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This is a Pirate RPG, no powers.

Standard RPG rules apply.

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OoC Thread:


Port Royal, Jamaica - 1736

Sitting in his cell, Demetrius had an idea what was awaiting him. All his life, he had been one of the most ferocious buccanneers to every sail the ocean. The mighty Greek man was once the captain of a vessel known as The Orion. Growing up in Greece, he had escaped to sea when he was a young boy. Eventually, he took to a life of piracy. However, in career, he had an illustrious reputation of being a constant tactician. His naval battles were epic. Never before had he seen defeat. The only reason he was sitting in a cell in Port Royal was because he was betrayed.

The charges against him demanded that he be hanged at dawn. Indeed, a mass hanging would occur the next morning. In the cells near him were many other pirates who had been captured and were awaiting the noose. Quietly, he stood up and moved to the barred window. His large wrists were in chains. Being so tall, he did not need to step up on a stool to see out the window. A fresh sea breeze whisped through the bars and his long, wavy black lochs of hair blew back. Adjusting the scarf over his brow, he looked to the horizon over the sea.

"Ah, freedom." he said in a deep voice. Looking over at a group of prisoners in another cell, he asked, "So, what are you in for?"
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"To hell with you!!"

"after you little darling."

more crys out as the woman tryed to break free of the mens tightening grips. The scar of the P stung on her forarm. Just cus she was the only one left abord a ship with other pirates, they branded her, shackled her, said they where going to hang her at dawn, then tossed her into a cage, Like a wild beast. She was a wild beast, Lone on an island for as long as she could rember, Then some pirates came ashore and found her, savage and crazy. The captin took her in, Like a daughter. Teaching her how to speak, how to steal, kill, taught her the beauty of gold, the lust for power, which she didnt share, but she new about ships, about treasure, about the code. Thats why she didnt talk, when her ship was ransacked. Her 'father' was killed before her eyes, was where the rest of the crew, she was spared for she was a female, They'd rather watch her swing, than run a blade though her chest.

With her back against the cold stone, the moon danced on her blood red hair. and her fathers hat rested over her eyes.

like all pirates of her fathers ship, her hair was braided a few hundred times, dreadlocked, with feathers of her home land tied within the lose strains, Her clothes where mens clothes, large, tied together with rope, toren and riped here and there. hidding her figure, which is what her father wanted, so she looked like a guy, infact, no one but the men that found her on the ship, new she was a girl. not even the men that where going to hang her. she looked and acted like a wild boy. she didnt talk much, and when she did, it was low, soft like a whisper. she was good with a cutlass, great aim with a pistol. and had a great strong fist. She fought her way though the island, aswell as the ship, and now, she was caged. and pissed.

She ingored the words of the men and women around her. none of it was to her, so she didnt care. She heard the sea beyond the rocked cage, and longed for her fathers ship once again.

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The Japanese noble had sailed the seas for many years and protected his country against Pirates,he considered the seas his and any Pirate who challenged him should die by way of arrows.Akira Yamato the Dragyn of the East Seas he was called,a Samurai of Japan and a Captain of the biggest ship the East had seen,but now none of that mattered,he was with men who he had no business with and was furious at how he had so quickly turned into a criminal like the men he hunted.

Akira had been framed by his brother who was so Jealous and Envious of him,he made it seem as if Akira had just slaughtered innocent men when really he killed murders of the sea,for that Yamato was exiled and he fled to the Ports of Jamaica and Caribbean Sea to find work as a mercenary but he was hired by Pirates despite his hate for that kind.And now he was in prison cell of the worst kind,he sat in corner meditating,not paying attention to the other prisoners.

"So, what are you in for?"

Said the Greek Man,across the cell.

Yamato made no effort to respond,he just stood upwards and walked to the bars looking for answers on where his Noble Armor had been stowed away at,and giving threats to the men who he thought knew th answer.Eventually he calmed down and looked back to the Greek.

"Dont Question me.I am your superior,perhaps you couldn't tell."

He moved back over to his corner and awaited freedom or death.

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Eon looks about.

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she laid in the opposite corner of the room...she was cold bleeding and angry the room was slightly lit in the morning she would be hung with the rest of the low lifes she was in prison with. Her crime murder. she had killed her husband who had hit her and know she would pay the same price.

So, what are you in for?" a man at the far end of the cell asked

murder she replied she glanced at the being over near the far wall she wasnt sure if it was a guy or a girl but she decided to courtsey and looked over at the other man who looked to be from the place of the slanted eyes.

"Dont Question me.I am your superior,perhaps you couldn't tell." he replied to the question as he returned to his corner awaiting his judgement

Marisol responded with her spanish accent very apparent the name is marisol it really didnt matter because soon she would be dangling like a fish on a hook over the unforgiving seas,

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With a chuckle, Demetrius shook his head at the arrogant Japanese pirate lord. "Well, I don't know about you, mate......but I'm not about to let them put a rope around my neck." Captain Arkelis then looked out the window again. This time, he looked towards the gallows. Already, the executioners were preparing them. Hammering away, the builders nearly finished construction. Along with the men inside the prison, it appeared as if a young boy was waiting in the corner. There was a wild look in the boy's eye. Upon looking closer, Demetrius calmly nodded his head - he had seen it before. Sometimes, in order to spare their women of certain horrors, pirate lords would disguise them as boys. That was the case here.

Just then, Demetrius looked back out the barred cell window towards the gallows. They were finished. The executioner tied a sack of grain to one of the ropes and pulled the lever. The sack flopped down and snapped in the wind. Apparently, everything was working in order. Now, it was only a matter of time before all the pirates were to be led off to their inevitable hanging. Although it was unknown to the others, Captain Arkelis already had a plan set in motion.

Looking out over the horizon, something caught his eye. It appeared as if something was skimming the horizon......a set of sails. They were coming close, but not too close. Reaching down into his boot, Demetrius pulled out a small telescope which he had managed to smuggle past the guards. Without drawing too much attention from the guards, he carefully extended it and looked out over the horizon. Indeed, he could make out something now. The ship was a huge man of war. There had to be nearly a hundred cannons onboard. Even worse, Captain Arkelis could make out something waving from the mast. It was black, but so far away. Most likely, the vessel in the distance had to be a pirate. They were staying away in order to not draw the attention of the fortress of Port Royal. Most-likely, they would attack at night.

Summoning the Japanese pirate over to him, Captain Arkelis discretely slid the small telescope through the bars. Then, not looking directly at him, Demetrius told Akira, "Take this, look out over the horizon, then tell me what you see. Savvy?"

Suddenly, a Spanish accent spoke up behind him. He turned to see a beasutiful female pirate. "'Ello darling. Don't worry, can't have them hang your pretty carcass out, now can we?" he said. Then, with a inquisitive look, he said, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"
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Captain Arkelis was fidgety as ever,moving from side to side as he spotted something through the barred windows,Akira tried to pay no attention but curiosity got the best of him and he snatched the telescope from the hands of the pirate.He peeped through its hole and noticed a massive ship that would destroy a port from miles away,Akira managed to keep the smile from his face then tossed the telescope to Arkelis to draw attention,that it did.

"It looks to me,Like my escape."

The Guard noticed the toss and rushed into Akira's cell,that was the fatal mistake.The Samurai pushed his arm forward past the Guards neck then brought it down to his knee,instantly snapping the mans spine in half.He gave a stern look to the rest of the prisoners as he used the keys to unlock his cell then tossed them to the Greek Captain.

"Now,where is my armor?"

Yamato searched the prison and found his armor and two four katanas scattered in a room of rubbage,he gathered his gear and attached them.He felt whole again,and more then ready to get back to the sea.

"Come if you like."

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The frothy red tide bubbled up the beach. Bringing with it the detritus of battle. Dead men and pieces of dead men came to rest on the golden sands, stained dark with their blood. Fragments of wood, scraps of sailcloth, lanyards and pulleys all told a dreadful story. Out of the sea, rising like some dreadful beast of legend, crawled a figure. Lank black hair covered its face, dripping wet with brine and its clothes were tattered and soaking. Slowly it dragged itself up out of the reach of the sighing waves to flop exhausted on the dry sand at the edge of the beach.

"Clap him in irons."

Cold metal touched the prostrate figured wrists and it felt its body being dragged to its feet. Coarse hands grabbed at its long hair roughly and tugged the locks back with a savage jerk, revealing the face of a well known rogue. Samuel Jackson, the young pilot who had plagued the coast of Jamaica for two dreadful years, was too exhausted to even cry out as the dozen or so red coated soldiers beat him. His ship, the Duskshadow had been destroyed hours earlier in a bloody battle with the English frigate the Reliant. Of a crew of two hundred souls, he was the only survivor. Barely had the thought crossed his mind when the butt of a musket was rammed into his face, wiping his thoughts away as unconsciousness grabbed hold.

Slowly he clambered up out of the blackness, heading towards a point of light that burned his skin and hurt his eyes. With a sudden snap the young pirate sat bolt upright, his eyes wild and his hair ragged. He was in a cell of some kind, he had seen enough of them to know that instantly. The light he had been seeing was coming in from a barred window in the cell opposite to him in which a tall olive skinned man was standing, gazing out towards the horizon with a tiny telescope. His head throbbing and his salty skin crackling he staggered to his feet, instinctively reaching for a cutlass over his shoulder that wasn't there.

"The name is Marisol"

Sam's eyes flicked towards the wreck of a woman sitting huddled in the corner. She might have been beautiful, underneath the caked layer of dirt and blood that she was smeared with, but in the poor light he couldnt tell. From the yard outside came the tell tale hammering that meant that a gallows was being erected. The young rogue slid down the wall until he was in a sitting position with both arms wrapped around his knees. In such a position he didn't even look his twenty two years, much less a cunning killer of the seas.

The big man spoke and from his accent Sam was able to identify him as being Greek, unlike the next man who was definitely from the east. Keeping his mouth shut so as not to draw attention to himself, Sam took in all the details of the room, noting the various scoundrels who were imprisoned with him. No doubt they would swing next to him when the dawn came.

The Eastern prisoner tossed the Greek man his telescope back, catching the attention of a guard. For a moment it seemed that everything had gone horribly wrong. The Red coated soldier dashed forwards, only to be taken down by a swift move that Sam was barely able to catch. The warrior freed himself and tossed the Greek the keys before moving away to find his armor. Sam scrambled to his feet, his eyes hungry for the keys that would give him freedom.

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marisol looks at the male pirate and replied dont think so love noticing the man from the east had broken out of the cell Marisol stood up she caught a quick glance at the being he was taking his items with him but she couldnt find hers.


she ran down the hall towards where the guards where she yelled back *trust me i know what i'm doin a french prisoner stood up what the hell are you doing!

she stopped and said i have to get my bow and arrow he looked in amazement what the hell is that going to do against a gun! she looked back again nothing i just like it

she tip toed past the guards and ran up to the higher level of the prison there her golden bow laid along with her green vest and brown leggings she jumped over the wire that would trigger the arrows and picked up her stuff she dressed right in that room.

Moving back towards the prison cell she accidentially tripped on a sleeping cat darn it the british soilders opened fire on her,she doged and jumped behind a metal pillar watching the sparks fly of the beam she waited until they reload until her attack began.

reaching back with the quickness she grabbed 7 arrows and shot them all at seemingly the same time striking all the soilders in there necks she ran up the steps as more arrived.

the french guy began to shout at her you spanish are all alike! she quickly threw him in front of her as one of the soilders shot there guns he was instantly killed she threw his body at them and stated you french are all alike......cowards! she rushed back to the farthest wall calling to the other prisoners while ducking a bullet.

there's a wall right here it's a secrete passage way, hit the button and were free!

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Lya's eyes narrowed in as a man looked at her, then he nodded as if he new what she was. her brow frowned as she looked away trying to hide a blush of anger. Then he moved, she looked back to him, Only to see him digging in his boot, She moved closer to him but not close enough to be touched as she looked out the same window. Her face paled as she saw the men finshing the gallows.

With a low voice, she glanced over to the Greek and whispered.

"you know me, I beg you please let it be just you..tell no other..."

She wasnt one to beg, but she was afread of what might happen, She new she wasnt the only girl here, But that hardly mattered to her.

She leaned up on her toes and tryed to see what he saw, but it looked more like dark clouds dancing in the sky. The wind wasnt right for storm, yet. So surely that must be a ship..

The greek Tossed the glass to the man with weird eyes, That acted as though he was a king of sorts, So she didnt look at him, for fear he would get mad. So she turned her atention to a man that just woke up. With a slight nod, she looked to the woman.

without another word she moved back to where she was just when it seemed all hell broke lose, everyone was moving fast, A gaurd fell, the king man and the woman where out. but her cage was still locked. The key slid beautifuly to the greek man. She could hear the horns of the gallows calling for them, the sun had started to rise, blood poured over the skies and waters, as though the god of the sea new his people where to die.

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As Akira Yamato tossed the looking glass back to him, Demetrius looked up to see a British guard rush into the Japanese pirate lord's cell. He then looked on as Akira leapt upon the guard with ferocity and snapped his spine in half. With a chuckle, Captain Arkelis said in a comedic tone, "And you wait until NOW to do that? Bloody takin' his dear sweet time....." Quickly, the Greek reached through the bars and pulled the keys away from the dead guard. "You won't be needing these anytime soon, mate." he said to the corpse. With that, he took the keys, freed himself, and then proceeded to free the other prisoners.

Akira went out on his own in search of his armor. Marisol, on the other hand, ran ahead of the group on her own. Reaching back down to the corpse, Captain Arkelis took a loaded pistol. As for the cutlass which the guard wore, he tossed it towards the young "boy" which was in one of the cells. Then, he looked to the other remaining prisoners and gave the order. "Let's go, m'hearties!" he said in a commanding tone.

At that moment, he rushed quietly through the prison and began to follow Marisol. Upon seeing the armory, Captain Arkelis quickly went in to reacquire his possessions. Fastening his vest shut, he began to suit up in his weapons. Four pistols were hung at his sides, his fiersome rapier was hung as well. Then, he put on his dark overcoat. This pirate lord was going to take no prisoners now. The mighty Greek then took his prized hat and placed it upon his head - getting it to fit and stay just right. However, time was wasting. Immediately, he went after Marisol. With the woman disguised as a boy with him, he rushed towards the sound of musket fire.

When he reached the upper level of the prison, he saw Marisol behind a fallen table. Guards were across the hall firing at her. Each time, she responded by firing an arrow from her golden bow. On the ground was a musket from a fallen guard. Placing his foot under it, Captain Arkelis flipped the musket upright and caught it mid-air. Then, he took quick aim and fired a loud blast towards the guards. The shot took hit a guard directly in the chest. As the bloodied man fell to the ground, a fellow soldier tried to help him. Immediately, Captain Arkelis fired a pistol and struck the man in the forehead.

At that moment, several guards ran out of cover and charged with their swords. Whether they were simply impatient or were just out of ammunition, Demetrius only knew one thing - it was time for melee. Marisol had rushed to another side of the room and hit a section of the door. To his surprise, a secret passage was revealed. Quickly, he summoned the woman accompanying him to follow Marisol. With that, the mighty Greek pirate lord drew his rapier and stood between the two women and the charging guards. "Go now!" he yelled to both women.

Captain Arkelis had to turn immediately and raise his rapier to block an attack from one of the guards. In a fine display of strength, he threw the guard back. Just then, another three guards charged towards the mighty Greek, waving their swords wildly about. In a true show of heroic proportions, Captain Arkelis began parrying against the guards. Slowly moving back to a railing, the large Greek suddenly leapt up onto it while maintaining his focus on the guards. As they attacked towards his legs, Demetrius leapt up and grabbed onto a rope overhead. Then, moving his powerful body, he swung and kicked guards back.

With another swing, he released flipped backwards in the air, then landed on his feet in the midst of the soldiers. Dodging the blade of one, he stabbed his long blade into his opponent's heart. Just then, he kicked another guard in the face with his hard boot. As the third came down with his blade, Captain Arkelis caught the guard's hand, drew a dagger, then plunged it deep into the guard's stomach. With a swift, deft motion, he then stuck his long blade into the last remaining guard. Bowing briefly, he made his way to the two women.

As he raced out of the secret passage, Demetrius had to stop. There was a single ledge on the side of the prison. Having very little room the stand, he looked down below. Below him was nearly a 40-foot drop into the midst of a squadron of guards. Thinking quickly, he looked up and saw a higher section that led into the fort. At that moment, a large pulley system was set up and an enormous cannon was being hauled up to the fortress above. Immediately, it became clear to Captain Arkelis what he had to do.

Taking the woman disguised as a boy, he put her onto his back. "Hang on there, Lass!" he said. Then, he took Marisol under his arm and grabbed onto the rope with the same hand. With other hand, he slashed and hacked the other side of the rope with his hand. Suddenly, it snapped. The cannon fell rapidly towards the ground below. At the same time, Captain Arkelis and the two women shot upwards at blinding speeds. Letting go just in time, the trio landed safely above the fortress.

They had to make their way through the town and to the harbor. From there, they would most-likely escape to Tortuga. As he raced down the road with the two women, Captain Arkelis looked back towards the prison and the fortress. Just then, an explosion occured within the fortress........It was the massive pirate ship that he had seen earlier. Now, it had come in under the cover of night and had begun its siege on Port Royal. Running alongside the two women, Captain Arkelis said in a charming, yet comedic tone, "You know dears, I was planning on an adventure anyway! Haha, Yoho!"

Indeed, the real adventure was about to begin!

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marisol glanced out at sea seeing hundreds of boats being rowed to shore filled with men she thought about something her mother hand once told her " you need to get married,never will hundreds of men come across the ocean wanting to see you!" all she could think to herself wasw ewwww they quickly set the city a fire with there swords raised. from afar she saw a man that appeared to be the captain but his face was blocked out by the poor light. A wind gust blew through the area and he was gone.

two pirates attacked a local lady one was behind her and another was infront of her marisol jumped the pirate caught her under her arms while her legs were on top of the shoulder of the other one. she grabbed the head of the one behind her and then twisted flipping twirling them both to the floor. Gun fired sparked against barrels of rum as the innacurate

looks like my exit she ran into a huge pirate who punched at her she swayed to the right she punched him in the gut but no effect. that's just savvy! she smacked her to the ground but she rolled back on her neck and was up again. she was backed into a corner 4 pirates had come making there total 5 she quickly dispatached her bow firing 5 arrows at them killing all but the huge one that she had previously fought he caught her arrow! she ran at him at full speed and slid with the dust kicking up she vaulted her foot up and kicked him in the balls

thinking of me when your trying to have kids she stabbed him with his sword and then enegaged in a fight with another pirate and yelled to the cap where are these bastards coming from as she spun around him and jammed her sword into the pirates neck.

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Just when she feared that she would be left, Lya saw the Greek man unlock her rusted cage. Her eyes sparkled brightly as she gave him a nod of the head. She didnt look back as she ran after him, But she was sure to stay behind him, Then She found herself in a room that had their belongings.

"Here little WildChild..Keep this, Rember the code, Rember your place!" His blood stained hands took a leather necklace from around his neck, and placed it around hers. It wasnt much, But the tooth of a shark and a coin of pure gold. Then the man, after touching her cheek, coughed up some blood, the wound on his chest was gushing blood over her. Her eyes looked confused, worried and lost, but he just smiled. blood driped onto his berd. "rember the code of the pirates, Rember to stay hidden, To stay a boy..that will keep you save..always...my..Wild..Child..."

She Dived into the pile almost, looking for the necklace, they tore it from her neck after she got here and she saw them toss it back here. now where was it!? She did find her boots, which they took after she kicked one pritty hard in the jewels, well, her boots where tiped with metal... Sliding them on, with one hand, she looked hard for the only thing He ever gave her freely. She didnt even realize she was alone.

Then, when she was about out of hope, and time, She found it, With a smile, she tied it around her neck and placed it under her many layered shirt. Fixing her apearace in a mirror so she didnt look as emotional as a female would of, She turned to catch up to the man.

Gunshots rang though the halls, Taking the cutlass she was given, She rased forward without a thought in her mind. seeing many gaurds around, and the man, then the woman, She nodded knowing this was her place.

But The man pointed her to the other woman, With a slight nod, thinking she was to gaurd the other girl, she ran along the wall, stoping only when a gaurd saw her, and wanted to fight

With a smile, she waited till his sword was right at her, then she blocked it then sent her fist into his face knocking him backwards. Crying out though his tears, he came at her again. just as he raised his sword, Her sword slide right though his gut. Taking the cutlass back, she ran not even carring if he fell or not, She saw a door hidden in the wall, the girl was already gone. Looking back to the man, that stood before her now, with his back to her, He yelled for her to go.

She glared at his back and took a step forward, ready to fight with him, But she didnt, instead she watched him in awe as he fought agianst the mass of men that surely out numbered them both. her lips parted in a silent gasp as he cut down the men like they where nothing but blades of grass. Seeing that he had everything under contorl, Lya turned and ran down the passage.

Then there was a cut off, with a small ledge, and there was the other girl, With a nod of her head, to herself, She started along the ledge as though it was nothing, with no fear in her eyes, only the wild look of a jungle creature. Then she was pulled back by the ruff of her collar.

"Hang on their lass"

"dont call me lass!" She hissed faintly but did as she was told, then up they went so fast, she closed her eyes tightly and held on even tighter to the man, Then they landed.

His next words made her frown again, callin her dearies.. rolling her eyes She took off running, Then she stoped, she saw the ships...

Running though the trees, as free as any bird, she felt a pullness to the weird clouds she saw. So naked, And fast, she moved down the hill towards the waters, There she saw many boats. many creatures that looked just like her. Couching low, as one of the boats came onto the sands, she saw a man, with a feathered hat. He looked to be larger than the others, and they looked up to him..He took out a blade, like the ones she saw on a bone pile... Death came by shinny rocks like that! So she leaped at him, scatching his face, bitting his arms, His crys of alarm was all she heard before she was knocked to the ground. Spinning and jumping back to her feet, she growled at the man, like a cat, then went for his legs. He laughed at her then droped down to his knees, eye leavel with hers. she attacked his face again, but he took her arm in his hand, then her other in the same hand, And smiled to her....

"father..?" She whispered before she started off down her own road, She moved fast and swift though the buildings not even glancing at the other pirates till one of them grabed her by the back of the hair and slamed her back down on the hard street.

"aw, what is this pritty little boy, with a nice hat..give me your hat boy."

She reached for the cutlass, but was too slow, with her being on the ground on her back, The blade was kicked away.

His eyes feel on her face then her neck, at her necklace. He reached for her. Lya growled as she grabed his wrist and twisted her body around taking his wrist with her arm that was now on the ground, she kicked out at his knees, A loud crack feeled the air just before his scream echoed in the loud night.She spun around and her fist found his neck. And the man droped down with his eyes closed, with her knees next to shoulders, she took his pistol and his gold, and his necklaces for her own then grabed her cutless.

Yet again it was kicked out of her reach by a man that stood behind her, she heard the cocking of the pistol.

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Mantoid emerged out of the water, swimming from quite a distance away, and finally ready for a walk on the beach. The first thing she noticed was that there were many large ships with skull and crossbones flags. Pirates! She thought, I wonder if they have taken any prisoners or if anyone is in danger. As she was walking along the beach, she saw a gold necklace, and was reaching for it when she looked to the left and saw a Pirate holding his pistol at someone.

She rushed at the Pirate, jumped high, and performed a front kick at the pistol. The hit connects, flinging the pistol far out of the Pirate's hand. Dazed by the sudden attack, she loses her balance and trips. The Pirate seizes the opportunity and drives his fist right down onto her head, making his knuckles bloody.

Ouch... ...that last blow... ...don't know if I can recover...

She falls down on the sand, wounded badly. Help stranger!

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Marisol had already engaged in combat. "Hey cap!", she yelled. "Where are all these bastards coming from?" Before Captain Arkelis could answer, he was knocked back with a large club. A band of five pirates came out of nowhere. One of them was extremely large and wielded a massive club. Holding onto his side, Demetrius rose to his feet and raised his rapier towards them. Immediately, they charged.

Jumping back, he began to combat four of them at once. Meanwhile, the larger pirate stood in the distance. With a mighty leap, the Greek pirate lord dove to the side. Rolling onto his feet, he thrust his rapier into the ribcage of one of the pirates. Just then, the other three began attacking more offensively. It was all the captain could do to avoid their attacks. Slowly backing up while he clashed blades with them, Demetrius spied a barrier with a hanging rope near it. With that, he turned and ran towards the stone barrier and the pirates chased after him. When he neared the barrier, he leapt up with one foot, grabbed onto the rope, then swung around in a circle and ended up behind the pirates who were pursuing him. With a mighty kick, he sent all three toppling over the barrier. After the kick, he swung to the barrier and landed on it. Then, Captain Arkelis flipped down into the center of the three bewildered pirates. As each one gained their footing, they were brought down by the pirate lord's blade.

Suddenly, the large pirate who was sitting out charged at the captain, swinging his club irradically. Demetrius ran up to him in like manner. As the giant pirate swung the club, Captain Arkelis ducked down and slid on the ground. Then, he attempted to stab his rapier into the giant's side. However, the large pirate managed to block the attack. Still, the blade thrust through the flesh and came out the other side. In an unbelieveable display, the enormous pirate slowly pulled the blade out with a crazed look in his eye. "Well, that was interesting......" Captain Arkelis said.

With that, the huge pirate took Demetrius' blade and shook the sword out of his hand. Then, the pirate put his arms around the Greek and picked him up off the ground in an attempt to crush the life out of him. Indeed, Captain Demetrius Arkelis was an extremely tall, powerful man; but THIS pirate was the size of an ox. The Greek pirate lord could feel himself being crushed. He tried to reach down towards his belt to get one of the four pistols that hung at his side. Finally, he reached it, put it to the giant's chest, then pulled the trigger. The ball pierced the huge pirate's flesh and penetrated his heart. With a bit of exhertion, Captain Arkelis pryed himself loose of the dead man's grip.

By now, Demetrius had discovered that the woman in-disguise was named Lillya. At that moment, she was racing towards the ship. Looking over at Marisol, Captain Arkelis said, "Let's go!" Racing after Lya, the might Greek watched as a pirate grabbed her and threw her down to the ground. Swiftly, she handled him. However, another pirate came up behind Lya and raised a pistol. Reaching down into his belt while running, Demetrius siezed one of his daggers. Then, in a fine display of marksmanship, he threw it as hard as he could into the pirate's back.

Looking over at Marisol, he said, "The ships in the harbor have been destroyed. Shall we head for the shore?" Racing over to help Lya to her feet, Captain Arkelis began looking around the besieged city of Port Royal and knew that it was filled with enemy pirates. However, there was a powerful ship offshore that wasn't filled with enemy pirates. Indeed, it might work. Looking over at the two women, Captain Arkelis said, "Right then, that ship offshore doesn't have a whole lot of men aboard. What say you to the idea of taking it?" He then gave a smile to both of them and started to quickly make his way towards the shore.

When he arrived to the shore, he found a large multitude of empty boats. However, upon walking by the deserted boats, Captain Arkelis saw an injured woman lying on the sand with a bloodthirsty pirate about to do her harm. The woman looked at him and cried out, "Help, stranger!"

Looking at Marisol and Lya, Captain Arkelis drew a pistol. "Watch yourselves, lasses." he said as a warning. Just then, he fired a shot into the skull of the pirate. Walking over to the injured woman, he took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. "Are you alright, m'lady?" he asked. Time was of the essence. If the band of escapees were going to take a ship of their own, and a mighty splendid ship at that, they would have to act quickly.....

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Wildchild closed her green eyes as if waiting for the pain of the shot. Then the shot rang out, only it missed, hitting the ground right next to her, Bits of rock bit at her face making her cheeks bleed slightly. Looking back she saw the man, the Greek man looking down at her. He reached down his hand for her's. Looking from his hand to his face she bit back her harsh words on him calling her a lass, and helping her, but he did save her life. So she owed him one.

Taking his hand, she jumped to her feet and looked to the shore where his eyes seemed to be lost to. Grabing her cutlass and his dagger from the dead man's body, She Glanced to the other woman. Running her fingers though her dreadlocked hair, making some of it fall into her face to make her look more boyish, She fallowed him.

Yet again some fool of a man grabed the back of her head, and again she lost sight of the man.

"Grrr" She growled angryly and spun to face her attacker. His face was young, almost charming. Keen eyes that locked on hers. He saw her like the greek man saw her, a woman. his Lips ross in a smile. Not the warm smile her father gave her, but a wicked smile.

"Well, what treasure do we have here little missy.."

He still held her hair, and using that holding, he pulled her to him, Why was she cought of gaurd.. The look in his eyes..Slowly she shook her head.

"You have nothing, But a wild spirit that will soon leave your body in ruins.."

She whispered softly. His lips crushed down on hers. So she bit his lips, and his tongue that tired to invade her mouth, blood poured into her mouth as he riped his face away, pushing her back a bit he backslaped her.

The force spun her to the ground, But she was ready, Pressing her hands to the ground, She kicked up with her spicked boots aiming right for his paints. Then, she fliped just as she heard him howl in pain, Her other foot came around and side swept his face till he was in the dirt.

But he was fast too, he rolled right at her and grabed her arms, then tackled her under him. He was smiling, not the wicked smile, but an amused smile, he enjoyed this.

"I will have you, one way or another.." He leaned his face closer to her ear. "i always get what i want."

"not today.." She whispered back to his ear before she bit it hard, taking the gold ring in her teeth, she pulled hard riping it off his ear, taking part of his ear with it, Her fist came up to his nose so hard that she heard another crack, as he rolled off her, She jumped up and ran.

He fallowed. A cutlass in his hand, and one in hers, He grabed her arm and spun her around, As she spun, she drew her blade out to attack, he blocked, Then he atacked, aiming the blade to her side, she blocked. the faster they went, the more the world sliped away.

A dance, their feet moved with grace, their arms moved together, par, block, clash, block par. spin. THen she found his face close to hers again, the blades at their breasts, He looked down at her with wonder now lost in his eyes, But her eyes where still wild, She used her leg, seeing as his was so close, she triped him, making him go back, she fell ontop of him this time, with her blade to his neck.


His words came before her blade could cut his neck..She paused.

"rember the code!"

Slowly she stood but moved her blade across his heart, leaving a deep cut, one that would scar him. Then she turned and ran, THis time he didnt fallow, but only his eyes stated with her till she was out of sight,

She ran right onto the sands of the shore, There was the Greek man, She still didnt know his name. Nor the woman.

Breathing hard, she reached the boat, but heard a cry, As did the Greek. For he went to the fallen woman.

Lya looked down trying to catch her breath, Her chin and cheek where bleeding and brused. But her eyes where as wild as ever,

"Watch yourselves lasses"

again with the lasses part!!! She glared at him but looked around with his dagger and her cutlass in her hands. She stood her ground. She watched as the pirates attacked the other people. Then some eyes where watching them, The pirates found them.


Lya called out in a deep voice as she took a few steps forward ready to fight the other pirates off, to give the Greek time.

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Mantoid wakes up from being knocked unconscious, Where am I, who are these two people with me? She stood up, weaker than before, but still had much strength. She felt her head, Ouch!, I must have been hit pretty hard. She looked around the area, there was a large pirate that had a large gunshot wound in his forehead. Oh yes, now I remember, I was trying to save her. Mantoid walks over to the two people that helped save her.

Mantoid asked, "Hello, my name is Mantoid, and don't ask why, it is a long story." They two people chuckled. The tall man introduced himself first. "My name is Demetrius, and you looked like you could have used some help." Then the green eyed woman introduced herself, "I'm Lya, and thank you for saving me from that pirate." These two seem like pretty trustworthy people, so I guess I'll see if I can go along with them, also, I don't want to run into more pirates by myself, Mantoid thought.

Mantoid said, "So can I join your little 'band' and journey on?" Both of them agreed, and they were headed off. I should probably think about getting a weapon, thought Mantoid. As they walked from the beach headed into town, she saw in a bush a shining sword. She looked closer to see that it was medium sized, with no scratches on it, and noticed a hint of blue in the color. She grabbed the sword, liked the weight and feel, and felt how sharp it was. Extremely sharp, she thought. Just when she was about to put it on her belt, she noticed some fresh blood on it.

Mantoid caught back up with the group. She said, "Look what I found." Demetrius said, "That is one beautiful blade, I haven't seen anything like it." Then Lya looked at the fresh blood on the sword. Lya said, "Tell me that isn't your blood." Mantoid shaked her head, "No, it isn't, it was on it when I found it, which means that someone quite recently dropped it."

Then, all of a sudden, 10 pirates appeared, blocking all escape routes. The fat one, who was apparently their leader, said, "Arrrg, me wants the shiny sword. Also, me thinks us should kill all them mateys."

Lya asked Mantoid, "You know how to sword fight right?" She responded, "I am pretty good with a blade, I have trained with one for a long time, hunted many big game, like bears, elk,..."

Then the group of 9 pirates charged Demetrius, Lya, and Mantoid. One pirate slashed at Demetrius, he blocked the blow then slashed at the pirate's neck. A head dropped to the ground. At the same time, a different pirate come up on Lya, Lya delivered a blow, but this pirate was more experienced than the one that Demetrius had fought. They slashed, countered, shashed, countered, until Lya rolled on the ground, picked up a rock, a threw it with all her might at the pirate's leg. He wailed in pain as blood started soaking threw his pants. Lya knew this was her chance. She lunges for him and stabbed him through the heart. Taking on two pirates at a time, Mantoid had her work cut out for her. She had difficulty blocking two different pirates, but could hold her own. Then, as she blocked one of the pirates the other pirate slashed at her calf. A spray of red flew out, and Mantoid crumpled back in pain. How am I going to do this? she thought. Then she realized that she was smack dab in the middle of the two pirates. They both ran toward her with blades out. Mantoid fell to the ground right as they approached, and the two pirates had too much momentum to stop. Each of their blades thrust into each other's chest, and the fell to the ground.

When Mantoid looked up she saw that a large net had been thrown over Demetrius and Lya. There were two pirates holding it down, and a large one with a heavy club that was going to smash them to pieces. Oh no, I have got to do something! "I'm coming!" she said. With that Mantoid started into a sprint and ran at blinding speed toward the large pirate. Her blade came out with incredible speed and power, slashing the pirate at mid torso. He cried in enormous pain as his torso flew off to the right and his legs flew off to the left. With that distraction, Demetrius and Lya knocked the two pirates out, who had been holding the net. With only two pirates left, they said, "You'll be yet to get the likes of us." And they ran off, leaving the fat leader behind.

After the three had finished tying up the two knocked out pirates, they looked for the fat leader. Demetrius said, "Uh, wasn't he here like a second ago?" Then, Lya looked around and spotted him in the distance, he was running as fast as his fat body could allow him. Demetrius said, I'll handle this.

Demetrius pulled out his pistol, took aim and fired. The fat pirate fell like a mountain. Mantoid tied some cloth around her leg, and the three headed off towards town.

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Sam deftly caught a cutlass thrown to him by the Greek man and followed him, holding the weapon loosely by his side. The group rushed into a room where one of the female prisoners was desperately fighting off a group of guards. While the other moved to the side, fighting as a group against the guards and slipping into a secret passageway, Sam had other ideas. Vaulting across a table laden with grog and other plunder, he crashed feet first into a guard who was raising his musket to fire on the group. The weapon went off with a hollow boom but the soft lead round pinging off the stonework, high to the left of the rapier wielding man.

Another group of guards rushed in, summoned by the commotion. Bayonets held forwards they charged into the melee. Fortunately for Sam the layout of the tables in the room broke the group up and he was able to make a dash for the doorway that his companions had left through. A soldier blocked his way, thrusting his bayonet at the young pirate. Sam batted the deadly blade away before spinning around, using his momentum to deliver a crushing backhand to the mans face with his fist. Another swung a sabre at his head but he ducked under, drawing the mans own dagger and thrusting it into his back. Too many were by the passageway now and so he changed direction, jumping up on a window sill and looking out to the huge drop down to the town. He would never survive.


The dozen or so remaining soldiers raised their musket to point at him. Sam acted instantly, hurling his cutlass at the officer and leaping from the window, followed a moment later by a volley of gunfire. He plummeted through space, slamming bodily into one of the massive banners that adorned the side of the fortress. With the wind knocked out of him it was all the young buccaneer could do to stab the dagger he still clutched into the fabric to slow his descent. A scaffold rushed up towards him and he slammed into it, shattering the rickety frame to splinters and losing his weapon in the process. The semi conscious pirate span through mid air and came crashing down, right into a cartload of hay that was being transported up to the castle.

Sam awoke to shouts and the snap of musketry as a Pirate crew charged up the hill towards the castle. In the doorway a unit of Redcoats fired their muskets into the roaring group before running forwards to meet them. Bayonet against cutlass. Using the opportunity Sam scrambled to his feet and set off running for the shore. He was sure he had heard something about commandeering a ship and he would need a crew to do so. IT was time to find the other prisoners.
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Demitri's ears rang with the sounds of battle; the caves were full of them. His crew had been waiting patiently for his word to attack, their ship packed full of the officers and soliders who had fallen from grace and who were also waiting to take out their anger on the nearest foe they could get their hands on.

At any moment they would go out and find the one called 'Demetrius'. He had quite a large bounty on his head and Demitri was aiming to take it before other mercenaries got it first.

"Wait until he gets to the ship. Then we'll strike." Demitri said to his men, who were busying themselves by polishing their guns and loading the cannons as silently as possible.

"Captain Kosokov, is it true that you sent over thirty ships to the bottom in your lifetime?" one of the more curious crewmen asked.

"This'll be the thirty-fifth." Demitri replied, taking a long drought from his pipe before blowing streams of smoke from his nostrils.

His banner, a skull with a gaping mouth and a heart set amid the jagged teeth, flew with the yawning of the cave as wind entered through the coves.

Kosokov wore a series of bandages over the left side of his face and over his forehead, the bandages on top covered by a large tri-cornered hat. A beard of trimmed hairs came from the Russian's chin and he scratched them when thinking heavily or plotting out courses for his ship, affectionately called The Ravager.

It was a medium-sized ship, nothing too grand or miniscule in the light of things, but it was fast and struck potently with its armament of six large cannons, eight small ones, and ten cannons on a pivot that one could aim with little difficulty.

A large battering ram with a wolf's head was mounted at the front, to punch holes in the hulls of enemy ships at ramming speed. To counter-balance this, most of the smaller cannons on a pivot were placed at the back, which consequently gave the ram a menacing leverage that made it momentarily lift high into the sky, making it able to tear into the higher levels of enemy ships.

Demitri took another drag of his pipe, blowing the usual flares of smoke from his nostrils.

"Just wait."

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The sound of swords clanging together and the smell of gunpowder filled the air. There was nothing she loved more then a good battle. And this day was no different. Only she was not amongst those in battle. She was off to the side, her identity being hidden by a heavy cloak that she had gotten from some poor lost soul. She had traded her own cloak for it, a cloak that she had had for many years. But it could be replaced. She couldn't be replaced, and if she walked around in a crimson colored cloak she was sure to be seen. Let the other person be caught and hung for Piracy. It wasn't her problem.

She sat crosslegged and hunched over like a poor begger, watching as the pirates escaped the prison they had been held in. She smiled to herself, her eyes and teeth gleaming in the shadowed light of the building she was sitting against. Slowly she unfolded herself and followed some of the pirates. She had a feeling that she knew where they were headed, but she stayed to the shadows and followed them anyway.

She watched as the one, who seemed to be in charge, Handled pirate after pirate. He saved the Damsals in distress and thrust them into danger after danger. She wouldn't interfere with them. It was not her place. But she did want to see how good they were. A new group of pirates came rushing at them. This time she knew they would be outnumbered. She stepped from the shadows silently and pulled her cloak down. She heard a rumble go through the new group of pirates and her name being whispered amongst them. It's her. The Witch of the seas! It's Kiara. Some stopped and she smiled, her teeth gleaming white in the sun contrasting against her sun kissed skin.

She moved her cloak aside and revealed her asortment of weaponry and her barely claded figure. She pulled her sword from its sheath and turned to the band of escaping pirates.

"You all go on. I can handle this lot. Get to safety. I'll see you aboard my ship."

Without another glance at the brood she moved forward. Her hips swaying enticingly and her cloak open billowing behind her on the wind. One of the pirates stepped forward and she smiled at him. For a moment he stopped and she took that moment to move quickly into him, shoving her sword through his gut. It was in that instant the pirates all swarmed her. She laughed slightly and threw herself into battle with them.

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After clearing the area of the ten pirates, Captain Arkelis looked around, then back at the women he was with. "Oh, by the way me dearies, you can call me Captain Arkelis......" he said in a smooth tone. At that moment, they began running for the town. Other escaped prisoners were there and needed to be found. However, the Greek pirate lord stopped dead in his tracks. He had a change of thinking. Motioning for the women to stop for a spell, he caught his breath and said, "You know, that city is filled with pirates and British soldiers.......They both have one thing in common: me thinks they both want to kill us all. We can't go to the city; we have to row out to the ship. Savvy?" Then, with a reassuring tone, Captain Arkelis said, "Don't worry lasses, they'll be alright. They know to make their way to the sea....." Turning back to the sea, the mighty Greek said in a determined voice, "Now, we've a ship to commandere."

Truth be told, Demetrius had no idea where Akira Yamato and Sam were in the city. He knew that they would eventually make their way towards the shore, procure a row boat, then row their way out to the mighty ship which laid beyond. At that point, Captain Arkelis began making his way to the boats with Lya, Mantoid, and Marisol. Earlier, a cloaked figure had been following the party back in the town. As is so happened, the cloaked figure was actually a woman with a fiersome reputation - Kiara, the Witch of the Seas. Kiara was indeed an accomplished warrior and had dealt accordingly with a group of enemy pirates. Now, she had been trailing the group for some time now, staying in the shadows. Upon nearing the boats, Captain Arkelis could see the cloaked woman standing afar off in a group of trees. Calling out to her, he said, "If ye be ready to sail, we'll 'ave you. What say you?" Then, the mysterious woman emerged from the shadows and came into the boats. As she walked past, the mighty Greek pirate lord gave her a bow - not out of outlandishness, but of respect.

Before he entered into the boat, Demetrius took some rocks and began to spell out something in the sand. It read "A.Y., SAM" and then had rocks arranged in the shape of an arrow pointing towards one of the boats, then another group of rocks shaped like an arrow pointing out to sea. Indeed, he knew that both Sam and the Japanese pirate, Akira would be able to discern the message.

As he rowed in the boat with Lya, Mantoid, Kiara, and Marisol, Captain Arkelis looked back to the shore and whispered under his breath, "Come on, m'hearties. Come on. You'll know what to do......." Powerfully rowing out to the ship, the mighty Greek's heart was pounding - wondering when a pirate would just happen to notice the boat and fire a cannon at it. Still, he rowed. Without a scratch, the group made it to the mighty ship. On the ship's side, it read The Odyssey. The ship was so mighty and powerful. It's large sails were drawn up as it sat at anchor. There had to be nearly a hundred cannons aboard it. Looking at the ornate craftsmanship and decorations on the vessel, Captain Arkelis' heart was filled with awe and wonder.

The row boat carefully glided next to The Odyssey. Siezing the ladderway with his bare hands, the mighty Greek pirate lord began his ascent up onto the ship. Climbing over the rail, Captain Arkelis stood on the main deck itself. Looking at the ship's powerful and sturdy masts, he was excited about what was about to take place. Helping the four women out of the boat, he motioned for them to be as quiet as possible.........Singing could be heard under the deck.

Instead of posting lookout points and watchmen, the drunken pirates had begun drinking and celebrating under the deck in one of the massive banquet halls onboard. Racing down the stairs by himself, Captain Arkelis drew his rapier and engaged the eight drunken pirates. With ease, his blade ended each of their lives. Going throughout the ship, he made sure no one else was there. Then, the captain went aboard the main deck, looked at the women, then said "The ship is ours......." All that they could do now was to wait for the arrival of other escaped prisoners.

Once everyone was aboard, they would all sail to Tortuga, acquire a worthy crew, then roam the high seas in freedom. The time had come!
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Sam was running flat out, his bare feet slapping on the cobbles of the street as a gang of blood thirsty pirates dashed after him, hooting with the thrill of the chase and waving their blades in the air. He slid around a corner and caught sight of a vicious melee taking place, a whirling dervish of blades at the center. It only took a moment for the Corsair to recognize the deadly woman as she took on the gang of rogues, hair and swords flying.

"Kiara." he whispered.

He skidded to a halt and span around, taking off in the other direction. He and Kiara had not parted ways on good terms and to be honest he probably owed her money. However he was immediately faced by his own gang of pursuers and so span about again, running down the only avenue left to him. The docks. Dashing up a gangplank he kicked it away, sending two men into the drink. On his own he had no chance of getting the ship underway and escaping, but this wasn't his plan. He was heading for the pirates ship further out in the bay, the only problem was how to get there. Acting quickly the daring buccaneer hauled a cannon around to face the main mast and checked it was primed. Next he swung up one of the loaded muskets arranged in their racks for the crew to use in a boarding action and shot away the rigging, so that a long rope fell down, attached at one end to the mast he had th cannon pointed at. Finally he ran around the rear mast with the rope in his hands and then back towards the cannon.

"There he is!"

Half a dozen pirates were clambering over the rail, cutlasses clutched in their fists. Sam grinned at them and pulled the action on the cannon. The recoiling weapon scattered the group as the ball itself ploughed into the thick trunk of the mast, causing it to fall towards him. Grabbing hold of the rope, Sam was tugged off his feet and sling shotted around the rear mast by the weight of the falling wood. The pirates could only watch in amazement as he let go to spin through the air, tumbling towards their vessel out in the bay.

There was no up or down for Sam as he span through the air, limbs flailing in what must have been a comic scene. With a thump he smacked into one of the massive sails of the pirate ship and tumbled downwards, rolling over the canvas surface. Scrabbling frantically he managed to grab hold of a trailing rope from the rigging just as he reached the bottom of the sail and plummeted towards the deck below. The rope snapped taught just in time, leaving his feet less than a meter from the oaken deck. Slowly, Sam opened his eyes. Two women and a young boy were standing in front of him.

"Hello ladies"

The corsair said, smiling widely.

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One thing led to another, and somehow, she couldnt rember anything, nor did she care. She was on a ship, thats all that mattered, now to stay on the ship, meaning make sure nothing else comes aboard that would try to stop them. Glancing over at the girls, then to the Captain, Lya thought they where in good hands. Then a face apeared before her. Gasping she jumped back and was about to take his head off when she saw he posed no threat..yet.

Growling faintly at the man that said the L word, Another one that sounds like the captain... Lya shook her head and headed away from everyone. A few feet away, She gazed up. With a soft smile she saw he sails dancing peacefully in the wind, the sounds of the battle fell behind her range of sound as she walked, still gazing upwards, It looked as though she was born on a ship, Hell, for all she new she was, This, and a small little island was all she new..All she ever wanted to know.

Reaching the port side, facing away from the land, She touched the wooden railing, The smooth wood warmed her fingers, as it did her soul. Letting her finger tips trail along the lines of the wood, She looked out, over the waters. a dreamy look was lost on her face. Nothing else was around her, but the ship, the wind, and the sea. The sea that beconed to her, called her, And how she longed to go, to fallow the wind, where ever it blew. To Be free..

She hoped up onto the wood, Her right knee up to her shoulder, and her left leg outwards, Her hands where between them both. Like a cat, balance, and grace, was her movements, Carefully she stood up, Then walked along the line, Her hand rested on the hilt of her cutlass as the other one kept her balance. Her hair of a bright blood red, waved lazly past her shoulder, it was hort, not as long as it was when she was found. Her hat was placed tightly over her head band, to keep it on, less it would fly away.

Her many layered shirt rippled against her body, but it had more than enough layers to keep her chest looking flat. She wore a shaw that was tied around her pants to hide the rope that kept her pants on. It worked nicely to make her look like a boy, but as she looked into the waters face, she saw what a mess she really was, her shirt was bathed in blood, her pants torn and caked with dirt and more blood, as was her face, filty!

"damn.." She glacned back to the others, hoping she wasnt seen, then she ran, still on the railing of the ship, No fear, all grace, Then, she reached out, with a caloused hand, and grabed a rope. Swinging down to the doors leading to the lower decks, she let go and landed hard before thowing them open and darted into the dark shadows.

She had to find a place to wash, where she wouldnt be seen, normaly she would of gone to her fathers quarters, But this Captain wasnt her father... Bitting her lip, She leaned back against the wall, She was alone, for the frist time sence her father died. In the cold shadows, she let the tears fall. Shaking with sorrow, fear, and pain that she now just started to feel from the fights before hand. and the whipings she got from the gaurds on the way here... It was all coming back to her.

Alone, in the sweet silents of the rocking ship, She let the boy mask fall abit, sliding down to the floor, she hid her face in her knees, her arms wraped around herself as she shivered and cryed, without a sound, much like she used to do when she was scared on the island, only this time, she had to do it sparingly. For only The Captain new she was a girl. That thought made her so mad, yet relived at the same time.

Hearing a cricking from the doors leading to the docks, She whiped her tears fast and headed deeper into the dark shadows of the lower decks. Finding the wash room, which wasnt the best place in the world, she closed the door behind her and locked it.

Opening the window, she emptied the bucket, and held her nose, as she started to clean up the wash room, Then, after lighting the candles, She took another bucket for the water, and lowered it on a rope into the sea. Making sure she got only clean water, She set the bucket before the foggy mirror.

There she was able to look at herself abit closer, Her lip was bleeding, As was the cuts on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. Red eyes from crying, and water marks on her cheeks from the tears and the dust. She looked like hell...

Removing her hat, and her head band, She set them aside, Then started to undo her dreadlocks. Her hair was longer that way.

Removing her shirt, and her under shirt, and dropign them next to the window, to be washed next, She looked at the deep whip marks on her shoulders. THen she undid the chest bindings, and set them aside.

Taking a rag, from one of her pockets, She diped it into the cold salt water. Bitting her bottom lip, she pressed it to her shoulder. Lya couldnt stop the cry from passing her lips. The pain was a great burning bite right into her flesh. Taking a few breaths, she started to wash her shoulders and arms, and the V that her shirts showed, where was dirty.

her arms shook faintly from the pain as she diped the rag back into the water. Then, she started on her face and neck.

Soon she was clean, looking up at the mirror she was amazed to find how fair her face really was when her hair was down. Her hair was down the middle of her back, longer than she thought, and so frezzy!

running her fingers though her hair cumbing it, She looked out the window. Like her life, she was always hidding herself, only showing her true self to a small opening in the world, Shaking her head, she started to clean her clothes, Then, she waved them out to dry, it helped to keep her arms strong. it wasnt long before she was dressed again, and trying to get her hair back to the way it was. That was the hardest part!

"damn it!" She cryed out as she slamed her fists next to the mirror, The burning in her arms was strong, And her hair wasnt even half way done..But it would half to do..

Tieing all the lose hair up, She placed the head rag on her head then cramed the hat down. Looking over how she looked, to make sure she still looked like a boy, She emptyed the water and got fresh water again then unlocked the door.

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Suddenly, a shot rang out from the island. Something was flying through the air towards the crew. It was a body.... The body struck one of the sails, rolled down, then flopped onto the floor. It was Sam Jackson from the prison! Somehow, he had jolly-rigged something up and had shot himself onto the ship. "Hello ladies." Sam said with a wide smile on his face as he looked up at Kiara, Marisol, and Mantoid. Lya wasn't around, for she had run off somewhere below the deck. Alas, the pirates in the city would not pillage forever. Eventually, they would return to The Odyssey. Therefore, they could not wait on Akira Yamato. Captain Arkelis figured that Yamato would be able to take care of himself.

With that, the mighty Greek pirate lord strolled to the upper deck, then looked at his crew. "Right then! Draw the anchor!" he roared in a commanding tone. Then, looking to Sam, he bellowed, "Mr. Jackson! Go aloft, ya sea monkey! There are no chains to hold you now!" With a wide grin on his face, the breath of freedom in his nostrils, and the calling of the sea within his heart, the mighty Captain Demetrius Arkelis took the helm. Taking out a compass, he found his heading. Then, in a loud voice, he yelled, "We head for TORTUGA!"

As his braided hair blew in the wind, Captain Arkelis looked out to the open sea and gazed up at the stars above. Finally, he was free. Now, he was in command of his own ship once again. A new hope kindled within his heart. The mighty Greek was made for the sea. Standing tall at the helm, he looked up at Sam and saw that he was still in rags and that he had no shoes. There were fine boots onboard along with many other fine garmets. Looking up at Sam in the rigging, Demetrius called out, "Mr. Jackson!" Then, in a less rough voice he gave a smile and said, "Go below deck, mate. There be many different outfits which ye may chose from. Go on and clean up, m'hearty. After a stunt like that, you deserve it."

The Odyssey had her anchor drawn, her sails let out, and her crew ready. The mighty ship caught the wind and blew out to sea. With armaments, supplies, loads of treasure already onboard, and nearly a hundred cannons, The Odyssey was truly a ship to be sought after. Now, she was a vessel of freedom to a crew that were once captive. Now, they were on thier way to Tortuga. Once there, Captain Arkelis would need to acquire more members to add to the crew. But before that, they would celebrate.

The ship then coasted off into the night on its way to Tortuga.....

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"Go, silently."

The Ravager slowly exited the mouth of the cave, evading rocks with surgical precision. The crew wasn't a rowdy bunch of pirates and had little difficulty keeping their mouths shut and minds on their respective works. Kosokov manned the wheel with one of his more trusted underlings taking the previlage of watching Demetrius' ship with a long telescope.

Night was falling and Kosokov continued to follow the Greek's ship, The Ravager silent as it remained out of sight, staying behind the arc of the water and breaching only to take a peek at where its prey had gone. The ocean was surprisingly calm and quiet, as if she wanted to see what happened next.

"Shouldn't we shoot him out of the water now, Captain Kosokov?" his navigator asked one time.

"No. We corner him in Tortuga and lay siege to the bay area, burning all the ships save this one to allow Demetrius little, if any, chance of escape. Kill the British soldiers and town militia first, as to not have more than this one ache to deal with." Demitri replied, keeping his hands bound together by interlocked fingers and under the bridge of his nose.

He began to smile, something he would never do unless he was satisfied with a plot or if he was about to kill a worthy victim.

"I'll kill Mr. Arkelis myself and hang his head on a pike."

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So, on the voyager, their was Demetrius, Kiara, Marisol, Mantoid, and Sam. They are sailing the ship towards Tortuga.

Mantoid, a hardened swordswoman, makes her way down inside the ship. I wonder all that is inside here? she thought. She walked along the stretches and went into some of the rooms. Then she heard a door creak. I wonder what that was? I am quite sure that the rest of the crew stayed a loft. She drew her sword, and crept closer, sweat forming on her brow. Then, she quickly rushed forward, and swung open the door. Hmmm... No movement. She scanned the room, looking for anything unusual. Mantoid saw a blanket in the corner of the room, with a shape under it somewhat that of a person. I wonder... She crept up to it and threw it off, screaming, "Surrender or Die!" There wasn't a person under the blanket, only some food supplies. She squinted her eyes and thought, I guess it is noth then, she saw some bread crumbs. She felt them, Still soft, she thought.

Another creak came from the door and Mantoid spun around. A large, fat, rat scampered out of the door. I guess it was nothing. She turned around and was walking toward the door when the floorboard under her was thrown up rapidly with great force. "Whoa!" She was hurled through the air and hit a wall. Ouch, gonna feel that later. Then, a pirate jumped out of the trapdoor. "Arrgg, this is me ship" he growled. He then lunges for her. Mantoid went to draw her sword, and put her hand by her hip. Were is my sword!? Then she saw it on the ground next to her foot. The pirate was only 8 feet away and closing in fast. Think, gotta do something fast.

Then, as it was either by chance or pure reflexes, Mantoid snatched the sword with her foot and pointed it at the pirate with the handle right above the ground. The pirate ran right into it, but it only glazed his side. "Arrgg, your gonna pay!" he screamed. Seeing her chance, she grabbed the sword and went into her ready stance. "I don't wanna hurt you little girl," he mocked.

Mantoid stood there, sword at her side, eyes closed. Ha ha ha, thought the pirate. He taunted her, but she just stood there. Then he walked around in roughly the same spot, she didn't budge. Then, he walked forward towards her, sword drawn. Then, he tightened his muscles and sprinted forward coming down with an overhead strike. Quick as lightning, Mantoid raised her sword to block the attack, twisted her sword around and grabbed the pirates hilt as his sword flung out of his hand.

"You are defenseless, I shall not kill you," Mantoid said. He said, "Me lose! How does me lose! Me suppose to win!" She had the pirate walk back up to the main deck, both of the swords slightly poking into his back. She shows the astonished crew that there had been a pirate hiding on their ship. After talking with the crew, they decide to make him Walk the Plank. Mantoid has the pirate step up to the plank, and has outstreched swords to him. Reluctantly, the pirate walks off, Me will have a better chance of living if me don't get stabbed. he thinks to himself. Spash, the pirate is left in the water, alone, defenseless, and utterly doomed.

Mantoid puts down the pirates sword. So outlandish. She looks at her gleaming blade, blue rays shine from it, making it look beautiful.

"Well, who's up for dinner."

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The wind enveloped her in cool mist as she boarded the ship. It kissed her skin and caressed her in a very intimate way. She smiled softly, for this was her home. She had always been told that she had married the sea. Like so many of the other pirates, she had left a life of nothingness for a life where she was her own master. She had tried to tame the beast that was teh sea, but even she could not do it. The wind on the other hand, she had tamed it long ago. Before the world had even thought of sailing the seas, she had mastered the art of manipulating the wind. IT was one reason they had called her The Witch of The Seas.

The Anchor was being drawn, and there was shouting among the few sailors that had joined them on board. It all brought her out of her mental reverie and she moved further onto the deck. She wind was still caressing her, blowing her cloak out from her body, revealing her heavily armoured figure. She moved to the helm where Arkelis was. She gave him a grand smile and spoke. Her voice almost whimsical but filled with an underlying current of darkness.

"Mr. Arkelis, you may Captain this ship for now. But if I see that you are not fit, I shall take over."

She turned from him then and and moved to the side, her eyes following the man that Arkelis was speaking to. She recognized the man as someone she had known for many years. She gave him a smile and spoke to him, her voice only filled with a friendly note.

"Samuel, you still owe me. I told you I would never forget."

Kiara narrowed her gaze on the man, but spoke no more of the debt she had yet to collect. The time was not now to collect it. She was just happy letting him sweat trying to figure out what it was exactly that he owed her.

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With clothe damp, and face clean, The young girl, posing as a boy, Headed up to the main deck. She felt the waves hit the side of the ship, And new they where on the move. She might be needed. Tieing the hoslter of her cutlass to her shash that was tied around her waist, again hidding the ropes that tied her large cloths onto her small frame, She hoped up the stairs. Helping bring up the ancor, Then climbing up the ropes to help draw down the sails that where up, She couldnt help but have that thumb in her heart as they whiped outwards in the on coming gust of wind that took them off again.

Without thinking about it, Lya found herself in the crows nest looking over the chaos of the town.

"Captain!! we've been seen!!" She called down in a deep voice, A voice that came as nature to her. after three years of training her voice to sound like a male. As she watched the other pirates yell at them, as they glided away on the wings of the waters, she saw the other captain, and right next to him, was the man that spared with her..that she had marked. his chest was gleaming with the blood from the wound she gave him, He looked right at her. Anger was in his fathers face, but amusment was in his.

Surely they would meet again. But lya's mind didnt keep on that thought as she looked out into the sun kissed waters. The cool breeze with the salty mist that caressed her face, The fell of the boat as it soard over the waters like a bird on the air. Peace. Finaly..If only her father could see this once more...

Her fingers found the shark tooth that was tied to her necklace he gave her.

"I did it father..I survived, found another captain to take me, and i lived to sail another day.."

"You are growing up Wild Child. Im proud of you, YOu fight well, You sail well, You steal great. Keep this up and you will earn your hat! and the name pirate! Just watch out for your teeth, normal pirates dont bite.."

"but you said a good pirate plays to his streights, does what he must to keep going, To feel the wind of the sea once more on his face..If i must bite to do that, then every one that crosses me will know the feel of my teeth!"

Lya parted her lips and blinked her eyes a few times to clear the tears from her face as she saw in her mind, her father laughing. He taught her his wisdom, his passion, but he did tell her, that he couldnt teach her to love the sea, to feel the passion of it in her heart, that was something she had to find for herself. and she found it, again. right here.

A flash of light brought her back to the now, as she saw clouds building up where they where headed. Maybe it would fly by before they got there, she would just have to keep an eye on it.

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Mantoid stood at the side of the ship. "Well, ladies, it is just us, awake that is. Sam and Demetrius are asleep, who knows how long it will take until they wake up. She looked over the side. The crisp, blue, cold water was magnificent in the sunlight. Then she looked out into the distance and saw a partially destroyed, abandoned ship. Hmmm... I wonder how that got... then she saw something in the water move.

"Hey Kiara and Lya, you should come see..._ A giant arm with suckers on it wrapped around Mantoid and lanked her down. Oh no, it is a giant octopus. It is squeezing me very tightly, making the oxygen come out. It is a good thing that I am good at holding me breath because... The octopus reached the bottom, about 200 feet down. Great, I won't get lunch. The octopus tightened his grip, Mantoid had about 20% of her air left.

She struggled and got her arm loose. Yes! She grabbed her sword and sliced off the octopus' arm. It cried in pain, and was angered. Free of the grasp, Mantoid swam up. The octopus was too fast for her, it over took her and slammed her down to the bottom. Only at about 8% air, she had to do something fast.

She stabbed the octopus in the eye and swam up. The octopus, furious, grabbed her with two of its arms and started pulling. Ahh! It is ripping me in half. Her arms snapped out of their sockets. Ahhh!! Just when there seemed like no hope, something metallic came down through the water. It was the ships anchor, with a sword attached to it, tip pointing down. The anchor hit the octopus square in the head, and the sword plunged into the heart.

At about 3% air, Mantoid swam as fast as she could up without her arms (they were dislocated). She was about 3 feet from the surface when she took in water. Arms outstreched she started sinking down.

Then an outstreched arm plunged into the water and grabbed hers. It was Demetrius. She was pulled out, coughed up half a gallon of water. She sat up, Am I alive? she looked at the crew standing around.

A piece of bread with a slick slice of cheese was given to her. "Thank you." She layed back and closed her eyes as she ate the food.

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So much was going through the Greek pirate lord's head. Captain Arkelis had acquired a brave crew from the prison in Port Royal. Amidst their ranks were fine warriors like Kiara, the Witch of the Seas; Marisol Montez, a lass with a deady blade and bow; Sam Jackson, a willing sailor whose bold and fearless behavior brought Demetrius a smile now and then; Mantoid, the mysterious beauty of the sea; and the girl named Lya, a truly wild soul who embraced the sea as if it were a friend. Kiara had apporached him earlier and had threatened to mutinize if his command faltered. To some extent, she had a point. Captain Arkelis would need to lead and care for his crew and his ship. Although Captain Arkelis knew each crew member could easily handle themselves, he couldn't help but feel responsible. After all, HE had led them off that island. Now, they were his utmost priority.

As the mighty ship, The Odyssey, sailed through the Caribbean smoothly, it seemed that all was well. Tired from all the events that transpired earlier, the Greek captain found a secluded area on the upper rear deck, sat on the ground, leaned back against the mast, and quietly prepared to go to sleep. The calming sea breeze blew against his face. His thick, black, wavy lochs of hair moved back and forth along his face. Demetrius reached up and fixed the scarf tied above his brow, fixing the little pieces of ornate decorations, beads, and other things from his past. Reaching inside the collor of his shirt, he pulled out a gold chain that was around his neck. On the end was a medallion. Taking it in the palm of his hand, Captain Arkelis looked over the medallion. He took his finger and ran it down the bits of gold, mother of pearl, and other ornate stones that were put into it. Aztec in nature, the medallion was originally given to him by someone special. Sitting with his back against the mast, the large Greek began to remember what happened so long ago with the medallion. It was the gift of a woman...........a woman who had once tamed his heart. Alas, while at sea, she had taken ill and had passed away in her sleep. Bringing back those memories nearly caused tears to come to Demetrius' eyes.

Suddenly, The Odyssey was jolted violently by something and the cries of a woman could be heard. Immediately, Captain Arkelis leapt to his feet and siezed hold of a hanging rope. Leaping down below, he swung down to the main deck just in time to see Mantoid get taken overboard by the tentacle of some creature. Racing to the helm, Captain Arkelis spun it around to port to come back to the position where Mantoid was taken. With that, he quickly grabbed the girl in-disguise, Lya, and brought her to the helm. "What e'er happen, don't leave this post! Savvy?!" Before he could hear Lya's response, he raced to the anchor. Demetrius then released it, leapt over the side of the ship, and grabbed onto the anchor. His weight shook the anchor loose and it plunged into the depths.

Grabbing onto the anchor with his bare hands, Captain Arkelis rode it all the way down to the depths. Then, his eyes beheld what had taken Mantoid under the sea. It was a giant sea creature with several arms. As he sped downwards through the water, the Greek lord of the sea pointed the tip of his blade down towards the monster's head. With blunt force, the blade penetrated the creature's hide and it began to relax its grip of Mantoid - who was desperately trying to escape its grasp. Powerfully, Demetrius swam over to her. Right after she had hacked her way free of the monster, she had begun to swim back to the surface. However, she was fading. Swimming up beside her, Captain Arkelis keapt up and eventually reached the surface. Gasping for air, he turned, but did not see the woman anywhere.

Nearly three feet away from the surface, Mantoid's body went limp and she began sinking down again. That meant that she was taking in water. Captain Arkelis would NOT let a member of his crew die.......Climbing up onto the side of the ship, the Greek adjusted his position, then dove back into the water. Using the speed from the dive, the captain was able to catch up with her. In a powerful effort, he shot out his arm towards Mantoid and grabbed onto her tightly. Then, using his arms and legs, Captain Arkelis steadily began his ascent back up to the surface. Grabbing onto a rope that was thrown into the water, he was pulled up onto the deck of the ship. In his arms was Mantoid, laying still and not breathing. Carefully laying her on the deck, Demetrius began to pump the water out of her lungs. "Come on, Lass! Don't you die on me! Bloody hell, don't you die on me!" Captain Arkelis kept saying over and over again. Just then, Mantoid coughed up the water that was in her lungs and was revived. Gasping, Demetrius let his body fall back and he sat there in amazement.

Looking up at Kiara and Lya, the captain said while catching his breath, "Right then....Take her below deck.........Tend to her, please....Savvy?" With that, the anchor was drawn and their course for Tortuga was resumed. That night, he was alerted to the steady recovery of Mantoid and was able to sleep peacefully. The next morning, Captain Arkelis awoke early and walked about the deck of his ship. Rubbing his eyes, he looked out over the horizon through a telescope. Something was in the distance. Hurridly, he ran to the rigging, climbed up to the crow's nest, then took another look........It was Tortuga.

Opening his eyes wider, he took hold of a rope and swung down to the deck. Then, the captain made his way over to the bell and rang it loudly. "Right, you scurvy dogs! All 'ands on deck!" he yelled in a commanding tone. Once they were all present, he said, "There lies Tortuga! Now, if ye be wise, you'll be celebrating - but not too much. The Odyssey is a mighty ship.........We'd 'ate to loose her to enemy 'ands." After warning was given, The Odyssey coasted into the harbor and weighed anchor by the docks. As the pirates went into Tortuga, the stench of celebration was everywhere. Indeed, it was easy for any man to loose his morals in that province.

The first order of business was to celebrate. The second order of business was to acquire a crew. There were six of them, but that would never do for a confrontation. They needed more members - worthy members. As they were walking through the streets, harlots gathered around Captain Arkelis, Mr. Jackson, and even Lya(whom they throught was a boy) for that matter. The rum was flowing like a river within each of the taverns. Finally, one tavern appeared to be louder than the others. Walking over to it, Captain Arkelis and the others looked inside to see what all the comotion was about..........

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Taking a deep breath of the salty air, Lya's wild emerald eyes softed. as if tamed by the sea. Closing her eyes, She felt as though she was like a gull, flying effortlessly over the waters face. She wasnt a boy, but a young woman, fair to the face and body, fair to the sound and sight. Her hair free and wild, like it was when she was alone, on the isle, with the trees as long as moutains, and as green as her eyes. Rivers as blue as any saphire, glittering in the suns kissing touch. The isle was as wild as her heart, as her soul that longed so willingly to soar right now, leave the crows nest and just take off.

THen she did. The boat jerked hard to the side, Tearing her from the wooden platform she was resting against, She would of fell to her doom had she not grabed onto the rope and slid down hard. Her hand was burning form the rope, And her body was jerked hard as she landed, falling to the side just as she saw a woman, the one that was hurt by the beach, being draged down into davy jones locker. Lya couldnt do more than blink before she was being grabed by her collar and shuved towards the wheel. The captain yelled at her not to move as he undid the anchor.

"Shi-! Brass YESLEVES!" She cryed out as she jerked the wheel to the starboard side so that when the anchor hit, the ship wouldnt be torn to hard. Then she glanced up, And saw him leping over the egde and new that he was going to grab the anchor.

Whided eyed and frozen with wonder and fear, she did what she was told to do, She didnt move.But tryed to keep the boat steady. Her father taught her abit about the stiring of the ship, but she was never aloud to do it herself.

As the ship slowed. She tryed to calm her heart, which was easy for her to do. But she prayed that he came back..

"I hope davy dont find yea!" she hissed softly as she glared about the sides of the ship, waiting, as if ever heart beat was a year. Her knuckles where white as the clouds above them as she ticked by the seconds.

She had just about given up hope when he came back up and over the rallings. Lya closed her eyes so he couldnt see the worry in her gaze, then she ran forward and took the young girl by the arms as she was told, then started to drag her down below the deck to a room that she only thought was the medcal quarters.

The girl was bleeding in a few places, The hooks that water beast had tore her fleash badly, She could tell the size of the beast by the sizes of the holes in the woman. She noted that the other woman was feeding her, So she got to work on her wounds, Frist she did her arms, poping them back carefully, the way she was taught, then to her wounds. Taking some acholol, and some rages, she started to clean her wounds, Frist the ones that could be seen, then the ones under her shirt, around the ribs, where she had alot, for the creature was trying to stop her breathing, that was the best place to do so. Then she dressed the wounds and dried her hair, taking off the girls shoes, and pants, then sliping her under the covers of the bed. She combed out the womans hair before leaving her to rest.

She had yet to find a room that was blocked off from everyone. But after abit, She found what she was looking for, A door that had a lock on the inside. She closed the door. leaning back agianst the door, she took in the small chamber, there wasnt a bed, she didnt need one, there was a window, now that she needed. Some small blankets on the floor, dust covered. and an old barrel of lord knows what, probly gun powder. But it was small enought to be used as a night stand for her hat.

Taking off her hat, she shook her hair out, Then shook out the blankets, a few spiders scurried away, a part of her swore they where shaking their fists at her. SMiling at the thought, She sat down on the floor with her back to the corner, and her knees pressed to her chest. There she covered up leaning her head down on her knees, with her arms wraped around her shins.

She let her hair fall softly over her face, as did her earing, It was the only jewerly she had from before she was found..she had it for as long as she could rember, It was long, sliver and gold, with small gems at the ends of each small chain that was now reaching down her cheek. She had the other one, but had to take it off and hide it in the many areas of her hat so she didnt look too much like a girl. which was getting harder to pull off. but she did so nicely.

Closing her eyes against the shadows of the room, the moon danced against the walls, in a loving fight against the shadows. The rocking of the ship, the splashing of the waves, the calling of the sleepy gulls, The humming of the wind against the sails, all this was her song, that slowly put her to sleep.

Thunder clashed. The lightening lite up the dark skies. Her father banged open the door and grabed her arm, "get dressed!! and come fight!" he yelled as he threw her into the clothes chest she had. Then he tore out the room, the waves beat aginst the ship, Screams and cries of the fight echoed down to her. Getting dressed, forgeting her hair wasnt up, but was down She slaped on her hat and grabed her cutlass then rased up the stairs to find men with blue and reds clashing against the dull colors of the pirates. The lightness brought life to the blades, and the metal on the pistals as shots rang out only to be called by the cursing of the thunder. It was so surreal, Blood was raining down on her instead of water, The cries of fight, where lost among the cries of the dieing. Fousing her eyes on the pirates, she saw her father trying to beat off three of the ports men at the same time, Then his blood was seen spraying out of his mouth. "Father!!" She screamed, forgeting to sound like a male, she dashed forward, her blade singing in the wet air as the waves pushed the boat, the men sattered like fish in a pound. Her small body danced with a wild hate, the blood was rich and warm against her fist, her blade rejoiced in the fleash it craved. The bodies droped like flies around her, Then the blade droped with the deafing thunk as she saw her father, holding onto the side of the ship, his face pale white against the blood that was driping from his lips. The man that took her in, that found her, that smiled at her when she tryed to kill him..The man that clothed her, taught her the ways of a pirated, that took her in as a son, was dieing. Droping to her knees she reached out for his hands, trying to hold the wound so the bleeding would stop. Confusion, She should know what was going on, but it didnt click in her mind. The necklace was placed around her neck, then the world jerked as a wave washed over the deck, her father was swept way, as was half the pirates. She let out a cry of anger, pain, sorrow, hurt, furry.

Her eyes snaped open only to be blinded by the suns harsh greetings, A voice was calling out for all the hands on deck. but she hardly heard. her body was shaking, the door was open. She could hardly care right now if anyone new, Tears stung her face, She cryed during the night! Her face was paler than the moon. she was as soaked, as though she had just taken a bath in the sea.

Shaking her head again, she put her rag and hat back on, tucked the necklace back under her shirts before geting onto her shaky legs and headed, slowly up to the deck. SHe heard words, but they didnt find their way into her mind. She did as she was told, as they came to port. THen she looked up and rembered. The town, home of the pirates!

"We made it?!" she whispered as she ran along the side of the deck looking at everything, Her father never let her leave the ship, but this time, the captain let her.

Finding herself into a tavern, She found out why her father didt let her. The woman, bearing there chests almost at them, rubbing against them, cooing and awwing at them.

Lya blushed so brightly, as if like a virgan boy. "Um...I..uh..Cap..I..Think..Um..I need to go back on board!"

With that said, she ducked under another female and ran out of the tavern with her face beat red.

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5 days ago on the ship:

Mantoid, the sailor who always seemed to find trouble was lying in bed, injured from her little underwater encounter. Where am I? She opened her eyes and tried to stand up. Pain went over her body. I must have been badly hurt. She rested there, thinking about all that had happened. Except one thing, she couldn' t remember how she had gotten injured like this. Think, think... Then she felt something uncomfortable poking into her back. She reached behind herself and grabbed it. It looks like a piece of an octopus.

That is when she remembered. Duh, I was looking over the side of the ship when that monster dragged me down. That was quite a battle, and I wouldn't have survived if Demetrius wouldn't have been there, I owe him my life. She flicked the suction cup of the octopus on the floor. She looked out the window. Oh, how I love the sea.


She stood up, almost all of the pain had receded. Wow, I wonder what happened while I was disabled for these days.
She got dressed and walked up to the deck. She heard the captain say land ho. "Hey everyone, any excitement while I was out?" They replied that nothing is quite as exciting as when I'm around. "Oh, you guys are just saying that." Hmmm... we are one sweet team. She looked off the front of the ship as it approached land.

The ship came to the docks, and the anchor was dropped into the water. Everyone was more than ready to get off. They started to walk off when Mantoid realized she had forgotten something. My sword, I can't go anywhere without it. She ran down to her room, grabbed her sword, put it on her belt, and took off to catch up to the others. She quickly overtook the others.  "Well, this is it."
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As he made his way through the busy streets of Tortuga, Captain Arkelis had noticed a large commotion going on in one of the taverns.  Looking over at Sam, Marisol, Lya, Mantoid, and Kiara, the Greek pirate lord laughed to himself.  "Well me'earties, me thinks this be the right place to find recruits for our first voyage."  With that, he promptly went inside.  At the time, Lya was still posing as a boy and, as usual, the local whores approached her.  By the look on her face, Captain Arkelis could tell that the young girl had become quite uncomfortable.  Therefore, when she excused herself, the large Greek simply nodded his hand as he watched a beat-red Lya race out of the tavern back towards The Odyssey.  Then, he turned his attention to the cause of the uproar.

Looking up, Captain Arkelis saw a group of buccanneers engaged in a deadly bout of swordplay against another - a woman.  The Greek captain looked on as the woman in red fiercely fought on.  In an attempt to get everyone's attention, Captain Arkelis leapt up onto the bar.  Drawing his sword, he cried out "Stand fast!  You there!  Lend me your ears!"  As the pirates continued to drink their rum and ignore him, Demetrius realized that he would need something a little......louder.  Drawing a pistol, he cocked it, raised it up, then fired a loud blast into the ceiling of the establishment.  "That be more like it." he began.  With that, the buccanneers in the room nearly choked on their rum, but looked at the mighty Greek with open eyes.  "Now that I 'ave your proper attention.......My name is Captain Arkelis.  I be the captain of The Odyssey.  Now, methinks I'll need a crew to embark on a voyage of high risk and outrageous fortune....."  As the words "outrageous fortune" rolled off the tip of his tongue, every buccanneer in the establishment grew silent and listened with anticipation.

Knowing that he had them all at his mercy now, the Greek pirate lord gave a sly grin as he looked on.  Captain Arkelis then continued.  "Those who wish to join, sign the papers.........THEN, I'll tell you the destination, savvy?"  In making this bold move, Captain Arkelis knew that he would acquire a crew that would serve faithfully, obey orders, and give it their all for the prize which lay ahead.  Calling Mr. Jackson to bring the ship's crew roster, Captain Arkelis watched as the select few buccanneers came forth and signed their names.  Indeed, the prize which lay ahead was unmatched by most standards.  However, so was the risk.  The real adventure was about to unfold..........

To be continued in............"Turn the Tides: The Bounty!"