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Behind locked doors, in the dark a pair of hands observe a series of photographs

Humans... what a riot, tch

They f*cked up yet again

>>Tire Iron

McDemocracy, we don't take cash here...

since you pay with your future, after we annex your land and drive you back to the wasteland where you truly belong.The world changed when they founded the black powder and stomped every primitive into servitude. Now it is happening again, but it hits harder than ever.

>> child

Global resistance?

>> bound to a chair

This is the a jungle, no such god to hide behind or no such forces to keep you away from the rest of the world. High and mighty you rest behind your armchair, thinking that the world will give you what you want. No! as with the dawn of super beings the world landscape changes along with it.

>> swing

Your old ways are dead, and if you cannot catch up you end up just like that.

>> broken nose

Since Chavez kicked his bucket so did the country behind him. Ivory towers blasted by JDAMs, children seeded with DU rounds and nuns mulched into burger patties. It didn't matter to me as it did wonders in chopping down the numbers, and I helped in the way I know how.

>> swing

I gave liberation in death, with the fall of infrastructure comes chaos. But I made it better, I fed them their own people. Gulch & Gatherer. delivers; used mothers; half-eaten fathers; soiled brothers; broken sisters; It is a joke.

>> broken orbital

Get real!

Your dreams, your aspirations, that home you want to pass on to your children? You are worth less than a brick now!

>> swing

Their ancestors must be proud, another reminder why Gaea wants as less of them as possible.

>> fractured skull

we the good guys, right or wrong.

we the good guys

right or wrong

we the good guys





After he finished that monologue his mind lapsed back to reality as he had essentially dug a well through a kid's chest, it started with gentle taps on the head. He's lost track in all the confusion, perhaps because it had become less personal.

Yet his emotions carried him far enough to make a grand opening. He can see past the kid's thoughts and see that he had guts. Plenty of heart everywhere too. Things that used to make a difference when Gaea was young, now these are being churned as outdated ideals by the media.

Obviously he is naked as he does this, his body clothed by the dim lighting. He feels their last warm breaths rubbing against his skin. Blood drops as bodypaint, it is one of the constant thing with humans nowadays. Everything else is all about individualism, the values that they once held as a community is fleeting in the sea of change.

In this very room there are also the child's parents, they were intended to watch. Screaming contests are fun, especially when they had someone else's pain mixed with their own. Violence just does not carry that same effect it had ages ago, now even children partake in the killing of others. His parents are hung along a hook that sunk inside their pelvis, both lacking all limbs as he made them eat each other.

Why did he do this?

He was bored and hurt a bit inside somehow, it is animal cruelty.

Yet the world had changed so much that this is the only way to remain relevant as a fear source. Sometimes it sickens him that the monsters in this earth had lost their attention, now there are a few bastards in the middle east taking all the names. He wished to return the world to its noble splendor, so that that status quo can take its place. A time where all they had to do show up and scare them to stop breeding. That was the golden age of monstrosity, where there was a code and an etiquette in their procedure.

Now everything is muddled up in gray that the bright had to compromise with the dark just to exist, the palettes keep swapping that values are lost. To gaea he owes two favors, one is to curb down the population. Now clocking above seven billion and going higher, yet the world is in stasis. He want to join the good guys because they can 'improve' the world. He would contribute in subterraforming and oceanforming to distribute land to counter the boom.

Now you have to torture them, mutilate them, sexually harass them to even get a reaction in this current generation. People are so dead that they rely on machines to provide entertainment, wired on their heads to get a semblance of joy. Everything is so fake, even the blood on these people are filled with drugs. Hitting them used to be fun, it got old after thirteen hours though.

So says the monster...

The door closes

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@nerx: You're good without a doubt. It's what you write that turns people off. Virgin blood, children dying, that's not cute at all. There's gruesome and than there's disturbing. I'd suggest toning the whole murder thing and it'll help out tremendously. You can be ruthless and disgusting without tons of how do you say description *faux french accent

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@closure: oh okay, discretion shots. Noted, like in pg-13 films where joker is about to cut Gambol's mouth and then they cut away to the next scene so it is left in imagination right?

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@nerx: Exactly! Leave stuff to the imagination. And another thing dead kids will get you no where lol. Less is always more, remember that.

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@closure said:

@nerx: Exactly! Leave stuff to the imagination. And another thing dead kids will get you no where lol. Less is always more, remember that.

Not if you're Tony stark

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@closure said:

@nerx: Exactly! Leave stuff to the imagination. And another thing dead kids will get you no where lol. Less is always more, remember that.

Not if you're Tony stark

Not if you're Tony Stark.

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