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Set in a future timeline, the members of the Comicvine have been betrayed. Tony Stark, drunk with power, and using a series of fear tactics and propaganda, persuaded high ranking members of both the Marvel U and DCU that the villains AS WELL as the heroes of the Comicvine were to powerful to be left un-checked.

Under the guise of friendship, and the proposition of a diplomatic solution , Tony Stark, along with Superman, Batman, Dr.Strange, and Reed Richards, set up a meeting just outside of Germany. As the heroes and villains of the Vine arrived, they were ambushed and drugged with a new serum Hank McCoy had developed, seemingly blocking there abilities to use there powers.

They were then shipped to a near bye planet, were some of the greatest minds from both Universes had collectively built a state of the art correctional facility, code named the Vault. Financed by both, billionaire playboy Tony Stark, and billionaire Bruce Wayne, with Lex Luthor donating a sizeable portion under the table, it is truly magnificent and one of a kind.

But like all prisons, simply throwing money at it, isn’t enough. Drugs, Violence, and even Murder run ramped in the Vault. The prisoners are allowed to roam free threw out certain levels while guards keep constant surveillance. Dr. McCoy’s serum is pumped threw the vents on a continual cycle, insuring the prisoners will have no ability to access there powers.


  1. You must start out in the Vault. At some point in the story, we will all escape.

  2. Marvel and DCU characters are NPC and can be used as you want. Just don’t go all GOD MODE when we escape and start killing everyone to show how badass you are. Make it interesting.

  3. No Auto-Hits

  4. You don’t have to seek revenge after the escape.

  5. The escape will be coordinated by a couple people. Just sit back and add to the story as best you can until then.

  6. No powers while locked up

  7. Any questions or plot development use the Ooc thread which will be up in 116 minutes

  8. No cosmic level characters like, Thanos, Darkseid, Adam Warlock an such.
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A single cell sit with it's light on no one else occuppied this wing, He sat alone readig the happy prince under a single light, The stone walls where all that kept him in , But in truth why would he want to leave.

Sudnely three whispers began to ring down the hall, "Dude you sure about this, He does not like to be disturbed".

"come on man he has no powers , What you got to be scared off"

"Ask the last three they sent them down here"

Arrow walked out of his cell still reading his book in one hand "You have three seconeds to tell me what you want " Arrows eyes did not lift from the page, He turned it over with a finger.

"well we got sent by , The bo....." The two men beside him did nothing as the body fell, A coin sticking out of his head, "I..... thought you did not have any powers left"

Arrow turned another Page, "I dont" Arrow was a warrior , born into battle years beyoned what many would understand , He had picked up a few tricks, Rolling another coin in his fingers he listend.

"The big guy wants to see you" They prepared them selfs for death but Arrow walked back into his cell book in hand and eyes on the page, "Tell the fat one if he wants to see me to come down here himself"

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A large man sat in his cell pondering the world around him. He heard the guards walk towards Arrows cell and heard a thud moments later.

DC smiles and says " People really dont understand powers are not everything." DC turns around and skims through the only thing they were given, books.

He comes across a book entitled Dark Tower. "I have a sense of dejavu in this place, i need something to take me out of boredom." He begins to skim through the book but stops at the word gunslinger. "This seems interesting." He begins to read the book rather than skim it.Ever so intent on the book, voices could be heard from outside his cell. voices of the men and women who had been taken to this "Vault". DC sticks his up againts the cell bars and screams

"For christ sake, no amount of whining is gonna get you out of hear. SO SHUT THE HELL UP!"

DC walks back to the cell and sits on the floor and returns to his book.

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Nobody sat in his cell looking at the alien sky through a bared window. He stuck out his arm, and for one of the first times in years light stopped when it touched his arm. He was visible and it made him feel vunerable. How could fellow heroes do this to him. He has always used his powers for good.

Suddenly Nobody heard a familiar voice shouting. "That couldn't be..." He got up and walked to the end of his cell and looked out to see DC looking at some books. "Anything worth reading?" Nobody asked DC.

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Orange did not suit the large man sitting at a table by himself, Two guards stood beside him and a lacky stood to the right of the guards, Two men entered from the north side of the canteen and walked up and stop six meters from the table waiting to be called over.

The lacky was thin and was called doc on the account he was a doctor , He bent over and whispeared in the large mans ear, The man nodded the light hit his bald head as he took another bite of steak, Of course this was not what everyone else had been getting served but when you had connection you had connection and this man was almost the connection everyone wanted, He ran everything from the street huslers to the white collar inside jobs, He was the kingpin of crime.

The two men where waved over to the table but did not sit "Did I not send three of you" His voice was deep but calm "Ye....ss Kingpin but Arrow " All it need was for kingpin to raise a hand for them to stop

"It does not matter , What did he make of my offer".

"UM he said if you want to talk , you had to go to see him yourself"

The king pin returned to his food and waved them away, The lacky paid the men for there work and returned to his station "Doc clear my meetings and find me a chess broad, It seems my afternoon will be rather full"

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The cafeteria was covered in a haze of smoke as the inmates lit up. In their cell a strict no smoking policy was employed so the first thing that many of them did when they got out in the morning was light up. The disadvantage of this was that your breakfast tasted of smoke.

Venger hunched over his plastic meal tray and shoveled cold pancakes into his mouth. Someone slid into the seat opposite him. It was Emma Frost, the one time Hellfire white queen. Now she was locked away the old role had resurfaced and she was now part of a crime ring in the prison. Not as powerful as they imagined, but not people to be messed with.

"Hiya darling." she murmured seductively.

Venger smiled and continued to eat, trying and failing to ignore her. She just sat and watched him until he gave up and put down his plastic cutlery.

"What?" he asked bluntly.

She smiled at him and batted her eyelashes.

"You never saw it coming."

Venger grinned wolfishly back at her.

"Neither did your boyfriend,"

With the natural speed of a born killer he ducked, the sock full of marbles slamming down into the table, sending food spraying into the air. Venger came back up, grabbing Cyclops's arm and twisting him around onto the table. With catlike grace he pulled a makeshift blade out of his regulation boot and plunger it into the mans right eye.

"and I don't give second chances."

Emma launched herself at him with a scream and the room exploded in uproar as the other members of Emma's gang ran towards the table, knocking other inmates over and causing more fights. Guards instantly pulled their weapons and started subduing the riot. Taser rounds whizzed through the air as prisoners grappled like wraiths in the smoke. Just another day in the Vault.

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They say prison changes a man, if that’s the case, what does it do to a mutant? Gambler had lost any sense of a moral compass, the Vault had twisted his mind and now, now he prayed on the weak, and took advantage of those in need. He had solidified his position as the number one distributor of contraband and even ran a prostitution ring, Mantid was his highest earner.

Gambler stood in the recroom with his back leaned up against the all. Taking a long drag of his cigarette, he gazed around, taking in the sites and sounds of prison life. Suddenly a figure approached, shaking and scratching all over, he was clearly strung out. As he got closer Gambler saw it was Ronny, no doubt come to get another fix.

Hey……man…..hey…..hey…..hey…..you got anything?....Come on G…….I know you holdin some’in

Taking a quick look at the junkie in disgust, Gambler took another hit of his cig and blew the smoke in Ronny’s face.

“Yeah I gots something, question is, what you got? You still owe me a carton of smokes from a week ago mother ^%$#er.”

You know…..you know I’m good for it, just one hit, come on G. said Ronny as his movements became more agitated.

In one quick motion, Gambler moved in close to Ronny and whispered in his ear, while passing him something on the sly.

“Shank EC, and I’ll keep you high for the rest of your life.”

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Kain sat down in the darkness of his cell. He was in Solitary Confinement. The darkness of his cell was the darkness found only in your deepest nightmares. It was consuming, and cold. He felt the icy chill of the power numbing gas as it seeped into his cell. How long had he been in there? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? What was going on since he arrived in his cell? When did he last see the light? Must've been ages ago.

"I need to get out of here. I'm going absolutly insane in this place. GET ME OUTTA HERE!" Kain's voice echoed in his cell, one of the guards heard him scream.

Shut up in there will ya? Or we'll take you back to the torture room!

Kain stood silent. He remembered the torture room. Electricity would be getting pumped through his body while these guards pummled him with batons. One of them even had the curtosy to slice his body with a bladed whip. Kain was weak. For the first time in a while, he was so weak. Just standing up required an incredible amount of effort. The prisoner sat in the corner of the room, his arm leaning on his knee while his knee was leaning on the wall. Kain needed freedom. He had to get out.

I wonder when I'm gonna get out. Or at least when I'm going to feed. Kain pondered these same thoughts over and over as he sat in his corner. Trying to survive.

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Nobody walked out of his cell and down the hall. It was quiet but as he passed each cell he could see superhuman, at least what use to be superhumans, trying to live the life of a prisoner. Several of the faces he recongized and people he onced called friend or enemy. They all seemed to be lost of life and will to live.

Nobody made his way to the dinning room where he grabbed a tray and whatever they were serving that day.

"This is the sh!t they give to heroes. I mean billionaires are funding this thing and they can't give heroes something decent to eat."

Nobody sighed and made his way to a table that was empty. He sat down and looked around, nobody seemed to notice him or cared.

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Bueteka lay on her cell bed, it was quite comfortable, well at least hers was, bu it wasn't the best. She had a book she had been reading covering her eyes, how interesting it was, the story was a bit like what had happened to her. But not too close.

the book was about a thirteen year-old chinese boy who had helped a jew and his fiends betrayed him and told the nazis, he was taken to a camp and held away from life, he had been saved by the girl he saved and became to love, the jewish girl, and eventually died saving her from nazi's arms again.

Bueteka could nearly tell you it off by heart she had read it so many times.

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Copy was in his cell by himself. he had just got there and woked up and he said

whats happening? Where am i?

in a freak out voice then he tried to teleport out but nothing. While this was happening to guys walked up to him and said

well well well a newbiee is here. Maybe we should give the tour rick.

rick said

o that be lovely dick

then they crack the bones in their fists and they thought copy was a pushover but they had no idea how strong he is without his powers. Thats because he had experinced. Then they got into the fight copy took some blows but evantual he won with their bloody bodys on the floor and the guards took them away. So now copy sat down and read harry potter

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Danny Cassidy sat in his cell reading on old novel that he had found in the pocket of a dead former inmate. It was the only thing that he could do. The cell was small, consisting of a bed, a toilet, and a sink. He felt like an animal trapped in a cage. He didn't know how long he would be there, but he had been there for months, and he would probably never leave. Chameleone used his tail to turn the page. It would be hard for him to escape, after all, who else in the entire prison looked like a lizard? There was a foul stench in the air, and Danny could taste it. He had somewhat been able to put up with it, but he had never been able to get used to it. The place was driving him mad. The Vault had already twisted the mind of his once good friend Gambler, and he wasn't going to let that happen to him. He would stick out like a sore thumb, his powers were gone, and his only ticket out of there was a drug dealer and a pimp, but he had to get out of there somehow. He had to...escape

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boken woke up in his cell.

"oy not this again."

he checked his ankle and there was a power restraint anklet on.

"how did i not see this comeing. i thought if i went good that they'd let me go scot free, but no i have to pay for past criems thats bull$h!t i will absolutl destroy every last sheild member personally if i have to."

now he heard a faint sound. talking. he could bearly make out the words, but he knew the voice.

"EC that you. how did this happen again."
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Kain sat in his corner leaning on the wall. He heard a voice talking to him even through the adamantium doors. He stood up clasping his damaged ribs. He limped next to the door while still leaning on the wall. Who was this mysterious person? Whoever it was, Kain would find out, and use them however possible.

"Yes, it is. Who is speaking to me?" Kain shouted through the doors. It hurt to talk, to breath, to even stand still was killing him.

I need blood. I need to eat something. I'm going to starve if I don't eat. I'll kill this bastard. Easy food.

He stood there, awaiting a response.

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Power Kid was sleeping quietly in his cell when a guard walked by than said

"hey jack a wake up". Power Kid woke up very angry and just looked at the guard.

The guard walked in the cell and said

"you hear me talking to you boy"

Power Kid didn't answer

This made the guard mad so he hit Power Kid.

Than Power Kid stood up and puched the guard.

You are going to pay for that the guard said and hit Power Kid with his knife stick.

This knock Power Kid out cold than right before tthe guard left he said "you better wacth your back son"than left.

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The prison ward smelled of antiseptic and blood. The riot in the cafeteria had resulted in casualties, both from the fight itself and the violent methods that the guards had used to break it up. Venger sat on one of the beds and let a huge nurse clean the gash on his forehead. With a lack of finesse that was truly impressive she smeared antiseptic ointment into the wound and threaded a needle.

"Don't move."

The needle bit into his flesh, once, twice, a third time, closing the wound. Two beds away Scott Summers groaned and writhed in pain. Vengers blade had not entered his brain, but it had mangled an eye and torn the side of his face open. Others were less fortunate.

"Okay Woods. Lets go see the Warden."

The officer who'd spoken was perfectly at ease, his fingers hooked through his belt, but his partner looked like he meant business. Slowly Venger stood up and allowed himself to be cuffed. Strong arms grabbed him and started to drag him in the direction of the Screws office.

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The cell was dark. But Sparda could still see in it. Dank drips of water came down from the roof. A small bed was in the corner. A sink on the wall. A separate bathroom. Sparda looked at the one thing that he had left, the locket with the picture of Alexandria in it. He snapped it shut as he heard footsteps approach.

"....yeah, and this one, this one wore a suit that gave em flight....", a voice echoed down the hall. Guards were stopping and looking at every cell. Entertainment.

Finally, they stopped at Sparda's.

"Heh, get this, this one was the son of a deeeeemon! Haha!", one laughed. Sparda lifted his eyes off the locket to the guards.

"What're you looking at, freak?", another said to him.

"Hey! What's he got? Look's real nice, heh", one of them said, commenting on his locket.

Sparda didn't move.

"Well......this place ain't for things that look nice!", the lead one said.

"Which is why you're the head guard", Sparda said.

"WHAT'D YOU SAY!?", the lead yelled. He took out his shock baton and stepped to the door of the cell. He took out his keycard, swiped it through the slot, and typed in a code in the keypad. The caged door slid open with a hiss. The guards entered and circled around Sparda, who still wasn't moving.

"We'll see who's the ugliest thing here, freak", said the lead one. He swung his baton and Sparda.

Sparda, surprisingly fast, ducked the baton swing and punched the guard in the stomach. He was knocked back while clutching his stomach. Another swung his baton, and Sparda caught that with his hand near the hilt, so he wasn't shocked, and then elbowed to guard in the face. He fell.

Suddenly, a massive burst of sparks came from behind Sparda. Pain flew through him as the electricity knocked him off his feet. One of the guards hit him, and kept on hitting him. The two that were knocked down by Sparda joined, kicking and shocking until Sparda was almost unconcious.

"Let that be a lesson to you, freak.", the lead one spat. He reached down and took Sparda's locket, but he didn't notice the picture fall out. The guards left.

Sparda crawled to the picture, already wet from the dripping of water. He took a look at the almost ruined photo, and blacked out.

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The silence fell upon the darkness of the small enclosure. Not even the sound of breathing penetrated it as bits of light stole through the bars. She sat there eyes closed and legs close to her body in meditation. She was always meditating and thinking. If her body could not enjoy freedom again, then her mind would. She re-lived and imagined so many places to go and so many things to do. Her mind was living her life for her while her body was frozen in time in this place called the "Vault". She'd lost close friends to the insanity that went on in this place. Every night there was a blood-curdling scream of pain and agony. Another former hero or villain cut down because they didn't have enough smokes, or because they didn't bend over like nice little Viners.

Her jade eyes slowly came to an open. Her cell had been unlocked. She had "befriended" one of the wardens and they had agreed on letting her out at a set time at a set location since she barely moved anyway and she barely caused any problems. How could you cause problems if you didn't see anyone? She rose to her feet and grabbed her pen and paper. That little tablet of former tree trunk had become her savior. It was a guiding light into her soul and into her thoughts. Thoughts and words that she no barely spoke any longer from her mouth. She communicated with only a handful and they knew who they were.

She made her way down the celled corridors of the prison passing by a few prisoners and nodded to at least one of them. Her life. Look of what became of it. She thought to herself. She crossed the threshold and made it to the infirmary moving to one of the darkest spots of the location she hid in silence and while her mouth said no words, her pen and paper would.

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UHHHHHHHHHHHH uhhhhhh what where am i?

Ion awoke in his cell in his costume but the stars were gone. Ion said

what the heck okay i'm bustin myself out of here

Ion jumed in the air but fell to the ground and landed on his face

OWWWWWW that hur..... wait i have my costume on but the stars are gone and i can't feel the light. WHATS HAPPEN?

Then the guy across from his cell said

hey buddy calm down. all the super heros have been captured and now we live here where some how they block our powers.

Ion said

but how? wait never mind you already answer....... Is there any way we can get out of here?

The stanger said

I don't know pleanty have tried and all have failed.

Ion wasn't sure what to do but he knew he needed to go for a walk so he opened his cell and walked in the hallways with heros and villains alike are around. Some heros are fighting villains while others just leaveing each other alone. He walked into the cafteria and saw some people fighting but he just got food and sat down.
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Gambler walked into the gym, moving with a purpose and looking at know one. In one quick motion he bent down picking up a 15 pound weight, slung it in a bath towel and swung it into the face of the guard on duty. Teeth were sent flying, and blood sprayed the wall as the guard went down. Several inmates cheered and howled as Gambler stood over the guard and continued the beating. His cigarette still hung from his mouth and his tattoos seemed to dance with each strike.

The sound of keys jingling keys alerted Gambler to the arrival of several other guards. Defiantly he stood there, with no shirt, his fedora and his smoke hanging from his lip as he said,

“Well bring it on ya bunch of tossah’s “

With Nightsticks drawn, they charged. The first couple caught the still wrapped up weight to the face, before the rest finally tackled the out of control convict. After a savage beat down, they slapped the wrist and leg restraints on and hoisted Gambler up to the sounds of the inmates,


Barley conscious, Gambler’s head hung and blood dripped from his open mouth, as he was dragged away. But to those who could get a good look, they saw the trademark Cajun grin. No one knew why the attack had happened, but Gambler had a plan, and for it to work he needed to get into the solitary wing, and next to the second and must important part of his plan…………Kain.

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The sky was slate grey, with flickers of red as the sunlight from the nearest star poked through the cloud layer. Luke Cage surveyed the swirling formations of these clouds with a severe eye. Nothing was perfect on this world, even the clouds. They were too solid, blocking out much of the light on the surface. His intercom beeped and the voice of Alice, he secretary came in quietly.

"Prisoner Woods has arriver sir. Should I send him in?"

Without answering Cage pressed the button next the intercom and the door to his office sprang open. Two officers frogmarched the convict into the room saluted and left. He swept the same severe eye that he had viewed the clouds with over the young man who was stood before him and was not impressed. He reminded him of himself at that age, all muscle and no brains.

"So you tried to kill on of my prisoners today did you? What? did you think that no one would mind?"

Venger stayed quiet, his head bowed like a naughty schoolchild. Governor Cage started to circle him, in the manner of a vulture circling a carcass, unsure of whether it is safe to descend and feed.

"So you're not going to discuss the event with me are you? Well I will have to rely on the video surveillance. Fortunately for you I think that you may have been acting in your own self defense and so I don't intend to stick you in solitary for a month. It's a far better punishment to leave you amongst the wolves. When you're ready to tell me hat happened feel free to drop by."

He pressed the button again and the two guards reentered and seized hold of Vengers arms. AS he was dragged out he raised his head and fixed the Warden with a look of pure hatred. Luke held his gaze until the doors swung shut, obstructing his view.

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Power Kid was hardly a wake he couldn't see straight.He recognized the voice. It was the same guard that had knock him out. "Get up" the guard said to Power Kid.

Power Kid could not move for any thing so the guard walked over and kicked Power Kid in the mouth.Than Power Kid tried to get up but blacked out.

The guard draged Power Kid out of his cell and said "your going to solitary confinement".

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Nobody sat at the table trying to enjoy his meal, if thats what you wanted to call it. He knew with out his powers he couldn't help anyone and if he got in a fight he would be in trouble. He kept looking around to make sure no one was looking at him. Suddenly he saw a man who caught eye contact with him and Nobody looked down at his plate hoping the man would go back to what he was doing.

"Hey you! I haven't seen you before, who are you?!" The man shouted as he walked closer to Nobody he realised that this was Eddie Brock. A man who was once bonded with an alien symbiote.

Nobody didn't look up and said, "Who me? I'm a nobody."

"Not if you are here you aren't." Brock slamed his hands down on the table and looked down at Nobody. "I know your voice your that Nobody guy who got in our way from the Spider!" Brock grabbed Nobody's tray and slamed it against the wall. Now several people were looking their way.

"I don't want any trouble so just back off." Nobody said quietly.

Brock grabbed him by his collar and slammed him up against the wall. "Too bad, punk. You got trouble." Brock punched Nobody in his gut. And then in his face and tossed him to the side. Nobody pulled himself to his hands and knees and could feel his lip bleeding. Brock then walked up to him and started kicking Nobody in the stomach. Some of the guards had also started watching, enjoying the show.

Nobody finally pulled himself to his feet and saw one of brock's punches coming. He dodged this one and saw a coffee sitting on a table and splashed it in his face. Brock screamed in pain, and the guards finally rushed forward. each pulling out their night sticks they beat Brock and Nobody down. Then they returned them to their cells becuase they have lost their rights to leave for the rest of the day.

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The pen, is said, to be mightier than the mouth and if there was truth to that there was no better moment than now. Maelstrom found herself writing down all her emotions and her visions. Visions of battles, of flowers, of love, of happiness, of pain, but most of all of the wind crawling freely against her skin. It's always the little things you regret when something so important is taken away. You think about the times you could take a stroll freely in the park. When you could train your body and soul. The feel of a kiss on an autumns breeze. The smiles, the laughter. Everything gone.

Her head downcast, she sighed loudly. It made her melancholic. She sped through many lines of the paper. A poem, a song, a story, it was all mingling together to give her some chanced peace. Sariaf'ca closed her eyes and let her hands guide her thoughts. You didn't need eyes to look into the soul. If you felt it, it was everywhere and she had to keep it alive at all costs. So many people she loved had changed become demons and devils. But she had to fight it. Fight it as hard as she could. But it beckoned her. Always calling to her....

Temptation. That horrible call of the Gods trying to transform you. She wrote it all down. She moved closer to the light and let it reflect upon her paper. A small smile appeared on her face and she grasped it close to her heart. It was her love. A friend that would always hold her secrets unless she bade it known.

She got to her feet and headed for the door, she turned the knob and watched as guards came up hoisting someone up. She recognized him immediately, bloodied and no doubt up to something. Gambler had done something, something that was going to get him locked up in those solitary rooms, or worse, what she called the "beating rooms", but knowing him, she knew he had something up his sleeve. He always did. He was Gambler after all.

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D-Man sat quietly in his cell. The room was pitch-black, save for a small strand of moonlight that streaked through the single, small window. D-Man looked up, smiling into the moon. He admired it's beauty, it's glory, it's absolute freedom. He reached out to it, wishing to be free from his prison. He rolled back his sleeve, revealing poetry. D-Man had had some of Shakespeare's most famous poetry tattooed onto his arm, forever reminding him of times in his own life. He grinned as he read aloud:

When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,

I all alone beweep my outcast state

And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries

And look upon myself and curse my fate,

Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,

Featured like him, like him with friends possess'd,

Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,

With what I most enjoy contented least;

Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,

Haply I think on thee, and then my state,

Like to the lark at break of day arising

From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;

For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings

That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

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Golem sat in his cell. He was a scrawny, almost frail boy. He had a funny little plan also, and he was the most determined man there. He slowly creeped to the front of his cell and yelled "BREACH IN CELL 689!" The guard ran quickly to the cell and unlocked the door, just as Golem jumped out. Golem had found a small bit of wire and expertly chocked the guard until he fainted. Golem picked up a lunch tray and creeped out of his cell. He slowly creeped to a directory sign which said "INFIRMARY -------->" He headed right and his plan sprung into action.
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DC dismissed the man who stood for a moment in front of his open cell. He knew the man but didnt feel like speaking to a soul at the moment. He was waiting for the moment for his friend in the cell to his right to awaken. He finally heard a roar eminate from the cell next to him.

"Sounds like sleeping beauty awakens... CREED YOU AWAKE YET."

DC says as he looks out his cell to see a bed fly across hall.

"Cant a man get some decent sleep."

DC walks from his cell to his partners. "Only if we were men, and looking at both of us we are far from it."

Victor made a low growl.Before the growl turned to a twisted smile.

"What is on the menu tonight old friend, a newbie come in."

No i have other plans for us. But first we need to meet up with a friend of mine.

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The cards were being distributed among the five men who sat at tables.Akira has only been in the Vault for about a year,yet he faired well,he spent his first three months in solitary,he found out that the Guards werent that tough.

Royal Flush

Akira laid his cards out on the table,the other four men held thier heads down and threw there cards across the table.

Looks like i win again fellas

Akira stood up colleting his rewards,giving a wink to one of the guys as if he was being smart.Apparently that wasnt taken well in the Vault,but there was nothing one could do when Akira took your smokes or whatever contraband you had on deck.The rec room was filled with prisoners,just hunting grounds for most.Akira hurried make to his cell,closing it behind him,dumping his rewards from his previous game of poker onto the bed.


Akira ushed to the side and flopped down onto his bed,thinking on a way out,even though he knew he wouldnt be the one to try and attempt it,unless.....

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The guard came back, he heard Kain screaming and he was pissed. He barged in Kain's cell with an electric night stick that was active.

You wanna talk right? You wanna disobey orders huh? Well, now guess what you get you son of a bitch, you get the torture chamber!

Kain tried fighting back however he was deprived from food and was low on blood so he had almost no energy. He couldn't fight a guard with superhuman strength. His own strength was almost non existant in his current state. Another guard came in, they began beating Kain down until he was unconcious. The two picked him up, threw his arms over their shoulders and dragged him along the prison paths. After a somewhat long walk, the placed him in a massive construct that shackled his hands, and feet to something like a table. The table shifted vertically, showing Kain's entire body as though he was on display. One of guards picked up Kain's head, looking him in the eyes as he woke up.

Hey there sweet cheeks, seems like you finally got tired of beddy bye time. Heh heh heh. You are one dumb ass sonnova bitch ya know that? You have the chance to stop gettin tortured by givin up, but you don't do it, and you love disobeying orders so you can get more punishment. Let's see if we can break ya porkchop.

Kain raised his and looked at the guard as he started walking away to the computer that activates the mechanism. "G- go- go to hell..." Kain's head fell back down as he stared at the floor.

The guard came back to Kain, only to slap him with a night stick, to then walk back to the machine. The guard smiled before pushing the final button. He looked at Kain with an evil look in his eye. The guard was a sadist who recieved sexual pleasure from causing Kain pain.

You're going to recieve a series of electrical shocks that will go through your body. Give up, you die. Don't give up, you live to feel this again until we break you down. Let's get started shall we?

The guard pushed the button, instantly sending hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity through Kain's body. Kain's body was going into shock due to this torture. It was killing him slowly but surely. Kain's screams could be heard through out the entire complex. They were soul shattering. The other prisoners couldn't help but pity Kain. During the 60 minute torture, the machine would go for 5 minutes, stop for 5 seconds, than continue on. This was hell for the once mighty warrior, now turned weakened prisoner. During the torture, he was rendered nearly unconcious.

Heh heh heh. Seems to me like you just don't know when to give up do ya? A warrior until the end huh? That warriors pride bullsh!t. Doesn't exist. You'll die here Kain. You disgusting little worm, you'll die here. Take him to his room gentlemen.

Several guards came in, and took Kain back into his solitary room. He was weaker now, to limp to even walk. He just fell on their arms as they dragged him back in. Kain was thrown on the cold floor, his once powerful body weakened. He felt nothing but agony in his veins. He groaned until he made it back to his corner again. In pain thoughts of revenge went through his mind. He would be free. Sooner or later, he would be free...

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Chameleone looked up from reading his book. He heard something, something that made his skin crawl. It was the agonizing screams of Kain. They echoed through every corridor in The Vault as if they were using it as a deterrant to the other inmates. Kain, had been both his enemy and also one of his closest allies. Lights flickered on and off as electricity was re routed to Kain's torture. It was an awful thing to hear, let alone go through. He couldn't take it anymore, he couldn't take the screams of agonizing pain and the smell of burnt flesh coming out of the air ducts. This place was Hell, and he was there because of a gene in his DNA. He threw down his book and shouted at the guard.

"STOP IT NOW. STOP IT" The guard came over to him with a smirk on his face.

"Does this upset you Lizard?" The guard was mocking him, he was just out of arms length through the bars.

Arms he thought to himself. Chameleone put his tail in between the bars and grabbed hold of the guards neck, choking him as hard as he could. He gargled, and his eyes popped out of his head. Danny wanted to kill him, and now the guard was dead. It was only a matter of time before he too ended up like Kain.

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It was hardest for the Heroes, here. Prisons thrived on crime, infact they were crime. Spectrum was out of place here and as much as he hated to admit it he would have to play dirty to survive.

Several junkies lined the corridors as he paced down them. He looked up at the ceiling, the gray grills of the vents shone menacingly in the light, a reminder of what had been taken from him. He once againn tried to use his powers, but there was nothing, no light, only flesh.

When he got out of here there would be hell to pay. If he got out.

He arrived at the medical station, to see the ugly medic putting on his tinged brown gloves.

"Whats your problem," He grunted at Spectrum.

"Pains in my stomach," Spectrum said avoiding his eyes. The medic harshly grabbed his arm and injected it with a yellow syrm. The Cure it had been labelled, they gave to you no matter what was wrong, from headache to head beaten in.

He winced at the pinch he felt. When it was down the medic placed it onto the counter and grunte for him to leave. As the man turned Spectrum grabbed the syringe from the counter and placed it in his pocket, carefull not to jab himelf. He walked away from the station and to his cell.

He reconed that since the gave the cure, for whatever injurey you had, it would probably have some of the stuff that was taking there powers in it, maybe, he hoped. Now he needed to find someone who knew how to find what this thing that was taking away there powers was. He thought as he walked.


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The razor hummed , White hair fell in clumps to the floor, In the back round rage agains the machine filled the left wing, for each shave he had his eyes shut, Until it was done, His crimson eyes opened.

Walking round the room, He found the pakage that he had aquired, the brown papper fell to the floor , reavling a Bow and seven silver tipped arrows, sliping into a pair of baggy navy jeans and a white t-shrit with a black quiver on his back.

Walking out of his wing since the first time he had taken it over, he walked amoungst the cells, As he came to DC cell, He stopped and placed a book in the bars, The nighting gale and the rose, "DC" Then he took off down the block, A voice cried out to him.

"Arrow it's me Mantid" The guy grabbed at Arrows top, He was a shell of his former self, The nao jacket was tattered and ripped, With out a word, Arrow span knocking him into a open cell, Mantid span from the punch and fell face fist towards the back of the cell, Mantid went to stand but an Arrow ripped into his knee, ripping flesh and muscle till it broke out the cartalidge.

The old allie fell towards the tolliet , He stopped his head inch from the bowl, Then A black boot slammed into the back of his head, the toillet exploded in a flury of porselin, blood and water.

Arrow ripped the NAO jacket of his back and threw it out the cell,Mantid was not even able to scream when dark man pulled the arrow out of his knee, Leaving the broken vine member in a hump on the floor,Arrow continued on down the hall, As cheers and screams filled the cell blocks!

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Golem turned around, forgetting one more integral part of his plan. He walked to another floor stealthily, and saw a guard with his eyes popped out. He stole his keys, and opened Danny's cell. "Governor called. Full pardon." Golem said with a grin. "Danny, we're gonna bust this rock."

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The guards had been so quick to retaliate, that they never checked Gambler before tossing him into solitary. Slamming the cell door shut, they laughed with a sense of accomplishment before walking away.

Laying on the cement slab the cocky Cajun grinned. Reaching into his blood soaked back pocket he removed a skinny metallic swipe card. During construction, one major detail had been over looked. The distribution of Dr.McCoy’s wonder drug threw the air vents, had been primary concentrated in the main holding cells and central areas of the Vault. The solitary units had been constructed after several violent outbursts but the vents had never been re-routed properly. It was a flaw Forever had discovered his first night in solitary. Sadly he was murdered before putting his plan to use, but he had told one other person.

And as the swipe card slowly started to glow, Gambler’s plan was set into motion. With a sudden flick the card slammed into the door, setting off an explosion flinging the door down the hall. As planned, the guard on duty rushed Gambler, only to be hip tossed and dis-armed. After a quick shot to the head rendered the guard unconscious, the crafty Cajun drug him over to the next cell. Using his thumb to unlock the door, Gambler entered.

“Tis been a long time o’l friend.” Said Gambler. “It saddens me to see a Vampire such as yourself, a mere shell of his former glory. Lucky for you, I brought presents.”

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Venger took another punch to the face, his nose breaking under the solid left hook of Iceman. With a grin he wiped the blood away from his mouth using the back of his hand. Things weren't looking good, two of Emma's men in a cell with Venger and he had no idea if they were armed. Iceman went in for another punch but Venger ducked under it and tackled him backwards. Iceman's head smashed into the toilet and his eyes unfocused. Venger raised his fist to punch his teeth in but was restrained by Iceman's partner, Cable.

"You've been bad and hurt someone close to me."

Venger looked around and fixed Cable with a stare, to an experienced mind reader it was like looking down a loaded gun. He could see what prison had done to the young man and what he was willing to do to Cable.

"Your breaking my heart." Venger drawled.

Cable snarled and threw him backwards, slamming his boot into his face. Blood sprayed onto the floor and Venger head snapped backwards, smashing into the concrete floor of his cell. Iceman managed to sit up, his face pale. He looked at Venger and smiled.

"Wait until he's conscious again, we don't want him missing out on the pain."

Cable nodded in return and sat down to wait.

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Nobody sat on his bed in his cell. He was still not allowed to leave it becuase of the fight he had with Eddie Brock. "Its better this way anyways." He thought to himself. He didn't want the trouble of getting in a fight without his powers. He wasn't used to it.

"Psst..Hey you!" A voice called from to Nobody.

"What do you want?" He asked the voice.

"Saw what you did to Brock and wanted to say nice job before he kills you. I don't know if it will be before or after we all get out of this place but he will kill you."

"Yeah, thanks for the heads up but I already knew that."

The man laughed and went on his way. Nobody hated the fact that he had to share this prison with criminals. Sure they all may be super powered but they don't deserve to have to share it with the likes of Eddie Brock or even the ones that are worse the him.

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Spectrum walked down a lone coridoor. No was was watching him, the only sound apart from his foot steps was the hissing of the gas through the vents above.


He stood stark still, there was some commotion up ahead. Guards were running in one direction, none even noticed his existence. Spectrum walked up ahead towards where the noise had come from, no he thought, wheres theres noise theres trouble. He turned around, but then it hit him. The labs were on the other side of the Solitery wing, beside the Pyscho Ward. He waited untill all the guards had run past. Then he toook his chance. Running brickly down across the entrance of Solitary he saw smoke and dust everywhere, continueing to run he reached the labs, upon arriving he dived behind the door.

There was equipment everywhere. He knew what to do, Placing the syringe into a mass spectrumeter he could find its components and maybe some sort of cure to it. He ran it through the compute, which had suprisingly been left logged on.

While waiting on the results he quickly scanned through all the files, blue prints, documentation of the building. Then the Spectrmeter binged with its completion. He gathered the results and shoved them into his back pocket. The printer was also busy, he grabbd its finish prduct, the blue prints of the venting system and walked over tp the work bench.

Taking a beaker of acid from the counter he poured it around the rim of the vent, it came off easy after that. Climbing in he threw the acid down onto the ground. It fell onto the Lit bunsen burner below, resulting in a massive fire ball, with thick black smoke.

This was the plan. The smoke would has the Gas o become dilute, so the more smoke he breathed in the more of his powers he would get, aswell as this, the venting system would have to be cleaned out, using fans, so when it was Spectrum would be sucked through the vents to were ever the smoke would be blown out, hopefully not in the prison. He began to crawl away from the fire behind him, coughing as he went.

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Warden Cage’s Office


Using her long red finger nail, Warden Cage’s secretary slowly wiped the corner of her mouth while re-adjusting her skirt.

Is there anything else Mr. Cage? she asked with a smile.

“No, you’ve done quite a bit already Gretchen, thank you.”

While the Warden had been playing, his prison was falling into chaos. Gambler had already broken out of solitary and free’d Kain. Arrow had just brutally murdered Mantid, and Spectrum had managed to create some kind of formula and worked his way into the ventilation shaft. Taking his feet of the desk, his jaw dropped open as he took a look at the security cams.

“O my $#@!ing god.”

He slammed his hand down on the panic button, locking himself inside and signaling an Omega Level threat alarm. Gambler had left the guard in Kain’s cell and was making his way to the control tower. A garrison of guards had been deployed in an around the tower. A slight smile ran across the Cajun’s face. Gambler rolled his neck and cracked his knuckles.

“Lets dance.”

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A guard walked up to Nobody's cell and unlocked the door. Alright your time is up, you can roam freely again. Nobody got up and walked out of his cell. As soon as his first step was out the door an alarm sound do to prisoners trying to escape. The guards face turned pail and Nobody took this shock as a chance to escape. If others were doing it he was going to get out of here too.

Nobody quickly punched the guard right in the throat and grabbed his night stick. The then hit the man in the back of the head with the stick. Nobody grabbed his securtiy keys, and com-link. Putting the com-link on you could now here the prison staff talking to each other. He then shoved the guard in his cell and locked.

"Sorry, but next time you will know not to mess with Nobody.", he said with a grin on his face.

Nobody started running down the hall when he heared on a com-link that some guards were heading his way to get to the solitary confindment. He quickly made a right around a corner and waited for the guards to run past him.

*"That was close but now I have to figure out how to get out of this place." Nobody thought

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boken walked into the exercis room. seeing many faces of former allies and foormer enimies. he went to the biggest weights that he could find.

"lets see if this dampener depleted my mutonian physiology."

the weight was 500 pounds on each side. he bnt his kness and started to lift he could pick up the heavy weight for aproximently 3 inches off the ground.

"damn, i'm still stroung, but i'm also completely weak for a mutoninan of my calibur. arggh, those bastards will pay for what they did to me. i will rip out thee throughts barf down them then hand it back to them before i rip out there still beating heart, just before i devour it."

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Kain heard Gambler as the door to his cell opened with an unconcious guard laying in front. Kain crawled slowly to the unconcious body. He examined it for a brief period of time making sure it was real. His massive hands taking off any head gear on the guard.

Gambler, that sonnova bitch, he brought me dinner. God bless him. Heh

The vampire grabbed the guard by throat, bringing him up to his mouth. The beastly warrior opened his massive jaws revealing an incredible set of fangs. Kain's eyes widened as his fangs pierced the guard's flesh. Blood started pouring immediately from his neck. The warrior was tasting fresh, re-energizing, envigorating blood. Sweet, thick, human blood. The blood was flowing out the guard's neck, into Kain's mouth, filling his tastebuds. He swirled it around in his mouth his tongue. He loved this. Fresh clean blood. Pure, blood for the first time in ages. Kain drained the guard and stood up. He felt his power returning, though he had to admit, not all of it returned.

"Blood. I need more blood."

Kain left his cell, his eyes were adjusting to the light again. A small group of guards emerged from the corner, preparing to torture Kain, however it was a new day, and the vampire King was free. It was his time to feed.

Oh sh!t! Run! It's KAIN!

Kain ran after his prey the three guards tried to run from him. However his body made him much too fast, even in this weakened form. He jumped on all three, breaking their necks with a bludgening blow to the back of their necks. He fed on them, he was gaining more blood. Kain's strength was returning to him. He felt his power come back to him. He wasn't 100%, he needed more blood for that, but this would hold him for a while. On his way to hunt for more food, Kain passed a prison cell, one resembling the look of his. He opened it, and saw a woman. She was gorgeous. Long black hair, icy blue eyes and she was a vampire herself. He had long thick legs, and voluptuous breasts. She was standing up and looked at Kain. She had visible muscles, but they weren't masculine. The vampire looked at her. His eyes meeting hers.

"My, seems like I opened up the right cell today. Who might you be?"

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Wiping the blood of the bottom of his boot as if it was muck, Arrow continued his walk down the cell block open both doors he made his grand entrance into the canteen, Fisk looked confused at the table as the large man stared down the hall at him.

But he was to slow to move on of the silver tipped arrrows flew between the two large eyes, half coming out the back of his head, the whale of a man fell to the floor with a thud, No one moved for what seemed like an forever, But then all hell broke lose, those who had been waiting for a void now had there chance, those loyal to Fisk made there move, the whole block exploded into action.

IT was time for Arrow to make his much waited for exit, But he wouls be leaving behind his past , his shadows in a sringe in his pocket he had the toxins they had blowen into the cells, it was time to keep the monster in its bed, As he turned he smiled at a guard who had frozen, "My name is Last Arrow, Nice to meet you " then jumping over the railing he moved like a cat, Swing over to the next set of steps and making his move headed for the drains using the chaos as cover Last Arrow would try and escape.

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Sparda awoke to the sound of an alarm. He shook his head, and rolled over on to his good side. He then realized that Alex's photo was still on the ground, nearly ruined.

"NO!", he yelled in disbelief. He grabbed the small picture. Only a small bit was visible. He held it gently. It was the only thing that had kept Sparda sane all this time. He tried to wipe off the grime and water, to no avail. He realized that guards were rushing past his cellblock. Just then, the lead one from his last encounter slowed down as he realized that he was at Sparda's cell.

"Oh, the freak is awake. What a pleasa-", but he stopped as he saw that Sparda was still holding the photo. "You just don't get it, do you?", he laughed. Then, once again, with shock baton in hand, he stepped into Sparda's cell. With a simple swing he took down the weakened inmate. Then he ripped the photo out of his hands, and gazed at it. "Who's she? Your girl? Why someone would like a freak like you, I don't know", he said mockingly. Then, he lit up his shock baton, and stabbed it at the photo, sizzling it until it was ash.

Sparda's mind fell apart. He screamed aloud at this horror, only to receive a kick to the face. The guard just laughed and laughed.

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Misery sat silently in his cell or cage is what he called it. Darkness his best friend in the past now just a neutral force. With his powers gone Misery has sunk into a state of melancholy.

"Get up and freeze me ice king oh whats the matter cold feet" the guard laughed"

"Just inject me and get out before this cell runs red with blood" Misery demanded!

The guard injects him, "Empty threats my friend nothing more nothing less"
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Paragon lay on the floor of his cell, stretching and reading a book. Without his powers, he decided it was best to try to remain strong, and flexible. It was a lot more work than he remembered from before getting his powers. He continued reading and checking the door of his cell periodically. Since the suppression of his danger sense, he had become slightly edgy and paranoid. It was heightened since he was also now trapped with some of the criminals he had apprehended before. He knew they what they would want to do to him, and with the "freedom" inside the prison, a few had tried already. Of course, those ones forgot that Paragon was a skilled fighter, even without his sword, so they quickly ended up in the hospital wing. Eventually, boredom consumed him, and Paragon wandered out the workout area, to see who he could find.

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Misery just barely awake got up and decided to walk around the workout area. He noticed someone else there a bit paranoid by the looks of it. Misery felt like dirt without his powers but he could do nothing about it at the moment. So he walk closer to the other person.

"Hey friend looks like they got you too huh" Misery said with a sad tone.

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The beautiful mystery woman gazed into Kain's black and white eyes. She examined his massive build, his blood smeared hands and the scars on his body. She was intrigued by this being he wasn't a guard because she was able to see the dead guards behind him. The vampiress prepared to speak to beast before her.

I'm Jill, Jill Fieara. I've been kept here for a while. You are?

"Kain Echnida, descendant of the Echnida royal family, sole survivor of the destruction of Variis. Come, we've much to do, and not much time to do it in."

Why should I follow you? Why shouldn't I kill you right where you stand?

"Because Jill, you're weak. Not as weak as I was earlier because I've been here earlier, but still weak. You can't hurt me. I'm much stronger than you. Don't fight with me, you don't know what I'm capable of."

*You bastard! You're saying I'm needy!? Fck off!

She aimed to kick Kain in the face however he merely dodged it with no effort. She shot her fists out at Kain in a flurry of punches. She had alot of pride and would not allow her honor to be insulted. The dark prince grabbed her hands and pinned her against the cold steel walls, hearing her breath heavily from exhaustion. He felt her continue to battle him but he knew she was too weak to continue the fight. He moved his head and looked her in the eyes.

"Listen to me now, I know you're strong, I know you've alot of pride but you have to understand something, I'm trying to get you out of here. I could've rescued anybody else but I chose you because they kept you in a similar cage that they held me. I respect you, now stop fighting me. Here," Kain moved his head revealing his neck, "drink some so you have energy, some power".

Jill looked at him, a little surprised by his actions however more impressed by this. She bit down on his neck, her vampiric canines piercing his flesh. His blood was pouring as he grunted due to the pain. After a drink of his blood, she stopped biting him and looked him in the eye.

We'll settle this another time in another place Kain, but for now... where do we go?

"Simple, we need to go find more prey, more food. We have to hunt to attain our true power, afterwards we need to find the control to open all the doors and stop the gas. You and I aren't enough. After that, the last thing we must do, is find Gambler. But first... I've a good friend we have to find. She needs to be released... She's my sister."

Kain and Jill ran down the hallways of the prison. They were side by side barging through rooms, examining maps and checking monitors. A small set of guards came down the corridor, firing electric paralysing rounds at them, however with such speed, they dodged the bullets with such ease. Jill launched herself at the guards. Her mouth opened prepared to feed. Kain walked towards his prey. A guard swung at Kain with a electrified baton with fear however the vampire pushed his enemies arm to the side and punched his enemy in the chest, breaking his ribs, and his steel armor. Jill twisted 3 guards' necks around till they faced the floor while Kain was beating on another 3. The two were feasting on the dead guards. They enjoyed the taste of blood on their lips. Jill turned to Kain with a smile.

You sure proved me wrong. You know how to fight. Ha ha.

Kain stood up with a slight smile on his face.

"Since when did you become a stand up comedian? C'mon, let's keep going beautiful"

They continued walking along the path side by side. Their fates were intertwined now. They had something to do now. They began their search for their allies.

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Stark. He was thorough, their is absolutely no way Liverwurst, the madman, could escape from this cell, 900 feet below the rest of the vault no human contact at all. Their is only one problem, I'm not mad anymore, and it's only a matter of time.

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The drain was tight and compact, water dripped onto to his face, well he hoped it was water, pushing the bow in front him the quiver hung off his arm draggin along the tin drain pipe, sludging the stale water behind it.

The drains turned and split in a maze it was part of the design to confuse anyone trying to escape, It had pipe that lead no where and pipes that fell 70 feet to an almost cetain death, he could hear the madness above him , the fights and the screams.

The pipes would be diffcult to navegaite if Arrow had not payed some people off and had memorised the blue prints, Thats why he had taken over his wing, Making sure no one but those that needed to know ,knew .

Dropping out the pipe he landed in the hangar bay and smiled, As two guards looked like they where about to sh@t themselves, But before they could say something they where on the floor with blood dripping out there mouths as Arrow entered the nearest Heli Jet and began to prep it.

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This gas form of Mccoy's serum isn't quite as allmighty as they think it is. It suppresses my power sure, but each day leaves me slightly more resistant to the gas' effect. I can feel it, I'm ready, there is nothing that will keep me from returning home now and taking revenge on those b@$t@rds who put me here. Let's see, I know exactly where the monitor station is, I'll only have one chance at this, I need to fly through the walls into the guard station and hypnotize the guards before they can sound the alarm. Piece of cake. 1...2...3! And we're good. I'm going to need some help though. Wait, I hear someone screaming, sounds like someone wants to get out of here just as much as me. It's Sparda, and he's surrounded by guards, I'm going to have fun with this. I'll just burn these guys. There, nice and crispy, looks like Sparda's in bad shape. I think he needs a nice punch to the face. "Hey, Demon-Dude, wake up!"
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