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"Capt. Anderson. He is waiting for you now." The tall broad chested man got up out of his chair and stood up buttoning his suit jacket. He quickly pulled on his sleeves and smoothed out his suit before entering the office. The man behind the desk had his feet up and was on the phone as he waved in Capt. Anderson. "Yes we will have to put that into action very quickly. I have forces on the ground currently and I am about to talk to my big dogs now. Yes Prime Minister I will call you when I have his answer." Hanging up the phone The President of the United States stood up and walked over to a man who over shadowed him in size and power. "Capt Anderson thank you for coming so quickly." They shook hands before sitting down on the couches. Hawk knew this was a tatic to make him feel confortable. The president before him and two before him had done the same with him.

"Did you enjoy the flight over?" The president tried to break the ice to begin the conversation. "I get a little nervous in planes sir, but thank you for sending Air Force 1 for me." Leaning forward the Potus got down to business. "I need to ask a favor of you and your men and your squad. We have a situation that needs a little attention." Hawk inturpted The President, which he was clearly not used to. "I'm sure your SEAL teams can handle just about anything....." But the Potus stood up and Hawk gave him back the floor. "Here is what I'm asking. I know you are not a man of many words, so let me put it plan to you." He paused and looked at a Ipad sitting on his desk. "We have men trapped behind line enemy lines." The president now had his attention. "What country?" The president wiped his brow. "N. Korea" Hawk raise his eyebrows knowing the implication.

"You will have full inmunity for your actions, this is across all free countries." Hawk took off his jacket and started to pace. "You know my team is international, Mr. President." The Potus nodded and spoke quickly. "You won't have to worry about any of that. You will have any and all support from the UN." Hawk nodded. "And who will we report to?" The president handed over his Ipad to Capt Anderson and quickly Hawk began to download the items into his wrist PDA. "No one. You will lead and command your team as you see fit. You are no longer a citizen of the US, though you may come and go as you please. All of your rank and files will be no more. You will from now on be known only by a code name. Dogs of War. If we need to contact you, it will be only be through ultra secure channels........and Hawk, thank your team for me and bring my boys home." Hawk walked out of the office and noticed on a cabnet a small picture of a woman in a light blue dress and the president. Mani was smiling as they were arm and arm.

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The morning sun streamed over the loch outside the house and penetrated the drapes that hung in the bedroom window of Olivia and Richard. The young woman stirred slightly, leaning into him and using him to obscure the sun's rays as she did her best to remain asleep. He was having none of it as a strong hand pulled the sheet from her body and his lips quickly met hers for a brief yet passionate kiss. "Rise and shine sleeping beauty."

The glow of the alarm clock emanated from her antique bedside table. "S'only 7 AM." The sound of sleep laced her voice as Whisper brought an arm over her eyes, shifting onto her back.

A small squeal left her lips as Richard kissed her bare stomach before picking her up and physically removing her from the bed. "Time to wake up and get that rear in gear. New team and your father called an hour ago to say he'd be arriving with a new mission."

Having been set down upon the top of her low and long dresser, Olivia just looked up at him with sleep dazed eyes as he strode over to her closet, his pajama pants slung low around his hips. Her eyes followed his trail of movement, visually sipping in the way his muscles rippled as he gathered close for his still half-asleep lover. Absentmindedly she sat there atop her dressed and clothed herself, undergarments, a pair of low slung jeans and a semi-functional purple v-neck. Running her fingers through her tousled she mockingly glared at Richard as he himself got dressed.

Ten minutes later the two of them were in the kitchen waiting as everybody else trickled downstairs or through the front door. The oversized kitchen was in slight disarray as she scrambled a dozen eggs in one skillet and made bacon in the other. Pointing to a cabinet as Charmix sauntered in, Olivia smiled. "Charmy, love, do me a favor and grab glasses and poor some orange juice." The Sorceress Supreme did just that with a small chuckle and a wave of her magical hand. Within the next fifteen minutes either the smell of breakfast cooking or a summons for a meeting sent to devices had drawn all members of the newly established Dogs of War into the kitchen of the Scotland base.

Sitting down at the head of the table, with Richard directly next to her, Olivia dug in after serving everybody else. A small tension hung between her and Richard regarding a former teammate who had been unable to join this new endeavor, but that was a conversation for another time. Looking around the table, she made sure to establish eye contact with every member present. Cain was a non-powered mercenary without peer and the fact that he consistently checked the windows and exits didn't escape her attention. He may appear relaxed in front of others, but the alcohol in his coffee and the twinging of an itchy palm were telltale signs of hidden energy.

Charmix, a longtime friend and longtime team member did her best to hide the expression of sadness on her normally cheerful face as she drenched her eggs in ketchup, but the downward tilt of her mouth didn't escape Olivia's notice. The Mercenary did his best to appear at home at the kitchen table, but he couldn't have looked more out of place, still wearing most of his gear and packing more weapons than Olivia thought could fit on one person without holsters and sheaths.

Kalliste warily watched everybody at the table, her eyes meeting Olivia's as a smile crossed their faces. The young woman had proven invaluable to William, the Hunter, and therefore invaluable to the entire team. Watching her closely, the corner of Olivia's mouth turned up as she saw the small moment of coy eye contact between Kalliste and Hunter, who was standing in a corner against the wall, shoveling down the eggs. Fa Shu quietly ate his eggs and bacon in the most dignified of ways, observing everybody else.

It was a team of mercs, most of whom were untrustworthy by nature. The goal here was to do good and turn them into a family, much as Wolf Pack had been. Waiting for everybody to mostly be done, Whisper took a languid sip of her orange juice, tilting her head back as she drained the glass. Leaning back a bit in the chair as Richard rested his arm casually along it's back, she addressed the team. "Hawk's on his way in. We've got our first mission. I don't have full details yet, but from what's been communicated to me, we're being sanctioned by the President for a covert and entirely off-the-books mission. We're the ones they come to when they can't afford to be seen crossing into territories that have embargoed America's presence. As we all know, the world political scene is more tumultuous than it has been in most of our lifetimes." Her eyes drifted from Richard to William as she said that. "He'll have the rest of the details for you when he comes in - which should be at any moment - but for now, start getting into whatever head space you need to for a dangerous mission. And when I say dangerous in reference to this team, understand that it means deadly for just about anybody else. We're the best of the best and we're here for a reason."

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72 Hours Before Creation of Dogs of War

In a dimly lit room the sounds of grunting and loud voices can be heard. Along with all the grunts and talking, was laughter a man was laughing like a maniac. Soon a single man grew impatient of waiting and opened the closed door, walking into the room a light above swayed from side to side. Hanging from the ceiling a man in his late 30s hang, his hands bound behind his back. Sitting in a wooden chair the man was covered in blood, his own blood and had a wide grin on his face. Spitting a wad of blood onto the man who just walked in he smirked “Was wondering when you would get here? These guys have been tenderizing me for you, wanna give me a few punches as well?” The man standing grabbed the one in the chair, grabbing a hand full of hair he bends his head back so he was looking him in the eyes “Tell me who you are!!” he screamed, then let go of his hair. The bloodied man thought for a moment “Rider? No Wallace? Nah I cant remember....maybe Joe? Hmmph cant remember anymore, maybe these shmucks punched me a little too hard.” He said with a wide grin on his face.

The man before him punched him hard, breaking his nose. Blood poured from his mouth and he only laughed harder “Gonna need to do a little bit more, my friends used to toss me around. Feels like a child is having a tantrum.” Again the man went to punch him when one of the guards phones began to ring. The man looked to the guard as it rang, as if saying “Are you kidding me?” the guard fumbled with his phone trying to get it out of his pocket. Looking at the caller ID it was simply Private, he slowly opened the phone and answered. A confused look popped onto his face as he held it out. “Its for him...?” The man picked the phone out of his guards hand an barked “Who the hell is this?!” An very calm voice spoke. “Please put the more than likely bloodied man on the phone, or I will be forced to light up your warehouse on 354 Blvd up like the Fourth of July.” The man looked to the phone and then set it on his captives neck. Turning his head so that he could ear the captive spoke.

“Who is this?” He questioned, and the calm voice spoke “I work for and old friend of yours.” The man spoke “All of my friends are either dead, or do not talk to me anymore. More specific please.” The once calm voice spoke with slight irritation “Anderson needs you Kai, and as in yesterday he needed you. Need any help getting out of there?” Fa Shu smiled and asked “Can you hold on for a moment?” Letting the phone fall from his shoulder, he leaped forward knocking the man in front of him over. Without a moment of hesitation he flipped forward and slammed the chair into the next guard. The sound of bones cracking echoed through the room, now he was free from the chair but his hands were still bound. The other guards charged him, he wrapped ones hand in with his and then jumped up kicking with both legs. Sending the guard flying into the wall, another came at him with a gun firing. Almost catching one of the bulelts, it sliced through his bounds. Freeing his hands, he was now free to unleash all he had. Grabbing a guards punch he snapped his arm and then kneed him in the stomach, as the guard bent forward the reel from his attack Fa Shu slammed his elbow down onto the back of his neck breaking it. Pulling a gun from out of one of the guards waist band he pointed the gun to the wall in front of him.

Looking it over once he fired twice, the bullets going through the wall and into the guards standing outside the room. Two thuds echoed and he turned to the man in charge who was still reeling from getting the wind knocked out of him, Shu stood over him the gun pointed to the mans forehead “My name is Fa Shu Kai...” And pulling the trigger once the mans head exploded. Wiping the blood from his hands he picks up the phone “Alright, where has Anderson gotten off too now?”


Shu sits at the dining room table eating breakfast, and watching all those around him. Pouring a bit of vodka into his orange juice he sips on it an sighs as the drink goes down. Looking to Olivia he wonders how such a spoiled brat could hide so much potential. He knew orders would be given soon if he understood Olivia’s jibberish. He wasn’t sober yet, so all she was saying was muffled. He hoped that went away soon, Hawk didn’t like repeating himself.

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The air was chilling as a breeze blew threw the open window into the small room. Madison woke up from a nightmare about her childhood and thought that a cold swim in the loch would be the perfect thing to calm her mind. The closet doors were made of a very rich wood that must have been indigenous to the area because they had a color and grain that Madison had never seen before, the doors were very heavy and were reluctant to open so she broke off the doors, it was hopefully not loud enough to wake anybody else up and she believed it didn't. Once inside the closet the hunt for a swimsuit began, she looked through all cabinets and drawers but Madison could not find one single swimsuit, so she just grabbed a loose white Burberry dress and made her way out of the room.

She held her shoes in her hand as she tiptoed past William's room, their rooms were side by side and she often thought about sneaking to his room at night, but she didn't know if he felt the same way about her as she did him. She continued down the hallway, down the stairs and out of the door. Once out of the house she put on her shoes and began to walk down the stone pathway towards the loch. The walk was silent and peaceful, the sun had just begun to rise so the faint colors reflected off the water lighting the property with a warm, dim light. The forest was lit with a similar light, and the trail curved straight into the trees. The smell of the woods was very refreshing indeed, the pine and moist bark created a very light and natural aroma, the path exited the woods and ended at the rocky beach.

Madison reached down and took off her shoes and set them on a rock, she then slipped out of her dress and undergarments then hung them on a branch just above her shoes. The rocks were cold and rough as Madison made her way to the water, once the loch first reached out and touched her toes it was numbing, but within seconds her body adapted and she tread into deeper water. Once the water was to her waist Madison dove and began to swim, she felt her lungs expand and she was able to filter oxygen out of the water after keeping her head under for about a minute. The water felt nice on her naked body, it felt very natural to be gliding through the water alone in the morning, after swimming to the middle of the lake Madison began to head back, by the time she got back it had been almost two hours.

She walked to where her clothes were and put them back on then headed back up the path, it was a lot brighter now, birds were chirping and the smell of bacon and eggs filled her nose, she began to jog back because everyone else was up which meant a meeting was probably about to happen. Madison arrived at the front door, her hair was still wavy from being wet but she stepped inside anyway, she heard chatter in the kitchen and walked into the room, instantly her eyes caught hunters as he devoured a plate of food, then she saw Olivia glowing at the front of the room and she gave a talk about a new mission, and that a man that was unknown to Madison would be arriving shortly to give more details.

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"UGH! So F*cking cold..." Those were the words that were uttered by the Irish Assassin Cain O'Panell as he lay in his bed alone, In his boxers with a awful hangover just as a cool morning breeze went past him. He got up from his bed and entered his bathroom as his feet made loud stomping noises upon impact to the tile floor. He had recently joined The Dogs of War, An elite strike team assembled by Hawk, A Soldier with his own legendary merits. He had collected the best men and women he had known to form a group capable of toppling empires, Or whatever he set his mind too, Cain saw opportunity to gain fame and infamy from this, And maybe make a buck or two whilst doing it. So there he stood in the bathroom as his rugged facial hairs were covered by shaving cream as he looked around desperately to find a razor to no avail. He let out a sigh as he picked up his SAS Combat knife, A Blade he looted off a British Forces soldier he killed. It was a familiar weapon, But to him weaponry were tools and not devices of murder. His bare hands gripped the soft handle as the razor lightly tickled his chin with swift movements towards the grain, With each slash cutting through the hairs like a sharpened machete slashing through the weeds of the jungle, Or a lumberjack bludgeoning an exotic tree to the point of extinction with each powerful swing.

Cain laughed as his job was done, Slapping on a splash of water to wipe away the residue, He went out and slipped on a rather casual green, "F*ck Me, I'm Irish." T-Shirt and jeans, placing a black jacket over it. Inside the jacket was a plethora of concealed weapons, Including a Mini-Uzi and a set of throwing knives, However these were quite well hidden as he put on the final touches of his signature hidden blades, And his Custom CZ75s. He went out to as he heard that today there would be a bit of a meeting after or during breakfast, Something about the first mission. Cain wanted to appear on time as he arrived in the kitchen to the smell of fresh eggs and bacon, The team slowly assembling as he noticed his teammates. Richard and Olivia in particular seemed rather...Memorable as he said in a phone call to his family the night before "I Can't get any f*cking sleep because the pretty boy guy and the chick with red hair have been f*cking every time I go to bed! I Have to get drunk enough to pass out so that I Can ignore all the moaning..."

Cain began eating as he observed his fellow members closely, The Mercenary was a mentor of his and made things rather interesting considering he did not know about any of the other members, With the exception of Kalliste whom he heard from her rather illustrious acquaintance with Claire Swanpoel. He looked around a bit waiting to see if anyone was noticing as he pulled a silver flask out of his jacket and began drizzling the contents into his coffee as he twitched a little, But his eyes widened a bit as he Noticed Fa Shui pour Vodka into his own orange juice "Someone's had a crazy night..." He joked in his Irish Brogue as he finished eating as he scarfed down the rigorous amount of bacon he supplied himself with.

He began tapping his fingers awaiting the arrival of Hawk with a nervous anticipation, He hoped the mission would involve a place where explosions are needed as he was filled with childish glee waiting to see what the job was.

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The Mercenary rested his elbows on the counter top, taking in his environment and the people within it, his new team mates. They were a rag tag bunch of bad asses and they seemed to emanate epic. He felt oddly at home with these beings, each one owner of it's own strange, interesting tale that involved tons of blood and even more explosions. The Mercenary had arrived at the Dogs of War headquarters just a while ago and had not had a chance to slim down his attire a bit, sitting clad in sharp objects and grenades. He prayed no one would bump into him, he was unskilled in the acts of suicide bombing. He did not eat or drink, having no stomach and therefore possessing no appetite. One of his mutant quirks, he supposed. He noted Cain's presence, and was openly delighted with the membership of one of his greatest allies. The men shared a regarding nod, the Mercenary's signature smirk concealed by his blue and orange mask, but his body language dripping with amusement. He had a smug way about him, rarely if ever allowing his inner demons to rule his mind nor body. He was already so close to the edge, if he slipped, he would never come back.

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"The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too many men for me to deliver Midian into their hands. In order that Israel may not boast against me that her own strength has saved her, announce now to the people, ‘Anyone who trembles with fear may turn back and leave Mount Gilead. ’” So twenty-two thousand men left, while ten thousand remained.

But the Lord said to Gideon, “There are still too many men. Take them down to the water, and I will sift them for you there. If I say, ‘This one shall go with you,’ he shall go; but if I say, ‘This one shall not go with you,’ he shall not go.”

So Gideon took the men down to the water. There the Lord told him, “Separate those who lap the water with their tongues like a dog from those who kneel down to drink.” Three hundred men lapped with their hands to their mouths. All the rest got down on their knees to drink.

The Lord said to Gideon, “With the three hundred men that lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands. Let all the other men go, each to his own place.” So Gideon sent the rest of the Israelites to their tents but kept the three hundred, who took over the provisions and trumpets of the others."

The preacher read the words out of Judges. He looked down toward Hawk sitting in the front row and began his message. "A narrow few warriors can make all the difference, the ones who hear the Lord and follows His word is the ones who can deliever us. God didn't say take all of the armies, He said to just to take a few.....then the glory would be His." After the message the pastor met Hawk and his children at the door. Shaking his hand Pastor Jeff spoke to Hawk quietly. "Good luck on your mission today." Hawk gave him a shocked look and questioned him. "How did you know...." you always sit on the front row when you'll be gone a while. "I hope the Lord spoke to you today." And the Pastor moved on the next member of the congeration.

He walked into the kitchen with his children by his side. Olivia ran over to her "sister" giving her a hug as Whisper picked her up. Nathan began eating the breakfast that Whisper had set out but Hawk sent him to the gym. Olivia went with him swinging on the ropes in the gym as she went, blowing a kiss to Richard as she did. She had a crush on her sister's boyfriend.

Hawk began to strip off his church close. Laying his jacket and shirt on the back of a chair as he went. Whisper set a large plate of eggs and bacon in front of him. Taking off his undershirt and grabbing a black tee shirt from Whisper he put on the shirt with "Wounded Warrior Project" written on the front. He quickly got down to business.

"Thank you all for coming with such urgency. I have called each of you for a purpose. I have called each of you for a reason. You all have a special skill set, a special determination that sets you apart from the rest. I was tasked to put together a this...." looking around he looked at each of the men and women in the eye. "....so let's get down to it. I will be your team leader, to my right is Whisper. She will be our mission director, all of your mission objectives will come through her."

"To my right is Hunter. He will be your field commander, his word is as good as my own. These two answer to me and me alone.....if you have any objections with them, you have objections to me."

Hawk looked around for any objections only to see everyone looking at Hunter and Whisper with more than approving looks. The former Wolf Pack members knew that Hunter was one of the ferciest warriors on the planet, and Whisper's power levels were off the chart though she prefered the dagger at her side.

"Finish up your meals gear up and we will meet at the plane in an hour. Whisper will lay the game plan out on the plane but here is the general guidelines that we will work with. Scout Team: Merc and Shadowknight you will scout the area and relay details back to the command center. The first strike team will be: Charm, Kalli and Hunter. Charm make them disappear and keep our com lines open. I want to hear you breathe." Hawk saw a slight smile out of Kalliste as he put the teams together.

"Whisper will lead the extraction team: Richard, Fa Shu you're with her." Fa Shu sparked up a little when his name was mentioned and looked over to the "happy couple" though for the first time he noticed that they looked more like fierce warriors than young lovers.

Any questions. An irish accent spoke up "Ah boss, what will you be doing during this little mission?" He said taking a drink. "I gonna level this whole fucking country." ........the irishman's eyebrows raised with kind of a shock. "Alrighty then, that answers that." He rose his glass before drinking the last of his drink.

"Let's go."

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New Orleans, Louisiana

"Ladies and Gentleman," the announcer proclaimed in his thick Cajun accent.  "We do indeed have a most rare spectacle for y'all this evenin'...."  Deep underground, some of the wealthiest and seediest beings within the city had gathered.  Yet, this was no ordinary gathering of the socially-climbing aristocracy; but rather it was a commune for none other than vampires.  Their entertainment for the evening - public battles between immortals.  Whether it be a battle between two vampires, two werewolves, or vampire against werewolf, the crowds were always pleased to have their blood lust appeased.
The vampiric announcer then continued by saying, "Presenting the LAST of the Greystoke legacy of werewolves..... Many of you may have lost kin to him in the past.....  I give you...... for your entertainment tonight......  You may know him as the Hunter..... WILLIAM.......  GREYSTOKE!!!"  At that moment, a drunken eruption of applause thundered throughout the arena as the spotlight made its way down into the arena below - revealing the Hunter himself, primed and ready for action.
At the other end of the arena was a relatively young vampire - no more than two hundred fifty years old and of Cajun descent.  Sure enough, he was a local favorite.  There would be nothing more pleasurable for the audience than to see one of their own physically pick and apart and destroy the Greystoke Legend.  In fact, their love of violence and gore would be the only thing to spare William's life in his did in fact pull off the win.
Immediately, the vampire cleared the entire arena in the blink of an eye.  With blinding speed, he brought up his right fist do drive home a killer shot to break William's jaw.  However, the Greystoke Legend responded in time by quickly bringing up both forearms to block the powerful blow.  With that, he slid his elbow up and attempted to gore it right through the cheek bone of his opponent; but the vampire was much faster than even the Lord of the Lycans.
The vampire was able to easily dodge the blow by merely shifting his head to the side.  He replied by delivering three powerful lightning-fast body shots into William's exposed rib cage - the third blow cracking two of the lycan's ribs.  Just as the vampire finished the third blow, William had dropped one of his hands to protect his body while the other still protected one side of his face.  However, it was a miscalculation on his part as one of the vampire's knees came up and connected with the other side of Greystoke's face - cracking the cheek bone with its tremendous impact.  In the blink of an eye, the vampire brought up his other knee to successfully break William's nose and send the lycan flying backwards from the shock.
Breathing heavily through his mouth, the Hunter grit his teeth and growled deeply as his eyes began to change in color.  Blood continued to flow from his nostrils as he slowly got up on one knee to face his opponent, who was playing to the crowd and taunting Greystoke to attack.  To many in the audience, it appeared as if Greystoke were near defeat - prompting the vampire to rush in for that finishing blow.
However, there was always a purpose behind William's actions.  In this case, it was to assess the vampire's speed and to learn the timing of each attack - including open windows for a counterattack.  As the vampire rushed in to deliver one final knee to Greystoke's face, the Hunter suddenly rose to his feet and brought his hands up to his opponent's attacking side.  Snaking his left arm underneath his opponent's right knee and hamstring, he caught the vampire's attacking leg - leaving the vampire's remaining foot planted on the ground and exposing the leg.
Without hesitation, the Greystoke Legend extended his right leg in a powerful side kick.  Like a viper's strike, the kick connected with the inner hinge of the knee cap and shattered the joint completely.  Crying out in agony, the vampire collapsed upon his shattered knee.  With his arms still locked like a vice grip around the vampire's other leg, the Hunter mercilessly shattered the other joint as well with a sharp twist of his body - leaving the vampire grovelling on his hands and knees in a crippled state.
As the crowed chanted for a finishing blow, the Hunter rushed up to the side of the vampire's head and delivered a powerful punt kick - snapping the neck and pitching the vampire's body across the arena.  The "cleanup crew" would collect the vampire's broken remains and a later time.
"CAN Y'ALL BELIEVE IT?!?!" the announcer cried as the audience went wild in their blood lust.  "We've seen what he can do with ONE vampire....." he said.  "Now let's see what he can do with TWO......."  With that, two more vampires were released and the bloody spectacle continued well into the night....

Dogs of War HQ

Early in the morning, William entered the HQ - having flown halfway across the world.  Though his healing factor had taken care of the majority of his injuries, it was still visible that he had been through a serious fight.  Without even saying a word, William carried his gear upstairs and headed towards his chamber.  With just a few hours of sleep, he would be able to complete the healing process.... or at least the physical one.
"What was it this time?" a voice said from behind.
Without even turning around, William said, "I thought you would be more concerned with getting your church clothes ready...."
"I'm concerned with my field commander." Hawk replied in a stern tone.
William turned around to face Hawk and said in a slightly heated voice, "Do you have something you want to say?"
"I do." Hawk said.  "And it's not just about my field commander trying to go out and KILL himself before a mission - jeopardizing all of us...  It's about my brother trying to destroy himself.  Look, we all have our  methods of coping.  I also miss-"
"STOP right there....." the Hunter said sharply, a low growl easily-detectable in his voice.
"This is what you do...." Hawk said.  "You always find new ways to push and test yourself; but this time, it's different.  This time, I actually think that you WANT to fail.  Then you go and distance yourself from the people who care about you.  You distance yourself from anyone close.  You know that we're here for you, Hunter."
William glanced from Hawk over to Nathan and Olivia's room then said, "I guess that's the one way in which we're different, old friend.....  Not all of us are meant to be the 'family man' after all."  With that, he turned away and headed back towards his chamber.
"The mission briefing is in just a few hours." Hawk called after him.
"I'll be there...." William said over his shoulder before going into his room.
That morning, the Dogs or War convened and teams were delegated by Hawk.  The Hunter was assigned to Charmix and Kalliste.  He had worked with both of them prior to the mission and was fully confident that they would be able to function smoothly as a unit.  After the meeting, Greystoke returned to his chamber and proceeded to gear up...
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The glare that crossed her face as her father announced her position on this was one that would burn the skin off of a lesser man. Olivia Anderson had the patent on death glares and the fact that he just smirked back at her, fully knowing that she and Fa Shu Kai were not exactly on the best of terms. Gently excusing herself from the table to prepare, she ran her fingers across Richard's shoulder. "I cooked, you guys have fun cleaning up."

She stood in her bedroom in front of the mirror gearing up as Richard walked in, a bemused expression on his face. Pulling on a suit that had been specifically designed and created for her by a friend who happened to be good with stuff like that, she pouted at Richard as he walked up behind her and fastened it for her. What happened on the last mission went unspoken between them; neither had any plans of repeating that fiasco in field again, as exhilarating as it had been.

Watching him intently as he strapped on his own gear, the smallest of satisfied smiles tilted up the corner of her mouth. "What's the likelihood that this gets blown to hell in some way?"

"What's the likelihood that it doesn't?" Wrapping an arm around her shoulders he handed her the dagger and gun that she favored.


Standing in front of the rows of seats in the private military-grade plane that the Dogs of War had ownership, Whisper braced a hand on the back of the leather seat she was standing next to as they hit the smallest amount of turbulence. "Hawk's already assigned teams and given you your basic missions. I'm here to elaborate on that. This is the gist of what has happened. We have been activated by the President to do something that he cannot sanction any agent of the United States of America to do. We are going behind enemy lines to retrieve men who nobody else can retrieve. Our destination is North Korea." She allowed that to sink in before continuing amidst the small rustle of chatter. "The scout team is the Mercenary and Cain. Your function is to stay as quiet and innocuous as possible - I know that's going to be hard. Gather information, track movements and schedulesand report back anything and everything that you hear. Strike team is going to be Kalliste, Charmix and the Hunter. Go in under cover and get yourselves into position as fast as possible with as little bloodshed and raucous. Make a hole and leave a clear opening." Her gaze drifted from Richard to Fa Shu, eyes narrowing with slight irritation. "Third team is Fa Shu, Richard and myself. We're the extraction team and our priority is to get those men out alive and as unharmed as possible. This is to be done under any conditions necessary."

"Our goal is to do this without them ever knowing that we were there. Your priority is to get those men out alive and as unharmed as possible. You do this under any conditions necessary." Holding up a small case she opened it and pulled out state of the art comm systems taken care of by a tech specialist with nearly no equal. "These signals are hidden from every tracker and satellite in existence. We are completely silent in every aspect while using them. Do not turn yours off under any conditions." Handing them out she went over their specs. "There's a GPS signal in each of them. The second you turn it off mid-mission, everybody else receives your last coordinates and we come for you the second that we have the targets secured." Passing them to Richard he grabbed one and passed on to Charmix, who was sitting in the seat across from him and that went so on and so forth. "One last thing, although it doesn't need to be said. Failure in this mission isn't an option. These men fought for our country, they fought for us. It's our duty to them to bring them home safe and sound."

Taking her seat she closed her eyes and curled into herself, pulling her legs up to her chest underneath the blanket, allowing her thoughts to drift to the last rescue mission that they'd been on, her entire body tensing as she did so.

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As if he intentionally tried to annoy her he smiled wide as he was given his orders, and thus his partners in his part of the plan. Smirking wide he nodded his head an stood up, Olivia was on her way out when Fa Shu pushed past her bumping her arm an mumbling "Such a pretty brat should be careful of where shes going." With that he could feel her eyes burn into the back of his head, he held his arm up an flipped her off with a wide smile on his face. Making his way back to his room he opened a bottle of brandy and began to drink, letting its toxins seep into his body he took in a deep breath. As he took swigs from the bottle he pulls a portrait from underneath the mattress in his room, sitting down he looks at it with a slight smile.

The picture was of him and the rest of the Saints, he began to realize that he will never be that man again. Even with Hawk and his new team Dogs of War he will never be that happy again. He finished off the bottle and started onto a bottle of Whiskey, drinking it straight his face contorts to its poison. He wasn't a drunk, he was preparing for the mission. Since his days in Saints, he has found that instead of putting his body through such a physical act of cutting the sensation of pain from his system. He drowns it in liquor, the more drunk he is the longer he cant feel pain and can continue on fighting. He also has trained in the art of the Drunken Monkey and fighting while heavily intoxicated. With one last swig he polished off the second bottle in three minutes, moving onto another bottle of Whiskey and a smaller bottle of Vodka. He began to sweat profusely and he had trouble standing, a wide smile came to his face as he stood up and looked into the mirror. Remembering he was with Olivia on this mission along with her boy toy he grumbled "Hope they dont kissy face in front of you." Talking to himself in the mirror.

Walking the a wall in his room he presses a button and a keyboard slides out from the wall, pressing in a sequence of numbers a door opens within the wall. Leading into a larger room the lights begin to flash on, soon a variety of obstacles pop up along with the voice of a computer. Fa Shu babbles then makes a coherent thought "Stage ten....route 325...Begin" He hiccups as the machines all begin to hum into start. Soon a variety of hurtles fly at him, arrows fly towards him along with discs with razor sharp edges. Screaming like a banshee he runs towards the weapons, only to wobble back and forth before falling forward. He rolls with the fall and comes up under the discs, sending an uppercut to the first and the catching the next. Tossing the second into the third and ricocheting the fourth with a kick into the last of the discs. Arrows fly towards him, he catches two and kicks the next three away from him. The final arrow is inches from his face before he catches it between his palms, he grins as he catches it and hiccups. "Still got it!!!" He walks out with his fist in the air, grabbing another bottle of vodka.


Now he sits among the others, drinking even more and listening. Olivia looks to him and his drinking he barks at her "You have your methods, and I have mine. Do not fret (hiccup) I will be nothing but a boy scout." Holding up the boy-scout honor sign he waits for the plane to drop them off and for the mission to really kick off.

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Dogs of War HQ

Walking into his chamber, the Hunter immediately went to work completing his set of rail mounts for the HERF generators.  Once completed, the devices would be able to securely fit onto any weapon with a standardized tactical rail.  That way, wielding the device would be no different than the user simply operating their weapon.  Unknown to the others, the winnings which William had received from his underground activities had been used to acquire these devices - none of which came inexpensively.
Suiting up in his classic hooded red and black uniform, he strapped on his two wolf emblem gauntlets to each forearm.  A concealed, spring-operated blade was implanted in each one.  Though stealth was key, if the team found themselves pinned down, they would need sufficient firepower to fight their way out.  Therefore, after mounting one of the HERF generators to the rail of it, William holstered his 45-caliber 1911 pistol at his side.
From his back was hung a Saiga 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun with fifteen rounds in the magazine.  The stock of the weapon was modified to house two additional magazines on the side.  After securing three additional eight-round magazines of .45 ACP onto his belt for his pistol, he packed some extra ammunition into the various pocketed sections of his uniform.  To complete the ensemble, he hung a dual set of hunting knives towards the rear of his belt - out of the way, yet easily accessible when needed.
With that, he made exited his chamber and made his way towards the jet....

On Board the Jet

William finished wrapping his hands up as Whisper's address came to an end.  As he strapped on his gloves, he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.  It was always a pre-fight ritual of his.  Clearing his mind before an operation, he would leave everything else behind.  All that lay in front of his was the mission or target.  As field commander, it was his time to step up and lead once again.
"Thank you, Whisper." he said as she went back to her seat.  Turning back to the team, he then said, "There is not much more that I can do, than to reiterate what your mission director has already stated.....  Remember to keep your comm devices active at all times.  It is how we have each other's back in the field, how you call for assistance when needed; and most importantly, it is how we work as ONE....."
For a moment, the Greystoke Legend gave a slight pause.  Looking at all the faces before him, his eyes met those of each and every individual before him.  "You see," he continued.  "That is how we are most effective.....  A dog, like many of us, can be powerful.  He can roam freely and survive, or he can join a PACK and thrive.  The same can be said here.  When you are in the heat of battle, when your body is broken, when your spirit is crushed..... It is the strength of the pack which will keep you going..... and trust me, there will be a time when each of you will experience something that will truly push you to the limit....  Be ready for when that moment comes."
Reaching into his bag, the Hunter removed the case which contained the devices and mounts which he had assembled.  "I want each group to use one of these." he said, changing the subject.  Removing his 1911 and clearing it, he held it up to model the device mounted on its rail.  "This device is a HERF generator." he said.
"For those of you who are not aware, it emits a targeted electromagnetic pulse.  It can be used to temporarily interfere with security cameras, laser-guided sensors, lights, or any other device which may compromise your position.  Because the pulse is targeted, it will not interfere with the comm devices which Whisper has provided for you.  However, that also means that you will have to aim the device before using it.  To guide you, it has a laser-guided targeting system.  If your pulse is successful, the indicator will be green; if not, then it will be red.  I fashioned mounts for them, so they will work with the tactical rails of your weapons without hindering you in any way."
Wrapping up, William said, "As Whisper stated earlier, our mission here is a rescue - not an all-out assault.  I do not way ANYONE to discharge their weapon.  Discharging your weapon will do nothing but leave a trail of ballistics which could implicate us or the United Nations.  If you must use lethal force, make it silent and clean up after yourself.  Remember..... no evidence.... no witnesses....  If anything, any injuries or casualties that the enemy may sustain must be attributed to either an 'accident' or the prisoners that were merely trying to escape.  We want them to look for blame internally and to work on covering their own asses when it comes to them and the United Nations."
"Why is that?" someone questioned.
"Because," William replied.  "If those prisoners are somehow 'never accounted for' by the North Koreans and outside forces were seen attacking a North Korean base, it would make the United Nations appear to be the aggressor.  This would prompt anti-UN sympathizers to unite and we would have another World War on our hands.  However, if North Korea were made to look like the aggressor, then they would be forced to stand alone against the wrath of the UN. That makes for a shorter conflict with far less bloodshed.....  Any further questions?"
"What if we have to fight our way out?" another said.
"As I said before...." Greystoke stated.  "No evidence.... No witnesses..... No loose ends whatsoever.....  If you hear Hawk, Whisper, or myself utter the phrase, 'TIME TO UNLEASH' through your comm devices, then that will be the signal to lay waist to everything.  Though we hope that it will not come to that, every individual here must be ready to destroy everything and kill everyone if necessary."
After answering a few more field-related questions, the Hunter took his seat and waited for them to draw closer to North Korea.  At any given moment, their actions could spark a global war.  Good men needed saving, and they were being held against their will behind enemy lines.  Truth be told, the Hunter knew all too well what that felt like....
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Before boarding

The final command escaped the man's mouth who stood at the front of the room, his name was Hawk and he had told everyone to be waiting on the airstrip in an hour. After everyone left the room to go prepare Madison introduced herself to the statue of a man."Hello, my name is Madison." Few words were spoken during the introduction, Hawk seemed very focused on the mission, or maybe he was just a buisness type who got straight to the point and nothing but the point, he was not easy to read but Madison was honored to work under him regardless of the type of person he was.

The stairs made no noise as bare feet collided with the reclaimed dark wood, Madison took the steps two at a time, she had to shower before it was time to leave, she walked at a fast pace down the hallway, her room was at the end and as she walked it was apparent that the others were getting ready as well.

The steam began to flow from the bathroom into the cold bedroom that Madison was staying in, she caught a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror and realized she was still wet from her swim and hoped that the now almost see through dress was'nt obvious during the meeting. The dress clung to her damp skin as it dropped to the floor, Madison closed her door and picked up the dress to hang out on the balcony so it could dry. The view caught her offguard every time, the beauty created a swelling feeling in her body, she often pictured herself ending her career and living somewhere in the country with a similar landscape, but she couldn't retire, Madison was too good at her job. Even if she did retire Madison pictured herself living a lonely life, she was cursed with what seemed to be agelessness, because her body adapted so effeciently she had stayed in her prime for almost five years with no sign of aging, she was unsure if she would ever age but she felt she would not. However it was also a blessing, if aging was truly impossible Madison would be able to master all types of fighting and become even more deadly than she was already. The pleasant thought was broken when the sound of a gunshot went off, somebody musty have just been testing there weapons. Madison continued getting ready and removed her undergarments on the balcony to dry before she showered.

First thing after drying off, Madison walked to a chair which had her clothes on it. A tight black body suit lay over the back, the suit was very light and almost indestructible, needless to say it recieved frequent use for its superior properties. The suit was also beautiful it looked like a mix between modern technology and primal texures. The material seemed to be a collective mass of miniscule layered scaled with a few solid black lines tracing the figure of Madison's body. The suit already had all of her automatic pistols and knives equipped in the removable holster that hung around the waist. Finally being almost ready Madison walked to her armoir to zip up the back of her suit, the noise from the zipper was muffled by footsteps and Madison figured it must be time to go.

The flight

After the two speeches the plane was almost silent, there was the normal harassing each other like brother and sister but anybody with two brain cells could feel the anticipation that filled the room. The flight was not long, a normal flight from Scotland to North Korea usually was eleven hours, but the jet was equipped with very expensive technology that allowed the travel time to be cut down to less than five hours. Madison sat in her seat playing with her knife until the com buzzed "Drop zone for team 1 in five minutes, prepare for jump" The members instantly stood up, put on their parachutes and waited near the back of the plane for the gate to open. "One minute and counting" The team got into formation and then in almost no time the countdown began "Ten... Nine... Eight" The door lowered revealing a pitch black sky with no signs of man made structures on the ground, the scout team must be being dropped away from the building so they have distance to sneak up undetected. "Two... One.." Within an instant they were gone.

"Strike team your up next." Kalliste put on her chute and joined the team, Greystroke was on point and Charmix was by Kalliste directly behind. "One minute until drop" Kalliste was ready to execute the mission without being detected, there were many possibilities for error but she knew her team was the best the globe could offer and she could not have felt more confident."Remember to stay undetected" The Hunter said just before the countdown began. "Five... Four... Three... Two... One..." And just like that, the three jumped out of the plane and disappeared into the night.

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"Roll on one!" the boss shouted out and a crackle filled the air. His eyes were locked onto the preacher, but he could not hold his gaze. The crowd that had gathered became silent as the anticaption built. The call to the governer had been made and this would not be stopped. Sitting there with tears running down their face was his children, their life would never been the same. Quietly he sat their his wrists and ankles strapped down as well as his head. He blew a kiss to his daughter and gave a nod to his son before the guard put a black bag over his head. There were no words or no noise until the guard yelled out "Roll on two!".............


5...4...3...2... and she jumped out of the plane. Hunter heard one of the new recruits yell "was that the pilot?....she doesn't have a shute!" and laughed. Whisper just touched him on the shoulder and spoke into his ear. "That's Risky, my father would never let her fall.........welcome to the team." She pointed out the window to the silloette of her father on the diving down to scoop her out of the air. "What is her mission?" another new member asked. "She only ever has one mission. Assassination."

Silently Hawk let her feet touch the ground. They were 2 clicks south of their target and they walked together silently. Their hand signals were all they needed to communicate. They moved as one person though they were very different in nature. Risky was dress in her black tech gear, tight enough to leave very little to the imagination, had her weapons tucked neatly around her frame. Her twin desert eagles at her side and several knives tucked in her lower back, she had a habit of tucking her hair behind her ears after she made a kill. She had a fully custom sniper rifle slung over her back, light weight but with it she was accurate to a dime from more than a mile away. Hawk on the other hand wore black tactical pants and a tact vest with no shirt underneth. He carried no guns of any kind and had twin katanas tucked in between his shoulder blades. His signature mace hung at his side, more than twice the size of his counter part, they were the perfect killing unit.

Once they reached the fence line Risky grabbed Hawk by the hand. With a tap on his shoulder she pointed to the sky and Hawk smiled and was gone. She knew her role and he knew his. While the rest of the team was on a rescue mission. They were about to change the political landscape of Asia.