police, county police, sheriff’s department, FBI, CIA, and every news channel in existence swarming the area. There were people shouting the Presidents name, girls screaming, it was a complete circus. All of this was just an enormous pile of bullsh!t created by one man. When you look at it, it’s really quite hilarious. Somewhere deep inside his collected mind, the Crafty Cajun had to be laughing, because the deadliest man alive surely was.

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Christian Knight shot the weighted cord toward Paragon trapping his ankles, engulfing him in the rope a full 360 degrees around his body. Dinah's pace slowed as her heels hit the ground and they both came to a standstill as they watched the hero fall helplessly in the Knight's tangled black web.

“We should get back to the command center. The President will have made his speech by now and no doubt is on his way there.” Christian said coolly to her. Strands of Dinah's golden locks brushed across her cheek and she looked at him from the corner of her eye, smiling slyly. Christian tried his best at dark and brooding, and it just wasn't fooling her. She made her way toward Paradon and grabbing him by the back of his collar, threw him at Christian's feet 4 feet away.

Sorry Tiger, didn't know my own strength, she said smiling at him. Christian shook his head at her in frustration. Dinah was hot, but she had a habit of getting on his nerves. As the cops raced up the metal stairs and onto the rooftop of the warehouse, Christian grabbed a hold of Dinah's waist and pulled her close to him. He shot a jumpline cord out into the darkness and glided down into the city.

Dinah followed Christian off the helicopter and onto the platform, walking cautiously. She had never seen this many villains in one room before. Each one looked on in anticipation as the aircraft carrier neared and the President stepped off the ship

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4 Months Ago

Walking outside to get the morning paper, he waved at the neighbor walking their two dogs. Turning his back to them as he headed back inside he could him them whispering. "That's him, that's the freak" His heart sunk in his chest as he opened the door walking back into his house. This was a place he could be himself, not be judged, be a man a dad a husband. Outside the walls of this place, to some he was a freak, a monster, sometimes an angel, even a hero.

"Morning hun" she was always in a good mood in the morning. He never understood how she did that. With all the worries in her life she woke up every morning like it was the first day of a vacation. Life wasn't easy for this family, treated like a criminal half the time and heros the other. There was always someone with a comment. He couldn't remember a day of his life when he wasn't noticed. He had never blended into the background. This is a curse that his wife, his kids and he all served together.

He read his paper, battles with the President and New Laws filled the front pages. No matter how much he didn't want the spotlight Hawk could never just be a normal family man with a normal family. Kissing his wife and kids he was off again to face the day and the world.

1 Month Ago

Debate raged through out the Ice Lair. "It's not that I like registaring, it's that I have to!" All Hawk could think about was his wife and kids. " My family will not be hunted! " His wife and infant daughter, weren't ones who would have been noticed walking down the street. No one would know that she had powers, unless they crossed her. Hawk and his boy were another story. Hawk, though sometimes tried to hide his powers could only disguis his wings for so long. His boy on ther other hand took after Hawk mother. His hair was cooper red like hers, and his eyes had the look of fire. Red and glowing, a flam flickered in his pupil at all times. This made the 3 year old with toothy smile and a giggle, a threat.

Last Week

Hawk and his family walk into the registration center. His head hung low as they entered and signed their names and powers. "What are their powers?" a large man asked staring into Hawk's little boys eyes. "We don't know yet, they are too young still to know." As they walked out Hawk could feel the sickness in his stomach. Seeing protesters as they left the center, he could only think one things......... So it begins

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ever since the registration act had been passed he had lived on the run. He hated the act and he refused to register so he was deemed a outlaw by Gambler. Ever since Gambler had become president jigsaw had hated him. He wanted to assassinate him but could never get close to him. While on the run from a group of heros he stumbled onto a group called the Resistance. It was a group of heros and nuetrals and villains who also hated the registration act. He quickly joined them and now was the time for them to fight back against Gambler and his followers. He knew that the war had started the Civil war was upon them.

"Come on where are you Gambler I want to watch you die! Where are you?!"

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about 9:15 am addressing the UN about America’s unregistered heroes

Thank you very much. Mr. Speaker, MR Vice president, members of the United nations, distinguished guests, fellow citizens: As we gather tonight, our nation is at war, our economy is in recession, and the civilized world faces unprecedented dangers. Yet the state of our Union has never been stronger Thanks to Jean our nation had issued an Act that will change the fabric of life as we know it!

Sean relaxes as the people applauded him

We last met in an hour of shock and suffering. In four short months, our nation has comforted the victims, begun to rebuild after the attack on Washington, rallied a great coalition, captured, arrested, and rid the world of thousands of terrorists, destroyed countless superhero training facilities, saved a people from starvation, and freed a country from brutal oppression!. Sean blows a kiss to his wife Paige and then continues

The American flag flies again over our embassy. Terrorists who once occupied The united states now occupy cells In prison!. Sean flashes a smile to a lady reporter in the front. And terrorist leaders who urged followers to sacrifice their lives are running for their own! Kurrent and his resistance will be brought to justice!

America and The initiave are now allies against terror. We'll be partners in rebuilding this country.

The last time we met in this chamber, the mothers and daughters of America were captives in their own homes, forbidden from working or going to school. Today women are free, and are part of A gambler’s new government. The people in the room stand cheering outrageously.

Our progress is a tribute to the spirit of the American people, to the resolve of our coalition, and to the might of the United States military. (Applause For many Americans, these four months have brought sorrow, and pain that will never completely go away. Every day a retired war vet returns to the white house, to feel closer to his two sons who died there

Last month, at the grave of her husband, Michael, a CIA officer and Marine who died in the attack on the white house Jessica Dosey said these words of farewell: "Semper Fi, my love." Jessica is with us tonight. She stands and waves to the crowd

jessica I assure you and all who have lost a loved one that our cause is just, and our country will never forget the debt we owe Michael and all who gave their lives for freedom.

Our cause is just, and it continues. Our discoveries of superhuman beings confirmed our worst fears, and showed us the true scope of the task ahead. We have seen the depth of our enemies' hatred in videos, where they laugh about the loss of innocent life. And the depth of their hatred is equaled by the madness of the destruction they design. What we have found in Afghanistan confirms that, far from ending there, our war against terror is only beginning.

Thanks to the work of our law enforcement officials and coalition partners, hundreds of terrorists have been arrested. Yet, tens of thousands of trained terrorists are still at large. These enemies view the entire world as a battlefield, and we must pursue them wherever they are. Sean wipes the sweat of his head So long

Our nation will continue to be steadfast and patient and persistent in the pursuit of two great objectives. First, we will shut down super human camps, disrupt plans, and bring terrorists to justice.

While the most visible military action is in in the west, The initiative is acting elsewhere. We now have troops in the Philippines, helping to train that country's armed forces to go after terrorist cells that have executed an American, and still hold hostages. Our soldiers, working with the Bosnian government, seized terrorists who were plotting to overtake our embassy.

My hope is that all nations will heed our call, and eliminate the resistance parasites who threaten their countries and our own. Many nations are acting forcefully But some governments will be timid in the face of terror. And make no mistake about it: If they do not act, the imitative will!

Cutting his speech short Sean made his exit

Thank you all and god bless! he turned to his friend will Cole you think they bought that crap

*like they were picking it straight out of your ass sir he signaled for Paige to get his suit after getting the signal from the vice president and making sure his wife was out of the building Sean fired his repulsor rays at the embassy blowing it up.

I’m going to San Fran don’t give me that look women just take ya ass home and don’t answer no phones editman said to his wife,now…kiss me! after kissing his wife editman went in search of the Resistence base.

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Lady Death watched from a portal as hero and villain alike is lined up to fill out the registrations and receive their cards. She could only imagine the thoughts and feelings going on inside their heads. Her mind went off into thoughts of what is to come. There would be those who would face the HFC in full battle to stop this.

The battle at the White House took a toll on her. The undead white beauty reduced to a living shell of flesh and bone. It angers her to think of this a mere hero striking Death down a notch. The pain of life and death battling inside her still remains, but it will not slow the diva of death. Not this time nor anytime afterward. Revenge will be sweet and it will not go unforgotten it will be taken out on those who oppose her and the HFC.

Lady Death still reins as master of Death itself. Keeping herself completely cloaked as she rules over Hell. She extends her gift to unruly demons turning them into corpses. She dare not show her lively color to the minions around her. Lady Death rules her domain with an iron fist and will not give it up due to her new skin color.

Opening a portal and once again walking on Earth among the rubble of the White House she sees her sword Chaos lying on the ground. There you are my precious She picks up her sword and uses her cloak to remove the debris from the blade. Looking around at what was once a prized building to the mortals of the time. She places her sword back into the sheath. Lady Death wonders farther into her mind.

This Registration Act is something she cares little for and no one will make her sign any paper. To her this registration was for the mortals of Earth. She was beyond that and the HFC members were her allies. She would indeed fight beside them. She would not be marked like cattle to be processed like she was a mere toy. She scoffs at the thought.

Lady Death indeed did make a pact with Babs to assist the HFC. She is a warrior of her word and holds it to heart her honored words of joining the HFC and will not turn on them or her allies. She walks among the rubble looking down. The battle that happened before now plays back in her mind. The screams, the blood, and the torment ring in her memories only to bring a wicked smile to her face.

Walking away from the scene of the massive destruction she seeks to know more. The cloak does well to conceal her as she walks by heroes who fought in the battle, but they do not stop her nor do they even seem to care she walked by.

The Chaos sword now echoes with anticipation for a war is to come. Lady Death lays her hand on the handle to make the sword grow still. Walking among humans she listens to what they say and what they know. She places a communicator within her ear to be able to hear any transmission any HFC member may send her. Who is facing the HFC and how will they attack? She revels in the thoughts of the battles to come.

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Fuzz, Yes, that was a good word to describe this situation for Horus, a lot of fuzz. Who am I? What am I? How do I know what is anything? Is life is life if I know nothing. Then an epiphany if you will, this was the source of all mortal chaos . Be it Hate, anger, lust, change, or wrath. It spread like a virus from material realms like a plague, yet again, this was a area not feeding his gods, his tormentors. There is little reason for me to live, little I believe in, little I think are truths. Things Iknow, The so-called " Emperor of mankind " is a false idle to all. Be it for good or negative for this universe, I shall burn it like a fire to fuel the chaos my adoptive home world. I as an Arbiter, or a Patriarch, The harbinger of their death.

Suddenly, Senses came flooding in, Touch, Smell, vision, hearing, and lastly taste, something not to un-familiar, blood and ash. Something he spent centuries lurking in. Looking around he saw gazing mortals, he felt there eyes bore into him horrified and honored. One began babbling about a connection to his realm, claiming destiny. Bored by these worms, Horus bolted skyward, the sheer force of his jump was like a volcano exploding, or a carpet bombing. The shock wave gave these heretics certain death, as they were stricken down to the ground.

Something he invented while fighting an onslaught of Imperial Reavers ( Epic war machines hundreds of feet high ) he kept accelerating after nearly breaking through the Troposphere, he would accelerate and accelerate until he reached a destination. In battles like these there are no friends, no allies, and nothing to keep safe, nothing to keep in reserve. When he landed, fear, confusion, panic, he felt it, he tasted it. A smile would have formed on his face if he still had the nerve's to make it. With an echo of this sentance, so began his war.

                                              ***Skulls for the skull throne***

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Over time there has been events and action that has dramaticly shaped the world into what we know it to be today, and after the shocking news of Presidnet Gambler's registation act becoming a law the world was going to be thrown into chaos once more. With alittle bit over six hours left before a group of heroes, neutrals and even villians decided to rush to Bay area of California in an attempt to crush the vile corruptive power of the Gambler regime. Siting up in his bed NeVann unable to sleep began to channel surf trying to find something borring enough to put him under for a few hours. Yet with each passing channel it seem the whole talk was that of up coming Presidents address.

In just a few short hour the President will give his State of the Union speech from Alcatraz Island and it seems the main topic will be the Registration Act put in place to call forth all supers good or evil to register with United State goverment. But over the time as this new law has been past there have been speak of those who refused to sign, even though they have yet to make an up roar there has been rumor that they make strike attacking the President.... And in other news...

Sick of hearing the mindless dribble of todays media he flipped through some stations only to continue to here the same thing.

.....El presidente dé el suyo el Estado de la Unión ....

Geez what happen to infomercials what I wouldn't give to hear "it slices it dices, its makes you transmission runs like new!" No all that is on is President this, President that.. how I can't wait to get another shot at him and HFC...

Only becoming more frustrated the shinobi quickly turned off his T.V. and tossed the remote god knows where and then rolled out his bed, the covers and sheets laid bunched together in the center as a pile of pillows laid upon it. He walked over to his closet were his swords hung from the inside of the door, grabbing a hold of them he tossed them on his bed before going to another section of the closet.

Man this closet is mess, I'm so going to have to clean it one of these day.

he began speaking to himself while tossing things about, finally finding his shoes he went over and sat on his bed and slid them on as planed to go out and clears his head for the up coming battle. Then attaching the sheathes of swords to his belt he made his way out of room only to turn around and hit the light switch.

Damn light bill went through the roof last month.

Moving in a sleath like manner through the WAL build, he didn't know if anyone was alseep and if so he didn't want to wake them as he made his way to the roof. As he stood out looking at the beautiful light of Los Angeles twinkling, he felt a slight calmness come over him and then with a cheerful look on his face he leaped from the roof gliding gracefully like leave caught in a up draft to ground and headed west to the ocean. The moon illuminated the night sky at the vaccant Santa Monica piere as it reflected off the surface of the water, placing his hands on one of the pillers he propled himself to the heavens as preformed a corkscrew summersault heading for the sea. Coming down the NeVann didn't create a splash or even slightly go underwater, he just stood there as if the ocean was as dense as pavement. He traveled for about an hour till there was no sign of land in any direction, in the middle of no where he stood and closed his dark brown eyes, all that could be heard was that of waves swaying back and forth crashing against his legs and body.

Well at least I can enjoy the stars and moon tonight, lets just hope there are no sharks around.

NeVann then drew his sword then began slicing and dancing the blade across the water getting a rhythm of its movements as he used it the current as a tempo to free his mind of thought. Being lost with in himself he lost track of time and before he knew it the surface shined with a bright orange glow of the sun, lifting his arm to his face to block embracing glow of dawn breaking. Turning and headed back east walking at a quicker pace then he did when traveled out that far. Drawing closer to the shoreline he looked up and noticed a bolt of fire shooting threw the sky, he knew it couldn't be anyone but his fellow WAL teammate Feral Nova.

Nova!!! hey Nova!

he yelled out trying to get her attention but to no avail she was flying to high and to fast for his voice to register in her ears, knowing where she was head NeVann decided no to go back to land just yet. Taking a deep breathe he took off to the north at top speed crerating a stream of waves in his wake.

Frisco her I come, umm maybe after this I could catch a Niner game.

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Sitting on the roof of the HFC Gwen pondered the events of the last few weeks. The cool wind blew across her lifting strands of hair from her face as she looked down below at the compound, watching her team mates hustle for the Press Conference.

Gwen had been a great power at one point in her undead life, a cyclone of death and carnage, but as the years progressed she longed for a simple quiet life where she could carry out her days with a lover. She appeared as a beautiful eighteen year old girl with the eyes of an ancient.

Gwen had been alone for a long time now and her heart ached for someone to partner with. Oh there had been suitors but none had come close to her original love. It was this loneliness that had driven her to join the HFC, that and the power that emanated from the place. Their king and President Jean was an enigmatic man and he had convinced her to be part of their league.

The recent Battle had worn her out; it had been a long time since she had fought like that and she was still healing. Her body had been ravaged during her maniacal attack on the heroes, several of her ribs and both her arms had been broken and her right eye had been torn from the socket. It had taken several days of deep sleep and healing for her demon to heal her body.

Running her finger down the long jiggered scar that remained on her face where her eye had been, she felt the skin tingle as it slowly healed itself. Sighing heavily she reached behind her for the barely breathing boy she had eaten earlier, slipping her hand into his chest and ripping out the still beating heart she bit into it and watched his body jerk as he died. The blood dripping down her chin she chewed on the veins and drained the blood. Tossing the heart over the roof when she was done she turned as the sound of a helicopter swept overhead heading in the direction of Alcatraz, closing her eyes and reaching out with her mind she felt a presence she had not in some time and grinned. There was a heat in the city a stench of fear that was like a sweet wine to her, people were afraid and they had good reason. The heroes were either running or registering. It was an amazing thing to watch how they all reacted.

Gwen smiled to herself as she thought of her new role as part of the Cape Killers her role was too catch and bring in those that evaded them all. Jean had asked her to help when she was feeling up too it. Her powers of mind reading and control were perfect for the role and she relished in the hunt.

just make sure to bring them in and not eat them chere Jean had teased her.

Standing and stretching her still sore body, she swept through the roof door and headed downstairs.

tonight it begins