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6 Months until Utopian Registration

Z stood off in the shadow’s watching as the rain poured down upon the Cajun’s back. The flashlights from the police were quickly upon them. “I don’t know if you know this; but in six months Gambler, whether you like it or not you will be a registered Super Human.” Z said taking to the skies disappearing from the vision of the Utopian police department.

“We’ve detained Jean Lebeau, someone relay this back to President Lopez.” The officer said, shooting the sly Cajun with a tranquilizer dart putting him out on the spot. The officers carefully picked up the body of the once prolific King of Utopia and escorted him to Realgam City to personally be I.D’d by Maya Lopez. “What happens if he wakes up?” One of the officers said, a bit scared. “Then we kill’em, before he kills us”. The other guard continued to stare at the unconscious Cajun hoping to God that he didn’t even flinch. Maya was already waiting for them at her Villa; she was dressed in a lavender pink night gown with her hair blowing wildly in the wind. “What the hell did you find him doing?” Maya asked wondering where his battle wounds came from.

“We found him like that in the sewer system me thinks, he was wounded by a much bigger rat” one of the policemen said, rubbing the back of his head in the process. “S…he’s ..back” The Cajun managed to whisper slowly awakening from his tranquilizer. “We can’t keep him in a normal precinct” the officer said, still scratching his head. “We can’t keep him at all Gambler is an international criminal by Geneva laws he must be transported to an international facility.” Maya bent down, but she didn’t get to close, she knew how explosive he could be at any moment. “If you could be left here, I’d torture you until you were dehydrated, Hydrate you and then dehydrate you again” she said, with her eyes turning a sinister blue.

“Leave him in the custody of the Americans; I can do nothing for him.” The leader of the new free world turned and headed back towards her villa whilst the guards escorted the King of Kings to the Americans.

It didn’t take long, news of Gambler’s capture in Utopia did nothing but strengthen Maya’s push for a global registration act. There was turmoil in places as small as Draper City, Utah to the peak of Mount Olympus. Maya paid multiple surveillance companies around the world to capture the battles between reckless metahumans, she was going to convince the world that without government insurance the threat of Metahuman damage would forever leave those they ‘served’ at the mercy of their powers.

There were camera crews littered all over the front gates of the Ruin Kingdom; people taking pictures and trying to get a mere word out of the king of kings; as he was escorted into the main gates of the international prison city. The Federal Police relinquished custody of the Cajun to the Ruin City Security guards it didn’t take long for the other prisoners to take notice.

“I’m going to shave that thick white hair of yours Cajun and wipe my ass with it!” one of the prisoners screeched from behind the electric fence. The guards very crudely tossed Jean into a holding cell with a blonde woman. “Remember me?” Z said, removing her mask. Watching as he slowly winced in pain, she paced the room with her hands behind her back. “Think about all the people you’ve wronged in the past; I think it’s ironic how right now you, the King of Kings need a hero” she said, smiling.

“Just a few days ago, I told you I was stronger than your SHA; the reasoning behind it being I don’t have an emotional connection to no one. Picking up the injured Cajun she tossed him through a window and out on the streets of the Ruin Kingdom. “Oh before I forget there are hundreds of video cameras running throughout the city; if you try to escape I will find you, and Jean; I will Kill you” she said, smiling. With that Z disappeared from view, flying high into the cold night.

There was a dense fog slowly building in the horrid city; huge piles of trash blew across the blood ridden streets. There were hundreds of people just hanging out on the streets doing whatever they felt like doing; the prisoners here had freedom to do whatever they please; with the exception of trying to break free.

Z was about 80% sure Gambler would die here, only because of how weak their fight could’ve left him. The other 20% was her respecting just how crafty he could be, She half expected him to organize these prisoners into a riot; which meant Z would have to kill them all. Didn’t matter in the last few days she knew of the crisis on Mt.Olympus (This is called a cross reference ;) which meant most of the stronger beings would be powerless to stop her push for registration.

Z landed on the plateau and instantly bowed down. “Does he know I’m alive?” the person in the cloak asked in a sweet yet mysterious tone. “No he does not” Z responded loyally. “Inform Arrow of my arrival” the woman in the cloak demanded still watching Jean on a camera.

Z watched as the woman extended her hand on the TV screen and began to caress the image of Gambler. “What if Cassidy comes?” Z asked, about to take off. “IF she comes, then I’ll take care of her personally” she said, with a red Aura surrounding her.

What exactly is going on in the Ruin Kingdom?

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“I’m giving all the meta-humans in Utopia six months from today’s date to get registered with the Trinity Foundation, Violators of this six month period will spend six months in a maximum security prison. That’s right as of six months from now the Super-Human Registration Act will hit Utopi-” Victor flicked the channel. "Please Maya, shut up" he laid back on his chair as he watched TV. A magnificent invention the television was, and during Victors time in Olympus, he took several courses on mortal study. The concept of photons, atoms and sciences seemed to intrigue him. The channel flicked to Cartoon Network where Samurai Jack seemed to be on "Get out!" he flicked the channel again, grabbing a packet of popcorn and ripping it open upon the floor by accident. "Oh F*ck, that's butter flavoured!" victor chuckled and flicked the channel. "Gambs! A word please!" A news reporter was shouting out in front of Ruin Kingdom, the man was addressing the King Of Kings, Gambler. "Not interested" he flicked the channel.

"What are the circumstances surround your capture!" It was on at another channel. "Leave me be" Victor flicked the channel. "the prisoners are waiting to get their hands on him and I tell ya it's going to be deadly" a reporter was making a commentary. Why's this on everywhere?"He has entered the Prison, but little does he know he won't be coming out" the reporter than turned to his fellow workmate on cue for her opinion "Now that's an exaggeration" the second reporter crossed her legs. "If anything would happen, it would be a riot. You're underestimating him too much" Victor wanted to hear why this was so popular. "Say he does cause a riot, it's not luck they'll succeed, they'd all die by the hands of the American Government" the first reporter voiced his opinion. "Doesn't the Utopian government have any say in this? Many of the crimes that the Gambler has committed was on Utopian soil" the second reporter argued.

"Not enough apparently" the reporter made a comment "And now we give you life footage here of the King Of Kings himself" the screen was replaced by overlapping shouting of reporters trying to get a comment from this supposed Gambler. "Why does he call himself Gambler?" Victor chuckled. Then the cameras zoomed in to show Jean Lebeau being escorted in the prison. “I’m going to shave that thick white hair of yours Cajun and wipe my ass with it!” one of the prisoners was right behind the electric fence waiting to get a piece of him. This man was going to start a riot? Victor didn't see the power, intellect and influence the Gambler had. Victor flicked through six more channels. "Jean- Gambler- King- Utopia- Maya- Ruin Kindom" Victor switched off the TV.

Grabbing a laptop, he was familiar with the alphabet of the mortals and started typing up as he voiced to himself "Ruin" he had typed up the first word "Kingdom" then waited for Google to do a search as the instant search function showed him the first result. Google Maps. Victor fumbled around the drawers and grabbed a paper, and then a pen. opening it with his mouth, he wrote down the address of Ruin Kingdom. "Ok, lets see what all this funk is about" Victor wore a jacket and stood on a balcony. Leaning on it, he dropped himself. For a brief moment, nothing happened. Then the air was cut as he flew past birds and raised his altitude. This was one of the first times he's tried self-sustained flight, usually relying on his hammer to fly. "Whoo!" Victor spread out his arms and enjoyed the mighty wind blowing on his face. Time to think straight. He swooped down at such a low angle, heading towards the concrete fast, Ruin Kingdom was within sight.

But he wasn't aiming to land there, he swerved his direction and angle and landed just one block away so no one would see him. Running towards Ruin Kingdom, the place was packed with reporters and political figures. His senses were overwhelmed by the shouts around him "JEAN- A COMMENT- PLEASE- DIE! KING- WHAT'S YOUR-" Victor adjusted his senses before the noises tore him apart. He ran towards the crowd, pushing his way through, he'd met resistance. no one wanted to give up their spots "Can you get lost dude?" he could hear someone talking to him. "Like hell I will" Victor tensed himself and pushed himself through using some extra strength, but didn't use enough to hurt a civilian. Finally he had a front seat view to see what was going on, there was Jean, the Gambler, King Of Kings. Injured, captured and being escorted into prison. Who was this man? He'd have to research him later, Victor picked on Gamblers smell, sure to remember it. Then Gambler disappeared into Ruin Kingdom, as he entered, Victor could glimpse the blood inside, trash on the floor everywhere, and a dense fog building up. Now he understood why they called it Ruin Kingdom

This won't work out well, I played Arkham City. Victor remembered himself playing the Playstation 3, again a mortals' invention. The doors to Ruin Kingdom closed. Victor turned to leave from the crowd as reporters chattered around him, just as he was leaving though a reporter had grabbed his sleeve tightly. "Here we have a fellow onlooker, how do you think this will end for Gambler?" the reporters put their cameras on Victor. "Um" he tried to think of an answer, he didn't know much of Gambler, so he would need to give a more general response. "I think that person is going to commit suicide on itself, they'll all eventually kill each other like this, and if Gambler is still in there when they do, he'll die too" Victor walked away from the cameras. He turned around the corner he came from. I need to get a closer look at this. flying up high, from an altitude of 500 Meters up, Victor looked down upon the prison with his perfect clarity vision. It didn't look good. He was watching Jean get tossed in a low condition cell, but he couldn't see what was going on inside.

Victor needed to rely on Psionic imagery, tapping into the minds of the guards inside the building, he could build up an image of what was going on, a masked woman entered to speak with the Gambler, removing her mask, Victor recalled her as Ziccarra, the young girl he'd met at Cash Inc and Utopia. "Remember me?" She was saying as she paced around the room and enjoyed herself. “Think about all the people you’ve wronged in the past; I think it’s ironic how right now you, the King of Kings need a hero” she smiled. “Just a few days ago, I told you I was stronger than your SHA; the reasoning behind it being I don’t have an emotional connection to no one" he wasn't sure who had said that, but who was Sha? Then the Gambler was tossed out of the window and into the streets of the Ruin Kingdom, Victor restored his own senses so he could hear what was going on down there with efficiency.

“Oh before I forget there are hundreds of video cameras running throughout the city; if you try to escape I will find you, and Jean; I will Kill you” The young woman smirked. Apparently there were cameras installed behind everyones back, and someone could know that Victor is spying right now. On another note, it seemed like there was more to Ziccarra then he'd originally thought. Then Ziccarra lifted off the ground, flying towards his direction, Victor turned invisible as she flew right past him. That was close. Victor watched down on Ruin Kingdom, he wasn't ready to leave just yet.

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“The time period from Twelve to Three Am is known as the Witching hour a time period where satanic spirits are supposed to be at their worse. Three am was also, the time period in which the one known as Honor Legend was at her most powerful.”

Imari ejected high above the red dot beeping on her plane; dispatching her aerodynamic cowl she slowly descended into what was being called, The Ruin Kingdom. Hundreds of prisoners were extradited from Honor City to this mad house and the specter of 3 am was going to look into what exactly was going on. The first thing she noticed was prisoners; hundreds of thousands of them everywhere. As she clutched on to her penny just scanning the area; despite the huge area encased in this prison it was easy to pretty much scout the location of the familiar gangs.

The Northern side of the city was home to the Aryan brotherhood; there were Aryan ‘guards’ standing right outside their territory making sure none of the other groups got in. On the Southside; The Bloods painted the streets all red literally letting Imari know exactly where there territory began and ended. The east end of town was held for the ms13’s Honor City had seen an influx of them as of late. Lastly the Crips were positioned on the western part of the city which was the best looking part of the whole city. She could see bodies just lying in the street; this was how they treated the dead.

The Utopian Registration Act did not affect America directly but it soon would; to allow a prison of such terrible standards to rest in American arms was not good for the American image; and if anything were to happen here it’d be a good reason for the act to be forwarded here. As she continued to scout the city out a loud and thunderous voice followed by the beautiful Ninjan Princess appeared on all the T.V screens in the city.

“Greetings International Criminals, welcome to the Ruin Kingdom; you guys have been selected as the vilest criminals in the history of modern civilization and for that, you will live the rest of your days here. I would also like to welcome Jean Leabeu to our humble abode”

Just the name stirred the city up; Imari could hear chanting and screaming from all across the city. “Imari where are you? I’m tracking you in Ruin City is that correct” Imari still had not learned to speak so to communicate she hit the number one of her headset which told Scarlett yes. “I’m going to upload the scanner into your headset you’ll be able to listen to whatever the security guards are listening to”. Scarlet replied allowing Imari to get to work.

“Imari, I’m picking bad chemicals in the city’s water supply, head over to the reservoir and check it out” Shooting her grappling hook the 3am demon glided across the city. She could see people running in terror as her shadow engulfed them. Landing on top of the water tower; lightening cracked the sky casting her shadow out into the middle of the street. Leaping off the tower straight into the water treatment complex, she could see some of the workers dumping water into the cleaned water.

Removing a vial from her utility belt she took a water sample and then sent its components back to Scarlett in the Honor City clock tower. “That’s weird… it looks like these men are dumping liquid Xechcellum into the city’s water supply.” Scarlett responded, almost amazed. “Xechcellum is that chemical that grants powers; why would they create a whole city full of super criminals?”. Scarlett asked curiously.

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6 Hours Ago

Dr. Wade Phillips “Dr. Pierce, I understand your apprehension in increasing funding for the next fiscal quarter, but as you can see from the data, we are showing progress.”

Ian knew he must be coming off as disinterested while he listened to the budgetary requests of the various department heads that filled the boardroom. Being impolite to the people who kept the company running while he dealt with his outside pursuits was not good business, but under the rapidly changing circumstances they would simply have to deal with what they would brush off as just another eccentricity of their CEO. Normally he would put a lot more care into approving a $275 million expenditure, but all monetary concerns were gone as soon as Wilhelm had started feeding him all the available data culled from news sources and government channels as a single keyword started lighting up the internet, Gambler.

Dr. Ian Pierce - “Gentleman, I think we can call this meeting early, you have all made your cases and I see no reason not to approve all the requests made. Have a nice weekend and yes, I have signed your annual bonus checks, try not to spend it all on cars and bottle service, some of you have kids to put through college still.”

He watched them leave in quick fashion, the thought of a six figure check waiting for them cleared the room as intended. Once alone he turned towards the window, his eyes focusing on the newest lab under construction inside the growing complex that made up Avalon Biotechnologies. Ian began to undo his tie as the data stream continued to completion and he found himself shaking his head while he processed it all. No matter how he arranged it in his mind, the pieces just didn't fit.

Gambler is not the type of person to just get his ass handed to him and dropped off like a common thug. It would take a heavy hitter and a connected one to do the job, yet nowhere in the reports does it mention who actually apprehended him. This is all too clean and neat, all that's missing is the bow on the package. Time to put on my other business suit and have a look for myself


Armistice hovered in place 500 feet over the facility, surrounded by his stealth field and letting his scanners take in all the data available. He had stopped listening to the media circus, they were just reporting what they had been told, which at this point was uninformed bullshit to sell papers and gain ratings. None of the talking heads had any idea what they were talking about, as usual, and if something of worth came up Wilhelm would patch it in. the real action was taking place below him as the so called King of Kings was escorted inside his new home.

Wilhelm - “Ian, I am detecting multiple persons of note in the area.”

Target One – Victor Grey / Profile available

Target Two – Ziccarra / Profile available / multiple energy signature match

Target Three – Unknown / No profile available

Ian had no intentions of making his presence known for now. These were only going to be the first of what he expected to be many future guests with unresolved business with their new infamous inmate. The designers of the facility had been nice enough to line every nook in the facility with high definition video allowing him eyes on the whole complex once Wilhelm had established remote access. He spent less than a minute going over the vast amount of incoming data to familiarize himself with the layout completely, but in the end it was two pieces of data that stood out. The conversation between Z and Gambler, and the Xechcellum chemical compound his sensors picked up contaminating the water supply.

This situation is about to go from powder keg to complete and utter clusterf*ck

If the situation was not suddenly so dire, he would have had to take a second to admire the pieces that made up the elaborate trap. In this case, it meant an immediate change of plans, time was a precious commodity and if he was really lucky, at least all the innocents could be moved out of harms way. As for those within the prison, those that were not already dammed, most assuredly were now.

Armistice - “Wilhelm, access Victor's cell phone and place a call using Park's Caller ID information so he will take it” he waited the few rings in desperate anticipation until it was picked up. “Victor, it's Armistice, I have no to explain, but you need to get the press and crowd away from here immediately or they are going to get slaughtered, do what you can and call me back on the number I put in your phones address book if you need me.”

Leaving the evacuation effort to Victor he turned his attention to the mystery girl who he could see was examining the water supply and at this point was probably not aware of just how much danger she was really in. Luckily for her the master of damsel saving was on the scene and would only be too happy to help her in this time of distress.

Armistice – “Wilhelm, tap into her communication frequency” he waited for the protocols to be translated and when the channel was open “I don't know who you are Spandex Girl, but if you don't already know whats in that water sample, you need to get the hell out of there right now.”

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“Greetings International Criminals, welcome to the Ruin Kingdom; you guys have been selected as the vilest criminals in the history of modern civilization and for that, you will live the rest of your days here. I would also like to welcome Jean Leabeu to our humble abode” Victor heard the young woman's voice, Ziccarra. This isn't a normal prison.Where are the humane conditions around here, human rights? Victor then dodged out of the way as a girl descended from the sky. She out of her mind? Victor shrugged off the thought, it seemed as if every hero was on their way to check this out. he used his senses to try and hear what the young girl was saying to herself down there. hearing her speak, he realised she was speaking through a communicator. It all seemed like Gibberish to him, until she said something that caught his attention. “Xechcellum is that chemical that grants powers; why would they create a whole city full of super criminals?” Victors eyes widened with fear, he'd already figured it out and the danger it posed. They were trying to create hundreds of thousands of super powered criminals, break out of this prison and then unleash Chaos upon the world.

Victor kept watching upon the Prison, observing its layout if he ever needed to go down there soon. This is Real life Arkham City F*ck. Victor thought to himself. Except here you can't respawn and always win in the end. Then Victors phone rang. That's strange, I've never given anyone my number before. Victor checked his phone to see Park calling. Park? he must've gotten some new toys to hack my phone, this must be important. Victor answered the call. “Victor, it's Armistice, I have no to explain, but you need to get the press and crowd away from here immediately or they are going to get slaughtered, do what you can and call me back on the number I put in your phones address book if you need me” He heard the armour-clad hero speak. "Who the F*ck is Armstice?" Victor scratched his head, then remembered who he was.

He looked down upon the crowd. If I take them on, this will just give Maya a situation to play at, use me as an example for the Registration Act. I need to get them out by other means. Victor sank into deep thought. Atmokinesis! he pushed his powers to the limit, and through great concentration, rain fell down from the sky and upon the crowds, followed by lightning from the sky and great thunders. Victor then summoned fogs to cloud the peoples view of Ruins Kingdom. Already he could see the crowds running away for shelter and deciding it wasn't worth it. Maya couldn't pin this on superhumans, it was just the weather. Victor grinned, generating some wind to convince the people to go home. Calming the weather he'd started, all was clear again and there were only nine reporters there. They shouldn't be a problem. Victor projected the suggestion in their minds to go home for a while. He watched as his mind suggestions worked perfectly, people were already leaving. He just hoped Armstice wasn't exaggerating and that all this trouble was worth it.

Victor gave a call to Armstice, who was now in his address book, as Armstice answered, he raised the phone to his ear "Sorry about the turbulence, but I got them out, hopefully it's worth all the trouble though. Mind explaining to me now?" he asked the Armoured Hero.

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Park was sitting in the warehouse he'd been calling home for the past two weeks eating leftover Chinese food and watching re-runs of old cartoons when his program was interrupted by a breaking news bulletin. Apparently some big-time bad guy had been been captured and sent to prison. I don't care. Park thought as he flipped through some channels. After he couldn't find anything other than the capture Park went to go switch it over to a DVD player but stopped. Shoving his way through the crowd around-- Park took a second to actually find out where it was-- Ruin Kingdom was Victor.

Park swore loudly and grabbed his phone to call Victor. What the hell is he doing out there? Park wondered as he scrambled to find his phone. Goddammit why can I never find what I'm looking for! By the time Park gotten his phone the situation at the prison appeared to be escalating in an extreme way. Wait what the hell is his number? Park tried to remember if he'd ever been told, or if the god even had a cellphone. Nothing. Dammit. Park thought as he threw some gear into a bag. If things were as bad as the news was reporting then Victor might need help. Park checked, then re-checked and learned everything he could about Ruin, California on the internet for the next five minutes. It wasn't too far away, thank god, and it was more or less a prison town.

Feeling pressed for time and having aggravation clouding his judgement Park went down to open the warehouse doors and wheeled out his Harley. Ok, let's run through this one more time. Victor's at ground zero for absolute insanity and you have no way of getting in contact with him. Your plan is to ride out to said ground zero and try to find and assist him. Park thought as he got on the bike. Yep, pretty much. Park answered himself. He gunned the engine and began to head out to Ruin.

As he got closer and closer Park realized he had no way to find Victor once he got there. Here goes nothing. Park thought to himself before concentrating. Victor! Victor if you can hear this it's Park, I am projecting my thoughts out and feel like an idiot. Come in buddy, where are you? I saw what was happening on the news, where are you man?

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2 Days Ago

"Yo Beary, you sure about this man." It was starting off as a bad day for Beary, and his second in command kept making it worse by questioning this move. He had a right to do so, of course, after all, even Beary was questioning it. "I'm positive Steam." Beary said with a sigh, he knew Steam wouldn't stop questioning until Beary had left, he also knew that he himself wouldn't stop questioning it until he had arrived at his destination. "I'm still slightly confused, why not just try to sneak in?" "Because Steam, they're criminals, powerful criminals. They don't want a hero saving them, they want a partner helping them escape, and by going inside, i can make friends a lot easier." The Q and A session kept on reoccurring, no matter how much Steam knew it exasperated Beary. "And why are you doing this again?" And yet even though the questions were the same as before, Beary always got stuck on this one, he knew the answer. He knew it by heart, yet it was slightly out of character of him. Actually, it was majorly out of character for him. "Because of the new Utopian Registration Act." "And how in the hell does that affect us?" Steam asked in a cruel tone, not out of anger, but out of concern.

Beary and he were best friends, and it wasn't business that kept the two so close. It was the fact that no matter what, Beary would always have his back, it was just that this was bigger than their friendship. Beary sighed again, "Haven't we gone over this enough times Ste--, Teon. This Maya has big plans, she's attempting to take over our world. She's attempting to take our freedom, i can feel it, she's ambitious. I can't wait for her to come and take America, and then try to rally troops for the cause. I have to start now. And i know that i shouldn't be worrying about America, but if she takes America, she takes Detroit as well. And you know i don't discriminate, there are metas in Detroit, and i won't let her or anyone else push them or any of my people around." Teon knew his friend was right, he also knew that Beary was his leader, and that his word was law. "When do you leave?" "You already know the answer to that friend, it's today." Teon sighed, "Let me guess, i'm in charge." Beary patted his friend on the shoulder with a smile, "At least you got a women to keep you company, that should be nice, eh" "How well are you prepared?" "The 'cops' who are 'sending' me there, have 50 standard rounds, as well as 20 of each unique type of bullets stored. They also have my two magnums, my grenades, and my cell. So basically, i got everything."

"You sure about this man?" Steam asked one last time. Beary only grinned. Steam sighed again, but this time with a smile. "Make sure you come back in one peace. You know i'm not fit to run Detroit."


Beary had been in the newly made prison for only a day, and so far, he had liked it. When his two own cops had personally captured and escorted him to the new prison, the headlines in his city were huge. Nobody, and he meant nobody, but Steam and the cops knew about what was really happening. And he needed it that way to make sure there would be no leaks. If there were, there would be two dead cops when Urbs came back to Detroit. So of course, his people would be confused as to why Urbs, their hero, was leaving them. Of course, he didn't try to dwell to much on how things were going in Detroit, if only for the shallow fact that he needed to focus on what was going down in this neighborhood. His first day there, he made sure that it was known that he wouldn't be getting killed. Not only that, but both the crips and bloods had already given loyalty to him. Both their original top officers easily killed, and the rest of the crew decided not to trouble the man the Underground only knew as the Detroit Lion. Instead, they decided if he ever needed help with anything, they would happily comply, especially since they were dealing with perhaps one of the richest crime lords around. The Aryan's though, weren't going to comply with Urbs wishes no matter what, but he would easily deal with that entire area later. And as for the Honor City thugs, well, let's just say he wasn't ready to deal with that city, let alone their most prominent villains.

Today though was very different, something big was happening, something really, really big.“Greetings International Criminals, welcome to the Ruin Kingdom; you guys have been selected as the vilest criminals in the history of modern civilization and for that, you will live the rest of your days here. I would also like to welcome Jean Leabeu to our humble abode” The beautiful Ziccarra Liafador had spoken those words over a loud speaker, acting as a type of prison guard he guessed. The thought was slightly scary, for if she was the prison guard, then who was the warden. The info she had given to Urbs though was one of joy. The man who was called Gambler wasn't a threat. Not because he was weak, but because he had probably been beaten to near death to be taken in. But unlike some of his fellow inmates who probably wanted his head, Beary wanted an alliance. And that wasn't the only good part of having the King of Kings here either, it also meant that a lot of attention would be drawn here.

And more attention, means more heroes coming our way. Urbs thought taking a quick drink out of his personal water bottle. Of course, i'm gonna have to act quickly if i want to even get the chance to meet the man. No doubt a war has broken out just from his presence. Urbs shook his head, disappointed in how humanity acted in the face of a legend. Maybe if he was any normal high-class criminal, he could understand, but he had a mission. And if wanted the mission to succeed, he most likely needed Gambler's help. As Urbs went on the search, he pondered how the meeting between the King of Kings and the King of the Concrete Jungle would go down.

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Strong and unyielding they enclosed this anarchic city. Fires burned, guns shot, people screamed. For her all that mixed together into a wonderful cacophony of a city boiling in a cauldron. Not too different from her own paradise far away. A city also walled up so that it had became her personal kingdom of damaged skyscrapers and burnt out houses. Her personal kingdom of nothing.

Something akin to home sickness gripped her at this sight and like the tiger misses the trees of the jungle she missed the filthy and grey walls of Honor City. The asphalt of the streets of Ruin was the same under her feet and at the same time unfamiliar. The ever present scent of toxicity in the air was missing. The so called predators stalking these streets were miles away from the vicious brutes she had cultivated in her own territory. With a sigh she touched a street lamp and reminiscenced of how the moon that she could so clearly see now tried to break through the toxic clouds of her home city. Even her accustomed skin of iron did not shield her here.

Why come here in the first place, why be a rat under many when she could have stayed the cat in the new Eden she had created for herself? In the week that she had been here now she had asked that a lot of times. The necessary answer had always been the same: Because she had to.

The U.S. came closer towards stability. The France question had been cleared, Utopia was established and no one could do anything about it, T.I. had been grudgingly accepted as Russia’s new rulers. With all threats from the outside eliminated or at least pacified the government’s ever troubled eye had began to look out for hot spots in their own country. It had not needed long till they had noticed there was still a former metropolis under martial law and plans had been made to take care of the situation. Great speeches had been made on TV and as the first steps were made into pacifying the once beautiful city with the many gothic buildings, Jessica knew she had to act quicker than the American behemoth.

As a result the Darwinian Dictator had to shed the metal skin of her self built armor and become less than herself, had to lower herself into the anonymous lowlands of common thugs, rapists, thieves and murderers. According to that intent she had left the dying city and made her way towards Washington. Not a nice place by many standards but still better than the bio agens infested hell of Honor City. No need to play nice here and no need to be subtle or climb any preexisting food chain. So she had done just the next best thing.

Two people she had never met before. Two government bureaucrats who had just walked out of the building after end of work. Chatting, laughing, looking at their watches, juggling with their keys. Ready to go home to a family. Which would never see them again.

Screaming like a madwoman Jessica had stormed at them, a lead of pipe in her hands. Surprised they had looked up at her, their faces carrying an expression of surprise that would soon be replaced with pain. Down came the pipe. Once, two, three, four. Blood splattered on open street, screams for help echoed over the horrible scene, a smashed gold framed glass flew through the air. And as quick as it had begun, it had ended. Like smashed puppets the dead family fathers had lain on the cold asphalt, the brain that oozed out of their heads quickly loosing its warmth to the surrounding. Once more Jessica had claimed two lives. Like a frenzied berserker she stood there, the pipe still in her hand and an almost exotic pattern of blood on her face and cheap clothes. The cops had reacted unusually quick in the vicinity of a government building. Only 30 seconds, 10 seconds more than she had needed to strike these poor souls dead. Strikes, insults, nothing that she was not used to. One had dislocated her shoulder. Nothing. To let it appear real she had bitten an ear off. Cursing and bleeding they had pulled her away while she had screamed and kicked in the air.

The judge herself had shown no mercy. Throning high above her she had spat venom on Jessica, the sound of her hammer delivering a strangely fitting tact to the condemning words of the redheaded lady. They did not even care who she was, her anonymity was kept. All they were interested in was condemning her. In a very quick session without a jury a smiling Jessica had been sentenced to a lifetime of the worst punishment that judge could think of: Ruin, California. May god forgive her for her deeds, the families would not and Ruin would punish her.

It had not. Of course the depraved mockeries of human beings had quickly taken interest in the good looking woman with the trained body but her martial prowess and parcour skills had taught them to look elsewhere. Now she was here, ready to accomplish her plan:

Tear those walls down, free the inmates of Ruin and let them sweep over America like a wave of violent crime. Destabilize the city, keep the gangs from settling down, keep them angry by pitting them against each other so that they would finally vent this aggression on the American citizens if they got out.

So she lifted herself from the Bloods leader she had just killed and made her way over to the area of the Crips. Till now she had no ideas how to destroy the walls but it would certainly not hurt to incite the violence a bit more. In the end it would pay out.

It would create one of the biggest diversions ever. One that would keep the government’s vigilant eye from Honor City for a long time. Keep those wonderful walls up and keep her home.
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Surkit looks out of his balcony window,into the Drenched city, the rain coming down heavily amd mercilessly. His phone rings breaking the silence, the caller I.D. comes up as unknown. he slides the phone symbol to the right and says, "who."there's a man out of breath breathing ragged rapid gasps of air, "its, guh,huf-huh- Troll." "troll"He thinks. A few nights back he was patrolling and caught a man trying to pay for a hitman to take out his ex-wife and boss. The employer turned out to have intel on the criminal underground, he swore to trade information for his freedom. surkit let him go on the condition that he calls with new information every other night and the night he doesn't the rest of his life will be spent in Ruin. "..Well?"Surkit says in a cold uncaring tone. Troll looks at the phone with a vicious hate and then pulls it back and says"I heard down the vine...somebody spiked the water at the prison with some kinda..zen cello... zack sellum? I dunno, what ever it is, tonight it's gonna give all those guys locked up meta power... and we'll all be in deep-... Tonight at ruin- now. you didn't hear it from me"Surkits' eyes widen and his jaw drops as the line goes dead, and he sees the crowd in front of Ruin on the muted tv.

20 minutes later

Surkit runs head long out of his balcony landing with a quake on the ground below, His energy level is high enough for him to shock kick. He lifts his leg slowly and as he does blackish dark blue smoke forms on the sole of his shoe. He slams it down with so much force the windows on the entire block at street level shattered as he was rocketed upward taking off towards Ruin. suspecting he might be too late kept landing and pushing off the ground to gain more energy so he could max out. "What the hell is the end game? Why unleash chaos? it wouldn't be for any profit, they wouldn't answer to anyone. Diversion? if so then what could we do? we'd need every hand on the criminals.." the questions keep coming as He tries to devise a plan while jumping in and out of the clouds. After a few minutes he lands with a thick thud in Monroe Park, heading down to the Trinity HQ. He walks into the front doors and looks for someone to come with him, or at least tell the others.

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The unmistakable reverberations of the Cajun's shackles resonated throughout the hollow streets accompanied by a comprehensive concentration of derogatory expletives cast down by the current occupants of the enigmatic prison known as the Ruin Kingdom. Cloaked with mystery and re-enforced by superstitious folklore the infamous "Ghost Town" as it had been nicknamed, was home to some of the most notoriously accomplished criminals in the World. Whispers of supernatural forces with infectious intent ran ramped through this once subtle compound as numerous disappearances became the norm. Violent and unexplained deaths continually climbed as investigators lost the will to stay their courage, all but abandoning the prison and its occupants to their own devices.

Pulling himself up alongside the graffiti decorated wall of a nearby building the Aristocratic Assassin stylishly relieved himself of his bonds allowing them to slowly topple to the rat infested streets below. Nightmarish screams and howls blanketed the surrounding area like a melancholy operatic carnival smothering all within ear shot with a sheet of hopelessness and despair. In the court of public opinion the Ruin Kingdom had simply collapsed in on itself, but the self proclaimed King of Kings suspected otherwise. There had been a systematic implementation at work, someone, or thing, had orchestrated the chaotic conditions, but to what end?

Still weakened from his confrontation with the Ninjan warrior the Cajun was in no condition to escape much less defend himself from the increasingly unsettling inmates. With numerous abandoned buildings on location the better part of discretion dictated he retire inward and regain his composure. The thick layer of smog engulfing the town supplied plenty of cover as he methodically parkoured his way up, over, and through the various structures until finally coming to rest in an empty slaughterhouse. With a deep breath the devilish assassin flashed his trademark Cheshire Cat grin and whispered, "Vous devriez m'avoir tué quand vous avez eu la chance" (You should have killed me when you had the chance)

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“Gambler hmm” the Nazi slum lord sat back rocking in his chair thinking of the best course of action. The room was as dark as it was cold; every now and then a lightening flash would “light up the darkness” and briefly give his minions a preview of his crimson skull. “It appears zer is a new king on zee battle field” he said, walking with his hands positioned behind his back. “I entered zee prison at zee age of only 19; I have been a ruler of zee’s parts for ages!”

Moving towards the back of the room; where various members from around the city; A blood, a Crip, An ms13 and an Aryan. The four prisoners were gaged with their hands tied behind them; all bearing something from the rival gang. “This is zee part that I find so endearing” bending down in front of his victims he spoke to the Blood and Crip member once. “I knew a n!gger once; I actually took heem in as mine apprentice; he paid me back by stealing my armor!”. The sweat bearing down off the skin of the two men before him told the story; they were scared for their lives and rightfully so.

He rose to his feet, executed a perfect right face; followed by a center face on the other to. “I have nothing to say to you my friend” he said, placing his hand on the shoulder of the ms13. “You will die here today” he continued, this time speaking directly in the face of the Aryan member. “Do naught fret, death is easy my friends, it is life that is hard”. Three of his henchmen brought three different weapons in the room; there was a machete, a chain saw, and a sharpened pencil.

The baron moved towards the back of the room, entering a solidary observation chamber. He watched as the gas slowly began to clamber within the walls of the chamber. A mere 15 seconds went pass and the victims were already screaming a bloody scream; finally the screaming stopped. Once the mustard green gas filtered out of the room; the Crip holding the pencil won. He stood blood over the other men in a triumphant stance. “The sickest minds can find all types of nasty things to do wiff a pencil”, the baron remarked, ecstatic that his gas was a success. “I shall be called Agent Fear!” he chuckled sinisterly.

“Everyone form it up!” he once again, began to pace around the room; watching as his “army” began to form up. As he walked past they saluted him; giving honor to what all they were about to do. “Zee time has come, for us to make our move. TEAR THIS CITY APART!” The Baron screamed motivating his own men; the hordes upon hordes of henchmen chanted the Baron’s name in praise.

“Make zee master proud” Baron said, turning his back and entering his office; the moment he did so; he placed a highly effective pro-mask on his face and set the fear agent off on his own people. The combination of lightening, rain, darkness and fear caused them to riot out on to the streets. “My freedom is neigh” he said, fading into the darkness with the back of his nightmarish red skull giving off a dull glow in the darkess.

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Stephanie’s feet could be heard from the distance of the hallway of We Are Legend HQ, her feet skidding along the ground as she made a sharp turn, heading towards General Bartholomew’s office. While he wasn’t in charge of We Are Legend, he was in charge of seeing over the hero, everything she did, was his responsibility. Right now she was heading to his office about what she’s been seeing on the news. Gambler captured, thrown in the Ruin City prison here in California, just a few hours away from Los Angeles, and now everything in that city was about to go into a riot and Nova wanted in! Bursting threw his doors she ran up to his desk, but before she could say anything he pointed at the seat before his desk.

“Sit” his voice was stern as the Fire Goddess quickly obeyed, sitting in the seat.

“I know you know why I’m here.” She spoke, fidgeting with her hands.

“Ruin City, I figured you would have seen it on the news.”

“Not my fault your too cheap to get cable.” She huffed out.

“I was going to send you in either way, you just beat me to it.” He sat down, pushing a thick 5 inch folder in front of her.

“What the hell!?” her eyes widen with what seemed fear as she looked at the folder.

“That is all the information we have on this area. You’ll need to read up. Your mission statement is also inside.” His eyes looked at Stephanie giving her the ‘and you better read ALL of it’ look.

“Errr… right…” she picked up the folder, which was surprisingly heavy, and walked back to her room. She fearfully opened the book as she sat on her bed and began to… ‘skim’ through the pages, something about this place being a city holding criminals large and small, thrown in to live among each other. She could only imagine that place must be like hell. “And… now I’m bored…” she mumbled as her computer screen lit up. Her eyes fixed on the screen as a email window opened, showing a link to a video. “And… now I’m scared out of my mind.” She slowly got up from her bed and walked over to her desk, grasping the mouse in hand as she clicked the link.

It took her to youtube, where a video was shown Gambler being thrown out the window like a rag doll. The King of Kings got his @ss kicked, but by who? The camera jerked up into the air to catch a quick glance of a blond woman with intense blue eyes… Nova knew exactly who that was. “Ziccarra…?” she whispered as she paused the video, it looked like her friend but she looked younger… and that look in her eyes… she had seen it many times before. “Something serious is about to go down.”

Pushing herself up from her desk she walked out the door and made her way to the hanger. With her Honoo Tach tied to the left side of her waist she opened up the massive hanger doors as they split open to the opening of the mountain. Getting a running head start she threw herself out of the hanger, her body suddenly bursting into her signature golden flames as she rose into the air, flying towards the Ruin City.

Once she knew she was coming close to her destination, she began to ascend higher into skies right before suddenly putting out her fire. Her body soared a few feet up before quickly descending downward towards the city. The air howled around her as she came down fast, feet first into hell she fell.

Landing on the ground in a crouching position the cemented ground cracked and trembled below her power. The fire goddess was never known for being stealthy, going in, guns blazing was more her style, and it wasn’t about to change now. Slowly rising up her emerald eyes looked around as she noted multiple thugs, murders, and rapist standing around, frozen in shock as they laid eyes on the Fire Goddess. “Any of you get near me…” she rose up her right fist as it began to glow with fire. “And I’ll give you a permanent sunburn.” The men kept their distance from Stephanie as she began to take a few steps forward. “As much as I love seeing all of you, I’m here for one person… where is Ziccarra?”

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The smell of hot green tea fought with all other scents in the air. "Thank you", the cool deep voice of a mysterious white hooded figure said, the attractive raven-haired maid smiled as she left. The man's face concealed in not only an eternal dark shadow cast over his face by his odd hood even in broad daylight, but especially by a technology-infested white skull-like mask that concealed his identity from even the most advanced detection equipment. Silently sitting in his desk, flipping through numerous documents, Impero took a temporary pause, clapping slowly as the poorly lit room suddenly illuminated itself. The office was littered with expensive leather furniture, the walls decorated with classic paintings, the windows shut and covered in ruby red curtains, and his unusually large desk populated by sophisticated computers and laptops. "Oh? What do we have here?", deadly Impero wondered, turning to face his largest monitor. Chuckling in mild amusement, Impero honestly couldn't believe what he was seeing on his brightest computer screen.

With his computer systems secretly tapping into all major news networks in the vicinity, The Genius had access to most news stories being broadcasted across the globe. According to the source his computers had access to at the moment, the infamous Cajun, Gambler had been imprisoned in a colossal prison complex spoken only in whispers... the Ruin Kingdom. "They should know by now that he'll escape", Impero's sophisticated and suave British accent being overshadowed only by his amused but composed chuckles. "Fools should have just killed him when they had the chance. Now their mistakes will be slapped in their faces once he's free", the Nefarious Neutral laughed, shooting up from his desk chair. Walking over to the smooth red curtains that covered the large door-sized windows and parted them. "Perhaps I should pay this torturous prison a visit. Who knows? It could be a fruitful journey. While I could put my relationship with Cash Inc. to use, I'd rather do this myself, this way there's no room for errors".

As the curtains gave way to the large windows, beautiful sparkling moonlight streamed into the office through them. The sky was dark and starry, yet the sheer beauty of the heavenly display was overshadowed by the eerie silence that plagued the environment. "Only through me will there be no mistake made", The Underground King's vaunted demeanor was perhaps the most prominent aspect of his personality, his arrogance was intoxicating however, his claims are almost universally true whenever what is being said has no relation to his identity that is. In a matter of hours, somehow, the manipulative neutral was standing on the rooftop of a large warehouse in the Ruin Kingdom, how he had arrived remains to be seen. It was nighttime, the darkness along with his mask's cloaking capabilities aided him in remaining undetected as an entrance to the prison was mere meters below and away from him.

Kneeling on one knee, The Genius observed his environment, "Hostility is a given in this place, but hardly anyone will be a challenge to me", he thought, his constant calmness was a frightening quality that never abandoned his side. Impero's reason for being here? It wasn't anything extravagant, he was there for the simple pursuit of knowledge or was it to kill Gambler and finish a job that most have been neglecting for far too long? After all, the Cajun was dangerous competition. Who knows? Impero is never one to leave things clear, he is cryptic in this manner.

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Armistice was still stationary over the prison facility, his birds eye view allowing him to direct the efforts of the more well intentioned visitors that he was sure were still on their way. Things were still under control for now but that could change at any moment.

Wilhelm - "Ian, we have another target arriving on site"

Target 4 - Feral Nova / Profile available

Oh hell, the superhuman community's version of the bull in the china shop. This situation is a powder keg and now we have the match. She could be here with the best intentions and still cause disaster, he wasn't sure of her purpose for being here but he had a pretty good idea from what he did know. Fills out the costume pretty well though.

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A man named Cleric Jones, had dreams of power and wealth. Though his reality was its polar opposite a nightmare of despair and weakness. Him and his younger brother, would go days without food, living on the street of New York in boxes and dumpsters. Cleric was poor and untrained, but he was smart and ambitious, nothing discouraged him. He did what was necessary to survive, picking pockets, scamming, train hopping. Whatever got the two to the next day.Which is why Cleric couldn't say no when he was offered a drug by a white man in a suit, that he was told would change his life forever and bring his family out of poverty, so long as he answered to them. Cleric was enhanced somehow, not physically, but mentally. He began to show up in newspapers, on televisions through the city, simply knows as Prophet. He would always know the exact moment to strike a bank or truck, and always knew where the cameras were and was never cornered, as though he how long the police would take to arrive on scene, always briskly walking away like he had simply been another patron making a withdrawal. One day Cleric came home in hysterics, and held his baby brother tight speaking softly saying, "One day...you'll have the chances I couldn't get for both of us.. don't waste it, they'll need you." The boy was torn away from his brother by a masked man, and he was forced to watch as his brother gave him one last, sorrowful look and said "The ro-the road...to redemption leads... to ruin" the last words slammed forever into his mind at the sound of the hammer banging the bullet and leaving the barrel, burned hole in his life forever. Little Bishop thought his departed brother meant he should never try to be a cape, always look out for himself because it would lead to his destruction to fight for anyone else. The boy built his whole life on the foundation of that dark and weighted moment... It wasn't until late tonight,fate jammed the final puzzle piece down his throat so hard it was a pill he had no choice but to swallow.


Surkit Treads back and forth across the insignia stamped on the lobby floor. He's been standing here for a half an hour, hoping he could get back up, but the time to strike was now, either by himself or not at all. He goes behind the front desk in the lobby and searches through the piles of files to find a construction plan, there was a hangar a few floors up, it was clear the only way out of here was by air. He snatches the paper up and dashes to the stairs in a few brief steps. " California won't know what hit them if I don't get there in time, even the police won't be ready for a riot on this level." He thinks to himself as he shock kicks to the hangar bay door, kicking it down and running straight into the Hangar, skidding a few feet before stopping full. He sees various different sized and designed jets all marked with the Trinity Foundation Symbol. " rrahh,I hope these damn things have auto-pilot" He yells out of frustration.

The inside is like both a fighter and stealth jet meant to seat ten passengers. A Million lights, switches and buttons dotted through out. Surkit was some what intimidated, but knew worst came to worst it'd be the plane that wouldn't survive the trip. Sitting down in the seat at the nose, he stretches and buckles the three belts into the center and puts his hands on the wheel. "all right... theres gotta be an auto pilot, just gotta punch in the coordinates from my phone" he looks down to the console not knowing what does what. He flips a few switches with no effect and his anger begins to rise. "Damn it! How is this piece of crap supposed to get me to California?!" A screen pops out of the steering wheel center, "Identifying....identifying...Trinity Member Surkit, welcome. Please speak your point of destination... now" He is taken aback by the enhanced technology, but hasn't got the luxury to be shocked. "California, ruin city, full speed" the machine shows a 3d topography of the city. "Destination confirmed, brace for lift off" it says in its cold female voice before dissapearing back into the steering wheel. With a loud whirring sound and a thrust he's hurled so fast the sound of the lift off doesn't reach his ears until he's already out of the sea and into the clouds.

A screen just above the cockpit window reads, "DESTINATION ARRIVAL IN: 1 HOUR 12 MINUTES 43 SECONDS" Surkit realises that he won't get there anytime soon, the fact that he will be there in less than an hour and a half is impressive enough to warrant patience. He sits in the chair with his chin in his hand, "I wonder.. computer, get me all channels broadcasting from Ruin City, and keep scans open for incoming and outgoing cellular transmission waves" the computer responds "As you wish,sir, broadcasts now streaming live, however cellular activity can not be monitored from such a distance, at this speed."

The news shows all show the same thing. the capture of a man named Gambler, and the arrival of what appears to be a pyro-meta. He thinks to himself "what the hell is going on here? this feels way to much like a puppet show.. need to find out who the hells pulling the strings.." and so he reviewed every inch of footage from the day and any documentation he could find on The Gambler. all the time His flight barreling at tremendous speeds towards Ruin.

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“I flew past someone who was bending light” Z said, once again humbled in front of the women in the cloak. Z couldn’t make out her face at all, which mean there was something the woman was doing to deliberately interfere with Z’s Keen eyesight. “There could possibly be more than just inmates in this city” the woman said, rising glancing out over the city. As lightning struck again; Z could make out the slightest color of hair. “Gambler is going to try and escape” Z said; admittedly worried. “So”. The woman responded with abruptly. “Then what the hell was the point in bringing him here!” Z screamed; this time with her own eyes turning red.

“Humanshave forgotten what it’s like to fear the unknown, everyone currently sneaking and conniving their way into my city will remember what it’s like to genuinely fear someone.” The woman in the black cloak said, turning towards Z. “Whether Gambler lives or dies isn’t the point of this facility my dear; by the end of our time here the people of the U.S will fear this place and everyone who came to save it” The woman looked as, there was a camera positioned on the outside facing the town. Pushing her hands outward a thin layer of sonic energy surrounded the building; which would disrupt and distort the sounds. “Did you place those things in the basement?” The woman asked, which prompted Z to simply shake her head. “I activated them as well” she said, still with her eyes facing the floor board. “I have it on good authority that the leader of the Blood’s has been killed”. Z said, again this time standing to her feet leaning on a plywood beam.

“That new inmate, the female from Honor City” she said, again knowing that this woman was probably more valuable to them than any of these other prisoners. “Then there is the Nazi, he’s been mixing a bunch chemicals and kidnapping gang members.” Z said, again giving the cloaked woman a full report. Z sensed a change in the woman; she could see that her attention was now elsewhere. “The workers at the water treatment plant are pouring the chemical in the water; the genes should activate soon in those who have already drunk it.” Z said, not drawing a reaction out of the woman. “Feral Nova has landed, go kill her”.

The woman’s voice rose, just a bit, this allowed Z to eliminate Maya from the possible choices of who it could be. She wanted to ask so bad how she knew Feral Nova landed but; before she could say anything else she was halted once again by the cloaked woman. “Your energy signature and heat aura’s will alert anyone with an ‘eye’ for it to your location, why do you think no one has found me” she said, handing the young Princess an ecosphere.

“This is that device that the Utopians use” Z said, activating it. “When you return I’ll teach you what exactly it can do, but for right now I have it programmed to conceal your energy, disrupt transmissions. Z took one step before glaring back at the woman; activating her ecosphere she got a horde of guards and went off in search of Feral Nova.

The Ninjan Princess walked through the streets, with a light blade in her hand; as she came over a steep heel the thugs whom were just standing around idly saw the beautiful Princess. As she continued, to walk the hundreds of guards finally could be seen coming up behind her with their weapons in hand. “Kill anyone that gets close to me” She said, to the head security guard. The huge squadron marched right down the main street and stopped right behind a whole bunch of thugs whom had surrounded Nova.

Z nodded and almost on que, the security guards opened fire killing all the thugs near them. The young Princess looked deep into the eyes of the Fire Goddess. Z felt nothing but disgust; however in the back of her mind she knew her fight with Gambler left her aching. Pushing her hands forward Z fired a powerful sonic burst towards Nova. The loud energy quickly began to screech finally a huge gust of wind pushed bushels of debris and bodies towards the fire goddess.

The destruction from this battle would undoubtedly, alert the prisoners and the rest of the people here to the presence of Z.

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It had been two months since the death of Darkchild, two months since she'd begun to acclimate to the loss of her legs. She'd re-established everything about how she'd trained and situated herself and had established techniques using her telekinesis that allowed her additional movement in a pinch. But first and foremost after the care of her children whom she now treasured more than before, was the development of technology. The ORACLE and SEER systems were at peak perfection and only getting furthered by the day.

She sat in the top room of the towering building that had become her own Fortress of Solitude. A training room, all the weapons an army could ever hope for and the bleeding edge technology that occasionally made her mouth water. Gambler's signal had gone dead less than 24 hours ago. SEER (Specialized Electromagnetic Energy Reader) was a program designed to track the bio-signature of anybody it had already 'tagged'. It was a technology designed and engineered by Cass herself and Gambler, as well as all other residents of New France were among its database.

Since the moment he'd gone off-grid she'd set her computers to monitor all news channels and websites for pertinent mention of the King of Kings himself. It was three hours before something popped up. The AI system she'd created and christened Aria had woken her up from a dead sleep. Ms. Starks. I believe there is something that you would like to see regarding Jean Luc LeBeau.

Taking a minute to pull a sweater on over her nightgown, Cass got herself situated in her chair and rolled over to her console, a computer and monitor system that took up an entire wall. "Show me what you've got." It was a terrible quality YouTube video. It looked like somebody had taken it from their cellphone and uploaded it. The picture was nearly indecipherable, but the voices however, were not. "Aria, run voice scans and facial recognition software on everybody here. I want full bios and any blackmail material that may be of use."

“Greetings International Criminals, welcome to the Ruin Kingdom; you guys have been selected as the vilest criminals in the history of modern civilization and for that, you will live the rest of your days here. I would also like to welcome Jean Leabeu to our humble abode”

Cassidy's sight went red with rage the moment that she heard those words. The stature, the person was so damn familiar, yet different at the same time. "If this is an alternate reality issue, I may just shoot somebody in the face."

That would not be recommended, Ms. Starks.

"Sarcasm, Aria, sarcasm. Look up instances of it and try and get a grasp."

Go suck a dick.

"That wasn't sarcasm, Aria. It was snark. Teenage snark at that. Now let's get back to business. I want blueprints of this place called Ruin Kingdom and I want you to draw up extradition papers for Gambler, per order of New France."

New France isn't associated with the UN and has no jurisdiction over anything in the US.

"I'm entirely aware, Aria. I helped write the laws for New France. That's where business and politics come into play." Cass looked down at one of her monitors. "The warden of Ruin Kingdom has some very dark secrets that he has tried very hard to bury. Luckily for us, unless you're one of the top-thinking tech minds of the generation, there is no way to completely erase yourself from the depths of the internet. It's true way they say; once it's on the internet, it's never gone."

"Please get me some line of communication to Maya Lopez. This woman looks far too much like Ziccarra and seemingly has a similar grudge against Gambler. I can't let that go undisturbed. There's not a pie in this world that Maya doesn't have a finger in. She's become more of a mover and shaker than Ziccarra was, if that's possible. If something is going on here, she'll hopefully be able to give us some insight into it."

Ms. Starks, did you ever think that this was simply what it appears to be? Gambler finally getting his comeuppance? He has done everything that they have accused him of and even more.

Cass took a moment to think before responding to the currently disembodied voice. "Here's the thing, Aria. There is always somebody out to get you when you make it as big as he has. There's always somebody trying to ride your dick, there's always somebody trying to take your spot and there is always somebody trying to get you. For all my faults and for all the times I've forgiven him only to be betrayed again. I...I care for him. It's complicated. Messy human emotions, you're lucky that you don't have them. But like I said...for everything he's done, I will always be there to pick up the pieces and whether he sees that or not is on him."

One Hour Later

Her personal jet had landed without incident and she'd been met by guards upon her arrival. Accompanied by them as she traversed her way towards the main station of Ruin Kingdom, Cassidy made sure to take in everything that she could. A glance at her would show you several things. 1. A young woman in her mid-twenties dressed in black pinstripe pants, a purple silk shirt and a fitted black and white vest. 2. A cripple. 3. Somebody who was more than a little confident in herself.

The screams of the prisoners assailed her ears. Lewd suggestions. Outright threats. None of it meant anything. After being raped by Darkchild, the threats of mere men were somehow less scary. Cass had already been through the worst this world could offer her. It was ten minutes of that before she was in the Warden's office. In walked two men who she assumed were guards. Clad entirely in black and wearing what appeared to be SWAT squad caliber equipment, Cassidy was already on the defensive. She sat in her chair behind a wooden table, a glass of water sitting in front of her.

"Where's the Warden?"

"Ma'am, he is otherwise engaged at this moment. We've been dispatched to help you in whatever way that we can."

"Really? Is that so? I want to see Jean Luc LeBeau. I want to be assured that he has not been harmed. I want to be assured that he is alive. I want this now and there are no ifs ands or buts about it. Am I understood?"

"Ms. Starks..."

"Lockhart-Starks." Her name had been officially hyphenized after the death of Ethan. It was a nod to not only her mother, but to Sovereign Son, the man who was more a father to her than anybody else had ever been. It was also a reminder to everybody else of her lineage.

"Ms. Lockhart-Starks. We are unable to acquiesce to your request at this moment." They stood with their feet shoulder-width apart, their hands clasped behind their back. Classic military stance.

"Gentlemen, if you'd be so kind as to take a look at the packet in front of you? You will find your names in there in alphabetical order. Beside your name is anywhere from one to five of your deepest, darkest secrets. If you did not want it publicized, along with your social security number and all other pertinent personal information of yours, I would suggest taking me to Gambler and doing so RIGHT. NOW. Am I at all unclear?"

It took them about three minutes of exchanging looks before they caved. "He's escaped. He's loose in the city. Nobody knows where he is."

"Well...that's not quite true. The city's wired with cameras."

"They call it a modern day Hunger Games."

"Nobody knows why it's being filmed. You'd think that they wouldn't want any record of what's happening here."


They fell silent.

"Here's what's going to happen. You are going to put me into the city. You're going to put me into the city and I'm going to find Gambler."

"Ma'am...you're not...equipped..."

Before another word was spoken she'd pulled one of a pair of specially created escrima fighting sticks from a compartment in her specialized chair and had disabled one of the guards with a blow to the back of the knee. Her wheelchair was one of a kind. It had speed and adaptability that allowed her to do things nobody thought possible. In addition, she had used Starks Enterprises tech to wire it so that all it required was a thought and it acted on her command. "I was trained by Gambler, Mistress Redhead, Warsman, Lady Tlieso and Sovereign Son. I am the foremost assassin in the world. I can handle myself. Put me in the city. This is NOT a request."

Twenty Minutes Later

Her chair was in stealth mode. This meant that she was invisible to all cameras, infrared and technological surveillance systems. however her surroundings were not. She knew Gambler and his habits well and had ascertained that he had most likely gone to ground. That or he'd managed to take over several blocks. Either way, she was going where her instincts led her.

There was enough commotion and pandemonium going on that she didn't have to worry about much of anything. Every now and then she would pass a dead body and dip her hand down into the blood. There were marks left around the city for those who had been looking. Every time she did it, she left a sign for Gambler so that he could track her, a sign only the two of them were able to pick up on in significance. It was the sign of the OSC, the tattoo that graced him, followed by the name of a French ruler, starting early and going in chronological order. This way he could track her progress through the city.

Cass only prayed that they found each other before somebody of more merit than a street thug did. "I'm coming for you, Jean." The words left her mouth as her eyes honed in on a seemingly abandoned building on what was one of the higher points of the city. Her heart pounded in her chest and she hoped to god that this was where he was. She took the chance and disabled the stealth for a three second count before quickly getting it back up.

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Evie shook her head was this really going on again? Maya was aiming to reinstate a new registration on the meta human comunity. From the mutant to the super powered alien all of them were to be known if they were in Utopia. This was of course something that would cary over soon enough to other nations if things went a sertain way. Neither Hex or Syapt wanted to witness this law necesarily. It did however work in perfect harmony with the plan the pair had been slowly weaving together. A law forcing every meta to give away their identity just apease the goverments paranoia it only had one outcome. War, rebelion the simple concept was promisin to hapen again. Evie hounestly had no idea why Maya would even consider the idea. It only ment causing war on her own soil let alone every where else. Utopia a word that translated to essentially the perfect city. And it's president was more or less placing a nuclear bomb in the center of the city and telling people to go and fail at trying to shut it off. "Hey if she want's to send her little paradise into anarchy however thats her call." The blond godly figure remarked as she reviewed the presidential speach.

It was all fine for her because it all helped guide her own plots and schemes. Simply she needed kindling to the flame and the news was helping that flame rise. Then the news at low volume gave her even more intel to help her do what she was after. Gambler the king of kings was now in well the prison of prisons. You want into Ruin it was easy no problem once so ever. Geting out well that wasn't going to happen towering walls kept everyone in. If you tried to get out well it was game over. In Ruin they raped murdered stole whatever apealed to them. It was not controled it was simply contained, this was where Gambler would go. And it was rather probable someone would try and manipulate the event to lead to further anarchy as people rioted. That was what Evie wanted, something her own plans could use. And so she would venture to California and she would help shape this chaos how she saw fit. Gambler was not going to leave and if by some miracle he did it was going to be in pain and anguish. With his death or injury it would apear metahumans wanted to take control for themselves. If rioting happend it would apear that current legal methods and security protocols would be insuficient.

"Hex be on stand by if your needed, shouldn't be hard just killing anyone who wants to ruin the game plan." Those matters taken care of Evie straightend her hair the blond strands emiting a faint green glow almost giving it a golden quality. Her neon eyes flashing as she readied herself for the event that was soon to come. A thought and the skin tight nanosuit covered the rest of her body rather than the laid back tanktop and skirt she had been wearing. Another thought and the small black circle on her back released the rest of the suit. Armor encompassing her body from head to toe. The power suit only helping augment her already impressive abilities. With that she vanished in a flash of green light reapering in the same display only a second or to later.

She was currently located in the portion that belonged to the Bloods. Just another petty gang she figured as she entered the event at hand. The city was as she expected grunge laced rust coated decrept inperfection. Wreckage from various acts of violence and urges to break things lined the streets. Thugs filled the area some addressing mundane life, others waging war against eachother. Blood cacked the streets dried up in some places and some fresh. A few of the people were in the streets laying probably dead or wounded to a point they could do apsolutely nothing. Some were infected not having anyone to attend to them while others stood around triumphant. In Evie's lovely little corner of the kingdom of ruin the buildings and streets were also decorated with maroon paint. As if the city had encountered a rain of blood. The armored artificial god taking a second to observe the growing situation at hand.

The city was becoming a hot spot for metahumans lord only knows why, was better to just leave the city be she thought. Her telepathy was strong she could tap the minds of the entire city no problem. First to show up on her radar Gambler himself, that shouldn't be far to long however. He was going to die here, die tonight. Zicara, this was what the third, fourth varient to come to earth? Messy business far from secretive no issue though she wasn't trying to quiet the city. Surkit, not to much known knew comer to the comunity of those with abilities. Impero, didn't know of him wouldn't dig he was against Gambler her fight wasn't an issue to her. Nova had no subtlety about her aproach and she was ok with that, what her goal was she didn't know. Threat at the moment minimal could get ugly though if she ended up the wrong side of the spectrum. There was a Nazi somewhere, that was fine his acts would instill fear he was the knight of her chessboard. There was another figure reaching to cause mayhem again not someone she needed to worry about Jessica she thought was the name she picked up on. She liked her she had a Darwin adapt or die state of mind, Eve had adaptation as her dominant primary ability.  Next was a drug lord, Urbs a nobody on her radar a street level person for her to obliterate in a single moment. He did however plan or atleast want to meet with Gambler. He was somewhat on his side, god or gods help him if he got in her way. Park, human, reason for being there curiosity nothing to be concerned of plain and simple. Then she picked up on Victor, a god if he were to become the hotspot of her crosshairs that was a problem. He was a more potent force here however his news was helpfull. Someone was planing to make this city a meta human playground where people would go frantic with trying to obtain the idea of overkill.

Then came the last three minds she picked up on. Cassidy Lockheart-Starks latest condition crippled and killer of Darkchild. She mattered to Syapt for one reason she was the sister of her bestfriends mother. The aunt of Hex, and stepsister of Azrael, the two redheads hadn't talked in awhile. Nor had Evie had the pleasure to meet the assassin. She was there to help Gambler that could be a problem. The goodthing however was one the woman didn't know Evie. At most she knew Hex knew an Evie hardly enough for the woman of perfection to be at risk if she met Cass. Two her telepathy would be enough to fight hers they were not learning anything from eachother other than that they were in the city. Thirdly Syapt was leaning towards being the stronger force at hand. The ever evolving goddess constructed by mand was not to be tackled by a crippled assassin. There was two things however that were confusing on some levels. Why save Gambler? It was stupid even if one looked to him as a father. He had betrayed her how many times? Even people outside of the family practically knew her sh!t lifestyle she was put in by others, yet she was going to aid him. Evie would avoid her, and she would try not to be forced to claim her life. There was no promise of this goal however, it was a secondary thought.

The one signature hardest to pick up on was Armistice and that was really all she got from him, a name. Of all the people he was the least she could get anything from. That was okay though because he could also get nothing on her. The armor belonged to a secretive company that was dead. The information on the suit did not exist, all one could tell from the armor was a girl was in it. No further information to be obtained, if by some means he had a way to see who was in the mechanical suit it would show up as Eve. The right hand of the Secretary of Deffence. Her actions would register as nobody to be concened with govermental matters non disputable allaby. Lastly was Imari young girl non american off to stop the water treatment first. That would be her target of choice, she wouldn't let that be halted by anybody. Bringing up a map on her H.U.D she teleported again to the plant and waited for her prey. The low hum of machines filling the plant, her frame kept invisible to the naked eye as she watched as things progressed. If a stealthy little teen so much as entered the room a bolling ball sized sphere of electricity would be shot her way. Maximising her abilities and output of energy she droped the sound around her body. The result being her undetectible by almost any means.

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The sound of footsteps approached Claire from behind as she lounged on the red velvet chaise. She didn't bother turning her head, she was expecting the man. "Your tea, Ms. Swanepoel." Came the overtly respectful voice of one of the Hellfire Club's numerous butlers. She didn't know his name, nor did she really care. "Thank you, set it down on the end table." The man did as she instructed and left. She was sitting in one of the mansions living rooms, surrounded by expensive furniture. In the corner of the room a fire crackled, flames dancing in the hearth of the magnificent fireplace. The room was tranquil and cozy and Claire enjoyed spending cold winter nights such as this one relaxing by the warmth of the fire. She had just finished a rather strenuous training exercise before showering, getting ready for bed, and settling in the living room. The air outside was freezing but still, no signs of storms despite the prediction of snow.

She blew on her tea lightly and took a cautious sip. The hot liquid seeped through her, searing her insides with a pleasant heat. It was a lethargic night and Claire planned on going to bed early for some extra sleep. Gliding over to the large window she pulled back the curtains and gazed out over the well manicured grounds of the mansion. Glimmering in the waters of the pool was the reflection of a crescent moon. Her eyes gazed up at the luminous moon momentarily before turning away for bed. Her arms extended into the air as a quite yawn escaped her mouth, bringing her fleece robe up high enough to expose her primarily bare skin. Her feet padded softly against the cold wooden floor as she began to make her way towards her bedroom. However a newscast caught her attention just as she was turning off the television. "Hundreds of criminals have been sent to US prison the Ruin Kingdom, but now perhaps the most infamous have all have joined in their ranks. Jean Luc Lebeau, otherwise known as Gambler, has reportedly been admitted into the Ruin Kingdom. He has not been available for comment." The screen flashed to an aerial of a massive building, surrounded by what seemed to be an old town. She saw ant size prisoners moved around the gargantuan prison before the news cut to a Victoria's Secret commercial. Turning off the television, Claire's raised an eyebrow with piqued interest. Pulling her iPhone 4S from a pocket in her robe, she tapped away at the screen before raising it to her ear. The dial tone rang twice before an obedient voice picked up on the other end. "Yes, Ms. Swanepoel." Claire responded curtly, "I'm going to need the jet ready immediately, Jackson. We're making a special visit to the Ruin Kingdom."

Later That Night

Claire tightened the belt around her Gucci trench coat. The designer piece wasn't just to show off her affluence, it also covered her black leather and Kevlar weave suit, in case things got -- physical. She wasn't entirely sure of what was going on at the prison, but she wasn't going to take any chances. Pulling on her seemingly normal leather boots, Claire stepped out out her room and through the mansion's hallways onto the front lawn where a sleek private jet awaited her. A man in a tux waited next to an open door, waiting for her to get in. "Thank you, Jackson." She said politely, stepping in as he took the driver's seat and started up the jet. The flight from New France to the small town outside LA would only take a few hours, and the plane was designed for luxury and comfort. Claire relaxed on a chair with a book and settled for the ride.

As her plane descended onto a runway just outside the prison, and she was greeted with a chaos of press. Cameras and microphones were shoved into her face the moment she got out of the plane. "Claire, what business do you have in Ruin Kingdom?", "Have you heard from Jean?", "What's your next career move?" the voices all blurred together just as a team of security guards protected her from the flurry of newscasters. Remaining poised despite the disorder, Claire was only a few steps towards the prison's primary entrance before an explosion shook the whole scene.

Something big was happening somewhere in the small town. The newscasters had barely regain their balance and started heading towards the entrance when an extra multitude of prison guards had it blocked off. Using the pandemonium to her advantage, Claire ripped off her coat and began sprinting towards the entrance. A few feet away from the guards she leaped forward, up and over the guards. Just as she sailed over their heads, guns aimed eagerly at her, she let her mind explode with a telepathic assault that would paralyze the henchmen. She struggled to control the whole group while doing an agile twist in midair; she had miscalculated the number of minds she was attacking. However just as her feet were about to land another explosion shook the ground and the guards, giving her just enough leeway to overpower them. Her feet landed lightly at the prison entrance and she turned and ran straight into the dark fortress.

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As Victor hovered above Ruin Kingdom, he'd decided to find a course of action by assessing the people that are currently in Ruin Kingdom. Using his telepathy, he sensed all the psionic signatures around him, all the energy they gave off. There was a very faint but recognisable signal out of them all. He patched into it using his telepathy, establishing a mental link between him and the familiar person. Victor! Victor if you can hear this it's Park, I am projecting my thoughts out and feel like an idiot. Come in buddy, where are you? I saw what was happening on the news, where are you man? he heard Parks telepathic message rush through his head. Sending his telepathic message through great distances and reaching Park. Park? I'm at Ruin Kingdom, I'm came to see who this Gambler is and why the whole world stopped when he got taken in, but other things have caught my attention, conspiracies. There is a greater hand at work. You coming over here Park? Victor kept tabs on Parks psionic signals.

Victor did a quick head count, he could see the woman inspecting the water supply, Armstice besides her. URB?? He was surprised to see Urbs in prison, what must he have done to get into Ruin Kingdom? but he couldn't break him out, maybe later, but he had other situations to assess now. A woman he didn't recognise, Feral Nova and Ziccarra squaring off? What were They Doing? The faint signal of Impero outside the Kingdom, maybe he was up to it? Then an undetectable psionic signature that was hard to lock on to, he could only get a name out of it, Evie. Duchess, a supermodel the found her way into a prison.

Then finally, he noticed with his bare eye a woman seemingly coming out of invisibility, just adjacent to a warehouse, she was redhead, on a wheelchair and seemed to be wearing an engagement ring. What would a married woman in a wheelchair be doing in a rough city like this? Then Victor caught a familiar scent, the scent he'd picked up that night, Jean Lebeau, The king of kings was in that warehouse and the woman may just walk in. She could be in danger. he decided whether he could save the redhead, go after the water supply, which Armstice already seemed to have covered, or help Feral Nova in her fight. making a quick decission, he'd decided to save the red head and then investigate other matters, it would be fast after all.

Victor tried to get a read on her thoughts, to find out what she is doing here, but all he could get was a name. Cassidy Lockheart Starks. The name didn't seem like something he'd ever heard of before, and he barely watched any media. But then there was the King of Kings, who was right there in a warehouse. He'll deal with both of them and find out what the mystery surrounding Ruin Kingdom is about. He flew down lightly as to not alert or frighten anyone. But noticed the redhead suddenly went invisible. landing behind where Cass was standing, he decided to speak to her. "No wait, please. I'm only trying to help" he'd hoped she was still in her place so she could hear him. "Cassidy, is that your name? My name is Victor, how did you end up in Ruin Kingdom?" Victor had no idea as to how dangerous this woman is, and played it casually, offering a warm smile.

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The Ruin Kingdom had quickly become the epicenter of a methodically organized plot hatched from the shadows by powers with systematical political intellect. Manipulation on a mass scale had been unleashed creating a foundation built upon lies and misdirection that had engulfed many of the World's heroes and villains alike. Battle lines had been drawn, sides chosen, but did anyone really understand the sheer magnitude of what was to come? Locked away in a theater of madness the LeBeau Legacy was all but helpless, unable to delve into the diagnostics of Z's endgame. Instead the Cajun's focus had been concentrated on survival, and beyond that, revenge. Blinded by his pride and fueled by hate.

Pandemonium continued to reign throughout the lower levels of the city forcing thoughs with the means and abilities upwards into the high rises and skylines. Offering the best vantage points the elevated buildings had become home to long range artillery and snipers, playfully picking off anyone foolishly rooming carelessly below. However the Cajun had seemingly found himself a secure resting spot for the time being. Tucked away amongst the rotting flesh inside Wally's World Slaughterhouse.

Empty hooked chains swayed gingerly back and fourth still decorated with obscure pieces of flesh. Human, rat, cattle, any and all life had been forfeit for consumption in this carnival of chaos. Sliding across the floor the injured assassin began gathering what supplies he could. A small hand held duffel bag had been filled with a myriad of small armaments and knives. As well as some canned goods and a map of the area. Crafting a make shift mask from the remains of a tattered American flag the Living Legend had fashioned himself in the appearance of a modern day urban resistance fighter. With his powers drained, the assassin would have to depend on the skills inherently gifted to him through his mutant physiology.

As Gambler slipped out the massive sliding door in the back a single shot rang out. Instinctively the acrobatic assassin contorted his body backwards bending at the waste. As if in slow motion the bullet harmlessly passed over before embedding itself in the unforgiving concrete wall. Without hesitation the Cajun broke into a sprint vaulting through the missing windows of a burnt out Ford Escape, hitting the ground while instantaneously curling into a somersault followed by a never ending stream of gunfire. "You a dead man swamp rat. You hear me bitch? You dead!" thundered the unknown assailant. Peering through the high powered scoop of his rifle the gunman frantically tried to relocate his target to no avail. "Looking for someone mon ami?" the Cajun's stylish accent whispered. One swift fluent motion was all it took as Jean Luc severed the man's carotid artery living him in a pool of his own crimson failings.

After chambering another round in the dead man's antic rifle Gambler set his sights on a welcome sign. The illustrious insignia of the OsC. "Cassidy"

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“It’s real” Two cell block-C guards thumped down the hall, monitoring their super criminals. “Jay Z and Beyonce named their baby, Blue Ivy. Backwards it spells Yvi Eulb. That's Lucifer in Latin!” The conspiracy enthusiasts looked at his partner wide-eyed, frustrated with his lack of interest. “They’re satanic worshippers. All of them! The celebrities.” The pseudo-conspiracy theorist looked forward and gripped his rifle tighter as his friend responded. “Whatever man. That’s bullsh!t, they’re just entertainers. If anybody was trying to break hell it’d be these billionaires.” He snickered and shook his head at his partner’s naivety. “Just read some books instead of YouTube videos and you’ll be--” Suddenly Metal ripping through flesh reverberated through the silent hall.

“Cornell?!” The conspiracy theorist looked in horror as a long, glowing green arrow lodged through his partner’s skull and exited his right eye. Cornell’s body awkwardly collapsed against the prison’s titanium wall as the glowing arrow magically vanished from sight. His face contorted in shock with his left eye twitching like a flickering light.

The other guard couldn't believe his eyes; he staggered back against the opposite wall deliriously attempting to rub the grisly scene from sight. The longer he reacted his opportunity to act and save his life with prison procedure shortened.

Up above, a smooth jeering voice became audible to the guard and he flinched. “Only a fool would believe American popstars are pulling the strings.” A black blur smeared before the guards eyes, revealing a tall masked figure wearing a black silk shinobi stood inches away “Capitalist, Imperialist America is run by...popstars? They're puppets as much you are." The figure revealed two sai’s, its vibranium sharply screeching in the guards’ ear. “Your friend was the one onto something.” The prison infiltrator jabbed his sai into the guards throat. Giving the guard his captivating blue eyes with a sinister glare. The last thing he saw before his eyelids dropped forever. "But you won't live to see the day."

Shinji Tsukazaki pulled the vibranium sai from the guards bloody throat as his shoulders dropped with it's release. Wasted. Standing between two dead bodies of his authoring with zero sense of urgency, he pulled a red cloth from his pocket and carefully cleaned the blood from his sai. Sliding it snug on his waist to compliment his second sai he moseyed through the hall, checking the black painted room numbers on the wall. He stopped at C-7. He knocked an odd rhythm against the wall and a rhythm matching it's oddness responded on the other side. It was confirmed; this was the cell he was looking for.

He peered at the high tech control panel on the wall; and pulled a slim cable from his shinobi to plug into the panel. Tapping similar to Morse code crackled from the hacked panel. Shinji murmured and tapped a pattern on the touch screen and "CLEAR" beeped in green letters. The door's air-lock hissed open to reveal a constrained muscular and tall man waiting at the door.

"Shinji-chan...?" The super criminal uttered in shock."Un ga yokatta ne!"He exclaimed.My good luck!The prisoner recognized the young man through his steel blue eyes. A grin was hidden behind Shinji's conceal and he bowed. "Hai, hai" he replied.Yes, Yes.Shinji continued in his Japanese tongue."No shackles? What did they do to you?" "A pill"

Shinji accepted the odds of his temporarily depowered accomplice and they set off to escape the Ruin Kingdom

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Her eyes darted back and forth on the thugs that surrounded the fire goddess as they began tocirclearound her like vultures. None of them were foolish enough to get close enough to attack, but they were foolish enough to stick around long enough to see what was going to happen next. Suddenly, the sound of guns firing exploded all around her as bullets came raining down on the men that surrounded the hero. Not a single bullet grazed against the fire goddess body, but one by one the men began to fall, using their final breaths to cry out for mercy. When it all finally stopped, blood of the men stained the cemented ground as their corpsecarpetedthe area around her.

Stephanie's heart began to pound as she heard footsteps coming near her. Her emerald eyes slowly looked up to seeZiccarrastanding before her. Her eyes widen, almostsurprisedtoactuallysee her, because the last time she remembered seeing her... was her dying in her arms on the planetNinjeta. But something was different, the look in her eyes, it was as if she didn't know her. The hero parted her lips, ready to speak, only to have theNinjanPrincess signature sonic burst rush towards her, crumbling the cement below it as it flew towards her. The force was so strong that it actually pushed Stephanie back into a building, bodies of the dead also slamming into her body as debris flew at her as well.

"OUCH!"Stephanie blurted out, she knewZiccarrawas strong, but she never remembered that attack being THAT strong before. She pushed herself away from the building as she looked back at theNinjan, confusion filled her face for a moment as she finally realized something..."Your notZiccarra, not the one that I know anyways."She began to walk closer towards her as she flicked her right wrist, flames flourishing from it."I've battled myZiccarrafar too many times to mistake her for someone else."Too many things were just different about her, her energy was different, the cold look in her eyes... even when 'her'Ziccarratook a turn into the darkness, she never had that empty look in her eyes. She tilted her head slightly forward, her eyes stern as she looked at the youngNinjan."But I've seen that look in your eye's far too many times to know that whatever your planning here,isn'tanything good."

With that she threw her rightaflamefist forward, a fireball being pushed outward towards theNinjan. Her eyes fixed on the light blade that shewhiledand without a second thought, she put out the flames over her right hand and in a swift motion, pulled out her own blade from itssheath. Raising herHonooTachtowards the blondninjanshe took a deep breath. "I've killed your kind beforeZiccarra, and I wont hesitate to do it again, so I'll give you a chance to leave now and go back to where you came from." She yelled out at theNinjan, she knew if she was ANYTHING like theZiccarrashe knew, her little speech wouldn't work. But it didn't mean she wouldn't try.

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He doesn't know the meaning of no. No matter how many wrong doings she commits.

Dream Shop

Eighty-five lights awaken upon the noise of her footsteps. Her red bottom heels go click clack on the sensitive flooring as she strides down the bare hallway, head held high. An off putting noise sets her body stiff. Her eyes shift up and down as the delicate screech amplifies as the distance between the two decreases. Clarice spins around, utilizing the forces of beyond, and tears away the darkness that conceals. She can only as to the presence that befalls her. Dressed in attire as black as the night sky, Shinji Tsukazaki profoundly stood tall.

"Missus Zeraz, I apologize for the rude entrance." He said, respectfully shaking her hand. His entrance unwarranted but his presence was a scheduled appointment. With that said, Clarice signals her client to follow. Holograms of his deepest desires appear on an innumerable amount of screens. Violet eyes return their gaze upon the mysterious young man. Pulling on his stealthy attire, she who bears no alliances, chuckles annoyingly. Without further delay the redhead asks that he take a seat.

"Now Mister Tsukazaki, please call me Clarice." She jokingly spoke as her hands wandered around the dream induced imagery. In a world filled with everything, what else is there left for the imagination but too think more intricately? Using her uncanny abilities the persuasive entrepreneur manifests weapons, machines, and possible futures from the depths of his own consciousness. Still he watches unimpressed. He acts as if these fifteen minutes have been a waste of his supposed precious time.

"This isn't working for me. I'm not trying to rule this country, at least not yet anyway. Clarice I'm--"

"You're trying to break a super-powered criminal out of The Ruin Kingdom. I've seen what happens and it's not pretty. You act as if these ideas are overzealous but they are not. Mister Mercury, I have seen the future and it is not as bright as it may seem. Wretched days approach us all but if you deem these possibilities unworthy of your attention so be it. Begone and please show yourself the door. Being pretentious has not helped in the least. I hope to see you one day soon. Our paths will no doubt cross again."


A thought is a thought, no one ever asks for its definition. However, a definition does exist. It's an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. Yet, his thoughts ramble asunder. He's rather unstable. Unable to stay in one lane. Always evolving, adapting, doing whatever it takes to survive the tides of time. No matter how hard he plays the game, somewhere within his subconscious, insecurities thrive. He lives for his only child. His name is Alex and he's loved dearly by many men and women alike. Together they live harmoniously in a nation that has no bounds.

There is door in this complex mind of his. A door unused. Dusty and corroded. Entitled friendship but when it's open, there are only a few who hold actual friendly relations with this man. The sounds of clashing swords and momentous applause. Three steps backwards as she's startled from the various amount of detailed memories. Violet eyes lock onto the odd sight of an expansive coliseum. Down below she can see two little boys fighting as if their gladiators.

Realm City! Realm City! Realm City! A collective of monotone voices cry out. This is a dimension unknown to mankind. It's only known to those who are worthy. It has been said the greatest warriors from across the cosmos are indoctrinated on these unspoken lands. Chants grow louder as fresh flesh wounds reveal themselves. He who wins this heavenly bout will accept the destiny of becoming Earth Realm's savior. He who loses will obey the words of the victorious.

There is no ending to this at least not yet. As she descends down these infinite steps, she can only look onto this battle in amazement. It is Shinji and Noah. Their lives truly interconnected. Before she can make an utterance. Before she can stop the bloodshed, a stern hand pushes her forward. Shoved into sheet rock, her eyes close. "What's going on? What's this all about?" She asks. No she demands. Her eyes reopen to see a hooded figure. "Endings have to be earned. You are not yet ready."


Clarice is on her knees. A ravenous feeling forces her to clutch her stomach. "Noah---I've sent you a rendezvous point---meet up with Shinji--important."

She hopes to make a Utopian future where they are the rulers of this realm. He does not fight against her ideals. They have become what they've fought so long against. Monsters. Their destiny unavoidable so why bother? My father he was a kind fellow indeed but too submissive, too kind. The world I live in his because of his actions. Because of her....the alliance was formed. This all could of been stopped but no one truly thinks outside the box.

Returning to her feet, she shakes off the horrendous nostalgia. Shuffling through a vast amount of paperwork, Clarice finds an old communication device from her days in the Hellfire Club. Adjusting her posture, the redhead calmly speaks into the device. "Mister LeaBeau, I know you can hear me. Can you give me your exact location? We need to talk."

This was the first day of their final adventure. My father said he knew what he was doing. But...he was so naive. These scriptures only sadden me. The Ruin Kingdom. The starting point to countless revelations. From this day on, they will be pursued for what their actions cause. For the record, their decisions were supposedly preordained. A majority of their decisions were forced upon them. Although the hatred directed to my family..is understandable.

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Ruin Kingdom, it had actually been on Alex’s watch and on his mind for quite some time. Ever since the events that occurred in Martial City, he has wanted to be the best, the one above them all. He wanted to be regain, his title The Champion of Champions at whatever cost. That’s why Ruin Kingdom had caught his eye a prison for the criminals of this world, a lot of them were the worst of the worst, or they were the best at what they do, however you looked at it. Not only that, there are literally thousands of inmates in there. Alex wanted to get in there and see if really strength is in numbers. The danger of being locked in there with all the prisoners? That’s what made it all worthwhile.

Loner’s Nightclub

The club is dead, so dead that a midnight graveyard would have more life in it. Alex is actually the only being in the club; the bartender knowing Alex was his former and decided to respect that and told him to ‘lock’er up’. The club is dark and the only light that appears is the light beaming off of the TV. Alex watches the news, something that for some reason always seemed to be interesting to him, and tonight’s broadcast seemed to have everyone watching around the world, civilians, heroes, villains, even your friendly neutrals. Everyone could not turn away from the TV once they heard the news, the news of a legend of the game, the King of Kings himself Jean Lebeau better known as the infamous Gambler.

Alex spit out his drink abruptly, as he wiped the end of his mouth with his coat sleeve, he tried to regain composure. “How do you lock up the Gambler?” “A better question is who?” “It’s not a wise decision or an easy task.” “I know that.” The voices inside his head spoke to one another. There were two names that Alex has heard frequently through Loner’s when he ran it, the first was Ziccarra, the second was the Gambler, once the club started on Gambler each person had to tell what they heard and how amazing it was, the stories spread like wildfire. Most were unbelievable that’s what most likely made them even more interesting. Now He hears Gambler is locked up in Ruin Kingdom, and as he finds himself at the edge of the booth he can’t decide whether he should take a trip or not.

“Do it!” the voices egged him on, “This is fate telling you to go.” Another said, “It won’t be easy.” He finally relaxed turning off the TV. He took a long sip from the whiskey bottle, “It never is.”

Ruin Kingdom

There he stood masked behind his own mask and the shadows, he watched as the reporters still tried to get a word from the infamous Gambler with no prevail. The guards finally advise them to leave or there would be consequences and though Alex hoped to see some action before diving off into what maybe his own peril, there was none. The paparazzi left with no questions or pleas, they knew the guards meant business, especially with Jean in their hands. “Relax, relax, you got this.” He told himself as he stood over a building on the outskirts of the prison, from this angle he could see everything and everyone. He was ready to strike when the time seemed fitting.

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Wilhelm – “Mental shields repelled an attempt at a telepathic probe Ian. The attacker is not on file and seems to now be under some kind of stealth. At this point I am creating a new profile and updating as data becomes available.

All it took was a single glance at the steadily growing list of chess pieces on the board to see this was spiraling further and further out of control. Too many players on the field thinking only of their own personal agendas, unaware or unwilling to stop and consider the grander one unfolding around them. Nothing that happened to this point was coincidence, everything had been orchestrated by someone with access to the immense resources a gambit like this would require. The situation was completely out of his control, and there was nothing in the world that made him feel more on edge. Feelings he normally buried started to creep over him as painful memories of the past were trying to make their way into the forefront of his mind.

No time for guilt trips Ian, different time, different place, different situation. Fix the problem and you have plenty of time to assign blame later.

With his focus back to the task at hand turned his thoughts on any way he could change the game into his favor. At present it would seem that whomever was the manipulator behind the scenes held all the cards. How do you fight an invisible foe that knows everyone involved enough to bend them to their whim like they have so far? Only then did the answer, so obvious to him now, come to his mind.

They don't hold all the cards, I only have one but it's the best in the deck, the joker. No matter how much planning they make, they can't account for what they don't know, and nobody knows you. Time to use that to throw a monkey wrench into their scheme.

Armistice knew his prior attempts to contact each individually to be futile, he did not have the time to reach out and convince them all piecemeal towards a common goal. Waiting around for answers he may never get was a luxury he could not afford. Besides, if his idea worked as expected they would be coming to him instead and allow him an organized way to lead the effort.

Ian - “Wilhelm, open up an unsecured channel, I want to make sure everyone with a communicator of some type hears this”

Wilhelm – “Channel open Ian”

Armistice - “All of you need to realize that Gambler is not the target, he is the bait, and you are all falling for it. Nobody puts someone of his stature in a place like this unless they want him to be found and fought over, stop following their lead. There is a much larger threat, the water supply has been contaminated with a chemical that will potentially give the inmates superhuman abilities. If this is not stopped you will all be overrun by an army of uncontrolled metas. Stopping the distribution of the water and containment of those already affected is the main priority. The entire roster of The Network are already in the prison and are in the process of hunting the real targets, I'll update you when possible.”

Nobody outside of himself knew that the entire roster of The Network was one ant sized spy, and he was not in attendance. He had posted the existence and contact information of the team on the internet a while back and knew the powers that be would have them listed as an unknown quantity. The fear of his fictional team hunting them would buy him some time to try to bring some order to the chaos. It was their turn to be in the dark for a while.

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Unsheathing his excessively sharp nigh-unbreakable sword, devious Impero smirked as he examined the sword's flawless shiny blade, his face eternally hidden from all who dare uncover his identity. The moonlight gently reflected off his sword's blade as he chuckled maliciously, his intentions clear. While he was indeed at the infamous prison for the obvious purpose of collecting valuable knowledge and information, he had also come to eliminate a man he considers the deadliest of competitors that he must potentially face to rise to the position he so dearly yearns. "Ah Gambler... such a feared and respected name, especially among young criminals who aspire to someday be something bigger, accomplish something grand", he chuckled. "But I fear no man. Not even those who smugly call themselves gods. I will not rest until this blade and my hands are stained with his blood", the Nefarious Neutral declared in his thoughts, no longer rendering it cryptic whether or not an objective of his was to kill the infamous Cajun.

Quickly sheathing the sword and slipping onto his back, concealing any weapons with his clean white cape, mysterious Impero began to visually observe the area, searching for any prison guards so that he may interrogate them for Gambler's location. His expertise in the application of fear is nearly peerless. Spotting a passing guard, Impero couldn't help but find the entire situation a bit too amusing. He exerted no effort whatsoever in searching for a prison guard, one simply manifested in an instant. It was almost like the universe had delivered the guard to deadly Impero as an act of providence. Silently dropping from the rooftop, The Genius' landing on the ground was gentle and undetected. "Fool", he smugly thought, walking behind the prison guard before lightly tapping the right side of the prison guard's hips with his knuckles. The attack was quite soft but the merciless intellectual had in fact tapped an unknown pressure point in the man's body, forcing his nervous system into a hypersensitive state, rendering even the slightest touch as an unbelievable source of agonizing pain. The guard had dropped to his knees and quickly attempted to assault the composed neutral by throwing a punch that was effortlessly dodged and countered by a simple poke on the man's forehead, causing him to scream in unrelenting pain.

Violently grabbing the man by the mouth so that his screams would be fruitless, The Underground King slammed him against the uneven concrete wall, still covering the man's mouth as he tightened his grip. "That hurt didn't it?", Impero's cold voice crept into the guard's ears. "Now, what I just did to you, not many people can do. I manipulated one of your most sensitive pressure points, and through that I forced your entire nervous system into a hypersensitive state. So even something like a flick will feel like I'm skinning you alive", Impero said, his soulless tone even more terrifying than what was being told to the guard. "Now imagine what it would feel like if I decided to break a bone or two? You don't want that right?", the prison guard nodded, "Good. So you're going to tell me what I want to hear. Where are you keeping Gambler?", The Genius asked, briefly lowering his hand so that the guard could speak. "H... he esc-caped... I-I don't know", the guard answered. The man wouldn't dare lie to Impero, his words were sincere. "Then you're useless to me", Impero declared, violently tearing the man's head off his body, leaving him drowning in a pool of blood. "So he's escaped", Impero sighed.

This would be a more difficult task now that the Cajun was no longer in a fixed location. The cameras that monitored the area were incapable of detecting Impero's presence, the invisible field generate by his mask rendered him invisible in the presence of cameras and any modern form of detection. Impero's objective however, took a drastic change as he heard a roaring sonic blast in the vicinity, his mask's microcomputers informing him of rapidly increasing energy levels nearby. He couldn't pass off seizing the opportunity to study whatever super-powered beings had caused such an energetic reaction. Channeling the strength of his powerful leg muscles, Impero leaped onto the rooftop of a nearby infrastructure and after a few minutes of covering the area, found himself at the edge of a rooftop, observing a Ninjan and what appeared to be the hero Feral Nova engaging in combat. "This is the perfect opportunity to study them. Of course if they detect me however, that will make things more complicated but it will provide a greater opportunity for study", he smirked, cleverly concealing himself in the rampant shadows, now focusing all his attention on the ensuing battle between two of some of the most powerful beings on the planet.

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Los Angeles, California.

"Where'd he go!?" "Do you see him?" "I see him!"

A seemingly routine police chase following a simple bank robbery. Except everything from this point on was anything but routine. Easy task for The Dealer to outrun the cops and their SWAT team, even the best of them. A fine physical specimen, he was. Of course, it didn't hurt that he was magic. He dodged through people and traffic, climbed over fences, and flipped over cars. A few well-placed playing cards and two more unmanned vehicles went up in flames. Harmless, but a great distraction.

"Goddammit! Not again. I swear, this is why they all need to be registered or locked up in the first place!"

"Look! through that building," another one shouted. And sure enough, there he was, flashing a momentary mocking grin before heading through the building to the roof..

"Let's go! Get in there! After him! We can not afford to lose him! I don't care what he's done in the past. It is very important that we catch this guy now!"

All the shouting, unnecessary, as they were already in and after the thief long before the chief finished yelling. "LAPD! FREEZE!" The uniformed men surrounded the thief, shotguns and pistols all drawn and trained on him, who was slowly backing towards the edge. "Dumb move, now we've got you cornered." He remained wordless, still smiling. "Can you believe it? They said the FBI couldn't even catch this guy." "I don't see how. He's one dumb sonuvabitch, running up here like that." Then there it was. Down below was another armored SWAT truck about to pass. Nice. Just got to time it perfect, or everything's ruined. Taking a great leap of faith, The Dealer bounded off the roof and landed right on the roof of the vehicle, the bag of money supposed to have cushioned the fall. "Gah! Ow. Dat hurt more den I'd hoped." He sat up slowly to the sight of numerous law enforcement vehicles and officers surrounding him, snipers, submachine and shotguns aimed at him. The police chief stepped forward to make the arrest. "Dumbass."

The Ruin Kingdom, 3 hours later

The officers carried him in by the arms, letting his legs drag on the ground. "Didja hear? This idiot got caught jumping off the roof onto a SWAT vehicle after robbing a bank."

"Man, what a dumbass. Two days, I give him."

"I'll take that bet. Said FBI's been chasing him for over two years. Said all he had besides the cash he stole was a short metal stick, brass knuckles, some tarot and some playing cards."

"Oh? I'm sensing some blackjack in the future. But first, clean him up." A pause, then darkness as the new inmate Dealer had been knocked unconscious.

He woke up on an unknown street in an alley. It didn't take long after he came to to know where he was at.

"Hey Gringo, you don't belong here." A small group, just two of them, one large, one small.

"Aww, damn." The Dealer stood up, rubbing the back of his head. No blood. "Well, long as I'm here, might as well ask 'n find out. Anybody wanna tell me where I can see de King o' Kings?" They circled and closed in slowly, like wolves, waiting to see if he ran. That's the one thing you don't do. "Hey hombre, I think you got bigger problems to worry about right now right now." Now they were brandishing knives, a sign that it was time to get serious. The Dealer reached into his trench coat and, what luck, still had his staff, knuckles, and tarot cards. Extending the staff in full, he used it to ring the large one's head like a bell, rattling his brain against his skull. The other was rendered harmless on his knees with a hard thrust of it into his stomach.

"Now, whatchu know 'bout de King o' Kings?" Dealer asked, still sounding perfectly amiable.

"Yeah, what if I did?" the wounded gangbanger growled in between breaths. "Why would I tell you anyway?"

Now the Dealer had changed in manner. He leaned in close right beside the man's ear and spoke sternly, voice dark and spoke doom. "Porque si no, entonces te mando pa'l carajo cabron, gusano hijo de puta. Where's Gambler?"
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The Ebony hero reads through tons of files, looking for any connections with no avail, other than the fact the thief called The Gambler was marked by many for death. After watching the news feeds en route to the States, he notices others coming onto the scene some discreetly, others...took a more forward approach. He sees as channel 12 catches a young beauty stepping off a jet looking to be someones wife, until she performs an acrobatic, and what seemed to be telekinetic, feat. A video shows a woman in a wheel chair wheeling into the prison with fire in her veins. As these feeds of heroes, shady characters and princesses come across the screen, Surkit can't help but become frustrated. "Damn it!" he thought "How are none them seeing this is most likely a trap?!" He knows that the woman on the screen was no guard nor warden, and the only thing on the other sign of the equation was a takeover of a prison the size of a city, multiplied by a question mark. static crosses out of the speakers on the jets' console

"-ere is a much larger threat, the water supply has been contaminated with a chemical that will potentially give the inmates superhuman abilities. If this is not stopped you will all be overrun by an army of uncontrolled metas. Stopping the distribution of the water and containment of those already affected is the main priority. The entire roster of The Network are already in the prison and are in the process of hunting the real targets, I'll update you when possible.” With that Surkits' suspicions were confirmed and he had no choice but to go in fast and hard. He's got to take care of what the rest of these illogical fools can't "If those bastards are already jacked up on the Xenchellum, I can at least stop it from distributing more, maybe keep the numbers low." He unbuckles from the main seat and leans back to see the sign "DESTINATION ARRIVAL: 1 MINUTES 30 SECONDS" "MemberSurkit, we are aproaching the target area, please prepare for landing"He answers instantly, "Negative. Open the evac chute and land off area. I'll need as much edge as I can get..." He stands up and heads to the table at the back, "Show body signatures and cross-reference with Trinity files" After a rhythmic beeping a piece of paper slides out of a tray below the table. It's useless, he's never met one of these people. But at least he's got affiliations listed below their names, meaning he'll know not to hesitate in front of one of the twisted ones.

On the 3d map he can see large barrel shaped tanks, sure to be the water supply, in the western territory. with everything going on in the front and the gaurds swarming the east his best bet was to take the north and go in the back of the water plant. He Crumples the paper and sticks it in his jacket pocket after putting a comm piece in his ear and matching the bandwidth to the well informed mystery mans'. "This is Surkit, \Member of the Trinity Foundation. I'm arriving on site now by myself, my sources only told me rumors about a chemical outbreak that gives abilities. Contact me if you have a plan devised. "He says as he zips his jacket high and straps on a set of goggles "I'm dropping in on what looks like the northern territory- now"


The jet zooms forward as Surkit drops head first from 10,000 feet up, free falling, his target marked by the goggles in set navigation. As he falls, he smells blood, hears yelling, sees an army standing around a fire, and the blonde who runs things apparently. He realizes too late that area he was aiming for, was Littered with the bald heads of white men of all sizes in prsion clothes and fatigues. "Well...shit" The ground spreads like water in oil as his absorption shield flies up encasing his body, a half thought before penetrating the swastika marked center of the territory. The impossible bang of his forceful entry is followed by an awful silence only broken by the nervous chatter. "Did you see that there, whatcha reckon it was?" A large lummox barely with widely spaced eyes asks a small wiry an with buck teeth who replies, "Remus, I tellya, If I didn't know Any better...I'd say that there was a nigger, fell from the sky!" he exclaims looking at the deep, smoking cavern.

"Go find out whaddit was slim. yer faster n smarter an me." The fearful behemoth says in a shaken voice while he pushes the small man forward. The small inbreed looks back at his egg headed brother with a grimace, before he bends down slowly and with a gulp. his head inches over to the hole, after staring into the cavern for what seemed like minutes, he sighs in relief "I don't see nothin' down there... shoulda knew"He says with a blank stare and a confidently menacing tone,"...can't no nigger fly, haw haw!" a group laughs so loud, it was hysterical. So Hysterical they began toslap knees and backs, barely noticing slim get shot thirty feet up into the air before he could even whimper. By the time his impaled jaw smacks the ground again, a musclular, granite skinned Surkit steps out of his hole. "Neither can red necks, apparently..."

A swarm of bald heads, swastikas, and sheets surrounds him, leaving no space to leave. He knowsthe objective, he knows there is going to be all hell in a few minutes if he couldn't get to the reservoir. But there was no other way out of this. May as well take a few out before they become a real threat, he thinks. The only thing that will decide this night is fate, and luck. He stands in front of the deep hole, wiping dirt off his shoulders and chest, pulling the goggles up to his forehead. His steel like skin makes a sound like the roots of a tree cracking as his knuckles stretch out of the skin of his thick black fist. "step up gentle men... place your bets."

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As Imari continued her analysis of the water supply the C.O.P member slowly continued to rub the edges of her penny; that is until she felt a huge gust of wind and a loud screeching noise could be heard bouncing through every building in the city. “Imari, I’m getting some sort of decoded message, I’m passing it through”

I don't know who you are Spandex Girl, but if you don't already know what’s in that water sample, you need to get the hell out of there right now.” The message caused Imari to raise an eyebrow; this man clearly didn’t know who she was. “Who the hell is Spandex Girl?” Scarlett replied to Imari, making sure she close the direct link. Imari couldn’t speak English, so she allowed Scarlett to respond to the message. “I don’t know who the heck you are, but Imari knows damn well what she’s doing, now go somewhere before you give off our location!” Scarlett snapped. Imari couldn’t see the man; he was completely off her sensors, but the fact that he was able to see her caused a slick paranoia to burn into the nerves of Imari.

Removing a batarang, she tossed it at a valve cutting off the cascading water. Tossing down a smoke Grenade; pulling her mask over her face, she fired her gattling gun and propelled directly towards the skyline. The moment her feet landed on the roof, sniper fire quickly rang out prompting the specter to make an impulse leap off the side down towards the ground. “You’re not going to be able to; escape that way head back towards the boiler room; and exit through the back of the plant” Scarlett chimed in; attempting to locate an exit route for Imari.

As Imari moved through the room her Autism stopped her in her tracks; the energy blast that streamlined for her moved much slower, allowing for her to dodge it. The young teen gave the unknown woman a paralyzing look before tossing a batarang at a pipe directly above her; in an attempt to neutralize the woman Imari hoped the woman would be fried by the combination of water and electricity.


Maya sat in her “war” room surrounded by multiple Utopian generals; despite her being in her pajamas everyone in attendance still respected her position. “If you look closely at this picture blown up; what do those look like?” one of her right hand generals asked.

“Truthfully…it looks like a dildo” Maya said, straining her eyes to see the image. “It’s a missile” the general said, pointing to it. “In Saudi Arabia?” Maya asked; almost shocked. “So Saudi Arabia is allying with the U.S” Maya asked rubbing her hands through her frizzy hair. “Should we move ours to Athens?” the room grew silent as they awaited Maya’s response.

“…No, I don’t want to risk, Spain and France getting nervous; plus we’d need to be closer for a full on attack on the U.S” Maya said; looking at the world map. “I don’t want to bring war here to Utopia it’s much too costly; not to mention we have Trinity members that live there” Maya said, instantly thinking of High Voltage. It was at that moment Maya received a premonition; though she had been a psychic for ages her powers manifested whenever they wanted to. “We’re not going to allow them to get away with this though; I want you to place 17,000 troops across the Utopian – Saudi border, NO ONE FIRES UNTIL I GIVE THE WORD!” She said; already knowing this was going to be a stand-down. This action would undoubtedly unveil the tensions rising between the U.S and Utopia.

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Park was still tearing down the highway when Victor's message came back. Park? I'm at Ruin Kingdom, I'm came to see who this Gambler is and why the whole world stopped when he got taken in, but other things have caught my attention, conspiracies. There is a greater hand at work. You coming over here Park? Park rolled his eyes and bit back his tongue to keep himself from making a sarcastic comment to nobody. He leaned forward urging his bike to go faster as he responded. Yeah thanks man, I know you're in Ruin, I saw you on TV. I meant more like where specifically in Ruin. Also... He thought as he pulled off the exit and saw a large crowd of politicians and reporters running from the scene. All around there was a thick fog and bursts of lightning. No time to ease into this gently, He thought to himself as he sped forward. And there's no other way I'm getting through that crowd. Vic, I'm pretty sure I'm here.

"Hey!" Park shouted over the engine and the crowd. "MOVE!" He couldn't help but laugh to himself as he watched people diving out of his path. He pulled the bike to a stop and he hopped off and ran into Ruin. The first obstacle he met? Security at the front. Park paused a second, the fog helped but not enough. He just needed a distraction, he could already see high powered red dot sights refracting off the fog, just something to catch their attention. He reached into his jacket and found a flashbang. Please be bright enough, please be bright enough. Park thought as he chucked the tool away to the east. It went off loudly and Park dropped into the shadow of the building while the two guards went to check it out. Park threw a smoke grenade into the entrance just to be sure and ran through the the security cordon, he stayed low and could hear coughing and gunfire, and then all he heard was a metal detector wailing as he walked through. Heh, whoops. He thought to himself as he ran through the next door and hurtled down a few hall ways to get some distance.

The fog that had clouded the city when he arrived was beginning to clear up unnaturally fast. Vic, I just ran into some weird meteorology, did you do that? Park thought loudly as he ran through. His footsteps pounded through the prison and tried not to look at the walls. Dried blood caked the cement and bits of flesh that hadn't been claimed as trophies lay on the ground. This sh!t is crazy. Park thought to himself grabbing some knives from his jacket as he slowed down and began to wander through cautiously. Vic, I'm pretty sure we're way past the sh!t hitting the fan here but if you know anything I'd be real grateful for the information. Also, are there any friends in the area?

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Future Champions Academy


The punching bag snapped from its chain and slammed into the wall. Crap, Ryan thought as he bent down to picked up his towel. Wiping off his sweaty face, he sat down on the bench. The gym in the Future Champions' mansion was huge, and although the teen would have to replace the punching bag, he found it worthwhile. Ryan looked to the left corner of the gym as The television monitor flickered on and the words "Breaking News" appeared on the screen.  

"We have the news that Jean Luc LeBeau, otherwise known as Gambler has been apprehended by Ziccarra Liafador and has been sent to a maximum security prison known as 'Ruin Kingdom'. This new security prison houses the most dangerous criminals in the world, one can eve-... Wait... Is that him? Is that LeBeau being escorted? Let's try to get a closer look! Mr. LeBeau! What can you say about your imprisonment? Mr. LeBeau? It seems that the police have shut the gates. Well try to stay put and see if we can get any mo-"

Ryan shut the doors to the gym. A maximum security prison housing thousands of dangerous criminals, there is sure to be trouble and it would attract villains rather than repel them. The teen ran down the corridors of the mansion and went to the hangar. A spare suit was located towards the rear of the entrance/exit. Sliding his key card, the door slid open and there appeared his suit. Let's do this.

Ruin Kingdom (Several Hours Later)

Ryan flew above the City of Nightmares, it's wretched stench hung in the air and the thought of keeping people in this hellhole was inhumane. Eagle soon lowered himself down to the kingdom. There were already prisoners awaiting him; three to be exact. Each Armed with items probably found on the ground; pipes, wood, and broken bottles. They circled around Ryan like a pack of wolves waiting to pounce. One spoke, I'm gonna clip your wings bird brain. The teen stood there with a stern look on a his face.  

Leave me alone and I won't break your nose, Ryan said as he pointed to the man holding the wood.
Yourleg, to the one with the pipe,  
and your arm, to the one with the bottle.

What do think we are? Gutless? The man with the pipe shouted as he lifted his arm to swing at Ryan. Eagle grabbed his arm and threw it at the one with the bottle. Behind the teen, the man with wood hit Ryan on the back, only for the wood to break in half. The hero turned at the shocked man and punched him straight in the nose, knocking him back unconscious. The two men behind got up with their weapons and charged like bulls. The teen slid his leg to the side and tripped the man with the pipe and grabbed the arm of the one with the bottle. Twisting his wrist, the man screamed in agony as Ryan broke the man's forearm. The third came again with the pipe and slammed it down towards Ryan's head, but the teen ducked and relentlessly punched the man's kneecap, shattering it to pieces. The teen walked away without a sweat, only commenting with one word. Idiots.

Eagle looked up at the building as he saw a figure zip over him. Imari? He thought as he observed the dark figure dive down to the ground. Ryan flew to the point where he saw the figure land. He was right, it was Imari, she was fighting someone he couldn't identify. But he knew that he needed to help a fellow teammate. Eagle reached into his belt and pulled out a smoke pellet. Throwing it at Imari's opponent, Ryan flew to grab Imari. It's me, Ryan, he whispered to ensure her he was an ally in the dark. Pulling her away from the smoke and behind a nearby building, he asked, Imari, what's going on?
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“One, two, tree four, one, two, tree, four” The baron called the cadence for his own steps. He was notoriously known for creating horrible mind control agents, so notorious that the old warden imprisoned him and his cronies on Bliss Island. The night’s air had become just a tad more toxic, the city was under siege, a battle that was single handily leveling the prisons foundation was underway. The King of Kings, Jean Lebeau was trapped in this structure somewhere probably just trying to stay alive. With all this activity escaping wouldn’t be the hard part; especially since something had captured the prison guard’s attention.

Pressing his back against the cold crimson bricks, he managed to peer around a corner. Three members of the Bloods had cornered a prison guard. “Pick’em up!” one of the thugs screamed. An electric current formed in the man’s hands. The baron watched in awe, and quickly began to formulate a plan. “TELL US WHERE THE WARDEN IS!!!” the thug screamed, placing his hand on the leg of the thug. The horrid screams brought a smile upon the Red Death’s face. “A-Alright…he’s being taken to the dirigible to be flown out of here!” the guard continued to scream.

Appearing from behind the wall the baron walked up silently, with his hands positioned behind his back. “You like fear ya?” he asked, with his dirty brown trench coat flapping in the razor sharp wind. The thugs knew who he was, before this place was even on the map; he was here. “You aint punking us facist!” one of the men screamed. Running towards the baron the man burst into flames attempting to “burn” right through him. The cadence in any double time is 180 steps per minute; dividing that by the distance between him; he put that at about thirty seconds away. When he was calculated at about 90 steps away; the baron tossed down a smoke capsule. The man halted instantly and began convulsing violently. “It would seem as if some of you have abilities, everyone gets scared!” he said, picking the thug up with his peak human strength and lunching him at his buddies.

“YOU come with me!” he screamed pointing at the prison guard; the man hobbled over to the baron, and was gripped up by his collar. “This is where zee blonde does all her messages from ya?” he asked curiously. The man shook his head yes, still trying to deal with the pain in her leg. “Go now, and rewire the signal so that I’m seen in all of California, and by everyone in zee city”. Hitting the ground hard the baron watched as the man recalibrated the signal placing the access point on the dirigible. “Good work” he said, disappearing into the darkness as well. For the man’s efforts he would not be killed at least not by the baron.

The dirigible was on the northern side of town; where the old river used to run through. The old sky craft didn’t look as if it was going to fly at all, but who knew was the intentions of the blonde woman were.

Removing two canisters of his potent fear gas, he slipped them both into the helium chambers, now was the fun part. Navigating through the duct system; he searched for the Warden, outside the dirigible there were multiple guards not to many on the inside. Stopping just before the diner; the baron laid eyes on the man whom had him admitted here. Breaking the gate he dropped down in front of the warden whom was enjoying a drink of red wine.

“Gutentag” he said, stalking the warden knocking him out with a stiff right hook; the baron hoisted him up by his legs. “Where is zee camera…” he said, looking around; finally finding it he switched it on and had taken over the television sets of everyone in the vicinity of the Ruin Kingdom; as well as those towns neiboring it.

“Hello America, My name is Dr. Otto Bardas, however in this Ruin Kingdom, my name is zee RED DEATH” doing a quick left step the baron moved to the side, allowing people to see the warden hanging upside down. “This is what; I’m going to do, to all of you when I get free”. The baron pinched the sides of the warden’s skin and used his strength to yank a huge chunk of it off.

Blood gushed through the man’s sides down to the floor; however the sound of the splattering was quieted by his ghastly screams. Releasing his fear toxin in the face of the warden; he watched as the warden screamed himself into a heart attack. “Good Night America…and I’ll see you soon.” He stood giving a paralyzing stare to the camera, before the warden’s swinging body knocked it out of commission.

The guard who were outside quickly came inside holding their weapons ready to fire. “Oh, nononono” The Baron said with his hands high. “You don’t want to do that, we’ll all blow up” pushing his hands forward, he released his control agent taking control of the guards. “Release zee latch” he said, walking off the dirigible. The Air craft quickly lifted into the sky, with his dangerous toxin in it’s intestines.

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He stands above a pile of stricken ground, His skin turned as hard as granite, his muscles as dense as steel. His Body has stockpiled so much energy, its radiation is visible. Black and dark blue gas –like energy seeps out of him leaving a smell of rain water and burning hair thick in his vicinity. He moves, and the sound is like stressed iron on a bridge twisting at someone’s will. The crowd of inebriated and inbreeded Racists stare on, planted in place by crippling fear. One in the crowd is looking with disgust rather than fear. He sees the anti-thesis to his entire idea of life. He also has a an I.Q. of 75 and takes steroids. He shoves aside his brothers in hate and runs to Surkit with a look of pure rage on his face and a large piece of broken steel in his hand.


“I need a man who isn’t squeamish you follow?” The bar is dark inside club twenty-three, the lounge cleared out for the night with only the sound a broom scraping tile in the distance. “Somebody who can…take a more “permanent” approach to the demise of his prey ” says a small man in his mid-70’s, wearing a pinstriped fedora and a brooks brother suit. Bishop looks at the man with an insulted and impatience glare.

“I do what I’m payed to, ‘nuff said” he takes a shot of rum straight without so much as a wince or a sigh. “Good…real good. So, when can I expect results” he says leaning in excitedly. “There’s a problem with that. It conflicts with a contract I’m already signed on for” Bishop responds, rummaging through his jacket pocket.

the old man looks at him with a twsted face and barks out it a thick Italian accent “what the hell did you even come down here for then huh?! ” Bishop exhales a deep sigh through his nose, then hands the barkeep a large wad of one hundred dollar bills. The barkeep walks away quickly. “You shouldn’t have killed Vinnie Lupes’ sister Mr. Gaetano” He turns quickly, sticking his fist directly into John Gaetanos’ skull and twisting it forward. blood forces out of his ears like a fountain, brain coming out last in chunks like a meat grinder.


“Oh god... Grunt, why..?! why why why why why… “ The General says laying in a pool of his own excrement while staring up at the ceiling.


The rigged and thick steel bends and stresses, breaking in half across Surkits neck. He grabs the Thug by his wrist. “My turn” he crouches into what looks like a runners postion and swings thunderous blow into, and through, the skinheads chest. He runs full speed yelling so loud his voice shook mens brains on the stem. They come at him in a herd of white and green , only for each to be ripped to pieces, the blood of the first spraying on the ones behind him. The impact was easily equal to being slammed head on by an eighteen wheeler.

Eventually the crowd grows thinner, the ground wetter, and the blows less. By the time Surkit stops he notices hes still got a chunk of chest wrapped around his forearm and is punching a headless corpse in the throat. Thoughts fill his head, the memories of the last few minutes taking time to catch up the same as sound would to a person watching a jet fly by. A sinking feeling fills his chest as he drops to one knee and screams to nobody. His shell evaporating, the heat of the excess energy burning the blood off of his skin and clothes. He wanted to mourn the man he’d aimed to become, but the nagging thought of his objective pulled him back to the surface. “I couldn't have done this for nothing." He says to himself, rising from the ground slowly, as though heir was an immovable weight on his back. He began to walk with his head low towards the exit of the Northern Territory.

He ducks into an uninhabited building and pushes in his mask comm “This Is Surkit, if theirs anybody out there who’s can hear this,including that guy who sent that open channel signal, I’m heading towards the western territories, that’s where their dumping the drugs. I’ll be there in the next 20 minutes with or without some help..but I damn sure wouldn’t mind an extra set of hands ” He keeps the frequency open and heads for the roof, using what little energy he had left to shock kick across the rooftops heading west.

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Z had just battled the Cajun just a few days prior, despite technically coming out with the upper hand, she sustained injuries that had not been given time to heal yet. Despite this her attack still did a substantial amount of damage to the fire goddess. "You’re not Ziccarra, not the one that I know anyways." Nova started, causing reddish orange flames to burst through her wrist. Z stood, leaning more towards her left side; as her right side was injured by Gambler’s card trick. "I've battled my Ziccarra far too many times to mistake her for someone else." Z continued to stand with her hands folded, no interested in anything Nova had to say. “That’s the problem with you Earthlings; too many feelings in everything” she scoffed, pushing her long hair to the side.

"But I've seen that look in your eyes far too many times to know that whatever you’re planning here isn't anything good." “She said you’d be a bleeding heart” Ziccarra said, balling her fist up manifesting her darkness. The orangish flames came rushing at her; Z tried to use her darkness to repel it, but the attack came to fast for her to repel. The blast hit her directly in the side of the face causing her to lose control. “RAAAAAH!!!” she screamed, as the fire balls burned into her olive toned skin. “AGRH!!!” she continued to grunt, dropping to the ground; her light energy allowed her to absorb most of the heat, but not before it charred a bit of her face. “You bitch! Look what YOU’VE DONE TO MY FACE!!!” as she wailed the buildings around her began to rumble.

"I've killed your kind before Ziccarra, and I won’t hesitate to do it again, so I'll give you a chance to leave now and go back to where you came from."

Z knee’s knee dug deep within the ground as Nova presented her sword forward. “You pretentious bitch, I’m going to make your kind suffer” moving swiftly the Ninjan Princess erupted in sonic energy towards the cosmos. As she reached the ionosphere, she made a sharp U-turn and began descending towards the ground. Increasing with velocity; her body began to shine brightly while she picked up speed. Z’s impact was horrific; she sent a massive seismic shockwave throughout the ruin Kingdom and a huge wave of concrete debris towards Nova. Thick soot and ash covered the starlit sky, a huge dust storm centered on the two fateful vixens. “That was just my strength and Sonic energy” Z said, bragging on herself.

Surrounding herself in a rim of Light Z hovered around the area, ready to finish Feral Nova off with huge light blast on sight.


She watched as the battle between Feral Nova and Z continued; a thick and ominous cloud had risen into the cosmos. She predicted that battle would be as destructive as it possibly could be. “Nova, I know you can sense me” she said, removing her cloak allowing her long blonde hair to drape off her shoulders. Slowly levitating off the citadel her ecosphere picked up the news from the outside. The U.S had moved weapons into Saudi Arabia; and the threated Utopian President answered by placing seventeen thousand troops on the Utopian- Saudi border.

She knew this conflict wouldn’t amount to anything because the Arabians couldn’t withstand the might of the Utopian Empire. As of right now everything was moving how she saw it to be. Her ecosphere picked up traces of multiple people throughout the city however; Z, Feral Nova, Cassidy and Gambler were among the ones it already had recognized. As she levitated across the city towards the direction of Cassidy’s trail.

In mid-flight news of the Warden’s capture came as no surprise; however the Red Death gained access to all DC comms and executed him on live television. Despite the complete anarchy in the Ruin Kingdom, everything was still going according to plan. The U.S and Utopia were on the brink of War, and there wasn’t a soul that could stop it.

She had followed the trail to Cass; which would eventually lead her to Gambler. The price she put on Gambler’s head was enough to keep the Merc’s motivated. Upon moving towards her; Cass had completely gone off the radar; without a trace. “It’s just like you to talk a big game and hide when it’s time to show face” She said, again hovering high above the city with her body surrounded in complete darkness.

Shifting her attention from finding Cassidy to luring Cassidy; the cloaked woman flew across the city towards the last known position of Gambler. Landing on top of the slaughterhouse; she noticed the dead body lying out behind the back door. “Even when you’ve been crippled you’re still a spade” moving faster and faster through the air; and following his energy signature to a tee; she finally pin-pointed his location.

“Move and you will die…dear husband of mine” she said, removing her cloak allowing her ocean blue eyes to gaze upon his hidden face.

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More contestants came forward just piling up the potential to escalate things on the grander scheme of things. By now there were so many people with alterior motives it was a dead given that people were going to take things poorly. Tensions would rise as they believed every hero thought they had the rights to but in and change things to what they saw fit. Tensions would rise as people thought current means failed to restrain villains apropriately. By now it didn't matter if the plant failed to perform its Meta riot, it was irelovent if Gambler lived or died. The pandamonium was a seed that was now thoroughly planted in the minds of others. Still though was best to set out to drive the course of the designated mission home. Evie couldn't bail out now. Her eyes watched Imari as she observed the situation at hand geting a feal for the latest pieces on the board.

Mr Mercury as the meta human comunity knew him, his powers would be a fun thing to steal for the absorbing deity. He didn't seam set out to demolish her though or intervene simply another individual aimed to escape nothing to dread or worry about contending with. Clara Mass definent threat level, and she sertainly couldn't gain much from her mind. She needed to keep an eye on that circumstance atleast. Alex a bartender, least thats what she thought she picked up on. No matter small fish and seamingly more on her side than against her goals. The Dealer, a criminal expendable if need be so far though she seamed on her side and okay to leave around. Duchess grew close, another one who could resist her mental abilities somewhat. From the looks of things however she was not on Evie's side. And lastly Crimson Eagle that made her laugh, this could be fun. Granted she was going to need to be carefull, Imari and Crimson were on the C.O.P and so was Peter. She couldn't hurt him like that, Syapt would have to atleast try to avoid killing them. That was when both the news feed and the speakers were hacked to relay a message to the city of Ruin.

The Nazi had gaven his name Dr Otto Bardas also known as Red Death. He had made short work of the warden. A nice move on the board of grander schemes for this would mean no security taking orders they were restricted to more or less their own initiatives and thoughts. Chaos would spread and current legal measures looked inferior this was all good news. The other was a bit more bad news. The information about the water plant had been relayed to everyone. This meant alot more targets would likely be heading her way, on the other end it gave any escapists some higher odds. Then of course there was the fact Armistice had made himself more known. He was a cloacked figure unseen an unheard now he was being heard. Soon enough he would likely have to step up and take a stance now that he was apart of the pieces visible. But enough analysing it was time to leap into the fight taking place.

One of the pipes were cut by the cloacked teenager, of course people were far from stupid. It would take more than a simple shurikan shaped like a bat to stop what the plant was trying to do. In effort to retreat the young ninja like girl leaped to the roof only take sniper fire, so then she was forced to go down the boiler room. Then came the electric bolt, to Evie's surprise she dodged it. Perhaps the girl was going to be a funner chalenge than expected. Granted the attack was a bore the batarang severed a water pipe. The water conducted electricity and her armor sparked of the sharp bolts of voltage. The electricity short circuited her tech a second then the energy fled into the canon through her abilites cuting the damage short before it ran a chance of slowing her down. That gap in time gave an opening in need for Crimson Eagle however. Pulling Imari around the wall of the entrance to seak out answers Ryan confronted the fellow champion. Simultaneously Surkit anounces his heading to this location, were people really this illogical. It's a frantic warzone more than a prison it seams, lets relay are position on an open chanel. Syapt shook her head no matter other things to attend to.

Evie could only use three abilities at a time so she droped first the cloaking abilities to allow for the ability to manipulate gravity. The power was most known for belonging to the great hero Eclipse. He had died and asked as his final wish that the abilities go to Peter, or Overkill to help him lead to a better world. Then in a fight with Overkill Evie learned this ability, and gained what was needed to lead into a relationship that was not important here though. The ability over sound instead of dropped she amplified for herself. This allowing her to pick up on the very heart beats of the two people she was against. Last she let the electrical currents drop into being nuclear energy. With that she made her attack focusing on sound she tried to locate the exact point of Imari and Ryan.

Once confident she had it she amplified gravity to aproximantly four times that of natural. The hold a ten foot radius around where she thought the two were. Odds being that if they were in the radius they would be pinned to the ground unable to move. Then Ragnarok, the name of the cannon she used on her arm and released a nuclear blast. The bolt of energy would likely demolish the wall and shoot towards the pair of people. With any luck the sheer magnitude of the explosion would put the two heroes out of commision. Either way though the attack had a nice fear element. The distinct mushroom cloud of such an explosion would help shape the building anxiety people were having with the ideas of registration and what powers could do. Once the small explosion had gone off Evie darted into the cloud hoping to throw any punches needed to finish off the Champions.

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Not much had happened in the city since Gambler had shown up, and he honestly meant that. Thing is, everything that did happen, was big. It started off simply enough, the prison people going crazy, perhaps even literally. But that had no true impact on Urbs, so honestly, it didn't matter. The other insignificant event to happen was finding out about the death of the Bloods leader. A few lowly thugs from their group had come to tell him about it, saying how they believed him to become their new leader. All he did was laugh, saying that he wasn't staying in Ruin City, and that when he left, he would have his own organization to run. Though he did invite all the Bloods to join him in the city of Detroit when he left. For a while the two bloods pondered, wondering if they should be the voice of an entire group, then deciding against it. Urbs shrugged, it didn't matter to him either way. But before he left them, they requested one last thing, that he at least kill who did this. At that Urbs said, "Your group allowed me too stay here unhindered, and for that i thank you. If it's anyone besides the crips who killed your leader, i'll make sure to make them pay." "You promise?" The question made Urbs smirk, "Promises are only for people who lie, and i don't lie." With that Urbs walked away.

Those two events would've seemed significant to anyone who actually cared, but sadly, Urbs didn't. Instead, while searching for clues about Gambler, he did find something important. An odd insignia, at first Urbs thought nothing of it, there were quite a few around here, this one though was different, a lot more... well-made. Still, it wasn't anything of true significance, maybe someone had just put a lot of effort into that one. Still, he kept it in his memory for future reference. That reference was quickly put to work, as soon, he found it a second time. Once again though, he only kept it in his memory, not letting it get inside his mind. The third time though, he realized two things. One, the appearances of it seemed to have a path, not a concrete one, but not one scattered on roof-tops and the such. Two, he didn't really have any other lead to go on. Gambler was pretty good at covering his tracks. So he went with it, and he followed them.

For a while he felt like he was just wandering the streets of Ruin City, following after a goose chase. Too make things worse, He couldn't get barely had time to comprehend the image of the red Nazi who captured the Warren. Oddly enough, even that didn't matter to him, he truly didn't care about the Warden. The Nazi would be a problem, but just like who ever killed the leader of the bloods, he would deal with him later. So instead he continued on his wild goose-chase, almost about to give-up. But then something happened, a woman appeared in front of a warehouse. And not just any woman, no, it was a redhead, a crippled redhead. And only one crippled redhead would be here. Cassidy Lockhart-Starks. He didn't show any emotion, or make any noises. Instead he just watched, and he watched from a wide distance. Something he was happy to accomplish, because as he was watching her as a cloaked figure traveled near to her. But then both of them disappeared, one of them literally, one of them deciding to fly to the top of the warehouse. It didn't end there either, to follow up with everything, Vic, one of his own flew close to Cass, issuing a message of warning. All in all, Urbs mind put a lot together and came up with one of his best plans ever to counter-attack the large event.

First, he blocked off his mind, an ability he had learned from having contact with psychics. It was a difficult ability to use, but he couldn't have Vic making contacting or even knowing Urbs was there. Then, he did something he hasn't done in a while, he watched. As Gambler, Ms. Starks, Vic, and Mrs. Mysterious was a group he would rather analyze before confronting.

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Thick with pollution the overcast skies of the ruin Kingdom were submerged in perpetual darkness. Time had seemingly lost all rational purpose as mind and body were lost within a mercurial mascaraed of mayhem. The unmistakable intonations of a consummate confrontation had engulfed much of the Ruin Kingdom overshadowing the unmitigated violence. Shaking the abandoned factories in the underlying area. But Gambler's focus was steadfast. Unwavering in his convection to locate his one true remaining ally, the Bamboo Owl, Cassidy, or Mercy as she had recently adopted. Her intricate clues lacing the walls of the dilapidated prison.

Although the Aristocratic Assassin could not visually establish his former protegee's location he could hear the miniscule vibrations of her heart beating. Further confirmation was added as the Cajun watched with curious nature as a strange yet engaging figure called out. "No wait, please. I'm only trying to help. Cassidy, is that your name? My name is Victor, how did you end up in Ruin Kingdom?" Flashing his trademark Cheshire Cat grin from underneath his symbolic mask the assassin nonchalantly smirked, "Seems dee lady has become quite popular, no? Forgive my interruption" pausing momentarily as the pain of shattered ribs cursed through his broken body, "My name is Jean Luc LeBeau, but you may call me Gambler." Arrogantly turning his back the King of Kings did not wait for a reply but instead began surveying the area. "Tis not safe here, we should move. Cassidy, would you care to join us?" he questioned while walking away. As individuals the Ruin Kingdom had the distinct advantage, but as a group the orchestration of an escape would be elevated. Reaching up towards his ear Gambler suddenly stopped as in incoming transmission from an outdated HFC communication line came through.

"Mister LeaBeau, I know you can hear me. Can you give me your exact location? We need to talk."

A look of concentrated contemplation washed over his face before responding. "I am in dee Lower Easter quadrant just West of dee old slaughterhouse. Two blocks away from dee Shiners Authentic Art and Natural History Museum." With a devilsh grin he peered back over his shoulder towards Victor, "Seems we have friends in high places." Suddenly the piercing sound of microphone distortion swept throughout the Ruin before every monitor, camera and audio device began to play, "Hello America, My name is Dr. Otto Bardas, however in this Ruin Kingdom, my name is zee RED DEATH”

With an heir of sanctification Jean Luc stood confidently with his arms folded behind his back as the Crimson Authoritarian addressed the nation. He couldnt help but admire the flair in which the dictators speech was delivered. "A bit dramatic for my taste." he scuffed. "But still, we find him, we find our way......" his speech was cut short as the air was seemingly sucked out of the area. "Move and you die dear husband of mine" Gambler didnt need to look, he knew. His heart skipped briefly in a momentary absences of self-control before regaining his regal demeanor. "So my beloved, have you come to finish dee job?" turning slowly before extending his hand allowing his fingers to course through the golden locks of the true Ninjan authority, Sha.

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A slow methodical clap seemed to echo all around them, “Dear boy” the voice seemed to be floating in the air, Arrow always did enjoy an entrance and never one to pass on a little chaos he welcomed the fray once again, “You should really be more careful” he appeared a few yards away from the group, his eyes dancing over each player in the game. “One never really knows who is listening to these things.” Arrow had always been part of the HFC it was the one place he had always considered a home and was always listening. But of course the Cajun would know that, he always seemed to be one step ahead in the games. Where he was the snake, the Cajun had always been the charmer, moving the piece just right in order to keep his head. Tilting his head to the side he took in Sha “Do I not own one of your relatives souls?” the shark like smile crept across his ivory face. His pale complexion seemed more vibrant against the darkness of his raven black suit, his top hat was nowhere to be seen but at his side rested a cane, the top of it was a silver raven with its wings spread wide, he wore a pair of two tone shoes, echoing the 1920 style. Arrow overly shivered “Is anyone else as excited as I am? I mean look at us….” He waved his arms around in front of him, “This is truly paradise…would you not agree Jean? Shall we start the verbal sparring early? Or by pass it and get straight to the good stuff.”His eyes began to glow a little red as he turned back to Sha “I have always wanted to cut one of you open” before she could reply his laugh echoed all around them, his body tipped back on itself and then he was gone.

Deep below the grounds of the Ruin Kingdom Arrow stood in an empty room, a single table sat in the middle covered in rust above him sat a single light barley keeping it’ self-alive and behind him a broken mirror an echo of his mind. Arrows thoughts where frantic with ideas, this was his playground now and they were his play things. He knew he had acted too soon, showing them he was here. But he could not control himself, it was going to be so much fun, oh yes indeed he had waited a long time to play this game again. To enjoy it how he used to, but he needed to be careful “oh no can’t say too much, they may find out” he said to himself, his voice fast and furious “DON’T RUIN THIS FOR US” he snarled at himself and span in no direction at all “You have been alive too long “ he whispered to himself ,That’s the funniest joke of all, what does happen to an immortal when he gets too old. “I have my hobbies to keep me interested in the world” he whispered to himself. “Oh yes the hobby that will be fun, we must keep control of ourselves till then, don’t let the others see us like this….keep them scared and worried….oh yes don’t let them know there is so much more to be scared of, not yet anyway…” tears began to roll down one side of his cheek as he span to face himself in the mirror. “WHO ARE YOU” he screamed the whole room shaking as his power escaped from his voice…”who am I” he said holding himself…”Who am I”.

“A simple question, one that every person may ask themselves at some point in their lives, but what if you never had an end and no purpose but to live on and on. After a while even the most powerful will sub come to the strains of mental age. How much can the mind truly take before it break into a million pieces, the answer is there is no answer! “ he straightend himself up and looked at himself again. “The show as ever will always go on” he took a large bow to himself and when he stood his smile was gone, the trademark grin that could put fear into the heart of almost anyone, but what happens when that smile vanishes, that is the time to truly start to worry……

Once again Arrow stood before the group, "Now where on earth where we."

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Ruin Kingdom, The smell of blood on the floor, it stinked of it. The voice of the human heart, his own, beating to the rhythm of the events unfolding, he could hear it. The taste of the moist air as he spoke, he could taste it. Here he sat in this new environment, vulnerable to his lack of knowledge, as confused as ever and aimless. Just a few moments ago, he could recall observing the city from above, what he'd seen surprised, and the scale and scope of this conspiracy extended to every reach of this labyrinth-like Prison. When he'd seen a seemingly helpless redheaded woman in a prison with the most dangerous criminals in the world, all sense of investigation was dimmed when Victor had decided to come down and help her, little did he know what else would occur on this day full of mysteries. Yet, with each answer he'd unraveled two new ones presented themselves, leading Victor to believe that there was more to Ruin Kingdom than he'd originally thought as the well-hidden endgame came closer, right under their noses, but they couldn't see it among all the chaos, still they don't, not even Victor. Hidden in plain sight.

On the streets of Ruin Kingdom, with it's compact and dense architecture, remnants of what may have one been a great city, lay what remained, a ghost town, and Victor was in the middle of it. Just mere moments ago he'd approached the seemingly helpless redheaded woman, who was in fact Cassidy Lockheart Starks, one of the most dangerous assassins in the world, yet in his perception, she was a married woman who had found her way in this maze of death. Still waiting on an answer from the redheaded beautiful woman, whom he'd come to her rescue, another presence was quick to reveal itself in the face of the situation as the game instantly changed. The mysterious man, unbeknownst to Victor, the Cajun Gambler, approached him from the shadowy corners of the Ruin Kingdom, as if he materialised out of nowhere. However upon closer inspection, Victor would quickly recall just an hour ago, the hundreds and hundreds of crowds that had lined up to see the Cajun's arrest. However much of this Gambler remained a mystery to him, and he didn't like mysteries. How did this man end up here? Where do his allegiances lay?

"Seems dee lady has become quite popular, no? Forgive my interruption" as the presence of the white haired Cajun was made clear, reflexes took over Victor's body as he'd turned around by nature, in a stance ready for any attack, however upon recognition of the man he'd come here for, Victor did nothing to drop his guard, for to do so would mean weakness. Then the Gambler opened his mouth to speak again, with an accent unrecognisable to him. "My name is Jean Luc LeBeau, but you may call me Gambler" the pieces fell together as Victor realised he was getting closer to understanding this plot. Originally he'd come for answers, but seeing the Gambler himself begged for more than knowledge. This was the man he'd come here to see, but why reveal himself so carelessly? knowing all the dangerous individuals that wanted a shot at him, it seemed a risky move to reveal himself to the god.

"So I wasn't just seeing things? There was a redhead here?" Victor decided to ease the King of Kings into a conversation. This was something he himself usually does in the face of strangers, and when he wanted to get to know someone better. Jean Luc Lebeau, it seemed everyone was after this specific man, for reasons that Victor hadn't questioned by far. Anything could be possible, and seeing how the rest of the 'Kingdom' seemed crazy to him right now, would the idea of an innocent man being tossed in here as a distraction be an odd one out?

My name is Victor Grey, and you are Jean" Victor decided to keep his questions to himself for the time being, as starting with an interrogation was always a bad option for the foundation of a relationship. Although the presence of another man was here, Urbs, Victor hadn't sensed him among the chaos of all the ensuing events. He'd originally found out his friend was in prison, but little did he know that he was right behind his back, observing his every word and action. But the King of Kings wasn't interested in what Victor had to say, and simply turned away from him, in an arrogant fashion, seeming uninterested. As the Gambler disregarded him, he'd immediately started surveying the area, assessing every detail about it, and it was clear the man had skill in doing so.

"Tis not safe here, we should move. Cassidy, would you care to join us?" Victor questioned who the answer was directed at, if the man had said 'we', it would surely include Victor. Hearing the reference to the redhead he'd met earlier, he'd almost forgotten about her in the chaos of all the current events, being distracted by the Gambler, one would have to wonder if she was even here anymore. Victor looked over his shoulders and over the blood decorated streets, searching for the presence of Cassidy. He'd wondered if she was indeed listening to all this, but hadn't revealed her presence yet. It seemed her and the King of Kings were already acquaintances prior to this meeting, and he'd wondered if this was her husband, but quickly disregarded the thought when their age difference came to mind.

"I can come along" Victor had a sense of confidence in his voice, his posture strong, tall and powerful. He'd hoped to show his potential allies some of his traits through how he presented himself, coming off as a strong and confident man. "You will find me of great help" he spoke without hesitation and gave a smirk to his two potential allies. In reality his head rushed with thoughts, did he know enough about the two to entrust them with such degree of faith, for blind faith can never end well. However the man hadn't acted hostile towards him, perhaps quite the opposite. But as sudden as his walking had been, the Gambler abruptly stopped, and reached for a communicator on his ear. Giving the man his privacy, Victor toned down his own enhanced sense as to not eavesdrop on Jean Lebeau.

A look of contemplation came over Jean Lebeau's face as he finally spoke into the communicator "I am in dee Lower Easter quadrant just West of dee old slaughterhouse. Two blocks away from dee Shiners Authentic Art and Natural History Museum" the Gambler's accent was starting to grow on Victor, and he was sure to wait patiently for the man's next action. Then he'd remembered Cassidy, who may or may not still be here. Nevertheless, he turned to the direction he'd last seen her in, and gave her a warm smile, as to assure her that they'd get out of this safely. Everyone needs someone to tell them that, but the girl seemed more powerful than she would've admit to him if ever confronted with it.

Victor noticed the Gambler look over his shoulders and turn his gaze to Victor, to which he returned with a sign of respect as Jean gave a dangerous grin."Seems we have friends in high places" It seemed the Gambler knew more about Victor than he'd let on, and perhaps he was a man of resources. He'd met many people before that had been able to pull out his whole life from a database entry, and this was no different to these times

"Act-" Victor had just started to reply to the King of Kings when the sharp sound of a microphone cut him off, echoing throughout the whole city, ready for broadcast. Who was going to broadcast to the city, was this another mystery?

"Hello America, My name is Dr. Otto Bardas, however in this Ruin Kingdom, my name is zee RED DEATH” a voice that would've intimidated many came through, but Victor didn't even budge. If anything, he was one of the rest of these inmates, a shell of their former self, their minds finally giving in to the accumulative total of a lifetime spent in isolation from the rest of the world.

"Psycho Guy" Victor spoke out loud as he turned his body towards Jean Lebeau, anticipating his reaction, the Gambler had his arms behind his back and seemed to be in thought, taking in the broadcast.

"A bit dramatic for my taste" the Gambler scuffed, Victor had decided that Jean had a sense of humor as he did, and the both of them could get along as long as both respected each other and their boundaries. There shouldn't be any trouble between them, but still Victor couldn't see the commotion surrounding this man, but it seemed as if a bigger hand was at play. Why was Victor dismissing this? He'd never been the Dress up type, he'd never go on patrols and jump to the rescue of a damsel in distress, he was more realistic as he'd like to think of it. He was one to assess on his own course of action rather than follow logic without faith.

"But still, we find him, we find our way" The King of Kings seemed to have everything figured out, and maybe it was just his survival instinct, this was when Victor remembered something however. A mention on TV on how the Gambler would start a riot, to escape. A dangerous attempt, but maybe the Gambler had already figured out what this prison really was, seeing it for what it truly is gives you clarity in your decisions, and if the Gambler truly understood what the prison was, he can come up with a course of action. Lost in his own thoughts, he was still mindful of his environment as the air seemed to part to give way to a new presence, Victor quickly turned to see a floating cloaked woman, clouded by darkness, he couldn't make out her face and no light hit her expressions. Her posture suggested she wasn't here for butter and bread either.

"Move and you die dear husband of mine" The woman removed her cloak to reveal her ocean blue eyes and golden hair with locks. She was beautiful but deadly.

"Sorry, but i'm single" Victor chuckled at the joke, as he always did in the face of such situations, but was quick to realise the priority of the situation as judged by the Gambler's reactions. Jean had already recognised the woman, a ghost from his past it seemed. His heart beat faster at the significance of this very moment, and Victor found himself confused and a slave to curiosity. Confused at where he found himself.

"So my beloved, have you come to finish dee job?" the Gambler extended his hands and coursed them through the woman's hair, she was definitely his lover. But what did he mean by his statement, why would she want to kill him? But his thoughts were abruptly interrupted as a powerful clap could be heard throughout the whole street.

“Dear boy” Victor felt the presence of a new man, and by now, confusion was overwhelming him, eating away at him and subjecting him to its slow torture. Then from a few yards away, he could hear the footsteps of the man, looking up upon his suit and grin You should really be more careful” The man's pale complexion was evident and clear even as the dark sky allowed little light to dance upon the strangers face. “One never really knows who is listening to these things” the man was observing everyone around him, assessing them. Victor coursed his hands through his own hair, confused even more by the sudden appearance of a new man.

“Do I not own one of your relatives souls?” The clown turned his face to the golden haired woman floating in the air. This statement confused Victor even more as his grasp on the supernatural occurrences in this town teased him. “Is anyone else as excited as I am? I mean look at us….” The man took a pause, allowing Victor to take in the effect of the man's presence, he was certain this man was mentally scarred. He decided against saying anything though, best not to misfire until he knew all the facts. “This is truly paradise…would you not agree Jean? Shall we start the verbal sparring early? Or by pass it and get straight to the good stuff.” The man addressed the Gambler, they must've had some history prior to this. Victor felt left out and like a fool now, wishing he'd payed more attention to the news.

As he turned his gaze to meet the mysterious floating woman's eyes, the light bounced off his eyes, showing a red twinkle displaying sinister motives. “I have always wanted to cut one of you open” The man seemed psycho, and it was only a matter of time before a fight would break out, and although Victor would prefer to avoid one, he couldn't escape the inevitable. As Victor was about to reply, the man vanished as quickly as he'd come, leaving only fragments of what had occurred, and leaving Victor's own head splitting open with all the mysteries. He'd decided to finally give up the facade and ask.

"Um, now would be a good time to explain who's the bad guy here, and what's going on" Victor had finally made the words out to the two lovers, it seems that there is more to this kingdom than he came here for, and as a new figure reveals herself, one more card is played, as less remain in the pile, getting closer to the endgame.

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From red to blue. From a sea of blood she had delved into an ocean of tears. Corpses paved her way, every single one a building block in her foundation of greatness. By no means did she choose her victims randomly. The monolith that had been the Bloods before had begun to waver menacingly short of tumbling over. Without their officers this bunch of sociopaths was nothing more than a pack of dangerous predators ready to tear everyone, including themselves, apart and drown the city in the liquid that had given them their name. Direction was missing and would soon erupt into violence against the other gangs. From there this wildfire would spread till the whole prison would be in upheaval and create a giant riot that branded against the restricting walls that stood there like stone guardians.

Of course this needed more preparation. The other gangs had to be in an equally desolate state. This was what had drawn the Darwinist Dictator out of the turf of the Bloods. The lioness in this jungle had decided to expand her territory. She would murder, kill, assassinate, flay that corpse of civilization till it finally broke down, till the only law ruled that had any justification of being the only one: The law of the strongest. No matter how many died, no matter what went kaput in this glorious bacchanal of anarchy, whatever perished in this cleansing fire had had no right to existence before.

Every step that she made on this ruined street dodging from building to building to stay in the shadows and evade the snipers brought her closer towards that goal. Rats and alley cats predating each other took offense to her presence in their little kingdoms but where only able to take flight before that gigantic shadow.

With a decent amount of joy her sharp hearing picked up the sound fighting far behind her in the blood red district she had just left behind. Screams of rage wailed through the air, sounds of pain muffled by the asphalt they were cried into, the blunt note of hard batons meeting soft flesh., a hate filled voice with German accent cheering the carnage on. A wonderful symphony that mixed into the greater artwork of Ruin Kingdom.

It was very unlikely that her efforts had achieved success in this early stage so she probably had an anonymous supporter. Whether this supporter’s ultimate intentions were congruent with her own would have to be shown. Up till now both of them were interested in creating chaos and destruction.

Soon the iron fist of terror would grip the area of the blue clad gang as well. Targets had been chosen, decisions had been made. Her feet made no sound on the urban street that lay wet and wasted beneath her betraying the cunning killer. Further and further they carried her forwards carrying the sure promise of a quick and painful death with her till she had finally found what she was looking for.

His whole bearing told of the experience of someone who was used to give orders, his neck was loaded with the golden pressure of countless bling, his fingers of diamond glittered even in the dark moonless night and with pride he wore the blue colors of his gang on rag, shirt and baggy pants. His three comparatively colorless subordinates toadied before his broad shoulders ready to carry out the will of the massive bald man. They were perfect how they stood there infront the small lawn and garden store.

She was nothing more than a black spectre as she attacked. With peak human speed she rushed at the group and jumped. The first one had no chance at all. Her foot met his neck with bone crushing power. Muscles strained in the impossible effort of his neck to bend backwards in a 90 degree arc till they could hold no more. With a nasty sound that echoed from the surrounding house walls like a gunshot in its harsh brutality his muscles snapped and his spine broke. Before he had dropped to the ground Jessica had already started her next assault. In a blur her elbow came around to shatter the second thug’s larynx. Even if he would have had the time to scream he could not have done this as he fell to the ground his hands wrapped around his throat in a vain attempt to catch breath. His choked death rattle was not even audible over the light sound of the drizzle that had started to fall.

The third actually had a chance to strike at her. A pathetic punch borrowed from boxing. She saw the hint in his shoulders when he positioned himself to strike. A simple side step took care of that. The big black fist flew past her unable to even touch her. Not even her long black hair that fanned out like silk in the dodge maneuver came near his muscled limb. The surprise came unexpectedly and unappreciated. Out of a sudden she was startled by small pieces of debris that graced her cheek. They did not even cut her skin, they just hit her right under the eye. Even more troub ling was the fact where they came from. The criminal’s fist had just punched through the brick wall. Hitting the wall with the force of a truck it had almost exploded and had sent tiny shards of itself out together with a dust cloud. If she had been hit her head would have popped like an egg.

Time to adapt. Describing a deadly arc her foot came around over hear head and down on his elbow. The next sound of breaking bones resounded from the environment. This time he even had the time to scream. His scream reminded of a wounded animal as he went down on his knees reaching for his uselessly dangling right arm. It would not last for long. Quickly her strong hands gripped his head and twisted hard. Five seconds and three broken bones. Not bad.

Time to take care of the main target.

If she had been in Honor City her cowl would have flapped around her as she had twirled around to him, the red lenses of her visor focussing on him with cold precision. He was to be forgiven that he was not very impressed by a distinctively smaller woman whose cape had been replaced by her own hair and whose red visor was not there to cover up her blue eyes. In Honor City he would have trembled with fear, in Ruin he just stood there arms crossed and a slighting smile on his broad face. A dark, almost melodic deep timbre clung to his voice as he addressed her:

“Big mistake, b1tch! We got us some powas now!”

And then he was gone. Where moments before a tall and strong black man had stood only an empty place remained. A teleporter? No, a fist to the face told her otherwise. Invisibility? A knee to the stomach, delivered only a fracture of a second after the hit, made her only the wiser. Superspeed? A shoulder ramming her with high speed to push her through the nailed store window proved it. Like a puppet she flew through the air contorting in almost unnatural ways while the pain asteroidly spread through her body. The world exploded as she crashed through the boards into a still fully equipped garden store. Metaphorically almost ironic where she came to finally rest: A heap of bagged artificial fertilizer.

While she still shakingly tried to get to her feet the Crip menacingly stepped through the hole she had created, right foot first and grabbing the edge with one hand while readjusting his blue sunglasses with the other. The sparse light from outside made him nothing more than black silhouette akin to how she had been perceived at the beginning of her attack.

“It’s about time we end this, b1tch!”

“We will see, freak. We will see. Skill over powers anytime…”

“Yeah, we will see!”

Jessica was on her feet again, her knees still trembling from the high speed hits she had received earlier. But her photographic memory worked perfect. She had already remembered his moves. But how would she utilize it against an enemy who was a dozen times faster than her? She knew how. She just hoped it would work.

She heard the air whizz as he started, felt the air pressure as he rushed towards her. Time to act. Irony struck again as she utilized a move that she had borrowed from the King Of Kings, Gambler himself. From all men living and having lived to the present day the Cajun was the one with the most flawless throw technique. What she had to throw was simple, one of the most basic things man had ever invented. A nail.

She barely had enough time to dodge the lifeless body that seemingly appeared out of nothing. His high speed added to the immanent velocity of the thrown nail had caused the tiny projectile to penetrate his skull and exit through the back of his head. His face was an expression of surprise with a tiny hole right above the eyes, the back of his skull was a mess of blood, brain and bone splinters. Totally uncontrolled the newly created corpse crashed into a rack creating a small fountain of dust and an unpleasant thought of maltreated aluminium.

To the woman known as Honor Avenger under different circumstances he had already importance, her interest had shifted to the pile of fertilizer. Was this stuff not explosive if mixed with fuel? Perhaps this would be helpful in her further exploits.

Unnoticed by herself the shadows around her reacted to her amusement with a silent wavering…

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“You pretentious bitch, I’m going to make your kind suffer.”

‘Ok… note to self… no more long speeches.’ Steph thought to herself as the Ninjan princess had an outburst, the sonic energy slamming into her body, forcing her to struggle to simply stand in place as a trembling force caused the entire city to quake. Chunks of concrete, disabled vehicles and uprooted dry trees came flying at the Fire Goddess. Gritting her teeth she ruptured into flames, creating a dome of searing hot fire around her body, disintegrate some of the debris while the vehicles exploded upon impact of her protective dome.

“Holy crap… she’s Sha on steroids.” Stephanie whispered to herself as she struggled to keep her dome up. When everything finally began to settle down she lowered her protective field, dust still settling around them as she let out a horsed cough. The air was thick with dust, dirt, and ash almost impossible to see a few feet in front of her.

“That was just my strength and Sonic energy” Z said, bragging on herself.

Stephanie laughed. “That’s it? I’ve seen two year olds throw bigger temper tantrums than you.” she taunted the young princess, wanting to make her blind with anger. But then something caught her off guard, her eyes darted around the rooftops of buildings as she ‘sensed’ someone. “…Sha?” she whispered to herself, distracting from the battle at hand. It HAD to be her, she felt it, not the energy that this Ziccarra was dishing out, but the one that she was familiar with, one that she encountered multiple times, but where!?

A blinding light suddenly caught the hero off guard, as an energy blast came crashing downward to her. Closing her eyes due to the intensity of the light, she quickly reacted, throwing both hands upward towards the light as flames erupted from her palms. Her flames roared towards the Ninjan Princess’ light, as the two energies clashed with each other. A flash of light with a deafening explosion suddenly cannonaded from the colliding powers that could be heard and felt for miles.

An acute ringing priced through her ears as she opened her eyes, she was laying in the middle of a crater of her own body print in the cement. Grunting she stumbled upon her feet, drifting slightly to the right before she regained her gait as her body was surging with pain. “Is that it? A pretty light show?” she chuckled, even though deep down… she was scared. Sha was powerful, no doubt, but this Ziccarra… stronger more ruthless, and overall just plane mean!

Dusting herself off she noted something was missing, her blade, awww crap. “So, assuming its my turn now huh?” she kicked a small ball of concrete out of the way as she took a step forward, her body glowing with energy before bursting into flames, they began to reach high into the sky as it crackled around her. Her eyes glowed yellow as she tilted her head slightly, a grin on her face as thrust both arms outward, causing the fire around her to fly forward like a tidal wave, taking form of a bird as it came rushing towards the Ninjan Warrior. The heat of her fire was so intense that the broken down pavement beneath her began to bubble, melting down into a pool of tar.

Feral Nova stood, still aflame as other thugs began to show their faces around the area, wanting to see what was going on. Stephanie glared at the men as she quickly extended her arms outward to her sides, flames rushing from them as they ran along the ground, creating a wall of fire between the men and the two women. The walls reached high and snarled with power, she wanted to make sure to keep any unwanted humans or other beings away from the battle, the entire area was about to be leveled own at this rate.

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Events had transpired so quickly that Cassidy had barely been able to keep a tab on them. Her heart had landed in her throat at the sight of Jean. This was ranking right up there with the worst off that she'd ever seen him. Her tactical thought process screamed at her to quickly introduce herself to Victor, the mysterious man who had just made her acquaintance, but her emotions were yelling at her to take care of his wounds, enabling them all a better chance.

"Jean, I have somebody on the inside." It was the only sentence that she was able to get out and it was but a whisper. Everything went to hell in less than a minute. In that small span of time, it seemed as if everything she had believed to be true, was not. A small noise somewhat reminiscent of a small animal choking escaped her mouth at the sight of this woman. It was Ziccarra, returned from the dead and back with a vengeance, it seemed.

Truth be told, the relationship between her and Gambler had the earmarks of something that could have worked. If they had both been able to put aside differing goals and he had been able to swallow his pride for once in his life, they could have made it. But alas, it seemed as if true love never stuck with those of their ken. Happy ever afters were not in the forecast. Z's voice coursed over Cassidy like ocean waves forming the beginning of a deluge. She'd pull them all under if she could. As much as Cass respected - nay, even loved - Ziccarra, they did not see eye to eye on many things, least of which was Z's sometimes radical methods. Methods that she seemed to want to implement here.

It was moments like this, moments rife full of action that Cass yearned for the use of her legs back. To be able to stand up, secure her position and not be reliant on anything other than her own skills. It was a yearning that was sometimes painful. She watched the byplay between Jean and Ziccarra carefully and focused on Victor through her peripheral vision. Her mouth opened just the slightest as she leaned over just a bit in her chair, positioning her body closer to Victor's in order to speak to him. But before the words left her mouth a voice that was all too familiar sent chills down her spine.

Final Arrow. Back from whatever hell realm he had been gracing with his presence. All the party needed now Sovereign Son, Mistress Redhead and Ethan Starks and she'd have all facets of her life covered. How had what started as a rescue mission for Gambler and infiltration of Ruin Kingdom end up as this? Surely there was a much, much larger game being played behind closed doors. There was a blackout on her being able to connect to SEER and she felt a little naked without the constant stream of information at her fingertips.

Cass didn't bother reaching for a weapon, despite the fact that she had numerous different choices within an inch-span of her fingers. If Arrow truly wanted to cause destruction, there wasn't a single thing that she could do to stop him. Ziccarra and Gambler were going to have had it out sooner or later, the only thing that had put it off this long was the fact that she was assumed to be dead by the entire world.

It was but a second before Arrow disappeared and in that time, Cass turned to Victor and filled him in as succintly as she could. "Ziccarra Liafador of this Earth, presumed to be dead of Cancer. Ex-wife of Jean." Her head tipped towards Gambler. "The pale man in the top hat is the one known as Final Arrow. He's the closest thing to the Devil that you will ever come across and he's feared and revered across the nine realms of hell, the entirety of Earth, Asgard and innumerable other pantheons. He's the god to end all gods, be wary of him and even warier of striking deals with him." The words were but the slightest of whispers, barely making a noise upon the evening air. The final syllable had escaped her breath as Arrow made his reappearance.

With an inclining of her head, she switched off the surveillance tech that had been hiding her from many an eye. There was no use for it here, not amongst this group. She always approached Arrow with respect and deference, knowing that there was no way any soul on Earth or any other realm could hope to predict his mood or evaluate his mindset. "It appears to be a night for old faces."

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“Imari, what's going on?” Ryan asked, knowing very well that Imari didn’t know English at all. Imari handed him her comlink with Scarlett on the other end. “Ryan, it’s me Scarlett, I’m Imari’s liaison inside Honor City” as she continued to speak; something within the signal continued to override it, finally the signal had been cut off and Otto Von Bardas could be heard. Imari gave a paralyzing stare; she didn’t want it to be known but reasons like this were why she hated super beings. Removing what appeared to be a firecracker, Imari stuck it into a nearby tube.

Glancing around the room, she found some copper wire and wrapped it around the tube and just set it down. She looked at Ryan; whom was staring back sort of puzzled, but Imari never uttered a word. Imari tried to slow down her surroundings through use of her Autism however; she couldn’t track the women at all. It didn’t take a while for Imari to figure out that the woman had molested gravity somehow. Imari’s eye’s squinted it was nearly impossible to move; staying close to the ground gave them more room to maneuver than being at a vertical base.

Imari rolled to the edge of the steps, and then fired her grappling hook until it was around Ryan’s legs. Imari was by far smarter than what most people gave her credit for; her foe was a brute; all she did was launch her powers around hoping she damaged something. There was no style, No finesse in any of her methods; and at most what they did was simply complicate things. The wall began to fall down, however because of the increased gravity; the matter within the explosion would take a few moments to even get to Imari. Rolling over the banister, Imari fell down through the stairwell; to escape the blast; as she moved out of the gravity radius she watched as her improvised EMP went off sending an explosion in the east and west parts of the building. Imari hit the ground; but managed to catch Ryan. The debris from the explosions traveled slowly as well at least until they cleared about ten feet. Imari pushed Ryan out of the way, but was overtaken by the debris from the explosions.

Dust bellowed through the halls of the plant; there were more than one explosion going on this night. All throughout the Ruin King some of the most sinister beings were going through with plans. Imari’s hand could be seen stretched out from under the boulders. In it her comlink back to Scarlett in Honor City. “Imari, if you can hear me you have to protect Cassidy…Imari! Imari!”

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Road to the World War

‘“Is that it a pretty light show” The Earthling taunted, clearly trying to get under the skin of Z. A huge sandstorm brewed outside the Ruin Kingdom, causing a blinding effect into the air. From afar Z could see the sand particles turning into glass as they got close to Feral Nova. Half of her face was charred, her leg was still injured from her bout with Gambler; but the Princess of Ninjans was ready to continue. “So, I’m assuming it’s my turn now” she said, kicking concrete out of her path. Z’s eyes never left her they followed her every motion ready to attack when given an opening. Her face shined brightly as the light from Nova’s body shot into the sky. The fire nymph pushed the flames forward sending a huge stream of flames at the Ninjan in the form of a bird. “Hmph” Z scoffed arrogantly watching as the huge rumbling flames across streaming towards her.

“It’s massive,” she thought bending over on the ground as if she were going to accept Nova’s attack. She could feel the intense heat through the concrete buildings. “Huh?” she said, looking up high into the sky to see a television helicopter. “I’m ready for my close up” she whispered with a sick smile on her face. Still in her hunched state, she waited until the flames were right upon her; singeing the tip of her nose and burning her skin a bright red.

Z generated a low level rim of light around herself; from not too far she could hear an explosion near the water plant. All this destruction and loss of human life being depicted on live television was great. Z charged her light energy until they’re was a gigantic dome surrounding her, one that easily engulfed five or six blocks. “You should’ve allowed Chaos to absorb me!” Z said, referring to when Nova saved her back when she was in the S.H.A squad. Z pushed her volatile towards Nova’s flames resulting in a catastrophic explosion in the middle of downtown. The mixture of heat and light was so intense that anyone who looked directly into it went blind temporarily.

A thick cloud of ash filled the Ruin City skies; the once city of populous rundown buildings and apartments were flattened. Z stood with her hands on her waste happy about what she and Nova had just done. “Look at our power, just think about all the people you just helped me kill” Z said, slightly weakened by her own energy output. The energy she was able to produce was so strong it caused the whole area around her to sink by four feet. The winds that blew through were indeed cold; truly ironic about what had just transpired.


“So my beloved, have you come to finish the job?” Though he tried to keep his aristocratic demeanor; she could tell he had gone through hell. She could feel his rich touch upon her goldenrod hair; however it wasn’t enough to deter the Ninjan Messiah from her goal. For the first few moments of her unveiling she said, nothing just looking at the familiar faces in attendance.

There was one who Sha didn’t recognize; he was playing both Jean and Cass close as if he were some sort of body guard. Sha’s deadlock stare on the three had ended when she sensed an eerie presence. She had felt it too many times before, but it was highly unexpected here. “Arrow…” she whispered, as the twisted soul had finally reappeared after all this time. “Do I not own, one of your relatives souls?” he asked, seemingly trying to get under Sha’s skin. She had forgotten all about Carmen’s soul, but she really didn’t care seeing as it wasn’t her real sister. Arrow paraded around some more and just as quick as he came he was gone. Sha once again, locked eyes on Cassidy, Jean and the bodyguard; despite hearing seeing three hearts she heard four heart beats. “There is another close by” Z said, glancing off in the direction of a man hidden from plain sight. “Your heart is wicked” she said, turning back to Cass and Jean. Not long after she placed her focus on Gambler and Cass, Arrow returned continuing his calamity.

Sha didn’t trust Arrow; but her alternate time lined self-did, so it appeared that for the time being the Nightmarish specter and the Ninjan Messiah were on the same page. Wind blew her hair wildly to the right; finally a huge explosion went off in downtown Ruin city seemingly shaking the very foundation of California.

“You Earthlings are such a vile race; murdering, raping even torturing your own kind” she said, in a sweet voice. “Enough of these formalities” she said, extending her hands forward. As she did so a huge pool of darkness opened under the wheel chair of Cassidy. “Come darling we have business to tend to” Sha said, with her eyes flickering back. She stood ready to fire upon anyone whom interfered with her plan.

Utopia, Realgam City

“It’s a TRAP!” Maya screamed jumping up from her bed; she just had a premonition of why Gambler was thrown into the Ruin Kingdom. “To Lure out Cassidy”

The Road to the World War.

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The aura of the city is like that of a battlefield in the 1800’s. Blows being made in close quarter throughout, explosions not unlike that of a cannon, the inmates the fodder. Small streaks of orange darting around, slitting throats in the blink of an eye. Sex offenders forcing themselves on female gaurds, intangible thieves looting territories. It didn’t take much more than a glance at what some called a kingdom, for Surkit to know he’d failed.

But he continues on, ignoring the small crimes to head for the source of their abilities. He stomps across rooftops, ejecting into the sky over and over again. The air is thick with smoke when he jumps high, thick with the smell of death when he lands. leaping for 15 uninterrupted minutes, not counting the rising of hell to the south that sounded like Satan’s irritable bowels, Surkit is within seventy five yards of the Crips plant. As he walks up carefully, he hears a chirp in his mask communicator.

“Bishop! Come in, Bishop!” It was the Queen and commander of The Utopian Empire. He clicks the ear of his mask “Can’t talk right now chief, I’m-” He doesn’t get the option to finish as the plant erupt into an awesome show of fire and debris, pieces flying in all directions. The jagged pieces eject through numerous convicts, spraying blood in pints. His TK field just reacting in time to protect him but not before knocking the wind out of him, blowing him through a closed window.

The air is so thick with smoke, visibility is low and the ability to speak even lower. He jumps upto an adjacent roof and shakes off the dust that covers him from head to toe. He gazes at the dancing flames while pushing in his comm, “… Nevermind, looks like it’s taken care of. I hope you’ve got something I can work with, I’m fighting blind out here, this is starting to look pointless.”

Maya replies in short breathes, “Bishop, with all due respect for your heroism- you’re an idiot. The plant was just a diversion to distract you from the real threat…!”She sighs trying to lower her anxiety” I don’t have time to fill you in, but I need you at Gamblers’ location, I’m telepathically sending you images of the area now” Surkits eyes flutter as he mentally ingests the information in a second. “Got it. So whats the mission, save him or capture him?” He asks walking to the ledge of the 4 story building.

“Neither. The target is Cassidy Lockhart-Starks. She’s been abducted. Find The Gambler, He’s going to need help." Images of a Redheaded woman in a wheelchair flash through his brain, as clear as if he were staring at her in person, Then clear images of the man from the television known as Gambler. “Got it. Heading in now. See you at Breakfast.”

He steps off the ledge as though it he intended to walk on air, then fell like a stone hitting the ground with a thud. The extra energy is supped into his being bringing him to half capacity, enough to leap to his target.

15 minutes later

The landmarks from his mind start to match up identically to the surroundings.As he closes in on the area where the young cripple named Cassidy was kidnapped, a voice plays loud through every speaker, "Hello America, My name is Dr. Otto Bardas, however in this Ruin Kingdom, my name is zee RED DEATH” The twisted German said with pride for his title. “Great just what I need, more crazies” He thinks."Lucky bastard...I'll deal with him like I did those goose steppin' wannabes....after."

Walking out of the abysmal darkness and heat that has engulfed so much of this place, Surkit makes out the thin view of A top-hatted figure stands calmly with a disturbing smirk on his face. He gives off an aura no man should. The pale headed Gambler stands with a look of ill-concealed longing and confusion. A man in a leather jacket and jeans is kneeling with his head down. The story here wasn’t clear but as Surkit approached he could tell from the atmosphere he was too late.

The others look at him on guard. He continues forward with his hands raised to is chest palms out “Woah easy, I’m a friend, If I wanted to attack you I would have. I was sent by Maya Lopez of the Trinity Foundation. I’m here to help.”

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4 Days Ago.

Sylar confidently and patiently paced himself back and forth with his right hand arched high out in front of him. He knew today was the day that he would make his handlers pay for the torture and deprivation that they have mercilessly bestowed upon him..... "My watch... Where is it?" Whispered Sylar as he motioned his fingers in a circular motion turning the husky guard around, planting him forcefully against the upper part of the ceiling using his telekinesis. With his arms and legs outstretched, the guard begin to tremble, but still remained silent. "We aren't going to get anywhere if you don't play along." Sylar lowered his fingers causing the security guard to fall from the great height at full force, breaking his left leg in the process. As the guard screamed and withered in pain, Sylar blankly and emptily sat down in one of the many chairs in the large cafeteria staring aggressively at the guard before him. Behind the pair, people with various medical and authority uniforms lay motionless and still with puddles of red blood pooled around them. Some victims have even been pinned against the ceiling and the walls with objects ranging from large shards of glass, to metal trays and chairs. The entire scene was a massacre. "When I was a little boy my mother use to force me to tell her my secrets. I would come home from school with a bloody nose or a bruised lip and knowing that she would overreact, I tried to hide these... "occurrences" from her. I tried, but I never could. Do you know why?" Sylar eagerly stood up from his seat and raised both his hands in the air. As his arms jerked up, the guard in front of him gently raised from the ground as his tears and blood stay behind. "....because mother was never one who could just stand aside and accept the inevitable. She felt that if she knew my secrets, she could somehow change the outcome. Do you really believe that you could change the inevitable? This outcome?" Sylar chuckled at the thought of such madness. His smile faded as his eyes grew wide and wild with rage and fury. "Well you can't! Not this time!" Screamed Sylar as his voice warped into that of a demon. As Sylar's fingers separated from each other, so did the guard's arms and legs from his torso. The guard twitched in excretion and immense pain, before finally succumbing to his blood loss and shock. Sylar curiously turned his head as he noticed the guards empty, cold eyes reflect a transparent blue light.

At that instant Sylar quickly dropped the dead guard and turned to face a fair, blonde woman with blue electric currents exceeding from the tips of her fingers. Before he could react, the women forced a ball of energy from her hands which crashed directly into the chest of Sylar, which in return sent him flying to the back of the room. She quickly followed in his direction with her black high heels clopping fast behind her. "Hello, lover." Smiled the woman as she stepped before Sylar who remained injured and stumped on the cold hard floor. "Elle..." Muttered Sylar from within his clenched teeth as he clumsily returned from the floor onto his hands and knees."Awwww... you remembered." Sang Elle playfully, as she twisted her fingers through his messy black hair. "This isn't happening. I killed you." Snarled Sylar, angry at the thought of his former lover coming back from the grave to haunt him. "That you did." Sighed Elle who was still fixed on the fallen man before her. "I loved you, Sylar. I would have followed you into the depths of hell if you asked me to..." Whispered Elle as she began to send small electric shocks through her hands, which begin to twitch through Sylar's body. Sylar scrunched his face in pain as the blue light pulsed through his skull and out his eye sockets. "I would have done anything for you." Elle boasted as she shook her head in disgust. Her powers began to charge and grow inside of Sylar's head like a bomb slowly surging and convulsing, threatening to explode at any second. He knew that soon he would be fried from the inside out if he couldn't defuse her somehow. He couldn't die like this. So many people have tried to kill him. So many have failed. It wasn't right that some simpleton with the power of electric manipulation would stop him when not even the strongest of men like Peter Patrelli couldn't even make a sight dent in him. But he knew that Elle was special. He always knew. She was raised since birth to control her powers. Not even Sylar could perfect them after he opened her brain up and stole what was rightfully his. She was a master of the energies and for a great time after her death, Sylar regretted that fateful day on that warm, lonely beach. He killed the only woman who had loved him over a power that he couldn't control and one of which he certainly did not need. For a while he couldn't get that look out of his head. The look she gave him right before he sawed the top of her skull off with his perfect incision. It wasn't a look of sorrow or a look of terror like so many of his other victims. It was a look of disappointment. Like she actually believed she could be something more to him other than a delicious snack just waiting for its inevitable consumption. "What are you going to do to me?" Barked Sylar as he realized she was doing something else to him, other than trying to kill him. If she had wanted to kill him, he would have been very much dead by now. "Our brains are like computers. We store and project energy, saving every bit of information we come into contact with, waiting for the chance for it to become useful. That's what you've been doing all these years, right?. Collecting abilities from the people that you kill. Telekinesis. Lie Detection. Cellular Regeneration. Kinetic Energy Projection. Freezing. Eidetic Memory. Precognition. Induced Radioactivity. Flight, Empathy, Psychometry, Shapeshifting, yada yada yada. The list goes on. Did you really believe that you could steal these gifts and not be held responsible? When they brought me back, I swore to make your life a living hell. So to answer your question.... I'm simply taking back whats not yours. I'm rebooting your brain." Giggled Elle as she pushed Sylar to the ground and grasped the sides of his head. "NO! These are mine! I am OMNIPOTENT!" Screamed Sylar as he begin to slowly lose his grip on his abilities as well as consciousness. Before he could say another word his eyes grew heavy and tiresome from the sheer pain and trauma of the ordeal. He collapsed to the floor, unable to do anything about the situation and slowly drifted off into uncertainty.


"What the hell?" Thought Sylar as he awoke from his catatonic slumber. He awoke in a familiar place that he believed he would never again return to for as long as he had lived. It was the living room that he was once raised in. The small apartment that had once belonged to his small, pathetic family. The place where he had last seen his mother alive... because he had stabbed her with a pair of rusty old scissors. The dusty old drapes still hanged over the cracked, glazed glass. The small kitchen remained the same as when he had last left it. Rotted tuna and stale, moldy sandwich bread lay muddled on the small kitchen table. Dimmed light caressed the old fashioned furniture and decorations.

As Sylar sat up he clamped his head as a splitting headache pounded through his brain. He felt a certain emptiness that he did not want to remember. "My God, Elle. What did you do?" Questioned Sylar as he observed his surroundings. "Real cute. Real, real cute." Spewed Sylar as he realized the poetic justice of the situation. The Clockmaker's son, finally home. Still as ordinary as the day he decided to leave. He looked down at the small coffee table before him to see a note as well as a shiny, platinum watch. He curiously picked up the watch to observe it's finesse and beauty. "Tic, Tic, Tic, Tic." The small watch hummed as he giddily brushed his thumb across the crystal surface. SYLAR it read beneath the small crested digits. Sylar grinned as he placed the metallic watch over his left wrist and eagerly tightened it. "What do we have here?" Mumbled Sylar as he picked up the small, crumbled piece of scratch paper that was platformed under the watch. He playfully and sarcastically read the note as if he knew exactly what it would say.

"Sorry for our fight earlier, Love. Hope this makes up for it.


-Elle Bishop"

"Elle, you crazy bitch." Sighed Sylar as he impatiently sat up from his seat. "Now that's not very nice." Laughed Elle as she walked in from behind the front door. She was dressed in an elegant red dress, fitted with gold hoop earrings. Both of which had belonged to Sylar's deceased mother. His anger grew at the sight of this... this impostor in his mother's clothing. In her arms where two small paper bags, filled with groceries and a small manila folder. As soon as she finished her final word, Sylar forcefully threw his right hand towards her, aiming it as if it were a weapon. "Silly goose." She rang as her smile turned into that of anger. "You can't hurt me. Not.. Any.. More." She taunted as she circled the table to reach Sylar. "Are you going to kill me?" Asked Sylar bluntly as he softly lowered his hand. "Do you want me to kill you?" She playfully responded as she dropped the groceries on the floor, littering it's contents all over the ground. She reached out her hands as they glared blue with electricity.

"I'd rather die then go back to being the Companies lab rat. That is who brought you back, isn't it? The Company? What I don't understand is why i'm here and not in my cell." Questioned Sylar as his eyes filled with uncontrollable fear and rage. "You didn't answer my question..." Whined Elle as she drew in closer to Sylar. She separated her fingers in his direction, offering an invitation for him to join her. Sylar knew at that very second that not only was he safe, but now he was in total control. He reached out his fingers and inclined them into hers as she gently shocked him, then continued and pushed herself against him. He then sat back down on the small sofa and preceded to passionately kiss her and nibble on her pale, cold, white neck. As she giggled and jumped on top of him, he opened his eyes with the same amount of fury as before. Elle had destroyed years and years of collecting. Everything now gone. "Vulnerable, weak, powerless. Like a nobody." Thought Sylar as he continued to please his guest. As he blankly stared off behind her, he noticed a large gallon of closed water that had fallen from the paper bag. As he continued to undress Elle, he calmly and smoothly reached out his leg and placed his boot on top of the clear container. With a fast jab and quick jerk he stomped on the container, spraying its contents all over the bare back of Elle. Confused, she lifter her head and turned to face Sylar. Oh that face again. That face of pure and utter disappointment. How he hated that face. How he loved it at the exact same time. Angry at the situation, Elle charged up her body with her electric power, ready to attack Sylar for his deception, but instead shrieked in pain as the water amped up the electric surge which painfully fried her body. Without remorse or any guilt whatsoever, Sylar forcefully pushed the steamy body off of him and onto the hard floor. Unable to fight back, Elle cried in both pain and fear as she lay on the ground. "All that work.. all that murder! For NOTHING!" Shrieked Sylar as he stood above a powerless Elle. "I'm sorry." She choked as he lifted her up from the ground by her throat and pinned her against the front door. "No... but you will be." He spewed as he reached for a kitchen knife on the counter. As he held Elle's mouth shut with one hand and raised his weapon in the other, he couldn't help but feel both primitive and evolved at the same exact time. Like two counter ingredients mixing to create the most perfect of recipes.. He smiled as his victim fidgeted and squealed as her blood sprayed across his face.

Sylar's hands glared blue electric sparks after washing the blood from his hands in the kitchen sink. No longer powerless, but still. It will take him years of time to attain the exact power he once had, if it was at still possible. He then returned to the living room to be greeted by the smell of death. How tonight as been both a relieving and stressful night. Surely one he won't forget.. not anytime soon at least. As he walked over the dead body of his former lover he stopped to notice the small manila folder on the floor. He turned to face Elle before preceding to pick it up. He cheerfully picked up the folder and opened it. As the pages flew open, his weak smile turned to a large grin and his eyes developed from total darkness to a bright blue light. "The watch wasn't my only gift, now was it Elle?" He playfully smirked as he lifted the contents of the manila folder to plain view.

"THE RUIN KINGDOM" The first page read in big.bold letters.

"An all you can eat buffet... and i'm the only one who gets to eat..." Gasped Sylar as he placed the folder in the breast pocket of his trench coat as he left the apartment building with both excitement and hunger.

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A quagmire of ideological and philosophical proportions had imploded coinciding with the literal implosion of the Ruin Kingdom. Two of Earth's mightiest jurisdictional juggernauts had only moments earlier unleashed a wave of unbridled power during their epic confrontation leaving the deceitful prison colony in shambles. Like an unrestricted chess board the pieces desperately scrambled as pawns, rooks, queens, and kings gathered to play their part and implement their strategic collusion. With the unexpected arrival of the Devil's Favorite Demon, as well as the Utopian Matriarch, an odeum (theater) of incalculable possibilities had drawn back its curtain ready to perform its exciting exhibition of intrigue and malevolent machinations.

Arrow had not been seen nor heard from since the disbandment of the Legendary Hellfire Club and the expulsion of the Tb-In from France's distinguished soil. His sudden appearance was more then happenstance but the larger picture had continued to allude the Aristocratic Assassin until Sha's verbal degradation shed a glimmer of light on the situation. Having dismissed the human race, reducing them to nothing short of rapist and murderers, she casually peeled back the atmosphere underneath Cassidy's wheelchair casting her into a perpetual black vortex while simultaneously glaring down the group with unbridled confidence daring them to react.

Gambler's delayed response spoke more then his actions ever could. With his index finger disdainfully pressed against his lips the assassin simply replied, "Tis none of my concern." before heartlessly turning his back. In truth the sight of the former OsC protegee in a such crippled and helpless state sickened the Savant of Sophistication. Once again showcasing the exaggerated superficial self-preservation that formed the foundation of Jean Luc's entire life philosophy. Cassidy was and always would be a tool, a weapon in the Cajun's every expanding arsenal. A tool that for the moment no longer served the best interest of his enterprise.

As Gambler apathetically walked away he was paused as the latest edition of the ever expanding puzzle arrived, "Woah! I'm a friend. Had I wanted to attack you I would have. I was sent by Maya Lopez and the Trinity Foundation. I'm here to help." Discreetly Jean Luc nodded before continuing to walk away. The time to leave the Ruin Prison charade had arrived. Escape had never been an obsticale, but finding out the bigger picture had been an achievable goal only through his continued participation within the RK walls. With Arrow's arrival, Sha's death de-fabled, and Cassidy's abduction, Gambler felt confident in his ability to extract the conspiracy etched within the shadows.

He no longer needed to play the victim. In fact he had meticulously calculated the ways in which to exploit his recent unlawful imprisonment to his own political advantage. He would be the architect of his convoluted future, and it started now. Pressing his finger to his ear once again contacting Clara Mass the Living Legend spoke, "Mon cher, il est temps. Coordonnez votre extraction avec la tempête de sable imminente. Désactivez temporairement toutes les alimentations satellites dedans 3.2.1, initié" (My dear, it is time. Coordinate your extraction with the impending sandstorm. Temporarily disable all satellite feeds in 3,2,1, initiate...)

Suddenly, as the blistering sands of the California desert swept the decimated remains of the Ruin Kingdom, Gambler was gone. Reemerging on the otherside of the World in New France. Specifically the modified Chateau of the OsC, greeted by none other then the alluring Clara Mass. Leading matron of the Zeraz family legacy and life long supporter and ally of the LeBeau's. Together the duo walked shoulder to shoulder down the elegantly crafted halls of the OsC. Stylishly decorated with some of the World's rarest artifacts and artistic antiquities, including the Santca Camisia.

"Dee heroes of dee World have become incompetent my dear. I fear in order to rule dee World, we must first save it. Gather your belongings, we're going to Utopia...."

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In the many events that happened in the past few moments of time, only one really made an impact on him. It had nothing to do with him, it had nothing to do with his family, hell, it didn't even really truly affect him. So why was it angering him so much? "Tis none of my concern." Is what he said, he said that to the person who loved him. Urbs could tell, she had come this long way just to find him. Looked through this pile of sh*t just to find him, and he says, "Tis none of my concern.". Like she was a no one, someone he could easily toy with. Maybe that's all she was too him, a toy. Beary couldn't believe it if he hadn't have seen it with his own eyes. And they called this man the King of Kings, but in all honesty, he was a no one. Someone Urbs could step on like a bug, someone Urbs, would step on like a bug. He was the only type of person Urbs could actually be disgusted by.

As the rage in his eyes started rising to new levels, he grabbed a hold of his dagger around his neck and he remembered something his father had once said, "A man who runs away from someone he loves, is a coward." His grip on the dagger so hard that even his dark, hardened knuckles starting to turn white, "But a man who runs away from someone who loves him,isn't truly a man at all." Beary started to growl as he remembered the words his father had told him the day right before he died and reloaded his left magnum with SPIN-tech bullets,to think i wanted to join you,that i actually respected you... Guess titles don't mean everything, eh Just as Urbs was about to fire, a sandstorm came in, and with it, Gambler went out. No. His eyes widened, as he dropped the gun, thinking about one last thing Bearies father had told him about those type of people, "They all need to be crushed."

Beary looked on to the group and kicked over his magnum to Victor. Walking away into the shadows as he did. But before he left, he looked back at Cassidy. Was it worth it?Woud you even know the answer to that question? His eyes were sympathetic, he had seen people like her before. And their stories never ended well.

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As an all-out war raged above the surface, one of its massive tremors (caused by the clash of Ziccarra Liafador and Feral Nova) echoed through the earth's surface.  Though the chances of what happened next were easily one in one million, some would call it an act of Providence.  While the massive tremor coursed its way through a nearby structure, it just so happened to cause interference within the conductors of an emergency backup power source.  In short, it cut the power to a very vital piece of equipment deep within the confines of the structure.
Nearly two hundred feet below the surface was a small sealed-off section of the "scientific" branch of the Ruin Kingdom.  In fact, the large metal door essentially made the area a vault.  Amidst the chaos of Ruin Kingdom overturning itself, the scientists and lab technicians took what they could before escaping with their lives.  However, what they could not take with them was sealed away in that "vault" of sorts - one object being a chamber developed to produce and sustain a cryogenic hibernation.
When the interference occurred within the power flow of the device, its temperature slowly began to rise.  Within an hour, its occupant began to stir...
Suddenly, the Hunter's eyes shot open and he exhaled deeply - his breath fogging up the tiny observation window in front of his face and turning to frost.  Gritting his teeth and clenching his fist, he weakly rose his hands and placed his palms on the front of them chamber's interior.  William pushed with all his might, but to no avail.  His time in hibernation had not killed him, but he had been weakened by its effects.
If he could not escape by his own power, then he would have to tap into something else.... rage.  Like an animal with its back up against the wall, Greystoke grit his teeth and began to push with all of his might.  He thought about the betrayal which led to his capture.... being betrayed by the one person whom he let close..... being taken against his will..... the painful burn of silver as it ripped through his flesh.....
By then, the Lycan Lord's eyes had changed to their feral yellow color as his teeth had begun to sharpen and become more canine in shape.  A low growl resonated from his throat and grew in volume.  As it grew, the Hunter let out a roar then pushed with all of his feral might - causing the front of chamber to shatter.  The sudden shift in momentum caused his body to jerk forward and he hit the ground hard.
Placing his palms down upon the bits of shattered glass and metal debris, the Hunter manged to rise up from the ground.  His joints popped and cracked as he secured he stood on his own two feet once again.  Looking around, he noticed the charts of data up on the wall.  Two things were prevalent on them: one being the all-too-familiar YOUgenics logo, and the other being.... him.  The charts revealed several graphs and detailed analysis' of William Greystoke's blood, DNA, the adamantium claws attached to the muscle tissue in his forearms, the effects of the moon's power on him, his ability to command those of his race, and much more.
To the side was an examination table.  William's eyes widened as it became all too clear that.... they had conducted experiments upon him.  Notes and photographs had been taken of them cutting him open, manipulating him, conducting experiments, and much more all while he was sedated.  Looking down at his right hand, he brought it up to his chest and rotated his wrist.  Running the tips of his fingers along his right forearm, it did not take long for him to realize that something was missing.  In a glass case across the room, his six adamantium claws were laid out on display - ripped out from his body.  While in hibernation, his muscles had resumed their natural shape.  Never again would those cold metal claws be put into his physiology.
Looking down at the cold metal table, William saw his reflection.  His hair and beard had grown longer.  There was not telling exactly how long he had been in hibernation, or for that matter, what they had even wanted with him in the first place.  For the first time in his life, William Greystoke felt true uncertainty.  There was no telling what he would fine once he left those doors.  He had no idea if Hawk, Risky, or any other of his former teammates were even alive.  He did not know what year it was, what the world situation had become, or how he had become free.  There was quite possibly an entirely new world for him beyond the confines.... and it was about to meet the Hunter.
Making his way to one of the storage bins, he caught of glimpse of something red and black.  It turned out to be remnants of his old Wolf Pack uniform.  The top had been ripped to shreds and was nearly useless to him.  In addition, all of his weapons were nowhere to be found.  As he looked around for a moment, Greystoke looked down at the nearly-shredded top to his uniform, then back to the adamantium claws on display....
Quickly, the Hunter walked over to the glass case and smashed it with his fist.  Taking the claws in his hand, he went back over to his uniform and went to work.  With his teeth, he tore off strands of his uniform top and wrapped them around the base of each claw to form grips.  Then, he fashioned a slim pouch around each of his boots where he could easily store one of the hidden blades in each.  Another was fastened around his right thigh to secure two more of the adamantium claws.  Finally, he made a pair of makeshift vambraces to go on each forearm like a guard - each one concealing an adamantium claw.
Tying a portion of his hair back to keep it out of his eyes, the Hunter made his way over to the large metal door which sealed him in the room.  He then took an adamantium claw in each hand and gripped it tightly.  With that, William plunged the blades into the metal door and proceeded to literally cut his way out of his confines.  Once he had finished cutting and prying through the three large bolts of the locking mechanism, he literally kicked down the door.
His cryogenic hibernation combined with the exertion spent during his escape left William in an even more weakened state.  He would have to feed soon....