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Ulathron Dain was born atop a short hill, inside a wooded grove at five thirty on a January morning. Forty three years later he would die there.

He was a healthy child for hearty parents. Lifelong criminals they traveled the traveled the world, robbing banks, businesses, and other criminals.

Theirs was an exciting, fast moving life. Rarely staying in the same place for more than a month Ulathron saw most of the world before he was ten. A mutant, he was superhumanly intelligent, and could speak any twenty six languages fluently before he was twelve. He took an active interest in the various cultures of the world, and it was in this way he found his greatest love.


Kenjutsu. While his family hid in rural Japan he found a small school, and a man willing to instruct a foreign boy in exchange for badly needed cash. To amuse himself Ulathron begin to take lessons, and though only seven years old he found he was possessed of incredible talent.


His mutant intelligence enabling him to break down each and every move, and formulate complex strategies in moments he mastered the entire school before his ninth birthday.

But he also possessed another gift. A great quickness derived from mutant adrenal glands. Whenever excited, afraid or angry he produced an adrenal that propelled him to immense speeds. This took its toll upon his body, as it forced him far beyond his normal limits.

At first he could not control it, it simply happened in times of high stress. The training and discipline he found at the hands of an old master in Japan soon taught him all things could be controlled. Before his tenth birthday he had mastered the gift, and could use as little or as much mutant adrenal as he needed.


Soon after his parents begin to bore him. Their heists were no longer the thrills he remembered. Police chases had lost their luster, he could outwit them in seconds. Bank robberies were effortless to him.

It was time to move on, and by the time he was twelve he had begin a long and storied career that would carry him into the ranks of legend.

Cape Killer

He became an assassin by accident rather than design. Killing the seven members of a Triad hit squad, sent to kill him for stealing from them. One man with a sword against seven with guns shocked the local criminal element, and soon his deadly skills were in demand.

Eventually several of the Triads marshaled their resources and struck at him all together. One hundred and thirteen of their soldiers, and nine of the best hired assassins money could buy.

Ambushing him inside a crowded bazaar it took him forty six minutes to kill all one hundred and twenty two of them.

This feat propelled him into international infamy, and soon he was carving his bloody legend worldwide, only fourteen years of age.


By twenty two his skills and intelligence had become the stuff of legend.

Where he traveled, heroes died. He beheaded the Jade Defender on the streets of Taiwan. The entire Soviet Squad. Iron John in NYC. Even the seemingly invulnerable Alex Electro eventually fell, after a running feud that lasted three and a half years.

He had made four hundred and seventy nine million dollars, he was among the most feared men in the worlds most dangerous game. And he was bored.

Serpent of the Host

Around this time he came into contact with the mutant rights activist **REDACTED**. No one knows exactly what was said but Ulathron was forever after a changed man. His eyes, previously aloft and bored, would light with passion when he spoke of the mutant race. Voice filled with energy, and body grow animated as he talked of their superiority to mankind.

Ulathron proved as effective a leader as he had at everything else. Driven by passion for his new cause, an inhuman intelligence focusing the might of his wealth and reputation soon he was at the head of his own league of mutant extremists. He called them 'The Host'

At first little more than well organized terrorists they were soon to be transformed into a paramilitary, quasi-religious combination of political party and criminal network. Within five years they were one of the most feared organizations on the planet.

Known for their fearless attacks, extremist policies, scientific foundation and zealous dedication Ulathron and the Host become a plague upon the non-mutant world.


By thirty one he realized he was not enough.

All his money, his personal skills and power, his organization and contacts would never be enough to build a new mutant dominated world. There were not enough mutants, and to many humans. Worse yet some mutants sided with the humans. He regarded them as race traitors the worse of the worst but they were among his greatest rivals.

The sheer weight of his legend began to weigh upon him as his title of 'Mutant Messiah' became a mocking instead of reverent. It became increasingly apparent he alone was not enough. The Host begin to bleed members, and those that remained looked enviously upon his throne.

Alone in all the world there was one organization which could help him.

The Arashikage.

Their ranks of mutant aristocratic assassins were titans in a world of giants. Among the worlds metahumans they were the most deadly. And most importantly to Ulathron they were mutants.


Hiring one of the Arashikage under the pretense of a dangerous mission he was witness to her skills first hand. Over the course of several blood soaked months a certain degree of understand, if not trust, was developed. Eventually Ulathron laid bare his plan.

Their mutant genes were compatible. They would have a child, a child with both Ulathron's gifts, combined with the Arashikage legacy. This child would be their weapon, their ultimate tool against the Arashikage themselves. Trained from birth to be the ultimate warrior they would use their offspring as a tool to grasp control over the Arashikage by force.

Together, with the might of the Host and the Arashikage, and the ultimate mutant under their control, they would spark a war between mutants and humans. Forcing the neutral mutants to side with them, or die at the hands of humanity.

From the ashes of the war they would rise, and build a new world in their image. the Mutant Messiah at last.

This offer was accepted, and so the Epsilon Project begin.


Twin daughters were born. A special base was constructed near Ulathron's birthplace.

He settled down some. Took the time to visit his parents from time to time, they were both serving life sentences in America.

Devoted himself to sustaining the Host, avoiding offending the his new Arashikage in laws, and training his daughters night and day.

But something went very, very wrong.


The children were physically weak and mutated. Both albinos, both struggled with the basic tasks expected of Arashikage children. Obstacle courses would defeat them, sparing would leave them with broken bones. Runs left them with sprains and pulled muscles.

Ulathron felt their mothers **REDACTED** metals caused **REDACTED** radiation to damage their genes. She felt his initial calculations had been flawed. They fought bitterly over this, coming to blows several times.

In the end they settled for studying the twins. They would be pushed as hard as they could be, for as long as they could before. When they eventually died or went insane they would be dissected and studied. Perhaps the flaw could be detected and corrected.

Still, he could not help but feel some mix of contempt for their weakness, love for his children, and revulsion and his greatest failure.


His plans and plots were to all be undone, darkness to fall upon his hope for a brighter mutant world.


For Ulathron was not the only person who wished to grasp control of the Arashikage. Not as famous in his earlier years, not yet known as the King of Kings, Gambler was overlooked by Ulathron and **REDACTED**.

Gathering his forces, constructing a meticulous plan and executing it with ruthless precision the Aristocratic Assassin made to end Ulathron and wipe his works from the face of the earth.


A five in the morning, on a cold January day, Ulathron climbed a small hill. The underbrush tore at his robes at scratched his red mask. Mud caked his sandals He moved neither slow, nor fast.

The birds were silent.

Twenty minutes later Gambler and six hand picked killers climbed the hill after him. All six were chosen for their superhuman skill, mighty powers, and personal loyalty to Gambler.

It took them six minutes to reach the top of the hill. The seven slayers faced Ulathron under the willow branches.

He fought like a god.

Four minutes later Ulathron died.

Gambler alone climbed back down the hill. He has never spoken of what he witnessed upon it.

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@The_Lost_LeBeau: I'm mad at myself for killing such a badass character lol Awesome job.

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goddamn, I''m impressed

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Real nice, shame i didn't get this character in action

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If I could only say holy f*ckin' sh*t so you could understand the magnitude of your awesomeness....