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Haiti it resides as one of the places most known as a victem of political coruption. In one study in twothousand six it was labeled the number one corrupt nation of one hundred sixty three places surveyed. Another placed it as the hundred fifty fifth of a hundred fifty nine. Of course to a conspirator the thought of it being so low on another test said only one thing. It was manipulating the other survey had to be. No nation was sound, no politician not with blood money in his pockets. Every governing body was a broken system exploiting the people.

Those who knew of Alianette knew her most likely as the woman to target Impero. Fealing he was the one that robbed the arabian hybrid of a vampire of life she vowed to crush everything about Impero. Her goal however went beyond the masked man and his regime. Natalie saw every goverment foundation as one needing to be toppled. They were suppossed to work for the people and all that they did was function for themselves. Not a soul bound to parliment was without stains and because of this the vampire sought to end it all. The siren of blood was currently in the capital and largest city Port Au Prince.

The Arabic daywalker stood in the center of the crowded streets a block of ice ussed as the stand. The sun shined down in its usual blistering heat washing over the lush landscape. In the distance behind her one could see the capitol building. People stood near by in the streets, looking out the windows of their homes. From the roofs of the buildings built along the hillsides. "These people time after time worship themselves. Pamper not you but rather their book shelves. Your purses weigh no more then an ounce, and yet they sit with such wealth that even the rich pounce. Corruption has seeped into this nation to its very pour, and the greedy shepards beg for more. And yet you stand loyal dog at the door, waiting to be awarded for you have done chore upon chore. But after this sun rises again that shall not be, we can not be defined by those we never hear or see." Her voice was alluring and lyrical, pollitical and diabolical. Using the hypnotic like powers they held she made pawns out of the people to see her vision done.

"I raise my hand today in revolution, I see but one solution. You know it to you've seen the lack of motivation, to the love you have for your nation. Today we yield no longer to segregation. We will indulge in the finest sensation, destroying this corrupt foundation." Those not swayed by her words were swayed by force of voice. They took hatchets, shovels, guns whatever they could find. The vampiric humonculi with cold blue eyes walked unarmed it seamed. Even an untrained eye though could tell though she was far from defesseless.