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U.N. Metahuman Affairs is a public relations and peacekeeping organization devised by the U.N. Security Council to study alien or otherwise abnormal creatures and technology, reach out to the metahuman population, and take action against any extraordinary threats. It is primarily tasked with public outreach and bridging the divide between metahumans and the rest of the world, but when provoked, it is one of the most capable military elites on the planet, and hardly afraid to show it.


The group's base of operations is a large, highly modified aircraft carrier which circles the world on month-long excursions. It is on the sea six months out of the year, unless called into immediate action, and spends the rest of its time docked for stationary work and routine upkeep.

While the ship is very hi-tech, many of the facilities are similar to a typical Naval vessel. The only major adjustments beyond the exterior are found in the aircraft, defenses, security systems, and propulsion. While the tarmac on the deck houses and launches dozens of combat and personnel aircraft, there is a hangar below deck for aquatic transport, which opens up at the nose of the ship, flooding an internal canal to allow boats and submersibles passage to the open sea.

The ship has been retrofitted with technology from various alien races, adapted and integrated into the weapons array. Not only are they used for turrets, bombs, and energy wave defense, many of the alien weapons and other technology modified by their scientists have been put into the hands of their troops.

The Director's command room, a small observation area for the Director, is located directly above the control room, overlooking the deck. The science and research division is located far below deck, along with the detainment area, which has cells capable of holding prisoners with Class 4 energy and strength abilities, as well as neutralize phasing and teleportation.

They still get out from time to time.
Research facilities
Observation and analysis


The ship is manned by a crew of thousands. While most of these are responsible for basic procedure, i.e. surveillance, analysis, and maintenance, they are all given at least basic combat training and required to carry sidearms at all times, and even basic procedure crewmen will be given heavier firepower in the event of a significant threat.


Primary field combatants, first response to any potential threat. The masks are only worn during nighttime operations, but the rest of their bodies remain protected in state-of-the-art lightweight body armor on all missions. They are equipped with standard weaponry, and occasionally given additional equipment to exploit the weaknesses of a specific threat. Elites regularly engage in frontal assaults, approaching the target in boats or personal flight harnesses (jet packs).


Strategic Heavy Ordnance Control and Cleanup. S.H.O.C.C. troopers are the select few sent in when a situation becomes too hot for the rest. There are only two dozen S.H.O.C.C. troopers at any given time, although that is all that's ever needed. The survival rate for this unit is incredibly low, but their success rate in the field is almost unbelievable. The men and women of this unit have developed a closely knit brotherhood with one another, but remain distant and resentful of the rest of the crew, who they've labeled "softhands". S.H.O.C.C. troopers carry heavier equipment than Elites, and are often allowed to personalize their weapons, to an extent. Due to the urgent nature of their work, they are often flown in and dropped into the heat of battle.

Research Department

U.N. Metahuman Affairs employs some of the world's top scientists. Between them, they have expertise in biology, nanotechnology, and various other fields. They are tasked with studying strange creatures, deducing solutions to the worlds extraordinary problems, and reverse-engineering alien technology, among countless other things. The Research Department may have one of the safer jobs on the ship, but that doesn't make their work any easier.


These agents are mostly tasked with the community outreach portion of U.N.M.A.'s mission. They operate programs training young or inexperienced metahumans to use and control their abilities, human rights movements in third world countries, and contacting active 'superheroes' to keep them from stepping over the line and turning themselves into a threat. They try to control potential altercations before the troops need to be called in, but they are capable of taking on an enemy themselves if retaliation is necessary.


Director Hannigan

Melissa Hannigan

Director of U.N. Metahuman Affairs, Hannigan is responsible for the constant management of the ship and its operations. She often finds herself going into combat, but her work keeps her grounded more often than not, and she also works personally on the outreach and human rights programs the group organizes.

Assistant Director Heller

Blake Heller

Melissa's friend and mentor from the CIA, Blake was happy for her when she was assigned to the Director position, and gladly accepted the title of Assistant Director. All of his experience, intelligence, and grit are needed to make it by on the job. He is Director Hannigan's right hand man and always has her back when things go south.

(This is primarily a hangout, not a team, in case you were wondering)

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Paying you a visit later

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So glad I got to see this up before I went to bed. ;D

Speaking of which, bed tiiimmeee.

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@ZombieBigfoot: GIF stealer ;p

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Very cool, good luck! :)

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This is my kind of thread!

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There was a coldness, and a sterility to the base of operations that was so mundane and inviting. It reminded Atticus, of the field trips he used to take to naval yards when he was much younger, the regailings were a comforting change from the constant speak of meta humanity. The cadence of his footsteps along the mid catwalks were a rhythm he could learn to love.

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@Agent_Hannigan Can I drive the ship? Pwwwweeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee :D
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Yaaay! Now I Have a place to fire bomb the hell out of!

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@shadowknight666 said:

Yaaay! Now I Have a place to fire bomb the hell out of!

You won't make it out alive.

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@shadowknight666 said:

Yaaay! Now I Have a place to fire bomb the hell out of!

You won't make it out alive.

He's surprisingly lucky about these sort of things...
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@The_Assassin_: Are you sure you're not confusing 'luck' with 'divine intervention' again?

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@The_Assassin_:Luck can only get you so far.

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@_Warp_ Maybe.... I don't how many times I shot Cain repeatedly only to see him alive the next week...
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I missed this, great job AH, cool art of AH too

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Nice to see that my 'stache is still being mourned.

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@omegablast452 said:

@The_Assassin_:Luck can only get you so far.

Or then there's the whole, Set up the fire bomb thing in the building and detonate it halfaway across the country thing lol.

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@shadowknight666:It would takes hours to get half way across the country.

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@BlakeHeller: I have a shrine in my closet behind all the berets.

Also, I drew a couple pictures a few weeks ago that I haven't scanned yet where you're sporting the Dugan Special. :P

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@Agent_Hannigan: Well then.. almost makes me sorry to of gotten rid of Blake's 'stache.

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@omegablast452: ...That is why Teleporters and Telepads exist.

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@_Sojourn_: Director Hannigan marched down the narrow halls of the ship, trailed by a group of advisers and assistants, whom she promptly dismissed when she spotted the man she was looking for. "Mr. Blaire!" she called out, approaching slowly with her arms folded behind her back, "So glad you could pay us a visit before we set sail." she extended her hand to the politician and said with a smile, "Welcome aboard."

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@Agent_Hannigan: Blake walked up to Melissa, his head staring down at an open folder. "Hey.. uh, Melissa, there's this thi-" He noticed the politician just ahead, and had seconds to use the departing group of assistants to make his escape. Which he did, thanking the fact that he wasn't as recognizable as the Director was.

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@Agent_Hannigan: With a low rumble through the water, the water pulsed as something was coming upwards from it. In mere seconds, the prince of the ocean bursted from the water and quickly landed on the deck with gentle ease. Looking at the nearest crew member he sneered, "Where is Melissa Hannigan?"

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@Venture_Kid: The man froze in place. He was a basic procedure crewman, and a new recruit, at that. He stammered for a moment in shock, reaching for his gun and aiming it at the stranger.

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@Agent_Hannigan This trip was important, and before the maiden voyage was made, Atticus had set up an impromptu meeting with the captainess of the ship. "Welcome Aboard" she said as she introduced herself, followed behind her were the usual stern faces of the ones she trusted the most. "Agent Hannigan! I'm so glad that you could take time out from your busy schedule. This is a marvelous ship you have here." he said, admiring the architecture. "This won't take too long" Atticus turned to put his hand on the cold grey hand rail bars, perching his lower abs on them and leaning over to see the almost immensely vast space below them. "America has seen its fair share of hardships. But I see it... I can see it. I can see the blossoming of a new time for us. But with so much of the turmoil being caused directly from our actions, I want to know one thing. Do you, as a representative trust me?"
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@Agent_Hannigan: Venture raised an arrogant brow and noticed the man's fearful posture. "Ugh...Humans and their guns, don't waste that ammo inside or you would be a fool..". With a glare he walked closer towards the radio tower located on the side of the vessel, while staring at it he spoke to the man behind him. "Be useful and alert someone with actual metal of my arrival.."

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@Venture_Kid: Blake had made his way to the deck, only to find some.. fish-kid talking to a terrified crewman. Sighing, he pushed the crewman out of the way, grumbling orders to go make himself busy. Folding his arms, he turned his attention to the kid. "She's busy, I'm the second best thing you're gonna get. What do you need?"

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@BlakeHeller: "Well what I require is to speak with Director Hannigan...So unless your a blond woman under that old face you won't be of much use to me..." Venture sighed with annoyance. "Im here for a discussion of my empire and it's relationship with the U.N meta human affairs"

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@Venture_Kid: "The cloaking devices can be disturbingly convincing." The attitude on the boy didn't phase him. "Yeah, well, you and every other country with flying bricks in it wants to talk to her. She's busy."

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@_Sojourn_: She kept smiling and ignored his use of the title 'Agent'. She had worked for a long time to earn this job, she had lead this ship through hell for almost a year, and only one person was allowed to screw with her by calling her by her old title. However, she managed to bury her civilian side and looked over at Atticus. "What choice do I have?" she asked in response.

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@BlakeHeller: "When you have a moment...Tell her the prince of the ocean needs to speak with her...Until then I will wait right here". Venture grinned and turned to face to ocean.

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@Venture_Kid: "Right, prince of the ocean." He rolled his eyes and walked off, his hands now in his pockets.

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"...Im surrounded by fools..." Venture groaned as he was forced to just wait.

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@shadowknight666 said:

@omegablast452: ...That is why Teleporters and Telepads exist.

(like if cain carries one as standard equipment XD, besides that place is going to be heavily guarded)

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@Agent_Hannigan "Choice? My my Ms. Hannigan. Don't you know that there is always a choice." He places a confusing smile on his face, somewhere between disingenuous and heartwarming. There was a strict nature that this woman presented, all about the finished product. "Director. I know, all too well I might add, what the past of my country can mean in the beginning stages of new international relationships. I want you, I need the trust of an organization like this. Without all the grand standing, I'm here to request that you put faith and trust in me and my possible administration. I'd like to know that if America were to face another dire situation, that you wouldn't turn your backs on us because of fear that we might double cross you in the midst of chaos." His toothy smile, gleaming pearly whites and smooth chocolate skin gave off a genuine confidence in his belief in his own words.
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A winged armored man was hovering around the naval vessel, he dare not land but simply gather every bodies attention.

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@omegablast452 said:

@shadowknight666 said:

@omegablast452: ...That is why Teleporters and Telepads exist.

(like if cain carries one as standard equipment XD, besides that place is going to be heavily guarded)

Actually it's pretty simple. Go To Fox Company Headquarters in Earth Orbit, Put Bomb on telepad, Give it a time limit of three seconds, Beam it into the headquarters.

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In the magazines

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@_Sojourn_: Melissa's expression hardened. She kept an inviting exterior, but any keen observer would see the stern undertones, especially in her voice, "Our job is to serve and protect all the free world equally, Mr. Blaire. My people fought and died to save innocents in the Dathron invasion. They laid down their lives in the Ninjan debacle. When things go south again, you can be certain that we'll be there to draw our line in the sand. We don't need any handshakes or special treatment deals to guarantee that."

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On behalf of my company I would like to put forth a resume detailing plans for Funding and business relations.

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@Gibbet: Drop it in the 'in' pile.

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Paul Puts the Documents at the top of the pile

"Should this business venture prove fruitful every child in this planet would want to join your group"