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@azad: @shinigami_: @superstay:

The bald parasite did not bite the man with pajamas, yet he moved towards the man that was about to shoot hi him before the guy in bathing robes intercepted. A sword penetrated his back, at a random location as he felt th e blade rising up the torso he moved forward to impale the slime user with the sword. Using his injuries as a means to attack, letting the man with the bath robe injure his friend. Shifting the blame. Having fun.

The one kept in the slime coils forcefully rips out and thus was very wounded, losing massive amounts of flesh. Appearing as a wraith-like form somewhat moved by a vine-like organism emanating from within. Jumping towards the man with the pajamas.

neglecting turban man

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I shoot two more bullets of ink at the cannibal(@nerx:). Ink rippling behind the black bullets as they rip through the air towards the cannibal's mouth. My whole body covered in ink to protect me from the cannibal's teeth if he gets through my shots.


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@azad: @shinigami_: @superstay:

The slime bullets passed cleanly through the back of its mouth as the sword stabbed from the back moved closer to the slime barrier, the bald host hugs closer as the sword penetrates through his body. With enough force it may connect to the slime caster's organs. The blade is good. The other host, ripped from escaping the shadow joins the fun.

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I run at the bald man while being aware of the cannibal(@nerx:). My free hand opens as a ink machete forms in it. As I get close I swing at his neck while aiming at the cannibal. I fire three times at the cannibal.


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@azad: @shinigami_: @superstay:

The mouth moved towards the pistol, biting the hand as the bald man got closer. Belly to belly with the sword sticking in to the armor. Possibly piercing the organ as the slime caster ran toward the bald host, the machete took the head off yet the teeth clenched deep into the finger as the head still retains motion. Trying to bite off two fingers at a time.

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Azad's rest was rudely interrupted from the monster's destruction caused around him. Azad jumped over the table and dug both hands straight into it's stomach. Adrenaline was kicking in and Azad's mind was focused on one thing.


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@azad: @shinigami_: @superstay:

It appears that that human had found out something about the beast within, the non-bald host screeched yet as his body is ripped he is more free to do odd movements. With a twist of the torso the upper body of the host body took a 180 degree turn, revealing its face to the turban. As thin tendrils hook deep into the hand inside the stomach.

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I looked at the head attached to my hand as I calm myself. I focus and as soon as I was fully calm the ink grew around my gloves preventing him from ripping through. My glove starts to spawn thick spike trying to pinch through the mouth of the bald man.


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@azad: @shinigami_: @superstay:Barbs unfurl from the slime and protrude out from his cheeks. Sprouting out like plants as the head began to violently expand. The bones deforming and readjusting shape into a fleshy pulsating orb. Mustaches distort into the features a s mix of ear and nostril follow next.

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Azad's brain was scared, wanting him to run away but his body told him to carry on. That the monstrosity was being weakened Even though he felt his hands going deeper inside it's grotesque stomach, he still carried on fighting. Azad was mutilating it's organs and skeleton from the inside with the use of his gauntlet, yet this time it was slower as it was covered thick in blood.

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@azad: @nerx: @superstay:

Shinigami was watching from above, he decided to attack all three of the men at once.

utilizing speeds just above light, 299 799 458 m / s to be exact, He attempted to slash at every-opponents spine, kneecaps and abdomen before promptly vanishing. Leaving the fight forever, he just wanted to injure all involved.

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@azad: @shinigami_: @superstay:

Wires and moving organs hook on the hands, like quicksand drawing in the outside force. The stomach gradually loosening, the cage of ribs opening up. Each individual bone reassembling into teeth, a venus flytrap awaiting prey. Both hands are stuck, yet the body will soon follow. A blanket of teeth, clipping under and over the armpit. A soft embrace, an invite to death.

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@azad: @shinigami_: @superstay:

It is a folly that the bathing robe had chose to attack three, when in reality there were only two. Cuts passed seamlessly through the abdominal, the one holding the turban is fine. Seeing as the upper body is essentially separated from the legs. Limbs which fall off as it hugs tighter, while the two 'other' opponents are merely the bald host and the slime caster. Both of them struck in the spine, knees and stomach. Leaving his very ally in peril as well.

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Out of my gloves shot out spikes that rips the head apart. I hold my hand to make sure it's okay, which it is. Then something(@pyrogram:)hits me. My ink suit luckily holds my body together as it start to heal me.


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@azad: @shinigami_: @superstay:

The head is gone, yet the body is somewhat intact and the opponent has been wounded. It is a good opportunity to strike, apparently cut up and in the recuperation process. Barbed protrusions exit the gaping wound from the previous sword strike, spiking towards the healing spike wound.

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Still weak I cover myself in ink to prevent the cannibal and his host from getting a hold on me. I walk over to the bar and grabs my bottle. Bleeding badly I stand fully up and drink the last of my scotch/rum. Colt 45 in hand I lick the blood from my lips and turn towards the cannibal.


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@sideslash: Ted's opponent unleashed a fury of powerful shots all aimed towards his body. Ted absorbed some of the shots to give his foe confidence in throwing the rest. The next half of the combination were all precisely blocked by his elbow. Assuming the elbow blocks did some damage, Ted faked an uppercut and threw a push kick. Hopping that his opponent was getting used to the shots he aimed towards the body earlier in their match,

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(question: can Last Pyre fight in this arena without using his flame thrower and just his fists? or is he too powerful to fight?)

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@Nerx: in a new thread or this thread? because I think you have just given me an idea for a new thread.

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Nerx I might do that, I will just have to get some pics together so people can get an idea of what the arena looks like y'know

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Sheng walks into the club, looking up at the fight in the center of the ring, with his hands calmly placed behind his back. Watching the fight, hit-for-hit, Sheng turns and walks over to the an area away from the large crowd that's swarming around the ring. He ordered a bottle of water from the bar as he sat on the tall, wooden stool. He continued watching as the bartender filled a thick, glass mug full of ice water. "Thanks, bro..." Sheng smiled as he took the mug and turned back to the fight.


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@superstay: Eric walks into the fight club. "You...lets fight."

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Sheng looks over at the man. "Who....me?" He ask with a puzzled look on his face. He drinks the rest of his water before standing up. "Okay" He states with a smile as he notice the last fight had ended. He sits down the mug, then, he walks towards the ring.

Smile stretched across his face, he eyes his opponent. He watches his movements. Sheng enters the ring and takes off his Dragon designed overcoat. As he stands in the center left side of the large, wooden framed ring, he starts stretching. He bows with a smile before stating, "Good luck, bro...".


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@superstay: Eric took a fighting stance and within seconds he vanished and reappeared behind sheng and swung his leg down in an attempt to leg drop him on the soft part of his shoulder

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Sheng smiled as he watched his opponent take up his stance. However, the man vanished, which surprised the smile fighter tremendously. Sheng stood silently as he listened for the slighted sound. He breathed slowly and concentrated before he heard a sound behind him. Using his speed, he vanished to avoid any attack that his opponent might have.

In less then a half second, he re-appeared behind the sly man. In midair, he was in mid-motion of a back spinning kick. His right foot was swinging around him with vicious speed. It was aimed at the man's head's side. His foot was building up enough force to crack a brick wall.


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@superstay: The kick connected and Eric fell but as he hit the ground another Eric walked into the ring. "You cant kill me." he said. "I can never die." This one shot with flying speed over to Sheng and sent a jab straight for the man's lungs attempting to knock the wind from his body

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Sheng watched as his foot connected with his opponent's head. It sent the man to the ground quickly. In which, landing on his feet, Sheng stepped forward to check up on the man. However, he heard a the man's voice come from a distant region of the ring. In a confused manner, he turned to find the source of the voice.

He immediately noticed the man's replica standing far off. "How?" he muttered to himself as he stood in a puzzled stance. Sheng was truely surprised by this fighter. "He could teleport and multiply?" he thought. Sheng quickly started prepping in his head. "This dude has a lot more tricks than I thought" Sheng thought as he heightened his senses and readiness by focusing.

Suddenly, the man used his speed to zoom up to Sheng, who was still in mid thought, and punched him in the stomach with a winding blow. However, the prepping fighter's use of Kung Fu's 'Iron Shirt' protected him. As the fist hit his chest, his body immediately absorbed the impact and dulling the punch.

Sheng instinctively reached to grab the man's arm and he he leaped up. He shot his right knee towards the man's face. The knee moved at a high speed, with as much force as the previous spinning kick.


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@superstay: The knee connected and he fell and then yet another man just the same as eric appeared behind him. "As i said. you wont win. we have purpose." another man walked out next to him. "Its purpose that created us." another walked out. "you cannot kill an idea." a 3rd appeared. "Our ideas our bullet proof." a fourth one. "all you have is kung foo and the hope that when you use it i will fall" a fifth one. "because if i am still standing you wont live." a 6th one. "beneath my mask is a will and a will is immune to injury." now the 6 men surrounded the ring and a 7th dropped from the sky with a diving drop kick aimed at Sheng

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Sheng saw the man fly to the ground as he landed. He watched the man with a wondering eye as he heard a voice. The fighter stopped to listen as the voice grew behind him. At the drop of a dime, he whipped around to see another man. Sheng backed up and assumed a quick, versatile fighting stance. The man spoke words as another appeared to continue his statement. Soon, another appeared, and another. Sheng's attention diced around to all of them as he realized his opponent's ability. They spoke illuminating words as Sheng prepared himself for the long, outnumbered, battle that he was sure to face.

He eyed one, "I know a lot more than Kung Fu, bro...". Immediately, he heard the falling kick that was crashing down from the air. He ducked and rolled forward to avoid the attack. He hopping to his feet and launched himself into the air. With flexibility and power. He sent a side splits kick headed to the chins of two of the replicas of his opponent.

If they connected, he would turn towards the rest with his back facing the crowd. Sheng was full prepared to face an arm if that was the fate that he faced.


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@superstay: Both replica's grabbed the feet of sheng to prevent the damage and threw him away wail the main one threw 2 jabs aimed at his face and a knee for the ribs

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Sheng's legs quickly snapped shut as he landed on the ground. He immediately started to get back onto a defensive stance. However, the man to his right throw a very fast punch his way. The fist, strong and quick, connected with Sheng's cheek. It stung, though Sheng avoided showing the pain. As the fist retracted, the defensive fighter quickly started to attack. He watched the shoulders of the attacker. He noticed the movement of a second jab and Sheng started to calculate the next punch. Immediately, he dropped to a knees.

Within half a third of a second, he was behind the man. He attempted to wrap his arms around the waist of the man. Then, using enough strength to lift 400lb bears, he would lift the man off the ground to perform a perfect Wrestling styled Suplex. The move would be sent at a extremely quick speed.

If the move was successful, Sheng would then roll over the man. He'll un-noticeably get into the right position before turn on his left foot and launching himself into the air to deliver a back flying TaeKwonDo Tornado Kick to the face of the second man.


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@superstay: As sheng grabbed him Eric was indeed flung into the air. He then at similar speed wrapped his arm around shengs neck in a kind of reverse sleeper hold and attempted to face plant sheng into the ground with his own momentum. "An idea can never die."

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As Sheng gripped onto man in mid suplex, he felt his arm tighten around his neck. Using his very strong mid body and leg muscles, Sheng hauled and held himself, and the man, in a half bridge position. "Luckily, I don't kill... " Sheng said as he moved his arms up to the man's arm-lock as the man lied on Sheng bridging torso.

Like a snake, his right arm slithers around the man's arm to attempt to lock it in place. Knowing that it would take too long for him to fight his way out of the lock, he immediately resorted to Ninjitsu pressure point control. He planned to dice his hand deep into the pit of his opponent's locking arm. The armpit held a vital nerve stream. If hit right, it would send the entire arm into a limp shock. In turn, his arm would be worthless. He would feel a endless sting ringing through his neck, as well.

(Tell me if I'm not selling enough...)


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@superstay: As they went into the lock Eric, who was also fluent in pressure point hitting, knew exactly what sheng was attempting. He propelled himself off with his legs alone and landing upright on his feet he swerved to avoid the hit and attempted top throw a hard knee to break the ninjutsu user's grip on his arms

(your good)

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(Anyone up for a brawl?)

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@shadowknight666: (you.I'm gonna try testing out my new character lol plus im bad at introductions)

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Once Eric broke his hold, Sheng broke his. A smile lined across my face, since his opponent fell for the game of 'Chicken' that he played. Sheng immediately let the man go and rolled to his feet. The fighter stood in the far end of the ring. He stared at the men who faced him. Sheng flexed his hands as he prepared for the next attack of his opponent/s.


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@superstay: Nice gif incorporation. (Flash Point was a sicc movie)

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(Yeah, it is the best way I could demonstrated the type of attack he was performing)


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@superstay: Eric zoomed in on sheng with the lenses in his mask studying him before 3 of the erics tried to grab Sheng wail the original walked towards him

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Sheng watched as the men approached him. He was full aware of everyone in the ring as he immediately started leaning lower. With on movement, he rotated on the ground before preforming a Windmill Flare.

Legs straight out in both directions, he spun at a unnoticeably high speed. He spun like a top with blinding speed. His body looked like a blurred circular saw spinning on the ground. The force he held in his leg, plus the momentum that he continuously built in the time-frame of the move, caused his flare to be viciously dangerous. Sheng's flare would be perfectly capable of shattering the thickest bricks, as a lawnmower would slice blades of grass. His legs, perfectly distanced on both side, would sweep any body part that came in direct contact with them. They would easily rip through muscles, bones and body tissues.


(Though, Sheng's is spinning many times faster, below is an example of the type of flare he's performing)

Loading Video...


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@superstay: Eric readied himself and as the flair saw went forward he jumped high into the air and vanished in the shadows and send a cascade of nerve needles raining down at sheng attempting to hit his Vidal spots

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Sheng immediately notices the needles as he's spinning on the floor. In an instance, he disappears in a cloud of dark smoke. The smoke, thick and grey, fades to reveal nothing. Seconds after the needles hit the ring floor, Sheng re-appeared on the far edge of the ring. He smiled as he eyed the many needles that stabed the floor. "Well, that was close..." He joyfully stated to himself as he rubbed the back of his head.


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@superstay: Eric slowly looked over at him slowly. his hood up and black mask on. he had goggles under the mask which glowed bright green. Eric raised his hand and blasted green energy at a high speed soaring strait for Sheng wail at teh same time raceing at the man and throwing a right knee and a jab to the face