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It didn't reside in hell so much as a off dimension of that dark domain. The ruler of this apparent isolated land was banished from hell and as such left isolated and alone to linger till the end of time. Any being from such a birth place however is far from willing to subside to the rules set into place. Her desire is violence so that she can fill the glass, and by such method be set free once again. Her first appearance was in the rumored to be still going "Vine Hell Championship" a violent contest of various powerful figures. However only a fool would think her to depend on a singular game. No no of course she had plans for another game. The "Next Hero Contest!" Raven's sat on trees in the real world violet ominous eyes scouting the competition. After a few days she had gathered the names and began working on how to pull them from their 'reality' and into hers. The workings of the universe, a sort of webbing or vine interlocking all made her sense some other reality altering abilities that would aid her in bringing the various young heroes to be to her lovely home.

Maybe it was her maybe a witch maybe a spiteful soul whatever the case the skies over Ravager's island flashed a bright light and dropped off the maniacal game designers guests. In a flash of similar light she appeared on the beech and waited for the group to wake up. Her island was rather nice today she thought sunny and bright. Only bummer was she knew looking out at the sea that it never ended it would just lead back to the island. She could fly up and up and up and never break atmosphere. This pocket dimension had one single island and that was all. In front of her besides the unconscious losers was a white beech that was pretty to the eye. Granted part of her loathed the sight of it as its brightness reminded her of angels, she loathed those stupid birds. Behind her was a forest it was filled with hills swamps and towering trees. Beyond those trees were the nine coliseums and a towering structure that was her home. "God when will they wake the hell up" her foot was tapping constantly with impatience. In truth it was likely only minutes, she however wasn't exactly known for patience.

She appeared almost the same age as those she called her guests. In truth she was over two thousand years old. She was surprisingly tall over six foot, which was a tad strange considering her apparent hyper nature. Her eyes were as red as blood and hair a bright green a creepy vibe yet friendly as well radiated from her. It likely felt as if the woman was a friendly cat, but those before her were cornered mice. As for the attire it maintained a surprisingly alluring but modest look to it. Far from appropriate in a church though to say the least, she was a demon after all.

"Oh hey look you're up let me break it down for you" she remarked in an eccentric voice. Feeling someone might try and say something she raised her finger. "Shhhhhhhh hush. I talk you listen ok? No don't answer that keep mouth shut." Her hair bobbing as she nodded. "Right so first you probably want to ask who? Natasha Lilith Moxy Morbida though you can just call me Lily seems friendly enough. Now your thinking what? Well thats the fun part so I'll save that for last. Where? A island dumb ass obviously. Granted you can't find this place on a map. Lets just say its like the Bermuda Triangle easy to get in not so much out." She seemed rather amused with herself to say the least. "When, well if your asking that your stupid, whatever present day was for you relax a bit. Why same as what, shut up I'm getting there. How, now thats a good one. See I planed on you to be here, but I wasn't everyone who brought you here I don't think. It's a bit whack" she shrugged passively.

"So heres the cool part. Your hear for this kick ass prize, you saw Venezuela your planet needs some help. So I thought we have a group of the promising peeps be gathered. Then you fight TO THE DEATH! Im kidding, you just fight. I hope one or just a few of you make it to the doors of that really cool place up on that hill." Her hand pointing to the place she called home. "One of you will rise above and I'll grant you all you think you need to be the greatest hero ever!" With that she jumped to her feet and started to walk off. "You probably got more questions but I don't care. Don't disappoint" she giggled in a way that seemed to echo and claw at the senses and with that vanished.

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With just a touch we vanished. I have been a runaway trying to hide myself from the world for weeks now. This woman just found me without even trying so hard. I'm not exactly sure what she wants from me but I could see by the tone of her voice she was upset at me.

When we connected I felt different inside. Then the next thing I know is that we just appeared somewhere else with others.By the look on my new companion it made it seem like what just happened was completely out of her control.

I just stood here watching a maniac who can appear and vanish whenever she wants, and gives us a speech about how messed up this Island we just woke up on which is in a mysterious location. I'm totally not sh!tting bricks at all. She might make children want to cry, but at least she does it with great hair!

The woman I appeared here with just walks away without wanting to interact with anyone.Turning around I glance at all of the faces. I feel like I might have seen a few on TV before, while there are others who I have never seen before in my life. Then there is one guy that looks slightly fami-

OH MY GOD. Is it really him? "IZAIAH?" I begin racing towards him. Then with a step I jump and tackle hug my favorite cousin in the world. Even though my head is buried into his chest I could tell he must have an embarrassed look on his face, but I totally know that deep down he loves me more! He just isn't the type to express that emotion.

I carefully whisper into his ear. "Try to figure out where we are." As I let go of our embrace I can't help but wonder how he has been doing since I left WAL. I did what I had to do to keep my baby cousin safe. Now I need to keep an eye on him while we are here.

Looking away I take notice that practically everyone in our group is staring at us. "Hello!" I tried saying that with a cheerful smile but most of their facial expressions didn't even change.

"Well.. I guess it wouldn't hurt if we all introduced ourselves. My name is Cellphone Girl. I used to be a member of We Are Legend along with my.. friend here." Maybe it would be for the best if we kept our relation a secret for now.

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I am not what I've done. I have simply become what others have done. Their actions, reactions, dirty lies, and betrayal. Can't they see why I do what I do? How I can't fight these bad intentions? It's what they've exploited, pulled, and erected from my heart. Some praise my efforts, but others wish me dead. It's hard and hurtful, but I will prevail. Cause everything I've done, I've done with good reason. At least....I think so.

"Sweetheart, I understand you've been going through some hard times." For the last few weeks since the reality debacle, the violet eyed mystery had changed her appearance entirely. For the last few weeks she had been posing as a runaway, Miranda Barron, and had begun chilling with another high school dropout. Her name, Blair Unpronounceable, who for some reason held an uncanny resemblance to thee vivacious maiden. "But you've got to get out of this rut. Skip town. Focus--", she could tell her prey hadn't fallen for this mental facade. Her pretty brown eyes weren't at all amused with this voluptuous powerhouse, how quaint.

I've heard of their existence. Doppelganger. Mythological beings. A replica of an original masterpiece. A knockoff. A wannabe top tier. She is everything I am not. At least...not anymore. Innocent, kind, gentle, soft, a basic b***h. This angers me. This is infuriating. With Noah, now this, the heavens have such a funny way of casting punishment. I don't deserve this. How does she even exist? How is she so damn smart to see past my veil? This isn't fair. Not fair. At least.....I think so.

"How did you know? My powers should have worked." She knew not to touch this peculiar being, because inside her sinister heart existed a certain type of fear. Instead the brash fatality receded from her position, frowning as her reflection stood right before her. "Tell me the truth. What are you?" Blair wouldn't understand. How could she? Especially so when the vindictive broad wouldn't reveal her true form.

I don't understand. Is this some sort of life lesson? If so....I don't like.

She's intrigued, frightened, and completely frazzled. Unable to process a worthy length of conversation the violet manipulator lunged forward. Her mesmerizing frame rushed forward with full intent of knocking her prey unconscious. However, mother nature didn't appreciate this blatant display of arrogance. "Tell me the---", before she finished the unthinkable occurred. Upon their touch the duo disappeared, only to reappear on an island unfamiliar to both women. "---truth." Within seconds she could see this fresh dimension for what it was, unaffected by the slumber placed upon the youth. Getting back on her red bottom heels, the perky vixen laughed at this nifty game.

"I don't know who you are or what you're doing, but this could actually work in my favor." She observed her photo copy, displeased by her inability to seep into her precious mind. Nevertheless, the precious tactician walked away from this gathering. She would remain inactive, walk as an unwelcome anomaly, and study her prey far more cleverly than before. Teenagers have a habit of showing their true colors during group assessments. True story.

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"Did you really bring swords to a gun fight? You must be the most homicidal chick I ever met." He was one of many thugs she had managed to tick of last night. They had planed a major drug trafficking which she foiled in just about every way possible. Three of his best men were dead, the thug himself having gotten a promotion. Turned out the guy she had amputated a arm from had been a wanted felon and their leader. Most of the drugs had been spilled and tainted, it was more then enough to get charged for trafficking and about maybe eight dollars worth of sellable product. Then by time Cessendra had left the boss and an additional four injured guys got arrested. Which led to a lot of people mad at her today. It was days like this she was glad she couldn't feel pain normally this would be a bad situation. For her this was tuesday, or was it monday? SHe didn't do well keeping track of the days months or even years really. When you stop aging you tend not to care about that stuff as much.

The conclusion was that now apparently about half a dozen people wanted her head as a hood ornament or something along those lines. Like most days she had managed to get on somebodies bad side. That was her life she was far from a hero known to the world but she made it her life to break down some of the increasing numbers of scum and trash around. Admittedly she was far from perfect having often taken money from them to get by. A girl had to eat, was theft a sin if it was the only presentable option and those stolen from was someone wicked? "Hey short sht would you be a doll and answer the question we're trying to be nice before we fill ya with lead." The group laughing at the leaders remark.

"Actually this here is a claymore, a rather large sword to be precise. It was first used in the thirteen hundreds in border fights of clans in the English. Its large size made closing in difficult and of course as a calvary lesson it truly was a fascinating one." Dragonfang remarked casually much to the annoyance of those around her.

"I didn't drop out of school during seventh grade so I could get lessons from a girl half my size and only a few years younger then me." The group raised their guns in almost unison, most tilted in stylish but not so accurate fashion. Before she could comment though there was a flash of violet light a smell of chaos in the air. Orange eyes blinked again and again adjusting to the new scene, it was no longer night or on some street. And as she raised to her feet and shook her head sand fell to the ground. "I suppose telling them their handling of the guns was poor is pointless now." Cessendra muttered under her breath before listening to the strange woman. The moment only made stranger as the pink haired random woman tackle hugged another random person. Before raising her head fully the blade mistress flipped a patch over her eye before brushing aside her silver locks. It gave her the impression of simply having one eye. The truth was it allowed her to see behind her giving her three hundred sixty vision. It was hard to tell if these people were friend or foe though so she was going to keep that little fact a secret.

"I don't think you'll have reception Pinky" Cessendra joked. "Dragonfang thats all you get from me. Seems it's more then you'll get from loan ranger over there so it will have to do." Her head gesturing towards the woman walking away. "I plan to go to the stadiums up there and get out of here, never was good at playing Clue after all. Follow if you wan't just don't get in front of me, I'll cut my way up hill if I have to." While a very kind person after getting to know her Cessendra wasn't exactly a people person.

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I still can't believe it, I mean... how can I? Here I am, Odessa Calidus, 17 years old and I'm now the QUEEN of Atlantis. I can feel my hands still tremor with both fear and excitement as it holds onto the crown I've refused to wear. I'm sitting in my room, I've refused to go out to see the people, my people, lives that I'm now responsible, thousands of lives. Oh Poseidon, I'm going to be sick. A knock at my door, my head perks up as I quickly set the crown down. "Come in." My voice cracked a bit as I spoke, one of my royal guards walk in with a bright smile on his face.

"My Queen, it's time for the ceremony." His blue eyes were filled with hope, actually... since I received the crown, a lot of Atlantean's have shown more hope.

Would you believe me if I said that I'm the cousin of the former king? That's right, Meison Calidus was my older cousin. I never met him, in fact, I didn't even know he was MY cousin. You know what people say, 'Calidus' is the 'Smith' of Atlantis, hundreds of Atlantean’s had that name, so no one ever thought I would actually be royalty, let alone myself

My cousin, Meison Calidus, was killed in a suppose battle, but everyone knew it was his stuart that killed him, but no one had proof. He was about to announce himself King, when I was suddenly thrown into the picture. My parents passed away when I was much younger, so I didn’t really get to learn much about my family, or who they were. So I ended up being raised by close friends of my parents who were teachers of the Atlantic mystic arts. I loved my life before the crown, I had my freedom, my love of the Atlantic mystic arts. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a bookworm when it comes to that kind of stuff. Then, just a couple of weeks ago, a man came to our home and told us something that changed my life forever, that I was the next in line to become Queen of Atlantis.

But let's just leave it at that for now, I hate talking about me, let's press forward.

"Ok Leander, I'll be right there." I give him a smile, even though I was terrified inside, while I WAS technically Queen already, I still had to go through the Traditional Atlantic ceremony, mostly for the Atlantic Elders, they were all about tradition and ceremonies, and I didn't want to be on anyone's bad side already.

Getting up from my bed I turn to grasp my crown, only to suddenly have the whole world shift around me before I could wrap my fingers around it. One second I'm inside my chambers, the next I'm STANDING on LAND, I could feel gravity pulling me down to keep my bare feet planted on the rough Earth. But not only that, the area around me was bright, blinding bright, I had to shield my eyes with my hands, my heart began to pound in my chest, as I felt the heat of the sun pressing against my skin, where was I? My body was dripping with the salty ocean water, I could feel the dry air filling my lungs, it burned a bit as it began adjusting to the oxygen, the last time I breathed air was about two years ago, I didn't care much for the surface, all they did was treat our land like one big dumpster. But now wasn't the time to be prejudice, now was the time to figure out what was going on. My eyes were slowly adjusting to the brightness, but I had to be careful, there were rare reports of Atlanteans who had died from sudden exposure to the sun and oxygen, I didn’t want to die, not now, I mean, I just became Queen. How lame would it be if I was written in the books as ‘Odessa, Youngest Queen of Atlantis, who died from sun exposure’? But enough of my pride, I could hear voices around me as I slowly began lowering my arms, my brown eyes now more adjusted to the area around me as I see young people, about my age, standing around looking just as confused and maybe scared, but not as scared, as me. Who were these people around me? None of them looked familiar, especially the green haired woman standing before us.

There was some talk about Venezuela, which I knew nothing about, and something about fighting? I don't understand what's going on, this woman simply rambled on and on, didn't make any sense. But as quickly as she talked, she vanished. I don't know what to do, I look at the others before me and I'm afraid to speak, would they fight? Couldn't we just try to get off this island? I can hear one of the girls introduced herself, Cellphone girl? What kind of name was that? We are Legend? Hmm... sound a bit familiar... but nothing I could really care to remember. Then she introduced the young man next to her, her 'friend', Izaiah, but the way she reacted to him, it was obvious that he was more than just a friend.

A second girl walked off, mumbling something, I didn't pay too much attention to her, walking off alone here would be stupid, we had no idea what was on this island, and right now I was literally a fish out of water.

A third girl with silver hair then stepped up, introducing herself as Dragonfang, what was up these group of people and their strange names? Did all air breathers have names like this? She seemed more aggressive than the Cellphonegirl and her 'friend'... could I trust her? Probably not... but who could I trust at this point? I didn't want to make enemies but I didn't want to follow someone blindly into a battle that we knew nothing about.

But who were these people, did we have something in common that brought us all here? I needed to make friends with at least one, there was no way I could survive on my own like this.

I give a friendly smile to the group, rubbing my arm I could feel the nerves begin settling in. "Hello, I'm Odessa, I-" I hesitated the 'I'm Queen of Atlantis' part, Should I say where I was from? Should I say who I really was? "I don't understand why I'm here, but I just want to get home." I didn't want to give out any information that didn't need to be shared, last thing i needed, was for someone to try and fight me for my crown.

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I don’t have time to talk about my past, some people’s lives revolve around it but mine does not. I don't have time to explain my abilities or gifts or even how they were bestowed upon me. All I have is now, and the actions that I commit in the present. My future isn't a mystery to me and I refuse to avoid it, instead I walk a step closer to it each and every day. Though I refuse to fear it and instead I vow to do as much good as I can before it comes.

The air stung like a knife to the lungs as she breathed it in, the low mumble of a dark female voice echoed in the back of her mind but it was distorted. She moaned slightly as she brought her hand to her forehead rubbing it gently feeling if there had been any wounds inflicted upon it. Surprisingly there were none. Sitting up straight the moment she tried opening her crystal blue eyes a darkness seemed to consume it one that was blinding. Shutting them again she cringed in pain as her whole body surged with a rather uneasiness. The wind fluttered against her already shivering figure as she sat there hunched over for a moment.

“What’s going on…this…it’s not supposed to happen like this” A brisk overwhelming sensation of fear overtook her as she bolted to her feet hands fisted as she stood in a straddle position her head turning from one side to the other viewing her surroundings entirely. Those words raced through her mind faster than a booming locomotive. When she had done this she slowly calmed herself as she realized this wasn't her end. Taking in a deep breath she lowered her hands and did her best to appear as placid as possible. Being considered a psychopath wasn't exactly her idea of a first good impression, but a first impression to who?

There were beings that were among her, she was not alone. Looking around as casually as she could she observe several other people of similar age due to appearance but she knew not all was as it seemed. Those surrounding her didn't seem all natural some maybe but from the outer appearances, hair colours and confidence she knew she was dealing with a new breed of youth all together and that made her very suspicious. Demons in disguise came to her mind swiftly as she now donned a more of brooding persona.

"Well.. I guess it wouldn't hurt if we all introduced ourselves. My name is Cellphone Girl. I used to be a member of We Are Legend along with my.. friend here." Her attention was soon drawn to the mysterious but oddly enthusiastic young woman that stood not too far off from her. From her smile and joyfulness the young girl didn’t know whether to think herself among a joyful gathering or a bunch of lunatics. It wasn’t long after that a femme fatal spoke up amongst the midst, proud and overly confident she proclaimed her title yet the bewildered girl was aware that this person was not a force to tamper against.

"Hello, I'm Odessa….I don't understand why I'm here, but I just want to get home." Another female spoke up, it was obvious for a girl of her demeanour surrounded with such confident females that she was already out of place but she didn’t have time to worry and she wouldn’t stand around like a wallflower. She didnt want a blood bath but from the look of this island, and some of the youngsters faces she could already tell that a battle was due to break out in a heartbeat. She knew she would not perish for a death by the hand of someone she didn't care for was not her fate, but she wouldn't see anyone else die even those she didn’t know. And she refused to kill anyone.

The darkened skies soon began to thunder and rumble as if a storm was brewing but there was no rain. The waves crashed horrendously and when looking out toward the horizon all that could be seen was a dark ominous cloud approaching but never actually getting closer. No doubt it was some sort of barrier barring them from the land of the living…at least she hoped that was where most of these folks were from. As she observed the youths around her once more she realized another thing that caused her to be horribly out of place: Her lack of defence, she had no weapon.

She was clad in mundane shorts with a white tank top that covered her midriff. Her hands had fingerless black gloves that came in very handy in her previous situation but she didn't think they'd be of much help here. Her arms were littered with slashes that had drawn blood but most had stopped bleeding, her black hair sagged over her face veiling most of her facial features but her eyes bled through. They were piecing and unnatural some would even say unholy. The iris was silver surrounded with a deep dark blue that at times would alter color to a black. She knew why this happened but didn't see it necessary to explain it.

So surrounded with people from different places and possibly races she did the only thing she thought feasible. She wasn't going to be a hero, and she didn’t work well with others. She helped people but no one helped her. Letting out a deep sigh she ran her hands through her pitch black hair and lowered her eyes to the ground as to avoid contact.She took a swift but stealthy step to the side as to get out of anyones way, last thing she needed was a conflict. She felt useless and out of place but opposing all her fear was a determination that burned strongly within herself, one that would not be broken.

If nothing more was to happen she would find her own way, return to earth and face her fate one way or another. She wouldn't waste time but at the same time she would observe and try not to get involved with others. The last thing in this universe that she needed was a friend she had gone through life with little and she really didn't need any to begin with, but at the same time she was consumed by a loneliness and a distrustful nature that at times would be apparent yet she did her best to hide it. But now it was time to snap back into reality.

She didn't enjoy introductions and she wouldn't make a spectacle of herself or draw attention nevertheless she thought naming herself would be beneficial to the situation. “Erin” she muttered under her breath as softly as she possibly could. She wasn't saying it for the ears of others, she was saying it to herself.

Amongst the many things in life that had been given to her, the pain she had endured and the brief interactions she had had with other people, not once had anyone ever given her a name….

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“There has been many debates about what makes me…me, different species across my elegant belt argue over what I am, but none of them could even begin to fathom my components. I am a part of the Universe, made from the universe to govern a portion of the Supercluster. Honestly, I could go on and on about what makes me, me. Times are changing, particularly in the Sol System; humans have evolved with their tiny planet; they are becoming increasingly destructive, something I cannot sit back and allow them to do anymore damage to my area of space. I cannot send anyone to do MY job…I’ll have to go myself.

The visible world is an invisible organization of energy, from the same sub-atomic particles that created the first man and woman; her body took form. Her eye’s translated the vibration into the world she could see. Hear ears, deciphered the vibrations of sound.

“My form will know her purpose, but like the humans will have to develop into what she is. Go my creation and protect the world from wince you were created, I have entrusted the tools you will need my daughter go and protect the universe”.

The sun beamed down on her face, causing her to stir from a deep sleep. “I had that dream again…” her eyes darted to the boundless sea, before her pacific blue eyes. “How did I get here?” she thought taking a look at the huge rope wrapped around her forearm.

“The belt of Orion…” The celestial artifact seemingly whispered its own name, on her body the majestic Galaxy armor, its strength was only triumphed by its beauty, the real galaxy spanning across her chest, allowing her to visually check on any planet or system in the galaxy.

She could see the reflection of others reflecting from her sun gauntlets, judging from their expressions, they were all brought here by the same entity.

She was born with sensitive, evolved, sophisticated translators of vibration that allowed her to understand and define her own experience. And in the same way she utilized her five physical senses to interpret physical life experiences, she was born with other sensors, like emotions.

The moment her presence was felt in this dimensions frequency, her subatomic particles, after being separated, began to influence and communicate with each other simultaneously regardless of the distance.

This relay of frequency allowed her to pick up the vibes from each and every one of her surrounding peers. Before she could accurately decipher any of them, she picked up a blank point, something not vibrating on a set frequency.

The devious game-master laid down the laws of the island, a fight to the doors of her manor? Seemed simple enough; but most things were in fact not simple. Just as soon as the demoness vanished, everyone instantly began venturing off on their own.

She pushed her hand out to stop someone, anyone, but it was to no avail. “She gathered us here together…perhaps sticking together is awwww eff it” she said, heading off in her own direction with her whip in hand.

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¿Qué pasa con mi vida? Cada momento es cómo un fuego ardiente que no quiere parar… ¿Adonde estoy? ¿Que hago aquí? Yo estuve en la ciudad. (What's wrong with my life? Every moment is like a burning fire that doesn't stop. Where am I? What am I doing here? I was in the city.)


Palms sweaty, finger fidgeting. Gabriel carefully observed the old fruit vendor across the street. His stomach moaned with desperation as he licked his lips, eyeing the fruit. He could taste the sweet meat of the apples and oranges. The young man immediately crossed the street.

He aimed his elbow to hit right against the case of fruits. Success. A whole case of apples fell and rolled onto the sidewalk. "Perdon, perdon." Gabriel quickly picked up a few apples and returning it to the case as the old man was bending down. The young Latino snuck an apple into his sweater pocket, quickly moving.

He took the fruit out and munched into it. The sweet sound of the crunch and the piece going down his throat was pleasing. He continued to take big bites until a big tug was felt on his arm. Gabriel met eye to eye with an officer, "Come with me."

A mouthful of apple sprayed onto the policeman's face. Gabriel pushed people aside and ran. He pushed people aside and every time he looked back the officer was behind him, closer and closer.

"Hey watch it!"

"Damn kid!"

"Come back here!"

Voices all around the young man. He panted heavily as a burning sensation was creeping across his chest. No, ahora no… (No, not now). Gabriel was suddenly tackled and smashed onto the pavement; the burning quelled a bit. The policeman pinned his arms behind him, "Stupid immigrant."

The handcuffs jingled as the officer was about to place them on Gabriel's hands, but a white light consumed the teen.


Cierto, ese es lo que pasó (That's right, that's what happened).

The young man sat up, focusing his eyes on his surroundings. He heard voices and Gabriel quickly turned. Teenagers around his age were on what seemed to be an island. Some with rather strange appearances and some with weapons.

Gabriel's eyes widened, someone with a whip came closer to him. With his arms he pushed his body away from her direction, but she just walked past him. He turned to her, "¿Q-Quien es usted? ¿A-adonde estoy? (W-who are you? W-where am I?)"

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Vine City, Just Hanging Around...

It could have been mere minutes, hours or even days. As the young man dangled from the ceiling of the underground bunker, it occured to him that he had no way of knowing how long he had been there. The room was in total darkness, so pitch black that the boy's eyes had still not adjusted. He had been captured, his hands and feet were bound, and he was suspended in the air by a chain, wrapped tight around his chest. Those who were responsible for his detainment had left him there, perhaps to rot. Yet the boy suspected otherwise. He had pushed far too many of their buttons to simply be abandoned. No, they would want to make him suffer.

Suddenly the boy's eyes began to sting, as the feeble lights flicked into existence and a door clanged open. The lighting was poor, but after such a long time surrounded by darkness, even the faintest of sparks was like a needle to the eye.

"So!" A voice echoed out of the glare, as a blurry figure approached. "You are the one who has been causing me so much trouble, hm? Interfering with my business? Now now, that simply won't do!" The blur began to pace slowly back and forth, with each second step followed by the unmistakable click of a cane striking the stone floor. "You seem far too young to be getting involved in this sort of business, lad. You should know that we run this city, and my grip is not easily broken. So!" The cane struck the floor sharply as the man stopped and began to come into focus. He was a well dressed, grey haired man, clad in a bowler hat with a pair of crescent-moon glasses perched on his nose. One hand rested on his jewel encrusted cane, while the other clasped a pocket watch. "Which is it then? Did one of my rivals put you up to this, hm? Or are you simply a naive young do-gooder?"

The question hung in the air for a moment, until the reply came, sharp and confident.

"You're Nigel Ravensdale, otherwise known as the Regent. In England you were a disgraced politician, so you travelled to America to seek a new beginning. You run an organisation called the Regency Council and claim that you are the acting monarch of this city. Through bribery, blackmail and murder you pretty much own the political situation around here. You have achieved the control and respect you never received back home, and all it cost was your soul." The young man's face was grim, yet there was not a glint of fear in his eye, even though his vision had been so restored that he could now see the armed guards surrounding the Regent.

"Why, you seem very educated in my exploits, young man! And I deduce by your accent that you are a fellow countryman of mine, who has likewise travelled across the pond in search of his fortune. Now, why don't you--"

"I have been a thorn in your side for several months now, interrupting your business, intercepting your communications and averting your assassination attempts." The young man continued, not breaking eye contact with his bespectacled captor. "You have been hunting me for a long time, and finally you have succeeded in your goal. No doubt you now intend to squeeze whatever information from me you can and then proceed down one of two options. Either you shall kill me and be done with it, or else offer me a position within your ranks, with the threat of harming my friends or family should I betray you. So, I might as well do this quickly: I have no family here; I am simply a naive do-gooder who is tired of men like you assuming that their hold on this city will never be broken; and I have no intention of dying today. Tonight, Regent, your reign comes to an end."

"My my!" The old man chuckled, as his goons joined in his laughter. "My dear boy, you are hardly in a position to be making such statements! How on Earth do you intend to escape from your predicament?"

"Oh, it shouldn't be too difficult." The young man began to grin as the lights began to flicker. "First, I'll escape from these chains..." The lights went out, there was a flash of blue light, and when the lights returned, the boy was gone! "Next, I'll take out your goons..." The lights went out again, as the guards started shouting and charging around the room in search of the escapee. There were flashes of light all around the room, as the gang members gave shouts of pain and crumpled to the floor. The lights returned, to reveal two men left standing in the room: the Regent, one hand clinging to the cane, which was now being wielded as a bat, while the other grasped the gun in his coat pocket; and the young man, standing calmly in the centre of the room with a smile on his face. "And now?" There was another flash of blue light, as the boy's clothing suddenly changed to a skin-tight black and blue costume, with the emblem of a crescent moon upon his chest. "Now, it's time for you to step down, your majesty." With a fake bow, Eclipse began to charge at the terrified face of his adversary, who withdrew his gun with a trembling hand and pulled the trigger. Easily deflecting the bullet, the young hero prepared to tackle his opponent to the ground, diving through the air...

The Island, Perfect Timing...

... And landing face first into a sandy beach.

Leaping to his feet as his head swivelled around in disbelief, the hero cursed his luck. Months he had been waiting for a direct encounter with the Regent! Months spent undercover as a civilian, interfering with the crime lord's affairs, but never in a way which revealed his identity. Eclipse was known in Vine City now, he had been operating there for a year. Criminals who at first struggled to compete with a superpowered vigilante were starting to come up with ways to deal with him, and had the Regent known he would be interrogating the Lightning Lad, he would have been prepared. The entire plan rested upon the fact that his opponent believed his foe was powerless, and now that plan had fallen apart. Jason had been working towards that encounter, that unique opportunity to finally see the criminal behind bars, and he was unlikely to ever be in a similar situation. So where was he now? Had he electroported away accidentally? Impossible, the transportation was instantaneous, that wasn't how electroportation worked... Surveying his surroundings, he noticed several others on the beach, looking equally perplexed by their sudden appearance, and a mysterious woman standing confidently above the group. She began to speak, as she gleefully explained the situation they were in, and ended by telling them their purpose on the island.

"I hope one or just a few of you make it to the doors of that really cool place up on that hill. One of you will rise above and I'll grant you all you think you need to be the greatest hero ever! You probably got more questions but I don't care. Don't disappoint!" And with that, the woman vanished. The others in the group began to introduce themselves, some seemed to recognise each other, some seemed entirely baffled by their situation. Deciding to try and get a lay of the land (he would rather simply get off the island than play by their abductor's rules) Eclipse pointed his fists skyward and leapt straight up into the air, soaring into the atmosphere. Higher and higher he climbed, rotating as he did so, trying to see some glimpse of land... Yet he saw nothing. As he climbed, the horizon began to peel away, as the oceans continued to stretch for further than the eye could see, bleeding into the sky. The sea seemed infinite and as he ascended Jason also noted that the island did not appear to be getting any smaller.

"Okay..." Eclipse sighed as he stopped climbing and simply hovered. "Magic island. Definitely a magic island. There's no way to get off... So I guess we have to play the game."

'That'ssss the ssspirit...' A voice seemed to whisper in Jason's ear, yet as he spun around he saw no-one there. 'The game hasss begun, the die is casssst...' The voice continued to echo out of nowhere. "Our move!" The voice suddenly had a location, and Eclipse looked up too late, as a barrage of creatures ploughed into him. Unable to get a good look at his foes, the hero was sent hurtling back down to Earth, as he crashed into the sand close to the rest of the group. Groaning as he clambered back onto his feet, Eclipse shook the sand from his hair as he took in the spectacle before him. The sky was almost blotted out by them, winged demons of varying size and shape, all clear in their intent: to stop the heroes from reaching their goal, by any means necessary.

"Right, I think that's enough introductions!" Eclipse shouted to his fellow abductees, realising that he had not caught anyone else's name, and that he had not told anyone his own. "Let's take these guys down, get to that door, and then we can all get to know each other over a victory pizza." Electricity began to dance between his fingertips as the young hero took to the skies yet again. "To victory! And pizza!"

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In a dirty alleyway on the fringe of the city, a little boy slumped against a dumpster, his breathing haggard from hunger and pain. He moaned and rolled over, his skeletal form hidden by the patched and over-sized clothes.The older street urchin children would find him again and beat him for all he was worth...maybe dying now was the best way out. His eyesight became bleary and the view of the garbage and rats started to fade...

"Little boy, can you hear me?" A voice entered the darkness...a nice voice. Gentle. Soothing. He opened his eyes and saw a lady, with striking white hair and ocean blue eyes, crouching next to him. Her skin was light and her smile assuring; she reminded him of the porcelain dolls he saw in the toy store windows. She put her hand on his forehead and bowed her head as if she were praying. She was whispering inaudibly. He almost closed his eyes again, until he saw her hands! Against the white skin of her wrists, brilliant silvery-blue markings appeared and began spinning, like moving bracelets. He wanted to run but he was too weak. An odd warmth spread through his body, starting at his toes and ending where her hand lay. Almost as soon as she had begun, she was done. The lady pulled back and smiled.

"Feeling better?" She asked. He did! His jello-like legs were strong enough to stand on again and he could see clearly; he felt strong! He opened his mouth to thank her, but a noise from the alleyway scared him. The lady whipped her head around, blue eyes piecing the darkness, ferocity instantly replacing gentleness. The boy saw that a small tin barrel had been knocked over...but nothing was there. Even so, a cold, inexplicable chill settled over the abandoned street.

The lady stood quickly, her whole body tense, her hands clenched. Without looking at him, she whispered, "Run...run, little boy, and don't stop til the chill goes away. Go!" The urgency in her voice brought him to his feet, and he jogged as quickly as he could down the alley. When he was far enough away, he looked back, gasped, and blinked furiously; it was gone! For an instant, he saw something--something terrible! So he ran, his eyes now open to a world he hadn't known was there before.

But back in the alley, the woman remained. No longer was she dressed in civilian attire; with a quick word in a strange language, a body suit of silvery-white and blue patterns covered her, complete with a mask that shielded her burning eyes. An inhuman growl, like an angry lion, escaped her clenched teeth -- teeth that were now razor sharp. Her two long knives moved from her belt to her hands in the blink of an eye. She looked into the approaching figure's face and hissed:

"Demon spawn."

A disturbing, chocked cackle came from the shadows, and a beast, visible only to those with Sight, stepped forward. It was about six feet wide and ten feet long, shaped like a cicada and with similar bulging red eyes. It was a vivid orange, with swirling demonic symbols tracing its body, and it had fangs, 3 feet in length, hanging from its mouth. It smiled, like only a devil could, and spoke:

"So says the hissing bloodsucker!" It squealed gleefully and black sludge ooze from its mouth. "You scared away my lunch."

"Fey, no matter their court, are never to kill humans. That is the law, beast." She said firmly, eyeing the creature for a kill spot. These Dark Fairies were closer to their demon side than the angel in them; they existed to cause plague and pain.

"But I only wanted his soul. It looked so flaky and crunchy." A forked tongue slid out from between the fangs. It crouched lower on its eight jagged legs. She knew it meant to strike if she did not move. She prayed it did...she could spell the stink of murder on this ungodly thing. It had eaten other children's souls recently. "Leave. Now. Go back to your forests and I will not follow." She raised her knives higher. "Stay...and I will not show mercy."

Without warning, the insect beast lunged at her. Only her breakneck speed saved her, as she jumped up, clearing the monster by inches. While in midair, she launched a knife downward with increased force. It struck home and took out one bulging eye. The creature stumbled and began to thrash around in the alley violently, kicking the walls, smashing bricks, and sending ugly sludge everywhere from its mouth. It turned to her and she sent the other knife flying, but not before she cast a spell:


Holy fire engulfed the blade and it struck the creature's other eye. The flames spread quickly and the beast dropped, convulsing in a death throw. Before the white-hot flames consumed it, the spellcaster waved her hand, dousing the fire. The beast lay twitching, barely alive....but it spoke.

"You...you are Sylver. The vampire sorceress." It hissed and coughed up blood. "Damn you...you have killed many of my kind, witch."

"But I will spare you. Go. Warn your kind to abide by the Fey Court's laws...or they will suffer a worse fate." With that, she went to give the beast a final kick to the head--

--but she fell, flat on her back! Sylver, vampire and owner of extreme grace and balance, fell! She looked up...and then around.

"Holy crap."

The alley was gone. The beast was not there. She was lying on her back, on a beach. "This...this is just....dandy." She said, thoroughly amused. Waking up to strange places was a paranoia of hers, ever since her strange appearance in 1969. She had woken up in a barn on an abandoned farm in Pennsylvania, with no memory. So far, on this beach, she could still remember everything she had done since then...but how the heck did she get there? Turning around, she saw that a dozen yards or so away were several other people. She crouched in the tall beach grass in front of her, listening in to their strange introductions and similar confusion. Tuning into her magic, which caused the faint symbols on her wrists to glow, she reached out, scanning her surroundings: there was nothing. Just emptiness and void...and that sickly-sweet burnt taste in the air, noticeable only to magic users: dark magic. Her eyes flashed open. Something was very wrong.

But with nothing to lose and only information to gain, she rose. One of these people had to know something. If not, they needed to figure it out together. This place...was wrong. The very foundations of reality were darkened here...like hell.

"Greetings," She said, loud enough to catch their attention. Greetings? Really?! Who are you...Buzz Lightyear? She approached the pink-haired one called "Cell Phone Girl." "It appears that we are all stranded here. My name is Sylver and I wield magic. I can sense this place. There is dark magic at work. If we work together, perhaps we can find the source and get out--" She paused and looked up. A black cloud, buzzing and squealing, was approaching. She could see the force driving it: black, wicked-looking demons...spindly and crooked. Her wrists glowed; her eyes narrowed. She turned to the group behind her. "Brace yourselves and stick together!" With a flash of her wrists, red lightning bolts jumped from her hands and struck the first demon.

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Vine City, 9:33pm

The night's cold chill flowed through the city's docks as the sea's gentle tide pushed and pulled against the wooden piers, causing boats to swaying almost in harmony with the ocean itself. Clouds overhead moved with the night's slow breeze, allowing the moon's light only moments to shine down upon the city's peaceful appearance before being denied once more. To any simple person all would seem normal, to them the city would appear calm and inviting. But beneath its seemingly harmless exterior, the city's criminal underworld was at work.

Positioned on a building just across the street from warehouse thirty-four, located on dock five, one individual sees beyond the city's simple exterior, seeing this city for what it truly is. Knelt down, the young blue hooded youth taps the side of his high-tech glasses, activating a form of night-vision. Zooming in, he can see a group of men moving various large boxes into the warehouse. Tapping his glasses again, the night-vision instantly switches over to a form of heat-vision, causing the group of men outside to light up red, adding up to be four with two men moving boxes while the other two stand watch. Inside the building, more red figures can be seen, adding up to be around five. Tapping the side of his glasses once more, everything returns to normal vision as the hooded figure vanished into the night.

Inside the warehouse, the echoes of commands and orders can be heard. "Place those boxes over there...and be careful! The last thing we want is to blow this place up and us with it." The man, wearing a black outfit shouted. Standing next to him, a woman wearing an identical outfit can be seen, checking off a clipboard in her hand. All activity inside the warehouse stops though with the sound of gunfire outside. "One of you go check it out!" The same man in black ordered, sending one of the man to go investigate. Silence follows him as he slowly walks out of the building. Seconds past as silence lingers in the air, causing a nervous chill to fill the warehouse.

Another screech came from outside, causing those inside to become even more nervous. "King, what's happening?" Asked the woman in black as she moves closer to the man now known as King. Ignoring her, King stands his ground as his eyes follow every odd sound. Following every movement, investigating every shadow, his heart begins to race as his sweaty fists tighten. Everything goes black as the lights suddenly shut off. "What happened to the lights?!" One person shouts, the sound of panic in their voice. A scream echoes through the building as one of the many lights switches back on, revealing one part of the warehouse where a now unconscious man is found. Another screen could be hard not far from the last, followed by another light revealing yet another unconscious body.

"Alright, enough games," King begins to chuckle, obviously trying to mask his fear, "show yourself!" His voice echoes for a moment before silence takes hold once more. The sound of struggle breaks the silence as all of the lights switch back on, filling the room with a blinding light. Shielding his eyes, King frantically looks around as his vision begins to come back into focus. Focusing on a shadowy figure standing before him, his eyes squint as he tries harder to make out the figures identity. As his vision returned to normal King finds a blue hooded figure standing over King's remaining henchman, who was now laying on the ground unconscious like all the rest.

"You?!" King shouted with both surprise and frustration. "Your operations are done here, King." The hooded figure said sternly. For a moment they both stared at one another, neither of them budging from their current positions. "No," King began to say as a playing card appeared from his shirtsleeve and landed in his hand, "you're the one who's done here!" Sending the playing card flying from his hand, it spun towards the hooded figure like a throwing star. Leaping out of the way, the card misses its target by mere inches, slicing into one of the wooden boxes instead.

Avoiding King's attack, the hooded figure rolled across the warehouse floor, land back on his feet before charging towards the card throwing villain. "Queen, now!!" King shouted as the woman in black appeared, standing on a large stack of cargo boxes. Throwing card similar to how King had before, the hooded figure turned his attention now towards Queen. Leaping hastily out of the way, the hooded figure managed to avoid most of Queen's cards except for two which managed to slice across his left cheek and right thigh. Sliding across the slick floor, the hooded figure slammed into one of the many boxes, propping himself up against it as he picked himself up. "Now," King said as he slowly approached the injured hero, "it's time to finish this!" With those final words the hooded figure watched helplessly as cards flew from King's hands.

Closing eyes, he prepared himself for what would surely be his demise, yet couldn't help but think of his family...his father, his sister, and most of all..."Sophie, I'm--"

Unknown Location

"--Sorry." For a moment he stood there, his eyes firmly closed as he waited for what he was sure was his definite end. But his eyes were opened at the sound of what appeared to be the ocean waves. The sound of other voices could be heard as he found that he was no longer in the warehouse, and that King and Queen were nowhere to be found. For moment the hooded figure simply stood where he was, still trying to process where he now was and how he came to be...well, where he was. His thought process was interrupted as one of the girls introduced herself as "payphone girl" and something about how she's a legend. Stepping back, the hooded figure tapped his glasses, activating his communicator. "Sophie, can you here me? Hello, Sophie?" He whispered, but all he could hear was static. Wherever he was now, he was now on his own.

Suddenly another girl appeared, claiming to be the one responsible for bringing him and those with him to their current location. She went to explain that he and the others were to fight in some short of tournament, and that at the end one of them would win some short of prize. The hooded figure figured the prize would probably be their way home. But just as quickly the girl appeared she just as quickly vanished, leaving the group to contemplate what had been revealed. The hooded figure listened as the others spoke among themselves, some suggesting that they all work together while others stated they were going to figure the situation out on their own. The hooded figure stayed silent and tried his best to attract the least amount of attention as he could, all until he could figure all of this out.

But before he could think any further, his attention, along with everyone else's, was placed upon a hero in blue and black as he floated just above the rest of them. "Right, I think that's enough introductions!" Looking forward, the hooded figure's eyes widened as a group of demon-like creatures began swarming towards them. "Let's take these guys down, get to that door, and then we can all get to know each other over a victory pizza." The hooded figure remained where he was as the others charged forward towards the oncoming horde, one even shouting something about pizza. The hooded figure stepped back away from the fight, allowing the others to make the first move. As far as he was concerned they were all the enemy...and until he believed otherwise he would treat them as such. For now he remained on the sidelines, waiting only for the right opening to make his next move.

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"Veterans, ladies and gentlemen i thank you all for coming. Today we are all here to mark the great sacrifice and bravery of a generation of men who ensured the freedoms of our people. Their dedication and patriotism are without equal and to those who work within our services there can be no finer example to aspire to. For those of you who aren't aware, my role as royal ambassador to the armed services allows me to spend alot of time speaking with our heroes and our future heroes. The.."

A sudden dizziness breaking across the young heroes mind like a tidal wave. Shaking his head and covering his eyes for a second "Excuse me where was i." The notes in front of him blurring into an incoherent jumble. The air around him suddenly cold brief for a second followed by heat. Opening his eyes the suits and champagne vanished replaced with a hellish landscape. Seeing a group of people amassing in front of him Edward approached the figures outlines becoming less recognizable as he approached. The silhouettes of the group becoming more warped and hellish as he closed in on them. Stopping yards from the group the young prince called to them loudly "Hey, where is this place and how the hell did i get here?"

The masses eyes focusing on him as one their stares paired with sinister grumbles and hisses. One launched himself at the prince all teeth and claws. The foul creature tearing the cuff of the princes dinner wear revealing the shine of his armor underneath. "You little b*stard my mother brought me this suit ." Grabbing the flailing animal as its friends watched the prince pulled back his arm and threw the monster as far as the eye could see. "Right, now lets try again. Where am i and how did i get here?" a brief pause followed the prince hearing more movement behind him switching his focus for a second. The creatures descending on him like a pack of wild animals their attacks shredding the remnants of his favorite suit leaving only his union jack blazoned armor. "You want a fight you just got one" his limbs tearing the air around them as a chorus of sonic booms filled the air. The force of his rocket like blows sending his attackers flying like scattered pins.

Hearing a voice from inside the dog pile the young prince smiled "Get um!"

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Location: Nevada, Irish pub

The smell of vomit and blood reached the flame covered teenager as a man the size of a bear threw a punch. He had told the teen "Leave no minors allowed" and the teenager had responded by burning off the bartenders eyebrows. The teen dodged the punch only to fall flat on his back from there he shot used a cheap shop and pressed his spiked boots into the mans groin. "Kicked in the d*ck, hows that feel" The teenaged devil said laughing. He pulled himself to his feet using a barstool as support. He looked around to see about a dozen angry Irish men surrounding him. "Sh******TTT" Warren said before being knocked back on his a$$ by a idiot with a chair. The man went to bring the chair back down on the teen he closed his eyes tight "F*ck this might hurt a little" he thought.

Location: who the f*ck knows

Warren opened his eyes to see a group of teenagers like himself only he seemed to be a bit out of place with his chains, spiked bracelets, the dog leash around his neck and Metallica hoodie. Not to mention his longish black hair which had random streaks of orange. They were all introducing themselves as far as he could tell, he did the same but using his "code name" not like his real name mattered "And I'm Kid Devil, where the f*ck am I?!"

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Four weeks ago Alex had died. Today he was sitting in a passable lean-to scarfing down the contents of a can of kidney beans. Alex owed his life to a man named Gio. His friend. He came back just in time to see a pack of his own kind slaughtered by a sorceress. It was also the first time he was actually aware of himself while transformed. In the fallout of the war the school had dissolved. Alex wasn't sure who had won. He wasn't sure what had happened to the Headmistress. Apparently someone had attacked the school, had killed students. He could smell the blood from blocks away. He tried not to focus on that. Gio was alive.

Alex couldn't go back to the school. Even if those kids hadn't been slaughtered, half the faculty had been. Any protection or help he could have received had died with them. It was back to his old lifestyle; surviving off simple rations and being lucky to have something over his head most nights. And every night he thanked his mom for showing him how to survive. He missed her, and his sister. Alex hadn't even been able to say good bye to Jenny. He hoped they were both safe.

His family were the least of his worries now, though. Ever since he had seen those Lycans slaughtered he could barely control the animal inside of him. It wanted vengeance against the one responsible. Unfortunately in the middle of the maelstrom she had brought with her he couldn't see her face. Alex set his can and fork down on the ground and lay back. He clasped his fingers behind his head and stared at the canvas above him. He hadn't been indoors for more than a few minutes since after the war ended, and it was beginning to show. If anyone had seen him now they would have thought he was a grad student backpacking across the country. Or a hobo. Between his unshaven face and dirty clothes it was hard to tell.

He hadn't slept in days. Something inside him wouldn't let him. It felt like every little shadow was hiding something. He was beginning to wonder how long before he started to really hallucinate. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He could feel a shiver run down his spine, and then the sound of a woman screaming. When he opened them he was on a blindingly white beach surrounded by almost a dozen equally confused looking people. What?

As a green-haired woman in a unitard began rambling about them needing to get to a hill or something, Alex ran his hands through his hair. Had he finally snapped? No, but something was wrong. He could feel it. Something inside was missing. The beast knew something was wrong. He couldn't figure out why.

One of the other people tried to fly off. He could fly? Everyone was walking off when the sky turned black. A flock of winged demons slammed the flyer back to the ground. Some of the others began attacking them with bolts of energy. Alex's head whipped around to get a lay of the land. One of the winged demons flew at him, swinging its grossly over-muscled arms to crush him. Alex ducked and the blow barely missed him. His finger nails grew claws and he brought them up into the monster's face. It howled in pain and he aimed a blow with the bridge of his hand at it's throat. It gagged and fell to the sand, thrashing wildly. The attack brought Alex back to his senses and he barked out over the din of battle.

"Everyone make a circle! If you can blast them get in the middle! Everyone else get ready for a scrape! We need to get to cover now!" As he roared his teeth grew into fangs and his muscles bulged to inhuman proportions.

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Still somewhat disoriented she stopped on the whim that someone was talking to her, turning around just slightly, her eyes befell a boy speaking in an odd language. Blinking twice, her retinas began to break down Ardors energy frequency; judging from the frequency in which they vibrated, she could tell he wasn’t hostile.

“Um, I have no idea what you’re saying…” She hoped the confusion on her face would accurately display it. Turning to finish this “game” her eye caught a boy plowing into the sand. Her eye’s darted up to see a barrage of winged beast flying towards the beach. “Nothing is every as easy as it seems…” she said; activating her solar gauntlets.

Maya instantly took to the skies to engage the threat head on, pushing her hands forward she engaged her first demon sending a paralyzing punch towards the jaw knocking the winged beast towards the earth. Though the situation was dire; there was no way she was going to unleash the full extent of her abilities.

“HAH!!!!” she screamed, sending a powerful double axe hand smashed on the back of one of the winged beast, only to be tackled out of the air, by one of its buddies. Dealing with the pain would have to wait, until she could find a good way to counter plummeting 70 feet from the air. She couldn’t.

Her body slammed into the beach, sand erupted into the air around her impact point. The island quivered a bit from the force of her entry rolling into a defensive crouched stance, she plotted her next move breathing heavily. Once again nearby, the Spanish speaking kid; she pointed to her back, as if to say “I’ll watch yours if you watch mine”.

With her solar gauntlets not to full capacity, she’d have to improvise. Taking whip in hand, she converted the power reserved in her gauntlets and channeled it into her whip. Quickly lashing out with her whip she disintegrated a demon.

“Fighting separately won’t do us any good. They can swarm and outnumber anyone of us; some sort of battle strategy would benefit us.” Maya screamed back to her fellow abductee’s. Her eye caught a glimpse of Ardor’s unprotected blindside.

“WATCH OUT!” she screamed, snapping her whip with precision grasping the demon around its neck. Turning into the whip, the galactic warrior spun with her free elbow into the face of the demon. Picking the demon beast up her sent it flying into the endless ocean.

“You’re welcome?” there was uncertainty in her voice, but she hoped he understood. Before she could turn she felt the thick and gritty claws of a demon digging into her back. Her eye’s rolled into the back of her head before falling on the ground bleeding from her back.

Her body instantly became covered in the galaxy armor; protected by the Sun, The Moon and the Stars; she scrambled back to her feet. Still feeling the persistent sting of the demons claws Maya hunched over; quick glancing to see the state of everyone else.

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Months Ago

After all these weeks he found me.

Holding me up to the wall I stare into his fiery red eyes. They are all I can see in this dark hallway.

"I will kill him." Is the first thing he tells me. He found out I was really living with my cousin. A chill runs through my body. I want to cry, but I have to hold everything back. For Izaiah.

"The second you touch him I will rip your throat out" I've changed since our last encounter.

"and get your old lover's blood all over this nice carpet? Blair you are more well behaved than that! Also luckily for me if I were to walk into his bedroom and tear his heart out you would just freeze up like I did with Daddy!"

I begin to feel every vein in my body burning. Lines all around my body begin to glow. Illuminating parts of the hallway I could now see his whole entire body. The exact image of my boyfriend.

"Blake. If you could hear me. I love you." His grasp around my neck tightens. My whole being is now glowing completely. I must be burning his retinas, but the Demon possessing him doesn't care.

"I temporarily borrowed a book on magic from my cousin. I performed a spell. It protects you from hurting hi-" A pain crushes my throat. He knows that if he kills me the spell will cease to exist.

"Let's play hide and seek." I ignite. A blinding ray of light fills the entire hallway. He drops me the second he loses his vision.

Once reaching the floor it hits me. I’m alive.

I run as fast as I can.

I make my way to the rooftop of the We Are Legend HQ.

I feel the flames dancing around my skin. Standing with dazzling lights spiraling around my body felt warm. I float just a few feet off of the ground. The wind is trying its hardest to take away my fire. They never burn out.

I walk to the edge of the roof. "I'm sorry I have to leave without saying goodbye"

I take the step off of the building. I fall. Extending my arms I can feel my body becoming one with the wind. Wings construct themselves from my back. I am free.


Right in front of us comes a guy hurtling right into the sand. “ouch” Without wasting a second he immediately picks himself back up and flies right towards whatever attacked him.

The same horde of flying demons then tackle one of the other men and pile on top of him. Before I can even react he pounds them off of him. The sonic waves resonating from his attacks hit me. I flinch back. I could feel my body absorbing each and every sound wave. The noises from the beasts. These people are unaware that I’m constantly becoming stronger.

Many of the people around me instinctively jumped into action. All of us are doing whatever it’ll take to survive. I need to get everyone out of here now!

Magic and Demons go hand in hand. “Izaiah please throw out any spells you have on you right now!” I believe the silver haired girl can also do the same. “Sylver, you can do magic right? Know anything that can quickly protect us or teleport us elsewhere on this Island? I’ll cover you.”

Turning to the confused looking girl I’m not quite sure at all what she is able to do. “Odessa. If you can do anything to help fend them off please do. Stay by my side since being alone isn’t a good idea right now.”

Then a very hairy man with claws advised for people to get into a circle. I’m guessing some might have not heard since they are too busy fighting for their lives.

Not too far from us I see a blonde woman and a hispanic man both standing side by side. At least they aren’t alone. “You two! We are going to try to center together. All of us working together will be our smartest move right now. We will die if we don’t.” I hope they trust me.

“Dragonfang. I’ll take down the enemies from above, while you take the ones close to us!” Seeing as how she carries a blade around with her makes me a little bit frightened of her. I hope she doesn't notice that.

My right hand glows red. I blast a winged demon from the sky. I could only hope that some of these strangers trust me enough to listen to me. None of us can handle this alone.

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Warren takes a breath, as the air rushes into his lungs the scent of the aggressive, blood-fueled demons flooded his nostrils. "F*cking perfect" he grunted hardly able to keep his own demon at bay. He pulled his survival blade from its sheath on his left thigh. Guided by fire he drove the blade upward into the lower jaw of a winged demon. "Stay in hell where you belong bastard" Kid Devil warned the demon. He heard the one girl named "Cellphone Girl" order the other guys around yet he heard no order for himself she probably assumed he wouldn't listen any way. Probably right.

The demon sprung to the air he put his knife away and pulled up his hood as his feet left the ground. Flames covered his body, his chains became red hot and his blue eyes became a few shades darker almost black. Warren had experience dealing with his own kind but he'd never fought more than four or five at a time. He looked over the area above and saw a demon dashing for him he rocketed at it, he held it's wings preventing it from flapping, with no free hands Warren latched his teeth down on the demon's neck and tore away a large chunk of flesh at the same time he pulled at the injured demons wings using a larger percentage of his strength to tear them away from the body forcing the demon to fall a few inches from Cellphone Girl's feet. Now he was coated in burnt blood and his inner-demon called out for more, more blood and more violence. "Tell me what I need to do to get the hell outta here!" Kid Devil yelled hoping she'd hear him and not mistake him for a threat.

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I see everything, I bear witness to it all, every heart-wrenching pain imaginable from bad decisions experienced in our youth to broken hearts and gruesome deaths every macabre vision remains within me, you’d think this would make me pessimistic but that could be farther from the truth. I see the good in life as well, new life and new love, the joy, hope and compassion that people will do. I’ve seen it all, everything that it means to be human the good and the bad and honestly there’s more good to come, you just have to wait and see!

London at night is always a beautiful city that is if you’re not bound in chains in the centre of an old rundown warehouse inside a sigil binding your powers. Circling him like predators they are each of the trio of Vampire’s eyed the young man up just waiting to strike to avenge their fallen three clan members who he had slain. What appeared to be their leader however maintained some level of control over them viewing the witch as valuable. Their threats to most would be terrifying but try as he might the prophet couldn't contain himself and he busted out laughing at which point he felt a sharp pain on his right cheek as one of the female vampire slashed across his face in anger. He felt himself being lifted into the air by the neck; he struggled to breath but still continued to laugh. Clearly their leader became frustrated at his amusement of the situation and stormed over to him, fangs protruding from his mouth, eyes shifting to a black state “Why are you laughing?” he said between growls. “Because…” the witch replayed spitting blood in his face “you’ve already lost…See you later.” and with that he was gone in the blink of an eye simply disappeared into thin air.

He woke up on a beach just as he’d saw it was different that what he expected and their was a woman speaking in front of him he words were blurring due to his hazed state however she wasn't in his vision before which unnerved him slightly. Still bound in chains he struggled to stand up, it may have taken a moment but he eventually stood to his full height. The enchantment on the chains had been weakened by their location; drawing power from the sun he was able to snap the steel chains that bound his hands and feet. Finally unbound his powers began to return he could feel the negative energy of this place almost instantly it seeped out of every corner of the land, he’d noticed the other people around him but was too concerned with the vision’s he was seeing, swarms, darkness an attack!

Before he could warn the other of the impending attack the demons were already upon us, the group stupidly splintered each tackling the beasts as best as possible with their particular powers. While others would recoil in fear Dean was unfazed by such demon’s he’d been witnessing and battling said creatures since the age of four it was not but second nature to him by now unfortunately his guns, crossbow even his regular long bow were all at home, he was weapon less, this also didn't faze him he preferred to improvise anyway it made the game that bit more exciting. The sun above them still shone through the hordes of infernal creature he was still empowered by its rays “perfect” he thought. Two of the creatures simultaneously descended upon him grabbing the one on the right In his hand with a thought he ignited the creature causing it to burn and wither on the ground in agony. The other swooped in but thank to his flash precognition he was able to duck and avoid the attack, rolling across the ground he picked up the chains that had earlier bound him, the energy of the witch that had enchanted them before was gone, drained completely. Excellent he thought, concentrating on his own innate energy the chains began to levitate and burst into bright blue sapphire flames up and down the length of the chains they did not melt however and Dean himself was able to hold onto the chains without a problem. He smiled relishing in his abilities and sprung into action, swinging the chain above his head he moved forward swinging and moving his arms in circular motions slicing through the minor demons without a second thought. Eventually he made his way to the loudest girl at the present time she seemed to be able to get her point across. Standing with is back to her he waited for an attack with the blue flames engulfed flames by his side but he spoke to the girl “I'm Dean and please just trust me when I say I know what going to happen love and we have to get the group together its going to take all of us to get out of here soon and up to that hill because if we don’t that’s it for all of us, this isn't it our dimension any-more we’re in an infernal dimension which means these hordes of flying demons aren't going to stop any-time soon.” Three more of the denizen’s of this dimension flew forwards at him swinging the chain in their direct he sliced though each of them in one shot turning them to ash in the process. He hoped she would listen to his words because at the minute if they continued in their present course of action his vision would regrettably come true.

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There was so much going on it was hard for me to focus, a girl whispering her name, Erin, I think? Then a blond woman and a Spanish speaking air breather, but not exactly the Spanish I grew up learning while living near the Mediterranean sea, must be from Mexico? Then something about Pizza? What was that? Some sort of ground walker God? If so, God of what? I thought as I watched in amazement as the ground walker then FLEW into the sky! I’ve heard of these air breathers with super powers, they call themselves ‘heroes’ or at least the ‘good guys’ did. I remember reading about them when my cousin attacked the surface world, ‘heroes’ stopped him, were all these people here heroes then?

Then on cue a rain of monsters began attacking us. I couldn't help it, I let out a scream, I wasn't ready for this, this was chaos, what was I doing here? I couldn't keep up with what was going on anything passed that. Others began their own assault, showing their own powers while some took a step back. I was overwhelmed.

“Everyone make a circle! If you can blast them get in the middle! Everyone else get ready for a scrape! We need to get to cover now!”

I turned to see where the voice came from only to be startled at his sudden transformation of fangs and muscle began. I could hear others talking around me, to each other, to the monsters as I ducked under an attack. Letting out a yelp I lost my balance and fell on my back, the sand clinging to my still wet skin as I heard my name.

"Odessa. If you can do anything to help fend them off please do. Stay by my side since being alone isn’t a good idea right now.”

My eyes darted over to the pink haired girl, I nod my head but then something that I didn’t hear before, caught my ears. “The Ocean.” I spoke with a look of hope on my face. I scramble to my feet as I dig them into the warm sand, rushing as quickly as I could towards the waters that were calling to me. Running pass the others and deadly beasts I could smell the salty water more than ever, I can see home. But I stop just at the shore, the ocean water just cementers from touching my toes. I could leave right now, just run into the ocean and swim as fast as I could away this place. I could find New Atlantis on my own, I could be safe, free from this chaos. But I could still hear the roaring battle behind me and for some reason, my heart became heavy. I couldn't just LEAVE these air breathers to fend for themselves, what kind of Queen leaves people in need? What kind of influence would I be for my own people? I needed to be the example, I had to stay.

Balling my hands into fists I let out a heavy sigh as I could hear the maniacal laugh of a creature rushing up behind me. Spinning around on my feet I face the black winged creature with glowing red eyes, it came so fast I almost didn’t have time to react. I dodged his attack, loosing my balance at the same time and stumbling into the waters, falling face first as I took a deep breath in, I was ready. Pulling myself up I could hear the monster laugh at me, he didn't realize he was in for a world of hurt. Standing tall my Atlantean tattoos began to glow a deep sapphire along my exposed hands and feet. I couldn't hold back the cocky grin as the monster suddenly stopped laughing, as a tall wall of water grew behind me, casting a shadow over my body as is suddenly pushed my hands forward.

The ocean water roared like a hurricane as jolt into the beast, consuming it as the waves rushed forward, roaring like a lion as it collided into a large number of beasts, but avoiding the fellow teenagers around it and dragged them back into the endless ocean. But that wasn't all of them, there were still more. Where were they all coming from? I then see one of the beasts about to attack the silver haired girl from behind. "DRAGONFANG!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs as I threw my right hand forward, a small spout of ocean water following with the flow of my hand as it slammed right into the monster, then balling my hand into a fist the water turned into a frozen element, casting the attacking beast into a block of ice. I needed to back to the group, I couldn't keep myself separated from them. I quickly make my way back to the group, confidence in myself and my abilities growing as my tattoos continued to glow, showing my powers were still active as I skid my way back next to Cellphonegirl. Taking the ice block that the monster suffocated in and turned it back into water, using it for my own advantage as I continued to fight alongside my new allies.

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"Leave him, Sarah! This man will die!"

"I will not allow that!"

Five inches apart, Sylver -- Sarah -- and General Mathus stared each other down. Outside of the makeshift, worn tent, explosions and screams rent the air. The camp had been found out. The firefight consuming the area sounded of hell, with men burning and nature collapsing. Sylver, nurse to this camp, turned back to her patient, a man with a gaping hole in his chest, and began stitching like a madwoman. The General moved to the other side of the bed.

"We need to get out who we can, while we can. We're surrounded, most of the men are dead. If they come in here, they'll kill you...maybe worse first. We need you, and I won't have more blood on my hands."

"But you'll let him die?" Sylver said furiously, not looking up, quickly stitching and muttering healing chants under her breath. Too many had died in this war already. She had come here to heal, to find herself; every saved life mattered. To let another die seemed another way of abandoning the search for her old life, the one she couldn't remember. Saving each life mattered, both hers and theirs.

"You leave, sir. I'm finishing here, and don't you dare stop me." Her eyes met his, and their ferocity put lines of fear in his face. He grabbed the arm of the soldier standing next to him. "Let's go. She's a lost cause, like this camp. Like this war," He turned back to Sylver, "Run while you can." And then he left.

A tremor shook the ground and a fireball consumed the trees not five feet from the tent entrance. The General's thundering heartbeat, which she'd heard upon his leaving, was gone. Her hand slammed the gurney next to her, putting a hand-print dent in it. The boy with the hole in his chest was whimpering. The screams outside were getting louder. Sylver walked to the tent's middle and knelt. Enough was enough. She was going to get them out of here.

The whimpering boy looked down at her in sadness and pain. She looked back and promised, "You will live."

Letters and markings seemed to rise from the tent floor, a light consumed them....and they were gone. Five minutes later, at a base on US soil, what remained of the camp's soldiers appeared out of thin air. The boy lived. Sarah was reported missing in action.


Decades later, and the chaos of war noise still sent chills down Sylver's back. The fire...the screams...the hot, ugly smell of battle... As a sorceress and vampire, she could thrive in this...but it didn't mean that she liked it.

Finally closing in together as a formation, the stranded group was volleying attacks back at the hoards surrounding them. Where they came from, Sylver could not see, but they never seemed to end. One girl, tall with dark hair, sent a massive wave crashing into the beach, wiping out dozens of demons. A young man appeared, attacking the creatures with chains. Others were using energy bolts, and some just their physical strength. But they couldn't do this forever.

Behind her! She could hear it, the leathery flapping of wings. Spinning quickly, Sylver cracked a backhanded fist into a demon's jaw, splitting its face open. Without skipping a beat, she lunged at it, and before they hit the sand, had torn its head off. She sent magic darts of fire out in several directions, nailing several creatures. From several yards away, she heard Cell Phone Girl's voice yelling midst the battle:

"Sylver, you can do magic right? Know anything that can quickly protect us or teleport us elsewhere on this Island? I’ll cover you.”

Sylver turned, saw Cell Phone Girl, and streaked towards her, trying to get to the middle of the group. She knew what to do. It would be hard here, in this strange, hellish place. The dimensions of space weren't like earth's. Her magic might not work...but she had to try. They had to live. She had not come this far to die without knowing her past, and she would not let these people go down either.

She dropped down, kneeling in the sand, her wrist tattoos glowing bright, expanding past her wrists into two foot wide circles. The circles formed spell signs. She punched the ground and the spell circle expanded violently, encompassing the entire group. The nearest mountain, which was more like a large hill, was their goal. The dark magic, she'd felt it near th--- Suddenly, pain wracked her shoulder. Sylver yelled out, but without turning around, gripped the throat of the denizen behind her. Burning rage filled her, looking down at this squirming, pathetic beast. Whoever had trapped them here would be sorry! No one made a game of life and got away with it-- not while she was here. Without stopping and with incredible force, Sylver plunged a hand straight into its body through the ribs, gripped its spine, and tore it back out. Her eyes burned red as she yelled, "Not yet, you b***ards! This time, everyone lives!"

"Now!" She screamed, sending her energy and will into the spell. The spell circle glowed and filled the air with white, blinding light.

And they were gone.

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Leave, walk away and let fate sort out what happens to them. That was her first thought. But she couldn't soon as she heard the one girl scream she had to help. Cessendra's nature as a knight getting the better of her. Her silver hair reflected light in shimmering splendor as she charged forward without fear. When close enough she leapt forward spinning with her claymore in tow. Flesh muscle and bone were cut like butter dropping to the ground with her in a small shower of ichor. A quick glance upwards and she growled, something in her feeling welcome here. A fact she hated, with all the strength she could muster she hurled the blade end over end upwards. Chucking spears for centuries made it possible for her to pull off despite the normally awkward feel and weight of the sword almost as tall as her. Several demons ripped open by its arc before it smashed into another's chest. Fang then pulled her two standard swords free and returned to the fight.

Cellphone Girl helped pitch a plan to accompany the idea a clawed teenager had pitched. She looked over to Dean as he spoke listening in before she would remark. All the while she danced to the melody of war, Fang was two things in her opinion 'a damn good knight' and a 'pretty nineteen year old'. Here was where she could showcase the first as a fact. Despite being intune to the conversations she also fended off wave after wave of the fanged beasts. "Dean and that wolf are right as much as you Pinky. Staying unified is the wiser but we also need to get the hell out of here."

It was then that she finally took damage, her blades cut down two fiends behind her. The one eye that looked to have a eyepatch over it continued to do its job letting her see behind her. She fought just as good backwards, but one of the foul creatures had some semblance of a brain and exploited an opening. A taloned hand smashed through her armor, her shoulder, and out the other end. Streams of ruby fluid mixing with the thick almost black more then red blood of the demons. She didn't show sign of pain at all however from the wound. Feeling pain was something she could not do it was only the spurt of her blood that told her of the wound. She thrusted her swords back into the scabbards and flipped the beast over her shoulder. The claymore was then torn from the chest of the earlier kill and the silver haired knight lost her calm. The blade fell again and again against the body. "You. Do. Not. Fck. Up. My. Armor!" Each word solidified by a amputation, arms legs wings and then splitting torso and head in two. It was then that she heard her name and saw water flash past her head. She spun seconds after connecting her heel to the ice with shattering force. "Thanks Odey lost my cool for a moment."

The heavy sword was half way through a head when the group teleported again. "Would someone please stop having me teleported in the middle of a scrap! Seriously please thats like taking away Halo from a little brother." She had stayed at a house once with a girl about her age, and she had a little brother. Later the little guy got ice cream and didn't mind at first though he acted like it was the end of days. Cessendra took a moment to look over the location.

"Right so lets recap. Where in a dimension not our own, we got demons and a beach. Conclusion forest haired mistress is a high tier demon who was isolated from hell. Hence the tranquility here, fire and brimstone would be like a beach to her." She paused "so in short we're totally screwed if we go one on one with her. We either have to play her game or try and outsmart her in some way." With that she turned to the one with chains and a bad temper. "Catch Kid" Fang tossing her claymore to the demon possessed. "You look like one of the ones here with good strength. Go ahead and keep it if we live."

She turned to the rest, rearmed herself with the standard blades and continued. "I just cleaved dozens of demons apart and now I gave a devil a sword if that's not a token of good faith I don't know what is." She hoped that the comment would be a good ice breaker, get some laughs before she continued. "I promise I will do everything in my power to get everyone out of this alive. This forrest is better then the beachhead we've Sylver to thank for that." She glanced to her smiling at having the same hair color, her thought being more people should go platinum. "However where still on that green haired btchs territory. So I will go to those stadiums and kick whoever's ass I need to, to get us home." She turned to the guy who looked like he could handle himself but hadn't done much. "You sir you look like a conflict ender, a killer of war or something?" He had never given his name. "I understand your doubt but don't worry Cessendra has got your six kay? Besides I'm a knight my word is my life when I make a promise I never ever break it." With any luck giving her real name would also help soften the groups reluctance. With that she started to walk to the stadiums casually, she was caked in demon blood and her shoulder had holes in it.

"I would kill for some good music to walk out to" the statement not really aimed at anyone.

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Fear: the emotion that slowly consumed the young mutant. Minute by minute, bodies appeared in a blinding flash upon the island coast. He didn't know why. The voice of some woman was heard but he couldn't understand the foreign tongue. His eyes shifted from left to right, looking at all the teens who arrived at the island. He was a distance away from them, he wondered if anyone noticed him aside from the blond girl who stopped to answer his question.

"Um, I don't know what you're saying…"

Someone yelled something and everyone lifted their heads. Gabriel mimicked the motion, curious to see what was the matter and hopefully figure out what they were talking about. His eyes widened, he gripped the sand where his hand rested. Some form of monsters were heading their way. Thick leather wings and vicious claws. Gabriel slowly looked up to his left and looked at the blond teen. She seemed fearless and he had no idea why. He was scared out of his mind and he was probably the only one with powers; all she had was a whip.

She immediately shot to the sky, making the Gabriel jump and stare in amazement. There were more people with powers? His eyes looked at the group in the distance. Some took to the skies, some had powers erupting from their hands. One summoned the ocean on the beach. There was a careful balance of fear and amazement that took over the young Hispanic. The blond warrior crashed back down into the sand near Gabriel. The young man immediately got up from the ground to help her, but she easily stood as if it were nothing.

Turning around, she pointed at her back as she said something. Did she ask if there was something on her back? He didn't know what to say, he simply shook his head uneasily. He heard a voice in the distance from some other girl, to him it was all gibberish. Suddenly the blond warrior turned and snapped her whip towards Gabriel. He ducked only to hear the gasp of the monster and the sound wind as it flew into the ocean. He smiled at her, "Gracias…"

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she crashed down to the floor. A demon stuck its claws into her.


If only he knew how to control his cursed powers. He had to find a way to make that thing come to him, to ignore her. Picking up a rock, he threw it at the monster, Gabriel hoped to re-create the confrontation of David and Goliath. The rock bounced off the monster's head. Turning its attention to the young man. At least it worked. Gabriel began to run into the forest, the demon followed at high speed.

"Ahhhhh! ¿Oh Dios por qué hice eso? (Oh God, why did I do that?)"

He ran and ran, the sounds of crushing leaves and twigs was felt beneath his feet. Gabriel could hear the roar of the monster as it tore through trees and tree branches. The young man ran and soon fell face first into the dirt; his foot had hit an exposed root. The demon landed, its gnarling teeth exposed and its claws dripping with blood. Gabriel pushed his body back with his hands further and further. The monster crept closer and closer, spreading its leather-like wings to make itself seem bigger. Gabriel's back hit a tree trunk. He breathed heavily as the demon walked closer; it's mouth curved at the end as if it was delighted to see a cornered prey. It lifted its claws as it roared, Gabriel lifted his hands in front of him with his head turned away and his eyes shut tight.

A crunch was heard. Nothing happened. He didn't feel pain. Was he dead? The young man opened his eyes slowly and saw that the monster had disappeared, only having a boulder in front of him. What was this?

Gabriel got up and looked at the rock, he had to find his way back. Looking around, he was lost, every direction he looked had broken branches and trees. He just chose a direction and walked cautiously. He turned every few steps as the boulder was smaller and smaller in the distance. It was very strange to see that there. The young man saw something in the distance: a boulder. He turned around, the boulder he had left was still there. Gabriel gulped. He changed routes and turned immediately to his right. Walking and pushing large leaves and plants out of the way. Pushing a big leaf, he stopped. Another boulder was there. He looked at it carefully it seemed to be… breathing.

"Oh Dios (Oh God)."

He ran in a different direction. The sound of crushing leaves and trees were heard behind him. He panted heavily as he turned to see the boulder rolling towards him. His chest began to burn again. He ran into an open field on the island. Gabriel stopped in his tracks as boulders surrounded him. He counted about 5 and the one that followed him. The six were in a perfect circle around the teen. He was frightened, looking around for an escape. He grabbed his chest in pain as he fell on one knee. The boulders soon showed crease markings. Slowly they opened up, revealing their giant insect like legs and insect like appearance. Their mouths oozing some sort of green fluid.

"Oh, Dios..."

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All around me. Flashes of screams. Digging through my head. Monsters are shrieking as their nails try to rip everyone apart. My new allies? I hear some of them scream. Not in fear. For some reason we don't show normal fear. When we scream it isn't to show these creatures they have power over us. It is to show them.. We will fight for survival.

One voice pushes me back. A man. With reflexes as fast as light itself I scan for everyone. One is missing. There is a huddle of these beasts trying to claw their way onto something. With each swing I find myself closer and closer to his voice. "I'm here."

Extending my left hand I feel warmth spinning from my finger tips. Invisible embers swaying through the air. Crisps of skin flake off of the backs of the monsters. It is all happening to fast for them to even feel it. For me I watch their bodies light on fire. Ashes falling to the ground. For me it was minutes, and for them they perished in only seconds.

This dude got the sh!t knocked out of him! I grab his hand to help him up from the ground. "our friend Sylver is planning something. She is into Magic!"

He is really kinda cute. Oh my gosh. I need to to like totally stop and first worry about getting everyone off of this Island. I mean, this place doesn't even have any signal. Like I could so be tweeting about this fight right now. Or could you imagine how awesome of a cover photo it would be if-

Before Sylver finishes forming her spell I slip my phone out of my pocket and take a selfie with everyone fighting in the background. All of the other heroes are going to be so jealous of this. Sliding my phone back into my pocket I just wish that wherever we go now will be better than this.

I see Sylver.

Ripping the spine out of one of these creatures. She is totally like my new bff! I mean who wouldn't want a girl who can do magic AND who is fierce. Also she has Sylver hair, and I have Pink hair. It's a match made in heaven.

I turn to the guy I just saved.

"Hey lover boy, hopefully I won't need to save your butt again on the other side of this portal." I totally love saving people, well duh I am a hero, but if they are cute it's like a serious bonus! It's like finding a fifty dollar bill on the street after helping an old lady cross the street. One time when catching a guy from a falling building I burnt my phone number onto his behind.

"Now!" she yells.

The portal takes us to somewhere new.

We are alive. We actually managed to not get our throats ripped out by scary demon things!

Dragonfang seems like she doesn't care for much of what is going on. She seems content with not nearly dying, and looking for a way to get out of her. Following her to the coliseums seemed like a cool plan.

Once we made it into one of them I couldn't believe how beautiful and old as hell it looked.

"Like I understand there is the point of having things look like an antique but damn this green haired lady couldn't grab a broom and make it not look ancient?"

As I said that the entrance behind us closed. Whoever followed Dragonfang and me were trapped. For now possibly?

These stone mutant gladiators literally just come out of the walls. They know how to make an entrance. Their eyes glow red. They stand twenty feet tall. I really would rather be fighting those demons actually.

"I could see why she avoids cleaning it."

Destroying these giants must be our way out.

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“No. No. NoNoNONONONONONONONONONONONONOOO! Damn it you stupid fckn brats! Ugh” The wild green haired demoness remarked in evident frustration. “Sorry guys its just” sighs “you didn’t play my game at all! I mean you just walked in here as a seemingly complete group. I want you know excitement and a gripping sense of rivalries. Yet you….you just became all buddy buddy and sht. And to make it worse you picked the worse arena. This ones all old and ugly, could of gone to a place inspired by the circle of hell dedicated to traitors, NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN COOL! But no you came in here. ”Could you guys please clean it up some?”

With that the golems of earth and stone lashed out with a frantic and ferocious demeanor. They towered over the children and the demonic nature of them made them excessively hostile. Of course Reaver felt confident the heroics would prevail over such clumsy beasts. Still the artistic performance of violence was endearing for the devils gamer. Her giddy laughter would echo as she observed the talents of the numerous teenagers. There was a golem for each of them. A few minutes passed as each tackled their fight in their own way. Reaver jumping down to meet the group again face to face.

“FINE ok tell ya what all ye gota do is kill one of ya. If one of you dies I’ll let the rest go home. Honestly you people suck I wanted a heroic best killing friend, instead I got you noble losers.”

Dragonfang having had cleaved her way through the golem with ease stepped up. The woman despite her injuries showed no signs of pain. Obviously the fierce warrior was willing to take the damage to which Reaver objected profoundly, The Nova Scythe, a large grim reaper like sickle she loved was brought to bear before slamming into Fang’s chest. Spinning with an over theatric spin she hurled the Dragon influenced knight into a near by wall. The sound of crunching bone rang out as it happened as well. “Not you, you suck what with your lack of fealin pain. Also witnesses of my evil act I am sorry you had to see that. Its just she’s not good for business ye know.”

“Now end one of ya I send you peeps home! If however sigh if you refuse we are gona have a problem.”

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Ducking under the swinging arm of a lumbering golem, Eclipse sped through its legs before activating his power over magnetism, breaking gravity's hold over him. He ran up the giant's spine before launching off its shoulders and hovering in mid-air before it. Summoning a crack of lightning, the bolt did nothing as it passed through the earth beast, as expected, though focused its attention on the young hero. It was surprisingly quick for a creature of such size, but it was slow in reeling its fists in after each punch. His electrical powers were useless, but his brain was not. Speeding through the air, Jason orbited the monster, drawing its attention. He then stopped right in front of the beast, who finally unleashed a mighty punch... only for the young hero to vanish in a flash of blue light as the golem's fist was driven into the face of its nearest counterpart. The other giant's face crumbled into dust along with the other's hand, and Eclipse was gearing up for a second attack when he was interrupted yet again by their frustratingly playful host.

“FINE ok tell ya what all ye gota do is kill one of ya. If one of you dies I’ll let the rest go home. Honestly you people suck I wanted a heroic best killing friend, instead I got you noble losers.”

So that was all she really wanted... For the young heroes to turn against each other and kill each other just to escape the island. Clearly, Reaver had misjudged the character of her guests, as proven when the one called Dragonfang stepped forwards, in order to offer up her life for the good of her fellow heroes.

“Not you, you suck what with your lack of fealin pain. Also witnesses of my evil act I am sorry you had to see that. Its just she’s not good for business ye know.” Reaver swung her scythe at the hero, who crashed into a wall. Clearly, heroic sacrifice was not what the villain had in mind. They would need to be a little smarter. Noting Dragonfang's swords lying in the ground at her side, Jason leaned over towards CellphoneGirl, the nearest person to him and also one who had proven herself to be one of the most competent in the group.

"Follow my lead." He whispered in her ear.

“Now end one of ya I send you peeps home!" The lady lunatic continued to screech. "If however sigh if you refuse we are gona have a problem.”

"Alright then, fine!" Jason roared as he used his magnetic mastery to summon both of the fallen blades. One he seized himself, while the other was sent hurtling into the hand of his pink-haired accomplice. He swung his sword at her head, which she easily parried away, reacting more out of instinct that anything else. She seemed less eager to attack him, perhaps still a little shocked, but fortunately the Lightning Lad had another strategy. Using his powers he manipulated the sword in her hand, forcing her to swing her sword at his hip, which he dodged with a sidestep. They exchanged several more blows in this fashion, as Blair even started to get into the game... Then Eclipse knew that the charade had to end. Using his powers to seize control of his opponent's sword again, Jason rushed forwards with his blade held high above his head... Only to run directly into CellphoneGirl's sword.

The blade burst through the back of his costume, coated in crimson as the hero coughed up blood, his body going into spasms as the realisation of what he had done washed over him. Shaking and grinning through bloody teeth, Jason rested his hand on Blair's shoulder as he looked sadly into her eyes.

"Take my body with you... I'm sorry it came to this." A pulse of blue light radiated dimly from his palm, as the life vanished from his eyes and the young hero's lifeless body fell to the ground in a heap.

The price had been paid. They were free.

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This should have not happened.

His motionless body lies right in front of me. I kneel beside him. I rest his body onto my lap. Rubbing my hand through his hair all I could do is cry. I tried to protect everyone. I'm supposed to be called a hero. I kept everyone together. Safe, or so I thought until now.

Reaver certainly didn't expect this to happen so fast. I wonder. Was she satisfied with what happened or does her hunger still want more? "Well look at what we have here. A volunteer. Makes my job easier I guess. See you all later!" The mad woman smiled as she vanished. In her place a blinding green light appeared. Taking us all with it.

Opening my eyes I see we are in the jungle again. The sky looks rather different so maybe we are in another part of the world. I pick Eclipse's body up and I walk with the group through this new place. All of our clothes are shredded from the swarm of demons we ran through. We all could take a long night's rest of sleep. We need the break.

Stepping out of the forest we see the unbelievable. Dinosaurs. Dozens of them. "where in the hell did Reaver send us?" What I don't understand is why did she send us here. She told us she was sending us to our home. What really is this place?

I really can't believe this worked!

What? No one else here said that. That voice sounded a little familiar.. Maybe I need sleep and it's causing me to hear things.

I once again stare at Eclipse's face. We need to take him home and have him buried. Maybe I could have Sylver do a spell to figure out where he was from since we didn't even get the chance to learn his real name. I set his body onto the soft grass. A large Vine sticks out of the ground. I make sure to set his head upon it.

"Rest my Titan"

I walk to the lake and I dip my hands into it to get rid of all of the blood. Well that is bizarre. My hand? Why is there a crescent shaped scar on my palm now?

Don't give up Blair, and the name is Jason.

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Initial shock at a young hero's death soon turned into astonishment once Izaiah realized that they'd all been transported back to Earth, after Reaver had decided her requirements had been satisfied and a green shine had surrounded them all. The jungle that was now surrounding them, its sights, scents and humidity, were all highly familiar to Izaiah - it didn't take long until he realized it was the same place he had been abducted from, the mysterious island hidden behind a mystical membrane that kept out most outsiders. The island he had visited some two years ago from his own point of view, but approximately 3300 years ago by the rest of the world's timeline. And like then, dinosaurs and various others magnificent beasts still roamed this isolated place, as his cousin Blair - or Cellphone Girl - now discovered as she stepped out of the forest.

'Where in the hell did Reaver send us?' Blair asked. Izaiah, still in costume/armor (if not in its best condition after the fighting), simply replied, 'One moment.', before dissipating in a burst of particles. Next moment, he was hovering in the daylit sky above, with a few clouds surrounding him (yet still in the distance from his perspective), sunlight in his eyes, and below, a serene, verdant landmass in the rough shape of a crescent moon. Even though he was still physically and mentally exhausted, he felt some relief in having his initial recognition confirmed (even if he'd already been pretty certain). Strong suspicions are good, confirmations beyond all doubt are better, he thought. He returned to the ground, as suddenly as he'd left. 'I know where we are. We should be safe here, for now, just don't go and pointlessly irritate the wildlife,' he told the group.

Blair didn't seem to listen, but rather seemed distracted. Izaiah wouldn't have needed to see her resting the dead body of Eclipse (as he'd later be told his code name was) against a vine to understand why that was so, and didn't blame her. Instead, he felt an inclination to partially blame himself for this situation. He'd stood and done nothing as CPG and Eclipse fought each other with swords, which they'd done out of the necessity to satisfy Reaver's demands. As it happened, he had momentarily considered using the Ghimir Blade, a legendary artifact in his possession, to kill a randomly selected person among them and absorb their soul. After all, absorbed souls would not impossible to release or resurrect, as had been done in the ancient past by Isis, to Osiris. Not impossible, though it might as well be, for all of us who know neither the required resurrection spell, nor the true name of the targeted soul. Most people don't even know their own true names, let alone others'. But no, he'd known that wasn't a viable solution anyway. Having no better idea to offer, he just stood aside. Yet all the same he wondered if that wasn't just a self-righteous rationalization for his own neglect.

Furthermore, he thought he might have identified a different problem that would need to be solved should a similar thing happen in the future. Before the fights had started, Izaiah had tested his own powers and the extent to which they currently functioned, as was his custom before engaging into battle in foreign or unknown territories or situations. His power to teleport worked fine, so what kept him from simply going home, away from Reaver's arena? The other people that had been brought there. He couldn't teleport them all home at the same time since that would strain him too much, and he certainly couldn't take turns - he had no idea where in time and space the arena existed, and wouldn't find the way back once he'd teleported one group to safety. He wasn't immediately sure how, but it occurred to him that he should look into a way of solving - at the very least - the latter problem.

But right now, all that matters is that we're, relatively speaking, safe. Getting back home is a non-issue now, I'll just have to gather energy and then take turns teleporting these other people to their homes or wherever else they want to go. Unless... He noticed Blair walking back towards them, looking a bit more uplifted than before and as though there was something on her mind, that she wanted to announce. Of course, he predicted, now she's gonna convince us all to stick together...but then again, his internal cynic conceded, why not?