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(Every hero and every villain, wether in the Comic Vine universe or the CVnU is allowed to tell their story in this RP and participate to whatever point they wish. This is the beggining of three seperate RPs building up to a series, you can play in whichever or all of the threads.If you wish to discuss the RP there will be an OOC thread.)

True Fear

The stars alligned, the incantations spoken. The plans in play and the pieces in place. There are no more lies, no more tricks. Only the plainest truth and the purest light...

Enlightenment they say comes only through suffering. Darkness shrouds your minds and there is always someone controlling you like the pieces of a game of chess, no matter how free you think you are. Wether your a god, a hero, or even a villain. The only final and true freedom lies beyond the gates of your own bindings and the walls of flesh or soul that control you. Those who have the will and the goal of freedom in the core of their minds, will suffer. Then at the end of the battle, the task, the dream, or whatever stands between you and those that control you there will be a choice like the many choices there have been before. Wether you choose enlightenment, death, love, or rebirth is up to you. Now the days of suffering are nigh and you must prepare, for there will be no more tricks, no more lies. Only the plainest truth and the purest light.


Fighting is only allowed when a character challenges another character IN CHARACTER.

This isn't really a rule but please if your new, read the posts so far.

Do not post until you have read the OOC thread wich will be posted here ( ) when created.

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This seems to be best fit for neither universe. I think it would work best if you'd rework it as an alternate university where things are more free and without any reservations

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@_Sojourn_: Please read OOC :3

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@_Lucifer_: Don't you have to consult the heads of the nU on something like this?

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@_Lucifer_: Is this intended to cross over between Prime and nU?